The Italian band Leda finally returns on the scene, after the debut album “Memorie dal Futuro” (Il Piccio Records, 2019), positively received by both critics and the public. Enrico Vitali (guitars), Serena Abrami (vocals, acoustic guitar, synth), Fabrizio Baioni (drums, electribe), and Giorgio Baioni (bass) have been active for years in different projects and the sound of the band represents the successful convergence of interests and sonic passions of the four members: overdrive, wave, trip rock and alternative, with the effective and very personal emotional juxtaposition of the velvety vocal timbre and the abrasiveness of the sounds.

Robust but expressive guitars and synth carpets are the coordinates of the previous album, which we also find in this new “Marocco Speed”, the first single and precious anticipation of the new album. A toxic story of loss and alienation without redemption, told by lyrics made up of scattered temporal order images, as in a sort of hallucination. The sound is nourished by a continuous tension between smoky sinister atmospheres and bangs of guitars powerful and lysergic at the same time, with the fluid voice of Serena in the foreground.


The video is directed by the visual artist Marco Di Battista and is expected to be released on May 31st, a few days before the song is released on digital platforms. The video follows those of “Ho continuato”, “Pulviscolo”, “Deriva” and “Il Sentiero”, taken from the previous album and thanks to some of which the band was a finalist in the “video clip” category of various international festivals and contests, including the Interrobang Film Festival 2020 in Iowa.

The director takes his cue from the physical concept of the visible spectrum – also mentioned in the lyrics, with other meanings – that part of the electromagnetic spectrum between red and violet that includes all the colors perceivable by the eye and that give life to the phenomenon of light: “I dwelt on the human perception of colors and light. The flames, with different temperatures, range from red to blue until they exit the visible field, becoming smoke. Complementary or opposite colors, when added together, result in achromatic, white light. The refractions and reflections of light that are created on the water drops, when Serena is at the window while it is raining outside”.



Lyrics: Serena Abrami

Music: Leda

Recorded, mixed and produced by Manuele Marani @ Homeless Factory, Montecassiano (Italy) – January, 2021

Master: Giovanni Versari – March, 2021

Video Director: Marco Di Battista

Photos: Giulio Contigiani

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