“A long time coming, this album is finally hitting the streets, and it sounds AMAZING. Really captures a forward thinking attitude on some classic sounding industrial from the 90’s” -Joseph Graham, Razor Blade Dance Floor

“‎A murderous beast of genetically re-engineered dance destruction, hyper-experimental noise and deranged melodies from the underbelly of the Machine.” -Jared Louche, CHEMLAB.


Philly/NJ Electro-industrial/EBM/Coldwave/IDM/You-Name-It-It’s-In-There fusion band UCNX return with their sophomore LP release ‘Generation Damaged’, their first release since 2009’s ‘Run Your Body’ single, on DSBP Records. The 9 track LP features a louder, angrier, more aggressive sound for the group, though not losing the hallmarks of their sound: rock-styled vocals, strong song-writing, an 90’s style influence filtered through a modern sound, & a willingness to experiment and forge a more cohesive album that can both set the dancefloor on fire as well as command the full attention of your headphones.

Not counting the fun experiment of mashing up Nitzer Ebb with Iron Maiden from the 2009 single, ‘Generation Damaged’ represents the culmination of 2 difficult years for band members Doug “dOGulas” Sudia, John “nVIR” Monette, with assistance by new studio hand and guitarist Kurt “Zir0” Samuels. Life hardships for those involved have bred a snarling beast of an album, featuring a strong use of guitars to accent their hard industrial sound. Tracks like “Overgrowth” and the title track “Generation Damaged” feature propulsive dance beats mixed with thick synths and swirling noise loops, while tracks like the speed tempo classic NIN-styled “Still”, heavy crusher “The Innocent” (with it’s harsh noise outro being an exercise in endurance), and the equal parts destructive yet somber “Consequence Brings” vary the tempo and eliminate the possibility of redundancy throughout the album. Throw in rock-styled sung vocals, a collaboration with Blayne from fellow electro-rockers Idiot Stare and a cover of post-punk legends Killing Joke’s “Our Last Goodbye”, and you have an album that demands full attention beginning to end in the days of pick-and-choose digital music sampling. Uncompromising sound, variety, and a care and quality to their work that few bands can match.

Download a free mp3 of the lead single, “Overgrowth” to sample… http://www.ucnxonline.com/mp3s/UCNX-03-Overgrowth.mp3

Order the album NOW from DSBP Records HERE: http://www.dsbp.cx/index.php?page=ucnx.html Or order through Storming the Base HERE: http://www.stormingthebase.com/products/UCNX.-Generation-Damaged..html

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