Out now via SkyQode is the “Stay At Home Sessions 1” EP by Russian synthpop / futurepop project Mental Discipline. It is the first EP in a special series of releases with classic Mental Discipline tracks recorded live in a home studio during the late 2020.

The whole concept was inspired by successful online concerts that Alex of Mental Discipline did during corona lockdown time last year, where he performed his tracks with additional piano accompaniment. It is also the first time that some of the tracks previously released with guest vocalists can be heard with Alex on vocals.

Mental Discipline was started by Alex Mental in 2008. He has since released two critically acclaimed albums, Constellation (2012) and Past Forward (2018), as well as several EPs, featuring collaborations with vocalists like Felix Marc, Jimmy Machon (Lights Of Euphoria), Salva Maine (Culture Kultür), Rouven Walterowicz (Endanger) and many others.

Check out the EP here: http://skyqo.de/homesessions1

Mental Discipline:




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