Hailing from the mean streets of The Bronx, 00tz 00tz (written with zeros and pronounced as the driving electronic beat from which their music was born) is an electro project that initially formed in late 2008 by then sole member, Nicky Phoenix. Soon, with the addition of vocalist/writer Krysta Veronica Button, the music took on a new dimension. Soon 00tz 00tz found themselves releasing their full length debut, “Death By Numbers”, in late August of 2009. Describing their music as “harsh pounding beats, flashy melodic synths, and distorted thought provoking vocals” 00tz 00tz soon made a name for themselves in the electronic underworld. 00tz 00tz quickly followed up their debut with their sophomore release “Frequency Damage” in October 2010, and a remix EP, “Frequency Repaired”, soon followed in February 2011 with several remixes, including remixes by Assemblage 23 and Aesthetic Perfection. Now, in early 2012, 00tz 00tz find themselves aligning with Nilaihah Records to bring forth their fourth musical incarnation, Alter Eden, upon the worldwide dance floor. Alter Eden is an uncompromising statement in current electronic and industrial music trends. While containing an overtly dark vibe throughout, 00tz 00tz hasn’t forgotten what makes their music click with audiences. “To us, the energy provided by a crowded dance floor is incomparable to any other feeling on earth. We unceasingly kept that feeling in mind every day we spent recording in the studio.” Brace yourself for the dark, dynamic, sexy and driving force 00tz 00tz is today. And, make sure to look for 00tz 00tz on a dance floor near you as they assemble a string of live dates in promotion of Alter Eden throughout the upcoming year and beyond.

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