This week: Greetings! This week’s super special is a new sampler we have coming in from Dependent Records. For only $15, you get 15 tracks of the best industrial, EBM, and synthpop music on the scene today, including standards like KMFDM, Mesh, Front Line Assembly, and Dismantled, to new-comer bands like Ghost & Writer, Clicks!, and Encephalon. Seriously amazing stuff, not a bad track to be had. Go Dependent! Combichrist will not be stopped! Throat Full of Glass is the new 7-track single from the scene’s hottest act and features new remixes from SAM, Daniel Myer (Haujobb), and Computer Club, as well as a new b-side! Artoffact Records announces their April releases with a new album from fan-favourites Vigilante (featuring a who’s who list of contributors–try for example Atari Teenage Riot, Strapping Young Lad, Clawfinger, Public Enemy, and Die Krupps!). Also out in April is the new Ascii.Disko release “Black Orchid: From Airlines to Lifelines,” one of the best electronic albums of 2011 for sure! Skold joins Metropolis Records with a new single! The classy factor is in full swing on Suck which features remixes from 16Volt, Front Line Assembly, and Combichrist. Recommended! RevCo is back with a new remix edition of their last album Got Cock. Soman t-shirts incoming!!!! We will be stocking several new designs/colours/sizes of this smart new Soman Noistyle shirt. Pre-order one to ensure you get in on the limited run! Sara Noxx is back, this time with a collaboration with Mark Benecke. The queen of disco-EBM drops a massive 2CD-EP “Ultimate Edition” that comes with a t-shirt and in a giant-sized steel box. Ant-zen/Hymen are up to their lovely cover art tricks again. The year begins in style with new releases from Empusae & Shinkiro, Philipp Munch, Millipede, and Jerome Chassagnard! Gary Numan gives us a double-live album AND two DVDs next month. Whatever: the more Numan the better! New titles are also incoming from the fantastic Prikosnovenie label, including a great new CD from Collection D’Arnell Andrea, a new CD+Book compilation of fairy music, and a new album from Caprice! And last but not least (down under but above the competition?!), Australia’s greatest goth band Ikon release a new double-CDEP as well as a split 12″+MCD release with The Victim’s Ball. Thank you for listening to GREAT music!!

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February 25th will see a new installment of the Dependent label compilation “Dependence” at a special low price. “Dependence 2011” contains unreleased and exclusive recordings from veteran artists as well as the first high-profile releases from some of the scene’s hottest newcomer acts. The track list features brand new songs and spectacular remixes from the likes of Mesh, Front Line Assembly, Decoded Feedback, Fractured, System Syn, Edge Of Dawn, Ghost & Writer, Dismantled, Stromkern, Informat ik, Encephalon, KMFDM and more. This CD-album comes in a special embossed black jewel case and is the perfect introduction to the Dependent label for the uninitiated and a special treat for long-time fans. No outtakes or boring remixes here: just 15 highquality, basically exclusive tracks. Released on Dependent and available February 25th, 2011.

1. Dismantled – Kill Or Be Killed
2. Clicks! – TV (Monochrome Version)
3. Encephalon – Daylight (Remix)
4. KMFDM – Come On – Go Off (Rotersand Remix)
5. Informatik – Something To Believe In
6. Mesh – Is It So Hard? (Remixed by Iris ft. Julia Beyer)
7. Ghost & Writer – Nightshift (Forma Tadre Remix)
8. Fractured – You Are (The Voice Inside My Head)
9. Decoded Feedback – Mind Against Matter
10. Front Line Assembly – Day Of Violence
11. Stromkern – Sub-Librarian
12. System Syn – Chemical (Deathproof Mix by SMP)
13. Veil Veil Vanish – Modern Lust
14. Edge Of Dawn – All The Time (Urceus Exit Remix)
15. Mindless Faith – Down Here (Iron Fist Remix)

Hot off the heels of two massive shows in support of Rammstein, a hugely successful headlining tour, and the album Making Monsters, Combichrist returns with the Throat Full Of Glass single. The new single features 5 blistering versions of the track, an all new B-side, and the “Throat Full Of Glass” video (clean). Released on Metropolis and available April 12th, 2011.

01. Throat Full Of Glass (Single Edit)
02. Throat Full Of Glass (Tough Guy Mix By S.A.M.)
03. Throat Full Of Glass (Vocal Mix By Computer Club)
04. Throat Full Of Glass (Dub Mix By Computer Club)
05. Throat Full Of Glass (Renegade Of Noise Mix By Daniel Myer)
06. Industrial Strength (Instro-Mental Mix)
07. Throat Full Of Glass (video – clean)


Third album from Vigilante, featuring Atari Teenage Riot, Strapping Young Lad, Clawfinger, Public Enemy, Die Krupps and more! Ivan Munoz, aka VIGILANTE, is a powerhouse industrial-metal hyrid hailing from Chile who never stops short when it comes to collaborations with the industry’s top names. Witness the new album, THE NEW RESISTANCE, which features true down-and-dirty studio collaborations with various members of Atari Teenage Riot, Strapping Young Lad, Clawfinger, Public Enemy, Feindflug, Die Krupps, Funker Vogt, and many more! On top of that, the album features four exclusive remixes, including remixes by Feindflug, Plastic Noise Experience, and FGFC820 which make it an instant hit, and add a perfect club-friendly touch to Vigilante’s signature metal edge. Having toured Europe four times and his native country Chile countless times, Vigilante is a real warrior and THE NEW RESISTANCE is in a class of its own. Expect big things. Released on Artoffact and available April 5th, 2011.

1. Intro
2. The New Order (Featuring Hanin Elias ex-Atari Teenage Riot)
3. Prison Break (Featuring Claus Larsen from Leaether Strip)
4. Second Chances (Featuring Claus Albers from Tyske Ludder)
5. The New Resistance (Featuring Jurgen Engler from Die Krupps)
6. Our Jihad (Featuring Zero Kelvin from Feindflug)
7. Native Blood (Featuring Guido Henning from E-Craft)
8. The New World (Featuring Jens from Funker Vogt)
9. Country (Featuring Jed Simon from Strapping Young Lad)
10. Army Of Time (Featuring Victor Love from Dope Stars Inc.)
11. The New Revolution (Featuring Rexx from FCFG820)
12. The Trap: The New Order Part II (Featuring Michael Hillarup from Birmingham 6)
13. Gone: Army of Time Part II (Featuring Clawfinger + DJ Johnny Juice from Public Enemy)
14. Prison Break – FGFC820 Remix
15. The New Order – Feindflug Remix
16. The New Resistance – Plastic Noise Experience
17. Prison Break – Psyborg Corp Remix

The 4th album from Ascii.Disko, an emotional and introspective album for fans of Matthew Dear and Joy Division. Surprisingly emotional and introspective, Black Orchid: From Airline to Lifelines is the fourth full-length album released under the Ascii.Disko name, and the second on Canadian label Artoffact Records. Mastermind Daniel Gerhard Holc is one of the most innovative producers of electro-clash, techno, and synthpop music in the European scene today, and recognized for his artistic achievements worldwide. Over the last few years, his music has been showcased in art galleries in Japan and Mexico, as well as in Oslo, Bogota, Seoul, Madrid, and Milan just to name a few. The new album explores new territory; think Matthew Dear meets Joy Division. With such a diverse output (who else DJs to late-night rave crowds and produces minimal drone for gallery openings?), Ascii.Disko is one of the artists to watch in 2011.

3. GOODBYE 1315
6. 100 DEMONS


Riding SKOLD waylays 2011 with his first solo album in 15 years! As an opening salvo, we find SKOLD delivering a snarky CD single entitled Suck on April 12, setting the stage for a May 10th full album release. The product of an active 2010, the May album and its first single Suck are munitions ready to go and renowned label Metropolis Records has signed on as gunner to make sure those salvos hit on target. The Suck single raises a flag taken up by cohorts and allies like Combichrist, Front Line Assembly, Bitteren Ende and 16Volt who have all shown up to contribute their own remixes of the track. Add in three additional tracks, “I Will Not Forget”, “Bullets Ricochet” and “A Dark Star” and this release proves SKOLD steps up once again, supplying sonic solvent for the huffing social cynics. Released on Metropolis and available April 12th, 2011.

01. Suck
02. Suck (Suck and Mop Up – 16Volt Remix)
03. Suck (Down On Your Knees – Front Line Assembly Remix)
04. Suck (Gag It and Tag It – Combichrist Remix)
05. Suck (My Glock – Bittern Ende Remix)
06. I Will Not Forget
07. A Dark Star
08. Bullets Ricochet

Over fifty minutes of non-stop continuous dancefloor RevCo ditties packs RevCo s newest release Got Mixxx? – a raunchy remixxx of the Cock s Spring 2010 release Got Cock?, produced by RevCo founder, Al Jourgensen, and re-mixxxed by Blownload frontman Erie Loch. The 11-track disc juxtaposes trashy subjects with classy high-end production values RevCo’s most powerful sound to date! Take your vitamins, drink your milk and Mixxx it up with The Revolting Cocks! Released on 13th Planet and available February 11th, 2011.

1. Trojan Horse
2. Filthy Señoritas
3. Dykes
4. Juice
5. Piss Army
6. Fu– Money
7. Bitch Addictive
8. Air Traffic Control
9. Poke-A-Hot-A–
10. Me So Horny
11. Me So Horny

SOMAN – various styles “NOISTYLE t-shirts / girlies” – plenty of colours and sizes, all at this link:

Amazing GIGANTIC Oversized ‘Ultimate’ Edition in heavy STEEL BOX with last print and a T-Shirt in blood-red metallic look, Pin/Button and a handsigned autograph. The Box can be ordered with following shirt sizes: T-Shirt ‘S’,’M’,’L’,’XL’,’XXL’,’XXXL’ Girlie ‘S’,’M’,’L’,’XL’. The box also contains the limited 2CD edition of ‘Where the wild Roses grow’.

A limited edition is coming in a special STEEL BOX with Laser print and contains the regular EP plus a 9-tracks exclusive BONUS-CD! Not only the beautiful cover versions, but also the amazing remixes by famous acts are made of unearthly and radiant beauty. This HEAVY steel box features 7 more remixes of the main song, plus two more. Released on Prussia and available February 14th, 2011.

01 Where the wild roses grow (single)
02 Where… (instrumental)
03 Where… (Club mix)
04 Where… (Feindflug mix)
05 Where… ‘Making of’ Video

01 Where… (Defloration mix by Kontrast)
02 Where… (Feenland mix)
03 Where… (Club Roses mix by Transistor)
04 Where… (Road to Perdition mix by gnulieH eiD)
05 Where… (Low Tech mix by LowTechFront)
06 Where… (French Blossom mix)
07 Where… (Minimal Roses mix by Transistor)
08 Illuminate – Master of Maggod (B.E.N.E.C.K.E.)

EP edition:

empusae is a project created by sal-ocin who is also a member of various other projects such as this morn’ omina, tzolk’in, project arctic and also works as a live member of ah cama-sotz and in slaughter natives. sal-ocin is always open-minded about working together with other artists, as can be heard on this album: a liaison with manabu hiramoto a.k.a. shinkiro from osaka, japan who collaborated with artists like contagious orgasm, hybryds and jack or jive, and who has also made releases under the name kotodama. organic.aural.ornaments is based mostly on track-sources from manabu supplemented by sal-ocin. both artists’ aural characteristics merge perfectly: shinkiro’s cinematic dark soundscapes with a meditative touch blend with empusae’s haunting ritualistic ambience and enthralling melodies. varied rhythmic structures ranging from tribal to minimalistic sequences loom out of the vast, lamenting synth sounds – a kaleidoscope of ethereal atmospheres, both enthralling and enchanting. in sal-ocin’s words, the term ‘organic’ fits perfectly concerning the result of this collaborative work. two artistic minds fused into one, creating a movie without visuals or dialogue. organic.aural.ornaments is waiting for you to step through the frame and into an imagined world, and we highly recommend taking the chance. Released on ant-zen and available February 24th, 2011.

philipp münch has worked as an active musician since the beginning of the 90s and has formed countless projects covering all facets of electronic music like ars moriendi, the incredible three, monokrom and synapscape. during the last two years he has recorded the first album to be released under his full name: into the absurd. the sound design shown here certainly contains repetition, but intelligent and well thought out repetition. a masterful demonstration of minimalism and animalism initially designed to rethink the boundaries of popular music and influenced by pioneering groups of the british industrial music scene in the mid 70’s, such as throbbing gristle, cabaret voltaire and clock dva. these artists were the genesis of the sound that legions of followers would mutate in a myriad of directions into genres that you know and love. pulsing drones, dark ambient soundscapes, analog style drum machines, hard dark synth lines and monotonous bass loops distorted to the point where it borders on harsh noise. these sounds merge together with treated voices and samples. occasional distortion gives the music a rough edge, but elements of beauty are also expressed within the landscape philipp paints. this album will take you to amazing places. play it in the dark, or set your analog television between channels and watch the static while listening. Released on ant-zen and available February 24th, 2011.

a year and a half after ‘all my best intentions’, don hill presents his new work ‘powerless’ on hymen records. this album became deeply personal because it was written during a difficult time for don and his family. ‘powerless’ is a musical document of this period, the feelings of powerlessness and continual surrendering to find a strength beyond ones self. this is a story of love, death and resurrection. for the realization of this opus don received creative support on each track. brett smith (caul), brian grover (khadag blue), candle nine, access to arasaka, james church (lucidstatic), steve hall (veil of secrecy), tony young (autoclav1.1), jan carleklev (parca pace / sanctum), and tapage loaned their considerable talents to help tell the story of the vigil don kept as his family and sons struggled to find meaning in the midst of sadness and uncertainty. melancholy and introspection are audible on this album, yet there is no despair, but rather hope. deep idm textures alternate with ambient soundscapes and magnificent synth chords. complex beats highlight the well-placed electronic structures enriched with piano and guitars. once again millipede effortlessly moves between the boundaries of dark ambient and intelligent dance music. Released on Hymen and available February 24th, 2011.

when jérôme chassagnard began creation of his second solo album, his intentions were to create the expression of a science-fiction scenario set in the not-too-distant future through the medium of sound, beyond any ‘space opera’ like ambitions. the time from underneath is influenced by movies like ‘gattaca’, imaginary futuristic urban environments and time travel – all of which are favorite topics often used by such luminaries as ray bradbury and stanley kubrick who are some of jérôme’s main influences. this album showcases jérôme’s ability to transform these creative inputs into music. focusing on electronica, darker ambient and intelligent dance music, he uses these styles without losing his own musical fingerprint and blends them into one seamless and effortlessly soaring whole. the time from underneath is an amalgam of quiet, dreamy atmospheres, at times supported by an energetic play of rectilinear downtempo grooves and laid-back emotional textures with melancholic keyboard chords taking the listener to places which do not yet exist. from time to time a glimpse of darkness and slight melancholic sadness hides behind the mirror of technology, accentuated by sporadic voice samples and field recordings. a deep, atmospheric album recommended to all of those that seek a pleasant listening experience by stepping into the possible world of tomorrow. Released on Hymen and available February 24th, 2011.

The products of the Dependent sound forge have often been used as a reference standard for electro-industrial music. Founded in 1999, the Gelsenkirchen-based label has chalked up some 150 successful releases to date. To celebrate the first decade of Dependent, we’re proud to announce this collection of the biggest electro-industrial clubhits from the past ten years.

All of the tracks included here a proven dancefloor killers and continue to find favor with the biggest DJs in the scene, each one a timeless classic guaranteed to pack the floor at the most popular clubs. Each of these hits contributed to the breakthrough of artists like Covenant, Rotersand, Suicide Commando, VNV Nation, Dismantled , Edge Of Dawn, Pride And Fall, Seabound and Straftanz and stands out as the absolute highlight of their live performances, as anyone who has seen the fan reaction to the first notes of “Der Leiermann” at a Covenant concert or “Hellraiser” at a Suicide Commando gig can attest. While each track is featured here in its original club-ready form, the compilation was mastered to 2011 standards for an added punch.

Short and sweet: from 25 February you can find 15 monster hits – remastered but original mixes – on a single CD that truly earns the title of “Dependent – Club Anthems”. Released on Dependent and available February 25th, 2011.

1. Rotersand – Exterminate Annihilate Destroy
2. Covenant – Der Leiermann
3. Pride And Fall – December (Below Zero Mix)
4. Interlace – Under The Sky (Compact Mix)
5. Edge Of Dawn – The Flight [Lux]
6. Straftanz – Straftanz (West)
7. Fractured – Only Human Remains
8. Suicide Commando – Hellraiser (Psychopath 01-Version)
9. Flesh Field – Inferior (Ivory Frequency Remix)
10. Seabound – Hooked (Radical Mix)
11. Autoaggression – 3.14 (Edit)
12. Stromkern – Stand Up (Extended Mix)
13. – Walking
14. VNV Nation – Further
15. Dismantled – Anthem (Edit)

Gary Numan’s The Pleasure Principle was recently nominated as No 5 in Mojo’s Best Synth Pop albums Top 10. Describing it as an ‘unstoppable sequence of classic pop songs’, the magazine concluded, ‘of all the albums from the classic period of early synth pop, none is more admired than this.’ To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Pleasure Principle’s release, for the first time in his career Numan performed all of the tracks from this classic album on a UK tour in 2009. This CD captures the London show on that tour, which the electronic pioneer also recently took across the States in a series of unforgettable sold out shows. Released on Mortal and avaialble February 14th, 2011.

1. Random
2. Airlane
3. Metal
4. Films
5. M.E.
6. Tracks
7. Observer
8. Conversation
9. Complex
10. Cars
11. Engineers
12. Asylum
13. The Fall
14. Pure
15. Down In The Park
16. Haunted
17. Halo
18. Jagged
19. Are Friends Electric?
20. We Are So Fragile
21. A Prayer For The Unborn


Gary Numan’s 1981 ‘Farewell’ concerts at Wembley Arena, London marked the first phase of his career. Performing material from three Number 1 albums (Replicas, The Pleasure Principle and Telekon) against the spectacular backdrop of one of the largest sets ever built on a stage in the UK, this is Numan delivering on every level – songs that are still hugely influential 30 years later, pure pop star theatre and a light show as big as a city. One of the greatest shows of all time? No question. Released on Mortal and available February 14th, 2011.

1. Intro Tape
2. This Wreckage
3. Remind Me To Smile
4. Metal
5. Me I Disconnect From You
6. Complex
7. The Aircrash Bureau
8. Airplane
9. M.E.
10. Everyday I Die
11. Films
12. Remember I Was Vapour
13. Trois Gymnopedies No. 1
14. She’s Got Claws
15. Cars
16. I Dream Of Wires
17. I’m An Agent
18. The Joy Circuit
19. I Die; You Die
20. Cry The Clocks Said
21. Tracks
22. Down In The Park
23. My Shadow In Vain
24. Please Push No More
25. Are ‘Friends’ Electric?
26. We Are Glass …

Digisleeve + 16 pages 4 colour booklet. The digisleeve packaging is Limited to 1’500 copies! Style: Ethereal / Darkwave Back to atmospheric and mostly acoustic melancholy! The ninth studio-album by COLLECTION D’ARNELL ANDREA is without a doubt their most beautiful, most mature and ‘inspired’ album so far! 11 all new tracks invite the listener to continue the imagin- ativejourney begun 21 years ago with their debut ‘Un automne à Loroy’. The lyrics, mostly written in French, draw their inspiration from poems of other centuries, evoking a dreamlike Nature inhabited by faceless ‘Fauns’ and sleeping rivers. Female leadsinger Chloe’s chants (very ‘Heavenly Voices’) appear to be especially bright and touching on this album – haunting synths and accompanying strings (cello and viola) create an atmosphere like an imaginative breath of a romantic autumn… The outstanding acoustic guitars finally act as lullabies, that lead through the most beautiful album Collection d’Arnell Andrea have ever done. Aerial and moving! An instant classic! Released on Prikosnovenie and available February 14th, 2011.

01 La Beauce, l’Errance
02 Au Chevet des Faunes
03 The Coming of Believes
04 D’autres Voix que le Vent
05 The World we leave
06 Les Champs, demain
07 Dawn again
08 L’Envol
09 Les Sables-Mémoire
10 The Wan Plain
11 Vernes-Monde

Limited edition in a 10-pages, cross-shaped Deluxe Digipak! 500 copies only! Style: Neoclassical, Ethereal voices, Fairy pop. In their 10th studio album Caprice travel one century back in time, getting their inspiration from the Russian Silver age poetry. The classic Caprice acoustic palette is merged with bass, drums and a symphonic choir, making ‘Masquerade’ their most orchestral work so far. Inna Brejestovskaya’s vocals demonstrate more diversity and more emotion than ever. Masquerade is based on the poetry of six Russian poets who lived in the darkest period of the Russian history – under the rules of Lenin and Stalin, who not only were responsible for the death of millions of people, but also for imposing an atmosphere of total fear in the country. Released on Prikosnovenie and available February 14th, 2011.

Part One:
01 Reality
02 Agnesa
03 Stones
04 Marina
05 To a Girl
06 Venice
07 Elizabeth played with Fire
08 Forest Lullaby
Part Two:
09 The Master’s Shadow
10 What have I done to you
11 Hunger
12 God’s Wrath has smitten our World
13 Hottentot Cosmogony
14 Unmasked
15 Listen!
16 Fox and Cockerel

36 pages HARDCOVER book (24x17cms) + CD! Style: Celtic music, heavenly voices, pagan music. 14 tales and 15 tracks – Here comes the new volume in English of Prikosnovenie’s Lullabies’s book/cds. This edition is limited to 400 copies only and features Celtic Magic today! Prikosnovenie asked their favourite musicians (Louisa John-Krol, Faun, Crista Galli, Alizbar etc.) to compose original songs, a tribute to the Legendary Forest where Merlin met Viviane. The CD tells a musical story inspired by Celtic music in an uncommon way. A fairy soundtrack of a new Broceliande during the Celtic seasons. Released on Prikosnovenie and available February 14th, 2011.

01 BOANN-The January man
02 RIJA-Garden of Love
03 SORA-The Juniper
04 MYRDHIN-Marzhin en e gavell
05 SARAH SHAYNA (singer of Crista Galli)-La ronde de Viviane
06 ARIEL ROSE-Verticordia
07 DANDELION WINE-Prelude to sleep
08 LOUISA JOHN-KROL-The Seagiant
09 ALIZBAR&ANN’SANNAT-The Butter-fly
10 RESEDA TILSIM & Antrabata-She moves through the fair
11 MOOD & NAISS-Oleya
12 SARAH SHAYNA-Le silence de la forêt
13 JILLIAN LADAGE-The Black woods
14 ALARC’H-Le miroir aux fées
15 FAUN-Andro

Special Australian import, extremely limited edition of 250 copies for Europe! ‘Torn Apart’ comes in a digipak and contains a cover version of the classic SOPHIA track ‘Oh My Love’. It also features unreleased tracks from the ‘Love, Hate and Sorrow’ sessions. This 2CD is limited to 250 copies and comes with a bonus 6-track remix CD of the title track (with a special remix by Australian DJ Darren Glen and another one from The Victim’s Ball, with whom IKON is set to release a split 12″ – see further down!) IKON release the fourth ‘single’ from their critically acclaimed latest album. Shaking off the limitations of contemporary dark alternative formulas, ‘Torn Apart’ embraces melody and melancholy to produce an emotional and original ballad. The limited edition digipak includes a bonus 6-track remix disc, featuring a mix by leading dance music guru Darren Glen, which reinterprets the delicate beauty of the track for the dancefloor. Disc one includes three unreleased tracks from the album sessions, as well as a folk-infused cover of Sophia’s haunting song ‘Oh My Love’. IKON is set to celebrate its 20th Anniversary with a special European tour in May/June, featuring IKON’s third performance at Wave Gotik Treffen. Released on Nile and available February 21st, 2011.

01 Torn Apart (version)
02 Oh My Love
03 Silent Knight
04 Frozen
05 Farewell
06 Torn Apart (extended version)

01 Torn Apart (Darren Glen remix)
02 Torn Apart (Adam Calaitzis remix)
03 Torn Apart (Dave Foreman remix)
04 Torn Apart (Adam’s Schwartzclub remix)
05 Torn Apart (The Victim’s Ball remix)
06 Torn Apart (Angel Theory remix)

Very limited (300 copies only) combined COLOURED VINYL + MCD split release! IKON has created its first 12″ EP in conjunction with the exciting new project The Victim’s Ball. The split vinyl EP includes two previously unreleased IKON tracks from the Love, Hate and Sorrow album sessions and an exclusive remix of ‘God Has Fallen from the Sky’ The 12″ (+MCD) is strictly limited to 300 copies and has been produced on four different colours:
When ordering, STATE THE COLOUR(s) you want!! The package also includes a factory-pressed CD containing all of the EP tracks and a postcard signed by IKON and The Victim’s Ball..

The Victim’s Ball is the brainchild of Roberto Massaglia (The Tenth Stage, Tankt), who has already produced 2 accomplished albums: The Victim’s Ball and Romanzo Gotico. The Victim’s Ball combines musical elements such as early classical, silver screen movie scores, dark cabaret, and even a sprinkle of spy jazz to create a dark, almost pre-Victorian mood. Massaglia mixes orchestral instruments such as the hurdy gurdy, church organ, strings, French horn and medieval drums to produce a dark, Romantic and epic journey through historic times. Released on Nile and available February 21st, 2011.

IKON Tracks:
01 Broken Windows (To the Soul)
02 Disenchanted Lullaby
03 God has Fallen from the Sky (remix)

01 Les Incroyables
02 Miserere
03 Tom Rakewell (Dave Foreman remix)

***** new from ARTOFFACT RECORDS!



After 2008’s zany “Meanwhile, Back in the Jungle”, Massiv in Mensch pull no punches on their sixth studio album, the aptly titled “Niemand weiss, was die Zukunft bringt” (Nobody Knows What the Future Will Bring). The album opens with an intro featuring the unmistakable voice of German actor Reiner Schoene (notable as the German voice-over voice of Darth Vader, as well as roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Babylon 5, and more). Schoene went into the recording studio especially for this release, so its a real treat for cult movie buffs. Also making an appearance is, adding a synthpop vibe and subtle harmonies to Massiv in Mensch’s killer sound. The album features a cover of the cult techno hit Die Kybernauten (recently back in the spotlight on a re-issue on German label Infacted) as well as a guest appearance from Kontrast vocalist Nebelgeist. Massiv in Mensch deliver 14 tracks of techno-inspired dance music without ever missing a beat! Released on Artoffact and available December 7th, 2010.

  • MP3 version with exclusive PDF booklet!
  • Free Massiv in Mensch pins with every CD order!
  • Free Artoffact Records vol. 3 with every CD order!


AOF104 – Alice in Videoland – A Million Thoughts and They’re All About You – CD
AOF105 – Prospero – Turning Point – CD
AOF106 – Motorjesus – Wheels of Purgatory – CD
AOF107 – Massiv in Mensch – Hands on Massiv 2 – DD
AOF108 – Ascii.Disko – Black Orchid: >From Airlines to Lifelines – CD
AOF109 – Vigilante – The New Resistance – CD

AOF085 – Haggard – Awaking the Centuries – CD
AOF086 – Haggard – Eppur Si Muove – CD
AOF087 – Omega Lithium – Dreams In Formaline – CD
AOF088 – Dead When I Found Her – Harm’s Way – CD
AOF089 – Various – Kinetik Festival Volume 3 – 3CD
AOF090 – Ascii.Disko – Stay Gold Forever Gold – CD
AOF091 – Absurd Minds – Serve Or Suffer – CD
AOF092 – Memmaker – How To Enlist In A Robot Uprising: Deluxe Edition – 2CD
AOF093 – Memmaker – How To Remix A Robot Uprising – DD
AOF094 – Mona Mur & En Esch – 120 Tage – CD
AOF095 – Jesus on Extasy – Holy Beauty + Bonus – CD
AOF096 – Jesus on Extasy – Beloved Enemy + Bonus – CD
AOF097 – Psyche – Re-membering Dwayne – CD
AOF098 – The Sorrow – Blessings From A Blackened Sky – CD
AOF099 – The Sorrow – Origin of the Storm – CD
AOF100 – Jesus on Extasy – No Gods – CD
AOF101 – Various – Triton Festival Volume 1 – CD
AOF102 – Massiv in Mensch – Niemand weiss, was die Zukunft bringt – CD
AOF103 – The Sorrow – The Sorrow – CD
AOF104 – Alice in Videoland – A Million Thoughts and They’re All About You – DD

Thanks for listening to GREAT music!

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