Berlin-based industrial rock artist KANDINSKY NOIR is paying tribute to Per Gessle with their cover of the song, “KIX.” The song was originally written by Per Gessle (ROXETTE´s Frontman) in 1997 for his first solo album, The World According to Gessle.

For fans of: Die Krupps, Zeromancer & Das Ich

Check out Kandinsky Noir's “KIX” here:

“Why did I choose this mostly unknown song as cover? The main reason is related to my past: When I was younger, here was MTV, radio stations and cassettes. And the first international music I had access to through the latter were Roxette. Roxette opened my mind even regarding foreign languages and I started learning English through their lyrics. The original version of “Kix” contains all the features of a typical 90ies power pop song: a syncopated drum machine loop, a harmonica theme, a tambourine and a tremolo electric guitar. However, I wanted to give the song an industrial twist, in order to enhance the darker side of the lyrics.

It is one of the few productions by Per Gessle and Roxette in general that detaches itself from the usual way the topic of love is treated. The lyrics are in some way raw, rough, merciless in the depiction of a state of things I have experienced here in Berlin. This city represents a constant search for new kicks in order to escape the insignificance of existence.”

– Anti Austyrøl (KANDINSKY NOIR)

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