Sneak-Thief presents Neuroplayer Recordings


Neuroplayer is a new label dedicated to high-quality electro-funk and analog electronic soundscapes, fortified by the beautiful hand-drawn illustrations of Isabel Albertos Jonhston.

*** NEURO-001 – Sneak-Thief – Mixed Feelings LP ***

MEGAMIX album preview:

Ingredients: A little pain, slight melancholy, measured hope, occasional dismay and copious amounts of elation.

Sneak-Thief’s first long-player, Mixed Feelings, tiptoes across your living room floor and steals the best melodic moments from your record collection and heaves them onto some heavy electro-funk percussion. As his willing accomplice, Lindsay-J wields her professional orchestral and compositional training on two very dark, kinetic electro tracks.

Old-school to the bone, this album was created solely with Sneak-Thief’s very own hand-built analog drum machines, synths, eq’s, mixers and compressors.

DIY for life.

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