RELEASE DATE: 11 November 2015 (New Moon)

Norse EP is the second of three digital EPs by Sieben, which will culminate in a physical, CD release in 2016. Each EP has two new ten-minute tracks. These will form the new Sieben album, The Old Magic.

Norse EP has four tracks, bringing together a new edgier Sieben sound and vocal style: The Old Magic, reveling in the words that the English language gained from Old Norse; Ready For Rebellion, Sieben's most Punk track to date; Loki and Loki Rides Again at their most intimate and expressive.

“I'm loving working in this EP format, and reveling in the luxurious extra space that ten minutes gives you to explore themes and layers within the music; the 'ritual' elements of repetition it brings, and really enjoying exploring these new sonic territories.”
Matt Howden, Oct 2015

1 The Old Magic * 9 mins 26
2 Loki 2015 * 5 mins 28
3 Ready For Rebellion * 8 mins 48
4 Loki Rides Again 2015 * 5 Mins 15


CATALOGUE NUMBER: Redroom Records 015D

CREDITS: Written, performed and produced by Matt Howden, Redroom Studio, Sheffield, England, 2015. Mastered by Dan Worrall. Artwork by Martin F Bedford.

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