Sergio Calderón & Céli Lee release a new instrumental EP album “Iron String”under their own label ENTERTAINING VIOLENCE. The EP has been recorded against a backdrop of creative activities – Céli’s new series of oil paintings and Sergio’s first book of writings. These new works informed the music. ‘Iron String’ is an EP but is also much more, it’s also the documentation of their creative working process during Fall/Winter ’20-’21. ‘Iron String’ comes with a book of artworks and writings by the duo.

‘Iron String’ is inspired by the duo’s favourite music: 1970s UK progressive rock. It’s a varied and personal take. An inspired blending of guitar, percussion, voice and synthesizer, infused with energy.

The process of making the new tracks changed over time as Sergio’s explains. ‘During the past year, before we started this record, we worked within new musical ideas, practicing and developing new compositions. Throughout the recording of ‘Iron String’, each track had its own composition journey, when coming into the recording, we did it very quickly, to keep the spirit fresh and giving space for improvisation and spontaneity, embracing new tunes and elements on the spot’.

Céli says: ‘our practice is informed by the continuation of certain traditions, in art, music, literature and culture, such as epic, progessive rock or classicism. In bringing back the old, renewed, to now’.

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