This limited release represents a true gem for all Merzbow fans. The tracks included on this lush 180 gram vinyl will take listeners by surprise, showcasing a new and eclectic side of sound artist Masami Akita. Tamayodo in fact presents us with unreleased works rife with unheard of rhythmic noise, power electronics and piercing feedback in a monolithic wall of sound born of this Japanese artist’s strange machines. No true fan of Merzbow, pure electronics or atonal noise will want to miss this gift to bestow upon our hifi sound systems and rested ears. 45 minutes of pure Merzbow.


Side A


Side B



Limited Picture Disc Vinyl  180 gram (299 copies) + Insert

Last copies!!! 25 EURO

The Curse of Marie Antoinette is a concept album created exclusivelyfor this picture disc release limited to 299 copies. 

It’s unique atmosphere runs like a thread from the title track piano lullaby graced by Edwards melancholic voice to the repeating bassline and psychedelia of “Hallucination 33″, arriving then at the transformations of Side B’s lysergic tones and disturbing offerings like “Ballerina on a Rice Paper Leaf” and “Ghost of a Summer to Come”… 45 minutes of storytelling touching on reincarnation, other worldly dimensions, romance and fear to be enjoyed by candle light.

 A collector’s jewel not to be missed by lovers of the cosmic music that The Legendary Pink Dots so aptly create.

“A reincarnated witch who claims one unwary soul and traps him in another dimension.” – Edward Kaspel


1 The Curse of Marie Antoinette
2 Something's Burning
3 Hallucination 33
4 Catwalk
5 Ballerina on a Rice PaperLeaf
6 Ghost of a Summer to Come




Lydia Lunch is an American singer, poet, writer, and actresswhose career was spawned by the New York No Wave scene The Boston Phoenix named Lunch “one of the 10 most influential performers of the 1990s.

Her work typically features provocative and confrontational noise music delivery and has maintained an anti-commercial ethicoperating independently of major labels and distributors.

Lunch moved to New York City from Rochester at the age of 16 in 1976 with what she described having nothing but “a small red suitcase, a winter coat, and a big fucking attitude. Lunch moved into a communal household of artists and musicians in NYC. SoonWilly DeVille gave her the name “Lunch” because she often stole lunches from The Dead Boys.[10] After befriending Alan Vega andMartin Rev at Max’s Kansas City, she founded the short-lived but influential No Wave band Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, with James Chance

Both Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and The Contortions, Chance’s subsequent band, played on the No Wave compilationNo New York, produced by Brian Eno. Lunch later appeared on two songs on James White and the Blacks album, Off-White.

She appeared in two films by directors Scott B and Beth B. In the Black Box (1978) she played a dominatrix, and in Vortex (1983) she played a private detective named Angel Powers. During this time, she also appeared in a number of films by Vivienne Dick, includingShe Had Her Gun All Ready (1978) and Beauty Becomes The Beast (1979), co-starring with Pat Place.

In the mid-1980s she formed her own recording and publishing company called “Widowspeak” on which she continues to release her own material, from music to spoken word.

Lunch’s solo career featured collaborations with musicians such as J. G. Thirlwell, Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, Nick Cave, Marc Almond, Billy Ver Planck, Steven Severin, Robert Quine, Sadie Mae, Rowland S. Howard, Michael Gira, The Birthday Party, Einstürzende Neubauten, Sonic Youth, Oxbow, Die Haut, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Black Sun Productions, and French band Sibyl Vane, who put one of her poems to music. She also wrote, directed and acted in underground films, sometimes collaborating with underground filmmaker and photographer Richard Kern and more recently has recorded and performed as a spoken word artist, again collaborating with such artists as Exene Cervenka, Henry Rollins, Juan Azulay, Don Bajema, Hubert Selby Jr., and Emilio Cubeiro, as well as hosting spoken-word performance night The Unhappy Hour at the Parlour Club. Additionally, she has authored both traditional books and comix (with award-winning graphic novel artist Ted McKeever).

Lunch released her studio album Smoke in the Shadows in November 2004 through Atavistic Records and Breakin Beats after a six-year break from music. Nels Cline, the lead guitarist of alternative rock band Wilco, was featured on the album. Smoke in the Shadows was met with positive reviews by Allmusic, PopMatters, and Tiny Mix Tapes.

In 2007, Lunch appeared on a viral video that was recorded backstage after a Joe Rogan comedy show, in which she confronted Joe Rogan for making jokes about “dumb women” in his comedy act.

In 2009, Lunch formed the band Big Sexy Noise. The group features Lunch on vocals, James Johnston (guitars), Terry Edwards (organ, saxophone and guitar) and Ian White (drums). Johnston and Edwards were previously members of the band Gallon Drunk).  A six-track eponymous EP was released on June 1, 2009 through Sartorial Records. The EP included a cover of Lou Reed’s song “Kill Your Sons” and “The Gospel Singer”, a song co-written with Kim Gordon. In 2010 she released, with Big Sexy Noise, their first album. In 2011, they released Trust The Witch, her second album with Big Sexy Noise. For both albums, Lunch and her band have made concert tours around the world.

In 2010, The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project launched We Are Only Riders, the first of a series of three albums featuring Pierce’s previously-unreleased works-in-progress. The album features interpretations of Pierce’s work by friends, collaborators and acolytes, including Lunch. Lunch also contributed to the second album from the project (The Journey is Long, released in April 2012)  and will appear on the project’s third and final album, The Task Has Overwhelmed Us (due for release in late 2012).

In 2011, Lunch appeared in Mutantes: punk, porn, feminism, a film directed by Virginie Despentes, also featuring Annie Sprinkle and Catherine Breillat.

In 2013 lydia signed the contract with Rustblade Label


Spiritual Front is a five-part neofolk act from Rome. Its members describe their music as “nihilist suicide pop”,[1] although elements of neoclassical and rock music, melancholic folk, as well as tango are prevalent, along with a recurring experimental feel.

The group’s work has been described as crossing a wide variety of genres and musical styles or traditions, and the band itself is considered highly unique among the modern neofolk and post-industrial scenes in Europe. The ingenuity and constructiveness of Spiritual Front’s songs have gained them somewhat of a cult following since their formation in the late 1990s.

The band originated in 1999 as a project fronted by Simone “Hellvis” Salvatori, a guitarist and singer from Italy. They have since worked extensively —both solo and with several other neofolk projects— on their musical output. The group has performed subsequent tours throughout Europe.

Spiritual Front’s so-called “Mafia-Folk” has been in release since 1999, in which time Simone Salvatori, the lyricist and conceptualist behind the band, has been known to create a unique feel within their traditionally folk style. Their most noticeable recurring output is Simone’s charismatic playing of the acoustic guitar,[2] along with martial drum beats characteristic of the neofolk genre, art rock and new wave influences and heavily decadent musical styles. Slow, dissonant and often melancholic vocals are often contrasted with cabaret-like, somewhat comedic pieces reminiscent of swing revival and neotango sound, bringing on a vast dichotomy in the musical output of the band. Emotional piano chords are also frequently featured, with occasional violin playing and solos as well as the utilization of a number of different instruments including synthesizers, lutes and pipe organs.

Over time the group’s style has constantly and quickly changed: beginning with the dark ballads of the earliest years after their formation (as is present in such works as Song for the Will and Nihilist Cocktails for Calypso Inferno), through the more refined sentimental dark folk with the E.P. Satyriasis until their latest records such as Armageddon Gigolo and Rotten Roma Casino where classical folk and tango influences are evident. (Members of the Ennio Morricone orchestra were involved.)

In 2013 A new Concept Album Called Black Hearts in Black Suits with Arragement and Composition by Stefano Puri (look His Artist Page) come Out On Rustblade



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