​ARTIST: Mikkel Meyer

TITLE: “Jolly EP”

FORMAT: 12″ EP/Digital

RELEASE DATE: 28th of April, 2014.

“Jolly” is Mikkel Meyers fourth release, and his first release on Rump. 

The title refers to a Danish cola brand, which had it’s heydays in the late ’80’s, and was famous for glossy feel-good ads picturing happy & hip young people having fun at the beach.

Like today the ’80’s was similarly a time of financial crises and unemployment but instead of focusing on the crisis Meyer has chosen to escape or rather return to the happy and carefree summer nights of his innocent youth spent at illegal raves. 

So in a sense Mikkel Meyer chooses the same escape route from reality on this new EP as the Jolly ads did, presenting 4 tracks stuffed with a modern flashback to Acid-tracks from the Jolly-decade.

Mikkel Meyer explains:

“I’ve had a hidden dream of doing acid, which suddenly came through in the middle of listening to Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s guitarpicking. I went to the studio and transcribed some of these guitar arpeggios to patterns on a 303, and realised that this was something I wanted to work with.” 

The result is newfound melodies combined with the low-key use of vocals, which gives “Jolly” a very personal, outward and nostalgic fingerprint, inviting you to dance and reflect. 

Tracks from the EP have already caused attention and plays on: BBC RADIO 6, DUBMISSION ON WYEP 91.3, THE BASIC SOUL SHOW, MUSHPOST RADIO ON SUB.FM & DANISH RADIO’S P6.

Mikkel Meyer is currently touring with Rumpistol & Unkwon and the KUBE A/V SHOW. 

More Information: http://www.rump-recordings.dk/releases/30


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