Mark Lane "Who's Really Listening?" Extended C-60 Cassette in 7" Box
Idiosyncratics  Catalog number: I-15-106
One time printing of 200 artist hand numbered copies. 


-Beautifully printed 7" Box top and bottom.
-Tray card cassette holder and companion acetate insert.
-Two sided card stock credits insert.
-Imprinted C-60 cassette (chrome hi-bias tape) with 5 original songs and 10 bonus tracks.
-Collectors button
-4"x4" UV Sticker
-Archival plastic sleeve with decal.

 Track list: 
Side 1: "Tsar" (6:05), "Who's Really Listening? (4:31), "Sojourn" (6:42), "Das Nicht" (4:12), "White Glove" (3:32), "The Lights of March" (4:10)

Other Side: "The Poison For Me" (3:47), "When  the Candle Burns Tonight" (3:21), "3rd" Party" (3:56), "Quest" (3:04), "Exit" (live) (3:18), America's List (3:16), "All of My Dreams" (1:22), "Pleasure Heist" (2:42), "Il Pleut a Bruxelles" (3:20)
1 copy of Mark Lane "Who's Really Listening? Extended C-60 in 7" Box              @ wholesale $25.00
Postage (first class to Germany)                                                                                                   $16.00
Total                                                                                                                                               $41.00
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