Gregoriev returns in a new, instrumental version

Gregoriev is a solo project of the Warsaw multi-instrumentalist Grzegorz Morawski,

who made his debut in 2015 with the album When Death Comes, set in a dark,

gothic-prog-rock atmosphere. The album was warmly welcomed and received many

reviews on Polish and foreign portals.

After five years, the debut album When Death Comes gets a successor. Or rather,

successors, because subsequent releases under the Gregoriev sign will be

published only as singles. Six new songs, the first of which – 'Isolated Mind' – will be

released on streaming platforms on October 9, 2020. It will surely surprise everyone

who liked When Death Comes.

The upcoming songs are 100% instrumental. They contain low-tuned, distorted

guitars colliding with the intriguing sounds of synthesizers, embedded in powerful

industrial rhythms. It will still be dark and with the thrill of a cemetery crypt, but this

time in a completely different, electronic setting.

– The foundations of most of the tracks were laid back in 2016, shortly after the

release of When Death Comes. The period of the pandemic lockdown turned out to

be a great opportunity to come back to them and to enhance them by pouring some

more apocalyptic atmosphere. I experimented a lot with sounds and

compositions. To be honest, I myself was curious where all this would lead me to –

says Grzegorz Morawski about the genesis of his works.

'Isolated Mind' is an instrumental journey into the depths of the human mind, torn by

anxiety and changing emotions. The track features an intriguing mix of musical

styles, from industrial power, through juicy metal riffs, to solo parts reminiscent of the

classics of electronic music. The proposal will interest both fans of strong industrial

strokes in the Rammstein style, but also connoisseurs of Jean-Michel Jarre's work.

'Isolated Mind' will debut on October 9 on streaming platforms such as Spotify,

Deezer and Apple Music.



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