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THE THIRD INCARNATION OF RIGHT NOW MUSIC WITH A SPECIAL SENSATION FEATURING MUSIC OF Steve Reich, Michael Gordon, Terry RileyTom Chiu, Philip Glassand an asian premiere performance of a new work by Mathew Rosenblum with Two stars of the Contemporary Music Scene: Mantra Percussion 

and FLUX Quartet.

with Appearances by Kho Sang Ji Trio and 

Sung Rak Shim plus Sung Rak Shim with Sang Ji Ko 

Please note, clicking an artist's pic will take you to facebook and websites, some will be exclusively in Korean.

"BYUNG KI HWANG, one of the foremost interpreters of the kayagum, a 12-stringed Korean zither with strings made of twisted silk fiber, is the first composer to have written ''modern'' music on an instrument that dates back some 1,400 years. And on Sunday afternoon at Carnegie Recital Hall, Mr. Hwang, accompanied by Sang Won Park on the changgu (an hourglass drum), performed a program that contrasted his own original descriptive pieces with formal traditional kayagum music…''Forest'' had the tunefulness of an attenuated Irish hornpipe played on an acoustic guitar. ''The Silk Road,'' which contained the program's most variable textures, musically illustrated the concept of translucency with finely spun webs of sound created by extremely delicate strummings on the upper neck of the instrument." The New York Times

Award Winning Pianist Jong-Hwa Park performs Music of Steve Reich and Terry Riley.

Jong Hwa Park is a concert pianist and a professor. Born in Korea, Park showed talent in both the piano and in academics at an early age.

Park achieved many accolades throughout his career. Park received first prizes at national competitions in Japan, Korea and the US. Internationally, Park is a recipient of a number of awards including the Queen Elizabeth International Piano Competition in 1995, where he received a Critic's Prize; the Santander International Piano Competition in 1998, where he was awarded Second Prize and the Public Prize; and the Rubinstein International Competition in Tel Aviv, where he was awarded a special prize. Park is also a laureate of the Ferrucio Busoni International Piano Competition.

Kyungso Park, Ga-ya Gum

One of the young stars of this ancient instrument, she brings a new approach to composing and playing. She is eclectic, modern and adventurous, while maintaining a deep respect to the ancient art of the instrument. 

Sang Ji, Kho, Badoneon

Sung Rak, Shim, Accordion

Both artists will play separately and together.

Please note" All artists pics are linked to websites with complete information. Some of the webpages are in Korean only. 

Senior Curator: Inhyun Kim

Assistant Curator: Peter Robles

E to M Music & Art LTD.

Serious Music Media | | news@seriousmusicmedia.com |

90th East

New York, NY 10128


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