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ANM 002LP JERICHO: Jericho LP (ANM 002LP) 28.00
“Israel’s rock stars number one, Jericho were previously known both as Churchills and Jericho Jones, recording excellent albums under these names in the late ’60s and early ’70s. In 1972 and now as Jericho alone, they released this last album with five songs of pure progressive heavy rock with some psych overtones. This album stands tall in the gallery of ’70s underground heavy rock with incendiary guitar work and a powerful vocal delivery. Sure to please fans of Dust, Mayblitz, Fuzzy Duck, Sir Lord Baltimore, Toad, The Dark, etc. 500 copies reissue.”
AMS 041LP GARYBALDI: Note Perdute LP (AMS 041LP) 34.00
“An amazing collection of rarities for one of the most important bands of Italian ’70s prog-rock: Garybaldi. This anthology contains a track that was meant to be included in their Gleemen debut, some live and alternate versions recorded between 1969 and 1998, and an amazing gem, three live tracks recorded during the Naples Be-In festival of 1973, one of the very few testimonies of those legendary festivals, as in those times no one used to record gigs in Italy! The artwork has been entirely conceived by Matteo Guarnaccia, one of the most important psychedelic painters in Italy: inspired by the famous Nuda cover art, he drew a marvelous triple gatefold artwork. Triple gatefold LP with 180 gram black vinyl and a 25x60cm poster with vintage pics of Garybaldi/Gleemen.”
AMS 043LP BIGLIETTO PER L’INFERNO.FOLK: Tra L’assurdo E La Ragione LP (AMS 043LP) 34.00
“Featuring original band members Pilly Cossa, Baffo Banfi, Mauro Gnecchi, and blessed by the approval and contributions of singer/lyricist/flautist Claudio Canali — famous for having retired in a monastery, in strong contrast to the hateful verses he wrote when playing in the original Biglietto per l’Inferno line-up — this release is far more than a simple collection of newly recorded old tracks: the band’s classics have been re-arranged – therefore the suffix ‘.folk’ has been added to the band’s name. 180 gram vinyl, triple gatefold sleeve! First 500 copies in white vinyl!”
CCS 053EP DOP: No More Daddy 12″ (CCS 053EP) 12.00
This is the final 12″ installment from dOP’s critically-acclaimed debut album Greatest Hits (CCS 008CD). “No More Daddy” sets menacing, heavy-handed piano against plunging rave-up synth stabs as the backdrop to the kind of twisted lyricism that only Jaw can deliver and “Talk Show” continues the proceedings with a sexed-up lounge groover. Âme turn in a late-night epic take on “No More Daddy” and slow jam “U R” closes the release with a slice of orchestral exotica.
COMEME 008EP HELDER, ANA: Complicado 12″ (COMEME 008EP) 12.00
Hailing from Argentina, Ana Helder represents a generation of young producers in South America with a fresh approach to underground house music. “Complicado” is an epic track that brings menacing techno together with disco and house. “Buena Punteria” is extreme body music with a strobe-lit rhythm. “El Groove De Tu Corazón” is a special track a good DJ knows how to use, and “Next Club” combines a seductive bass line and vocals with the grooviness of Chicago house and Colombian champeta.
CRASS 001CD CRASS: The Feeding Of The Five Thousand CD (CRASS 001CD) 19.00
“Part 1 of The Crassical Collection reissue series, the legendary Crass album has been been restored from the original analogue studio tapes, repackaged with a 64-page booklet replete with lyrics, liner notes from band members Steve Ignorant & Penny Rimbaud, a CD sized recreation of the original fold-out poster sleeve, & bolstered by rare & unreleased tracks, & stunning new artwork from Gee Vaucher, who has lovingly created what could only be considered a real artifact. First released in 1978 on Small Wonder Records, & later re-released on the band’s own Crass Records, The Feeding of the Five Thousand showed Crass as an anti-establishment & highly uncompromising act, & one that would influence countless other bands to follow.”
CRASS 002CD CRASS: Stations Of The Crass CD (CRASS 002CD) 19.00
“Part 2 of The Crassical Collection reissue series, the legendary Crass album has been been restored from the original analog studio tapes, repackaged with a 64-page booklet replete with lyrics, liner notes from band members Steve Ignorant & Penny Rimbaud, a CD sized recreation of the original fold-out poster sleeve, & bolstered by rare & unreleased tracks, & stunning new artwork from Gee Vaucher, who has lovingly created what could only be considered a real artifact. Includes Peel Session from 1979!”
CTI 009LP CHRIS & COSEY: Songs Of Love & Lust LP (CTI 009LP) 19.50
This is the third in a series of four limited-edition Chris & Cosey vinyl re-releases from their esteemed catalog. Songs Of Love & Lust was originally released by Rough Trade Records in 1984 and was at the time considered to be quite a departure for both them and Rough Trade. The album contains Chris & Cosey’s trademark infectious rhythms, melodic tunes, edgy guitar, wailing cornet and of course, Cosey’s unique vocals — which give a dark and sensual edge to the production. Remastered edition on grey vinyl. Includes a glossy insert with historic photographs and press clippings. “A vice-like turn of the screw that is at once dreamy, hard and compelling. A gathering of all those forces which give electronic music a heart of its own. This is seduction!” –Adrian Jones, City Limits 1984)”Chris & Cosey’s alluring invitation is to try another world: their promise is that the possibilities should be endless.” –Don Watson, NME
CTI 016LP CHRIS & COSEY: Exotika LP (CTI 016LP) 19.50
This is the fourth in a series of four limited-edition Chris & Cosey vinyl re-releases from their esteemed catalog. Exotika was originally released by Play It Again Sam in 1987. This hugely popular album includes such Chris & Cosey classics such as the crowd-pleasing “BeatBeatBeat,” the haunting ballad “Dr. John (Sleeping Stephen)” and the original version of the seminal title track “Exotika,” which was adopted as an electronica anthem, most notably on the GOA scene and in the U.S. West and East Coast gay clubs of the 1980s. Remastered by Chris Carter and pressed on red vinyl. Includes a glossy insert with historic photographs and press clippings. Archival press quote: “Chris & Cosey beat most of 87’s mainstream dancefloor contenders on their own territory of sheer pleasure, urged joy. ‘BeatBeatBeat’ is extreme, a revelation.” –Ian Gittins, Melody Maker 1987; “Chris & Cosey have made a great dance record, but it’s their kind of dancing. No junk here. They’re crazy enough to be sincere about their musical Pleasureland and they want to share their discovery. Come and feel the sound as though your life depends on it: if it were up to them, it would depend on it.” –Rockpool, 1987
DSART 010CD HENNIX, CATHERINE CHRISTER: The Electric Harpsichord CD/BOOK (DSART 010CD) 20.00
2nd pressing with new lower pricing. After the limited art edition quickly sold out, The Electric Harpsichord is now reprinted — in its complete form — in a new elegant white boxed edition. Known to the very few, The Electric Harpsichord is possibly THE obscure masterpiece of early American minimalism. Recorded live in 1976 after many years of study under the guidance of Pandit Pran Nath and La Monte Young, it has finally found the perfect home in the Die Schachtel catalog, now in an elegant white boxed 56-page book+CD edition, that gives the work the space and merit it deserves as a unique work of art, complete with two poems by La Monte Young especially written for this edition, and an extensive essay by Henry Flynt. An improvisation performed on just intonation-tuned keyboards put through time-lag accumulators similar to those used by Terry Riley, Hennix has produced one of the most remarkable pieces of music to emerge from the La Monte Young school of minimalism. A Sweden-born composer, who studied in the tradition of Xenakis and Stockhausen in the 1960s, Hennix met La Monte Young and Hindustani raga master Pandit Pran Nath at the Nuits du Fondation Maeght festival in 1970, and pursued studies with both men during the 1970s. While the use of the time-lag in Riley’s works such as “A Rainbow In Curved Air” results in an experience of blissful, focused, samadhi-like calm, Hennix’s drone work has more in common with the chaotic fluxes of psychedelic experience or the mandalas of Tibetan Buddhism. This is a moving eternity, a pulsating, shifting-something like a raga perhaps, insofar as a raga is a specific deity invoked into sound, fluttering inside the matrix of the drone. Catherine Christer Hennix: keyboard and custom sine wave generators. Recorded live at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.
DIGI 032LP MOTION SICKNESS OF TIME TRAVEL: Seeping Through The Veil Of The Unconscious LP (DIGI 032LP) 18.00
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel is the solo moniker of La Grange, Georgia’s Rachel Evans. She also plays in the duo Quiet Evenings with her husband and runs the Hooker Vision label. And while she’s done some really great stuff, this album takes all of it, everything, to incredible new heights. Seeping Through The Veil Of The Unconscious came to the Digitalis label out of nowhere as a demo and the label reckon that it’s the best demo they’ve ever received. Evans concocts five whirlwind romances all in the space of less than an hour. Beauty, magic and bleeding effervescence come together in perfect harmony. Vague electronic meanderings hide hints of early Grouper as Evans’ compositions sing like an ecstatic choir. While the songs are built around vaguely-catchy, repetitive synth backbones, she laces an incredible array of instrumental layers between those bones, creating music that is as dense and complex as it is continuous. Yet, the real star here is her voice, sometimes at the fore, other times buried underneath plodding keys — but always highly evocative. As the opening chords and rising whispers of “Clairvoyance” begin, you’re immediately immersed into the well. Evans’ voice delivers haunted, wordless lullabies that sound distant and strange yet oddly comforting. The entire aural world of Seeping… is populated with ghosts, haunting the crevices between notes and adding a beguiling sense of complexity. With heavy Kraut influences, “Mental Projection” is a midnight gem while the dark, rhythmic sequences of “Telepathy” would perfectly fill the halls of a spectral ballroom. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Strictly limited pressing.
DPROM 077LP LILES, ANDREW: Miraculous Mechanical Monster LP (DPROM 077LP) 19.50
The Miraculous Mechanical Monster is the latest addition to the ever-growing and highly collectible Monster series from Andrew Liles (Current 93, Nurse With Wound). The Miraculous Mechanical Monster is in part a concept LP that tells a tale of malfunctioning robots, monsters and bizarre sex. The robotic narration throughout the story can be followed by reading the text on the back of the LP. As with all of Andrew Liles’ output, this LP fits into no established musical genre and is arguably one of his strangest and most exotic recordings. The Miraculous Mechanical Monster will ONLY be released as an edition of 500 green vinyl LPs. The LP comes wrapped in a semi-pornographic, slick, super-glossy and incredibly thick sleeve. This full-length LP will not be repressed or released in any format ever again.
EMEGO 113CD SCHMICKLER, MARCUS: Palace Of Marvels (Queered Pitch) CD (EMEGO 113CD) 15.50
Marcus Schmickler’s new release following his acclaimed Altars Of Science (EMEGO 082CD) is a must-have for those interested in the rising field of contemporary computer music. It reconfirms Schmickler’s interest in the liaison of sound, phenomenology and cognitive sciences. Schmickler, therefore, utilizes a new interpretation of 1960’s discovery, the Shepardtone, discovered by Roger Shepard, which creates the auditory illusion of a tone that continually rises or descends in pitch yet ultimately seems to get no higher or lower. The phenomenon was first introduced to the music world by James Tenney in his piece “For Ann Rising.” Similarly, Schmickler has a musical take on the subject by creating arpeggios, short sequences of tones creating a similar effect. Schmickler’s interest in the field was sparked by Ernst Gombrich’s essays on “Art And Illusion,” questioning the very foundations of our understanding of the history of the image and its representation of our world. Adequately, Schmickler’s work ever since can be seen as a play within an anthropology of music in terms of its very fundamental parameters, rhythm, sound and pitch, as well as its socio-economic implications. Beyond that, the title Palace Of Marvels was taken from French intellectual Jacques Attali, who, in his critically-acclaimed book, Noise: The Political Economy Of Music, cites one of Leibniz’s little-known but “extraordinary” texts, “Drôle de pensée touchant nouvelle sorte de représentation,” in which the philosopher describes the “Palace Of Marvels.” The Palace Of Marvels is Leibniz’s idealization of a perfect political organization, which is built in such a way that the master of the house is able to hear and see everything that is being said and done in the premises without himself being perceived by his subjects. Leibniz’s vision of disciplinary society not only predates Foucault’s subsequent versions of surveillance mechanism, the Panopticon, but it also conceptualizes a more effective and absolute form of power through eavesdropping, censorship, and recording, as well as surveillance through visual means. Listening in on, ordering, transmitting, and recording noise are at the heart of the modern State. The idea for the material was originally conceived for a collaborative installation piece together with arts collective Interpallazo. The technical application was realized with the kind assistance of Prof. Dr. Alberto de Campo. Recorded and mastered at Piethopraxis, Köln. January-August 2010. Artwork by Tim Berresheim.
ERATP 027LP CODES IN THE CLOUDS: As The Spirit Wanes LP (ERATP 027LP) 25.00
Gatefold LP version. Includes a full-color, 12-page large-format booklet and download code. This is the highly-anticipated second studio album by Codes In The Clouds. The quintet of Ciaran Morahan, Stephen Peeling, Rob Smith, Jack Major and Joe Power hail from Dartford, England — a town not known for much besides giving birth to The Rolling Stones. Since 2007, they have dedicated themselves to producing heartfelt music to rival their peers and firmly place CITC as “ones to watch” in a vastly growing instrumental rock scene. Codes In The Clouds weave guitar melodies that have an alluring and versatile combination of qualities: melancholic yet uplifting, polished yet unhinged, delicate yet powerful. Through relentless touring and determination, this young band has steadily gained recognition since signing to Erased Tapes. The skills of one particular entrant, Brighton-based producer and musician Guy Andrews (Iambic), impressed the band so much that they invited him to work on this record. While from the outside, last year looked rosy for Codes In The Clouds with a remix album release, successful tours and festival slots, it’s also been a difficult year behind the scenes. Yet personal loss has proven a collective driving force, bringing the band closer as a group and shaping their surprisingly optimistic second offering. Co-produced by Erased Tapes initiator Robert Raths and label mate Ryan West, then mastered by Nils Frahm at his studio in Berlin, As The Spirit Wanes could almost be described as a family affair. Even the artwork was inspired by the band’s time in Iceland, performing as part of the Erased Tapes label night at Iceland Airwaves 2010. Most importantly, it’s all about songs with stunning melodies and razor-sharp hooks. From the Beach Boys pop appeal of “Look Back, Look Up” to the euphoric “Washington,” down to the emotionally-charged two-minute hymn “If I’d Have Known This Was The Last,” Codes In The Clouds embody their genre in its most rewarding form.
EX 123CD EX, THE: Catch My Shoe CD (EX 123CD) 14.00
“This is the 25th release on their own Ex Records & Catch My Shoe is the first with new singer Arnold de Boer. The songs range from high energy Gurage music from Ethiopia to hypnotic full on dance tunes. ‘In a decade when everyone from The Incredible String Band to the Jesus Lizard has staged a comeback, The Ex top them all; not only are they still together thirty years after they first came together as a punk quartet playing gigs in Amsterdam squats, they’ve never compromised their values, and their music has never sucked. Key to their success is a commitment to constant change and improvisational acumen that enable them to turn circumstances that might break a lesser band into opportunities for growth.'”
EX 123LP EX, THE: Catch My Shoe LP (EX 123LP) 17.00
“Vinyl version of the 25th classic release from Dutch pioneers, The Ex. Absolutely essential.”
FS 001CD JOKERS: Jokers CD (FS 001CD) 13.00
“Hailing from Tehran, Iran, the Jokers were one of Iran’s heavy underground rock groups during the early ’70s. Having visited the UK for a short period, Vaheed, the lead singer and guitarist of Jokers returned to Iran with new ideas and influences. After hearing groups like MC5 & Cream, the Jokers decided to pursue this type of sound, and subsequently recorded a heavy psychedelic blues album in a garage circa 1972 using nothing more than a reel to reel and two microphones. Filled with heavy fuzz, loud wah guitars and screaming vocals, the album sounds unlike any rock artifact unearthed from Iran so far. Sadly no record label would release their album, so they continued to perform at local venues, and even managed to get a performance at the German Embassy before disbanding. Here for the first time ever is a limited edition pressing taken directly from the reels they recorded in 1972. Fully licensed, this is a one-time pressing only. The numbered edition of 1000 CD version comes in paste-on mini-LP jackets with inner sleeves.”
FS 001LP JOKERS: Jokers LP (FS 001LP) 43.00
LP version, housed in a heavy paste-on jacket. Limited edition of 500 copies.
FRY 008EP 6 DEGREE SOUTH, THE: Loving You ”Is To Far Out” 7″ (FRY 008EP) 8.00
Fryers presents the legitimately licensed reissue of The 6 Degree South’s genre-defining deep funk jewel “Loving You ‘Is To Far Out.'” This anthem is a masterpiece of its genre because they pulled off what so many R&B groups of the early ’70s tried to do — they combined the sinister “end-is-near” dark psychedelia of the late ’60s with the funkiness and dancefloor punch of early ’70s street funk, creating a weaponized hybrid brand of funk that sounds fresh and exiting.
GEM 008EP SECRET CINEMA: Timeless Altitude 2011 EP 12″ (GEM 008EP) 12.00
Created back in ’94 by Secret Cinema, “Timeless Altitude” is truly timeless. If you are into electronic music and live on this planet, there’s a 75% chance you’ll recognize the weird reversed, reverbed piano riff. Now, remixes by Slam, Egbert and Secret Cinema have made their way onto vinyl. The Secret Cinema remix is a peak-time main room power tool, Slam take a deeper, more subtle approach, and Egbert takes the track to a warmer, funkier level.
HMA 1951094 BARTOK, BELA: Romanian Dances, Sonata, Suite, Improvisations, En Plein Air CD (HMA 1951094) 9.00
Performed by Claude Helffer (piano). “Bartók, a pianist himself, composed music for the piano throughout his life. The earliest known works, written in 1890 (Sz 1 to 7), were piano pieces, and the Third Piano Concerto was completed on his deathbed. The five works on this recording encapsulate the essence of this vast production of piano music.”
HMA 1955185 XENAKIS, IANNIS: Pléiades CD (HMA 1955185) 9.00
Mid-line priced reissue of this classic: Pleiades is a percussion piece performed by Les Percussions de Strasbourg (vibraphones, marimbas, xylophones, etc.); richly defined, timeless music that will sound good for the rest of your life. “The whole source of this polyrhythmic composition is the idea of periodicity, repetition, duplication, faithful, pseudo-faithful, unfaithful copy… still greater variations of an even greater complexity, due to the hazards of a particular stochastic distribution, lead to total rhythm, to a massy awareness of the event, to notions of clouds, nebulas, galaxies of the fragmented dust of beats organized by the rhythm.” –Xenakis
IMMUNE 014LP CLEARED: Cleared LP (IMMUNE 014LP) 16.00
“Cleared is the Chicago duo of Steven Hess and Michael Vallera. Cleared was formed in the latter part of 2009 as a project meant to focus on repetition and patience as central elements of composition. Hess and Vallera have previously worked in various contexts of improvisational, long form and experimental music. Cleared is an effort to take the knowledge both have gained from these arenas in order to build hypnotic patterns of sound and rhythm. The sessions that created the material for the initial tracks were made in Steven Hess’s Chicago studio in an extremely straightforward manner of recording. Percussion, electronics, field recordings and other experiments were arranged and supplemented with synthesis and guitar. Frequently, parts of the original audio recordings were sampled and further manipulated back into the work. The result is a body of songs that are simultaneously familiar and indistinguishable in their instrumentation.” On white vinyl; includes postcard.
JPR 7111LP NEW ORIGINAL SONIC SOUND, THE: The New Original Sonic Sound LP (JPR 7111LP) 16.00
“The influence of ’60s Northwest garage pioneers The Sonics is wider reaching than imaginable. They were easily one of the first high-octane, lo-fidelity garage bands of their era or any, but the snarling energy, gritty tension and blood-curdling screams predated punk, blueprinted grunge and informed all rock and roll that was to come. It would only make sense then, that eventually a cache of dyed-in-the-wool Sonics fiends would come together to record 16 Sonics classics, in tribute to one of the most important bands we’ve ever known. Scott McCaughey (R.E.M./Minus 5/Young Fresh Fellows) joined with Mark Arm, Steve Turner, and Dan Peters from Mudhoney, Tom Price (U-Men/Gas Huffer/Monkeywrench), Big Kahuna (Girl Trouble), and Craig Flory to form The New Original Sonic Sound. A seven-piece all star powerhouse! The Mudhoney factor is huge, as Mark Arm’s vocals lead the songs and 3/4 of the band is the backbone for NOSS. But more than sounding like Mudhoney doing a covers record, you really get a sense of how deep an influence The Sonics had on Mudhoney and all of these players, and all their friends’ and peer’s bands. The sense of reverence and purpose is audible, and the recordings are wild, electric and fun as hell.”
JBJ 1012EP POWELL, CHRIS: I Come From Jamaica/Country Girl Blues 7″ (JBJ 1012EP) 11.00
Jazzman Records presents a wild Carib-jazz flavored R&B gem flipped with a big and brash jump blues number from bandleader Chris Powell. “I Come From Jamaica” is an early exotic Rn’B jam, while “Country Girl Blues” is an Rn’B dancehall mover. Powell was busy in Philly through the late ’40s and ’50s, cutting a raft of jump sides and a number of big-band ballads for the Columbia, Okeh and Grand labels. Featuring the first known recorded work of jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown.
JM 079EP SUN RA: The World Is Not My Home 3×7″ (JM 079EP) 40.50
Following the unparalleled success of Jazzman’s previous Sun Ra triple pack, The Shadows Cast by Tomorrow (JM 073EP), which sold out worldwide within 24 hours of release, here is the second and final installment of the label’s foray into the intriguing, beguiling and mythical world of the Sun Ra 45. The triple 45 set includes 6 sides of Sun Ra in his various incarnations spanning three decades: “A Foggy Day,” “Mayan Temple,” “October,” “Blues On Planet Mars,” “Disco 2100” and “Sky Blues (Live).” 3×7″ 45rpm set housed in a triple gatefold with a custom-made, hand-printed sleeve. Limited, hand-numbered edition of 1-999. Pressed on clear vinyl with a glow-in-the-dark 7″ slipmat.
JMAN 039LP SIDEWINDERS, THE: Flatfoot Hustlin’ LP (JMAN 039LP) 25.50
LP version, limited to 1,500 numbered copies. Jazzman Records’ never-ending quest for the ultimate Holy Grail LP has encountered many precious rarities and sought-after gems on the way, and The Sidewinders’ Flatfoot Hustlin’ is no exception. Incredibly rare, so much so that it’s only become known to collectors in recent years, here is another fantastic example of top-notch funk n’ soul from the ’70s that would surely be in everybody’s record collection — if only it had been pressed in numbers and properly released! It was a bitterly cold night in Nova Scotia, Canada (of all places?!) when the Sidewinders got together in an unheated studio for a couple of days to cut Flatfoot Hustlin’, their first and only album. A professional touring band that had been on the circuit for many years, their sound was slick, solid and smooth. The recording was a wrap, a release was imminent — but then things began to go wrong. The insert with previously-unpublished photographs contains detailed liner notes from Jazzman’s own exclusive interviews, revealing the story behind The Sidewinders and how this album came to be — or not, as the case may be! What certainly is the case is that Flatfoot Hustlin’ is a great-sounding rare funk album chock full of deep, soulful moments and full-on fat, funky grooves. Not to be missed!
KOM 216EP JATOMA: Little Houseboat Remixe 12″ (KOM 216EP) 12.00
Denmark’s Jatoma presents remixes of two tracks from their Kompakt debut (KOMP 086CD/KOM 219LP). “Little Houseboat” is remade by Kenton Slash Demon, who wrap a wondrous tribal beat around the gorgeous fluency of the original harmonies. Pom Pom also do their own interpretation, creating an unstoppable force in techno mayhem. Lucky Dragons come together with a psychedelic sea of sonic bliss and “Dust In Wong” is mixed by none other than Dustin Wong himself!
KSAY 002LP RAGAB AND THE CAIRO JAZZ BAND, SALAH: Egyptian Jazz (Deluxe Edition) LP (KSAY 002LP) 23.50
The KS Art Yard series is a collaboration between Kindred Spirits and Art Yard, presenting high-quality collectors editions of these classic records.Salah Ragab formed the first jazz big band in Egypt (The Cairo Jazz Band) in 1968. He was also the leader of the Military Music Departments in Heliopolis and some of the best musicians in Egypt of that time were members of the band such as Zaki Osman (trumpet), Saied Salama (tenor sax), Khamis El ?Kholy, (piano) and Ala Mostafa (piano). On this recording, the band consists of five saxophones, four trumpets, four trombones, piano, bass, drums, percussion and other exotic instruments. Salah Ragab accompanied the great band leader and composer Sun Ra on a tour in Egypt, Greece, France and Spain in 1984. He also studied jazz theories and improvisation with the jazz musician and composer from Kansas City Osman Kareem, with whom he formed the first jazz quintet in Cairo in 1963, recording with the Radio Service of Cairo. These recordings present Salah Ragab And The Cairo Jazz Band’s definitive work, recorded in Heliopolis, Egypt between 1968 and 1973. The definitive work corresponds to the cross?over of musical styles at the time of the recording, which were produced 6,000 miles away across the Mediterranean and Atlantic in New York with releases on Moodsville by Yusef Lateef and RCA by Ahmud Abdul?Malik. Egyptian Jazz represents The Cairo Jazz Band responding to the American jazz scene of the ’60s and ’70s with influences from Mongo Santamaria to Randy Weston and Sun Ra. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Housed in a rigid cardboard sleeve featuring a printed inner sleeve with pictures.
This LP of Sun Ra’s from 1979 marks a pinnacle in one of the Arkestra’s most?loved phases, as they embraced a funky, laid?back groove and shuffled through three tracks of upfront bass, electric guitar, spacey Fender Rhodes, and Luqman Ali’s signature late snares. With this rhythmic core, the rest of the Arkestra step up with solos, slightly out-of-tune harmonies, and vocal chants. “Door Of The Cosmos” kicks the record off at a mid?tempo pace with handclaps, vibraphones, a killer trumpet solo from Michael Ray, and a poetic chorus from June Tyson. But it’s “Springtime Again” and the title track “Sleeping Beauty” that really steal the show, so loose that they threaten to fall apart, yet somehow the music holds together as the group rock back and forth like a hammock. It’s testament to Sun Ra as a band leader that he could get such restrained yet emotional performances from the Arkestra, floating in and out of time and tune, on the edge of disintegration. “Sleeping Beauty” stands out in Ra’s massive and varied discography as a true high point, with restrained and dreamy electric piano from the man himself, and hypnotic performances from Arkestra players like John Gilmore, Marshall Allen, Francisco Mora, Danny Thompson, James Jacson, and the Disco Kid on guitar. This is the album ’70s-era Miles Davis and Joe Zawinul wished they could have made together, but it couldn’t have come from anyone, or anywhere, else. A favorite of producers and music lovers like Madlib, Yo La Tengo, Carlos Nino, Jimi Tenor, Tortoise, 4Hero, Kirk Degiorgio, Carl Craig, and Theo Parrish, this LP is quite simply a masterpiece, and anyone with even the slightest interest in Sun Ra and jazz should check it out. Inspired space?age lullaby music of the highest order. This essential Sun Ra deluxe edition is housed in a heavy, rigid cardboard outer sleeve and pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Includes printed inner sleeve with pictures. Limited edition of 500 copies.
KSAY 004LP SUN RA & HIS SOLAR ARKESTRA: On Jupiter (Deluxe Edition) LP (KSAY 004LP) 23.50
Whatever it was that sparked Sun Ra to investigate the funk between 1976 and 1979, we should all be thankful that he did. Having explored dreamy, languid rhythms before ?- with off?key arrangements and chants on records like New Steps, Lanquidity, Of Mythic Worlds, and Disco 3000 -? On Jupiter, originally released in 1979, sees Sun Ra really flexing his funk muscles, stretching the group like a rubber band. Blissful, flanged guitar threads its way throughout the title track, and Ra throws up piano chords and vamps all over an upfront, but fragmented bass pulse. But while the Arkestra might be getting their oblique grind on in the rhythm section, the music still carries those cosmic messages from the stars. Just as Ra transplanted the big band traditions of Fletcher Henderson and Duke Ellington into his own cosmic vision, here he takes the backbeat of funk and disco, and teleports it into another dimension. Despite revamping the current musical trends, the emotional core of this LP is something that Sun Ra never forgot. There is a story that when they were rehearsing [“UFO”], some of the musicians complained when Sonny asked them to listen to examples of currently popular disco records: “This is some hokey shit, Sonny,” they said. “This hokey shit is somebody’s hopes and dreams,” he chided them. “Don’t be so hip!” Something else to note on this singular LP is the way it has been mixed. Michael Ray, the horn player, was sent back to the Arkestra base by Sun Ra during the mixing session, and returned with “a handful of tapes,” with which he then dubbed all kinds of percussion, guitar, and vocals into the studio mix ?- bringing another ghostly, spacey element to the layers. This album stands out in one of Sun Ra’s most exciting creative periods, and it’s incredible to think of Ra, then in his mid?’60s, still pushing the group to further heights, and taking no prisoners. As he chants on “UFO”: “I know you got a hiding place, somewhere deep in outer space! Watch out!” Housed in a heavy, rigid outer sleeve and pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Includes a printed inner sleeve with pictures. Limited to 500 copies.
KSAY 005LP SUN RA: The Antique Blacks (Deluxe Edition) LP (KSAY 005LP) 23.50
Although Sun Ra wouldn’t have called Earth home, there were a couple of cities that proved to have considerable significance on him and his music, and Philadelphia was one of the places that he really felt in his element. With the Arkestra HQ based at Marshall Allen’s family home, a period of stability followed that resulted in some of Sun Ra’s most well?loved albums like Lanquidity, Sleeping Beauty, and On Jupiter. With the Foxhole Cafe and WXPN?FM radio studio, there were excellent facilities for Sun Ra to broadcast his music to the world. The vitality you can hear on 1978’s Antique Blacks is a testament to the unique energy of the community around The Foxhole. From Arkestra sax?man Danny Thompson running the local convenience store, to the small but perfectly-formed Philly Jazz label, to knickers being thrown at Ra during a concert at the Foxhole, Philly lit Sun Ra’s creative spark from 1968 right up to the early ’90s. On Antique Blacks, Sun Ra blends elements of free jazz, off?key synth explorations, and experimental theater into an otherworldly concoction that doesn’t crop up anywhere else in the Arkestra’s massive discography. He relishes his role as galactic narrator, with lines like “Let’s try something different for you… Something like being alive, hahahaha!” sounding more like a quote from Zoltar rather than the Afro?futurist bandleader we all know. Antique Blacks takes its starting point from The Bible and slavery, and throws these issues into the contemporary political frame hurtling up?to?date with late 60’s Civil Rights. At this time, the Arkestra typically consisted of 20 to 30 musicians, dancers, singers, and fire?eaters, combined with elaborate lighting effects and playing sets for 2-3 hours non?stop. The Arkestra was a regular fixture around Philly, giving lectures and community workshops, drifting among the bookshelves of the city library, and performing at the closing party of the very last night of the Foxhole in October 1982. Rumors of increased UFO sightings over the Philadelphia airspace are unfounded, but one thing is certain: Sun Ra and the Arkestra will go down in the chapters of Philadelphia’s rich jazz history, just as non?earth?dwellers will make pilgrimages to the human metropolis known as Philadelphia in light years to come. Comes with an insert featuring an unpublished photo and new liner notes by the Arkestra’s Michael Anderson. Housed in a rigid, spot-varnished outer sleeve and pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Limited numbered edition of 1000 copies.
KSAY OFF1-EP SUN RA & HIS ARKESTRA: The Lost Arkestra Series Part 1 10″ (KSAY OFF1-EP) 12.50
Three unreleased tracks from the Art Yard Sun Ra & His Arkestra vaults. On the A-side is “Along Came Ra” featuring June Tyson. The B-side includes a beautiful edit of “The Sky Is A Sea Of Darkness When There Is No Sun” and “We Travel The Spaceways.”
GMT 016LP GANG GANG DANCE: Kamakura LP (GMT 016LP) 17.00
LP version. “Limited edition of 1000! Gang Gang Dance define the ultimate ‘world music’ for the now, & possibly for an unknown tomorrow. Utilizing avant garde sensibilities & cut-and-paste assemblies, they approach music as pure sound. Lizzie Bougatsos’ vocals are often non-verbal communications — words as sound rather than any immediate apparent linear meaning or message. As interest grows in the indigenous music of many cultures of the Far and Middle East, especially in hybridized fusions of the familiar Western forms with local historical folk forms, so Gang Gang Dance are the logical product of an outward looking NYC in the global age: Middle Eastern percussion & keyboard stabs collide with Far Eastern instrumentation, & elements of Western pop & dance.”
GMT 019LP GOWNS: Broken Bones LP (GMT 019LP) 15.00
LP version. “Limited edition of 1000! Gowns are a band evolving around the partnership of Erika Anderson – previously the guitar wrangler in Amps For Christ – and Ezra Buchla – ex-horror show vocalist and programmer for The Mae Shi. Gowns cast an apocalyptic net over a broad church of influences, hauling in their fractured folk songs with cracked electronics, lending their confessional lyrics the directness of a spooked grunge approach, whilst embracing their smart oscillating pop with troubled atmospherics.” On green vinyl.
LM 54176 VA: Free Africa 4CD BOX (LM 54176) 36.00
“On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the independence of several African countries, Free Africa pays tribute to the continent’s rich musical traditions with a selection of 50 essential tracks performed by a stunning array of great artists and featuring powerful and unforgettable music. From rumba to the mandingue, from afro beat to goumbé (not to mention blues, jazz and rock), the selections on this deluxe four disc set span the full range of African music from the sixties to the current day.” Artists include Manu Dibango, Moussa Doumbia, Bassekou Kouyate, Rail Band de Bamako, Mulatu Astatké, Orchestre National A du Mali, Amadou Balake, Ernesto Djedje, Alpha Blondy, Mahmoud Ahmed and more. Includes a 40-page booklet with notes in English and French.
“The Master Musicians of Jajouka hail from a village near Ksarel Kebir in the Ahl Srif mountains of northern Morocco. Jajouka is home to Sufi trance musicians who maintain one of the oldest and most unique musical traditions known on the planet. After many years of dedicated training, the musicians finally become ‘Malims’ or Masters. They possess baraka, the blessing of Allah, which gives them the power to heal and the endurance required to play some of the most intense and complex music ever written. Led today by Bachir Attar, the Master Musicians of Jajouka are most famous for their connections with the Beat Generation (Burroughs famously dubbed them ‘A 4,000 year old rock band’) and Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, who introduced the unique sound of the Master Musicians of Jajouka to much of the Western world. The Source was produced by Brian Jones a month before his death in 1969. The band has subsequently recorded several unforgettable albums on their own and has been featured on albums by Ornette Coleman, the Rolling Stones, Randy Weston, Maceo Parker, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. The music on The Source manifests the musical and ritual force of a local, infl uential and endless art.”
LITA 059CD VAGRANTS: I Can’t Make A Friend 1965-1968 CD (LITA 059CD) 14.00
“East Coast rockers from Queens, New York, the Vagrants are as OG as they come. Admired from across the Forest Hills High School cafeteria by future members of the Ramones, they ripped across the city and state with ecstatic abandon and an explosive stage show. They pissed off Bill Graham on a mini West Coast tour and were told they’d never play there again. Full of damage and pure dynamics, the Vagrants provided the blueprint for early punk. They invented their own timeless interpretations of soul and contemporary rock smashes including their infectious take on ‘Respect,’ eventually immortalized on the original Nuggets compilation in 1972. Shit, they may even be responsible for helping to push a young Hammond B3 rocking Billy Joel (then in the Hassles) into the big league. Not to mention a little Mafioso mayhem thrown in for good measure (steal, beg or borrow the album to read an extensive set of deep liner notes from Ugly Things’ Mike Stax on the subject). But forget the tales of these real rock Rumble Fish, it’s the music that tells the story. 12 tracks of groovy garage, propulsive psych, and primitive proto-punk, Light In The Attic score another coup with I Can’t Make A Friend 1965-1968.”
MEDICAL 003LP CHRISMA: Chinese Restaurant LP (MEDICAL 003LP) 18.00
2nd pressing available, now on black vinyl. “A seminal album by Italian new wave duo Chrisma, the absolutely essential Chinese Restaurant has not been available on vinyl format in over 30 years. Chrisma is made up of husband and wife team Maurizio Arcieri and Christina Moser (the name comes from the first letters of each of their names). The record was first recorded in 1977 and originally released that same year by Polydor. It was produced, and arranged, and contains musical contributions by Niko Papathanassiou (brother of the famous Vangelis Papathanassiou responsible for the timeless Blade Runner score). Chinese Restaurant is a very unique record blending the best elements of synth-punk, Neu!-esque prog jams, and new wave into a hybrid of sheer perfection. From the post-punk energy of the single, ‘Black Silk Stocking’ to the jagged hooks of ‘What For’ and the analog warbling synths of ‘Mandoia’, this futuristic slab of wax is a classic. This reissue was licensed directly from the artists, and it includes a reworking of the original front and back cover artwork. Presented on high-quality 180gm vinyl.”
MEDICAL 004LP CHRISMA: Hibernation LP (MEDICAL 004LP) 18.00
2nd pressing available, now on black vinyl. “Hibernation is the spectacular follow-up to the Chinese Restaurant LP and was recorded in 1978 and was originally released in 1979 on Polydor. This record has not been available on vinyl for over 30 years and tends to fetch rather high prices on the collector’s market. The songs are restrained yet explorative and passionate. The opening track ‘Calling’ takes the listener down a quirky new wave path riddled with angular guitars and random bits of analog beeps. The stand out track is certainly ‘Gott Gott Electron’ which is an intoxicating dancefloor slow cosmic jam which will leave a permanent involuntary imprint to the lucky who hear it. As a whole, the record is reflective of the passion between Maurizio and Christina and is a new wave masterpiece on many levels. ‘Aurora B’ and ‘Lover’ further display the intense emotional interplay. This reissue was licensed directly from the artist, and the front and back artwork have been re-interpreted and re-invisioned. This is presented on high quality 180 gram vinyl.”
MOOD 095EP DAVE DK: Retake One Sampler 12″ (MOOD 095EP) 12.00
Moodmusic presents a sampler plate of Dave DK’s mix Retake One. DK himself presents “Will Be Gone” — a deep yet driving groover in finest DK style. Citycobra, one half of Smash TV, debuts with “Fresh Simple” on Moodmusic. A deep slice of pad-infused house with a highly teasing build. Finally, Axel Boman delivers some fine dub-infused moments on “Cinquenta,” a modulating roller that will keep you nailed to the floor.
MBF 12075EP KAISERDISCO: In No One’s Shadow Remixes 12″ (MBF 12075EP) 12.00
Here is a remix 12″ of tracks from Kaiserdisco’s album In No One’s Shadow. DJ Madskillz and 2000 And One reduce the original of “Amalfino” into the essentials while still getting a bit of deepness going. Yousef presents a laidback, melodic version of “In No One’s Shadow,” keeping it really steady-going but mellow and deep. Sébastian Léger’s remix of “Simplistix” is a tough and technoid kind of techno-house-hybrid and F.Sonik’s remix of “Aguja” focuses on a tripped-out minimal style.
MYS 005LP SHRINNIRS: Early Singles LP (MYS 005LP) 15.00
“Contains the first three 45s plus some early unreleased tracks by New England’s political punkers influenced by The Ex, Dog-Faced Hermans, and various avant-garde movements. The Bimbo Shrineheads/Shrin/Shrinnirs have been blowing minds at endless venues since the late 80s…. And in true Dead Moon fashion, Dawn Cook (vocalist, songwriter) and Joe Malinowski (drummer & Tulpa Records executive) are still shredding around New England with their unique vision. Try to see them asap! Includes hand-painted covers with art box attached including artwork, flyers, Byron Coley liners/interviews , and more. Limited to 100 copies.”
NW 80693CD JOHNSTON, BEN: String Quartets Nos. 1, 5, & 10 CD (NW 80693CD) 15.00
Performed by the Kepler Quartet. “This disc, with premiere recordings of Ben Johnston’s first, fifth and tenth string quartets, presents his earliest and latest essays in the genre and one from roughly the middle of his output. The three pieces are highly different from one another in style, technique and expressive intent. Johnston’s String Quartet No. 1, ‘Nine Variations’ (1959) manifests his belief in the progressive nature of serialism and embraces it as a satisfying means of creating musical order. There is no theme per se: each of the work’s brief sections may be thought of as a transformation of an underlying idea that is never directly stated. String Quartet No. 5 (1979) is one of Johnston’s most impressive achievements, music of radical innovation that speaks an expressive and engaging language with a visionary intensity reminiscent of Ives. It is a single-movement variation form based on ‘Lonesome Valley,’ an old Appalachian traditional gospel song of unknown authorship. By the time he embarked on String Quartet No. 10 in 1995 his music had evolved yet again. Johnston’s use of extended just intonation was a way of revivifying tonal relations in music without lapsing into a nostalgic appropriation of idioms from an earlier era, which has always seemed to him a kind of escapism, and aesthetically negligible. Listening to the tenth quartet, especially on first encounter, we may feel as though we have entered a parallel universe in which Haydn has become a microtonalist with a predilection for complex proportional rhythms. The whole history of Western music flashes before our eyes — almost literally so in the last movement — but with all the colors different: seasons, decades and centuries all tumble into one another. Composer-supervised recordings.”
NNF 155LP DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE: …On Sea-Faring Isolation LP (NNF 155LP) 14.00
2011 repress limited to 300 copies, with new insert. Originally released in 2009. “A casual interweb cruiser could be forgiven for confusing Dolphins Into The Future the ‘band’ (aka the one-man tape-loop blue-age ambient project executed by Belgian Cetacean Nation ambassador Lieven Martens) with Dolphins Into The Future the book (written by dimensional traveler Joan Ocean concerning her 20-year-long real life spirit quest to commune with a school of 200 wild Hawaiian Spinner dolphins). And, to be fair, they’re a LOT alike. Both deal heavily in trippy, drifting logics, vibrational holograms, and an overdose of psychedelic pastel artwork. But Ms. Ocean’s books are out of print so instead we have …On Sea-Faring Isolation, Mr. Dolphin Martens’ vinyl debut under the DITF banner, after a 2-year string of increasingly blissed tapes and CDRs. Composed of three interwoven pieces per side, Isolation is one of those baffling magic eye LPs that seems to dissolve yr memory of it during the very act of listening. Turquoise webs of billowing synth smoke curl and dissipate into grey horizons of open sea field recordings. The wooden mast of a ship creaks quietly while astral bells toll away in morning fog. You are alone. This record could make a sailor homesick, and Joan Ocean weep. Beautifully composed and sequenced, with just the right amount of wobbly porpoise sonar prisms bubbling up from the deep, this LP exceeded all our expectations (and they were high). A fantastic voyage into the pan-dolphinic dawn.”
NNF 210LP DAUGHTERS OF THE SUN: Ghost With Chains LP (NNF 210LP) 14.00
“Long-running Twin Cities horsepower trio Daughters Of The Sun have been subtly chugging out their faded-tattoo spirit-in-the-sky psych exhaust for at least half a decade now but we didn’t catch the drift till March ’09, when we got to witness a packed post-midnight smoke-soaked Minneapolis loft set and waved our lighter with the masses. Ghost With Chains is their third official full-length (not including some EPs and a killer split) and it’s as beautifully moon-burnt and highway-swept as anything they’ve done. Recorded in August of ’09 at Nicollet Park, the LP’s seven songs swerve from spectral Sturgis road-burners (‘Hexagram,’ ‘Bell Of The Barrier’) to lower-keyed percussion meditationals (‘Busted Realm,’ ‘Ghost With Chains’), spiced with the occasional earth-toned ghost drone piece or floating flower acoustic mantra-ballad. The magic is, it all works. The D.O.T.S. gang co-run a tape label, Never Ender, and each helm their own exile-consciousness solo project (Camden, Elven Thief, Wavepool), so roots run deep. Unbreak the Chains and scope ’em on tour next time they pass through yr local badlands. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with artwork by Oakley Tapioca, plus a full-color pro-printed insert. Edition of 490.”
NUMERO 011LP VA: Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaberg 2LP (NUMERO 011LP) 20.00
“Five years since our initial CD release, Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg finally makes it back to its intended format as a deluxe double LP. This 180 gram ‘Loaded To The Gills’ edition features 10 bonus tracks, scores of new photographs, and new liner notes, all housed in a heavy gatefold jacket. Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg chronicles Phoenix, Arizona’s off-‘Funky Broadway’ scene that happened while Dyke and his Blazers were setting national charts on fire in the late ’60s/early ’70s. Covering Tejano psych, flute funk, both horny soul and horny kid soul, cackling R&B, deep ballads, and fist-fight doowop, Lenaburg channeled that wrong side of the desert sound to a dozen 45s for the Mighty, Darlene, Homogenized Sound, Ramco, and Out of Sight imprints. Although listing these totally obscure groups is an exercise in futility, we’ve typed them out anyway; Michael Liggins, the Super Souls, We The People, Ronnie Whitehead, Small Paul, the Soulsations, Lon Rogers, the Soul Blenders, Sheila Jack, Clarence Townes, and the Newlyweds.”
NUMERO 038CD WRIGHT, WILLIE: Telling The Truth CD/5″ (NUMERO 038CD) 18.00
“Born of Harlem doo-wop roots and refined by Boston’s counterculture scene, Wright arrived in Nantucket in 1976 well worn by two decades of street corner and club performing, eager to make the easy money only a private yacht clientele could guarantee. Trapped on the island over winter, a set of original songs poured into his cover-heavy set. Tales of Wright’s native roots, straight life, his abandoned four children, and the many women he had known flooded his loose leaf notebook before finally being set to tape in New York the following spring. Tracked with George ‘Buzzy’ Bragg and Herry Jensen (of Skull Snaps and Jimmy Castor Bunch fame, respectively) in one day with minimal overdubs, Telling The Truth was, and would remain, Willie Wright’s brightest and most inspired moment. Sold from the trunk of a car and from a handful of resort stages, the humble album disappeared into the collections and garages of Nantucket tourists, taking what was left of a near-30-year career along with it. Available for the first time since 1977, this expanded edition of Telling The Truth gathers Wright’s lone 45 and only original composition from his first LP to tell the definitive Willie Wright story. The CD includes his cover of Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Right On For The Darkness’ (with his original ‘Africa’ on the flip) and shrinks it to a portable 4.72″ record that actually plays!”
NUMERO 038LP WRIGHT, WILLIE: Telling The Truth LP/7″ (NUMERO 038LP) 20.00
“Deluxe gatefold LP edition includes a replica 7″ of Willie Wright’s cover of Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Right On For The Darkness’ (with his original ‘Africa’ on the flip).”
PF 018CD WIRE: Red Barked Tree CD (PF 018CD) 16.50
“At a time when back catalogue outsells fresh creativity and newcomers achieve fame by adding a lick of paint to their parents’ record collections, it’s unusual to find a band who, despite plying their trade for decades, are willing and able to make new work that’s as vital and relevant as their own illustrious past recordings. Wire are such a band, and with Red Barked Tree they have succeeded in making a statement that will sound as strong in 30 years as their celebrated historical oeuvre does today. Red Barked Tree rekindles a lyricism sometimes absent from Wire’s previous work and reconnects with the live energy of performance, harnessed and channelled from extensive touring over the past few years. Red Barked Tree was conceived, written and recorded mostly during 2010 by the pared-down lineup of Colin Newman, Graham Lewis and Robert Grey — with no guests. Ranging from the hymnal ‘Adapt’ to the barking sledgehammer art-punk of ‘Two Minutes’, the album encompasses the full range of style and nuance that has always endeared Wire to pastel-tinged pop aficionados and bleeding-edge avant-rockers alike.”
PROTEZ 018EP DANILOV, ALEX: Pool EP 12″ (PROTEZ 018EP) 12.00
Here is a superb deep house treat from Alex Danilov, framing the ear-worming lead refrain around a robust NY house bass line and crisp, punchy percussion with his seal of vintage touches. It kicks off with the track “Pool,” in which Alex builds a chunky Chicago/NY-styled house cut with silky smooth synth pads and hypnotic vocal loops that carries on to the Chicago tribute of “Get Old House.” Finally, “Sequence Smoke” will keep you going through the late night.
REL 3013CD PULSE: Feat. Carlo Mastrangelo CD (REL 3013CD) 17.00
Featuring the talents of songwriter, drummer and vocalist Carlo Mastrangelo (a founding member of Dion & The Belmonts), this quartet was initially known as Endless Pulse, and they recorded their sole LP late in 1971. Produced by Orrin Keepnews (also responsible for jazz classics by Bill Evans, Thelonius Monk, Wes Montgomery and many others), it was released the following year on the tiny Thimble label, and stands up well as a fine hard rock collection, making its long overdue return to CD here.
ROAR 021LP OLIVEROS, PAULINE: To Valerie Solanas And Marilyn Monroe In Recognition.. LP (ROAR 021LP) 14.00
..Of Their Desperation. “Shortly after it was published in 1968 the SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas fell into my hands. Intrigued by the egalitarian feminist principles set forth in the Manifesto, I wanted to incorporate them in the structure of a new piece that I was composing. The women’s movement was surfacing and I felt the need to express my resonance with this energy. Marilyn Monroe had taken her own life. Valerie Solanas had attempted to take the life of Andy Warhol. Both women seemed to be desperate and caught in the traps of inequality: Monroe needed to be recognized for her talent as an actress. Solanas wished to be supported for her own creative work. Commissioned by the Music Department of Hope College, Holland Michigan, To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation had its premiere in 1970. Though everyone knew Marilyn Monroe hardly anyone recognized Valerie Solanas or took her Manifesto seriously. I brought the names of these two women together in the title of the piece to draw attention to their inequality and to dedicate the piece.” — Pauline Oliveros.”This LP contains both the 1970 Hope College premiere, performed by a 14-piece ensemble, and a 1977 recording from Wesleyan University, performed by a 43-piece orchestra. Roaratorio is proud to present the first commercially available release of this eerie, beautiful, and important Oliveros work. Cover artwork by Judith Lindbloom. Download coupon included.”
RH 032EP FREAK SEVEN (FEAT. ANIFF): Nano Kids/Feel 12″ (RH 032EP) 12.50
Rush Hour presents two tracks from Freak Seven, in both vox versions and instrumental versions.
RH 114EP TRAGO, TOM: Shutters 12″ (RH 114EP) 12.50
Tom Trago’s first release of 2011. This limited promo precedes his forthcoming album Iris. For now, “Shutters” should keep you going. This joyful house nugget comes in a main mix and in a dub mix.
“Limited edition of 500. Recorded live in December 2008 in front of a live studio audience at Amaan Studios in Vienna, Austria, Last Worldly Bond captures stunning performances with impeccable fidelity by yet another Primordial Undermind lineup primed to do some supersonic firewalking. Make no mistake, this is no mere live album recorded from the board, these are truly pro recording studio sessions capturing the band in rare form. The new lineup features soaring cello playing by Megan Burke and proto-Japanese psych-rock textures anchored by a palpitating rhythm section interwoven with electronics, and the results are mystifying.”
WIRE 324 WIRE, THE: #324 February 2011 MAG (WIRE 324) 8.50
“On the cover of this month’s issue: Deerhoof (Now in their 16th year, the mercurial rockers have shapeshifted into a disciplined global mobile unit). Features: Captain Beefheart (Strictly personal tributes, including a comic strip by Savage Pencil, a poem by Byron Coley and some insider Magic Band knowledge from Gary Lucas); Vanessa Rossetto (The Texas based artist tells Nick Cain about composing and improvising with quotidian sounds); Tri-Angle Records (Derek Walmsley bags a rare interview with the man behind the London spectral pop label); Global Ear: Stockholm (The Swedish capital’s new Audiorama is the latest in a long line of electronic live spaces); Invisible Jukebox: Hype Williams (Inga Copeland and Dean Blunt stop being polite and ‘get reel’ with The Wire’s mystery record selection); Matthew Shipp (How the broadminded New York pianist peeled away from the jazz fleet to sail in the open waters of Thirsty Ear’s Blue Series); Epiphanies: Salomé Voegelin kneels in the presence of Morton Feldman’s contemplative masterpiece Rothko Chapel.”
THR 243CD THANK YOU: Golden Worry CD (THR 243CD) 14.00
“Thank You could only come from one city, at one moment in time. Like Pere Ubu’s Cleveland and Joy Division’s Manchester, post-industrial Baltimore serves as simultaneous playground, obstacle course, and muse to this show-stealing art-rock trio. Jeffrey McGrath (everything), Michael Bouyoucas (everything), and Emmanuel Nicolaidis (everything) are veterans of a cold era when the Baltimore music scene barely exceeded the carrying capacity of a warehouse elevator. Things change, and the band’s urgent collision of rhythm, melody, and noise has placed them at the creative center of today’s Baltimore renaissance. Here we have guitars, drums, and vocals — but also ’60s Vox organs, harmonica, mini-moog, jaw harp, sampler, and Fender Twin Reverb amps — all in the service of six hypnotic tracks of Baltimore-built avant-rock. From the first-jangling, then-jagged guitars of album-opener ‘1-2-3 Bad’ to the triumphant swirls and squeals of ‘Continental Divide’ and the dexterously deconstructed instrumental bridge of galvanizing closer ‘Can’t/Can,’ these songs are intricate yet immediate stunners. Attacked with the ecstatic, fierce energy of a Thank You live set — and then perfected in the studio with ears attuned to dub, Eno, 20th Century classical, and Konono No. 1 — Golden Worry is a new world in which we listeners can lose ourselves: the sound of Baltimore at the vanguard as we enter the Two-Thousand Teens.”
THR 243LP THANK YOU: Golden Worry LP (THR 243LP) 15.00
LP version.
THR 256CD TOURE & FRIENDS, SIDI: Sahel Folk CD (THR 256CD) 14.00
“Throughout his time making music, Sidi’s sound has both captured and challenged his roots. His music moves from the translucent swaying takamba to the trance inducing Holley, while the lyrics often address many non-traditional issues. Sidi has a critical mind and his songs have a purpose. At its heart, Sahel Folk, Thrill Jockey’s debut release with Sidi Touré, is an album of friends reuniting around a glass of tea. It’s Sidi Touré’s second album, but the first time most of his collaborators have been documented. Sidi Touré has been performing music in his home of Mali since the 1970s when he formed the Songhaï Stars regional orchestra. He has won the award for best singer two times at the Mali National Bienale. Sidi is a peer to Toumani Diabaté, Bassekou Kouyate, and he shares a kinship with the late Ali Farka Touré.”
THR 256LP TOURE & FRIENDS, SIDI: Sahel Folk LP (THR 256LP) 16.00
Gatefold LP version.
THR 258CD MANLEY, PHIL: Life Coach CD (THR 258CD) 14.00
“Phil Manley, founding member of the pioneering DC-trio Trans Am, and in-demand recording engineer (The Alps, Arp, Mi Ami, Moon Duo, Wooden Shjips) has recorded his debut solo album. Life Coach, a title inspired by Tony Williams Lifetime and Charles Bullen’s Lifetones project, is a dynamic collection of instrumental songs composed, performed, and recorded entirely by Phil. While there are reflections of Phil’s work in Trans Am, Oneida, The Fucking Champs, and Jonas Reinhardt that a listener familiar with those bands will notice, Life Coach is more minimal and adheres to the structures of German rock of the mid ’70s that has long inspired Phil, specifically the free-spirited and loose arrangements, the propulsive ‘motorik’ pulse, and the sonic textures or ‘Klangfarben’ (translated ‘sound colors’). German analog recording technology had reached its zenith in the late 70’s. This coincided nicely with the careers of such artists as Neu!, Kraftwerk, Harmonia, Cluster and Popol Vuh. German recording engineer Connie Plank, a hero of Phil’s, was responsible for most of the greatest recordings of each of these bands. Life Coach pays homage to the ‘Klangfarben’ of Connie Plank’s recordings.”
THR 258LP MANLEY, PHIL: Life Coach LP (THR 258LP) 15.00
LP version.
THR 262LP FRIEDBERGER, MATTHEW: Napoléonette LP (THR 262LP) 15.00
“Matthew Friedberger is one half of The Fiery Furnaces and this is his first solo material since Winter Women/Holy Ghost Language School (recorded in 2006). Napoléonette is the first of six full length albums Matthew Friedberger will release in 2011. Only 350 copies of Napoléonette are available for individual purchase (most copies are being sold through a subscription service). Do not delay. This album will not be made available on CD or as a digital download in its entirety.”
Due to popular demand, the Brooklyn-based Tri Angle label has decided to issue this critically-acclaimed witch-house EP on CD — originally released in August 2010 on 12″ vinyl that sold-out immediately. Balam Acab’s See Birds EP presents an optimistic yet haunting glimpse of a droning future. See Birds is the product of 19 year-old Ithaca, New York resident and solo producer, Alec Koone. Founded by Robin Carolan of 20 Jazz Funk Greats and distributed by the renowned Kompakt label, Tri Angle will continue with releases by oOoOO, Creep, Nowa Huta, Stalker, and more. “He isolates and distorts bits of source material (say, vocal loops or beat fragments) and smears them together in new arrangements. The results are remarkably seamless. Take opener ‘See Birds (Moon)’, where a scratchy drone meets heavy, blown-out beats and a chorus of layered vocals. The way he puts them together, a new natural rhythm for these sounds emerges and it becomes hard to imagine them in any other order… a heck of an impressive first step.” –Pitchfork (8.0)
WER 2062 KNOX/BRIAN O’REILLY, GARTH: Spectral Strands DVD (WER 2062) 24.00
“Viola virtuoso Garth Knox, in concert with well-known video artist Brian O’Reilly, created Spectral Strands, an unique audiovisual program that features compositions by Giacinto Scelsi, Salvatore Sciarrino, Gérard Grisey, Michael Edwards and Kaija Saariaho. Although the rainbow is a familiar object, the discovery that ordinary light can be split into a spectacular spectrum of color remains a source of wonder. In ‘spectral music’ the same concept is been applied to sound, and the resulting sound colors, obtained with the help of electronics, are no less spectacular and have excited a whole generation of composers.” All region DVD; running time: 57 minutes.
WER 6856 MUSIKFABRIK: Nach Innen (Toward The Inside) CD (WER 6856) 24.00
“A tendency to focus on internal processes has emerged in the music of the last few decades. This disc features compositions on that theme by Mark Andre, Kaija Saariaho and Ian Willcock. Andre was seeking existential sonic situations on his path ‘toward the inside’ (or nach innen, to quote the written out title of his piece ‘ni’). Like Andre, Saariaho has also delved into the internal nature of sound. Her rich variety of spectral harmonies tells an old story in a new way: a violin concerto that portrays the legend of the grail. Willcock’s piece visits the discoverer of the unconscious, Sigmund Freud, on his deathbed. Freud’s glimpses of the ‘inside’ showed that sometimes there is more to be found there than the truth.”
WORLD 450014 DHOAD GYPSIES OF RAJASTHAN: Roots Travellers CD/DVD (WORLD 450014) 19.00
“Having performed over 600 hundred concerts in 40 countries worldwide over the last six years, the Dhoad Gypsies are the undisputed cultural ambassadors of Rajasthan. The group is a collective of consummate musicians and vocalists, both young and old, wise and spirited, and their music is enjoyed the world over for its emotive and rousing style and its unparalleled rhythmic complexity and speed. Their heritage reaches back seven generations through a rich and celebrated musical legacy. They perform a diverse repertoire of traditional Rajasthani folk music and semi classical North Indian compositions on tabla, harmonium, dholak and castanets. Dhoad Gypsies’ new album Roots Travellers manages not only to capture the effervescent spirit of the group, but also bring centuries of tradition into the present.” Bonus all region short film DVD; running time: 30 minutes.
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