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Haujobb: Dead Market

*Haujobb: Dead Market [TA055]*

With 8 outstanding tracks in all, ‘Dead Market‘ interjects a new volume in the *Haujobb * legacy, resiliently cohesive to their signature sound, yet gazing well beyond the future of their dark, beat-driven and complex brand of electronic music.

‘Dead Market‘ features 2 new tracks by *Haujobb* plus outstanding remixes by *The Horrorist, Exes, Nomenklatür, Paul Kendall (Nitzer Ebb, Recoil, Depeche Mode producer), and Absolute Body Control*.

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Ex_Tension: Desert

*Ex_Tension: Desert [TA057]*

Tympanik Audio and *Ex_Tension * invite you to revisit the ‘*Desert *‘ EP, fully remastered including 2 unreleased bonus tracks and a stunning remix collaboration of the original “Desert” track by *Access To Arasaka, Totakeke, Zentriert ins Antlitz, Geomatic*, and *Sonic Area*.

With a nostalgic grip on early rhythmic Industrial styles, *Ex_Tension*injects a modern and mesmerizing complexity into their sound that seems to perfectly harness the adrenaline and cerebral contrast that continues to captivate their listeners.

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Normotone: Inward Structures

*Normotone: Inward Structures [TA058]*

Formally of *Axonal Warfare* and *Neon Cage Experiment* and remix credits including *HIV+, Ex_Tension, Necrotek, Babylone Chaos*, and most recently * Architect*, *Normotone * now joins the Tympanik Audio family to present his debut album ‘*Inward Structures *‘.

Each track featured on ‘*Inward Structures*‘ has its own story, while remaining an integral part of a cohesive album. Under the predominantly raw layers of cold electronica, heavy basslines, and glitchy rhythms, listeners can identify classic industrial influences ranging from, but not limited to cold wave, folk, rhythmic noise, and contemporary dark ambient music with a sonic edge. A collaborative effort among well-renowned artists including *KL (Stigma, Neon Cage Experiment, KL)*, *Neon Rain, One Droid And Its Man, Punish Yourself, Polygon*, and more, results in a polymorphic effect of sorts.

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Erode: Horizon

*Erode: Horizon [TA059]*

Originating as guitarist for the popular German metal band *Heaven Shall Burn*, Alexander Dietz now protrudes from the opposite side of the music continuum to bring Tympanik Audio listeners his debut electronic album ‘* Horizon *‘ under his pseudonym *Erode *.

Contrasting from one end of the music spectrum to the other, Alexander creates a vast and truly massive collection of electronic works with respectful nods to such artists as *Beefcake, Access To Arasaka*, and * Gridlock*. Here is the epicenter of Dietz’s vast inspirations, morphing into many forms, with a frayed tether of influences whipping and pulsing with stark realization.

Recorded and produced by Alexander Dietz with addition production by Mike Cadoo (*Bitcrush, Dryft, Gridlock, n5MD*) and mesmerizing artwork by Colin Marks (Rain Song Design).

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Emerging Organisms vol. 4

*V/A: Emerging Organisms vol. 4 [TA056]*

At long last, volume 4 of our critically-acclaimed compilation series is almost here feat. new and exclusive tracks by: *Hecq, Bola, Architect, Anklebiter, Diaphane, Northcape, Access To Arasaka,, Frank Riggio, Flaque, C.H. District, Mobthrow, To Travel Without Any Certain Destination, SE, Displacer, Port-Royal, Stendeck, Matta, Dryft, Kilowatts, Ocoeur, Tapage, Nebulo, Keef Baker, Logical Disorder, Miroslav, Boy Is Fiction, Subheim*, and *Erode*.

29 tracks, over 140 minutes of music on 2 compact discs. Available August 9th, 2011.

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– *Known Rebel*: Hollow – *Tapage*: Overgrown – *Integral*: The Past Is My Shadow – *Access To Arasaka*: Geosynchron

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