Fredrik Croona (Project Rotten, Cynical Existence, ex-Menschdefekt) and Engraved Ritual present a new digital compilation entitled ‘Fight, Survive and Live.’ 100% of sales will be donated to Jim Semonik’s fundraiser to pay his medical bills.

Released on May 18, 2012 on Engraved Ritual, the album features 10 exclusive unreleased tracks from some of the best dark industrial acts today such as Nolongerhuman, Project Rotten, Say Just Words, Nano Infect, and more.

The album will be pay-what-you-like (minimum 1.50), and features mastering by Sander Kapper of Stahlblack Productions and stunning artwork by Pixelbreed AKA Alexander Fröbel.


1.Nolongerhuman – Dont Pray (Touched by Stahlnebel& Black Selket) (4:36) 2.Project Rotten – Embraced by flames (Fucked up remix) (4:28) 3.Say just words – This is not Salvation (4:12) 4.Black Selket – Mortal Life (5:04) 5.Frontal Boundary – Whore (4:06) 6.Cynical Existence – The last day (before it’s too late) (3:42) 7.Deathcamp Project – Behind (upfront remix by controlled collapse) (4:44) 8.Syndrome X209 – You and me 2k12 (5:17) 9.Nano Infect – Jesus is dead (Terrorkode remix) (4:20) 10.Amnesia Machine – My Disfigured Soul [Vocal Edit] (4:50) 11.God Destruction – Become Death (Carnivalized by Cynical Existence) (5:28) 12.Mas-Si-Osare – The devil’s whore (4:56) 13.Necroleptic – Rain

the album is now up for preorder:


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