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4M 188LP

ST. JOHN, BRIDGET: Ask Me No Questions LP (4M 188LP) 17.00
“Her first classic album originally released in 1969 on John Peel’s legendary Dandelion Records. A wholly acoustic, almost wholly solo folk affair like a female Nick Drake or Nico recording a folk album. A calm, beautiful and somewhat melancholic batch of songs sung in that sunny low register always associated with Bridget make up this beautiful but criminally forgotten debut album. John Martyn adds second guitar and backing vocals while John Peel serves as producer. A magnificent sound picture of pastoral England.” 180 gram vinyl.


POTAGE, MICHEL: Occupé LP (ALGA 035LP) 30.00
“alga marghen presents one of the treasures of the French avant scene of the 1970s, published now for the first time. An ideal parallel to Jac Berrocal’s cult LP Paralleles, the realization of these pieces, recorded by Daniel Deshays and produced by d’Avantage in 1977 that also conceived a very elaborate sleeve design, was mysteriously discontinued making this record one of the lost jewels of the French underground. Together with Michel Potage (voice and various instruments) and Jac Berrocal (trumpet, valve trombone, tibetal oboe, percussions), the same ensemble that recorded Berrocal’s Paralleles, or Pierre Bastien of Nu Creative Methods fame (bass, Tibetan reed instruments, trumpet, voice), the father of French free jazz Bernard Vitet (bugle, trumpet, reed instruments, violin, voice), Roger Ferlet (trumpet, slide trombone, voice), Claude Parle (accordion, reed instruments, voice), Françoise Achard (voice, chant, lao mouth organ, balano, rainstick), the legendary producer and sound engineer Daniel Deshays (voice), poet Jean-Marie Gibbal (voice) and a Ford Break (engine, speed, brakes, light, etc.), everyone is here following Michel Potage’s vision and enters into a magic sound territory. Michel Potage was co-founder with Berrocal of the d’Avantage label in 1976, he played in the first Catalogue band (with Jac Berrocal and Jean-François Pauvros), a performer close to Julian Beck’s Living Theatre on one side and to James Chance’s no-wave Contortions on the other, musique concrete avant-gardist and poet of destroyed lyricism. After 3 years of collaboration in close connection with the author, alga marghen conceived a new layout with original photos of the recording sessions and proudly co-released this production with d’Avantage. The sound was restored from the original masters by Daniel Deshays. Edition limited to 385 copies, including an LP-size 8-page booklet with complete lyrics and photos from the recording session.” Gatefold sleeve.


TAZARTES, GHEDALIA: Granny Awards LP (ALGA 036LP) 27.00
“alga marghen was the first label to issue on CD the 4 record LPs that Ghedalia Tazartes privately produced between the late 1970s and early 1980s, therefore contributing to the diffusion of this music among the new generations. At the same time Ghedalia Tazartes’ music defined the high standard level of the alga marghen label in its early days. These great recordings are still available in their original CD editions and no surprise that alga marghen has now the privilege to bring you the pleasure of listening to a previously unpublished LP recently discovered in the artist’s archives. Side 1 features ‘Ferme ta gueule, Zarathustra’ (i.e. ‘Shut Up, Zarathustra’) a long track constructed by several fragments recorded in the early 1980s that would have later composed, with different editings, some of the best parts of ‘Une eclipse totale de soleil’. On side 2 we find five shorter tracks titled ‘Whatever’, ‘Works’, ‘Singing’, ‘Wild’, ‘My Rock Ghedalia’. Recorded in the artist’s own studio in his anhydridic Paris, these pieces are based on materials pre-dating Ghedalia Tazartes first LP Diasporas and were re-elaborated in the early 1980s to be included in this lost work of art. Ghedalia Tazartes is a nomad. The author and his doubles work without a net, freely connecting the sounds, the rhythms, his voice, his voices. He is also one of the most original artists in the sonic art scene. In these last years when cheap low-level editions are produced by kitsch-on-demand labels which can nothing but copy, falsificate and propose expensive tasteless boxsets, alga marghen brings you the ‘original’ edition of this wonderful music. Edition limited to 450 copies.”


BRIKHA, ARIL: Deeparture In Time – Revisited 2CD (AOV 001CD) 21.00
Now a new star of deep techno, Stockholm’s Aril Brikha went on tour with his live show playing all over the world, including the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and clubs like Fabric, Air, and Yellow, and hasn’t stopped doing so ever since. As one of the most innovative producers from Europe, he went on to release the club-hit EP Winter on Kompakt, and more releases on Poker Flat followed. In the summer of 2007, his long-awaited album follow-up was released by Peacefrog — a classic Detroit techno/house longplayer, with elements from his previous productions. Deeparture In Time – Revisited is released in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of his 1999/2000 album on Transmat. This also kicks off his own label, Art Of Vengeance. Next to the remastered originals from Deeparture In Time, the release features a second CD with 10 previously-unreleased tracks that were created between 1995 and 1999. All of them time travel you to the ’90s, with a sound still prevalent in modern productions, as pure as can be. This one’s for the lovers of early Detroit techno with that unique Aril Brikha twist, and all those who’d like to discover it: One Chord To Rule Them All.


VA: Thai? Dai! CD (BMS 029CD) 15.50
The Heavier Side Of The Luk Thung Underground. “It’s possibly a misnomer to label music recorded outside of the USA or Europe with terms such as ‘psyche’ or ‘surf’ as it is often just a stylistic innovation based on exposure to foreign records via the radio or music stores. It doesn’t necessarily chime in with any of the social shifts or changes that accompanied the music’s development in the West. Even in America, the concept of teen culture was relatively new during the height of these genres popularity. People who could afford to take advantage of these new freedoms often had the financial cushioning to do so. This factor was amplified in South East Asia, and the music shouldn’t be considered nationally representative – it’s a more scaled down phenomenon, relevant to a small cross-section of society. By the same token, this wasn’t just bland copycat music to widen a band’s audience, or to entertain expat patrons in bars or clubs. This was a sincere desire to experiment and repackage local sounds without necessarily needing to make a statement. The musical information was processed and partially recast amidst a blend of local music and arrangements, transposed onto drums, electric bass, guitar and keyboards. Although in the mid-70s there was a wider protest movement in Thailand that found it’s musical outlet in the ‘songs for life’ of Caravan and Carabao, the music collected here was not part of the same aesthetic, although it’s possible there was some musical overspill. The styles featured on this compilation fall somewhere between Luk Thung (‘song of the countryside’) and Luk Krung (‘song of the city’). Bangkok was a particular melting pot for the evolution of these two genres, the former alluding to musical themes and lyrics aimed at the wider national population, the latter looking westwards with a more urban ‘sophisticated’ audience in mind. The tracks here were experimentations or dice rolling by both little known groups, as well as established figures like Plearn Promdan. Some tracks might represent a specific artist’s only foray into this musical area. Even within Thailand the majority of these tunes remain unissued, so it’s with great pleasure that we present this glimpse of the strange underbelly of Thai Luk Thung in all its unique, original and outlandish glory – a small snapshot of an otherwise forgotten era.” Compiled by Chris Menist & Andy Votel with Maft Sai (of the ZudRangMa label).


VOZMEDIANO: There’s A Light EP 12″ (BAO 027EP) 12.00
Be As One is proud to welcome Vozmediano, a fresh Spanish wonder who delivers two house-meets-techno cuts. There is also a superb remix by Detroit techno legend Rolando. “Ritual De Fe” has a house march with an ethnic touch, where over rolling techno beats are bells, tools, and chants that bring a powerful energy to the floor. “There’s A Light” has a blissful feel — its mellow and hypnotizing melody over a smooth groove will make this a favorite.


BENTON: Sinners/Necromancy 10″ (BOXCL 004EP) 9.00
“The next wave of Croydonites are coming through, spearheaded by the hotly-tipped producer Benton, protégé of Rinse FM’s DJ N-type. ‘Sinners’ is a brutal, skulking slice of halfstep, employing dread techniques on an industrial palette of sounds to evoke a harsh, bleak audioscape. Hard-smacking snares, punchy bass hits and grinding atmospherics all come together to create a stone cold killer track. ‘Necromancy’ on the flip is a depth charge ready to strike in murky waters.”


SHADOW DANCER: Murder Room 12″ (BNR 055EP) 12.00
Paul Farrier aka Shadow Dancer is back with 4 diverse songs for all you cool DJs. “Catmoves” is a great mix of modern disco and house. “Parallax” is an epic disco-tech song which will remind you of how good those old Legowelt tracks were. On “Murder Room,” Paul delivers a groovy dancefloor track, full of little sounds to brainwash ravers. “Lo Fighters” is an unreleased Shadow Dancer song from 1999 — classic pre-millennium electro with a robot vocoder voice.


KINK: Leko/Yako 12″ (BRK 001EP) 12.00
Sergej and Pytzek from Croatia’s well-known club Sirup have started a label called Burek. The first release is from Strahil Velchev aka KiNK. Leko/Yako finds KiNK trying to step away from common club-oriented production and present himself in a totally different light. “Yako,” especially, is a dance mutant somewhere between speed garage, house, rave and dubstep that rips the dancefloor apart. Includes a remix by Pytzek & Homeboy and a dub version by Duckbeats.


FERREYRA, ERNESTO: El Paraiso De Las Tortugas Remixes 12″ (CADENZA 058EP) 14.00
Born in Argentina, Ernesto Ferreyra has since called such diverse locations as Mexico City, Montreal, Berlin, and Ibiza home at one time or another. His performance schedule both as a DJ, solo live act, and as half of the celebrated duo Chic Miniature with Guillaume Coutu-Dumont has been hectic enough. Things aren’t likely to slow down anytime soon. Here is the remix EP of El Paraiso De Las Tortugas, including a remix from Luciano and Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts.


GUMMIHZ: Songs From The Continents 12″ (CLAAP 002EP) 12.00
The second release on Claap appeals to those who enjoy mixing long transitions and like to create moments during their DJ set. Songs From The Continents features two wonderful musical collages, inspired by the favorite findings of label-head GummiHz in world music. Loose percussion, hypnotizing xylophones, guitars and singing voices take you on a trip into the beautiful soundscapes of the African continent. Both tracks also feature elements of field recordings which Alex has collected throughout the years.

CY 001LP

Two sides of rare material from these Turkish psych bands. Mogollar was featured on QDK’s Love, Peace & Poetry – Turkish Psychedelic Music (QDK 047CD). Siluetler’s side opens with “Lorke Lorke,” previously comped on Bacchus Archives Hava Narghile: Turkish Rock Music 1966 To 1976. “Early works of legendary Mogollar, winner of Academie Charles Cross in 1971… These tracks, some in English, show first experiments of their distinctive style of Anadolu Pop which would later become a local mainstream. Incorporating Mogollar’s Murat Ses, and Turkey’s very early — yet unfortunately late — glam rock guitar hero Mesut Aytunca, Siluetler has only one LP in its short musical career. This selection captures them in their most energetic and glowing state.”


LUNDVALL, TOR: The Seasons Unfold 4CD BOX (DAIS 019CD) 31.00
“This release contains Tor Lundvall’s three epic original Winter, Spring, and Summer albums Ice, The Mist, and Under The Shadows Of Trees remastered, repackaged, and with 10 unheard bonus tracks across all three. Also included is the new Autumn collection, Turning — which features the ambient tracks from ‘Autumn Calls’ plus six unreleased pieces and alternate mixes recorded between 1992 and 1993. Matte finish box with gloss-overlaid artwork, containing art booklet and 4 CDs with 83 tracks in total.” Limited, hand-numbered edition of 500 copies.


ENEMY EARTH: Bardo LP (EAT 021LP) 17.00
After the sold-out success of their debut album, Enemy Earth returns to Eat Concrete with Bardo, their second full-length release for the label. This album continues where the previous Interstellar Commute ended, taking their psychedelic sound to a much deeper and emotive level by using live piano, guitar and bass with layers of effects and lo-fi sampling. It offers eight songs with recurring themes and instruments, all mixed into two big sessions, each filling one side of the LP. The result is very obscure yet beautiful and enigmatic, sounding like a ’70s psych-rock/ambient jam session where Bibio, Fripp and Eno all play along to Buddhist chants and drums. Bardo is a journey into the unknown, or, as the artists themselves describe: “for a state of mind or transition in or from one’s life.” This is the kind of record you won’t find very often and with their mind-bending and authentic sound, Enemy Earth establishes themselves as a favorite in the ever-growing Eat Concrete roster. Limited edition vinyl release with inlay.


AARDVARCK & KUBUS: Gloom 12″ (EAT 022EP) 12.50
Aardvarck presents Gloom, the second split effort between Aardvarck and Dutch beat-master Kubus. It features Aardvarck on an oldschool techno vibe with deep and greasy beats plus his signature style breaks. On the flipside, Kubus delivers three insanely loud and bass-heavy bangers. Limited white label!

FF 156LP

ESG: Dance To The Best Of ESG 3LP (FF 156LP) 65.00
“By 1978 over 40% of all buildings in the South Bronx had either been burned to the ground for insurance money or simply abandoned, but somehow in this time of Armageddon one of the most influential and visionary bands of the era not only managed to flourish, but become leaders of the avant-garde. Even more astounding was that the band members were four sisters and a family friend who at first could barely play their instruments, but this did not stop them from grabbing the attention of the ultra-hip 99 Records and Joy Division’s legendary producer, Martin Hannett, who in 1981 recorded their first single for Factory Records. The song ‘UFO’ from this single has become one of the most sampled songs in history. This deluxe collection spans their entire history beginning with this first groundbreaking single through the decades to follow. 32 tracks and 8-page booklet.”

FF 171LP

GIANT SAND: Long Stem Rant 2LP (FF 171LP) 48.00
“This album, originally released in 1989, marked a turning point for the band, more improvisational and less structured than previous efforts, it features some of Howe’s best songs. Includes 3 bonus tracks.”


SPACEMEN 3: Transparent Radiation EP 12″ (SFIRE 1582EP) 15.00
“Second 12″ single for Glass Records released in 1987. Contains ‘Transparent Radiation’, the complete and original version of ‘Ecstasy Symphony’, ‘Transparent Radiation (Flashback)’, the unedited version of ‘Things’ll Never Be The Same’ and the 10-minute lengthy remake of the MC5’s ‘Starship’.”


After over 15 years mastering his art of production, Daniel Steinberg steps out of the shadows to unveil his debut artist album Shut Up on Front Room — a scathing, yet very eloquent message to the all too often meaningless noise and communication of the digital age: the uninspired, the shallow and the generic. Steinberg has always shied away from press attention, instead preferring to craft his music shrouded from ego and hype. His productions have been supported by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Claude Von Stroke and Richie Hawtin, and he is very much an unsung hero of the scene. As Berlin’s underground throbbed with minimal beats and stripped-down house, Steinberg seemed to reach into the concrete shadows and caverns and emerge with something shimmering with real heart and feeling. Dicing Brazilian samples with killer beats and laying on the glitch to heavy effect, this type of behavior is definitely exercised to stunning effect across the LP. The title track is an entangled backdrop of resonant percussion grooves, softly lifted and driven forwards by the hypnotic, cynical vocals and unfolding to reveal a myriad of aberrant soundscapes. Latin American-flavored “Attencion” delivers sliced and warped piano lines that build and fall with each mesmeric pass as samba rhythms and percussion stutter, cut and break away. From the killer disco grooves of “Time Is Not Forever” to the jacking house of “Gimme” or the dream-like undercurrent of “Save My Darling,” Steinberg’s production breathes something deeply accomplished and enormously creative across the album while retaining a definite dancefloor sensibility. A veritable chameleon of Berlin’s musical landscape since he first started producing his colorful vision of house and techno back in 1994, a time when Berlin’s sound was stripped back and very distinctive, Steinberg was already thriving outside this box, experimenting with exotic world samples and having fun fusing elements together to make a cohesive whole that was always greater than the sum of its parts. Before long, his productions were brought permanently to the attention of Front Room label boss Jesse Rose, a guy with a very similar ethos on the flexibility of house music and a kindred penchant for delving into samples of the past to transmogrify their best elements. Daniel’s talent of drawing on vintage and tropical elements to bring soul, warmth and, sometimes the completely unexpected, to modern house was enough to persuade Jesse this guy needed to be signed — for the long term. Shut Up is a dazzlingly unique take on modern house music, to say the least.

GET 50757CD

PERRY & THE UPSETTERS, LEE ‘SCRATCH’: Scratch And Company Chapter 1 CD (GET 50757CD) 15.00
“Placed within legendary reggae producer Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s prolific discography, The Upsetters’ Chapter 1 stands out as one of the eccentric genius’s most interesting, adventurous works. Using a combination of established collaborators and new musicians, Perry creates a classic dub record that pulses with deep bass, echoing percussion and dissonant sound effects. Spiritual cuts (‘When Jah Come’) are balanced by grand dub productions (‘Tighten Up’), creating a cohesive, infectious sound that rivals the Upsetter’s finest material. After releasing Perry’s landmark album Blackboard Jungle Dub, Get On Down is proud to present another masterpiece from reggae’s supreme musical architect. Remastered from the original analog tapes, The Upsetters Chapter 1 features the highest quality audio transfer and is packaged in a paste-on mini-LP with slip case and clear plastic poly bag, with art based on the original LP picture sleeve.”

GET 50758CD

KING TUBBY: Meets Rockers Uptown CD (GET 50758CD) 15.00
“Within any musical style, there are a few select works that resonate so strongly with audiences that they come to define the genre itself, taking on a mythical quality that transforms the album into something greater than the sum of its individual parts. Meets Uptown Rockers, the 1976 collaboration between producer instrumentalist Augustos Pablo and visionary dub engineer Osbourne ‘King Tubby’ Ruddock, is one of those historic releases. The album, which features Pablo playing melodica, clavinet, piano and organ, contains some of the greatest dub songs of all time, including Jacob Miller’s ‘Baby I Love You So,’ and the darkly seductive title track. The chemistry between Pablo’s beautiful ‘Far East’ signature sound and King Tubby’s meticulous attention to sonic detail results in an album the Virgin Encyclopedia of Reggae says is ‘regarded by many as one of the greatest dub albums of all time.’ Though previously released by different labels with various track listings, Get On Down’s reissue of Meets Rockers Uptown is the definitive edition of dub’s definitive album, featuring audio mastered from the original analog tapes and packaged in a paste-on mini-LP slip case in a clear plastic poly bag.”

GET 52706CD

SLAVE: Just A Touch Of Love CD (GET 52706CD) 15.00
“Get On Down continues to establish itself as the premier label for top-shelf reissues with another classic release from iconic Ohio funk band Slave. Released amidst the group’s most prolific era, 1979’s Just A Touch Of Love features the lush arrangements and intense rhythms that are the band’s signature. Showing their versatility, the album features songs like the space boogie bounce of ‘Warning’ and the inspirational ‘Roots,’ with soaring vocals from Mark Hicks, plus the title track, which was a Top 10 hit on the R&B charts. Though Slave continued to record into the 80s, they never again reached the heights heard on this very special album. This edition of Just A Touch Of Love features the same high standard of quality expected with every Get On Down title, with digitally remastered audio and packaged in a paste-on mini-LP case in a clear poly bag.”

GET 59999DVD

VA: Ultimate Breaks & Beats Production Tools DVD (GET 59999DVD) 75.00
“With this production library manipulated and organized for the modern day producer, you will have at your fingertips all you need to create the soundscape you aim for, from slow-creeping cinematic tension to uptempo partyvibe dance classics. With 4.25 GBs of organic and crisp sounds, you will be well-prepared to take your production to a new level, enabling you to remix and reshape audio in infinite ways. For each song, there are three corresponding Pro Tools sessions, multi tracked and tempo mapped for endless sampling and manipulation capabilities. There are over 150 loops that have already been created from the thirteen songs, available in two convenient formats: WAV and RX2 (Recycle). All of the memorable bass lines, guitar riffs, drum loops, horn stabs, and even flute melodies have been isolated as loops in organized folders. With this set, there are endless sampling possibilities ready-to-go right out of the box, with all of the painstaking steps already taken care of for you.”

KD 034EP

OMURAH: Paranormal Symphonies 12″ (KD 034EP) 12.00
Patrick Rasmussen’s musical worldview goes beyond the adjectives that are continuously used to describe his music — eclectic, accomplished, experimental. Weightless deep-space sounds introduce “Die Hochzeit,” with looped, finger-plucked strings, and a tide of deep, formless pulses and harmonica trails that are pursued by galloping rhythm, created from the marriage of bass and acoustic guitars. The original version of “Paranormal Symphony” will undoubtedly draw comparison to Ricardo Villalobos. Hemmed by a subtle house beat, “Paranormal Symphony” slowly buds and unfurls.


MOUNT EERIE: Black Wooden CD (GMT 018CD) 14.00
“Limited edition of 1000! In high summer of 2007, Phil Elverum, in the guise of Mount Eerie, found his way to Southern Studios, armed with a borrowed guitar, some notebook paper, & with little time before an evening gig, Mount Eerie & Southern’s engineer Harvey Birrell recorded the six songs of Black Wooden. Black Wooden is the coming together of ideas that had travelled with Mount Eerie for months & had solidified into compositions in the days & hours before the studio session. The title itself refers acutely to the genre black metal — perhaps less surprising a reference considering black metal often shares Mount Eerie’s appreciation with low fidelity production aesthetics (among many other things), and that Phil Elverum had just been in Norway before arriving in the UK.”


MOUNT EERIE: Black Wooden LP (GMT 018LP) 17.00
LP version. On clear vinyl.


“Limited edition of 1000! Here Alexander Tucker carefully constructs his Latitude session, layering fully orchestrated pieces from deceptively simple beginnings using guitar, mandolin, cello & most importantly his voice. It’s Tucker’s voice which has always set him apart from other psych/folk explorers: wonderfully English & simultaneously other-wordly, something of his humble & extremely thoughtful nature comes through his self-harmonizing & often wordless refrains. Along with a playful sense of humor you can sense something quite melancholy at its core.”


VAGRANTS: I Can’t Make A Friend 1965-1968 LP (LITA 059LP) 19.00
Deluxe gatefold LP version on 180 gram vinyl. “East Coast rockers from Queens, New York, the Vagrants are as OG as they come. Admired from across the Forest Hills High School cafeteria by future members of the Ramones, they ripped across the city and state with ecstatic abandon and an explosive stage show. They pissed off Bill Graham on a mini West Coast tour and were told they’d never play there again. Full of damage and pure dynamics, the Vagrants provided the blueprint for early punk. They invented their own timeless interpretations of soul and contemporary rock smashes including their infectious take on ‘Respect,’ eventually immortalized on the original Nuggets compilation in 1972. Shit, they may even be responsible for helping to push a young Hammond B3 rocking Billy Joel (then in the Hassles) into the big league. Not to mention a little Mafioso mayhem thrown in for good measure (steal, beg or borrow the album to read an extensive set of deep liner notes from Ugly Things’ Mike Stax on the subject). But forget the tales of these real rock Rumble Fish, it’s the music that tells the story. 12 tracks of groovy garage, propulsive psych, and primitive proto-punk, Light In The Attic score another coup with I Can’t Make A Friend 1965-1968.”


CAROLA, MARCO: Groove Catcher 12″ (MINUS 105EP) 11.00
Marco Carola offers a taste of his Play It Loud! album with the Groove Catcher EP. The title track is the Naples producer at his best, with a rolling bass line punctuated by a percussion pattern that teases out the funk. “The Method,” which appears on the vinyl format only, is similarly insistent while lighter in tone. The rework of “Groove Catcher” by Martin Buttrich mutates the track into something monstrous and intimidating.

MR 083LP

VA: Brass Pins And Match Heads: International 78s LP (MR 083LP) 14.00
“Compilation of deep 78s from all over the world — India, Iran, Anatolia, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Macedonia, Spain, America and more. Compiled by Ian Nagoski, as sort of a sequel to the String of Pearls compilation we put out a couple years back. Beautiful, austere performances by master instrumentalists and vocalists. Comes with four pages of liner notes. Tip-on, old-school cover.”

MR 084LP

KLEENEX/LiLiPUT: Kleenex/LiLiPUT 1977-1983 4LP BOX (MR 084LP) 50.00
“One of the most unique punk bands of our time, hailed from Zurich, Switzerland. From 1978-80 Kleenex gigged around, recorded 2 7″‘s and toured the UK with such acts as Gang Of Four, Subway Sect, The Swell Maps and The Raincoats. In 1980, the group changed their name to LiLiPUT (due to pressures from the Kleenex tissue company) and continued under that moniker until their demise in 1983. As LiLiPUT, 3 more 7″‘s and 2 LP were released as the band evolved through numerous personnel changes. Finally the entire contents of the ever-popular Kill Rock Stars double CD is now available as a 4 LP set. Housed in a sturdy tip-on sleeve slipcase and includes a full-color 12-page booklet.”

MCDE 1206/07EP

VA: MCDE 1206/07 2×12″ (MCDE 1206/07EP) 23.50
Double pack of MCDE label delights, including the artists Motor City Drum Ensemble, Hundred 20, John Roberts, Stee Downes and Creative Swing Alliance.

NA 5075EP

DIMLITE: My Human Wears Acedia Shreds 10″ (NA 5075EP) 18.00
“If Dimlite’s Prismic Tops EP served as a stunning reintroduction to one of electronic music’s most underrated talents, then My Human Wears Acedia Shreds is a warning to listeners and peers alike: keep up or be left behind. This quartet of songs finds the Swiss producer creating wide-eyed and progressive music that synthesizes free jazz, prog- and Krautrock, and much more. There is no one else quite on his level, no one who inhabits a world so complete and unique. While he built his reputation with a string of pioneering releases on Germany’s Sonar Kollectiv label that took hip-hop as their starting point, these days Dimlite is more Soft Machine than drum machine, a kindred spirit of purveyors of avant-pop such as Panda Bear, and the playful prog giants of the past. This quartet of songs contains a richness that makes these his most satisfying compositions yet. Just check ‘Metal Snake Rider’, an expansive opus packed into just over three minutes of non-stop invention.”


MANIK: Keep That Fresh EP 12″ (OVM 211EP) 11.00
MANIK returns to Ovum with the Keep That Fresh EP. The title track has a funky 303 bass line with intricate grooves and a hook made up of some chords. “Ditmars Blvd,” with its heavy drums and catchy synth line, is a stone-cold groove track. “Hold On” is inspired by the sounds of early West Coast g-funk hip-hop with its lead synth and funked-up analog bass line. “She’s Slow Motion” features an R&B vocal floating over an incredibly deep instrumental.


Ovum brings you updates of two seminal releases from David Alvarado and Luca Bacchetti. On the A-side, Alvarado gives us his interpretation of Bacchetti’s 2008 Ovum debut “El Matador,” a deep tribal journey that will take you to another place. On the B-side, Luca really puts his stamp on Alvarado’s classic “Klugha,” transforming this into a chunky house monster, adding a vocal sample and taking elements of the original and making it his own. Two incredible remixes.


ISOLEE: Well Spent Youth CD (PAMPA 001CD) 15.50
After six years, Isolée finally releases his third album on DJ Koze’s Pampa Records. “Over the last 15 years, Isolée has managed to create a breathtaking trademark sound. Every note seems lovingly scavenged from the depths of his analog equipment pool, then polished and woven into an abstract, otherworldly, always morphing yet still binding and bouncing sound composition of epic proportions. Well Spent Youth is a chameleon; it assumes different forms depending on the volume it’s played. Tunes like ‘Taktell,’ ‘Thirteen Times An Hour,’ ‘Hold On,’ ‘One Box’ and ‘Celeste’ set the club on fire, quickly spreading the unique, indescribable Isolée vibe, which imbues the often cold, bleak dancefloor with a unique, clever color. The collective joy at being challenged is ubiquitous. People dance to Isolée’s music with their eyes closed — opened every now and then only to exchange knowing nods. Now, Isolée reminds us yet again what electronic music is capable of — crossing boundaries and achieving the psychedelic.” –DJ Koze


ISOLEE: Well Spent Youth 2LP (PAMPA 001LP) 20.00
2LP version with free download code.


ISOLEE/ROBAG WRUHME: Taktell/Thora Vukk 12″ (PAMPA 006EP) 14.00
Pampa Records presents a split release between Isolée and Robag Wruhme, who each drop tracks from their upcoming artist albums. Isolée’s “Taktell” is a warm, intelligent, timeless piece of music. This is the kind of music that sounds like it was plucked directly from a dewy-leafed Haribo tree by a one-eyed synthasaurus. Robag Wruhme’s “Thora Vukk” is here in a special 12″ edit, where THX-sounds meet frenzied melancholy, half-metallic reverberations and half-fairytale make-out sessions.


KATY B (FEAT. MS. DYNAMITE): Lights On 12″ (RINSE 006EP) 11.00
The first bonafide pop star to emerge from the dubstep and UK Funky undergrounds championed by the newly-legal Rinse FM, Katy B encapsulates the sound, spirit and energy of British youth culture right now. Seizing the middle ground between Lily Allen, Ms. Dynamite and Neneh Cherry, Katy’s combination of pop sass, powerful voice and total immersion in London’s club culture makes her the perfect pop star. Lights On features Ms. Dynamite and was produced by Geeneus, with remixes by Skream and Girl Unit.


ULTRAPHALLUS: Sowberry Hagan CD (REPOSE 026CD) 17.00
“Their 3rd album, Sowberry Hagan combines Ultraphallus’ well-honed sound of cacophonous guitar riffs juxtaposed with hypnotic, ambient doom whilst also experimenting with new sounds. By introducing new instruments to the fold including banjo, alto and soprano saxophones, and other instrumental samples, Ultraphallus have reinvented themselves and are crafting their very own new definition of doom. They have certainly pulled out all the stops for Sowberry Hagan as they have also recruited the help of special guest Eugene Robinson (Oxbow) who carries his trademark voice for an epic eight minute ambient-rock track. The result is an album more dark and more encompassing as ever before. Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate / Phantomsmasher etc).”

RB 084EP

SON OF SAM: Nature Makes A Mistake 12″ (RB 084EP) 12.00
It is 1984 all over again. The freshest sound ever, even fresher now. Running Back unearthed a treasure from the UK ’80s art funk vaults: “Nature Makes A Mistake,” written and produced by Chris Bishop, originally released on a cassette sampler, now restored and remastered for vinyl. Âme (teaming-up with Marcel Dettmann in the mix) maintains the spirit of the original and teleports it onto the dancefloors of the 21st century.


POLICY: Specialty Party 12″ (RH DC6-EP) 12.50
Policy told Rush Hour he is from NYC, a part-time movie director and only started making music recently. Out of the bunch of tracks the label received, “Speciality Party” and “Light Over Fort Lee” form his debut EP. Both tracks challenge the beat spectrum and definitely speak his cinematic mind. Expect more music from Policy on Rush Hour — he is definitely a contender for best newcomer of 2011.


GROSSKOPF, HARALD: Synthesist/Re-Synthesist LP+CD (RERVNG 001LP) 21.00
“Synthesist, the landmark 1980 solo album by Harald Grosskopf, the enigmatic percussionist behind Ash Ra Temple, Klaus Schulze, Cosmic Jokers, and YOU. A melodically rich and celebratory symbiosis of krautrock, kosmische, and new age, restored and remastered for RVNG Intl’s debut reissue. Includes a bonus album compilation CD Re-Synthesist, featuring reinterpretations of Synthesist by Oneohtrix Point Never, Blondes, Arp, CFCF, Stellar Om Source, James Ferraro and more. The Synthesist LP comes in a deluxe package including a unique reverse-bound record jacket and full-color liner notes in English and German.”


HERRMANN, BERNARD: Psycho: Suite For String Quartet CD (SIG 234CD) 19.00
Featured works: Psycho Suite for String Quartet; Echoes for String Quartet (1965); Souvenirs de Voyage (1967). Performed by Julian Bliss, clarinet; Tippett String Quartet. “Although he is best known for his scores to perhaps some of the most iconic films ever made (Vertigo, Citizen Kane, Psycho), Bernard Herrmann was also a talented composer for the concert hall, with an early career marked out by his skill as a conductor – praised by Stravinsky amongst others, who autographed Herrmann’s score for his Symphony in 3 Movements with: ‘To the excellent musician and conductor, Bernard Herrmann. Cordially, I. Stravinsky.’ The Tippett Quartet capture the energy and musical finesse of Herrmann’s works in this recording, accompanied for Souvernirs de Voyage by the clarinetist Julian Bliss and featuring a new arrangement of his score for Psycho.”

SG 1044EP

NORTHERN STRUCTURES: Self Similarity 12″ (SG 1044EP) 12.00
Northern Structures (Troels Baunbæk-Knudsen and Lasse Buhl) are a Copenhagen-based techno duo. Both share a love for the harder and deeper sounds of techno not often found in Copenhagen, taking in a wide range of influences from the early UK industrial and dub-tinged Berlin sound to jazz, experimental electronica and rock. The ambition is to create a marriage of industrial and organic textures by avoiding strict rules of programming and aiming for more of a jam-based musical playground feel.


RILEY, TERRY & GYAN: Terry Riley & Gyan Riley – Live CD (SMM 005CD) 16.00
Terry Riley, piano and vocals; Gyan Riley, classical and electric guitars, harmony vocals on “Emerald Runner.” “Nothing I have done in this life has given me more satisfaction than improvising on these songs with Gyan. Nothing I have done can match the intuitive synchronicity we have shared many times on the stage. Gyan supplies a brilliant counterpoint to the strands and moods of these pieces always surprising me with a virtuosity that serves and energizes his musical invention. I could not have dreamed up a better marriage of mind and spirit than this collaboration.” — Terry Riley”Being able to perform with my dad has been without question the most enriching, challenging, inspirational musical experience I’ve had. His music is bountiful! I love the rich harmonies, the colorful lyrics, the subtle pitch inflections (stemming from his long-time devotion to the North Indian kirana tradition), and the lengthy and often complex partially improvised structures. But I think the most unique musical quality about my dad is his ability to get deeper and deeper into the mood of a piece, leaving all other concerns behind, transcending the listener. We’ve been talking about making a record together for years, but each time we plan to record we just end up mostly cooking and hanging out, and playing of course (we just forget to press record!). So we decided on this live release, featuring some of our favorite moments from 3 different concerts given over the last 7 years.” — Gyan Riley


NUPHLO: 40 Thieves 12″ (STUDR 014EP) 9.00
“The incomparable Nuphlo, also known as Mannie Sandhu, is both a producer and DJ based in Leeds. Beginning his career DJing at the turn of the millennium merely whetted his appetite for production – due to a desire to play exclusive tunes in his sets. On ’40 Thieves,’ you are instantly situated in a pulsating realm of vibrant exoticism. One which luminously evokes vivid, potent images of flying carpets, gold souks (and perhaps even Princess Jasmine herself on a rampageous night out) in the psyche of the listener. The juxtaposition between the floating, haunting chromatic melody and deftly invigorating rapid bassline all serve to further heighten interest in this unusually encapsulating musical ambit. You are transported on a powerful and heady tour: influenced by contemporaneous grime, garage and dubstep merged with the mythological Arabian and Persian fuelled vibes. The track further exhibits fusion in its co-production between Nuphlo and label boss Tony ‘Moody Boyz’ Thorpe.”

SP 1006LP

MUDHONEY: Head On The Curb LP (SP 1006LP) 18.00
“This vinyl-only release is mid-period Mudhoney at its rawest. Original bass player Matt Lukin is in top form, as is the rest of the classic lineup, blasting out songs and ideas, some of which went on to be studio-fied for their Warner Bros. debut Piece Of Cake, while others got lost to the dark crevices of time…until now. Besides the cover of SCTV classic ‘I Hate The Bloody Queen’, these recordings have never been released, and represent a sonic assault that is pure Mudhoney. Raw, unabashed, and sometimes downright no-fi. Head On The Curb writes a new chapter into Mudhoney’s legendary past.” 180 gram vinyl.


SKREAM: Skream! CD (TEMPA 008CD) 17.00
2011 repress, now in jewel case. This is the debut album from Skream, Croydon’s musical wonderkid. At 15 he discovered making music, and 5 years after, he helped to change the course of UK urban music, building the foundations of dubstep, the UK’s most talked-about musical genre. Skream’s clipped, techy minimal style has quickly become his trademark. Long before grime existed, it reflected dark, murky streets and sinister nights, the sound of decaying London and its frustrated communities, stuck out in satellite towns and sink estates with nothing but a PC and freely-available software to channel their frustration into. His signature tune, the scene’s anthem “Midnight Request Line” is an explosion of electro arpeggios and dub sub-bass. It’s a tune you can sing along to. From the opening haunting strings of “Tortured Soul,” which calls to mind the work of Philip Glass or Aphex Twin, to the more optimistic chords and guitar of “Dutch Flowerz,” to the heavy vocal cuts featuring Warrior Queen and JME, and the heavy digi-sounds of “Auto-Dub,” it’s clear that this is a sonic visionary at work.


SP:MC & LX ONE: Down/Judgement 12″ (TEMPA 052EP) 11.00
Tempa present 12″ number three from SP:MC and LX One (formerly known as Joker D). Known for their deep, half-step beats and unrelenting bass weight, this 12″ will not disappoint. Fans of Rinse FM’s DJ Youngsta will instantly recognize “Down” as his trademark set opener. “Judgement” keeps the same spartan half-step vibe, with plenty of sub-bass. With these tunes first gracing the sacred record box of Youngsta as exclusive dubplates, you know that the mixdown and vibe are going to be on-point.


“In May 2009, The Ex went to Ethiopia with Silent Block from France who perform with tables full of self-made instruments & experimental electronica. Xavier Charles is one of the members. He is also an incredible clarinet improviser. Suddenly Terrie Ex & Xavier Charles found themselves playing in a room in the Baro Hotel & outside in the garden of the Bateau Ivre bar. An adventure. ‘Addis’ means ‘new’. That’s how it felt.”

TS 063EP

VA: Collabs With Jay Haze 12″ (TS 063EP) 14.00
This EP features 4 different studio sessions where Jay Haze shared an idea and a mixer board with fellow top-notch artists: Reboot, Brett Johnson, DJ Sneak and Ricardo Villalobos are all in combo here with analog equipment and the amazing vibration of the Ultradope Syndrome. Ultradope Syndrome was a legendary studio in Mitte, Berlin. That has since been demolished in favor of yet another Berlin hotel, and with the demolition were found 4 bombs just dying to find their way to wax.


“After 16 years of bold experimentation, Rova has been credited with virtually re-inventing the concept of the saxophone quartet. Rova aims at making a synthesis of composition and structured improvisation. Rova’s collaborations with such significant creative musicians as Anthony Braxton, Alvin Curran, John Zorn, Steve Lacy, Terry Riley, Robin Holcomb, Butch Morris, Fred Firth and Kronos Quartet have expanded possibilities and contributed to the redefinition of 20th Century Music. It is in such a restless, expansive, but intensely focused musical partnership as Rova that the sounds of the 21st Century are prefigured. The Rova Saxophone is an ensemble that creates a musical presence so immense that you can clearly hear the future. The Penguin Guide to Jazz calls its music ‘a teeming cosmos of saxophone sounds’ created by ‘deliberately eschewing conventional notions about swing [and] prodding at the boundaries on sound and space?'”

VL 901134LP

SLITS, THE: In The Beginning LP (VL 901134LP) 24.00
“12 live tracks culled from various sources including their early days at Camden Town’s Dingwalls in 1977 (before the release of their debut LP Cut), their infamous 1980 U.S. tour, the Hammersmith Palais in 1981, and a track recorded in their living room. Featuring guest vocals by Neneh Cherry and Nina Hagen and essential covers of John Holt’s ‘Man Next Door’, Junior Byles’ ‘Fade Away’, and Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’.” 180 gram vinyl.


HELDON: Électronique Guerilla LP + 7″ (LPS 068LP) 28.00
2011 repress. “After our string of releases centered around the diverse German ’70s scene, we’re happy to introduce the next installment in the Wah Wah LPS reissue series. This time we move over to France to re-discover the beginnings of one of the most adventurous, influential and innovative French bands of the seventies: Heldon. Centered around guitarist Richard Pinhas and featuring a floating cast of regular collaborators (Didier Batard, François Auger, Patrick Gauthier, Alain Renaud, Georges Grunblatt; Coco Roussel amongst others), Heldon will marry Pinhas’ personal obsessions of modern philosophy (Deleuze, Guattari), science-fiction (Norman Spinrad, Philip K.Dick), progressive rock (King Crimson, Fripp & Eno), American minimalism (Terry Riley, Steve Reich) and electronic music into a diverse musical cocktail that goes from the violent to the relaxed, but always retaining a dark and mysterious vibe. Often linked by critics and listeners to the experimental German bands of the era (Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel..), Heldon will release six crucial albums before being closed down by Pinhas in the late ’70s. Since then, Pinhas has developed a long solo career that lives up to this day, releasing several albums and collaborations (Pascal Comelade, John Livengood, Maurice Dantec), including with Japanese noise king Merzbow. Dedicated to Robert Wyatt, Heldon’s debut contained a puzzling collection of tracks that serve as a perfect introduction to Pinhas’ universe: science-fiction, philosophy and musical experimentation collide in a harsh lo-fi tapestry of sounds dominated by Pinhas’ 1954 Gibson Les Paul guitar and AKS synth. Not unlike some contemporary German bands, Heldon manages to take rock n’ roll’s language to a new experimental stage. Convulsive and evocative soundscapes recommended to all lovers of innovative and ground-breaking music. Strictly limited to 500 copies. High quality sleeves reproducing the original artwork from 1974’s first press on Disjuncta. Includes insert with extra liner notes by Spanish journalist and long-time Heldon fan Paco Peiró. Bonus 7″ EP with tracks taken from Heldon’s predecessor band Schizo’s two EPs.” 7″ tracklist: A1. Schizo (and the little girl) A2. Paraphrenia Praecox (originally released in 1972) B1. Le Voyageur B2. Torcol (originally released in 1973)


ANIMA SOUND: Musik Für Alle LP (LPS 085LP) 28.00
“After the success of the previous Wah Wah reissue of Anima Sound’s Stürmischer Himmel we are proud to offer a first ever vinyl reissue of their Musik Für Alle album, one of the rarest private pressings in the Krautrock scene. In 1971 Paul and Limpe Fuchs loaded their instruments on an old tractor and spent six months touring through Germany at 20 km/h. When the summer came, they stopped in front of Willy Neubauer’s recording studio in Düsseldorf and there they taped a music memory of the tour. Two long pieces, 17 minute long improvisations titled ‘N Da Da Uum Da’ and ‘Traktor Go Go Go’, were to be privately released as an LP on their own Altepfarhof label. By some, these two tracks ‘can surely be considered as one of the best psychedelic experiences ever created, due to the intensity of the recording.’ On their performance the group produced many wonderful and inspired sounds, many of them coming from Paul Fuch’s self-built instruments, and counted with the post-production collaboration of Neubauer’s Echolette Ringmodulater. The Wah Wah reissue has been properly licensed from Limpe Fuchs herself, reproduces the original cover art and features an insert with photos.”


LARD FREE: Gilbert Artman’s Lard Free LP (LPS 087LP) 28.00
“The first album by Lard Free, simply titled Gilbert Artman’s Lard Free, is released in 1973 on the Vamp label. It has been recorded and mixed in April that year, the recording session taking place for only 36 hours in a London studio. But that’s enough time for the band to showcase the adventurous spirit of Gilbert & Co. There’s drums and sax of jazzy, repetitive inspiration, free-rock guitar licks and an always present AKS synthesizer that produce one of the essential works of Europe’s musical avant-garde on its time. After this brilliant recorded legacy, Lard Free split in 1978, with Artman dedicating his time to his more ‘successful’ project Urban Sax. Featuring : Gilbert Artman (drums, piano steinway, vibes), Herve Eyhani (bass guitar, arp synthetizer), Philippe Bolliet (all saxes), Francois Mativet (guitars).” Gatefold sleeve.


LARD FREE: I’m Around About Midnight LP (LPS 088LP) 28.00
“Lard Free’s second LP, I’m Around About Midnight, was recorded in Paris in a three day session and released in 1975, also on Vamp. There is a totally different line-up from that of the first LP and it features long time friend Richard Pinhas, with whom Artman explores (in his own way) some sound passages of strong Heldon inspiration, although in a less immediate register, building an organic layered sound that emanates a certain shadowy formal beauty. The strong Artman-Pinhas connection is also confirmed by the inclusion on Heldon’s Third of the track ‘Pale violence under a reverbere’, on a different mix and different title, ‘Méchamment rock.’ Featuring : Gilbert Artman (drums, percussions, vibes, hammond organ, steinway piano, tenor sax), Richard Pinhas (guitars, bass guitar, arp synthetisers, synthi vks 3), Alain Audat (synthi vks 3, tenor sax, clb), Antoine Duvernot (alto sax, flute).” Gatefold sleeve


“The third and last Lard Free LP is released in 1977 on the Cobra label recorded in two different studios between January and March that same year. Besides some new musicians, another step forward in Artman’s constant evolution is the use of the recording studio as an additional instrument that offers a whole lot of possibilities to creative expansion. The results are amazing : under an apparently lineal structure there’s thousands of sound brushtrokes that feed themselves back to create a strange and provocative post-industrial picture. Gilbert Artman (orgue, piano, arp synthesizer, vibraphone, drums premier), Xavier Baulleret (guitares), Yves Lanes (synthy-ems), Jean-Pierre Thiraut (clarinette).” Includes a 4-page insert of liner notes and a poster on the other side.


LARD FREE: Unnamed LP + 7″ (LPS 090LP) 28.00
“Issued on vinyl format for the first time ever, Unnamed is a collection of 1971/1972 Lard Free ‘lost’ recordings that documents an interesting, primitive period of the band and shows Artman & Co. moving freely in different directions : jazz, noise and the most radical musical improvisation.” Contains a bonus 7″ (tracks: A1. “Cuve Perpetuelle”; B1: “A Chacun Son Boulez”) and a 4-page insert of liner notes and a poster on the other side.


DELIRED CAMELEON FAMILY: Visa De Censure Nº X LP (LPS 091LP) 28.00
“Another lost gem of French underground music, Delired Cameleon Family was originally conceived as the soundtrack to Pierre Clémenti’s Visa de censure nº X, and was originally released as an LP in 1975. It was a host of reputed experimentalists who took charge of producing this soundtrack. Under the direction of Cyrille Verdeaux we found the likes of Yvan Coaquette (Música Electrónica Viva, Spacecraft…), Gilbert Artman (Lard Free, Urban Sax…), Christian Boulé, Tim Blake (Gong, solo recordings…), Ariel Kalma (Heldon, solo recordings), Jean-Claude d’Agostini, François Jeanneau, Jean Padovani, Olivier Pamela, Joël Dugrenot, Antoine Duvernet, Aude Cornillac and Valérie Lagrange. Cyrille Verdeaux was, of course, the main force behind the better known French band Clear Light. Verdeaux was born the 31st of July of 1949 in Paris. At the age of 15 he became a student at the French National Conservatory of Music, specialising in studies of harmony, composition and piano. He won three times the first prize in student composition. After the 1968 student riots he left the Conservatory to join a band as a keyboardist. In 1972 he released Clearlight Symphony, thus forming the band Clear Light to tour through Europe performing his symphony. Clear Light would release three more LPs through the ’70s, and also the soundtrack to Visa De Censure. The music form Delired Cameleon Family, as it has been told somewhere, ‘is the synthesis of piano’s technical, epic scales, psychedelic wah wah guitar sounds and electronic cosmic, molecular machines arrangements.’ We are proud to add this great experimental trippy soundtrack to the Wah Wah catalogue, reissued in cool vinyl, with remastered sound, housed in a faithful reproduction of the original sleeve and complete with an insert with liner notes and photos. Only 500 copies pressed, so better get yours before they are gone!”


KUHN BROTHERS & THE MAD ROCKERS, THE: The Kühn Brothers & The Mad Rockers LP (LPS 093LP) 28.00
“Experienced jazz avant gardists Joachim and Rolf Kühn joined forces with Volker Kriegel, Gunter Lenz and Stu Martin to release this superb mixture of Krautrock, psych, funk and free jazz. With all kind of sound effects coming from distorted clarinets, Hammond organ, groovy bass/drums section, breaks and hot guitar licks The Mad Rockers paved the way for many Krautrockers to follow. Reissued in vinyl for the first time since its 1969 debut on the Metronome label, this is a basic record to showcase the rich mixture of different styles that would make the ’70s German music scene so unique and appealing. The Kühn Brothers, Rolf and Joachim, were at first reluctant to the reissue of this amazing LP. They are highly trained musicians with a huge experience and a big sense of innovation and they felt they have many works which are much better than this one, which undoubtedly they do have since they started being really young and are still at it nowadays, but here at Wah Wah we do feel The Mad Rockers album is a landmark in krautrock story, since it anticipates the path that would be travelled by so many legendary krautsters of the seventies. Everything is there, the adventurous mixture of styles so diverse as psychedelic rock, jazz, funk… You name it, you find it. Plenty of excellent breaks, experimental in the quest for new sounds, with instruments run through distortion effects, the musicians involved are all key figures in the development of modern European of its era. You have Volker Kriegel, who besides his own solo recordings shall also be remembered for his great contributions to Dave Pike Set’s classic albums or his work with Klaus Doldinger. There is Stu Martin, drummer also on other interesting projects like The Free Pop Experimental Concept also reissued on Wah Wah. Plus Günter Lenz on bass, jazz master who has worked among others with names like Krzysztof Komeda, Lighting Hopkins, Chet Baker, Coleman Hawkins or Olivier Nelson, and he has even done orchestral arrangements for Plácido Domingo! Jazz meets rock, funk and psych, absolutely amazing groovy LP! With 1 song compiled on Andy Votel’s Music To Watch Girls By, the rest of the LP is equally good!” Gatefold sleeve.

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