Fredrik Croona
probably mostly known for being the front man and vocalist of dark
electro/industrial bands “Menschdefekt” ex“Project
Rotten” and “Cynical Existence”.

Will unleash
his second solo album called “Welcome Home”, on Advoxya Records
May 30th.

Welcome Home is a 12 track album which is a
mixture of futurepop and hints of trance and dark
Combining catchy melodies with trancy arpeggios and
clean vocals, and sometimes a few harsh ones to fill in the

The album also features two guest vocalists from
the bands Controlled Collapse and also konclever.

There will be
a limited edition of the album with a second cd
called “Början på slutet” which is a very harsh
song in Swedish. The second cd will also feature collaborations
with Stahlnebel and Black Selket and remixes by Pre Emptive Strike 0.1
and Totem Obscura vs Acylum.

Welcome Home is a very
personal experince and all songs are written about thoughts and
mindsets that Fredrik has had. It begins a bit slow and ends in
a hellish ride.

If you have to compare to other bands , the
style would mix a bit of VNV Nation,Assemblage 23 and other
bands amongst the genre of futurepop/electro.

Links to the
facebook page and a teaser to the soundcloud can be found


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