OSLO, Norway – “Vardøger,” the short film set to Mortiis’ “Geisteskrank,” will be made available as a free download beginning October 1 via www.mortiis.com http://t.ymlp226.net/mhqapabhhbataemyafaumews/click.php.

The film, directed by noted Norwegian “shock” filmmaker Reinert Kiil is a mind-blowing visual to accompany Mortiis’ track, recorded during the same sessions that yielded Mortiis’ latest work, “The Great Deceiver.”

“There’s this (un)quiet desperation in the mini that Reinert created,” Mortiis said. “Something disgusting and forbidden – his personal demons, apparently. I can relate to that, the grit and the decadence. It was a huge part of my life for a long time, as well…that collection of demons and the various ways in which they manifest themselves. With me it was music and lyrics, with Reinert it’s the visual.”

The film debuted at the BUT film festival in Breda, The Netherlands, on September 8 along Kiil’sfull-length films, “Hora” and “Inside the Whore.”

Kiil began toying around with filmmaking as an adolescent. The director has now gained notoriety as Norway’s only Grindhouse filmmaker.Kiil’s work with Mortiis is his first musical collaboration. Both parties were intrigued by the idea of delving into the other’s artform, but both were waiting to find that kindred soul to capture a shared essence. Mortiis and Kiil found that in each other.

“The music is sonically fused with a glimpse of his soul – or crazed mind or whatever it might be – and it is complete, a sordid success,” Mortiis said. “The result is sleazy, strange, disturbing, and extremely violent.”

The download will be available for free for one month only.

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