The Joy of Nature – the musical project by Luís Couto from the Azores – just released on April 2012 the new album – “My Work Was Not Yet Done” – through Ship of Fools Records.

Created in 1999 as The Joy of Nature and Discipline”, and reduced to “The Joy of Nature” in 2006, following a change in its sound – more organic and acoustic.

Since 2006 The Joy of Nature has released albums and singles on CD and vinyl by labels such as Ahnstern/Steinklang, Rage In Eden and Little Somebody Records.

The Joy of Nature’s music absorves elements from folk, ambient, indie rock, post rock and even classical music to forge its own parallel world.

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Less dark than the albums from “The Empty Circle” trilogy, “My Work Was Not Yet Done” comes from the experience, and not only the concept, of how life is a dream within a dream, how everything flows and passes away. It started just after “a evasão das fadas” and counted with the collaborations of Rui Almeida (Massa Última, both in music and graphic design), GrMateo (Igniis, who previously collaborated on “a evasão das fadas”), Mara Neves (that also sang “Tanchão”), Helena Ferreira and Ricardo Farias.

Three videoclips from “My Work Was Not Yet Done” are available on youtube. The links are:

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For now, the album can be acquired at:

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