Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Pierre Carbuccia’s brainchild Juracán has released the sophomore album, Jarineo, on July 31st via Anima Recordings. This ambient/indie-folk album represents the adjustment, change, awareness, and growth that Pierre has experienced over the years as an individual, as a musician, and as a newcomer after moving to Portland from Santo Domingo.

Pierre informs:

“‘Jarineo’ is made up of songs I wrote to myself—sometimes without realizing it. These songs all came to be through improvisation or journaling and took shape in the studio, thanks to Eric Leavell (Husk Recording).

“‘Jarineo’ is a Dominican word used for drizzle. I chose this title because the rain influenced my emotional states while adapting to cultural differences and the climate in Portland, Oregon. I have a hard time defining a genre for my sound, yet I can say that it ranges from calming to tense, and from hopeful to melancholic.”

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Raised on bolero and merengue music as well as post-rock and math rock, Juracán architect Pierre has an incredibly unique palette that has shaped the way he creates and expresses himself through his own brand of ambient experimentalism. Pierre currently lives in Portland, Oregon and he is associated with other Portland-based musical endeavors, the most notable among them is the blackened sludge metal group Flood Peak, where he takes care of the bass duties.

With Juracán, Pierre released a full-length album Niño in 2018 and a handful of singles and EPs. Portland-based Mexican filmmaker and artist Rubén García Marrufo collaborated with Juracán for a performance called “Nacer,” which was supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Art, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, and Regional Arts & Culture Council. Pierre appeared at various gigs and venues in Oregon over the years, the most notable performance took place at Ambient Nights in 2019, organized by the NW Post Rock Collective.

There is no singular style that exclusively defines the music of this album: Pierre steered his ship into a staggering array of genres and lyrical topics and alluringly alchemized them into a light and airy experience. Each song brings a frisson of surprise through its ambient passages, soothing piano textures, endearing indie-folk rhythms, or sporadic mesmerizing post-rock moods.

Album Credits:

Music & Lyrics by Pierre Carbuccia Abbott.

Guitars, Piano, Drums, Clarinet, Flute, Bass, and Vocals Performed By Pierre Carbuccia Abbott.

Produced by Eric Leavell At Husk Recording.

Saxophone, Drums on “Flying Again,” Bass on “Flautéame,” and Auxiliary Percussion by Eric Leavell.



-Anima Recordings-


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