July 3, 2019 – Electronic
act, THE BRUTE: is very pleased to announce the reclease of their new
"Lonesome Hero"/"And I Want You" and their new video for "Lonesome

For fans of David Bowie, Depeche Mode &

Check out the video for "Lonesome Hero"

The double single "Lonesome
Hero / And I Want You…“ is the debut of the group. The two songs
contain echoes of classic electronic bands but given a more modern
touch made for a mainstream audience. Both songs come along with a mix
of driving bass lines, atmospheric vocals and lyrics that gain
meanings with each listen.

"And I Want You" was a kind
of a thank-you to a muse that brought me back to life after a long and
dark period. She brought me back to make music again."

meaning of "Lonesome Hero" is ironic. Many of us take ourselves too
seriously or feel we are too important. Politicians, managers and
sometimes your friends and even you put yourself into the center of
the universe. In fact, we all have our package. Wall are the hero in
our life and fight to survive every day, the tip girl at the diner
next corner as well as the millionaire who fights to get paid his
staff each month. We all are lonesome heroes."

– Daniel


The Brute : is an Electronica music
group out of Switzerland and Germany and combines progressive
electronic sound with haunting vocals and a melange of synthpop, blues
and rock influences.

Daniel Gierke, mastermind of the project,
has been writing songs for many years. At the beginning of 2018, the
idea arose to steer his musical ambitions into a new direction. The
Brute: was born and in May 2018 the video "And I Want You…“ was
released on YouTube. The positive response of the audience and friends
encouraged The Brute: to continue working on new material.

The Brute: are in the studio right now for the upcoming debut
album, which should be released in autumn

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