Strands, the debut album by Hyunhye, or Angela Seo, best recognised for her work with Xiu Xiu, is out today on Room40.

Ahead of the release she has shared the video for “Strands II” directed by herself. You can watch the video HERE:

For her first solo edition Hyunhye Seo cuts a path into esoteric electro-acoustics and ecstatic piano. Exploding her song writing sensibilities outward, Seo casts a looming sonic shadow, rippling with waves of percussive intensity.

Strands catalogs her deep interest in percussion, noise electronics and piano. Each side of the work focuses on one set of these interests. Strands I merges reductive electronics with a deeply restrained exploration of gong and percussion; the results manifest as some kind of unsteady meditation in time. Strands II by contrast is dynamic and free, a cascade of intense piano work that breaks away with a sense of abandon. Strands is marked by two works that diverge outward, but with equally weighted trajectories.



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