attrition - narcissist
A T T R I T I O N : Narcissist
Release date: March 1st 2013
A Two Gods Production. 2GODSEP
ATTRITION – Narcissist – a digital 3 track ep…
With the album version of the song from the upcoming album The Unraveller of Angels,
and 2 remixes from Angst Pop (featuring Technomancer) and Vi Rez….
Cover photo of Jezebel by Holger Karas.
OUT NOW and available free for one month until march 31st 2013 only from our bandcamp store……
listen and take from here…
and look forward to a promo video for this song very soon…
The Unraveller of Angels…
the unraveller/karma mechanic/narcissist/one horse rider/histrionic/snakepit/suicide engineer/the causal agent/hollow latitudes/the internal narrator
The long awaited all new album from ATTRITION will be released in April on Vinyl and 2 seperate CD editions…
its a new direction for us…with many special guests, Mona Mur, Matt Howden, Ian Arkley, Jyri Glynn, Erica Unwoman and Tylean amongst them….
attrition greece 2013”>
ATTRITION on tour 2013
The Unraveller of Angels tour starts in April and will take in 4 continents…
We are excited to announce these dates so far..
April 20th : Death Disco, Ogigou 16, Psirri, Athens, Greece
May 4th : Reproduktion 13 festival. Roundhouse, Camden, London, England.
with Naked Lunch, John Costello, CWNN, MIld Peril
May 16th – 21st : Canada…Peterborough/Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal
with Scene Noir
June 19th – 26th…New Zealand…2 shows tbc
September…West coast USA – LA/SF/Portland/Seattle and more tbc
September 28th : Dresden, Germany details tba
October 12th : Santiago, Chile…details tba
November : Szczecin, Poland tbc
many more incoming… UK/Norway/Sweden/France…
do let us know if you can help promote in any way and we will hook you up with art and music
and check our official website for updates…
the cage studios
The Cage: audio production and mastering studios
Celebrating 20 years since its inception, Martin’s work at the Cage studios is going from strength to strength…
Producing for My Silent Wake, Acclimate, Tyler Milchmann,  Scene Noir, 3 Cold Men, Strange Walls, Contaminated Intelligence and more
….remixes for Mona Mur/En Esch, Black tape for a Blue girl, Fernthal, The Damage Manual, The Hiram Key, Implant, Stromkern, In the Nursery and more…
mastering for Psychic TV, Ed Ka-spel, Merzbow, Steven Severin, Anni Hogan with Nick Cave and Marc Almond, Parade Ground, Sleep Research Facility, Schloss Tegal, Ten Horned Beast, Melonta Tauta, Sol Invictus, My Silent Wake, Stress, 3 Cold Men, Hirsute Pursuit and many more…
if you are looking for quality affordable mastering or song production, mixing or remixing for your own projects,
and thanks to file transfers, wherever you are in the world – then do get in touch….
and finally…
My good friend Daniel Gouyette is coming here from Paris in March to film a video for the song One horse rider…
and start on the first ever ATTRITION documentary….
Until next time…..
Martin Bowes. Coventry. England
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