LITTLE SAP DUNGEON – “SEVEN TRUMPETS OF DEATH” Available October 1st (CD format only) via Dungeon Recordings (USA) & Abandonment (Europe)

It’s been years since Little Sap Dungeon has produced a full length album. The time has finally arrived with a sharp delivery of Apocalyptic Industrial. Themes delve mainly into political and religious aspects that are foreseen as the final countdown to the existence of humanity (both physical and spiritual). The music hits very hard in places with heavy abrasiveness on high distortion then slows to a decaying atmosphere of doom that will pull the listener into a submissive state of helplessness. This album isn’t just an album…. It’s a soundtrack for a world that will face extinction should the masses continue to be so easily misled, succumbing to ignorance and greed. A lot of material is covered throughout the album especially with all the media samples to direct the listener in the meaning of certain compositions. Secret Societies, protesting, social and spiritual ignorance, power through media, power through God, true leaders, Tyrants, natural disasters, panic, etc. ….. Listening to the album from start to finish will definitely make you question your role play in the world and if you were born to make roads or follow paths. Little Sap Dungeon brings thought to the table of the Industrial world with this album. No gimmicks, no club hits, no two tracks sound the same. With this album they prove why it’s just as important to actually listen to the message in a track rather than dance mindlessly to it.

Dungeon Recordings – Abandonment Label –

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