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“Originally released in 1996, this 180 gram vinyl re-issue is the last in the 1990’s EP series on Anton Newcombe’s own A Records label, this will not be released on CD. This features 3 versions of songs on the A side from the Bravery Repetition & Noise sessions, the B side features 4 tracks from the early beginnings of the band from 1991 & 1992. Originally Newcombe was heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones’ psychedelic phase — the name comes from Stones guitarist Brian Jones combined with a reference to cult leader Jim Jones, but his work in the 2000s has expanded into aesthetic dimensions approximating the UK shoegazing genre of the 1990s and incorporating influences from world music, especially Middle Eastern and Brazilian music.”

SD 1485LP

JONES, ELVIN: Midnight Walk LP (SD 1485LP) 11.50
One of the Atlantic’s most individual jazz drummers of the era, accompanied by Thad Jones, Hank Mobley and Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim). Tracks include “Lycra Too?,” “Tintiyana,” “H.M. On F.M.,” “Cross Purpose,” “All Of Us” and “The Juggler.” Exact repro reissue manufactured by Rhino, originally released in 1967.

SD 1619LP

MCCANN, LES: Talk To The People LP (SD 1619LP) 11.50
Sky-high Rhodes-driven funk soul/jazz and R&B. McCann’s talent as a vocalist shines on renditions of “What’s Going On” and “Seems So Long,” while his depth of artistry stands out on the instrumental “Shamading” and his own originals, “North Carolina” and the title track. Exact repro reissue manufactured by Rhino, originally released in 1972.

SD 1640LP

KIRK, RAHSAAN ROLAND: Prepare Thyself To Deal With A Miracle LP (SD 1640LP) 11.50
Essential studio album from the pioneer of “black classical.” Regarded as one of his most experimental recordings, featuring the side-long “Saxophone Concerto,” a riveting, 21-minute multi-faceted excursion into mutated horn lines and droning brass. Exact repro reissue manufactured by Rhino, originally released in 1973.

SD 1685LP

LATEEF, YUSEF: The Doctor Is In… And Out LP (SD 1685LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue manufactured by Rhino, originally released in 1976. “There’s the deep minor-key meditation on blues and evolving thematic variations on ‘Hellbound’ that becomes a Latin funk tune; the airy, contemplative, and skeletal ‘Mystique,’ which may use a repeating rhythmic phrase but explores every inch of its margins via a string section and Lateef’s flute solo; the smooth, urban, bluesy funk of ‘Mississippi Mud’; the completely out electronic musique concrete of ‘Technological Homosapien’ that becomes a series of synth squeals and an erratically tumbling bassline; and the wonderfully warped mariachi variation (sung in white-boy English) that featured the band playing bluesy hard bop over an age-old recorded track on ‘In a Little Spanish Town.’ It’s a weird way to end a record, but then, it’s a weird and wonderful record.” — All Music Guide

SD 3001LP

HARLEY, RUFUS: Bagpipe Blues LP (SD 3001LP) 11.50
The debut album from the greatest jazz bagpiper of all time challenges everything you thought you knew about the instrument. Harley went on to make three more albums for Atlantic, in addition to having cameos on albums by the likes of Herbie Mann and Sonny Rollins. How many other records do you have with a black guy dressed in a kilt on the cover? Exact repro reissue manufactured by Rhino, originally released in 1966.

SD 7256LP

SPINNERS: Spinners LP (SD 7256LP) 11.50
The Spinners hailed from Detroit, but this is essentially a lush Philadelphia soul record from producer Thom Bell, who controlled every aspect of the recording process. Glorious anthems, including “Ghetto Child,” “How Could I Let You Get Away” and “Just Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind.” This was the record Elton John heard, resulting in The Complete Thom Bell Sessions. Exact repro reissue manufactured by Rhino, originally released in 1973.

SD 8125LP

SLEDGE, PERCY: When A Man Loves A Woman LP (SD 8125LP) 11.50
Soul legend Percy Sledge’s greatest moment is on the title track, which still carries the same emotional weight of your worst breakup. Production from Muscle Shoals, Alabama’s Quin Ivy and Marlin Greene give this record the warm, moving style that make it timeless in the tear-your-heart-out canon. Exact repro reissue manufactured by Rhino, originally released in 1966.

AU 5006CD

FLOATING BRIDGE: Floating Bridge CD (AU 5006CD) 17.00
Boasting two fine lead guitarists (including Rich Dangel, a longtime member of legendary garage band the Wailers), in their brief existence, this Seattle quartet shared stages with The Doors, Led Zeppelin and The Grateful Dead. Their sole album came out in 1969, and combines exciting psychedelic rock with inventive renditions of contemporary standards (including an instrumental “Hey Jude” that has been acclaimed as one of the best Beatles covers of all time). It’s presented here together with both sides of their rare non-album 45, and is essential listening for all fans of late ’60s acid rock. Includes liner notes.

AU 5007CD

MELCHIOR ALIAS: Melchior Alias… CD (AU 5007CD) 17.00
This French-Canadian ultra-rarity makes its long-overdue CD debut here. Originally issued in 1969, it’s a crazed blend of catchy pop, funky grooves and spaced-out psychedelia, with plenty of acid guitar. The identity of the enigmatic Melchior Alias remains unknown, but numerous leading lights of Quebec’s progressive music scene are involved, including arranger and future disco luminary Denis Lepage and engineer Peter Tessier (later to make his own rare album). It seems likely that the credit for Robert Goulet as musical director is a joke — but anything seems possible on this most strange and mysterious of discs. “From Quebec and sung in French, this goofy fusion of guitar, organ, drums and mild electronics has an amiable air of stoned experimentalism … the highlights are the bizarre groover ‘Itineraire 9,’ laid-back ballad ‘L’Espace d’un Été’ and spacey ‘L’Aquarium,’ which recall the more experimental work of Michel Polnareff and Serge Gainsbourg. Two 45s were extracted, and quite a lot of effort went into the packaging, but promotion and distribution must have been poor, as it’s easily one of the rarest major label albums of the period.” –Patrick Lundborg, The Acid Archives

AU 5008CD

GREEN: To Help Somebody CD (AU 5008CD) 17.00
One of the most unjustly-neglected bands of their time, Green got together at North Texas State University in the late ’60s, and released a stunning psych-pop debut in 1969. Their largely-overlooked second LP first appeared in September 1971, and makes its long-overdue CD debut here. A classy combination of rock and roll and ballads, with acid-tinged guitar and tasteful horns, it comes across as an idiosyncratic amalgam of The Beatles, The Zombies and Buffalo Springfield, making it a must-have for fans of classic ’60s psychedelia and early 1970s rural rock. Liner notes included.

BAM 7006CD

FLIED EGG: Good Bye CD (BAM 7006CD) 17.00
This is the final album from the band founded by George Yanagi, formed after the disbanding of Strawberry Path after only one astonishing album. Good Bye, originally released in 1972, brings together a live first side bursting with highly energetic, guitar-based loud rock. The studio side is a more sophisticated and progressive affair, with the complex and instrumentally-inspired “521 Seconds Schizophrenic Symphony” being of a particularly high standard. An album sure to appeal fans of ’70s hard rock with marked progressive tendencies. Features killer Hammond organ work and drums from Hiro Tsunoda (Foodbrain, Yasumi No Kuni). Digitally-remastered. Housed in an LP-replica card wallet.

BD 168EP

DELS: Trumpalump 12″ (BD 168EP) 12.50
“Hand-stamped and numbered labels– only 300 available worldwide! The second single from his debut album finds Kieren Dickins aka DELS collaborating once again with Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard on a tune which throws all the rules about the correct structuring of a classic pop song out of the window, drags them back in through the backdoor and makes of them one of the most beautiful, funny and compelling rap records you’ve heard in a good old while.” Also includes remixes by Paper Tiger and Gwilym Gold.

LT 1082LP

MITCHELL, BLUE: Step Lightly LP (LT 1082LP) 11.50
Featuring Herbie Hancock (piano), Gene Taylor (bass), Roy Brooks (drums), Leo Wright (alto sax), Joe Henderson (tenor sax) and Mitchell on trumpet. Tracks include “Mamacita,” “Sweet And Lovely,” “Andrea,” “Cry Me A River,” “Bluesville” and the title track. Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1963.


BRUNO & DON CAVERHILL, TONY: The Last Porno Flick CD (BRS 103CD) 19.00
“Upon the film’s release in 1974, Bryan Records distributed a handful of promotional copies of the soundtrack for The Last Porno Flick, a cheeky comedy skewering the skin flicks of the era such as Deep Throat. While the film has been largely forgotten, the album — featuring a score by Tony Bruno (Deep Throat 2, Hell’s Angels ’69) and Don Caverhill — has become a rare, highly valuable gem amongst collectors, vinyl junkies and aficionados of the funky ‘loungecore’ sound that defined B-movie music for years. Lead by the inspired percussion work of drummer Bernard Purdie (Issac Hayes, Donny Hathaway), the album jumps from vintage breakbeats to uptempo funk and back again over the course of 10 tracks. Available in a new, remastered pressing for the first time in decades via Bryan Records (the same label responsible for Purdie’s superb soundtrack for Lialeh), this one is sure to put you in the mood.” Gatefold mini-LP style packaging.

CIC 9668LP

HUMAN ZOO, THE: The Human Zoo LP (CIC 9668LP) 20.00
“For the first time since its original release in 1970, an exact re-issue of The Human Zoo album, taken from the original master tapes, with all album artwork faithfully replicated! As was the case with label-mates The Human Expression, The Human Zoo were also from the Los Angeles suburbs of Westminster and were also signed to Accent Records. (In fact, the connection between the two bands is greater still, as the Human Zoo were managed by Jim Foster of The Human Expression). The Human Zoo were originally called The Circus; they changed their name to the hipper sounding Human Zoo in 1969. Their album from the following year was pressed in limited numbers and has become a mega-rare collector’s item. And what of it? The Human Zoo album is a surprising and quirky blend of psychedelic (trippy), garage (fuzz-guitar), and funky music. The musical diversity, once the cause of some people’s griping, is the record’s greatest asset in this age of one song downloadable wonderment. The band had chops, could put together a really good song, and did so repeatedly on this sole album. This replica LP edition is limited to 500 copies.”

CRS 8005LP

MAYFIELD, CURTIS: Curtis LP (CRS 8005LP) 11.50
Gatefold exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino; originally released in 1970. “The first solo album by the former leader of the Impressions, Curtis represented a musical apotheosis for Curtis Mayfield — indeed, it was practically the Sgt. Pepper’s album of ’70s soul, helping with its content and its success to open the whole genre to much bigger, richer musical canvases than artists had previously worked with. All of Mayfield’s years of experience of life, music, and people were pulled together into a rich, powerful, topical musical statement that reflected not only the most up-to-date soul sounds of its period, finely produced by Mayfield himself, and the immediacy of the times and their political and social concerns, but also embraced the most elegant R&B sounds out of the past.” — All Music Guide


TURMAN, ROBERT: Way Down LP (DAIS 017LP) 19.00
“Originally released as a small run cassette in 1987, only to fall into tape label obscurity, Robert Turman’s industrial genre-bending masterpiece album Way Down finally has been excavated for a proper vinyl reissue after twenty-three years in the shadows. This album solidifies Turman as a cut above the rest with respect to his talent and his natural ear for experimental composition. Turman first came onto the industrial scene in the late ’70s as the ominous ‘other half’ of legendary noise outfit NON, alongside Boyd Rice, together releasing the now classic first NON single, Mode of Infection/Knife Ladder 7? in 1977. After parting ways, Turman went on an excursion of self-released cassettes to which he fused every possible influence at his disposal, culling together past habits of experimental know-how and going forward into uncharted terrain. After his previous experimental efforts included on his Flux release in 1981, and even later in the prolific Chapter Eleven boxset, Turman turned the tables with the creation of Way Down, using synthesizer arrangements and drum machines alongside guitar solos, piano chords, tape loops and primitive sampling to create a whole new concoction of dance-like minimal synth blended together with the industrial darkwave noise he was mostly known for. After almost vanishing from the music scene, Turman resurfaced in 2005, teaming up with seminal noise musician Aaron Dilloway to not only reissue previous recordings, but to record and perform once again with new releases out on Hanson and Medusa. This vinyl reissue of Way Down serves as the blueprint of what Turman sought to render as a very accessible minimal synth/industrial album, yet keeping it just obtuse enough to make it one of the most brilliant and engaging albums to be ushered into the canon of ’80s experimental culture.” Numbered, limited edition of 500. Includes a glossy insert with new notes by Turman.


AINALA, LAURI: Unien Savonlinna DVD (FR 073DVD) 21.00
Lauri Ainala and his brother Olli formed the group Paavoharju in Savonlinna, Finland where the brothers met Emmi Uimonen, Jenni Koivistoinen and some other people. Lauri has been documenting everyone in and around Paavoharju for over five years, with anything that he’s had at hand — from broken digital stills cameras to any old video cameras. He currently lives in Helsinki and is preparing for the DVD release party and one of the only Paavoharju concerts in the foreseeable future in Korjaamo, Helsinki. Not so long ago in Savonlinna, there was another, hidden, Savonlinna — the Savonlinna of dreams (Unien Savonlinna). It existed in deserted houses, in caves, in abandoned factories and barges — anywhere the boys of Tuote were living. Self-made, serenely timeless, these romantic dens of filth, gilded by summer, also hid inside the most original musical visions and bands in Finland. The opera town did not notice them, but they rose onto the field of glory, around Finland and around the world. Paavoharju has been widely recognized worldwide, and they last took the stage at the 2009 Roskilde Festival. Joose Keskitalo has become one of the most important Finnish songwriters of the new millennium. And with their debut album Suomimorsiamen Pyhä Tie, Harmaa Getto became the most controversial name of 2009 in Finnish rap circles. The shacks where this spirit was nesting in Savonlinna are now torn to pieces, but luckily, not all pieces were lost. Lauri Ainala from Paavoharju has collected these pieces from all the years and has slowly built them into a unique DVD. The main dish on the DVD is a 50-minute film directed and produced by Lauri Ainala. The film could be described as an ambient film, since instead of detailed documenting, it aims to recreate the atmosphere of the Savonlinna of dreams. The stylistically unprecedented symbiosis of image and sound is assembled from material spontaneously shot throughout the years with digital pocket cameras and mini-DV cameras. In addition to the film, the DVD contains music videos (by guest directors Ville Kettunen, Sami Sänpäkkilä, Jenni Rope, and Topias Salonen), special live recordings, documentary clips, and a picture gallery. The DVD package also contains a booklet with a story by various writers, about a certain summer in a deserted dairy. The story is illustrated by authentic pictures from the scene. DVD features deluxe covers with a 20-page booklet. Length: 50 + 58 minutes. Music by Paavoharju, Joose Keskitalo and Harmaa Getto. Format: Region Free DVD (PAL & NTSC, two-sided).


HAGNER, PETRI: Man With A Video Camera DVD (FR 074DVD) 21.00
Petri Hagner, born in 1971, is a Master of Fine Arts, a film director and a rock musician. In 1997, Hagner moved to Poland where he undertook studies at the National Film School of Poland (PWSFTviT) in Lodz. Before his studies, in 1993 through 1997, Hagner played in the rock band Circle. After finishing his studies, he returned to Finland to work as a freelancer in the film industry. About the film: Esko Lönnberg has left his middle-class job in Sweden and returned to his hometown of Pori, Finland. Now he has taken up filmmaking. His first project is a film about the rock band, Circle. The film follows Esko Lönnberg who is making the film. Lönnberg, a 59-year-old HVAC manager, left his job in Sweden and returned to his hometown of Pori, Finland, to pursue his artistic desires. In Pori, he found kindred spirits in the local experimental band Circle whose members are half of his age. The shooting for the Circle movie mostly takes place in the countryside where the band is recording their next album. The circumstances turn out to be chaotic, but Esko tries to keep the crowd together, even though he does not know himself if he is going to end up with fiction or non-fiction — and problems ensue. Disagreements disappear, however, when the gang gets together to share sacred moments around the dinner table, to watch sports on TV or to play in the recording room, where Esko captures everything essential and unessential on video while the band plays. When filming the musicians in action, Esko almost becomes part of the band. He throws himself into the music with his whole body and does not pay much attention to what his instrument, the video camera, is recording. In spite of some discord and even heated tones, the making of the Circle movie radiates an air of friendship. It ties the crowd together, regardless of the weight of each individual performance. In the end, the greatest rewards seem to be the work itself and the shared experiences. Besides being an account of filmmaking, Man With A Video Camera is a film about the significance of choices in life and their consequences. The film premiered at Tampere Film Festival, 2010 and received an honorary mention in the over 30-minute movies category. This DVD release also includes Naked Sushi Lunch, a 30-minute documentary by Petri Hagner. 50 + 30 minutes. Region Free DVD (PAL & NTSC, two-sided).


“Attention Patterns is a 2 LP set featuring new and archival compositions by Pauline Oliveros, Eliane Radigue, Yoshi Wada and Sun Circle, as well as a 48-page booklet containing interviews with the composers and related texts. This release brings together composers with shared affinities for long, slowly unfolding durations and unconventional, harmonic approaches to tuning. Each has contributed a full LP side to the compilation. Edition of 600. Pauline Oliveros’ ‘Horse Sings from Cloud (Encore)’ is a live performance from 1977 that finds her at her most distilled, performing alone with her justly tuned accordion and voice. Eliane Radigue’s electronic work ‘Biogenesis,’ from 1973, uses her ARP synthesizer and recordings of human heartbeats as its main constituents and is the only piece included on the LPs that has been previously released. Sound artist and instrument builder, Yoshi Wada, appears with ‘Reed Modulations,’ a new work for harmonium, audio generators and bagpipe, made in collaboration with his son, Tashi Wada. Greg Davis and Zach Wallace, better known as Sun Circle, have contributed ‘For Yoshi Wada,’ an ecstatic and fitting tribute with its oddly tuned free reed drones and percussion. The accompanying booklet includes several of Oliveros’ ‘Sonic Meditations’ — verbal scores that formed the basis for her concept of ‘Deep Listening’ — and interviews with Radigue, Wada, and Sun Circle, as well as an in-depth article on collaborating with Radigue by cellist Charles Curtis. Attention Patterns was compiled by Che Chen (whose other outings as anthologist have included the no longer extant, O Sirhan, O Sirhan, a zine that counted Henry Flynt, Bruce McClure, Sir Richard Bishop, Sublime Frequencies, Jessica Rylan, Animal Collective, Deerhoof, Jorge Boehringer and others among it’s featured) and is a co-release between his new imprint, Black Pollen Press, and Important Records. Two LPs, 48-page booklet, letter-pressed sleeves.”


ELEH/ELLEN FULLMAN: Mind Of No Mind/Event Locations LP (IMPREC 318LP) 21.00
“Numbered edition of 500. Jackets letterpress printed at 43rd Parallel Letterpress. Split release between Ellen Fullman & Eleh. ‘By examining the waveform produced by the Long String Instrument through a spectrum analyzer, I have observed that every overtone of the fundamental being played is represented nearly equally through the entire range of hearing. Just intonation, a tuning system based on pure ratios, lends itself to a consideration of not only precise tuning of fundamental frequencies, but in addition, precise alignment of the resultant matrix of relationships among the upper partial tones. Strings vibrate in mathematical subdivisions of the total string length. As the performer moves through these subdivisions or nodal points, while bowing with rosin-coated fingertips, partials associated with that location emerge. Thus, musical events on my instrument can be aligned in time and space to coincide with specific overtone combinations.'” –Ellen Fullman, 2010


ELEH: Radiant Intervals LP (IMPREC 319LP) 21.00
“Numbered edition of 700. Jackets letterpress printed at 43rd Parallel Letterpress. Cover design by Neil Burke @ Monoroid. Radiant Intervals is the first Eleh full length on Important since 2008’s Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis Vol. 3 and it follows Eleh’s full length for the Touch label.”


COLTRANE & JOHNNY HARTMAN, JOHN: John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman LP (GR 157HLP) 19.00
Gatefold 180 gram vinyl reissue, originally released in 1963. Featuring John Coltrane (tenor sax), Jimmy Garrison (double bass), Johnny Hartman (vocals), Elvin Jones (drums) and McCoy Tyner (piano). Tracks include “Lush Life,” “My One And Only Love” and “They Say It’s Wonderful.”


BRIEF ENCOUNTER, THE: Special Release CD (JMAN 038CD) 17.00
The elusive and mysterious Special Release album by The Brief Encounter has eluded many an intrepid record collector over the years. Despite being a relatively well-known and highly-respected soul/funk band, their highly sought-after album, recorded in 1977 for Seventy Seven Records, has remained practically impossible to find. And when one does surface, a figure over $2,000 isn’t out of the ordinary for a copy to change hands. As a result, it’s not only the vast majority of collectors and soul fans that have been unable to enjoy the music, but for over 30 years the band themselves have not had the satisfaction of having their pride and joy felt, heard and enjoyed. So Jazzman Records decided to put things right. With help and assistance from members of The Brief Encounter themselves, the label has made available this inspirational album that displays a wide showcase of soulful talent from funky, rare grooves to beautiful ballads. Included in the package is an 8-page color booklet of detailed liner notes from Jazzman’s exclusive interviews, revealing the story behind the band and their enigmatic recording of the Special Release album, and how a small-time group of musicians from rural North Carolina came to entrance soul fans and collectors the world over with such a superb yet under-appreciated masterpiece.


VA: Kitsuné Maison 10: The Fireworks Issue 2CD (CDA 032CD) 20.00
Here is Kitsuné’s tenth Maison compilation. The record label as center forward, the team’s best player, the number TEN. Here are 25 tracks in total, a double album open to anything, packed with surprises and discoveries. To celebrate this tenth chapter, they got the fireworks out and enrolled dazzling newcomers and prestigious acquaintances. People from all countries and all horizons. Here are Kitsuné’s closest friends: Yelle, Digitalism, Two Door Cinema Club, Black Strobe as well as a whole community of French, Anglo-Saxons, Aussies, Swedes, you name it. They have managed to enroll again the singer from Hot Chip who, with Klaxons, Bloc Party, Gossip, Soulwax, La Roux, Delphic and Simian Mobile Disco, helped create Kitsuné’s history. Ten times more pop, more electro, more rock. More songs, more emotion, more everything. Other artists include: Cascadeur, Guards, Is Tropical, Mustang, Beataucue, Strange Talk, Punks Jump Up, The Aikiu, Flight Facilities, Giselleà, Jolie Chérie, Wild At Heart, Clock Opera, Icona Pop, Young Empires, Housse De Racket, Teeth, The Heartbreaks, Waylayers, The Twelves, Justus Köhncke With Alexis Taylor, Psychobuildings, Palmbomen, May 68, Cecile and Jerry Bouthier.


DALTON, KAREN: In My Own Time LP (LITA 022LP) 18.00
2010 repress, without the bonus 7″. “180-gram vinyl; Audio remastered from the original tapes; old school tip-on jacket. Remastered from the original master tapes. Liner notes by Lenny Kaye (Nuggets, Patti Smith), Devendra Banhart, and Nick Cave. The late Karen Dalton has been the muse for countless folk rock geniuses, from Bob Dylan to Devendra Banhart, from Lucinda Williams to Joanna Newsom. Recorded over a six month period in 1970/71 at Bearsville, In My Own Time was Dalton’s only fully planned and realized studio album. The material was carefully selected and crafted for her by producer/musician Harvey Brooks, the Renaissance man of rock-jazz who played bass on Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited and Miles’ Bitches Brew. It features ten songs that reflected Dalton’s incredible ability to break just about anybody’s heart — from her spectral evocation of Joe Tate’s ‘One Night of Love,’ to the dark tragedy of the traditional ‘Katie Cruel.'”


PURO INSTINCT: Stilyagi/Put Medved To Bedved 7″ (MEX 065EP) 5.00
“First single from upcoming Puro Instinct full length. Features the helping hand of none other than fan and mate Ariel Pink, who took the group on tour last year supporting Haunted Graffiti. Here, Mr. Pink adds background vocals behind Piper’s dreamy voice. With Puro Instinct’s full-length debut Headbangers in Ecstasy on the horizon, we’re proud to boast that Puro Instinct will be the reality in 2011.” Hand-numbered limited edition of 750.


MUSLIMGAUZE: Camel Through A Needles Eye 2CD (MPS 002CD) 26.00
“The Muslimgauze Preservation Society are proud to offer you MPS 02, Camel Through A Needles Eye, featuring two discs of unreleased music that clock in at just under three hours. Muslimgauze like you never heard it; a yin/yang of both the abrasive textures and ethereal, beat-driven and ambient, fused into wondrous harmony. To commemorate this release, the M.P.S. sourced covers in Egypt to be hand-printed onto genuine papyrus. A second cover is set amidst a nine-panel fold insert with extensive liner notes on one side, and a fold-open poster featuring Jones’ original artwork on the other. A bonus sticker of Jones’ artwork is also included. The music and packaging is all set within a super jewel case to protect this special edition limited to a run of 500.”

NW 80712CD

VA: Music For Merce 1952-2009 10CD BOX (NW 80712CD) 145.00
“The late Merce Cunningham was renowned for his legendary collaborations with the most significant experimental musicians of the late 20th century. Particularly notable is his association with John Cage, who served as the founding musical director of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company until Cage’s death in 1992. Spanning six decades from the early 1950s onward, these recordings capture the breadth of the Cunningham repertory and the rich diversity of Cunningham’s musical collaborations. Composers whose work features prominently in this collection include seminal figures of late-20th-century experimental music such as John Cage, David Tudor, Gordon Mumma, Christian Wolff, and Takehisa Kosugi, among others. For the most part, these compositions have not been recorded elsewhere and are making their first appearance on CD. This is a document of enormous historical import that will be a revelation to both listeners and scholars interested in the evolution of American experimental music over the past five decades. Also included is a 124-page booklet featuring a 15,000-word essay by Amy Beal, one of the foremost scholars of contemporary American music.”Featured works: Maryanne Amacher: Remainder [excerpt];David Behrman: … for nearly an hour… [excerpt], Long Throw [excerpt];Earle Brown: Indices [excerpt];John Cage: 108 and One8 (excerpt), Four3 (excerpt), Four6 (excerpt), Inlets (excerpt), Music for Piano 1-20, Sculptures Musicales (excerpt),Variations V (excerpt), Voiceless Essay (excerpt);John Cage, Gordon Mumma, David Tudor: 52/3 [excerpt];Stuart Dempster: Underground Overlays [excerpt];Morton Feldman: Ixion;Jon Gibson: Equal Distribution [excerpt];Toshi Ichiyanagi: Activities for Orchestra;Bo Nilsson: Quantitäten;John King: blues ’99 [excerpt], gliss in sighs, longtermparking [excerpt];Takehisa Kosugi: S.E. Wave/E.W. Song (excerpt), Spacings, Spectra, Wave Code A-Z (excerpt);Annea Lockwood: Jitterbug [excerpt];Gordon Mumma: Mesa, Telepos; Pauline Oliveros: In Memoriam: Nikola Tesla, Cosmic Engineer [excerpt];Michael Pugliese: Peace Talks [excerpt];Yasunao Tone: Geography and Music [excerpt]; David Tudor: Neural Network Plus (excerpt), Phonemes (excerpt), Sextet for Seven, Toneburst, Virtual Focus (excerpt), Weatherings (excerpt), Webwork (excerpt);Christian Wolff: Burdocks (excerpt); For 1, 2, or 3 People (excerpt); For Magnetic Tape (pt. 1 of 4); For Piano I; Or 4 People (excerpt);Various: 13 Events (excerpts) (1993-2009)

ZEN 12276EP

DJ VADIM: The Terrorist Remixes 12″ (ZEN 12276EP) 10.00
“As part of the ongoing celebrations of Ninja Tune’s 20th anniversary, we decided to commission some remixes of one of the label’s most iconic recordings. DJ Vadim’s ‘The Terrorist’ was one of the standout tracks from his 1999 album USSR: Life From The Other Side, — the LP that perfectly embodied his singular vision of hip-hop. Featuring crisp, addictive drums, the charismatic, threatening voice of Motion Man, and one almighty bass-line, it quickly became one of the album’s (and the label’s) all-time classics. ‘The Terrorist’ has been treated to two roaring, infectious drum n bass remixes by MIR Crew, and Zane Lowe favourites The Prototypes. These are released on ltd. edition, heavyweight 12” vinyl.


IGOR BOXX: Breslau CD (ZEN 166CD) 15.50
“Igor Boxx known also as Igor Pudlo (from Ninja Tune’s Polish act Skalpel) is opening a new decade with his first solo album, Breslau. Skalpel have released two acclaimed albums on Ninja Tune — Skalpel (2004) and Konfusion (2005) have become one of the most important Polish music exports, well received both in Poland and internationally. In Igor’s solo debut album, the inspiration comes like before from his home country and his home town. Breslau tells a tale of 1945 siege of Festung Breslau undertaken by the Red Army. The historical background might mean nothing to an average listener not familiar with the multinational and multicultural history of Breslau (now known as Wroclaw) but this journey is musically so emotional and powerful that it allows anyone to follow the story.”

ASH 3026CD

SPEED, GLUE & SHINKI: Eve CD (ASH 3026CD) 17.00
Phoenix Records reissues on CD Speed, Glue & Shinki’s 1971 debut album, Eve. Ex-Food Brain guitarist Shinki Chen, bass player Masayoshi Kabe (also known as M Glue) and Filipino Vietnam war veteran Joey “Pepe” Smith, who doubled as both the trio’s drummer and vocalist, released two legendary albums in the early ’70s. Eve, the earlier of the band’s two efforts, was probably the band’s only “real” recording, as the self-titled second release in 1972 was put together by Smith from studio outtakes of Chen’s guitar playing and tracks omitted from Eve. This is a bluesy, psychedelic album, with Chen’s Hendrix-style guitar playing firmly underpinned by Smith’s insistent percussion style modeled on the style and technique of his idol, Ginger Baker. The band dissolved immediately after the release of Eve, as the other two members found Smith’s drug-fuelled lifestyle decidedly unappealing (he was a huge fan of amphetamines and diligently applied himself to establishing a prodigious habit). Chen decided he didn’t want to record again, and became a successful live artist, Joey went back to the Philippines and started the immensely successful power trio Juan de la Cruz Band, and Masayoshi Kabe would win fame with the band Pink Cloud. In spite of their short-lived activity, Speed, Glue & Shinki were important first and foremost as pioneers of the Japanese psychedelic rock scene. Numbered, limited edition housed in a gatefold LP replica sleeve.


FLYNT, HENRY: New American Ethnic Music Volume 1: You Are My Everlovin’ 2CD (RECORD 003CD) 19.00
Restocked, originally released in 2001. The classic double CD release that really renewed the interest in Henry’s Flynt’s idiosyncratic music (linked to Conceptual art and minimalism) — at least 10 other CDs have followed since the release of this one. It is listed as #6 on Alan Lichts’ “Minimal Top Ten” list, which says a lot. First volume in the series subtitled: New American Ethnic Music. “Recorded in ’80 and ’81, two mind-blowing disks delivering flowing, trance-inducing violin solos of extreme beauty and seriousness. In these incredible electronic hillbilly music violin performances, an exalted synthesis of American ethnic music, raga-like lyrical virtuosity, and a deep sensibility takes place–a nod to human culture from the great nihilist philosopher and father of Concept Art. Should be completely world-famous, but only now is this music beginning to the get the attention it deserves. Before the publication of his music, Flynt was most often known as an (often distorted) footnote in art history, as the man who invented ‘Concept Art,’ Flynt’s name in the early sixties for his formal attacks on logical and mathematics, often presented in art galleries. Flynt was initially (1962) a composer of the post-Cage school who quickly turned completely against modernist music and created his own Flynt genres, primarily through radicalizing Southern musical forms like Bluegrass, Country, and Country Blues-elevating them to an enchanted level, much as Coltrane did with the jazz of his time. His music is a parallel stream to his extremely distinct and radical philosophy (his primary work is as a radical intellectual, with visionary, wide-ranging work that is highly intellectually demanding). More about Flynt and his philosophy can be found at his web site, One note about Flynt, lest unhelpful inaccuracies continue. He has been mistakenly associated with the Fluxus art movement, of which he was never a member, and even has been claimed as a sort of trophy by Fluxus members. Flynt was NEVER a supporter of Fluxus, in fact he was a friend of Fluxus founder George Maciunis who published a few of his early works, and in a (very distorted way) he exerted a small influence on the movement (his wide-ranging political critiques of ‘European serious music’ and of art itself-including Fluxus-caused a small rift in the movement). Classifying Flynt as Fluxus is totally unhelpful in understanding his highly singular work, which is simultaneously far more intellectually radical & serious than the Fluxus post-dada shenanigans, and also expresses a gritty & virtuosi musical sensibility which couldn’t be farther from ‘Fluxus Music.’ The only reason this error has made it into print is the laziness of some historians who have trouble placing such a singular lone wolf figure in the stream of conformist art culture.”


VA: Swarf Pot: Ringo Recordings 2003-2010 2CD (RNG 001CD) 16.50
Transition. It’s a word that takes you from one place to another. It’s also a small studio round the back of an unassuming building in South London. More specifically, it’s the working HQ of Jason Goz, the man who helped shape the dubstep sound with his Neumann cutting lathe — and his higher level ears, if course — and it is the first port of call for a whole roll-call of artists from original nuttahs like Mala, Coki, Loefah, Burial, Kode 9, Skream and Benga to the international artists who only want their shit cut at Transition, as well as a heady brew of musicians including everyone from Jah Shaka to funky man-of-the-moment DJ Paleface to avant-garde ambient don Christian Fennesz. Initially, most of the custom came from the reggae community. Word soon spread and thanks to some flyers in Big Apple and a call from Magnetic Man’s Arthur “Artwork” Smith, Jason became the man that all the early dubstep producers went to for their dubs. It’s also why he runs two labels, one named after the cutting house Transition and another named Ringo, after Jason’s sadly departed dog who would be there, lying under the desk at 2am when Jason would be cutting and cutting for late-night sound-clash business. The labels are going strong, which is why Ringo has compiled these CDs of past and future releases, including 3 brand-new exclusive tracks. Other artists include: Distance, LD, Cluekid, G Squad, Kromestar, Johnny Clarke, Mr. Lager, Alyce Be and Silkie.


TORSKE, BJORN: Kokning LP (STS 196LP) 17.00
LP version. “Kokning was conceived between the release of Feil Knapp and the beginning of 2010. Through series of studio sessions of experimenting with different sounds; instruments, objects of different textures, whose sounds were played within different spaces of various acoustics. The results were then edited into basic rhythm tracks which then were overdubbed with new series of recordings in similar manner. The album it involves more organic/ acoustic sound basics and less programmed patterns than Feil Knapp. Since Feil Knapp he has been working on a number of remixes for other artists, including Sunburned Hand of the Man, Lindstrøm, Crimea X, Big Robot feat. Conrad Schnitzler etc. Also working with music and soundscapes for a stage production, as well as touring with my own band, Bjørn Torske Band. Kokning starts out beautifully. It’s both melodic and melancholic with a warm, slow ambiance. Soft psychedelics and a Balearic rhythm are introduced before it fades into Torske’s signature skrangle-house and then ends with what can only be described as ‘Moondog disco’ (imagine if Moondog and Count Ossie got together to make disco).”


KIRCHIN, BASIL: Primitive London CD (JBH 038CD) 15.50
This is the first-ever release of not ONE but TWO classic Basil Kirchin soundtracks, one from 1965, the other 1971. It’s music for strippers, wife-swapping, death, birth, crime and chicken factories. Basil Kirchin is a legendary jazz drummer and grandfather of ambient music. He started his jazz career drumming in his father’s jazz band. In the war years, he took over the band and post-war travelled to the East, hung out with the Maharishi, found himself, moved to Australia and finally returned home to the UK in the early 1960s with jazz ideas the likes of which no one else had ever dreamt. He moved into film music composition, library music and special commissions. By the late 1960s, he was experimenting with free jazz, tape manipulations and animal recordings. His series of works entitled Worlds Within Worlds are the first examples of ambient music. Regarded as a musical genius by many of the world’s current music geniuses, Basil Kirchin’s influence and following grows and grows each day. No one knows how and why drummer and jazzman Basil Kirchin came to write his first-ever soundtrack, but the sounds he created for Primitive London and its images of abattoirs, strip joints, alcoholism, beatniks and peculiar supermarkets are second-to-none. The music is film music but with touches of jazz, drones and oddness, impressive for such an early recording. There’s even a tune surprisingly similar to Herrmann’s Taxi Driver, a score written over a decade later. Primitive London is notorious as the UK’s first and most important “Mondo” movie. The images filmed were strange, sensational, shocking and sleazy, the music harrowing, groovy and hip. This short, and until now unreleased score is accompanied on this release by a soundtrack Kirchin wrote six years later, for a very different kind of London film. Called The Freelance, this rough, tough crime flick is rarely seen, but features lively performances by classic British character actors and a young, impressive Ian McShane. Set in the criminal underworld, Kirchin brought to the screen the sounds of progressive drumming, free jazz and a touch of new decade optimism. The cues are long, develop well and are like no other. Both scores represent important times in Kirchin’s musical life; the first score pre-dates his library work, the second comes at a time when this master of modern jazz music and industrial sounds had reached a creative peak. Both scores are unmistakably Kirchin, with his instant, insistent rhythms, memorable melodies and distinctive, strange jazz sounds permeating this entire release. His ever-growing band of fans will love it all. Superb full-color sleeve taken from the original 1965 Primitive London press book. CD comes with a 12-page color booklet with a history of the film, original rare film stills as well as notes by Jonny Trunk and the BFI.


HUNDRED IN THE HANDS, THE: Commotion/Aggravation 12″ (WAP 311EP) 9.00
“Limited to 300. Following the release of their album, New York’s The Hundred In The Hands’ drop a slice of insidiously effective avant pop, in the form of new single Commotion. The single also includes fresh remixes by the illusive duo Tiger & Woods and DFA’s Capracara.”

WA 2007CD

DANCERS OF BALI: Gamelan of Peliatan, 1952 CD (WA 2007CD) 12.00
2010 repress; originally released in 2006. Under the direction of Anak Agung Gede Mandera; Recorded in New York & London, 1952. The gamelan and dancers of Peliatan were the first to give an extensive foreign tour, demonstrating their revolutionary kebyar style. These performances are the first modern recordings made of a gamelan. Extensive liner notes by Edward Herbst, along with rare photos, document one of Bali’s most significant ensembles. Remastered from the master tapes.

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