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This week: Hello friends! Man do we have a pumping week of music for you this week! You will have noticed first from our lead banner that the new ASCII.DISKO FANSET has finally been added to our site. You get the new album BLACK ORCHID, an exclusive t-shirt, and 3 exclusive buttons…PLUS everything ships next week, so you’ll have the goods very soon! HOCICO gets a new single from their latest album featuring 3 versions of the club killer Bite Me! and two other track b-sides! Suicide Commando’s Johan van Roy is back with a compilation concept you don’t want to miss: 17 more or less unknown bands that HE thinks should not slip off your radar. Raging brutal hellektro EBM like you’ve always wanted, with next year’s “big names” lurking in the mix. Check it out: it’s less than ten bucks! DEAD OR ALIVE releases a new best of for a wickedly low price; it includes all the hits, two versions of You Spin Me Round, and 18 tracks in total! METROPOLIS RECORDS is already heating up our summer. Releases from DISMANTLED, BELLA MORTE, and BUNNYDRUMS are already announced for June!! STENDECK is back with a new album that is for sure going to turn heads in the IDM world. IN STRICT CONFIDENCE is back with a new EP including remixes from Rhys Fulber, Patenbrigade:Wolff, Samsas Traum, and more! Ex-ATARI TEENAGE RIOT HANIN ELIAS drops a new album and a 3CD boxset on Rustblade. We are happy to be Capitol’s provider of 2 ORIGINALS series: 2 CDs for under 15 bucks from such classic artists as BLONDIE, CULTURE CLUB, BILLY IDOL, TALK TALK, and more! The newest edition of the Classix Series is out soon from NOISE CONTROL. TORUL releases an EP with several great remixes on infacted. ROBIN GUTHRIE has a new collaboration with HAROLD BUDD out on Darla. Out of Line gives us new releases from BLUTENGEL and LORD OF THE LOST! Trisol announces the release of a new single from THE GIRL AND THE ROBOT, and (check this) a 10 CD boxset from goth favourites ASP. SONIK FOUNDRY release their debut album. A new DVD is expected soon from LEGENDARY PINK DOTS. And we’re offering a new limited vinyl from BOYD RICE. Excellent releases for an excellent week of music! Thank you for listening to GREAT music!

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Right on time for their extensive European Tour, the Mexican pioneers of hard electronic sounds return with a mauling club monster that is aptly titled „Bite Me!“ The title track is one of the most popular floor fillers from the successful album “Tiempos de Furia” and plays out all the strengths of the wild duo: it is an inferno of thudding beats, relentless anger and catchy electronica. The new CD maxi comes in a limited Digipak and features three searing remixes of “Bite Me!” (by Hocico, CHROM and Rotersand), alongside two very strong b-side tracks: the dark and heavy “Embraced By The Light” and the clubby “Silence Is The Death.” Caution: will bite! Released on Out Of Line and available April 22nd, 2011.

1. Bite me! (The Beautiful Assholes H-Mix)
2. Bite me! (Rotersand Rework)
3. Bite me! (CHROM Remix)
4. Silence is the death
5. Embraced by the light


For the first instalment of his compilation-series „World Wide Electronics“, Suicide-Commando-mastermind Johan van Roy has gathered together the best Harsh-Electro-newcomers from the depths of the World Wide Web . While bands like C-Lekktor or Reaxion Guerrilla should ring a bell with insiders, there is also lots of fresh blood on this infernal disc. To add to the fun, the disc also features three collaborations of master van Roy himself with newcomer bands, thus making this sonic slaughter-fest a must-own for Suicide-Commando-fans. But aficionados of Hocico and Agonoize and anyone with an open ear for new, hard, electronic sounds will definitely want to add this to their collection, as well. 17 hefty club tracks with a total playing time of more than one hour at the price of a CD-single! Come, get some! available April 22nd, 2011.

1. Asphyxia “I know you hate me”
2. Betamorphose “In the name of god”
3. C-lekktor “World of fantasy” (Mekaniszmo Remix)
4. Stahlnebel vs Black Selket “Missbraucht” feat. Suicide Commando
5. Controlled Collapse “Prisoner” (Dark Mix)
6. Terrolokaust “God loves the violence”
7. vProject “Warlord”
8. Ginger Snap5 “Ginger girl”
9. Vyrophage “Beyond the clouds” feat. Suicide Commando
10. Nano Infect “Fall asleep”
11. Project Rotten “Embraced by flames”
12. Infact “Remember”
13. Reaxion Guerrilla “Psycho destruxion” feat. Suicide Commando
14. Mildreda “The parting” (Alpha Version)
15. xPeriment “The end of an era”
16. Detroit Diesel “Normandy” (D-day Mix)
17. Breathe “Mit deiner Haut”


ONLY $10.97!
2010 collection from the New Wave/Dance act led by the controversial Pete Burns. 18 tracks including ‘You Spin Me ‘Round’, ‘Lover Come Back To Me’, ‘That’s The Way’ and more. Includes the Murder Mix of You Sping Me Round. Released on Sony and available April 19th, 2011.

1. You Spin Me Round
2. That’s The Way (I Like It)
3. Lover Come Back (To Me)
4. In Too Deep
5. My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To The Doctor)
6. Brand New Lover
7. Something In My House
8. Hooked On Love
9. I’ll Save You All My Kisses
10. Turn Around And Count 2 Ten
11. Come Home With Me Baby
12. Misty Circles
13. What I Want
14. I’d Do Anything
15. Lover Come Back To Me(Extended Remix)
16. My Heart Goes Bang (American ‘Wipe Out’ Mix)
17. Something In My House (Mortevicar Mix)
18. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Murder Mix)


Dismantled is the product of a musical experiment that began in late 2000 by Gary Zon, who was attempting to create something similar to Front Line Assembly’s sound. As Gary began further sonic construction by drawing influences from television, movies, and music as well as adding vocals into the mix, his project developed a unique and progressive character. The resulting sound was a unique blend of very melodic, yet complex mix of layered electro-industrial merged with trance elements. Dismantled continues in this fashion with the new album The War Inside Me. After almost a decade after first signing with Metropolis Records, Dismantled (Gary Zon) is now a veteran in this industry and his new release is a testament to that fact. This dark, brooding, emotional album shows huge artistic growth for Dismantled, while still keeping that edgy, powerful sound that has made them popular. Tracks to pay attention to include “Disease” with its 80’s inspired bass, catchy synths and gloomy vocals, and “Black Heart” which rounds out the album in a cinematic manner. Released on Metropolis and available June 14, 2011.

01. Intro
02. Insecthead
03. Kill Or Be Killed
04. Disease
05. Dead On Impact
06. Excess
07. The Bathroom Floor
08. The War Inside Me
09. Scrape The Bullets From Your Eyes
10. Can’t See The Top
11. Black Heart

American act Bella Morte could easily be defined by its unique hybrid of gothic, synthpop, punk, and darkwave, but the band has proven to be so much more. With the new album Before The Flood, vocalist Andy Deane and company manage to further expand on their signature sound. Standout tracks such as “Here With Me”, “Bones Below”, and “Falling Star” are at once addictive rock songs as well as emotionally cathartic experiences. With Before The Flood the band has grown musically, expanding the dynamic interplays of instrumentation and voice, music and emotion, rock and electronics that has established Bella Morte such a fanatic following. Released on Metropolis and available June 14, 2011.

01. Skin
02. Falling Star
03. Lights in the Sky
04. Here With Me
05. Before the Flood
06. The Morning Sun
07. Line of Sight
08. The Road
09. Bones Below
10. Undertow
11. The Oceans Wide

Two years after the release of the widely-acclaimed ‘Sonnambula‘ album, Stendeck returns with his highly-anticipated new full-length titled ‘Scintilla‘. Once again, Stendeck presents another outstanding mix of generous beats and emotional electronica, accentuated by deep, flowing atmospheres, heart-seizing melodies, expertly-placed noise elements, and lush synthlines. ‘Scintilla‘ is an energetic spark of creativity full of passion, life, and hope. The creation of a fantastic blaze of emotion, alluring and serendipitous; a spark that creates an everlasting fire that won’t soon fade away. 17 stunning new tracks on compact disc packaged in a beautifullydesigned 6-panel digipak by Kostas K. of Subheim. Released on Tympanik and available April 15th, 2011.

1 hold my hand high in the sky ready for the deep dive
2 feel the flames burning inside me
3 catch the midnight girl
4 tired figures wave goodbye in the backdrop of a sinking boat
5 tight around her throat she slips away
6 like snowflakes on my fingers
7 run amok (against time rebels)
8 swimmers in a sleepless hour
9 voiceless wishes flicker in the shattered mist
10 six-door bedroom
11 that foolish fascination of a ghost light collector
12 why did we get so far?
13 learning how to walk through walls
14 last night an angel fell on a motorway
15 thieves of watercolour memories
16 the silence after this
17 crimson clouds cascade

“Set Me Free”, one of the most favourite tracks of fans and band, from the current album “La Parade Monstrueuse” is coming as an album-length 14-tracks EP! This outstanding song combines typical ISC-electronics with harsh guitar riffs and proofs once again the superior songwriting of the band, performed by the band´s two voices Dennis Ostermann and Nina de Lianin. The CD also includes the amazing videoclip for the song “Silver Bullets”, 8:30 minutes extended version of the title-track, piano interpretation and remixes of other album-tracks by famous artsits, such as Rhys Fulber, ASP, Samsas Traum and many others. Only available as limited edition CD! Released on Minuswelt and available April 15th, 2011.

01 Set Me Free (Extended Version)
02 My Despair (Monozelle Remix)
03 Set Me Free (Piano Version)
04 One Drop (DJ Francois vs. Kartagon Remix)
05 Set Me Free (Rhys Fulber Remix)
06 One Drop (Patenbrigade:Wolff Remix)
07 My Despair (Crashtv Remix)
08 Promised Land (MC1R Remix)
09 Set Me Free (ASP Remix)
10 My Despair (Parralox Remix)
11 Am Abgrund (Samsas Traum Remix)
12 My Despair (Mind:Shredder Remix)
13 Lazarus
14 Silver Bullets (Videoclip, CD-ROM)

HANIN ELIAS, a living Icon of the 90ies, Riot Girl, Front Woman, Founding member of ATARI TEENAGE RIOT and Labelfounder of Fatal Recordings. Now Hanin returns with a new album Called “Get it back”. The long-awaited and much anticipated album is a bridge between Elias’s familiar digital hardcore style and her newfound explorations in other genres. This is a strong release with lot’s of interesting collaborations that happened over the last years of Hanin Elias absence from the music scene. While she lived in French Polynesia on a small island in the south pacific for 5 years she worked on new material with chilean musician Diego Sagredo (ICI) who invited her for shows in Santiago. Influences are widely spread and unpredictable as always. Hanin Elias wants her listeners to have an open mind and a open heart for all kinds of musical directions. On the Album we have the opener “Get it Back” with her guitarist and Bandmember MARCEL DEGAZ (Die Krupps), and also a new Version with the Berlin based Group MUTFAK of “You Suck”. Both songs are inspired by Electro, No Wave and Dubstep. Hanin Elias’s vocals take on new grace with the melodic, gothic workings of “Melancholia,” a fitting title for the somber, downtempo side of the album also found in TYING TIFFANY euphoric mix of 2001’s “Future Noir.”Dead Eyes” with VELVET UNDERWEAR’s YETI POPSTAR is a real danceflor smasher with covocalist MISMERISER from Paris ” The well known “Riot” girl side of the artist is reflected in songs like “Axis shifting” with SINDADDY and “Do You know!!!” with DIEGO SAGREDO has scream-rapping, an ode to her digital hardcore past. A collaboration with chilean based industrial artist VIGILANTE with the track “New Order” also shows that Hanin has still political messages in her music. “I want you” is a collaboration with a tahitian Band TIKAHIRI, very known in French Polynesia. This song has a very erotic vibe. The Song “Money” is a Flying Lizard Cover, absolutely cold and dancable! The Dead Eyes remix by LORENZO MONTANA’ and Hanin Elias was spontaneously created during the mastering process and became a new Version of the song that could be best described as ROCKSTEP . Hanin Elias 2011 comeback! is a strong euphoric one that not only reassures her place in industrial music history, but stands her apart from conventional examples with world- wide contributions that stretch from France, Tahiti, Chile, USA, Belgium Germany and Italy. Released on Rustblade and available May 20th, 2011.

1) GET IT BACK ( feat. Marcel Degaz )
2) DO YOU KNOW ( feat. Diego Sagredo )
3) YOU SUCK ( feat. Mutfak )
4) DEAD EYES ( feat. Yeti Pop Star + Mismerizer )
5) FUTURE NOIR ( Tying Tiffany Remix )
6) MELANCOLIA ( feat. Diego Sagredo )
7) I WANT YOU ( feat. Tikahiri )
8) MONEY ( feat. Diego Sagredo )
9) NEW ORDER ( feat. Vigilante )
10) AXIS SHIFTING ( feat. SinDaddy )
11) DEAD EYES ( Lorenzo Montanà Remix )

Hanin Elias, legendary singer and frontwoman of ATARI TEENAGE RIOT, is back with a beautiful silver Boxset “Fatal Box” that includes her last 2 Releases “No Games, No Fun” and “Future Noir” & a Bonus Cd with Coverversions, new Tracks, and Remixe. The Boxset will be very limited. The CDs features Collaborations with several Artists from all over the world: J Mascis ( Dinosaur Jr) Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) , Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten), Merzbow, Alec Empire, Khan, Diego Sagredo, Marcel Degaz, TweakerRay, Marc Chiffre and more. Hanin Elias can’t be put in a box, she is unpredictable and very open to a wide range of influences (Digital Hardcore, Electro, No wave).If you think you figuered her out she’ll surprise you with a new direction. Still it all goes very well together! The BOX SET contains 3 CD, 2 POSTCARDS, STICKER, AND CAMEO PIN. Released on Rustblade and available May 20th, 2011.

1) Future Noir – Coverversion by G.G. Alan Binding
2) She died for Love – Remix of T21
3) Far away
4) Slide
5) Dead Eyes – Remix by Lorenzo Montana
6) Go Tiger – Feat. Bong Ra
7) Fitter than you – feat. S.I.N.A
8) City Lights ( Bahntier remix )
9) Burn ( Sandblasting remix )
10) Fight Together ( Din [A] Tod remix )

1. Catpeople
2. One Of Us
3. Falling
4. Spirits In The Sky
5. Wanting A Machine
6. You Suck
7. Drop Out
8. Rockets Against Stones
9. Blue – with Khan
10. The Bee
11. Tonight
12. No Games No Fun
13. Falling (deep)

1. Untouchable
2. After All (Drums)
3. Future Noir
4. City Lights
5. Burn
6. Iced Icon
7. Fight Together
8. Eaten Alive
9. War (Extreme V4)
10. Rats, The
11. In my Room
12. After All – (original)
13. Untouchable – (unplugged)


Two classic BLONDIE albums for the price of one! Released on Capitol and available April 14th, 2011.

Parallel Lines
1 Hanging On The Telephone
2 One Way Or Another
3 Picture This
4 Fade Away And Radiate
5 Pretty Baby
6 I Know But I Don’t Know
7 11:59
8 Will Anything Happen
9 Sunday Girl
10 Heart Of Glass
11 I’m Gonna Love You Too
12 Just Go Away
13 Once I Had A Love (AKA The Disco Song) (1978 Version)
14 Bang A Gong (Get It On)
15 I Know But I Don’t Know (Live)
16 Hanging On The Telephone (Live)

Plastic Letters
1 Fan Mail
2 Denis
3 Bermuda Triangle Blues
4 Youth Nabbed As Sniper
5 Contact In Red Square
6 (I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear
7 I’m On E (2001 Digital Remaster)
8 I Didn’t Have The Nerve To Say No
9 Love At The Pier
10 No Imagination
11 Kidnapper
12 Detroit 442
13 Cautious Lip
14 Once I Had A Love (AKA The Disco Song) (1975 Version)
15 Scenery
16 Poet’s Problem
17 Detroit 442 (Live)

Two classic CULTURE CLUB albums for the price of one! Released on Capitol and available April 14th, 2011.

Kissing To Be Clever
1 White Boy
2 You Know I’m Not Crazy
3 I’ll Tumble
4 Ya 4 Take Control
5 Love Twist
6 Boy Boy (I’m The Boy)
7 I’m Afraid Of Me
8 White Boys Can’t Control It
9 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

Colour By Numbers
1 Karma Chameleon
2 It’s A Miracle
3 Black Money
4 Changing Everyday
5 That’s The Way (I’m Only Trying To Help You)
6 Church Of The Poisoned Mind
7 Miss Me Blind
8 Mister Man
9 Stormkeeper
10 Victims

Two classic BILLY IDOL albums for the price of one! Released on Capitol and available April 14th, 2011.

Billy Idol
1 Come On, Come On
2 White Wedding – Part 1
3 Hot In The City
4 Dead On Arrival
5 Nobody’s Business
6 Love Calling
7 Hole In The Wall
8 Shooting Stars
9 It’ 9 The Dead Next Door
10 Rebel Yell (Session Take)
11 Motorbikin’ (Session Take)
12 Catch My Fall (Original Demo)
13 Flesh For Fantasy (Session Take)
14 Blue Highway (Original Demo)

1 Rebel Yell
2 Daytime Drama
3 Eyes Without A Face
4 Blue Highway
5 Flesh For Fantasy
6 Catch My Fall
7 Crank Call
8 (Do Not) Stand In The Shadows
9 The Dead Next Door
10 Rebel Yell (Session Take)
11 Motorbikin’ (Session Take)
12 Catch My Fall (Original Demo)
13 Flesh For Fantasy (Session Take)
14 Blue Highway (Original Demo)

Two classic TALK TALK albums for the price of one! Released on Capitol and available April 14th, 2011.

It’s My Life
1 Renee
2 Dum Dum Girl
3 Call In The Night Boy
4 Does Caroline Know
5 It’s My Life
6 It’s You
7 Tomorrow Started
8 The Last Time
9 Such A Shame

The Colour Of Spring
1 Happiness Is Easy
2 I Don’t Believe In You
3 Life’s What You Make It
4 April 5th
5 Living In Another World
6 Give It Up
7 Chameleon Day
8 Time It’s Time

In between Electro/EBM, Frankfurt-Techno and belgium based New Beat the first “Noise Control” single “My Fight” was released in early 1989! Composed by no one else then Stephen Westphal (also known as composer for acts such as Beat-a-Max or C.C.C.P.) and produced by Ralf Henrich (Moskwa TV, Robotiko Rejekto, Axodry) the 12? vinyl only release was issued under the famous “Zoth Ommog” flag with legendary catalogue number ZOTH 002! Followed by “Operation S.B.” on “New Zone” recordings, “Tehniska Musika” (Neo Ego) and “Metabloism” (Metmatic) produced by Alfred Gregl, Matthias Wille and Torben Schmidt (Xylon, Aqualite, Omnicron, Lights of Euphoria, Cyclotron etc) the project managed to established itself over a timeframe of almost 10 years! No wonder the original single releases still get high attention whenever sold for extremly big amounts at various online auctions! This 18th (!) part of the classic series is again limited to 1000 units and comes in digital remastered format with three rare bonustracks and 77+ minutes running time! Once more a cult classic! Be fast! Released on Infacted and available April 15th, 2011.

01 My Fight (Noise Mix)
02 My Fight (Control Mix)
03 Operation S.B. (Clock Mix 1)
04 Opertion S.B. (Clock Mix 2)
05 Tehniska Musika
06 Knights on Quest
07 Crust and Peace
08 Resurrection
09 Metabolism
10 Resurrection II
11 Future Vision
12 Dreams
13 My Fight (Edited By Mebo)
14 Tehniska Musika (Seismic Remix)
15 Future Vision (Razormaid Remix)

Their song “Waterproof Theme” was a true successor for Torul (former Torul W.) in the international Electropop/Electroclash/Trance scene! The sIngle (released on the well known Low Spirit label) did reach worldwide attention! Massive radio-airplay and club success was the result! TORUL describe their music as “dark and soulful” which hits the target! Musicwise the band gets close to acts such as SONO, Mesh, Iris or Tiga. We´re pleased to release “Try” pretty soon on Infacted Recordings, a massive Maxi-CD! Torul are not limiting themself to a certain style/sound, they´re club, radio, melancholc and smooth in one covered by the outstanding vocal performance by singer Torul! Released on Infacted and available April 15th, 2011.

01 TRY (Original Mix)
02 TRY (SA-X90 Remix)
03 TRY (Angeltrap Remix)
04 Take Me Home (2011 mix)
05 Waterproof_Theme (Frozen Plasma RMX)
06 Waterproof_Theme (Aqualite Remix)
07 TRY (Try Something Different Remix)
08 TRY (Official Video)

With the twin albums After The Night Falls and Before The Day Breaks released in 2006, Mr. Guthrie and Mr. Budd received acclaim without parallel. However, Bordeaux, recorded in the hazy Summer of 2010 in a studio near Bordeaux, France, has a further degree of elegance, poise and sheer breathtaking romance, which shows these two fine gentlemen at their best. Evident, as one would expect, is a maturity, intensity and depth of character, magnificently understated, which no others in the field can even come close to matching. Its dense richness makes Bordeaux a striking work of ambient impressionism. Quite clearly, Mr. Budd and Mr. Guthrie have created one of the most atmospheric and captivating instrumental performances of our time. Released on Darla and available April 12th, 2011.

1. Gaze
2. Deva C
3. The Names of Those Never Here
4. So Many Short Years Ago
5. The Belles of Saint Andrew
6. Radiant City
7. L’Aventure
8. Smiling Apart
9. Southern Shore

As the second single off their immensely successful new album „Tränenherz“ (#12 in the German Media Control Album Charts), Blutengel have selected one of the most beautiful numbers of the entire record. “Über den Horizont” embeds its enticingly catchy melody in an opulent sound that mingles club-compatible Synth Pop with dark pomp to create a hit song that will leave you breathless. The limited single will be released in a classy Digipak and will contain the title track in three versatile versions (…the amazingly intense piano version revealing an altogether impressive new side of the track) plus two, new tracks, one of them a collaboration with WORT-TON, one of the most promising new dark and lyrical Electro acts. Released on Out of Line and available April 22nd, 2011.

1. Über den Horizont
2. Über den Horizont (Dance Or Die Remix)
3. Where Will You Be?
4. Leere Räume (WORT – TON feat. Blutengel)
5. Über den Horizont (Piano Version)

„We Are The Lost!“ With said battle cry of a song to kick off the new album, the Hamburg-based Dark-Alternative-Metal- sextet, fronted by charismatic singer Chris „The Lord“ Harms, has created a veritable anthem for itself. And what about the often-feared “difficult second album”-syndrome? “Antagony” feels like nothing of the sort. Quite the contrary: everything is bigger, more versatile, catchier and more coherent. The band builds upon the debut album’s foundation stones of Gothic, Metal and electronics, propels this versatile genre-mix to a wholly new level and manages to create a thrilling concept album that embeds the everlasting conflict of the constant lure of the abysses humanity has to face versus the perfidious cleanliness of religious endeavour into an array of smashing tunes. And, don’t you worry: “Antagony” rocks just as massively as its predecessor “Fears!” The irresistible interplay of dark atmosphere, aggressive guitar riff-walls, fat electronics, sex and glamour has turned out significantly more intense, this time around. The advance single “Sex On Legs”, inspired by the sweet sin of a femme fatale, is a perfect example, although it is only a small puzzle piece of the entire epos. Lord Of The Lost: Straight to your heart and straight in your face! Released on Out Of Line and available April 22nd, 2011.

1. Preludium: About Love, Death & The Devil
2. We Are The Lost
3. Sex On Legs
4. Fragmenting Façade
5. Prison
6. Epiphany
7. Love Is Not Enough
8. Antagony (The Truth Is Written Between The Lines)
9. From The Cradle To The Grave
10. Undead Or Alive
11. Son Of The Dawn
12. Inferior
13. Seven Days Of Anavrin
14. Revelation 13:18
15. Reprise: Sober

When formulating his Three Laws of Robotics in 1942, Isaac Asimov would never have reckoned that one day, a pretty girl would of all things get involved with one of these heartless, calculating, programmatic machines he later seminally described in “I, Robot”. Otherwise, he would have put one law far above the other laws that robots are not allowed to hurt humans, have to obey humans as well as have to protect themselves: If a girl and a robot are about to make music together, this relationship is to be supported. The answer to the question of why this law is to be set above all the others has already been given by THE GIRL & THE ROBOT and their extra- ordinary debut “The Beauty of Decay”. The warmth of human emotions, merged with cool, calculating electronics was one of the biggest discoveries in 2010 – and was yet only the beginning. With summer approaching, the fascinating Plastique and her machine man Deadbeat once again rise to the limelight to continue the most unusual relationship in music history. Their brand new EP “Silence/Borderline” once more takes on dazzling journeys through mysterious circuit universes that again and again get melted by Plastique’s alluring voice. The most important interface in the virtual cosmos of the new EP are the two new tracks “Silence” and “Borderline”, both impressively proving how deep the unequal duo dug into their floating Electro worlds and how much they actually learned from each other. Results of this are two both gripping and artful examples of nocturnal electronic music, breaking up the cold sequences in “Silence” with warm, tantalizing synthesizer drops while “Borderline” with its Swedish (!) lyrics is driven through the depths of human emotion by a dark and hypnotizing beat next to Plastique’s bitter, yet passionate vocals. The mixing of human conflicts with the robot’s yearning for exactly these is raised to a new level, putting away with the RÖYKSOPP, COVENANT or KIRLIAN CAMERA comparisons once and for all and displaying a characteristic trademark sound instantly recognizable. Besides these two groundbreaking deepening of the relationship between man and machine, six remixes wait for the Robot disciples, among which the WELLE: ERDBALL interpretation of the debut hit “Another Love” and Fredrik Wiberg’s unbelievably bluesy singer/songwriter version of “Borderline” clearly stand out. Especially this last track proves that Plastique’s vocals also work splendidly in a smoky bar context – but who would have any doubts in this fairy-like being? The video for “Borderline” concludes an EP whose atmospheric depth would even let the tin man from Oz find his heart. Although he would lose it for this enchanting project right again. Released on Trisol and available May 20th, 2011.

01 Silence
02 Borderline
03 Another Love (Robot Girl-C=64 Version – Honey/Welle: Erdball)
04 Never Ever (Remix – File Not Found)
05 Please Stay (Remix – Hertzinfarkt)
06 Prayer (Remix – Brideshead)
07 Silence (Remix – Frederik Wiberg)
08 Borderline (Remix – Brideshead)

ASP – the complete Schwarzer Schmetterling cycle I-V. The ultimate retrospective. We danced, we burned, we bled. For years and years, we witnessed the battle between Asp and the Black Butterfly, gazed from the Dark Tower into the land, descended into the dark depths and felt the horror of the void. We cried, laughed, hoped and despaired, side by side. For twelve years now, we are under the spell of a project that influenced, changed and awakened the German Gothic scene like almost no one before. The records are unheard-of gems, the live concerts intense moments of a close bond between band and audience, the musician’s attitude matchlessly fan-friendly and passionate. The project in question is, how can it be else, ASP, above all proving one thing since 1999: Honesty will pay off. While the fan community eagerly awaits new material by mastermind and vocal wizard Asp in guise of the new album “FREMD (Fremder Zyklus, Teil 1)”, the complete Schwarzer Schmetterling cycle is getting re-released – as an ultimate retrospective in the elaborate shape of an Earbook, again igniting Asp’s fight with the creature within himself.

Even the bare facts sound impressive:
-10 CD’s in the Earbook, way more than 100 tracks (111 to be precise…)!
-The entire Schmetterling cycle on 6 CD’s
-An extensive collection of the related, sold out or rare single on 4 further CD’s
-A 112 pages strong hardcover book (280 x 280 mm)

The book comes with noble art print onto a luxurious, wood-free 150g paper with elaborate thread-stitching Graphics of the complete Schmetterling cycle and accompanying singles – united for the first time in a format worthy these picture realms (280 x 280 mm) A more than worthy monument for the creature that accompanied, hunted and haunted Asp and us all these years. United for the very first time in one collection, we can relive Asp’s discovery of, fight with and triumph over the winged demon, expanded by an impressive total of four albums thronged with rarities, remixes, live tracks, cover versions and rare songs that enrich the fights on the battlefield of his soul for more than one forgotten facet. But even though the era of the Black Butterfly seems to have ended: The fascinating story will never be forgotten, the wounds will never heal completely. If Edgar Allan Poe would have made Rock music, it most probably would have sounded like ASP. Released on Trisol and available May 27th, 2011.

Sonik Foundry is a rapidly emerging EBM group in the vein of Assemblage23, Das Ich, System Syn, and CombiChrist among others. Originally from Jersey, but now based in Maine, Sonik Foundry formed in 2008 after having gained a lifetime of experience in the entertainment arena. With a unique blend of EBM and Industrial sound Sonik Foundry incorporate clean and distorted vocals, as well as harsh synthesizers, and heart penetrating beats. Their live shows literally extend beyond the stage, with “in your face” energy. A live performance bound to get the dance-floor packed! Formed in early 2008, as a side project of Nikademus’s other project, Bow Ever Down, it wasn’t until 2009 that they released their first full length album, Mechanized. Following the positive responses to Mechanized, Sonik Foundry released the EP, The Epiphany, in 2010. Signing with Nilaihah in 2011, the much anticipated Parish of Redemption LP will be released later this spring. Before signing with Nilaihah Records, Sonik Foundry supported several signed national acts including Ego Likeness, I:Scintilla, Terrorfakt, Angels on Acid, Bow Ever Down, Interface, Nachtmahr, Uberbyte, Unter Null and more. Released on Nilaihah and available April 15th, 2011.

01. Severance Pay
02. Pulse of the Deranged
03. Poison
04. Corrode
05. Heart Crusher
06. Darkness Falls
07. Vaporize
08. Waiting
09. Voices
10. Defiance
11. Recluse
12. Destiny
13. The Wakening (Redemption Remix)

Hearing that our 2009 Paris show was to be in small space called Le Klub, I admit being unable to stop a smile spreading across my face. During the soundcheck in another Paris club years earlier, a record label representative was experiencing problems over a guest list at the door. Filled with anger, he burst into the hall ranting and cursing in Parisian pidgeon English….. “THIS KLUB IS FUCKEEENG!” Those words instantly entered Dots-mythology – an utterance used to let off steam in the face of frustration on the road (and always with a French accent). Legendary Pink Dots played a two-night residency at Le Klub, and the utterance was never needed. The first night was an intimate affair, while the second, which drew a weekend crowd, felt like a rock show in a shoebox. It was this second night that was filmed by Johanna Barda and her camera team.

–Edward Ka-Spel.
Coinciding with the Legendary Pink Dots’ 2011 European tour (which includes a night in Paris) comes this live DVD. The performance took place on November 13, 2009, in an intimate Parisian nightclub, with a lineup featuring Edward Ka-Spel, Silverman, Martijn de Kleer and Niels van Hoon. Raymond Steeg worked the soundboard. Released on Soleilmoon and available April 25th, 2011.

Format:Vinyl, Mini-Album, Limited Edition, Green Vinyl. Limited edition of 666 copies, with insert and 6 postcards. Some records do not need an introduction. Some records define a genre and refine a chain of thought. They give you a pat in the back and let you know they’ve been there forever. They let you know you’re right. Music Martinis & Misanthropy came out 21 years ago. There is no need for an age of consent to unwrap all its gifts but it feels damn nice to be 21! This special issue features 2 tracks from the original release, one from the cd reissue and two ALL new exclusive tracks! Pressed in mint green vinyl and limited to 666 numbered copies, housed in a UV spot varnished cover and with six postcards and a lyrics inner sleeve. Available April 30th, 2011.

A1 People
A2 Boyd´s Lovely Christmas
A3 An Eye For An Eye
B1 Happy Anniversary
B2 Boyd´s Secret News

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