Portland-based Dominican singer-songwriter Pierre Carbuccia’s sonic device Juracán has released a new track, “You Said, Lecciones.” The song is an escape from the guitar-driven route of the previous full-lengths. Sustaining the familiar dreamy ambiances, this song tracks down an alternative R&B direction while transmitting delicate and calm electronic beats.

Pierre comments:

“‘You Said, Lecciones’ is a song about hurt, realizations, and learning. It’s about seeing someone for the first time without justifying their actions, and about pushing aside unhealthy people and dynamics to make space for growth.”

“I'm very excited to share my voice and a new approach to music. I hope you all enjoy these upcoming singles!”

The track is now available on all major DSPs.

Stream/Download “You Said, Lecciones” AT THIS LOCATION.

Juracán is the musical brainchild of Pierre Carbuccia, a self-taught artist from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, who has taught himself multiple instruments, songwriting, singing, production, mixing, and performing live since his teenage years. Raised on bolero, merengue, bachata, salsa, Latin pop, reggaetón, and other genres his parents and Dominican community cherish, Pierre eventually delved into post-rock, math rock, progressive rock, metal, sludge, soundtrack, ambient, R&B, jazz, improv, and pop music during his teenage years. His most important project as a songwriter in the DR was Vohké, a band he started with friends. After moving to Portland in 2014, he played bass for post-metal act Sól’s record Upheaval as well as blackened sludge/post-metal group Flood Peak’s both albums.

Since 2016, Pierre has focused on exploring and creating his own sonic world under Juracán. The focus of Juracán’s initial singles was all play and improvisation. The full-lengths Niño and Jarineo are more about creating a story and a sonic world that feels cohesive. A regular performer in Oregon areas, Pierre played various gigs and venues under Juracán, including Ambient Nights in 2019, organized by the NW Post Rock Collective. In addition, Portland-based Mexican filmmaker and artist Rubén García Marrufo collaborated with Juracán for a performance called “Nacer,” supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Art, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, and Regional Arts & Culture Council.

The most dramatic shift in Pierre’s songwriting and exploration will be reflected in a couple of singles he plans to release in 2021. Incorporating a more confident and clear singing approach, lavish voice layering technique, and multiple styles blending, these songs are likely to whet the appetite of broader audiences. “You Said, Lecciones” is the first single of the series. Thematically, the track talks about hurt, introspection, realizations, learning, and growth.

“You Said, Lecciones” arrived digitally on August 13, 2021.


Written and performed by Pierre Carbuccia Abbott.

Produced and mixed by Eric Leavell.

Mastered by Amy Dragon.

Cover Art by Mia Rincón.

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