Just released for 2016 worldwide on Baffy Incorporated London Company.

Available on all good digital stores.

Every once in a while something strange comes along. This time it's

London based Baffy releasing their debut 'Baffy's Revenge' on their

label Baffy Incorporated London.

Baffy's Revenge starts with the song 'Got a rot' which sounds like bad

post punk with death metal growls, the lyrics are supposedly about a

rotting cock.

The next song 'Banging in my room' sounds like unprofessional pop punk

but sloppily played without a drummer.

'Snitch' is where things get a little more interesting, the song

sounds like fuzzy 70s rock, but again with questionable vocals. Are

they serious? But the guitar solos are certainly entertaining and the

overall crunch of the song is satisfying to the rock ear. The

sincerity of the lyric "You snitch" is remarkable and this is what

gives Baffy it's cutting edge.

'Yabazee' is a bizarre tale of a man who yabbers and the lyric

"Spewing forth an oral poo" is something we can all relate to however

'Strange guitarist' is just a short song with a silly vocal part and

whirring guitars.

Next up is "Baffy's theme" the theme tune to the album with a

perfectly terrible intro and simple repeated riff. The saxophone

sounds like it's gone off on this track. Stinky.

Then it all ends with "Sexless Child" and "Chainsaw" which both sound

horrible but have a few charming moments of organ, saxophone and

guitar soloing that push this release as far as it can go before

literally exploding out of your laptop, or whatever device one may


The cover art is a Baffy. A Baffy is a Baffing Spoon – a seldom used

golf club. This is somewhat unexplained but I'm thankful for the

printed lyrics. Si, Rich and Tom must sure be proud of what they have

achieved with this stunning release.

Listen Here : – http://baffy.bandcamp.com/album/baffys-revenge

Also, in the amazon –



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