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4M 802LP

COLLINS & DAVY GRAHAM, SHIRLEY: Folk Roots, New Routes LP (4M 802LP) 21.00
“An extraordinary and classic album originally released by Decca in 1964. A landmark recording bringing together Shirley Collins’ haunting vocals and Davy Graham’s innovative guitar style. Folk Roots, New Routes was more than just a record when it first came out: it opened many minds and the door for Fairport Convention and Pentangle. A gem.” 180 gram vinyl.

7EVEN 018.1EP

HELIXIR: Summertime/Ride The Wind 12″ (7EVEN 018.1EP) 12.00
Part 1 of 3 12″ vinyl releases including tracks from Undivided (7EVEN 002CD), the debut full-length release from France-based dub technician/DJ Helixir. Limited to 300 copies.


ENA: Sign/Instinctive 12″ (7EVEN 019EP) 12.00
First release on 7even from Japanese producer ENA. Both deep cuts, with the blended drum & bass of “Instinctive” previously featured on his Abstractor podcast. The vinyl-only “Sign” makes its debut here. Another notable bass music producer from Japan, stepping up alongside the likes of Goth-Trad, Quarta 330 and 100Mado.


DAGLEY, M.S.: Mystery Of The Guitar CD (ABC 035CD) 12.00
“Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in its surrounds, Dagley was classically trained as a guitarist from age eight to thirteen by David Arnold, a pupil of Sophocles Papas and a master class student of André Segovia. He then enjoyed the blues tutelage of local luminaries John Jackson, Elizabeth Cotton, Archie Edwards and Flora Moulton during his adolescent years. Mystery of the Guitar distills the essence of these lessons into an open ended galaxy of musical proposals, from 17th century courtly dance compositions to improvised extrapolations, seemingly critical of syncopation itself. Dagley went on to become a founding member of the late 70s Boston art punk band The Girls and the early 80s New York punk blues band The Hi Sheriffs of Blue, both of which featured the renowned painter George Condo. More recently, he engineered the debut CDs of singer/songwriters Marianne Nowottny, Julia Vorontsova, Corbi Wright and the teen girl punk duo Shell. Mark Dagley is also an accomplished visual artist whose abstract geometric paintings have been displayed at galleries, foundations and museums throughout the United States and Europe, as well as in Australia.”


SUN CITY GIRLS: Funeral Mariachi CD (ABD 045CD) 16.00
Repressed, one of 2010’s most highly regarded albums. In stunning fashion, Sun City Girls’ final studio record caps a 27-year run for what many hail as the most bizarre, eclectic and provocative musical trio ever assembled. From the delirious intro of “Ben’s Radio” to the final drum crash of the title track, Funeral Mariachi delivers 11 well-crafted gems which display the refined studio production side of SCG shrouded in that otherworldly glow which has always separated the group from their contemporaries. Beyond the gorgeous folk and vocal styles which drive the album, there is a heavy retro Italian cinema influence, Arabic and Indonesian references, and a ghostly psychedelic moodiness throughout. Post-production and final mastering was completed by the Bishop Brothers after the untimely death of Charles Gocher in 2007 and the results will not disappoint followers of this impossible-to-describe unit. Funeral Mariachi provides a perfect introduction to the more melodic sector of the SCG universe surfacing, ironically, at the end of their career in the form of what someday should become one of the most beloved records they ever created. CD pressing housed in a beautiful, heavy-duty, 24-point, full-color mini-LP replica-styled gatefold jacket with the back cover photo taken during the last SCG photo session in 2006.

AC 136CD

CHAURASIA, HARIPRASAD: Hariprasad Chaurasia And The Art Of Improvisation 2CD/BOOK (AC 136CD) 46.00
“Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia seems to draws ideas from an inexhaustible source, playing on every contrast, composing his musical discourse with outstanding aesthetic sense and clarity. His extraordinary mastery of improvisation is dazzling to improvisers of all kinds. This CD and book is intended for all keen listeners who wish to learn more about the creative process. It also aims to guide students, scholars, improvisers, performers and composers from various backgrounds who endeavor to explore his music in order to enrich their art. Step by step, the improvisations of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia will lead the way into the different elements of the great musical tradition of northern India.” 2 CDs of raga music housed in a deluxe hardbound 200-page book written by Henri Tournier. The book features full-color paintings, pictures and musical notation. 11 x 5 1/2 inches.


DJ SODEYAMA: Miles 12″ (ARPA 001EP) 12.00
New Japanese dance music label, Arpa Records launches as its first release label boss DJ Sodeyama’s techno track “Miles.” The original mix features on top of some heavy minimal beats and an expanding rhythm, a poetry reading by Richard Spitzer and a deep but solid synth groove. The other side features a trademark remix from Nick Curly featuring some long breaks but kept together by some solid groovy rhythms throughout.


BRIKHA, ARIL: Deeparture In Time – Revisited 2LP (AOV 001LP) 25.50
2LP version. Now a new star of deep techno, Stockholm’s Aril Brikha went on tour with his live show playing all over the world, including the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and clubs like Fabric, Air, and Yellow, and hasn’t stopped doing so ever since. As one of the most innovative producers from Europe, he went on to release the club-hit EP Winter on Kompakt, and more releases on Poker Flat followed. In the summer of 2007, his long-awaited album follow-up was released by Peacefrog — a classic Detroit techno/house longplayer, with elements from his previous productions. Deeparture In Time – Revisited is released in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of his 1999/2000 album on Transmat. This also kicks off his own label, Art Of Vengeance. The 2LP version features 8 tracks from the 2CD version.

MC 1200DVD

CUNNINGHAM DANCE COMPANY, MERCE: Suite For Five – Summerspace – Interscape 3DVD (MC 1200DVD) 51.00
“In 1954, Robert Rauschenberg became the Resident Designer to the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, a position he held for ten years. During that time these friends and collaborators, along with the musician John Cage, created some of the most iconoclastic artworks of the 20th century. This three-DVD set showcases these great artists’ work, along with the work of another, filmmaker Charles Atlas. The DVDs are accompanied by an illustrated essay by Bonnie Brooks. Charles Atlas has directed and collaborated on over 35 film or video projects with Merce Cunningham and served as the company’s filmmaker-in-residence for ten years (1974-1983). The three films in this collection showcase Atlas’s direction and editing of films and include the 2003 revival of Suite for Five, the 1999 revival of Summerspace, and the original cast of Interscape in 2000. Suite for Five (1956) is one of Cunningham’s most enduring explorations of time and space. Combined with Cage’s chance-derived score and Rauschenberg’s costumes and design, the work is a classic of the choreographer’s repertoire. In Summerspace (1958) each creative element — Morton Feldman’s score, Rauschenberg’s decor and costumes, and Cunningham’s choreography — were conceived and created independently of one another. Despite this separation, the elements meld to give the audience an impression of a balmy summer day. Interscape (2000) explores the transitions between darkness and light, stillness and exertion, and silence and sound. A detailed and beautifully rendered work, Interscape showcases the essence of the artists Cage, Cunningham and Rauschenberg.” NTSC all region format. Running times: Suite For Five: 25:58; Summerspace: 22:05; Interscape: 47:05.

AM 042EP

TIGER STRIPES: How We Feel 12″ (AM 042EP) 12.00
Cult Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Tiger Stripes presents this incredible three-track EP for Audiomatique. A monstrous lesson in modern minimalism, “AH-64” pumps with a dark yet funky inner power. Slow-building and totally infectious, this trippy late-nighter will have you reaching for the lasers in no time. “How We Feel” warms you with funky, energetic percussion in a modern and positive tech-house jam. “Back To Detroit City” is deep, dubbed and melodic, featuring delicate melodies and more warm, elongating beats.

AX 057EP

MILLS, JEFF: The Beatmaster 12″ (AX 057EP) 8.50
Tracklist: A1. PrecisionA2. Human to Machine ConnectionB1. The Rhythm WithinB2. Guidance


MICHAJLOV, ANGELO: Saxana – The Girl On A Broomstick CD (BMS 030CD) 15.50
“The previously unreleased spooked-out psychedelic jazz score to ’70s Czech’s ‘other’ favourite teenage witch flick. Directed by Vacalav Vorlicek (3 Nuts For Cinderella/Who Killed Jessie?) from the studios that brought you Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, Daisies and The Cremator. Finders Keepers presents the entire studio sessions, plus psychedelic effects by Angelo Michajlov (Marta Kubisova’s arranger) performed by the Karel Vlach Orchestra. ‘Imagine Gary Bartz and Nucleus meeting Swedish singer Doris at a Czech Pop Festival with the cast of H.R. Pufnstuff as the moody stage security.’ Embodying the same dance floor sensibilities as tracks like Kubisová’s own ‘Tak Dej Se K Ruman’ or a version of ‘Beatmaker’ by Sweden’s Doris Svensson, the film’s title track, played by the right DJ, could even transcend European retro dance floors. However, by 21st Century record nerd standards it might be an idea to use the ‘Doris’ gauge to judge the psychedelic jazz score to Czechoslovakia’s favourite family witch flick. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t pop songs, we’re talking about instrumental and incidental music here (of the spooky variety) only to be found in European cinemas, and as soon as Karel Vlach puts down the brass and pulls out the electric bass and mid-tempo score sheets then Angelo Mikhailov’s demands for backwards percussion samples and eerie manmade Hex F.X. begin to add extra colour to our screens and stereos. Take the music out of its visual context and imagine a banned Italian Giallo film with a laid back Bruno Nicolai score. We even get the sitars on one track.” Includes a 28-page full-color booklet with photos and extensive notes.


Barck And Prommer present Lovin’, the second single release from the upcoming Alex And The Grizzly album. Alex Barck is on the vocals together with Lois Longerling, who is known for her work with Dollkraut. André Lodemann delivers a smart remix giving the tune his trademark sound and putting it onto the house dancefloors. Also features a dub version.


DZA: Bullseye 12″ (ACRE 022EP) 9.00
“Further fortifying Black Acre’s global credentials we present a line up spanning the globe. From mother Russia we have beatminers, Dza & Mujuice, on the re-rub we present Australia’s Dizz1 and on vocal duties we fly all the way to the West Coast of the US for Shadowhuntaz mic man, Non Genetic. ‘Bullseye’ is a modernist hip hop anthem. Imagine M.O.P. and WU’s genetic codes broken down and filtered through a 2010 pixilated 8-bit sound palate. The track emerges in true Nintendub style, bit-crunched and glitched out but only to make way for a heads down drum track and bassline of Mitchell brother bruising combined potential. Non combines Westcoast mic intellect with Eastcoast gutterism producing THAT chorus hip hop’s been yearning for, huge and hefty as Hip Hop should be. Aussie hotboy Dizz1 (Kindred Spirits/Beat Dimensions) lends his ample skills to the remix producing a nimble and machined take on the raw original.”


1000NAMES: Before Sunrise 12″ (ACRE 023EP) 9.00
“While retaining their heavy afro-beat percussive influence, the Bulgarian bomb squad have switched up the rhythm, embarking on a 4×4 boogie expedition in the same nebula as fellow space travellers, Floating Points and Krystal Kleer. Ethereal and uplifting chords progress into full eclipse and bouncing vulcanised bass tones vibrate below. ‘Kaleidoscope’ is another deft boogie floor shaker with more technocrat angles, mechanised percussion rebounds off more rapid and immediate synthwork and catchy vocal chops keep even the most ADHD listener enthralled.”


SEVEN: Sinister/Abduction 12″ (BLACKBOX 007-2) 9.00
“‘Sinister’ kicks off in ominous fashion with broody technoid synthwork and a muscular bass workout. Drums are formed into a wriggling 2 step rhythm retaining their explosive impact with a neck snapping wood block crack. Here Seven proves why he’s one of the most varied beat makers out there. On the flip is ‘Abduction’, a more traditional dub-floor workout. Creepy sci-fi samples cue up a lightsaber bass excursion, only Seven’s impeccable drum-work could hold back the torrents of tidal low-end. A classic Seven darkout! Support: Youngsta, N-Type, Breakage, Hatcha, Chef.”


LURKA: Tempted 12″ (BLKBXXX 002EP) 9.00
“Lurka finally makes his debut on vinyl after a storming 2010 — he’s enjoyed heavy support from many A-list DJs, including weekly plays by Youngsta and Distance on their Rinse FM shows, leading to the inevitable inclusion of ‘Tempted’ on Yunx’s Rinse CD. Each release in the ‘XXX’ series on Black Box is a single-sided vinyl, with black labels and sleeves, cut as a 10″ on a 12″ disc with all the artist & track info etched around the outside by the mastering engineer, and pressed in limited numbers for ultimate collectability.”


RAIME: Retread 12″ (BLACKEST 001EP) 12.00
Blackest Ever Black is a new label founded to channel and promote the violent, poetic and provocative impulses lying dormant in electronic music. Its first release is by Raime, a London-based duo who draw explicit inspiration from the marginal mavericks of early European goth, industrial and synth wave. This is a trio of essays in unease, and a welcome sign that the post-techno avant-garde is alive, angry and untethered to the dancefloor, academy or gallery space. Music for hard times.

BN 077LP

C_UTTER/DEAD PENI: Split LP (BN 077LP) 18.00
“Collaborative split LP. This is a cooperative release from Knife Cult (Spain), Editions Zero (Greece), HCB (Israel), & Blossoming Noise (USA) 2010.” Limited edition; silkscreened covers with insert.


CYMATIC: Electric Church/Jungle Fever 10″ (BOXCL 003EP) 9.00
“Although the name Cymatic may be new, it represents a coming-together of four talented artists into one production think tank – Ruckspin & Quantum Soul [Ranking Records] and Octane & DLR [Dispatch Recordings] have pooled their ideas to produce one of the most exciting 140bpm projects to date. ‘Electric Church’ opens with a swirling miasma of strings and pads, accented heavily with esoteric vocal samples, before dropping into a heavy dub workout — tough drums, buzzing basslines and a dizzying mix of edited percussion and synthwork. Strictly limited to 500 units.”


VA: Boysnoize Presents Super Acid 2LP (BNR 054LP) 20.00
2LP version. Boysnoize Records has compiled 12 modern acid jams done by BNR artists and homies like Feadz, Joakim & Krikor and Brodinski, in a tribute to 20 years of acid. How does one make a classic acid track? First, you need a Roland TB-303 bass line which — back in 1982 — was made for musicians to replace the actual bass or guitar. Its manual is the most annoying thing to read because it teaches you classic music lessons — no wonder that the concept of the Roland TB-303 as a real instrument failed and no one wanted to buy it. In the midle of the ’80s, DJ Pierre, member of Phuture, produced a 12 minute track “Acid Trax” with just a drum machine and the 303 — a totally new sound created for the clubs. Shortly after, a few more producers put that “useless” thing together with a drum machine such as the Roland TR-808 or 909, programmed a bass line pattern and recorded live sessions, abusing its incredible filters. Acid-house was born. Because the Roland TB 303 was so expensive, you can find diverse clones of that wonderful machine and you can even make acid sounds with your phone. Boysnoize presents a compilation full of new, modern acid, made in all kinds of ways. Some, well, most of the producers on this compilation have used the classic Roland 303, some used a 303 clone, a 303 plug-in and some even rocked the 303 iPhone application. Some of the producers on this compilation spent their time with all kinds of analog gear and mixers to have the original “warm” sound they love and some others just used a fucking laptop. Can you hear the difference Well, WE can, but do you really? And why release new acid tracks when you can find the best ones made 10-20 years ago? Because this is some fresh acid you haven’t heard before, produced by incredible young talents that know everything about the acid-life — producers that take this genre to another level into the future. Other artists include: Boys Noize, Jan Driver, Housemeister & Dave Tarrida, Noob, Brodinksi, Djedjotronic & Harvard Bass, Siriusmo, Erol Alkan, Shadow Dancer, Strip Steve, and Benny Rodrigues.

BB 065CD

FAUST: Something Dirty CD (BB 065CD) 17.00
Faust has been around for over 40 years. Since 2007, the line-up of the Krautrock legends has comprised founding members Jean-Hervé Peron and Zappi Diermaier, the English musician James Johnston, founder of the brutish blues rockers Gallon Drunk and long-standing member of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, plus the English painter, filmmaker, author and musician Geraldine Swayne. On Something Dirty, the creativity and musical ideas of these four personalities coalesce into a perfect symbiosis of sound. It is at once hypnotic, repetitive, melodic, exhilarating, psychedelic, menacing, Dadaist and ethereal. Johnston’s guitar saws its way through Diermaier’s archaic beats, harmonically enriched by Peron’s powerful bass and Swayne’s psychedelic keyboards. Time and again, Faust revisits their avant-garde roots, experimenting with voices and unusual instruments. (A flamethrower and goat hooves can be detected in their arsenal of sonic sources.) Best of all, however, Faust have succeeded in reproducing the raw energy and roughness of their live performances on Something Dirty. Breathtaking stuff! “There is no group more mythical than Faust.” Thus wrote English musician and eccentric Julian Cope. Which says it all really, neither the habitus nor the music of the six-piece Hamburg group was easy to grasp. While some lauded Faust as the best thing that ever happened to rock, others dismissed them as shameless dilettantes. Their collage of Dadaism, avant-garde rock and free improvisation radically divided opinion. When the first LP was unleashed on the world in 1971, Faust were very much the prophet in his own land, as the saying goes: few were interested in listening to their music — in Germany. Not so across the Channel: this is where Faust’s career really kick-started. These monoliths of avant-garde rock sold 100,000 copies of their album The Faust Tapes. Exactly 40 years after their debut, Faust has come up with another archetypical album: inspiring, innovative, unpredictable, anarchic and Faustian.?Something Dirty is a definitive milestone in the long history of this world-famous musical institution from Hamburg.

BB 065LP

FAUST: Something Dirty LP (BB 065LP) 17.00
180 gram LP version. Includes free download code. Full-color printed innersleeve.


TOMMY FOUR SEVEN: Armed 3/Ratu 12″ (CLR 043EP) 12.50
British Berlin-based DJ, producer and sound designer Tommy Four Seven or T47, is at the front of the new generation of techno artists, creating his trademark deep and uncompromising sounds. Tommy’s approach to music is unlike a musician. Instead, he prefers to sound design, recording and sculpting elements into deep engaging atmospheres. This is a taste of his upcoming debut artist album Primate — which explores a different techno avenue with mega-hot bass sound and a pioneering, fresh direction.


FRIMPONG & HIS CUBANO FIESTAS, K.: K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas LP (CRU 700LP) 17.00
“The second of two self-titled albums released during Ghana’s music explosion of the 1970s, K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas (1977, Ofo Bros) is a celebratory and powerful follow up to the album that made them famous. Backed by the mighty Vis A Vis band (here renamed the ‘Cubano Fiestas’) Alhaji K. Frimpong and company create a sinuous, infectious, funky sound that once heard can’t be forgotten. This fusion of James Brown and Fela inspired rhythms with more traditional Ghanaian Highlife, despite having been created nearly 35 years ago, still sounds stunningly fresh today. Tattered original copies of the LP trade hands for hundreds of dollars. Continental Records USA is proud to present for its premiere release the first complete vinyl reissue of this essential West African masterpiece.”


NOTHING, CHARLIE: Outside/Inside LP (DESTIJL 041LP) 17.00
“Charlie Nothing was the fractured-psyche pseudonym of author, father, horsekeeper, organic farmer, beekeeper, philosopher and clown Charles Martin Simon, inventor of the dingulator (guitar sculptures made out of the metal from American cars). Charlie’s only visible offering to the record buying public was really anything but. Due to its rarity, The Psychedelic Saxophone of Charlie Nothing, issued by Takoma Records in 1967, has been a source of consternation for in-the-know types for years. Outside/Inside, the second and only other Charlie Nothing LP, originally issued by Everitt Enterprises, thematically follows with two sidelong flute-based instrumentals. Nowhere on wax will you find a more palpable preserved air of a real-time dropout scene than with these sides of Nothing. It is a wonder that these records circulated at all outside the vacuum in which they were created. Nothingness, a California existentiality looping back on itself, preserved and disseminated as evidence. There are indeed very few records like these. Fully authorized / fully legit.”


ASKEW, ED: Here We Are Together Again/Yellow Dollars 7″ (DESTIJL 086EP) 5.50
“This is the last of the vintage, tipple era Askew, before the fingers cramped and began tickling digital ivory. These 2 wondrous cuts would’ve been included on the Little Eyes CD if time were not space. Wonderful live versions, of ‘Here We Are Together Again’ and ‘Yellow Dollars’, taken from David Porter’s Show on WYBC, Nov 1969. These songs are the topical concern of that or any era (Love and War) and what else is there anyway?”

DEL 75033LP

DELTRON 3030: Deltron 3030 2LP (DEL 75033LP) 20.00
“The super group Deltron 3030 is composed of producer Dan the Automator, rapper Del tha Funkee Homosapien and DJ Kid Koala and sometimes features guest artists who also take on varying futuristic pseudonyms. Originally released in 2000 on the now-defunct 75ARK record label, this hip hop concept album was released the same year as the Gorillaz’ first 12″ and is on a similar plane. Following the release of Deltron 3030, all three members participated in the Gorillaz’ self-titled debut album. With Del aka Deltron Zero on vocals, Dan the Automator aka The Cantankerous Captain Aptos on production, and Kid Koala aka Skiznoid the Boy Wonder on turntables, this album takes the listener on a paranoid journey set in a dystopian year 3030 dealing with viruses, the apocalypse, an oppressive government, and a war waged against a huge company called the Corporate Bank of Time that rules the universe, all to the well-crafted and consistent musical backing of the Automator. Appearances by Damon Albarn (The Gorillaz, Blur), Prince Paul, Peanut Butter Wolf, DJ Money Mark, Paul Barman, Mark Bell (Bjork, production), Sean Lennon, and Mr. Lif compliment Del’s vocal style and add the right amount of flavor to this classic period piece.”


EFDEMIN: Chicago Remixes (1) 12″ (DIAL 056EP) 12.00
With surely one of the most exciting releases ever, Dial presents the heavenly dreamteam of DJ Koze, Portable and Efdemin himself remixing tracks off of Chicago (DIAL 021CD/LP). DJ Koze has always been a part of the Dial family so it was just a matter of time to ask him for a remix. Portable and Efdemin have always exchanged music and friendship. Now they share this beautiful and outstanding first part of the Chicago remixes. Also includes a dub version.


BROWN/ROOTS RADICS BAND, BARRY: Physical Fitness/Fighting Radics/Whip Them 12″ (DKR 034EP) 11.00
“From the early 1980s, vocals from one of our top artists, Barry Brown. Produced and arranged by Roots Radics bass player and main man Flabba Holt, these tracks are among Barry’s best and have been mostly unavailable since their original release almost thirty years ago. Hard rock ’80s roots sounds from the unbeatable combination of Barry Brown, Roots Radics Band, and Channel 1 studio.”


BROWN/ROOTS RADICS BAND, BARRY: Them Ha Fi Get A Beatin/Stop The Fighting 12″ (DKR 035EP) 11.00
“Them Ha Fi Get a Beating” comes as originally released backed with “Stop The Fighting.”


BROWN/ROOTS RADICS BAND, BARRY: Warmonger/Radical Style 12″ (DKR 036EP) 11.00
“War Monger” and “Radical Style.” “Hard rock ’80s roots sounds from the unbeatable combination of Barry Brown, Roots Radics Band, and Channel 1 studio.”


SANSO-XTRO: Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain LP (DIGI 058LP) 18.00
2005 was the last time anyone heard from Melissa Agate aka Sanso-Xtro on her record for Type, Sentimentalist. Since then, quite a bit has happened. Agate has relocated to her native Australia and the move has treated her well. Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain takes a lot of the ideas from her first record and dials them in, pushing everything to the next level. This collection of songs is a quiet force, blissfully confident and expertly assembled. Sanso’s soundworld is a fully immersive environment. On the opener, “Fountain Fountain,” we get a glimpse of everything to come. There’s this carefully controlled chaos at work that is immediately hypnotizing. Agate sings simple passages toward the end, welcoming listeners into this new world as her voice floats above the fray. It becomes obvious as the album progresses that Agate is, at heart, a drummer. The staccato rhythms and percussive embellishments bring the album to life. These rapid-fire beats in conjunction with precise, half-speed instrumentation work in perfect harmony. Reminiscent of Blackdance-era Klaus Schulze at times, there’s an intoxicating dizzyness that is effortlessly present in “The Origin Of Birds” and “Wood Owl Wings A Rush Rush.” Agate even throws a few nods to free jazz with “Goodnight Thylacine.” Her skill as a drummer is matched by her ability as a songwriter, knowing when to push it over the top and when to hold back. Album closer “Exit: Joyous Mountain,” sounds like a lost Alan Lomax gem with its melodica/harmonica duet and delicate singing. “Hello Night Crow” is the literal and figurative center of the album, though. It starts with a ringing synth loop that gives nothing away until the chord changes emerge a minute in. Again, it’s about the slow-build, raising the tension and anticipation before melting into the sky. “You wouldn’t recognize that it’s not there anymore,” Agate sings over the bubbling waves of synths. It is beautiful and crushing.


UNER: Bassboot 12″ (DIYNAMIC 046EP) 12.00
Diynamic gears up for an exciting 2011 starting with a release from UNER. While many around him are stuck in a never-ending loop, UNER is looking forward with his productions, incorporating new sounds and styles with each new release. Fresh off the back of an incredible 7 nominations for the DEEJAYMAG (Spain) awards, UNER looks to continue his outstanding run with this 3 track EP. Includes a collab with Deep&Suga.

DU 059EP

Do Ur Math, created by Dumb Unit mad man Cesare vs. Disorder is a return to force for both the label and the artist. Written as a schizophrenic ode to his two monikers: Queen Atom and Cesare vs. Disorder, this track exemplifies everything that you love from Dumb Unit and its artists. Solid bass lines, tight, syncopated percussion and a general darkness that gives everything its characteristic DU shine. Also features a track with Mikael Stavöstrand.


It would be too easy to simply call IIRON the COH metal album, as it goes way beyond that. True, this album of classic Ivan Pavlov stompers contains more than its fair share of guitars both acoustic and electric, yet it still maintains that sense of power and purpose through electronic music which stands out as the COH “raison d’être.” Coming 11 years after IRON (Wavetrap, 2000), which also tackled the sound of rock with alarming results, the new album features not only recent guitar tracks recorded at Music Research Centre at York University, but also recordings made during Soviet-era Russia, which refer to Pavlov’s underground music activities in the early ’80s when making or even consuming of “metal music” was forbidden. IIRON is a powerful, well-executed electronic rock record, with just a dash a humor to keep it from becoming pompous, as so much of that kind of music can be sometimes. Packaged in a 4-panel digipack for CD, and lavish gatefold for the vinyl, with stunning artwork by Stephen O’Malley (Sunn O)))). Vinyl cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, November 29th, 2010. HAIL TO WORLD PEACE AND DEATH TO FALSE METAL. In memoriam: Satoshi Kon and Peter Christopherson.

EMI 907236CD

SATIE, ERIK: Ballets, Piano Works & Rarities 2CD (EMI 907236CD) 13.00
Performed by Aldo Ciccolini, Mady Mesplé, Gabriel Bacquier, Nicolai Gedda, and Pierre Dervaux. “Erik Satie (1866-1924) was one of music’s most unconventional characters. After two unsuccessful periods of study at the Paris Conservatoire he moved to Montmartre, earning a living as a composer and café pianist in an establishment that was frequented by the artistic community. He soon became friends with many of the literary and artistic names of the time including Debussy and Ravel. The first disc in this collection of Satie’s works starts with what are his two most popular pieces, here in Debussy’s 1897 arrangements for orchestra. There follows two of Satie’s best-known ballet scores, Parade and Relâche and the disc ends with the lesser-known Mercure and Messe des pauvres, a curious piece for organ and choir. The second disc is made up of a good selection of songs, including two versions of the quintessentially French song Je te veux, and ends with two short instrumental pieces.”

EW 002LP

CONNORS, LOREN: Moonyean LP (EW 002LP) 23.50
180 gram vinyl special. This is the second of a selection of Loren Connors’ typical and truly addictive guitar suites from the ’90s to be reissued on vinyl. In 1994, after the Hell’s Kitchen Park (EW 001LP) album and Mother & Son 7″ EP had come out, a semi-sequel to the latter was released by Table of the Elements in the form of a 7″ EP called The Five Points. The record told a short story of a New York City slum of that name, which counted the city’s most mortalities in the year 1857, of which most were Irish children under six years of age. The EP featured one track that was given the ambiguous name “Moonyean.” There was a movie from 1932 that was based on a theater play from 1919, in which the ghost of an Irish-American woman appeared in a garden. That ghost was Moonyean, and Loren named his next album after her. This suite of 13 individually untitled tracks was originally released on CD by Road Cone in 1994. For the re-release on 180 gram vinyl, the original artwork including Suzanne Langille’s picture on the front cover has been upgraded, but the title is all that remains clear about the theme, still leaving its content up to one’s imagination. Though ever-equipped with the same tools of his trade, Loren managed to come up with a different sound on every album. Moonyean for the most part is probably the most gentle of all, due to its source of inspiration. It carries a number of warm and fuzzy tracks in which notes just melt on the tongue. But the album also has the right dose of distorted experimental blues riffs, ever so intense. Loren may have found a new way to express himself through the different pick-up positions on his guitar as well as external effects, but his character guiding his soft artistic hands over the strings leaves the sound of one man and his guitar unequalled, as his state of mind decides the color of a recording. With the tape hiss, environmental sounds, acoustics, and Loren’s occasional distant moaning, Moonyean is another beautiful piece of timeless and earthly sound art. For its completion, Suzanne Langille hums a few lines on one of the tracks, bringing in an element of peace — perhaps playing the role of Moonyean. Even though it is not clear what Loren is saying exactly with the untitled tracks on the album, there is a certain pureness and truth in it.

EF 032EP

EDDIE C: Do It Yourself 12″ (EF 032EP) 12.00
This is the first single cut from the debut album Parts Unknown (EF 006CD) by Eddie C, one of the best newcomers on the nu disco scene in 2010. The title track “Do It Yourself” has a Philly disco sound and it will be a timeless, essential DJ tool in your disco set. “Pains Inside” is slow house stuff with a ’70s soul vocal loop. “Dub Me Gwen” is more electric modern boogie, disco-style.

AY 013EP

JEWRHYTHMICS: Misirlou 12″ (AY 013EP) 10.00
Most people today know “Misirlou” as Dick Dale’s signature piece, extremely popular back when issued in 1961 and then again when used in Pulp Fiction in 1994. But this song is an old folk song with obscure origins. Long before Dick Dale made it popular in the West the song was already a hit with the Turkish, Greek or Jewish population of Asia Minor. Let’s not forget that Dick Dale’s daddy was a Lebanese immigrant to the US. Now this is the glorious return of this tune revamped by the mysterious Disco outfit Jewrhythmics. This is the first single that announces the release of their first album. A fabulous cast of international producers were called to play with the track.


DJ MARKY: FabricLive.55 CD (FABRIC 110CD) 17.00
“Brazilian maestro DJ Markey brings a ray of sunshine to the FabricLive series, his bright and breezy style winning over drum & bass stalwarts and newcomers alike. Showcasing plenty of new and unreleased material from his own Innerground imprint, alongside fresh cuts from such standout artists in contemporary D&B as Commix, Marcus Intalex and Calibre, Marky displays all the credentials of a DJ who has honed his craft for the best part of twenty-five years.” Other artists include: Skream, Klute, Makoto & Deeizm, 8-Bits & Q-Project, Logistics with Illskillz, Heavy 1, Icicle, S.P.Y., Nymfo, Break, and Culture Shock.

FAT12 001EP

WRUHME, ROBAG: Rekksmi Sessions 12″ (FAT12 001EP) 12.00
The original “The White Flash” from Modeselektor — featuring Thom Yorke — gets a rework from Robag Wruhme, appearing together with a piece not to be found anywhere else which originally saw the light of day on the Pudel Produkte set — a conversation between Helge Schneider and Rocko Schamoni, which is moderated joyfully and jazzily by Wruhme. Adding to that, Schamoni also brings a sly chattiness and joie de vivre to exclusive fruition on this dazzling 12″.


MONKEY MAFFIA: Monkey Maffia Music Club 12″ (FREUDE 049EP) 12.00
Sören Bodner alias Monkey Maffia is one-half of the Wighnomy Bros. This is Monkey Maffia unadulterated — sometimes coaxingly understanding, sometimes psychotic with a thump in the hand and scratching on the head. “Atmospheric Disturbance” is IDM-breaks-techno. It has an affinity for broken sounds with a life-giving timpani along with a unique sound architecture. An electro bouncer in the truest sense of the word.


Conquering Animal Sound hail from Glasgow, Scotland (having recently departed their home in Edinburgh) and comprise of Anneke Kampman and James Scott. This is their debut full-length album for Gizeh Records. The duo formed in 2009 and were soon making waves in the fine city of Edinburgh. A host of labels came knocking and subsequently a split 7″ single (featuring the song “Giant”) with Debutant was released via Gerry Loves Records in May 2010 and agreements were put in place with Gizeh and mini50 Records to release Kammerspiel. Live, the duo perform the majority of what you hear on record — it is something of awe-inspiring greatness, creating loops, beats and samples out of anything and everything with Anneke’s sumptuous vocals carrying the sounds to what seems like a new world. In 2010, Conquering Animal Sound took to the road for their first UK tour, performed at Wickerman Festival (Scotland), De Affaire (Netherlands) and played shows with the likes of Tunng and Zola Jesus. Kammerspiel is essentially pop music, but in the way the likes of Fever Ray or Björk portray pop music. Where Conquering Animal Sound differ is in their love for tape-hiss and children’s toys. There is no doubt, with this record they are in a world of their own.

GP 1007LP

ART BOYS COLLECTION: Stoned Wall LP (GP 1007LP) 30.00
“Truly rare Austrian psych-rock with a unique flavor that crosses folk, prog and freak beat sounds with even a Beatles-esque sound, great vocal harmonies and a heavy dose of psychedelic vibes. Limited release of 400 copies on black vinyl.” Gatefold sleeve.

GP 1008LP

RAKOTOMALALA, YVES: Ce Matin Encore LP (GP 1008LP) 30.00
“Yves Rakotomalala, from the acclaimed Yves, Serge & Victor album Cagibi, recorded this elusive album a few years after he left the group. Musically we are in the same vein as Cagibi: A delicate fragile westcoast-tinged psych-folk with acoustic/electric backing & amazing vocals, very close in sound and style to Neil Young in his After The Gold Rush period. Every track is excellent with one side sung in English and the other in French. Originally released as a private pressing of 200 units. This is a fully licensed exact reissue limited to just 300 copies on black vinyl.”

HS 316LP

SUN DIAL: Sun Dial LP (HS 316LP) 23.00
“Highly regarded UK psych-rock outfit Sun Dial fronted by founder/ guitarist/singer Gary Ramon and ex-Chapterhouse bassist/lyricist Russell Barrett. This certainly is easily their heaviest album to date. Taking off where Acid Yantra left off (really if they’d carried on), but much heavier. The sound has been stripped down, and the band’s now a mean 3-piece, quieter/vocals, bass and drums, no keyboards on the album either! Fits straight into the stoner/heavy psychrock genre. Limited edition 400 black vinyl. Cover designed by Hugh Gilmour (famous for doing ’70s covers of famous albums of Led Zep, Sabbath and Deep Purple!). ”

IRIS 3002011

NABY: Dem Naa CD (IRIS 3002011) 20.00
“Naby was the 2009 RFI Discovery Award winner in 2009. His melodic reggae with hints of hip-hop and ragga is also tinged with soul, funk and blues. Naby draws inspiration from his everyday environment. His lyrics speak of the daily lives of young Africans and are rich with a keen wisdom and deep spirituality. Born in Dakar to a Guinean father and a Malian mother, Naby grew up listening to a rich musical mix, his formative influences ranging from Tracy Chapman to his compatriot Omar Pène. Naby declares that for him music is not simply a passion, but a vocation and one to which he is committed heart and soul.”

IRIS 3002019

CONVERSA: Boa Fonte CD (IRIS 3002019) 20.00
“Boa Fonte, featuring the flute and guitar duo Conversa, is like a dialogue between disparate but connected cultures. Its 27 tracks evoke the landscape, natural beauties, dances and songs of this region of Brazil — a country at the crossroads of civilizations. The disc is a special tribute to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, Brazilian music and the songs of birds in the vast expanse of the rainforest.”


RVDS: Moments 2×12″ (ITS 005LP) 20.00
2LP version. This is the first full-length album on the It’s label for Germany’s Richard von der Schulenburg aka RVDS. It’s deep, acid, fragile, party, lonely, and special. After the EP Waiting, Kiss And Love comes Moments, inspired by classic deep and acid house. Old instruments such as the TR-808, Roland JP-6, Wurlitzer E-Piano and some others are combined with new accents, but always with a special bent towards Detroit music. Special tips go towards the tracks “Acid Dream” and the vocal track “Pain.”


SIDEWINDERS, THE: Flatfoot Hustlin’ CD (JMAN 039CD) 17.00
Jazzman Records’ never-ending quest for the ultimate Holy Grail LP has encountered many precious rarities and sought-after gems on the way, and The Sidewinders’ Flatfoot Hustlin’ is no exception. Incredibly rare, so much so that it’s only become known to collectors in recent years, here is another fantastic example of top-notch funk n’ soul from the ’70s that would surely be in everybody’s record collection — if only it had been pressed in numbers and properly released! It was a bitterly cold night in Nova Scotia, Canada (of all places?!) when the Sidewinders got together in an unheated studio for a couple of days to cut Flatfoot Hustlin’, their first and only album. A professional touring band that had been on the circuit for many years, their sound was slick, solid and smooth. The recording was a wrap, a release was imminent — but then things began to go wrong. The 8-page colored booklet with previously-unpublished photographs contains detailed liner notes from Jazzman’s own exclusive interviews, revealing the story behind The Sidewinders and how this album came to be — or not, as the case may be! What certainly is the case is that Flatfoot Hustlin’ is a great-sounding rare funk album chock full of deep, soulful moments and full-on fat, funky grooves. Not to be missed!


RAINBOW ARABIA: Without You 7″ (KOM 225EP) 6.50
Kompakt presents the first single from Rainbow Arabia’s Boys And Diamonds (KOMP 088CD/KOM 217LP). “Without You” catapults their addictive jams into a new stratosphere of pop music. Tiffany Preston’s vocals cry out about loneliness with an undeniable passion that reflects Siouxsie Sioux’s finest; however, Tiffany delivers a sincerely unique talent of her own. Cascading congos meet with beaming percussion and impulsive melodies that scream dancefloor drive. The B-side features an alternative version that is just as provoking and inspiring. Hand-numbered limited edition of 500.


HECKER, TIM: Ravedeath, 1972 CD (KRANK 154CD) 13.00
“Tim Hecker’s latest work approaches a form of secular musical transcendentalism from within the battered temple of spirituality. Recorded in a church in Reykjavik, Iceland and using a pipe organ as the primary sound source, this new piece is essentially a live recording. In reality, it exists in a nether world between captured live performance and meticulous studio work, melding the two approaches to sonic artifice as a unity. It is in parts a document of air circulating within a wooden room, and also a pagan work of physical resonance within a space once reserved for the hallowed breath of the divine. While the title of the piece ‘Hatred of Music’ might be a clue, the album is also partly an attempt to confront a pervasive negativity surrounding music. Historical rituals of destroying pianos, mountains of pirated CDRs pushed by bulldozers in Eastern Europe, or the melancholy of the digital music era began as sideline motifs which quickly informed the work on this record. They also really didn’t at all. Despite that the context is wide open in such a form of musical abstraction, the substance of these immersive compositions showcases Hecker’s continued mastery of organizing sound into a visceral near entity. It is an almost physical presence that the listener feels as much as hears. This work is a significant contribution to Hecker’s oeuvre, one which spans over ten years of musical production. Ravedeath is an enigmatic document of beauty and force. The album was recorded mostly over the period of one day in July of 2010. Iceland-based musician Ben Frost assisted with the engineering and performs on this recording.”


GANG GANG DANCE: Kamakura CD (GMT 016CD) 14.00
“Gang Gang Dance define the ultimate ‘world music’ for the now, & possibly for an unknown tomorrow. Utilizing avant garde sensibilities & cut-and-paste assemblies, they approach music as pure sound. Lizzie Bougatsos’ vocals are often non-verbal communications — words as sound rather than any immediate apparent linear meaning or message. As interest grows in the indigenous music of many cultures of the Far and Middle East, especially in hybridized fusions of the familiar Western forms with local historical folk forms, so Gang Gang Dance are the logical product of an outward looking NYC in the global age: Middle Eastern percussion & keyboard stabs collide with Far Eastern instrumentation, & elements of Western pop & dance.” Limited edition of 1000.


GOWNS: Broken Bones CD (GMT 019CD) 14.00
“Gowns are a band evolving around the partnership of Erika Anderson – previously the guitar wrangler in Amps For Christ – and Ezra Buchla – ex-horror show vocalist and programmer for The Mae Shi. Gowns cast an apocalyptic net over a broad church of influences, hauling in their fractured folk songs with cracked electronics, lending their confessional lyrics the directness of a spooked grunge approach, whilst embracing their smart oscillating pop with troubled atmospherics.” Limited edition of 1000.


NADJA: Sky Burial CD (GMT 022CD) 14.00
“Crafting two lengthy slabs of crushing yet ethereal instrumental material, Nadja have once again upped expectations. Their highly unique strain of doom-infused shoegaze is little short of trance-inducing beauty.” Limited edition of 1000.


MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE: Elogia de la Sombra LP (GMT 024LP) 17.00
LP version. “Master Musicians Of Bukkake are an enchanting collective, comprising a fine pedigree of musicians from bands as diverse as Earth, Sun City Girls and Burning Witch. With an amalgam of global influences drawn from music, philosophy, mysticism, and the kitchen sink, they are difficult to pigeonhole, but this is to their credit as Master Musicians are entirely original and when they come together, the result is truly magical.”


MOVE D/SERAFIN: Anne Will/Starship Discothèque 12″ (LDLTD 002EP) 12.00
This is the second round in Liebe*Detail’s hand-picked re-release series. This time, they combine two of the most appealing, deep tracks together on a strictly-limited 12″. Move D’s “Anne Will” is a very groovy, lascivious track, oozing with a sweaty, erotic, late-night atmosphere. Serafin picks up on this theme and creates a potential soundtrack for the first Mars mission’s onboard disco. His liquid, crystal beats build an airy foundation for a spine-tingling melody.


KINK/ADAM PORT: Detunator/Stalker 12″ (LIEBE 036EP) 12.00
KiNK returns to Liebe*Detail with his second original track in a wonderfully raw and energetic jam in the true KiNK spirit! Heavy, pulsating drums cut through the deep-vibed Rhodes tones that swirl across the foreground of this atmospheric killer. Adam Port presents a sample-laden jazz houser with carefully-placed snippets of keys, vocals and mysterious, smoky vibes. Set in a cavernous, candle-lit speakeasy of the future, this grooving and rousing party cut is a serious example of Mr. Port’s promising talents.


MATHIEU, STEPHAN: Remain CD (LINE 047CD) 13.00
“Another beautiful sweeping dense work by German artist Stephan Mathieu. Original material from Janek Schaefer’s Extended Play, reprocessed by Stephan Mathieu between September 2008 and October 2010 using an entropic setup, spectral analysis and convolution processes. A companion piece to A Static Place on 12k. Stephan Mathieu (b. 1967) is a self taught composer and performer of his own music, working in the fields of electroacoustics and abstract digitala. His sound is largely based on early instruments, environmental sound and obsolete media, which are recorded and transformed by means of experimental microphony, re-editing techniques and software processes involving spectral analysis and convolution; it has been compared to the landscape paintings of Caspar David Friedrich, the work of Colorfield artists Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Ellsworth Kelly. During the last decade Stephan’s music has been released on 28 CDs and vinyl records, both solo and in collaboration with Akira Rabelais, Douglas Benford, Ekkehard Ehlers, Janek Schaefer, John Hudak and Taylor Deupree on electronic music labels worldwide. Since 1992 he performed his music live in solo shows and on festivals all over Europe, Scandinavia, North and South America and created various audio installations for galleries and museums, a glass-blowing factory, a 17th century garden, Berlin Mitte, a 19th century steel plant, parks, an arrangement of 30 Peugeots, a late antique throne hall and many other unique sites. ‘I’m a collector of 78rpm records from the 1910s and 20s, the era of acoustic and early electronic audio recording. I love the way they transport sound.'”

LUSA 24082

LUCIO, MARIO: Kreol CD (LUSA 24082) 19.00
“About his new album Kreol, Mario Lucio declares, ‘I have put my feet on three continents, slept in seven countries, worked in ten cities and covered 92,482 kilometers by plane, not to mention travel in boats, adventures in automobiles and crossings in pirogues. Spending more than six hundred hours in the studio, I feel that I’ve found the answer to what was gnawing at me. I have learned that Men are not all the same, they are similar: this similarity is the pattern that distinguishes us from one another.’ Among the album’s highlights are duets featuring Milton Nascimento, Pablo Milanes, Cesaria Evora, Toumani Diabaté (Mali), Harry Belafonte and more. The recording was filmed for a television documentary.”


CAROLA, MARCO: Play It Loud! CD (MINUS 106CD) 15.50
Legendary Italian DJ Marco Carola presents his first studio album in nine years. Play It Loud! is a massive album about groove and bass lines, a playground of drums and colorful beat textures and vocal snippets. In all his years of being a certified veteran in the world of techno — from his beginning days in Napoli in the early ’90s to his celebrated status around the world today — Carola never once lost grip on his main priority: letting the music speak for itself. Carola retains a rare sense of integrity, despite being an artist who has consistently changed the face of techno. On Play It Loud! he embraces an entirely new expansion of sounds, concepts and formats. The album is not a collection of individual singles (as unique as each may be). True to form, and an encapsulation of his incomparable expertise, the artist “born as a DJ” opted to blend all 10 previously-unreleased tracks to form one tight-knit, seamless mix. In keeping with a typical Carola DJ set, the album has a divine ability to morph and shift, bleed and punch between beats and grooves so smoothly, it’s impossible to hear when one track ends and the other begins. Play It Loud! kicks off with no restrictions, and certainly no hesitation. Jittering, building drums in the album’s “Intro” quickly construct the heavier bass-laden groove of “The Jingle,” a sonic reverie filled with a vast space of percussive layers and stuttering vocals. Sharp rhythms interlock through the divine unfolding of his mix into “Magic Tribe,” a playground of drums and colorful beat textures. The groove never loses its hold through the gripping twists and turns of “Kimbo,” and liquidly bounces through the shuffling bass line of his masterful “Lighthouse,” where around each loop lies a surprising new rhythmic element. “The Black Box” feels exactly as it sounds, teasing and throbbing with dynamic climbs into a soundworld immersed in shadows, leading into the intricate subtleties of breathy vocal hints and hand claps in “The Tool.” Melodies slowly emerge and begin to take shape through the aptly-titled “Suspense,” raising the energy to meet stomping bass weight through the wide-eyed entertainment of “One Man Show.” The album, after taking the listener to all corners and colors of the electronic spectrum, kicks into its final chapter on the all-out club-shattering closer “Freak On.” From start to finish, so many layers and beautifully subtle intricacies are hidden and tucked inside of the LP’s many narratives, if you’re not listening close enough — or loud enough — you may miss them completely.


APENDICS.SHUFFLE: I See The Morning Time 12″ (MFP 054EP) 12.00
During the last decade, Mo’s Ferry has been a welcome refuge for [a]pendics.shuffle to stop by, now with his fourth release in the baggage. “I See The Morning Time” combines an oppressive calm with a pleasant, contaminated space-atmosphere. Jeremy P. Caulfield transforms the track with his “Dark Hole Sun” remix, adding his personal melody-element but reducing the overall density of sounds. “Strung Doll” is a complex, textured track with a darker sound design that will leave you screaming for more.


COLES, MAYA JANE: Beat Faster 12″ (MOBILEE 074EP) 12.00
Maya Jane Coles is causing a stir with her memorable DJ and live sets, as well as original and unique productions. Her previous releases have reached no.1 on the Beatport Deep House Chart and no. 1 in Resident Advisor’s Top Tracks for October. This EP contains three tracks, each packed with energy, hypnotic grooves and an original flare. Maya draws influences from a very diverse range of musical sources, which is evident in this collection of excellent productions.

MO 021CD

DJ NU-MARK: Take Me With You CD (MO 021CD) 14.00
“When you’re headed out the door for your next vacation Take Me With You. This mix is intended to travel with you on your next tropical adventure to paint the musical background for your trip. I was inspired to make a mix that captures funk inspired rhythms from music I’ve collected on my tours / travels around the world. The goal of this mix is to show the rhythmic similarities between Samba, Cumbia, Calypso, Rhumba, Afro-Beat and Balkan Beats in a well-blended mix.”


DUO505: Walzer Oder Nicht CD (MORR 103CD) 14.50
This is the third album by Bernhard Fleischmann and Herbert Weixelbaum aka Duo505. Forget about lyrics to convey feelings or moods: it’s all in the music, in the melodies and harmonies. After all, these tracks don’t need words to say a whole lot. The same is true of their genesis: Bernhard Fleischmann and Herbert Weixelbaum hardly discussed any ideas or musical concepts while in the studio. Instead, these tracks simply emerged while they were playing together; the melodies grew out of a wordless conversation, an exchange of sounds and notes. This newfound collaborative spirit lies at the heart of Walzer Oder Nicht: the various tracks and layers intertwine and complement each other on a whole new level. That’s how a song like “No Mail” came about, a track whose inner logic and intricate composition manages to captivate the listener entirely. Yet, it’s not just the interlocking density that’s new, as Duo505 present a whole new set of arrangements: above all, Fleischmann and Weixelbaum added guitars to the mix, which in turn means that the Roland MC-505 is no longer the predominant element of their sound. Case in point: On the opening track “Facing It 2010,” a re-recording of a song they wrote for their debut full-length Late (MORR 046CD/LP), they hardly use electronic elements at all. This, however, doesn’t affect the fundamental nature of Duo505’s music: Walzer Oder Nicht ultimately shows that their tracks work both as acoustic and electronic versions. These recordings are somewhat reminiscent of The Velvet Underground (at their catchiest), of Yo La Tengo’s sense of melody, or the kind of ballads Brian Eno or Zach Condon are known for. Make no mistake: even though Walzer Oder Nicht certainly has its noisier moments, some Tall Dwarfs-style clank and clatter even, this album is even more thoughtful, quiet and warm-hearted than its predecessors. Walzer Oder Nicht is an album that evokes child-like enthusiasm, ease, swing, and elegance.


PSYCHIC REALITY: Vibrant New Age LP (NNF 216LP) 14.00
“Sadly (for us left coasters), in November 2010 Ms. Leyna Noel aka Psychic Reality decamped from SF to NYC, but before packing up her every worldly possession and road-tripping trans-America she eked out a sliver of precious time to hole up in the studio with Phil Manley (Trans Am, Jonas Reinhardt, etc) and recorded her long-awaited debut full-length on thick 2 inch tape. Vibrant New Age is the result. The name says it all. But Noel’s New Age is not the ’80s redux fad of healing crystals, pastel fades, dolphin consciousness, etc, but a living, electrified awakening. From the high drama drum machinery of ‘Fruit’ and ‘Expla’ to the naked, airy avant-pop of ‘Hi High’ and ‘Fanta’ through to the stuttery, mechanized power ballad finale, ‘Soft Script,’ this is Noel at her most majestic and fully realized and it’s a wild life-force to behold. Vibe the Vibrant. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with art/design by Ms Reality. Edition of 600.”


PEAKING LIGHTS: 936 CD (NNF 217CD) 12.00
“Sometimes it feels so simple: two of our favorite people in one of our favorite bands release one of our favorite records of all time. 2009’s Imaginary Falcons was its own genius slushpile of tape-hissy drift-dub haze anthems, no question, but 936 takes every facet of the Peaking Lights mighty diamond and shines it to fluorescent perfection. The songwriting is insane; ‘All The Sun That Shines,’ ‘Amazing & Wonderful,’ ‘Tiger Eyes (Laid Back),’ etc, all seep into yr mindstream and float there like melodic gold dust. Indra Dunis’ silky soul-jazz keys and tranced vocals have never sounded so exquisite, and Aaron Coyes busts out the best bass/drum loops and sneaky dub guitar of his musical lifetime. Recorded by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios in Iowa City (where both the NNF Wet Hair LPs were tracked) and mastered in Berlin, 936 retains the cool crate-digger grit of their earlier highlights, but within a much more vivid spectrum of sound. Could not be more jazzed and honored to unveil this total groove-wave classic. CD version includes two bonus tracks from the same recording sessions not chosen for inclusion on the LP. CD digipaks with vintage art by the band, plus some stills from their ‘All The Sun That Shines’ video. Edition of 500.”


PEAKING LIGHTS: 936 LP (NNF 217LP) 14.00
LP version.


501: Rise & Fall/Ultraviolet 12″ (OFFROAD 010EP) 9.00
“501 needs little introduction, with a blisteringly-hot release history on labels like Offroad, NSFW and More Than Alot. ‘Rise & Fall’ is a militant anthem, the doom-laden intro setting the scene for a rough’n’tough drop — spiralling LFOs, edgy filtered Reese samples and vibrant stabs. ‘Ultraviolet’ showcases 501’s take on edgy pop production, as soothing chords lead into a headrush build-up and powerful main hook — the probing midrange slowly twisted and distorted into ever-changing new shapes beneath the stuttering vocals.”


KROMESTAR: Jabber Jawz/Badman RIP 12″ (OGS 003EP) 9.00
“One Gun Salute is a label with a quality first ethos celebrating dubstep’s vibrant dubplate culture. Each release comes on deluxe 180g vinyl with exclusively produced and hand screened authentic yellow paper dubplate bags. Longtime dubstep contributor Kromestar brings his most heavily rinsed dubplate to the OGS table. ‘Jabber Jawz’ has been running the airwaves of Rinse for many a month with N-Type’s exclusive lockdown, the forums lit up with speculation. Here Kromestar brings the raw Croydonite steppers vibes, crashing drums lurk under pulsating lazerbass with telephone interludes letting you know exactly where Krome stands of lip flapping. On the flip ‘Badman RIP’ another revisit to the classic rinse out special.”

OM 012EP

NAUM GABO: Songs From A Great City 12″ (OM 012EP) 12.00
Naum Gabo presents two covers of two mighty Scottish acts from the late ’70s/early ’80s. Simple Minds’ “Theme For Great Cities” was originally released in 1981 — an electro-trance-funk classic, pre-dating the rave scene by about 10 years. Naum Gabo takes it, electrifies it, and turns it into a hi-fi dancefloor filler. “Wet Job” is Fingerprintz’ dirty groover from ’79, reworked into a dark disco/futuristic ride into doom. Not 1, not 2, but 3 Scottish music greats on one slinky slice of vinyl.


GLASS, PHILIP: Kepler 2CD (OMM 071CD) 38.00
“Philip Glass’ opera Kepler in many ways harkens back to Glass’ portrait operas of the early 1980s and continues the composer’s interest in scientists after having also written operas on Einstein and Galileo. The opera premiered at the Landestheater Linz in 2009 and continues the amazing 30 year collaboration between Glass and the conductor Dennis Russell Davies, the music director of both the Landestheater Linz and its orchestra, the Bruckner Orchester. Kepler marks a refreshing return to large scale symphonic writing for the opera house. It is a musical dedication to the life of this great scientist — exploring both his triumphs and his human flaws. As Glass states, ‘Kepler was a man with his mind in the clouds and his feet in the mud.’ Taken from live performances in 2010 during its extensive run in Linz, this is the world premiere recording. It is sung in German and Latin and contains the full libretto with English translation in the deluxe two disc digipack.”

OMM 7004CD

BIELAWA, LISA: Chance Encounter CD (OMM 7004CD) 19.00
“Chance Encounter was co-conceived by world-renowned soprano Susan Narucki and composer Lisa Bielawa, Rome Prize winning composer and long-time member of the Philip Glass Ensemble. The work’s libretto is comprised entirely of utterances that Bielawa overheard over the course of a full year of travel, in transient public spaces around the world. These captured phrases are organized into four song-arias.”

OMM 7006CD

BACHMANN, MARIA: Glass Heart CD (OMM 7006CD) 19.00
“Maria Bachmann is heard here in a recital that features the world premiere recording of Philip Glass’ Sonata for Violin and Piano (2008) which was written for her. The recital also includes Schubert’s mighty Sonata in A major, and Ravel’s Sonate posthume. Jon Klibonoff is Bachmann’s accompanist. The duo won the 2010 Samuel Sanders Collaborative Artists award given by the Classical Recording Foundation.”


STEFFI: Yours & Mine CD (OSTGUT 016CD) 15.50
On the debut album by Berlin-based Dutch DJ/producer Steffi, you will discover an even further developed producer who shares her personal journey. A long period of intense experimentation and self-discovery led to this sensitive, instinctive and extremely insightful long-player. Carefully mixing old and new, warm analog synth and drum textures flow in unison with modern studio finesse over nine tracks, each telling its own story. Ethereal, hypnotic passages and positive, uplifting messages meet temperate, slow-building vibes and heart-wrenching moments. Often, simplicity blurs into satisfying complexity. Moments of sheer joy arise against the backdrop of a rich and elegantly-controlled exploration of sound. The opening track “Lilo” is a soothing, harmonious forecast of this deep dance music album; swirling, and reduced. A warm solid state thump drives it however, and it becomes clear that the beauty in Steffi’s house music lies in this meeting of classic, emotion-drenched melodies and bold, earthy drums. The tactile “Piem” rises and climbs with a strong late-night intensity before “Yours” featuring Virginia comes to the fore. Striking a clever balance between positive, addictive pop and straight-up club energy, this vocal-led future-classic is a loud and proud testament to how far Steffi has come — not only as a producer, but as a DJ who understands the need for balance, control and release. Perhaps an ode to the many foundations of house that have no doubt inspired Steffi, “Arms” is a string-led jack track, a slow burner in the best sense, and all the better for it. Similarly, “Manic Moods” sells itself on the strength of its handful of carefully-crafted analog synth lines, slowly fusing to become one while her beats urge us forward. The urgent, sci-fi tones and extended, soaring strings of “Mine” bring it back to the club as heady images of warehouses past, present and future flash before you. This retro-futurism is then taken further with the muscular “Nightspacer,” whose NY house roots are fleshed out by blossoming pads and an unstoppable, throbbing, traveling vibe. Drawing the album towards its close, the deeply spaced “You Own My Mind,” featuring Virginia’s beautifully smooth vocals, washes over and wraps around you in a melancholic blanket of sound. Deeply personal to the last, “Moving Lips” could be that special last embrace; one more moment to end the night and yet keep you longing for more.


ELLIOTT, RYAN: Rocksteady EP 12″ (OSTGUT 044EP) 12.00
Detroit’s Ryan Elliott is a recognized force on the international DJ circuit — yet his productions are few and far between. Now relocated to Berlin, the new Berghain resident contributed his track “Abatis” to the Fünf anniversary compilation, setting the tone with dark and brooding techno undercurrents. These two new tracks bring Ryan’s production skills to the fore; both slow-burning and refined recordings that show off his love for bass-line-led, straight-forward club tools.

PT 2002LP

VA: Luk Thung: Classic & Obscure 78s From The Thai Countryside LP (PT 2002LP) 18.50
Fourteen outstanding funky performances of Thai country groove music from the 1950s and early 1960s. All previously un-reissued, carefully transferred and mastered from the original 78rpm records and presented with detailed full-color liner notes. Luk Thung is the down home, funky “Country Music” of Thailand that blossomed as rural Thais migrated to Bangkok for work in the 1950s and 1960s. Luk Thung evolved out of a complex stew of traditional folk styles and international influences. Wild accordions and Latin horn sections mingle with Thai hand drums and finger cymbals, while exquisite vocalists swagger and sing stories about life’s struggles. For fans of the Sublime Frequencies’ Molam and Thai Pop Spectacular series, as well as the Thai Beat A Go-Go LPs on Subliminal sounds, Luk Thung: Classic & Obscure 78s From The Thai Countryside is the missing piece of the puzzle: the origins, the home-spun, country roots behind the electric movements to come. All of the selections here are reissued for the first time for English audiences, with six pages of full-color illustrated notes and the typical attention to detail and ability to make the past present that audiences expect from Dust-to-Digital and Parlortone CDs and LPs. Compiled by David Murray, with notes by Peter Doolan. Murray is a 78rpm collector and the curator of Haji Maji, a blog dedicated to Asian music from the 78 rpm era. He also plays Greek Rebetika music, is a fiddler for the old-time Squirrelly Stringband, and is a graphic designer. Peter Doolan spent the last year in Bangkok researching the music of Thailand. He shares his passion for Thai music through his blog Monrakplengthai: Enchanting Sounds of Thailand. Pressed on high quality vinyl with a full-color cover featuring Thai 78rpm record sleeve graphics, and a full-color 6-page illustrated fold-out insert with extensive liner notes and photos.


CURD, JAMES: Open Up Your Mind (feat. Devin Byrnes) 12″ (PERMVAC 072EP) 12.00
“Open Up Your Mind” is one of those great funk-inspired house tracks for which James Byrnes is famous for, featuring Devin Byrnes on the mic, who delivers a killer spoken word performance that will stick in your head like chewing gum under your school desk.


LES RALLIZES DENUDES: Great White Wonder 4CD BOX (ASHBOX 001CD) 57.00
Originally released in 2006 on the Univive label, Phoenix Records presents this highly-collectable, numbered limited edition 4CD box set of three live gigs spanning 1974-1977 and one bonus disc of live material from a 1980 gig of legendary Japanese rock outfit Les Rallizes Dénudés. The group was formed in 1967 and incredibly, for a group that had only one official release (Oz Days Live, a double vinyl compilation release in 1973), played their last gig almost 30 years later in October 1996. As news of new rock music made it to Japan from the UK and the USA — mostly via rock magazines and music papers, with most LPs tough to find even on import — something was lost in translation in Japan that allowed it to mutate well beyond its original remit. Rallizes took rock music at its word while envisioning it as both unnecessarily complicated and too stupid by far. In doing so, they formulated an inspirational blueprint that would go on to have a marked effect on everything that came after them in Japanese underground music. It’s a music that’s as loose as it is uptight, as sophisticated as it is punk-primitive, as radical as it is simplistic. Digitally remastered. Includes a booklet with liner notes.


BLACK EAGLE CHILD: Lobelia CD (PRE 031CD) 15.50
The Preservation label presents the debut full-length album from Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Black Eagle Child. Black Eagle Child is the guise for guitarist Michael Jantz. Jantz has previously released an expansive body of work, sprawling across some of the most notable underground labels of the current day, including Stunned, Housecraft and Digitalis. His solo recordings work a realm of exploratory zones for guitar that touch on the discordant, psychedelic and pastoral, while also deploying varied percussion and field recordings for texture and rhythm. That journey continues with Lobelia, though in its expansive scope, it’s played for pure songcraft and resonant beauty. Lobelia can take a breezy pace but is deep with feeling throughout. Glistening pieces such as “Paper Delivery” unravel with an unashamedly wistful air, warmly redolent of the day’s wake, while others such as “Goodbye House” cast starrier atmospheres and a more mysterious kind of grace in their way. It’s the perfect combination for a work that reflects on Jantz’s growing up in the rural idylls surrounding Lake Michigan. The album’s title comes from the name of a native flower Jantz’s mother would use as a cure-all remedy when he was younger. Coming full circle now, Jantz has recently seen the birth of his own, child, a daughter. It’s her cooing on “I Forgot” that Jantz uses as another texture in weaving together a meditative portrait of family and the environs that can make it at once both unique and universal. Rounded off by the rustic banjo of “Families Get Together,” these poignant, sometimes sepia-tinted pieces place a gentle eye on the future. Sweet and enigmatic, Lobelia finds a musical place befitting of such an ideal. It is as evocative as it is lovely. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. New Preservation standard packaging of slimline raw finish cardboard.


CICCIOLI, JORGE: Jawa 12″ (RRY 043EP) 12.00
Jorge Ciccioli is not a newbie anymore, he remixed Kleinschmager Audio’s “Audio3” for Rrygular. Now, he delivers his first techno-stomper. Although with full focus on the dancefloor, “Jawa” doesn’t need any stereotypical offbeat-emphasis but throws around percussion in semi-quavers. On the flip side, there’s no time for you to relax! The hypnotic “Winter Solstice” remix by Tim Xavier really knocks your socks off.

RVNG 004.5EP

HISTORICS: Infinidelity Part 3 12″ (RVNG 004.5EP) 11.00
“Infinidelity pt. 3 closes out our 12″ series with two monstrous remixes. UK remix maven and recent Strut Records mix maker Leo Zero turns ‘Skin Orders’ into a sprawling, eight minute mix of rapid fire drum patterns akin to ‘Bombs Over Baghdad’ and odyssey-like, Garcia-inspired guitar work by Crow of Mountain of One. Canadian producer Andrew Allsgood’s take on ‘Two Tons’ stomps away with a heavy kick, congo-laden percussion, and fuzzed out bass line oscillating into a cosmic cataclysm and refrain. This remix fits in nicely with Allsgood’s classic 12″ for History Clock and features additional production by Worst Friends. Complete the Infinidelity series with this final chapter. Infinidelity was mastered by Graeme Durham at The Exchange. Each 12″ comes in an extremely limited edition of 300 copies, absolutely stunning artwork by Mark McCoy.”


BUMP: 2 LP (SHAD 133LP) 42.00
500 numbered LP, heavy sleeve, 180 gram pressing, with insert. “BUMP 2 (the unreleased second album) was recorded in 1971, just a year later after the debut album, also on Pioneer Records and also produced by Gary A. Rubin. Paul Lupien – organ / George Runyan – bass, vocals / Alan Goldman – guitar / Jerome Charles Greenberg – drums, recorded 8 great tracks which never came out so far. We could even use the original artwork. This is a fantastic prog / psychedelic monster LP, a mixture of dreamy organ psych with heavy fuzz bluster, very much like CA Quintet. Ghostly swirly organs, burning rough guitars, sound effects, fuzz/wahwah guitars, trippy lysergic vocals and great melodies. A killer album from start to end.”


LES GOTHS: Rêve de Silence LP (SHAD 134LP) 42.00
Numbered edition of 500, heavy sleeve, 180 gram pressing, with 2-sided insert. Originally released in 1968. “Here is the other great surprise. The unreleased album recorded for EMI France of Les Goths. They have released only 2 rare singles for EMI: I Remember / Turn Over and Le jour était gris / Out Of The Sun in 1968. The band: Gino Frascone – guitar & vocals / Bruno Frascone – drums & vocals / Bernard Faucher – bass & vocals recorded a complete 10 track album, which we are proud to release for the first time. Les Goths’ 2 singles became cult status in France. The music influence was Cream and Jimi Hendrix and the guitar parts reminds us of Randy Holden. This French psychedelic band from Normandie is perhaps one of the best albums from that time ever recorded in France. Every track just right and a great honor to have it on Shadoks Music. French and English lyrics. Incredible heavy psych from France!”


TANAKA, FUMIYA: Fur Elodie 12″ (SND 002EP) 12.00
“Fur Elodie” features guitar and piano — rustic and quite comfortable — an atmospheric tune to hypnotize people into Fumiya’s deeper side. The original version is on 2008’s Unknown 3. “Ring Bell” combines an acoustic loopy drum with a modular bass to form a kind of rare groove. A chant takes you somewhere you have never been before. “Dealer Trick (Short Version)” has an old school flavor and sounds like ’90s house with a dirty, cheeky, loopy groove.

TR 194CD

DAVENPORT, BART: Searching For Bart Davenport CD (TR 194CD) 17.00
Bart Davenport releases an album of cover songs dear to his heart. Davenport grew up in California, devoured his hippie parents’ vinyl collection, and learned to play guitar at 8 years old. He was the frontman for The Loved Ones and The Kinetics. His first solo album Bart Davenport came out in 2002. He has toured with Kings Of Convenience and opened for many of his heroes, including Arthur Lee, Robyn Hitchcock, Jonathan Richman and John Lee Hooker. His second solo album Game Preserve came out in 2003 and Maroon Cocoon followed in 2005. The absolutely brilliant Palaces came out in 2008. Bart is also the singer of Honeycut. One of California’s coolest songwriter/performers, this is a totally fab collection of tracks. “At the turn of the century I found myself at a crossroads, transforming from axe-less frontman into solo voyager. I clearly was a singer already but I also wanted to write. I spent days, months, years cocooning, trying to become a songwriter. Time flew by, and eventually I re-emerged with a handful of decent tunes and lyrics. I’ve been fortunate to have so many friends around, musicos who’ve helped me record those little gems. I’ve performed on what feels like a thousand stages and often, out of pragmatism, I’m alone up there. Also, along the way, I’ve taken to performing the songs of my heroes. That these cover versions should fit so seamlessly into one of my sets could be seen as living proof of just how derivative my own music is. If that’s true, I’m not bothered by it. In performance, I tend to forget which ones are mine and which ones are theirs. I forget where the songwriter ends and the singer begins. Or perhaps I’ve been trying subconsciously to reveal my influences for a long, long time.” Searching For Bart Davenport is the musical chronicle of an artist seeking his soul with words from others made into his own. Songs by Broadcast, Kings Of Convenience, Caetano Veloso, Sandycoates, The Incredible String Band, Bridget St. John, Love/Arthur Lee, David Byrne, Bert Jansch, Jackson C. Frank, The Changes, and Gil Scott-Heron.

TR 194LP

DAVENPORT, BART: Searching For Bart Davenport LP (TR 194LP) 17.00
LP version with free download code.

TR 203EP

PIXIE CARNATION: Speed Up Your Heart 7″ (TR 203EP) 7.00
Here are two tracks from Pixie Carnation — new proof from Sweden’s deep South that the Nordic beat goes on. Formed in Sweden’s third city Malmö by childhood friends Tobias Hellkvist and Ola Pålsson, this single includes one track off of their debut full-length The New World Record (TR 201CD/LP). These two gems boast open tunings, string arrangements and classic rock influences.


ILLUM SPHERE: Dreamstealin’ 12″ (TEC 047EP) 11.00
Manchester’s Illum Sphere makes his debut for Tectonic with two killer cuts that set new directions for the post-dubstep generation. “Dreamstealin'” is a powerful, twisted track that soundtracks enormous alien machinery grinding into action. “Blood Music” features silky melodic lines over heavily grooved, rolling beats with a friendly nod to Burial with its post-club come-down. Indigo’s remix pushes into a ghostly new incarnation with swooping bass and more broken, fragile beats. DJ support from Pinch, Martyn, Distance, Appleblim and many more.

WIRE 325

WIRE, THE: #325 March 2011 MAG (WIRE 325) 8.50
“On the cover of this month’s issue: Theo Parrish (The sound-sculpting Detroit DJ ties knots in the timelines of black music history with his 12″ re-edits and freefloating rhythms). Features: Mizz Beats (The East London producer and beatmaker signals the return of geek chic); Natalie Beridze (Tbilisi’s silicon songsmith makes electronic songs of tears and forgetting); Cross Platform: Lundahl & Seitl (The Swedish art duo’s performances manipulate the audience’s perceptions); Global Ear: Burkina Faso (Saxophonist and composer Trevor Watts travels to Bobo and Fada with his multinational 11 Songs project); Invisible Jukebox: Michel Chion (The French electronic composer and writer enters the acousmatic chamber with The Wire’s mystery record selection); Alternative Cambridge (Matthew Ingram takes a punt on the university town’s freaky underground collective: Pete Um, The Dooze, Nochexxx and The Man From Uranus); David Bedford (From Kevin Ayers and Mike Oldfield to The Wreck Of The Titanic, the British composer’s cosmic orchestrations continue to shine); Epiphanies (Nina Power is rescued from a rural teenage wasteland by Fugazi’s Red Medicine).”


GLACIER: Juneau 12″ (TTGI 001EP) 12.00
Here are three organic, icy, melodic tech-house tracks written and produced by Pier Bucci and Crazy Larry aka Glacier.

TSQ 2547LP

DAVIS, NICK JONAH: Of Time And Tides: Guitar Recordings Vol. II LP (TSQ 2547LP) 14.00
“Nick Jonah Davis is a guitarist from Nottingham, England. His early blues rock leanings led to the discovery of prewar blues, as well as modal British folk. Nick steadily absorbed these influences over many years of solitary improvisation. The post-Takoma acoustic guitar solo scene has provided a context for Nick’s music, which might otherwise have remained a private endeavour. Live, Nick has shared bills in the UK and USA with the likes of James Blackshaw, Alasdair Roberts, Jozef van Wissem, Max Ochs, Ellen Mary McGee and Eric Carbonara. Nick first ventured into the studio to record his brief album Guitar Recordings Vol 1, one of UNCUT/Wild Mercury Sound’s Top 100 Albums of 2009. Of Time and Tides is his more expansive second release, featuring evocative solo performances on 6 and 12 string guitar, as well as duets with guitarist Will Phipps and pianist Ed Earl.”


ANANDA, GABRIEL: Love Attack 12″ (TREIB 095EP) 12.00
After his legendary single Coconut Blues, Gabriel Ananda is back on Treibstoff. “Love Attack” has Ananda-typical earthy grooves. Strings lead to an organic bass line and take you on an emotional trip. “Open Up” is a very tricky piece of techno that develops an incredible suction. For the remix of “Open Up,” Treibstoff hired Till Krüger who leaves the original sounds with a mood that recalls the dub-work of the legendary Gas project by Wolfgang Voigt.


DEAF CENTER: Owl Splinters CD (TYPE 080CD) 14.50
It’s hard to believe that six years have gone by since Deaf Center’s Pale Ravine hit the shelves. In the time that’s passed, the distinct melodies of Norwegians Erik Skodvin and Otto Totland have become almost synonymous with a specific shard of mysterious imagery so it feels high time that the duo should return to add a new next chapter to their shadowy story. In contrast to Skodvin and Totland’s previous work, Owl Splinters was recorded in a studio setting (Nils Frahm’s Durton studio, to be exact), and the lo-fidelity, haphazard techniques of their early recordings are now all but gone. With the benefit of some high-end engineering and analog equipment, Skodvin and Totland’s murky compositions have been transformed from sketches into glorious widescreen spectacles. The blackened, scraping tone of Skodvin’s strings ring out on the album’s opener “Divided” before seismic bass drones push up from beneath with a cacophonous, earthy clarity. This is the same Deaf Center we fell in love with all those years ago, but bigger and more powerful than ever before. Between these epic compositions, the two musicians take time to give their own solo instruments the time to breathe — Totland on the piano and Skodvin on the cello. These small vignettes are crucial to the overall narrative of Owl Splinters, allowing a crack of sunlight through the oppressively bleak atmosphere. Everything slots into place on the album’s centerpiece “The Day I Would Never Have” — piano and cello tumble into each other, forming a dense, affecting cloud of sound. Echoes of half-remembered horror movies, love songs and the dark arts come together in a Norwegian cauldron to reveal something that at its heart is deeply moving and beautiful. Deaf Center are back, and Owl Splinters might just be their most defining statement to date.


DEAF CENTER: Owl Splinters LP+CD (TYPE 080LP) 21.00
LP version. Includes a bonus CD of new interpretations of the album from Erik Skodvin’s Svarte Greiner project.


JAZKAMER: Chestnut Thornback Tar LP+CD (TYPE 081LP) 21.00
This is a vinyl-only release that comes with a bonus CD — a 75-minute mix tape of sorts made by Jazkamer from elements of their 2010 series of releases. As Norway’s premier noise troupe, Lasse Marhaug and John Hegre’s Jazkamer project has a certain status to uphold. Rather than resting on their well-earned laurels, Marhaug and Hegre keep a grueling schedule of shows and an even more grueling schedule of releases, which has culminated recently in an ambitious album-a-month series running throughout 2010. While the concept itself is now fairly well-worn, what has astonished this time around is the sheer quality the duo has managed to keep up while flitting from genre to genre with the utmost of ease. Chestnut Thornback Tar was originally the May 2010 installment of the Jazkamer subscription series, and the record that perhaps best sums up the band’s wide reach. The album creeps to life with a molten guitar drone well worthy of comparison to Dylan Carlson’s molasses-slow compositions. Through wailing sheets of white noise, thick, sustained tones push their way through the track’s 20-minute duration, giving the post-millennial drone pretenders more than enough to think about. “Sentimental Journey” feels less like a statement of intent and more like the underlining of a genre that might be well-trodden, but is rarely done with this Zen-like attention to detail. Even this, however, gives little indication of the frothy, hyperactive noise the remaining tracks extol. With a Sissy Spacek-influenced jump cut style, Marhaug, Hegre and their collaborators Nils Are Drønen and Jean-Philippe Gross pummel their way through the back-rooms of metal clubs everywhere, rupturing veins with splattercore drums, burbling noise and screaming feedback. Chestnut Thornback Tar might not be for the faint of heart, but you’d struggle to find a more rewarding collection of intense, metal-drenched experimental noise.

VF 001LP

JULIUS, ORLANDO: And The Afro Sounders LP (VF 001LP) 20.00
LP version. “When Nigerian afro beat comes to mind, the name that typically comes to mind is Fela Kuti. But for true enthusiasts of the genre, composer and band leader Orlando Julius is held in the same regard as his more famous colleague. By the mid-60s, Julius had already established himself as a bona fide star in Nigeria, becoming highly popular for his ability to marry traditional African rhythms with the bold arrangements and highly melodic sounds of American pop, soul, funk and R&B. Orlando Julius and the Afro Sounders, recorded between 1970 and 1973 in Ginger Baker’s studio in Lagos, represents Julius working as a composer and producer with more creative freedom than his earlier recordings, recording 24 tracks with a close-knit group of musicians. The result is an album that stands as a testament to Julius’ genius, and one that sounds just as good as the day it was recorded.” Includes a 12-page booklet of rare photos and liner notes.

WORLD 468108

DIABATE, MAMADOU: Courage CD (WORLD 468108) 19.00
“On his fifth album, Courage, Mamadou Diabate carves out a new direction. A departure from the traditional melodies on his previous album, these contemporary pieces highlight his versatility as a composer and affirm his place as one of the finest kora players living in the world today. He is accompanied here by a five piece band recorded in Bamako, Mali. His previous solo effort, Douga Mansa, took home a 2009 Grammy Award in the category of Best Traditional World Music.”

WET 1016EP

NEUROTIC DRUM BAND: U Got Me Dancin’ 12″ (WET 1016EP) 12.00
The Neurotic Drum Band struck gold with the monster piano anthem “Robotic Hypnotic Adventure,” a remarkable piece of music which found its way into the sets of discerning DJs such as James Murphy, Aeroplane and Agoria, amongst countless others. “U Got Me Dancin'” features vocals by Cole Williams of That’s My Cole and Great Weekend, in a wild duet with Neurotic’s resident robot. Shimmering pianos glide over a tough rhythm section, and you can’t help but sing along.


WHITEHOUSE: Electronics CD (ZKR 007CD) 15.50
William Bennett is one of the great pioneers of noise and industrial music. His influential project Whitehouse has become a worldwide reference. The music on this CD and the arrangements by Reinhold Friedl were worked out in close collaboration with William Bennett and the Zeitkratzer musicians. The compositions are short, very clear, and have an unbelievable impact, with precisely-defined harsh sounds. This music is an adventurous journey into the amplified acoustic noise of musical instruments. This project would not have been possible without the experience of Zeitkratzer in noise and sound music; for example, in their collaborations with Merzbow, Lou Reed, Zbigniew Karkowski or Keiji Haino. This CD is one of the most concentrated and cleanly-presented noise works Zeitkratzer has ever offered. All music recorded at Festival Les Musiques GMEM Marseille, France, May 14, 2009. Musicians include: Frank Gratkowski (clarinets), Matt Davis (trumpet), Hilary Jeffery (trombone), Reinhold Friedl (piano), Rhodri Davies (harp), Maurice De Martin (drums, percussion), Burkhard Schlothauer (violin), Anton Lukoszevieze (violoncello), Ulrich Phillipp (double bass), Ralf Meinz (sound).


LUCIER, ALVIN: Old School CD (ZKR 011CD) 15.50
Alvin Lucier is one of the most outstanding American minimalists — he could be called a sound physician and his compositions regarded as acoustic research settings. Often, his pieces turn inside-out the inner properties of the room they are played in and the instrument that they are played on. Zeitkratzer had the chance to work with the composer in Dijon, France in 2008, and continued to work on and to program his music in different places. The Philharmonie in Luxembourg turned out to be the ideal space for recording. On this CD, you can hear how Lucier enables Zeitkratzer to create sounds most people have never heard before. Ringing overtones, a singing piano, a thrilling concert triangle, pencils on little objects, and how irritating a violoncello, a viola and a piano can sound together, creating sonic interferences. This music is not only a physical phenomenology, but becomes inherently a sensual listening experience. Directed by Reinhold Friedl. Musicians include: Burkhard Schlothauer (violin, viola, objects), Anton Lukoszevieze (violoncello, objects), Uli Phillipp (objects), Reinhold Friedl (piano, objects), Maurice de Martin (triangle, objects), Frank Gratkowski (objects), Hayden Chisholm (objects), Matt Davis (objects), Hilary Jeffery (objects) and Ralf Meinz (sound).

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