Athenian dark-pop crooner Johnny Labelle has released a new music video for his song “Poseidonia”. Directed by Daphné Hérétakis, Sasha Streshna and Johnny Labelle himself, the visuals feature the singer performing the track amidst psychedelic effects, giving the video a retro feel.Lovely vibes in that darkness of tones.

Johnny Labelle – “Poseidonia”

In addition to the “Poseidonia” clip, Johnny Labelle has released a brand new album XVIII via Inner Ear Records. The release comes a year after his debut LP “Cold Fruit”. The LP consists of 9 tracks that vary from dark, ambient, electronic sounds to dirge-like crooner ballads that instead of saloons are meant to be performed in eerie half-lit empty lobbies of big tech companies during the final collapse of the world.

Stream: Johnny Labelle – 'XVIII'

Johnny Labelle is an experimentalpop artist and producer born and based in Athens, Greece. His debut LP Cold Fruit releasedindependently in 2019 and co-produced with filmmaker Aaron Khandros, featured cross-disciplinescollaborations – Berlin-based pop artist Magic Island, poet Rae Armantrout,filmmakers Martha Colburn, Zachary Epcar, and Karissa Hahn to name a few. Over the past two years he hasshared the bill with Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Magic Island and Discovery Zone and has performed inGreece and Europe.

Johnny Labelle


[Inner Ear Records] Format: Vinyl LP, DigitalPurchase on: Release Date: 4 December 2020


1. The Dolphins

2. Doppelgänger 3. AK 4. In the Sun

5. Greek Dark Age

6. Beginning of the End

7. Visceral

8. Disillusionment 9. Poseidonia


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