Young Alaska by Christian Löffler

Just before the arrival of summer this year, Christian Löffler releases his next musical statement and autobiographical journey named “Young Alaska”.

The German producer unveils his unique soundscapes by delivering eight tracks which are deeply rooted, once again, in harmony and emotion. He sticks to his calm approach to electronic music and proves, through his live-sets, that emotions control the dance floor, creating a real sense of euphoria. During the course of “Young Alaska”, he tells the story of his journey over the course of the past two years.



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Christian Löffler – Young Alaska

Bleep states:

"…Young Alaska is arguably his finest work to date, distilling a stirring, mood-rich take on techno, ghostly vocals and crackling, delicate beats pulled onto dance floor templates. 'Notes' revolves around mournfully fluttering vocals and crisp but light percussion, building a soulful odyssey that, while it pulsates with the steady thump of club music, is far more geared towards the heart and head. The gritty strings and pinging synths that carry the opening title track are hypnotising, while the spiralling electronics of 'Mt. Grace', underpinned by sighing voices, is strangely moving. 'Beirut' is probably the album's most club-focused moment, glimmering pads creating a tightly wound atmosphere. The lulling piano chords of 'All Comes' provide further ambivalent, electronic emotion. All in all, it's an unusual but moving album, techno tropes used to create dark but soulful music."



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After his debut at Boiler Room Berlin two years ago, Christian was invited to come play again together with Max Cooper, David August, Hrdvsion and Oskar Offermann plus Edward on April 9th.

If you missed this show, it is now online over at


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photograph taken by Matthias Heiderich

The College Media Journal (CMJ) is hosting two songs from Young Alaska at the moment. "Mt. Grace" is featured in their monthly mixtape (April) that you can access in their mixtape section and "Veiled Grey", that you can directly pick-up here:



Podcast for

1. Son Lux – Pyre

2. Recondite – The Fade
3. DJ Koze – Nices Wölkchen (Robag's Bronky Frumu Rehand)
4. Dave DK – Woolloomooloo
5. Maher Daniel – Farewell At The Gates Of Dawn 6. Kiasmos – Looped
6. Gardens Of God – Apnea

7. Christian Löffler – Mt. Grace
8. Warpaint – Drive
9. Daughter – Love (Synkro Edit)




25 Apr. Bielefeld (GER), Nr. z. P.

11 May. Wachtendonk (GER), Blaue Lagune Open Air

23 May. Cologne (GER), Electronic Beats Festival

07 Jun. Cologne (GER), Heinz Gaul

14 Jun. Berlin (GER), Humboldthain

Christian Löffler

03 May. Basel (CH), Jägerhalle

09 May. Hamburg (GER), Nochtwache

01 Jun. Leipzig (GER), Täubchenthal

07 Jun. Cologne (GER), Heinz Gaul

14 Jun. Schwindegg (GER), Club Caliente

Daisuke Tanabe

29 Apr. Tokyo (JAP), SuperDeluxe [as Kidsuke]

Hiroaki OBA

25 Apr. Tokyo (JAP), Oath

29 Apr. Tokyo (JAP), Rainbow Disco Club

Marius Sahdeeq

16 May. Cologne (GER), Roxy




Christian Löffler – Young Alaska (12" + 7" Vinyl and DL-Code)


Colo – UR [12" Vinyl]


Christian Löffler – All Comes / Notes [7" Vinyl]


Colo – Holidays [7" Vinyl]

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