This week: One of the most deadly and brutal acts on Noitekk was DAWN OF ASHES. Never one to tone down the grind and anger, DOA has jumped into the metal scene, signed to giant Metal Blade, and now presents their new album Genocide Chapters, due out in September. Go check this out if you liked their first two. The progression from EBM to metal is fascinating! Combichrist’s Noise Collection Volume 1 gets a domestic issue on Metropolis. Derniere Volonte’s new album is now shipping! Two new masterpieces in dark ambient / martial music come from Twilight Records: Barbarossa Umtrunk and Theodor Bastard. Infacted Records is busy this Fall as they bring us albums from The Weathermen, Iris (exclusive single!!), and Konzept. Two new gems come out on n5MD: Bitcrush and Proem (what with the new Dryft shipping soon, this is simple gold for IDM lovers!!). Thanks for listening to GREAT music!!

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Since DOA was formed, the band has made transitions in line-ups and sound to create their ideal artistic outlet. DOA did so by adding additional members and placing the element of live guitars and drums into the music, taking the group from the Industrial scene into the Metal scene. With DOAs new, solid line-up, the next installment from DOA will summon new sights and sounds among the world with a Black/Melodic Death Metal sound. It is now time for DAWN OF ASHES to enhance the brutality, so be prepared for more to come as the ashes will never rest upon the weak; the evil within this group will never die! Released on Metal Blade and available September 9th, 2010.

1. Conjuration of the Maskim’s Black Blood
2. Nyarlathotep’s Children of the Void
3. Seething the Flesh in the River of Phlegethon
4. Transformation within Fictional Mutation
5. The Ancient Draining Room
6. Reanimation of the Dark Ages
7. London’s Anthem for the Pleasure of Mutilation
8. Sacrilegious Reflection
9. God-Like-Demon
10. Carnal Consummation in the Empty Space
11. Epilogue-Beginning of the End


‘Immortel’, Derniere Volonte`s 5th studio album took 4 years in making and marks their 15th band anniversary and the CD-version is coming in nice debossed and spotvarnished Digipak with 16page booklet. It is a huge development from the former style which redefines the term “military pop” to a more homoguene, less neoclassic but much more Modern sound. More electronic but organic at the same time, the new album re-invents a style, Geoffroy D has been influenced by since his early days. The themes on ‘Immortel’ are effected by books, movies or personal experiences of Geoffroy but reflect in general his personal feelings about beloved people and their spirit – which is and always will be present in our souls and memories. ‘Immortel’ is another milestone in the ouevre of one of France`s most interesting band from the underground scene and will for sure attract fans from the early days as well as it will approach a lot of new fans from other musical scenes to the music of Derniere Volonté! Released on HauRuck.

01 Ici bas
02 Languissant
03 Mon Orage
04 Rien a aimer
05 Impossible
06 Le Plus Secret
07 Fragile
08 Trop Tard
09 Maintenant
10 A Jamais
11 Immortel
12 Peut Etre
13 Le Mal Que Tu Me Fais
14 Au Loin

Raw, brutal and forceful! Combichrist burst into the Electronic Music scene in 2003 with a massive blend of Techno, Noise, EBM and harsh Industrial sounds that were as fresh as they were brutal. “Noise Collection Vol. 1”, a comprehensive 2 CD anthology, explores the wild early years of one of the most important acts in modern electronic music. Disc one contains the now-deleted debut album “The Joy Of Gunz” while disc two unites the ultra-rare Halloween release “Kiss The Blade”, the long-deleted “Sex, Drogen & Industrial” EP, two tracks from the collectible “Blut Royale” 12 inch-single and an exclusive song from the “Industrial For The Masses Vol. 2” compilation. “Noise Collection Vol. 1” is the ideal opportunity for new fans to complement their Combichrist library and serves as a nearly complete insight into the first phase of one of the most influential electronic music projects of our time. Released on Metropolis and available October 26, 2010.

01. Intruder Alert
02. Joy To The World
03. You Will Be The Bitch Now
04. Winteryear
05. Play Dead
06. Turmoil
07. Master Control
08. Vater Unser
09. The Line Of The Dead
10. Bulletfuck
11. Human Error
12. God Wrapped In Plastic
13. History Of Madness
14. Shrunken Heads For All Occasions

01. Kiss The Blade (Motherfucker 667 Mix)
02. Kiss The Blade (Frequensy Cabrone 667 Mix)
03. Minus One
04. The Well
05. Penalty Shot
06. Blut Royale (Instru-mental Version)
07. Tractor
08. Anatomy
09. Sex, Drogen und Industri (LowTech Mix)
10. Sex, Drogen und Industri (Remixed by Soman)
11. Sex, Drogen und Industri (Unknown Mix)
12. Vater Unser (Combicritter Remix)
13. Like To Thank My Buddies (Live at Infest)
14. Strike

Prophetic spoken-words declaimed in french, teutonic marches of redemption, epic hymns and reptilians shamanic-ambient soundscapes immerse us beneath subterrean caverns and synarchic lodges in quest for the legendary realm of Agarttha. Supreme fief of the Masters of Wisdom who rules the world, known as the Castle of Grail, Axis Mundi and throne of the King of the World. Like a spiritual travel through Thuringer forests, Kaukasius mountains, Gobit’s desert, Fergana’s monasterys to Trans-Himalayans temples and Gizeh pyramids, “Agharti” give us away the theophanics keys which disclose the secret paths of Sacred Geography and the Arktos Mysteries. Inspired by the following writes of E.B. Lytton, Gerard de Nerval, René Guénon, Ferdinand Ossendowski and G.I. Gurdjieff. Released on Twilight and available September 13th, 2010.

1. Superiores incogniti
2. Asia mysteriosa
3. Les exilés d´Agarttha
4. L´aiguille creuse
5. Kyffhauser: la citadelle du roi du monde
6. La montagne du califat *
7. Le centre supreme *
8. L´ile verte
9. Au coeur du monde
10. La confrerie sarmoung **
11. La race qui nous exterminera
12. Les templiers de l´Agarttha
* (Feat. Schattenspiel)
** (Feat. Tamerlan)

THEODOR BASTARD is one of the most successful contemporary Russian music collectives. The history of the band goes from the late 1990’s. The band works between genres that can be defined as world music, darkwave and trip-hop. The trademark of the band is the unique voice of Yana Veva and unimprovable sound-producing by Fedor Svolotch. Apart of recording their albums, THEODOR BASTARD are always keeping in touch with musicians from other countries: collaboration with Martin Attkins from Pigface who released a track by THEODOR BASTARD at his label Invisible/Underground Inc.; with Peter Christopherson of Coil – the band recorded a version of “Love’s Secret Domain”; with Ethan Jordan, American saxophonist, playing live together in Brussel; and also THEODOR BASTARD was the support band for the Nine Inch Nails gig in St.Petersburg, August 2007. Plenty of magazines wrote about the band, among them “Rolling stone”, “Time Out” and such European magazines as “Zillo”, “Orkus” and “Sonic seducer”. Songs by THEODOR BASTARD were on air of Austrian radio “FM 4”. THEODOR BASTARD music was used by Brazilian film director Gustavo Santos, and it was presented at San Paolo film festival. Released on Twilight and available September 13th, 2010.

1 From the cold to the heat
2 Aruah
3 The dead are near there
4 I’ll live
5 Come clean
6 Love this pain
7 I’m leaving (Like on waves)
8 Hunting for fierce beasts
9 Beloe
10 Epilogue

One of the true belgium based pioniers when it comes to EBM for sure is “Poison” by THE WEATHERMEN! A song remixed by no one else then Michael Münzing & Luca Anzilotti (SNAP, OFF, 16 BIT) which managed to enter the official MEDIA CONTROL singlecharts at positiomn 46 when it was released originally! We´re proud to present you this masterpiece again digital remastered and with massive bonustracks as part of our classics series! Stay tuned for more info soon here on our website! Released on Infacted and available September 24th, 2010.

Exclusive German-only 4-track single release for Iris. Limited to 1,000 worldwide. Released on Infacted and available September 6th, 2010.

01 Closer to Real
02 Panic Rev
03 Panic Rev (2010 Club Mix)
04 Closer to Real (Stromkern Mix)

Killer full-length EP from Konzept including remixes from Razormaid! Released on infacted and available September 13th, 2010.

01 Hypnautic Beats (Ambient 1990 Mix)05:57
02 Condemn Me (Fog Edit)03:25
03 Hypnautic Beats03:41
04 Human Transmission (Cybotron Mix 2)05:30
05 Human Transmission (RadioVideo Edit)03:37
06 The Last Night (Spectral Mix)04:31
07 The Unknown (No Name Mix)04:34
08 Hypnautic Beats (Hype Mix)05:19 *
09 The Last Night (Nuclear Winter Remix)06:16
10 Condemn Me (Part 2)04:59
11 Dimension (Early Works)03:30
12 Human Transmission (Razormaid Mix)06:32 **
13 Hypnautic Beats (Razormaid Mix)06:29 **
* first time on CD!

For those keeping track of Richard Bailey’s (a.k.a. Proem) output, Enough Conflict is album number eight from the North American IDM veteran. The album finds Bailey in top form utilizing his technical bag of tricks to render an album for die-hard fans and new-comers alike. Those concerned with Bailey’s dark ambient album “til there’s no breath” on Nonresponse in 2009 can rest assured that Enough Conflict is just what they have been craving since “A Permanent Solution” (n5MD). Enough Conflict is Bailey’s most diverse album mixing catchier melodic passages with some of his roughest beatwork since his debut album “Burn Plate no1”. This diversity of mood and style makes “Enough Conflict” engaging on repeated listens and a possible contender for one of the best IDM albums of 2010. Proem is Richard Bailey, an Austin Texas native, who hit the ground running with his debut album “burn plate No.1” (Hydrant Records). He followed up that album a year or so later with “Negativ” on Miami’s M3rck records and has landed for a spell with us here at n5MD for his next full-length “among others” on MiniDisc. Proem has also spread his wealth around by doing remixes for the likes of Machine Drum (M3rck), Codec (Component) , gridlock (Hymen), and many others. Richard is also an official member of the n5MD A&R department as he has put us in touch with many other artists and producers in the experimental electronica community that we will be collaborating with in the future. Released on n5MD and available September 13th, 2010.

deep sleeping birds
back to fail
she never cries
fall forward
sudden sharp turns
kalimba jam
enough confict
seafaring velvet waltz
@ the firey abyss
a short bit before you go

This latest release from Mike Cadoo’s Bitcrush project is a specially curated remix album comprised of re-workings of songs taken from all 5 of his albums as Bitcrush. Bersarin Quartett, Funckarma, Jatun, Near The Parenthesis, port-royal, Stripmall Architecture (Halou), SubtractiveLAD, Vanessa Van Basten, Winterlight, and Worm Is Green all re-imagine songs from the Bitcrush catalog. From Arcs to Embers is a remarkably fresh re-envisioning of the Bitcrush sound making it great for fans of his or any of the remixers’ work. Released on n5MD and available September 13th, 2010.

Post (Nichts ist wie vorher, Bersarin Quartett RMX)
Untilted (Worm Is Green Remix)
Every Sunday (Winterlight Remix)
Bitcrush In Dub (By Stripmall Architecture)
Colder (Funckarma Rmx)
Waiting For Something (Jatun Remix)
An Island A Penninsula (Mix By Vanessa Van Basten)
The Days We Spent Within (Near The Parenthesis Remix)
Of Embers (port-royal Remix)
Of Days (Widescreen mix by SubtractiveLAD)


Exclusive Ascii.Disko t-shirt for the album Stay Gold Forever Gold. Skull Rain image on front. Ascii.Disko logo on back. Good quality American Apparel. Sexy Dark Grey colour. Available in Men’s or Girlie’s XL, L, M, S.

Memmaker Robot Buzz! t-shirt: features a robot coming to kill you with his robot gun! Men’s or Girlie: XL, L, M, S. Hi-quality American Apparel shirts. Colour: black.

***** new from ARTOFFACT RECORDS!


“DAMN this is good. WOW.” – Dependent Forum user reaction. Join the discusssion:

Dead When I Found Her is the studio project of Portland, Oregon’s Michael Arthur Holloway, a professional electronic musician and producer who sites Skinny Puppy, Haujobb, Mentallo & the Fixer, Forma Tadre, Doubting Thomas, amongst other pioneering industrial aritsts as influences. Tracks from the debut album Harm’s Way have been the talk of music forums since they started to appear on Myspace and Soundcloud in 2009, and the attention the project has received is nothing short of impressive. The project soon found a home on Artoffact Records, and 12 tracks were selected for the debut release. Dead When I Found Her re-creates classic late-80’s/early-90’s industrial without sounding cliched, adding a modernized sonic signature to a dark and brooding foundation. Harm’s Way is the perfect album for dark music lovers. Out July 13th, 2010!

1. Curtains
2. Painkiller Suite
3. Fixer Fixed
4. Second Sight
5. Phantoms
6. Fortune’s Few
7. The Proof
8. Lost House
9. Stitches
10. Subject Reject
11. Useless Children
12. Taking Shelter

Order the CD or Digital Album now at the Artoffact Store !!

Buy the album on iTunes today!

AOF085 – Haggard – Awaking the Centuries – CD
AOF086 – Haggard – Eppur Si Muove – CD
AOF087 – Omega Lithium – Dreams In Formaline – CD
AOF088 – Dead When I Found Her – Harm’s Way – CD
AOF089 – Various – Kinetik Festival Volume 3 – 3CD
AOF090 – Ascii.Disko – Stay Gold Forever Gold – CD
AOF091 – Absurd Minds – Serve Or Suffer – CD
AOF092 – Memmaker – How To Enlist In A Robot Uprising: Deluxe Edition – 2CD
AOF093 – Memmaker – How To Remix A Robot Uprising – DD
AOF094 – Mona Mur & En Esch – 120 Tage – CD
AOF095 – Jesus on Extasy – Holy Beauty + Bonus – CD
AOF096 – Jesus on Extasy – Beloved Enemy + Bonus – CD
AOF097 – Psyche – Remembering Dwayne – CD
AOF100 – Jesus on Extasy – No Gods – CD
AOF101 – Various – Triton Festival 2010 – CD


AOF068 – Massiv in Mensch – Hands on Massiv: The Remixes – DD
AOF069 – Kobold – Blowback – DD
AOF070 – Xandria – Ravenheart [Bonus Tracks] – CD
AOF071 – Interlace – Nemesis – CD
AOF072 – Various – Kinetik Festival Volume 2 – DCD
AOF073 – S.V.D – No Ordinary Man – DD
AOF074 – Haujobb – Homes & Gardens 2.0 Special Edition – DCD
AOF075 – Urceus Exit – The Worst That We’ve Become – DD
AOF076 – Urceus Exit – Compensation For the Sound of Silence – DCD
AOF077 – Haggard – Tales Of Ithiria – CD
AOF078 – Xandria – India – CD
AOF079 – Xandria – Kill the Sun – CD
AOF080 – v01d – Weakener (EP featuring Ayria) – DD
AOF081 – v01d – This Is Not A False Alarm Anymore – DCD
AOF082 – v01d – Burnt Upon Re-Entry – DD
AOF083 – Individual Totem – Mumia Vera – DCD
AOF084 – Individual Totem – Collectotem – DD

Thanks for listening to GREAT music!

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