Tarci Ávila and Nacho Dafonte have been working closely to release the second taster of VENDETTA( this LP will officially come out in September). This time, the preview consist on an uncommon double sneak peek of "Necrotú y yo" and "Vendetta". Both songs together with the

1st preview "Ahógate" show how little they were influenced by national references comparing to the huge impact that French , English and German bands (M83, Moderat, Kraftwerk, Apparat, Zoot Woman…) had on every piece. Every example of this LP is also dominated by obscure, ironic and satirical lyrics.

Necrotú y yo is the song that introduces VENDETTA. The first LP of Presumido contains ten tunes which were recorded and mixed in Planta Sónica Studio in Vigo with Iago Lorenzo as a producer. Mastering was taken by Roger Seibel in SAE Mastering Studios, Phoenix.

Even though the song called Vendetta is part of the homonymous album, the band decided to release it in a peculiar way different than an original studio version. A video of a live performance of the song is the responsible of showing Presumido's mode of operation as Synth Pop 2.0 artists. All of the above includes a sensitive and visual experience with projections, mapping and a genuine hand-made lighting set. With plenty of imagination they've build music and illumination gadgets with construction and office headlights.

PRESUMIDO was born in 2013 as “One man band” leaded by Tarci Ávila, who edited by himself a 4 songs EP “Ahora mejor”. Tarci even traveled between different festivals and concert halls around Spain in order to feature the EP. Right after an isolation period for thinking over the project, he chose Nacho Dafonte to join as a musician also in charge of the visual part of the shows. Currently, PRESUMIDO, as an authentic Synth Pop 2.0 band have been recording VENDETTA since 2015. This first LP will be released in September 2016, accompanied by a european tour which will start the following month.

Link Necrotú y yo



Link Vendetta (live rehearsals video)







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