Dallas, TX: Frausun’s 6th album “aSHEs,” an 11 song LP blending DNB, Industrial and Ambient music styles, is now available.

Covering a variety of topics, from the magick of number theory and battle strategy to Ménage à trois’s and the Norse Gods, “aSHEs” blends numerous musical elements for a unique experience. Songs such as “A.S.S.A.U.L.T.,” a hard and fast industrial anthem about the glory of battle, give way to Ambient, introspective works like “The Garden Song,” where a poet watches as his two lover’s dance among the flowers he’s planted.

“I have no respect for bands that have one distinct sound or style. Playing ‘Chug-Chug-Chug’ on a guitar for an entire album and screaming incoherently gets old. I want people to buy my work never knowing what’s around the musical corner.” Kurtz

The rising and descending of beats from song to song hurl the listener to and fro in a frantic style of sounds, loops and dizzying effects.

“One moment, you are hypnotized by the tranquil harmony of birds and wind, the next, you awaken in a battlefield with sirens and gunfire all around. The listener becomes a spiritual time traveler, from the earth, to the sky and eventually to the gods.” Kurtz

Along with the new album, Frausun’s live shows have transformed dramatically in the past year, such as the use of live scarification.

“Every time we take stage, an offering to the Gods is made by drawing blood. By carving Runes into flesh, my Slave muse Paloma and I gladly accept the pain and wounds of battle, acknowledging our devotion to our faith.” Kurtz

The album “aSHEs” can be found at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ashes/id458110412

Questions or interviews may be directed to Kurtz at 214-883-3277 or frausun@gmail.com

Pics, videos, concert dates, and other information can can be found at www.frausun.com

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