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4M 189LP ST. JOHN, BRIDGET: Songs For The Gentle Man LP (4M 189LP) 17.00
“Originally released in 1971 on Dandelion Records this was Bridget St. John’s second and, arguably, best album. Produced and scored by Pink Floyd collaborator Ron Geesin, Songs For The Gentle Man was recorded at Sound Techniques in Chelsea (where everybody from Fairport Convention to Nick Drake had made albums) and is a far more sophisticated work than its predecessor. Organized around a small chamber orchestra, Songs For The Gentle Man is a set of cool, pastel songs that simultaneously haunts and soothes: a well-crafted piece of baroque psychedelic folk.” Deluxe gatefold sleeve, on 180 gram vinyl.
4M 190LP ST. JOHN, BRIDGET: Thank You For… LP (4M 190LP) 17.00
“Her 3rd and last album for John Peel’s Dandelion Records (originally released in 1972). She sings beautifully low-key, reflective, slightly sad songs: gentle and poetic music for wandering through meadows on overcast days. Another little folk/rock gem recommended to fans of more introspective folky artists such as Vashti Bunyan and Nick Drake.” Deluxe gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl.
ANOST 026EP PASCAL PINON: I Wrote A Song 7″ (ANOST 026EP) 7.00
Pascal Pinon are Icelandic twins Jófríður and Ásthildur. When they were only 14, they decided to start a band with two of their friends. Using a guitar, a glockenspiel and of course, their voices, Pascal Pinon produced a twee mixture of acoustic neofolk and lo-fi pop with a remarkable sense for songwriting. It was nominated for The Icelandic Music Awards as Newcomer of the Year, 2009. This 7″ contains three tracks from their self-titled album. Sleeve design by Julia Guther.
AACD 069CD VA: Angola Soundtrack CD (AACD 069CD) 22.00
Subtitled: The Unique Sound Of Luanda 1968-1976. The nascent Angolan music scene was set on fire by a small group of intrepid singers, backed by an array of super-tight bands and led by extraordinary guitarists who revolutionized the musical and the political panorama of the ’60s and ’70s. A powerful confluence of traditional rhythms from Luanda’s islands, psychedelic guitar sounds imported from neighboring Congo, Latin grooves, old school Caribbean merengue and the hard beat of the Angolan carnival bands conspired to create the modern music of Angola. These sounds were immortalized by two excellent recording companies — Fadiang (Fábrica De Discos Angolano) and Valentim de Carvalho. The great electric bands of Angola were a well-kept secret until the late ’90s when France-based music label Buda Musique released a short-lived series of Angolan music compiled by Ariel de Bigault. Inspired and taken aback, the releases proved to be a pivotal juncture for Analog Africa’s founder Samy Ben Redjeb. From the nine Analog Africa releases thus far, Angola Soundtrack has been the most difficult to create. The travel visa was in itself a struggle and logistically and financially, Luanda is a nightmare. After two unsuccessful years, Samy eventually found shelter at a home in Prenda, a musseque (township) outside of the capital. With the support of Zé Keno, the legendary guitarist of Jovens Do Prenda, he managed to meet most of the composers of the tunes presented here. The anecdotes they provided are numerous. Boto Trindade, guitarist of Os Bongos, abandoned his dream of becoming a football player to support his brother’s family by earning money as a musician. A very young Zé Keno went to see his favorite guitarist Marito performing with Os Kiezos and consequently built a three-stringed guitar only to become one of the most sought-after guitarists in the country a mere few years later. Those are just an appetizing dose of the anecdotes presented in the 44-page booklet that comes with this compilation. Angolan music is truly unique and stands on its own as a sound that can only be found in that part of the world. Rhythms such rebita, kazucuta, semba and merengue, all of which are presented in this latest compilation, might be unfamiliar, but they are superbly melodic, highly danceable, hypnotic, raw and quintessentially beautiful and totally addictive.
ARTUP 004CD TOKIMONSTA: Midnight Menu CD (ARTUP 004CD) 14.00
New US pressing in digipak. “The official debut album from LA female beat maker TOKiMONSTA, first female to be a part of Flying Lotus’ Los Angeles-based crew/label Brainfeeder. Born and raised in the South Bay area of Los Angeles,TOKiMONSTA (Jennifer Lee) was an unfocused pupil of classical piano. However, she has come to use this background to create vast textural soundscapes by utilizing live instruments, percussion, digital manipulation, and dusty vinyl. Her music is rooted in hip hop rhythms fused with classic soul, traditional percussion, avant garde jazz, experimental electronica, psychedelic rock, and everything in between; there is no ‘one way’ to describe her style. Through the creation of beats, she is able to fuse vintage styles with progressive sounds into something unique.”
AUS 1031EP RAMADANMAN & APPLEBLIM: Void 23 EP 12″ (AUS 1031EP) 12.00
This highly-anticipated single from Ramadanman & Appleblim features a re-edit from one of the cornerstones of electronic music, Carl Craig. The original track fuses the production sensibilities of dubstep with the sounds and vibes of techno to devastating effect. Carl Craig changes the rhythm structure of the original to enable it to work in peak-time house and techno settings. Erol Alkin declared that the edit “just blew my mind” after hearing Ramadanman drop it at a gig.
AX 1005CD MR. FLOOD’S PARTY: Mr. Flood’s Party CD (AX 1005CD) 17.00
This New York-based sextet only released one album, combining The Beatles, rock, jazz and classical influences to create a haunting, lost classic. It sold poorly at the time, perhaps because its concept (it was based on the work of American poet Edwin Arlington Robinson) was out of step with the prevailing ethos in 1969. Long out-of-print and prized by collectors, it finally returns to CD here, together with explanatory liner notes and a rare non-LP bonus track.
AX 1006CD NUCLEUS: Nucleus CD (AX 1006CD) 17.00
Not to be confused with the British act of the same name, this Canadian quintet arose from the ashes of one of Toronto’s most popular ’60s bands, The Lords Of London. Their sole album originally appeared in April 1969, and features intense jamming, with plenty of swirling organ and tough guitar. When it failed to sell, they split, with three members going on to form 1970s hitmakers A Foot In Coldwater.
AX 1007CD GOTHIC HORIZON: Tomorrow’s Another Day…. CD (AX 1007CD) 17.00
Originally issued in the UK only in 1972, the second and final album by this British folk-pop duo finally returns to CD here. It has been compared to the work of Honeybus, Badfinger (whose Pete Ham puts in a guest appearance) and The Kinks (whose John Gosling also appears on it), as well as folkier bands like Magna Carta and Tir na Nog, and stands up well as a beautiful collection of pastoral songs with glorious vocal harmonies and intricate instrumentation.
AX 1008CD SEA STONE: Mirrored Dreams CD (AX 1008CD) 17.00
Originally released on the tiny Plankton label in a tiny run in 1978, this British quartet’s sole album was recorded over the preceding five years. Containing some intense jams with searing guitar leads from leader Simon Law, it is widely regarded as one of the best albums to have emerged from the 1970s Christian rock scene, and makes its long-awaited return to CD here.
AX 1009CD CHURCHILL’S: Churchill’s CD (AX 1009CD) 17.00
This is universally-acclaimed as one of the greatest and most imaginative albums to have emerged from a non-English speaking country in the heyday of psychedelia. Recorded cheaply in Tel Aviv in 1969 (partially as the soundtrack to an obscure movie), it combines the talents of the Canadian Stan Solomon, the British Rob Huxley and Israelis Haim Romano, Michael Gabrielov and Amy Trebitch to devastating effect. Original copies routinely change hands for well into four figures, making this return to CD especially welcome. Includes 10 unlisted bonus tracks!
AX 1010CD DULCIMER: Room For Thought CD (AX 1010CD) 17.00
This legendary folk trio originally formed in Gloucestershire, England in 1967. Having been spotted by the actor Richard Todd, they signed to impresario Larry Page’s Nepentha label and released their classic debut album, And I Turned As I Had Turned As A Boy, in May 1971. It was well-received, and a follow-up was recorded later that year, entitled Room For Thought. Despite being a fine folk-rock collection and having finished artwork, it went unreleased at the time, and makes its long-awaited return here.
AX 1012CD KING, DENNY: Evil Wind Is Blowing CD (AX 1012CD) 17.00
This superb blues-rock album was issued on Little Richard’s Specialty label in the summer of 1972, and has barely been heard since. Featuring the distinctive singing and guitar of Wisconsin-native King, backed by early Captain Beefheart sidemen Alex St. Claire and Doug Moon, it’s a lost genre classic with unusually fine musicianship and an odd vibe all of its own. Includes biographical liner notes.
AX 1013CD MACHINE: Machine CD (AX 1013CD) 17.00
Machine evolved out of Dutch pop-soul legends Swinging Soul Machine in 1970, and featured vocalist John Caljouw, who’d previously been a member of local psych legends Dragonfly. Their sole album combines acid guitar with brass and progressive flourishes, coming across like a combination of Chicago and Deep Purple. It was issued in Holland only in 1970, and original vinyl copies are considerable rarities today, making this CD reissue especially welcome. Includes liner notes.
AX 1014CD MUTZIE: Light Of Your Shadow CD (AX 1014CD) 17.00
Spawned by the same scene that produced The Stooges, MC5 and Bob Seger, this Detroit quartet made only one record, which originally appeared in August 1970. A heady brew of hard rock, blues, jazz and funk, it sold poorly, meaning that the band (who shared stages with the Allman Brothers, Johnny Winter, Alice Cooper, and many other leading acts of the era) splintered soon afterwards, leaving behind just one lost gem. Liner notes included.
BAM 7003CD MIZUTANI, KIMIO: A Path Through Haze CD (BAM 7003CD) 17.00
CD reissue of this ultra-rare ’70s Japanese rock album. Kimio Mizutani was the guitarist in the excellent Japanese freak-out group, Love Live Life + 1 and this reissue is of his first solo album from 1971. Mizutani plays electric and “folk” guitar and leads a largish ensemble (bass, drums, organ, Moog and vocals) through what is widely-regarded as one of the true psychedelic masterpieces of the ’70s Japanese scene. Sensitive interludes (accompanied by the Toyama String Quartet and the Etoh Wood Quartet), tasteful nods to progressive/fusionist extension and a lovely, hovering psych guitar from Mizutani dominate proceedings. A nice merger of hard rock conceptualization and the complexities that would evolve from it — and, until now, almost impossible to hear within the confines of western society. Housed in a unique, highly-collectible card wallet. Digitally remastered.
BAM 7004CD KAWACHI & FLOWER TRAVELLING BAND, KUNI: Love Suki Daikirai/Kirikyogen CD (BAM 7004CD) 17.00
This is a two-fer reissue of early ’70s Japanese underground rock albums Love Suki Daikirai and Kirikyogen, featuring Kuni Kawachi & Flower Travelling Band. Recorded in 1970, the tone of Kirikyogen is cast in a shadow, and it seeps through the pores of each track, with titles such as “Graveyard Of Love” and “Works Composed Mainly By Humans.” However, this ain’t some pointless posturing… this is an LP that carries that weight, while remembering to bring a pocket full of cool-ass riffs, super-heavy Hammond, bouncin’ bass and far-out vox. LP opener, “Kirikyogen” teases in the intro with stop/start bass and organ before dropping into Grade A heavy funk-psych prog rock. It’s completely irresistible. There’s a whiff of the weirdness of early English prog records, but crucially, these kids were still into Hendrix too, remembering that no matter how good you are on guitar, you still gotta bring something to the dancefloor. Love Suki Daikirai released in 1972 is more straight-up dreamy psychedelia. Kawachi plays piano, celesta, Hammond organ, Rocksichord, Harpsichord, various percussions, and sings. Kimio Mizutani (A Path Through Haze [BAM 7003CD], Love Live Life +1) contributes acoustic and electric guitars. Housed in a highly-collectible unique card wallet. Digitally remastered.
BAM 7005CD REIKO, IKE: Kokotsu No Sekai CD (BAM 7005CD) 17.00
Although Ike Reiko was a mere 17 years of age when she recorded 1971’s Kokotsu No Sekai, she was already a star in the world of Japanese erotic movies. Despite the tough-gal image, the music is pretty darn life-affirming, so don’t think for a second you’re getting an easy listening album here — this is about as sexual as music can get. Throw “French Kiss” out of the window and give a kiss goodbye to your Serge Gainsbourg records, Ike Reiko is more sizzling than a branding iron as it makes its mark on the farmer’s herd. The sex is literally dripping from every note on this record — the style is “Iroke Kayôkyoku” or erotic kayôkyoku (kayôkyoku being a style of Japanese pop) but the sort of naïve jazz and pseudo spy theme movie music is all draped in a shroud of sexual shouts, screams and coos from the clearly excited Reiko. One must assume that she was in some kind of state of euphoria in the recording studio from the evidence on offer here, either that or she’s a pretty realistic faker — it’s a smouldering collision, and that’s about all that needs to be said. Kokotsu No Sekai has to be one of the finest gifts for the music fan in search of that killer oddity. Digitally remastered. Housed in an LP replica card wallet.
BERMUDA 001CD VA: City Sound Berlin 2CD (BERMUDA 001CD) 21.00
In recent years, Berlin has become a burgeoning, colorful and bustling metropolis, with an infectious energy that you can feel the minute you hit the streets. Berlin’s slumber-deprived capital is truly living up to its status as the destination to lose yourself in, only to discover something new. Currently, no other city in the world can claim to attract and contain so many creative minds, ideas and sources — Berlin houses the headquarters of more labels, booking agents and clubs than any other. Many artists call the city home, such as Richie Hawtin, Ellen Allien and the myriad of others traveling the world who bring the “sound of Berlin” wherever they touch down. City Sound Berlin is the official festival compilation of Bermuda for the new, formatted Berlin Underground Music Festival. This double CD is a soundtrack representative of the city, whether it be Wednesday evening, Sunday morning or Sunday afternoon. Forward-thinking artists such as Moderat, Oliver Koletzki & Fran, dOP & Wareika and Lusine grace the first CD, appropriately entitled “Day,” expressing the sounds that pump through the city’s carnival-style raves during breezy summer days. “Night” takes you along for a club-hopping ride through Berlin’s biggest, wackiest and naughtiest clubs. With audio contributions from Berlin’s first lady Ellen Allien, Stuttgart and Detroit imports Tiefschwarz and Seth Troxler, Loco Dice, Joris Voorn and Booka Shade, this music proves there is life beyond the sun. This is a CD that takes you for a ride in Thomas Schumacher’s taxi with M.A.N.D.Y. & Siopis in the back seat to a club where you can party with the brothers Kalkbrenner until the sun comes up. Other artists include: Sascha Funke vs. Nina Kraviz, Stimming, Solomun, Omar, Henrik Schwarz, Cheapers, Marek Hemmann (feat. Fabian Reichelt), Sebo K, Nic Fanciulli, Art Department, Mano Le Tough, Château Flight, Âme, Dixon, Lee Jones, DJ T, Format B, Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra, Alex Under, Siriusmo, and Niconé & Sascha Braemer.
BWR 009EP STUDNITZKY: Hauke EP 12″ (BWR 009EP) 12.00
Sebastian Studnitzky lives in Berlin and plays with renowned artists such as Jazzanova, Nils Landgren, Mezzoforte, etc. On his album EGIS and on Hauke, he has created his very own sound, mixing his jazz background with electronic sounds. This was nothing new to him as he has worked and performed with electronic producers such as Soulphiction and Ricardo Villalobos in the past. Atjazz, Vakula and Subfossil all offer great new interpretations with their club remixes of “Hauke.”
BBR 005LP MOUNTAINHOOD: The Boat-Maker’s Daughter LP (BBR 005LP) 17.00
“The Boat?Maker’s Daughter is a record about transition and transformation. Michael Hilde, the man and mind behind Mountainhood, recorded these songs in New York City at a time when Christian radio was becoming an influence in his life. Many of the broadcasts that influenced these songs revolved around Revelations, while many of Hilde’s friends began discussing an impending environmental apocalypse. There is a direct philosophical correlation between these ill?boding prophecies and this surprisingly uplifting album. The Boat?Maker’s Daughter is an expression of total breakage from all prior forms of thought and action??your parents, your government, your faith ?? and blazing a new path through doomsday to the other side. The songs range from the quiet, fragile, and distant ‘Geodesic Dome, Oregon’ to the anthemic folk sing?along of ‘Jaine,’ one of the most accessible songs in the Mountainhood catalog. With The Boat?Maker’s Daughter, Mountainhood has transformed and shed much of the tape hiss that defined his earlier recordings, and let these very special songs of rapture shine through. This is not only a singular release for Hilde, but for the entire psych?folk genre.” With bonus Owlzone movie poster.
BST 84329LP MOBLEY, HANK: The Flip LP (BST 84329LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1969. Featuring Dizzy Reece (trumpet), Slide Hampton (trombone), Vince Benedetti (piano), Alby Cullaz (bass) and Philly Joe Jones (drums). “The title track opens the set and it lays deep in the soul-jazz cut, tempered by hard bop sensibilities: the solos by Reece, Hampton, and Mobley are top-notch, but it is Benedetti’s muscular comping and blues-wailing piano that drives the tune. ‘Feelin Folksy,’ means in an African way, with its beautifully crafted and lively minor key melody that touches upon South African township musics and the lyrical harmonic assertions put forth by Abdullah Ibrahim (then known as Dollar Brand). But the personality of the tune, with its gloriously bluesy swing, is all Mobley.” — All Music Guide
BST 84413LP GREEN, GRANT: Shades Of Green LP (BST 84413LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1971. Featuring Emmanuel Riggins (electric piano & clavinet), Billy Wooten (vibes), Wilton Felder (fender bass), Nesbert “Stix” Hooper (drums) and King Errison (percussionist). Songs include James Brown’s “I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing, Open Up The Door I’ll Get It Myself” and “Cold Sweat” and Stevie Wonder’s “If You Really Love Me.”
BOUQ 010CD BUTCH: Eyes Wide Open 2CD (BOUQ 010CD) 23.00
This is the second full-length album from Mainz-based Butch. To capture the duality of his sounds that oscillate between under and over, techno and house, spirituality and marketability, club and home stereo, to celebrate the everyday high and question it at the same time, is just one of the many talents and specialities of this particular DJ and producer. This and much more is the starting point for a terrific album by Bülent Gürler himself on his very own, newly-founded imprint, BOUQ. Quadratically inspired, he dives into the diversity of 1,009 nights, not only inviting well-known collaborators like the classical house singer Virginia into his studio but also a new discovery: the violinist Julie Marghilano, who Butch met in London and whose musical talent strikes more than a chord, letting the enchanting “Feline” grow into a true masterpiece. Going beyond the obviousness of pleasant sounds and diving into the small print of the album, you will encounter fascinatingly joyful details which turn the tight-knit sound carpet ride into a magic trip. To take the tragedy of life with a pinch of salt is one this artist’s biggest talents. He manages to make the listener smile about the biggest failures of our times, or even laugh about them.
BF 010CD TEEBS: Ardour CD (BF 010CD) 15.50
“As music from the Los Angeles area thrives and swells across the globe, one of its most beloved and deeply rooted members, Teebs, steps out with an album full of infectious melodies, subtle hip-hop and a kaleidoscope of sound. Music for the imagination.”
BF 010LP TEEBS: Ardour 2LP (BF 010LP) 20.50
Gatefold 2LP version.
CADENZA 007CD FERREYRA, ERNESTO: El Paraiso De Las Tortugas CD (CADENZA 007CD) 17.00
Ernesto Ferreyra, born in Cordoba, Argentina, he has called such diverse locations as Mexico City, Montreal, Berlin, and Ibiza home at one time or another over the past decade. His performance schedule both as a DJ, solo live act, and as half of the celebrated duo Chic Miniature with Guillaume Coutu-Dumont has been hectic enough to make mere mortals give up in disgust just trying to determine their current time zone. Things aren’t likely to slow down anytime soon with Luciano increasingly wanting Ernesto at his side to open or close his own epic sets. Yet despite all these comings and goings, he has somehow managed to craft an album that sounds less the soundtrack to some lonely wandering vagabond’s tale, then that of a wise and well-travelled man reflecting on the diverse experiences and places that have shaped him, anchored by an ever-present, ass-moving low-end pulse. For Ernesto, El Paraíso De Las Tortugas is a paradise of the mind, you see, and what good would paradise be without a little dancing to forget your troubles here and there? From the swirling aerial disco maneuvers of the album’s opening and closing, heart-wrenching laments to chronic pain and a father lost along with 30,000 others to the Argentinian dictatorship, shuffling deep pocket house, the peak-time bass acrobatics at the album’s core, through the psychedelic jazz meanderings of the title track, Ernesto proves himself to be a master craftsman of both moods and grooves as diverse as the experiences he has lived. If this is what the turtles are partying to in paradise, we’d all do well to find a shell.
CAP 21435CD RASCHER SAXOPHONE QUARTET, THE: The Raschèr Saxophone Quartet CD (CAP 21435CD) 17.00
The Raschèr Saxophone Quartet is Christine Rall (soprano saxophone), Elliot Riley (alto saxophone), Bruce Weinberger (tenor saxophone) and Kenneth Coon (baritone saxophone). Featured works: Erik Bergman (1911 – 2006): Etwas Rascher; Richard Dünser (B. 1959): Personae; Yannis Xenakis (1922 – 2001): XAS; Michael Denhoff (B. 1955): Pnoxoud; Günter Bialas (1907 – 1995): 6 Bagatelles; Dimitri Terzakis (B. 1938): Panta Rei.
CAP 21674CD VA: Music From Vietnam 5 CD (CAP 21674CD) 17.00
Subtitled: Minorities From The Central Highland And Coast. “Vietnam is a wonderfully rich country — from a musical perspective! Here, on Music from Vietnam Vol. 5, one has for the first time the chance to become acquainted with music from nine of the more than fifty minorities living in the country. The recordings were made using a modern mobile digital studio in the central hills and on the coast of Vietnam, doing justice to a wholly unique and exciting world of timbres, a world that has lived its own life for hundreds of years and now is available to interested ears. They sing and play on drums, flutes, horns, rattles, bamboo, porcelain, and above all on gongs, handed down for generations. In a world where the wheels of communication spin ever faster, these peoples maintain and develop their cultural identities and their music. Meet Cham, Raglai, Bahnar, Xo-dang, and Giarai, and revel in their music from rites and religious ceremonies, work, and celebrations.”
CAP 21741CD VA: Music From Montenegro CD (CAP 21741CD) 17.00
“Once part of the former Yugoslavia, Montenegro is a country with a long and dramatic history, whose music has been relatively unknown beyond its borders. Music from Montenegro, no. 22 in a series produced jointly by SIDA (the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and Caprice Records, presents for the first time 76 minutes of traditional music from this country: heroic songs, songs from mountain villages, shepherd songs and even songs from cities that are more influenced by the Central European tradition. One of the groups participating in this CD, Ansambl Podgorica, is one of Montenegro´s best-known and most-loved professional popular music orchestras, which plays both the ‘classical’ entertainment music from Montenegro and the more traditional music from the countryside.”
CAP 22065CD VA: The Sound Of The Soul – Music For Quin And Xiao 2CD (CAP 22065CD) 34.00
Performed by Deng Hong, qin; Chen Shasha, xiao. Deluxe oversized hardbound package, with 21-pages of photos and texts in English and Chinese versions. “‘In no other music does one come so close to a whole civilisation’s fate, feelings and dreams as one does with qin music,’ says sinologist Cecilia Lindqvist, and describes her relationship to qin music as one of ‘a deep and lasting love for this wonderful, meditative music which in and of itself encapsulates several thousand years’ experience in how to live one’s life.’ Cecilia Lindqvist has devoted much of her life to the qin, having written the August Prize-winning book Qin, which is now in great demand in China and Taiwan, and been involved in the production of the earlier Caprice release Qin – Celestial Music For Qin And Xiao. The very positive reception in Sweden and the Asiatic world prompted Cecilia to work on the recording of a new CD. There are, she says, many thousand pieces for the qin, and has chosen 24 for this new recording. ‘Almost half of them form the very soul of qin music and have never been recorded before, including some of the most beautiful love songs ever written in the history of music.’ The qin used on this recording once belonged to China’s foremost qin player of the 20th century, Guan Pinghu. Cecilia explains that it is extremely important for the sound to follow tradition and play on silk strings, since ‘this music is based on the beauty of the individual notes.’ Qin player Deng Hong and Chen Shasha, who plays the xiao, are both employed by China’s internationally renowned National Orchestra, and featured on the previous CD. Deng Hong’s performance prompted the British world music magazine Songlines to dub her ‘Qin’s New Queen’.”
CH 13301CD PARSONS, DAVID: Akash CD (CH 13301CD) 14.00
“‘Akash in Sanskrit means sky or ether and all that that embraces. For instance, Akash Ganga (Ganges) can mean the Milky Way (sky river). It is also the name of India’s medium-range, surface-to-air missile defense system and Akashwani is the local name of All India Radio. In keeping with the original meaning of the word, I have endeavoured to evoke an expansive sky-like atmosphere in all of the tracks. As with my previous albums, Earthlight and Jyoti, I continue to concentrate more on pure synthesis than on any type of sampled sound, and so this album continues my quest for surrealism or off-worldliness rather than anything too graphic. I have also used only sound programmed by me, using just oscillators and filters to create every sonic landscape.'” — David Parsons.
PRESERV 002EP CHASING VOICES: Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit 12″ (PRESERV 002EP) 11.00
“Art is created under one of two auspices: glory or truth. Either the creative process is conducted with the intention of gaining status — cultural, financial, social — or it is an act of necessity, an imperative born of the constant suffocation of the old world. The affecting despondency of the anonymously disseminated Chasing Voices series confirms this project is more an act of survival than an exercise in cultural luxury. This is self-preservation music forming from the black waters of isolation and loss, the same endless well of unbearable pressure that calls on the hand of creation with a dagger to the throat and demands that the impossibility of living in this truly unreal world be reversed with one miraculous act of materialization. There is no ‘artist’ in this equation, no ordained or predestined genius operating behind the mystified veil of divined talent, imminent fate or blind luck. This synthesis forms under the very real survival mechanisms of any given will at any given time — unsupported and defenseless, surrounded on all sides by a total denial of life — turning the stand-off on its head and using the circuitry of the very technology that collaborated in this denial to deal the monster its deathblow. ‘We’re surrounded on all sides!’ ‘Wonderful! Attack from every angle!!’ In the end, real art has nothing to do with the glory attained from mass recognition or praise — the gratification of the zombie-mob of pseudo-cultural legitimacy is the true gravedigger of creative drive. It is simply the act of retaliation against an absolute despotism that dares every human living under its tyranny to render its reality fiction by any means necessary, a phantasm that once haunted us in our sleep but now exists solely in the memory of a beautiful dream that will not recede.” One-sided release.
CLR 038EP TRAVERSABLE WORMHOLE: The Remixes Pt. 04 12″ (CLR 038EP) 12.50
Here is part 4 in CLR’s Traversable Wormhole series. In 2009, a series of five anonymously-produced ink-stamped vinyl recorded releases appeared on the global techno scene under the mysterious guise “Traversable Wormhole.” The series was released exclusively on vinyl. The sound of Traversable Wormhole is a unique signature of sci-fi laden techno music with gaps of time, space & bass in between sound & rhythm.
CORMIX 032LTD VATH, SVEN: In The Mix: The Sound Of The Eleventh Season 2CD (CORMIX 032LTD) 23.00
Frankfurt-based Sven Väth is co-founder of the Cocoon label, and this is The Sound Of The Eleventh Season. The Premium Edition is a limited digipak (including a booklet with exclusive pictures) and contains a one month free Cocoon membership voucher as well. Inaugurating its second decade in Ibiza, Cocoon has presented a whole new range of musicians, performers, costumes, masks, choreographies and visuals. With the eleventh season, Väth has opened another chapter in Cocoon’s never-ending metamorphosis: a butterfly of unknown splendor is born out of its cocoon. Perceived in all parts of the world, the Cocoon parties in Ibiza are a major cultural event. Being a manifesto of infinite transformation and growth, Väth manages to melt this season’s most ecstatic moments into two sets, spanning over 2 1/2 hours. Both discs form a musical diary — reaching beyond the current hits, Väth retrieves the profound qualities of contemporary electronic music. The charming, humorous vocals of Gerd fuse into Château Flight’s subtle, elegant house grooves. The mood shifts, and Jacek Sienkiewicz enters with uncanny soundscapes and graceful Detroit grooves. The set accelerates with Edit Select’s remix of Speedy J’s “Trails,” and with the frenzy of Soul Center’s “Dyr Bul Scyl” and MMM’s “Nous Sommes MMM,” it turns into a series of climaxes. We are captivated by the adorable melodies of Koze’s “Blume Der Nacht.” We lose ourselves in the dub landscapes of Skudge’s “Convolution,” we are amused by the cut-up vocals of Kabale Und Liebe. The hypnotic grooves and mesmerizing melodies of Martin Buttrich’s “Song Six” make us finally forget time and space before we are enchanted by the daring naïveté of Plaid’s “Dett.” The “Eleventh Season” might be over, but its experience endures. Other artists include: Elle P. & Iftah, Ruede Hagelstein, Mano Le Tough, Till Krüger, Brett Johnson, Daniel Stefanik, B.D.I., DJ Qu, Solomun, Daniel Stefanik, Johnny D., Maetrik, The Hundred In The Hands, Tom Trago, Kyle MF Hall, Boris Werner, and Basti Grub & Komaton.
CNS 006CD KOLLEKTIV TURMSTRASSE: Rebellion Der Träumer CD (CNS 006CD) 17.00
This is the debut full-length album from Hamburg’s Kollektiv Turmstrasse. Rebellion Der Träumer (trans. “Rebellion Of The Dreamers”) is so much more than an album: it reflects the duo’s development over the past years, assimilating experienced impressions and presenting another side of Kollektiv Turmstrasse. It reveals their true nature and what they really are: dreamers. A great deal of love, time and passion was invested into this album, aiming to touch both heart and mind, and to take you on a musical journey. These are deep, rolling tunes mixed with a significant amount of groove, delicate percussion, minimal elegance, and slower, more contemplative bpms. Meanwhile, their soundtrack for dreamers has inspired several artists, filmmakers and graphic designers to work on the visualization of some of the pieces. Soon, music and films will be made public on
CRS 8001LP IMPRESSIONS, THE: This Is My Country LP (CRS 8001LP) 11.50
First release on Curtis Mayfield’s own label, 1968’s This Is My Country is a peak moment in late-’60s soul. Exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino.
DWR 005LP GUSTAFSSON, MATS: Needs! LP (DWR 005LP) 26.00
“Needs! is the brand new heavyweight album from heavyweight saxman Mast Gustafsson. The studio album comes housed in the customary Dancing Wayang hand silk screened sleeve, this time featuring artwork by Austrian artist Mathias Poschl and with liner notes by Jim O’Rourke. On Needs! Gustafsson uses the studio setting to produce unexpected and surprising results, pushing his playing into unchartered territories. The LP features Mats’ baritone, but also the slide saxophone (a rare antique instrument) as well as a small selection of live power electronics. He combines the acoustic sounds of his saxophones with these amplified sounds, mixing them as overdubs as well as live improvisations. The raw and muscular approach to blowing that has made Gustaffson the unbound force he has become can be experienced in its naked and most vital form on this LP. From gasping to rasping to tongue slapping, nothing smoothes over the up-close physicality of conjuring sounds from his saxophones. The brass resonates as Gustafsson’s lungs whistle with tension and release. While his acoustic playing is rich in dynamics with a sense of punctuation and spaces, some of his electronic concoctions are thick slices of condensed compressed mass. ‘Sources of Such’ manufactures a dense, immovable wall of electronic sound broken only by a deep, gutteral warble of the baritone’s lowest registers. On both the opening and closing tracks, Gustafsson uses the electronic devices to follow and echo his acoustic playing with organically playful results that merge and blur the lines between the acoustic and the electric sound sources. This is a record of substance and space shifting in an array of unexpected layers of noises, which interlock and split apart in equal measures.” Hand-numbered edition of 500 copies.
DWCR 004CD VA: Top Dog: A Retrospective of Classic TV & Radio Themes CD (DWCR 004CD) 17.00
…1960-1982. This is the fourth album in the De Wolfe “commercial” series, collecting many well-loved British TV and radio theme tunes specially remastered from the original tapes. The album’s content spans the complete spectrum of vintage broadcasting. From cult comedy sitcoms such as “Man About The House” and “Never The Twain” to kid’s favorites like “Vision On” and “Roobarb,” to oddball obscurities like “Angling Today” and “Queenie’s Castle,” this is the first time that these 5 lost incidental themes have been collected together on one volume. Also included are some exclusive unreleased cues that have never seen the light of day before (“Henry’s Cat”/”Delia Smith’s Cookery Course,” etc). The catalog of music libraries such as De Wolfe have proven a treasure trove of unearthed soundtrack material for fans of cult film and TV. De Wolfe Music is the longest running and most important film music resource library in the world, having scored the likes of Dr. Who, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, The Sweeney, Shaw Brothers kung fu flicks, Emmanuelle, the list is endless. Top Dog has been lovingly compiled by Joel Martin of Quiet Village, who heads the De Wolfe commercial/reissue department, which also released the critically-acclaimed Monty Python’s Flying Circus, The Infamous TV Soundtrack 1969-1974 (DWCR 003CD).
DCP 018EP DUBLONER & ISAAC H. SELASSIE: Wicked Man 12″ (DCP 018EP) 10.00
“After the critical success of The Fight, The Spirit, dubLoner (aka [a]pendics.shuffle) and Isaac Haile Selassie are together again for the second time in a few months, this time with a single slice of forward thinking electronic West Coast dub entitled ‘Wicked Man.’ On remix duties, Berlin’s elusive Suspect takes it deep(no), while San Franciscans Kush Arora and Ruoho Ruotsi represent with more mid-tempo dubstep/dancehall and dubwise reversions.”
DCP 019EP GYS: Tyrants 12″ (DCP 019EP) 10.00
“Boston’s dub-techno don and friend of the label Gys (Component Records, Zero G Sounds), returns with a new EP featuring his trademark ultra-deep, dubwise, microsound techno. The tracks were largely composed live using his machine drum, synths and space echo hardware setup. On the remix detail, we introduce a young, upcoming producer from Boston, R.Audiard, who makes deep, emotive dub-techno, while label bossman, Ruoho Ruotsi rounds out the EP with an obscure vocal-laden reshape of the title track.”
DELI 001CD SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO: Delicacies 2CD (DELI 001CD) 13.50
“Delicacies complies Simian Mobile Disco’s 12″ releases on the Delicacies imprint, showcasing the more abstract techno side of their sound. The album comes with a bonus disc of a continuous DJ mix of the tracks.”
DOL 002EP DEPUTIES OF LOVE: 1517/Suicide Is Painless 12″ (DOL 002EP) 12.00
Deputies Of Love release their second EP! This time, the mysterious Deputies present a funky remix of The Whitest Boy Alive’s wonderful “1517.” On the flip side, they travel back in time to the ’70s with a nice remix of the theme song from all-time favorite U.S. movie and TV-series M*A*S*H.
Desolat announces a new 12″ by Giuseppe Cennamo. “Amanecer” digs deep into the pads — a cantering kick and gentle swing that hints at Detroit forefathers. “Cuando Tu Quieres” stomps its heels and morphs into a very whimsical, bouncing house burner. “Dejame Asi” feels like a Spaghetti Western re-imagined with the help of a laser beam, a children’s choir and a bag full of kazoos while “The Rest Of Nothing” is a reduced, percussion-driven track with an insistent bass line.
DIGI 061CD TUMA, SCOTT: Dandelion CD (DIGI 061CD) 14.50
Extended CD version. This is Scott Tuma’s third release on the Digitalis label. After a five-year hiatus, 2008’s Not For Nobody reminded everyone of the subtle force that was lurking in Chicago. He followed that up with an epic collaborative LP with Zelienople’s Mike Weis and an underrated gem as part of the Good Stuff House trio. Those ideas and manifestations present on all three albums come to a head with Dandelion. This is Scott Tuma at his most definitive, most vocal, and most devastating. His acoustic vignettes flicker in and out like the specters of long-forgotten greats, showing up just long enough to remind you that once upon a time, they ruled the land of kings. Sparse guitar plucks and banjo strums ache in the thin air. “Red Roses For Me” puts all the pieces in place with hollow, reverberating drones piercing the grey skies in the first half of the song. Quiet recordings of birdsong echo in the background, bouncing off minimally shifting banjo and chimes. But this is when Tuma really starts to mess with you, this is when Dandelion takes one of many unexpected turns. As a siren wails in the background, he is almost playful in the last half of the piece with a chord organ and gently strummed guitar bleeding nostalgia into the streets. It’s a sinister joke in the middle of the flood. Dandelion is a hymn to loves won, then lost. Dying on the vine, he bellows “you are so pretty,” yearning for something simpler and easier to navigate. “You’re always on my mind” reminds us that things come to an end, that even the best things have a shelf-life. It runs head first into the megalith that is “Free Dirt.” Mike Weis makes his presence felt as the duo navigates the darkest moments Tuma’s ever put to tape. This is “Taradiddle” drowned in the mud. Hope is lost to the darkness as denial turns to acceptance. Winding down into a wall of cymbals and heavy-handed acoustic guitar, it’s total catharsis. Eventually this ride, this testament comes to an end. The mournful longing of the final two pieces wraps Dandelion up into a perfect, graceful package. Scott Tuma shows one more time why there’s nobody else like him around. This may be an album that asks a lot of questions, but it also answers every single one. Extended CD edition, including 20 minutes of bonus material not available on the vinyl edition. Featuring custom artwork by award-winning artist, Christopher Koelle.
Debut release from a band formed by Faust percussionist and German noise terrorist, Zappi Diermaier. Regular listeners to his work will know by now that Zappi doesn’t do “conventional.” The line up features: Karin Meier (voice), Johannes Bahlmann (keyboard, guitar), Fritz Renzo Heinze (bass guitar), the late Thomas E. Martin (sounds, guitar) and Zappi W. Diermaier (drums, tools). The shows they play are blasted out at ear splitting volume and in their own words: “The music of Derschlaeger is a combination of typical German ‘schlager’ music and kind of abstract and aggressive instrumental overlays. The lead vocals definitely represent the original harmonies and lyrics of the ‘Schlager’ whereas the vocalist’s live performance has a more punky attitude. ‘Schlager’: typical German popular songs mainly from the ’60s.” The people at Dirter don’t really have much to add to that, as this recording has to be heard to be believed; put simply — you won’t have heard anything like this. Ever.
DIYNAMIC 005LP H.O.S.H.: Connecting The Dots 2LP (DIYNAMIC 005LP) 20.00
2LP version. Diynamic man, producer and planet-spanning DJ, H.O.S.H. aka German Holger Behn — serves up his debut full-length Connecting The Dots for the Hamburg-based imprint. This is an album made up of ten dancefloor cuts which all exhibit a trademark Diynamic musicality, hinting at H.O.S.H.’s influences and simultaneously marking out a path into the future of underground house music. These are not just a selection of ten mindless cuts — far from it. Instead, H.O.S.H. breathes new life into the dancefloor by taking inspiration from the past and taking it very much into the future. Furthermore, this album is stuffed with all the idiosyncrasies and seductive sonic motifs you would expect from someone of H.O.S.H.’s ability. An accomplished and assured debut, Connecting The Dots is likely to attract much attention from fans old and new alike.
MMU 103110EP PARRISH, THEO: Just1lovebug 12″ (MMU 103110EP) 16.00
“Extremely limited red vinyl, one-sided pressing of the Theo Parrish mash-up of Amerie’s ‘One Thing.'”
DS 003EP MIZRAHI & SOUL CLAP, GADI: She’s Bad/Beautiful Thang 10″ (DS 003EP) 12.00
Double Standard releases a special 10″ white vinyl limited run of Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap with their co-productions “She’s Bad” and “Beautiful Thang,” both bursting with light and optimism. “She’s Bad” is the type of song you only need to hear once before you long to hear it again and again, with its infectious vocal and party vibe. “Beautiful Thang” shares a similar spirit, delicately layering luscious textures of rhythmic grooves onto smooth and seductive vocals and encapsulating a warm, unique sound.
BEC 5772735 MR. OIZO & GASPARD AUGE: Rubber CD (BEC 5772735) 15.50
Ed Banger Records presents the soundtrack to Quentin Dupieux’s third film, Rubber. Dupieux is not only one of the most unconventional French directors of his generation, he also creates undeniably fierce French house under his music alias Mr. Oizo. This short film (which chronicles the journey of a murderous, roving car tire) debuted at Cannes Film Festival in 2010. This soundtrack was created by Mr. Oizo and Gaspard Augé (one-half of Justice). Seriously brain-rattling, synth-driven, banging French house on a terrifying mission to destroy.
EDLX 012EP ECHOLOGIST: Connect 12″ (EDLX 012EP) 12.00
Electric Deluxe proudly presents Connect by Echologist aka Brendon Moeller. “My only goal was that I wanted to make deep atmospheric techno that could rock a dancefloor.” “Connect” pushes the envelope on all fronts; it’s mental, fat, dirty and pounding, and despite being slightly obscure, it’s a bomb on the floor! “Hummer” and “Freak” both show how diverse Brendon is, and together with the wide selection of tools, dubs and mixes, this is probably the most packed Electric Deluxe release.
EF 030EP KZA: Le Troublant Acid 12″ (EF 030EP) 12.00
After their brilliant first solo album Dig And Edit, KZA return with two fresh songs. “Le Troublant Acid” is already included on volume 4 of the Mule/Endless Flight compilation I’m Starting To Feel OK, which KZA mixed. This track was one of the highlights of the compilation and it’s already supported by a lot of the label’s friends. “Mechanique” is more uplifting stuff — it’s acid-y, Krautrock disco house, with Kuniyuki on keyboards.
ETHBO 007EP COHEN, STEPHEN: This Is A Test/Let’s All Root For The Home Team 7″ (ETHBO 007EP) 11.50
“The remaining 100 copies from a 500 run, originally released in September 2001. Stephen — back then — was an unsung legend, who has since carved out his place in the varied new folk scenes. His band Tree People’s privately pressed 1980s LP was plucked from obscurity by a few worldly collectors and traveled from Portland Oregon into the hands of Tiliqua Records in Japan, who reissued it on CD in 2006. The songs on this Ethbo 7″ were brought to the label’s attention by musician David Nettleton. He included some tracks from Stephen’s solo CD Real Life And Fiction, with a selection of avant garde sounds on a mix CDr. The sound of this singer-songwriter, bashing out a kind of punky-folk drone interspersed with crashing chimes, stuck out from the pack.”
FABRIC 108CD RODIGAN, DAVID: FabricLive.54 CD (FABRIC 108CD) 17.00
“‘Gentleman Rude Bwoy’ David Rodigan opens his vaults to select his choice cuts from his 40 years immersed in reggae, dancehall and dub music. Selections from key artists throughout the ages, from King Tubby and Augustus Pablos to Sly & Robbie and Shaggy, paint an all-encompassing picture of this incomparable figure in music and broadcasting. Despite his appearance (‘I look like an accountant or a dentist,’ he admits) and background (born on a military base in Germany, raised in a quaint village in provincial Oxfordshire, England), David Rodigan is one of the most respected figures in reggae music; due to his immersion in Jamaican culture, his unrivaled knowledge and unequalled support of the music, and his renown as a selector in a number of infamous battles and soundclashes.” Artists include: Augustus Pablo, Big Youth, Alborosie, Etana, Chezidek, Romain Virgo, Cham, Super Cat, Pinchers, Prince Allah, King Tubby, Errol T, Tenor Saw, Mr. Vegas & Konshens, Bitty McClean, Beres Hammond, Cadenza, Sly & Robbie, Shaggy, Collie Buddz and Million Styles.
FAITICHE 004EP FARBEN: Farben 12″ (FAITICHE 004EP) 12.00
Faitiche releases a new Farben 12″ vinyl single. This is Jan Jelinek’s first release under the Farben pseudonym since 2004 and combines older, unreleased recordings with newly-produced material. From 1998 to 2004, Farben produced techno and house abstractions which were characterized by their simple, geometric rhythms and detailed sound aesthetics. Journalist Philip Sherburne subsequently named this music “microhouse.” Farben’s original desire to convey the sexiness of a Burt Bacharach song in club music has now been abandoned.
FIRE 156CD ESG: Dance To The Best Of ESG 2CD (FIRE 156CD) 18.00
New York’s legendary punk/funk family affair ESG (Emerald, Sapphire and Gold.) For the very first time, all of the songs that made the band such an innovative influence are available in a single release. Covering their earliest Martin Hannett-produced tracks such as “Moody” and “UFO,” right through to their more recent killer tunes, this compilation leans heavily on the foundation that made them one of the most sampled artists of all-time, while touching on every one of their stellar records. Every cut runs deep and every ass had better shake. Born in the late ’70s from their mothers’ hope that they would avoid the dangers of the South Bronx by practicing their instruments instead of running the streets, the young Scroggins sisters soon formed a band naming themselves after their birthstones and christened ESG. Entered into a talent show, they caught the attention of 99 Records’ Ed Bahlman and soon were opening for the likes of PiL and Gang Of Four. One such night playing before A Certain Ratio at Hurrahs caught the attention of Factory Records impresario Tony Wilson. Not long after, the four sisters, Renee, Valerie, Marie and Deborah, along with friend Tito Libran, were in the studio with producer Martin Hannett making the tracks that would instantly cement their legend. “You’re No Good,” “UFO,” and “Moody” (all included here) were classics upon arrival. Their relationship with Factory would soon be cemented by playing the opening night of the label’s Hacienda nightclub in Manchester, England. In the meantime, the group had a debut LP to assemble. Starting with the Dance To The Beat Of Moody EP, they then recorded the resulting Come Away With ESG, and it is an absolute stunner. Named by Pitchfork as one of the best records of the ’80s — the songs are packed with the defining sound of their wonderful way of making a funk juggernaut from a three-note bass line and clattering sticks. Dubby vocals and chicken-scratch guitar join clear, two-note melodies and incessant high-hat and congas. 99 Records and Bahlman were soon embroiled in the groundbreaking lawsuit regarding Sugarhill Records’ use of Liquid Liquid’s “Cavern” in Grandmaster Flash’s “White Lines.” At the same time, ESG was suffering at the hands of hip-hop, quickly becoming one of the most sampled (and least compensated) groups of all-time. It would all serve to derail their initial promise. A few EPs would trickle out (most notably Bam Bam Jam) before 1991 saw a renewed interest via a compilation showing off a re-vamped version of the band, centered on Renee, Marie and Valerie. The new millennium finally saw ESG getting some proper due courtesy of compilations and a cutting new release. Step Off added in second-generation Scroggins girls, Renee’s daughter Nicole and Valerie’s daughter Chistelle, with little change to their core sound. Following up with the Keep On Moving release and a joyful live show, the group would find themselves brought in as examples of feminine power and advocates for recording artist rights. More than anything, they were finally recognized as the creative innovators that they are.
FIRE 161LP GIANT SAND: Blurry Blue Mountain LP (FIRE 161LP) 22.00
Gatefold LP version. The NEW Giant Sand album. Inaccurately yet affectionately-dubbed the Godfather of Alt. Country by the British press, Tucson, Arizona-based musician Howe Gelb has remained the sole epicenter and creative force behind the ever-fluid configurations of Giant Sand for over a quarter century. 2010 marks the 25th anniversary of the band’s 1985 debut long player Valley Of Rain, the point in which Howe’s music visions began — and will see the release of the complete works of Giant Sand, Howe Gelb, Arizona Amp and The Bands Of Blacky Ranchette — a collection of works that maintains its own genre-defying singularity, drawing on the not-so disparate threads of his Southwestern roots, lo-fi, country, jazz, and punk. “Giant Sand is a mood,” explained Howe, as if to simplify the dizzying breadth of his prolific output as an artist. 2010 welcomes the release of the new Giant Sand record Blurry Blue Mountain, the follow-up to the band’s critically-acclaimed 2008 album ProVisions. These recordings were done in the space between the waking world and the sleeping one. There exists a point there with a broad landscape that has seldom been loitered in. As with every previous album, none of this was planned. Every record has its own atmosphere. As Gelb illustrates, “On this album, it happened that every session we were able to record came between workloads that rendered us at that point of sleeping and waking. Like the poppy fields in The Wizard Of Oz, we went in and out of consciousness at various times during recording. This is not a bad thing. Nor does it make the record sound like we’re asleep. It has the momentum of that place between sleep and being awake, and in that narrow slip of existence lies a landscape of reason that most of us hurry past in our daily lives. This record is planted firmly there. Between the crystal-clear focus of your day-to-day and the luxury of sweet, fuzzy sleep, we welcome you to the blurry blue mountain.”
FIRE 163CD GIANT SAND: Ballad Of A Thin Line Man (25th Anniversary Edition) CD (FIRE 163CD) 15.50
Giant Sand’s Ballad Of A Thin Line Man was originally released in 1986. It features the popular single “Thin Line Man” and the addition of Paula Jean Brown, who would become Howe Gelb’s wife, as a guitarist. Also includes one bonus track. “Giant Sand is a mood,” says Howe of Giant Sand, as if trying to offer a low-key explanation for his dizzying array of artistic exploration that includes a back-catalog of some 40 albums as a singer, band-leader and producer. After growing up in Pennsylvania in the 1970s, it wasn’t until he moved to Tucson, Arizona that he met his musical soul-mate, the guitarist Rainer Ptaceck. The two formed Giant Sandworms and issued only a handful of recordings before the worms were put to rest: since then, Giant Sand have released 24 albums — an impressive haul when considering Howe’s equally prolific output under other projects including Band Of Blacky Ranchette and Arizona Amp & Alternator as well as his solo releases. Rather than retrospect, this is a time for celebration. With the reissues and Giant Sand box set, 2010 will certainly be a celebration to remember for Howe and all of his fans.
FIRE 164CD GIANT SAND: Storm (25th Anniversary Edition) CD (FIRE 164CD) 15.50
Giant Sand’s Storm was originally released in 1988. It features the popular single “Uneven Light Of Day” and a cover of Robbie Robertson’s “The Weight.” Also includes one bonus alternative take. “Giant Sand is a mood,” says Howe Gelb of Giant Sand, as if trying to offer a low-key explanation for his dizzying array of artistic exploration that includes a back-catalog of some 40 albums as a singer, band-leader and producer. After growing up in Pennsylvania in the 1970s, it wasn’t until he moved to Tucson, Arizona that he met his musical soul-mate, the guitarist Rainer Ptaceck. The two formed Giant Sandworms and issued only a handful of recordings before the worms were put to rest: since then, Giant Sand have released 24 albums — an impressive haul when considering Howe’s equally prolific output under other projects including Band Of Blacky Ranchette and Arizona Amp & Alternator as well as his solo releases. Rather than retrospect, this is a time for celebration. With the reissues and Giant Sand box set, 2010 will certainly be a celebration to remember for Howe and all of his fans.
SFIRE 019LP PASTELS, THE: Up For A Bit With The Pastels LP (SFIRE 019LP) 19.00
“Combining classic ’60s pop with the D.I.Y. ethos of punk, Up For A Bit With The Pastels is the band’s mysterious and exciting debut album. Originally released by Glass Records in 1987, this is a hugely influential album and a must have for fans of bands like Belle & Sebastian and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Despite being hailed by the likes of Kurt Cobain and Sonic Youth, The Pastels seem to have been condemned to be a band’s band forever: as one of their later album tracks says, an ‘unfair kind of fame.'” 180 gram vinyl.
“Bilal Abdurahman’s East New York Ensemble de Music came out of the diverse community of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, where African, West Indian & black American cultures converged. First and foremost a deep Spiritual Jazz record, At The Helm also incorporates elements of the West Indies, and both the Near and Far East. Originally released in 1974 this is an incredible, and unjustly forgotten, record lovingly reissued in a perfect replica of the original Folkways jacket.”
FW 5589LP VA: Street and Gangland Rhythms LP (FW 5589LP) 17.00
Subtitled: Beats and Improvisations by Six Boys In Trouble. “Originally released in 1959, this is the recording of 6 pre-teens from Harlem on bongos, and vocals. Pounding rhythms and chants convey the emotions and experiences of life in New York City’s housing projects and tenements. Heralded after the fact as an early precursor to rap music, Street and Gangland Rhythms is an important document of post-WWII urban Black America. An amazing record lovingly reissued in a perfect replica of the original Folkways jacket and including a reproduction of the original information booklet.”
FW 9714LP FABIO, SARAH WEBSTER: Jujus/Alchemy Of The Blues: Poems by Sarah Webster Fabio LP (FW 9714LP) 17.00
“Sarah Webster Fabio was a poet, scholar, activist and a leading figure in the world of African-American Studies. Born in Nashville, TN she taught at Merritt College in Oakland, CA at the same time that Black Panthers Bobby Seale and Huey Newton were students there, and she helped to start the UC Berkeley African-American Studies department. In 1976 she released this album of poetry backed by one of the funkiest bands on the West Coast, which included a number of her children. This is an absolutely stunning record of spoken word and funk, back in print on LP so you don’t have to spend upwards of $2,000 on eBay. Lovingly reissued in a perfect replica of the original Folkways jacket and including a reproduction of the original information booklet.”
FP 004EP TERJE, TODD: Eurodans 12″ (FP 004EP) 12.00
Repressed. This huge hit has been out-of-print for a long time — now BACK IN! Playing Todd Terje’s “Eurodans” is like experiencing a full dancefloor in a minute. On the flipside, there’s the equally-pumping “Italian Stallion,” an excellent homage to the land of sunglasses, fast cars and Speedos — Baldelli would be proud of this one. Raise your glasses.
FUR 004EP AYBEE: Sun Of Cycle/Vertigo 12″ (FUR 004EP) 12.00
“Further Records’ second vinyl release delivers 2 slices of deep hypnotic space music from Oakland’s pioneering abstract funk scientist: Aybee. ‘Sun Of Cycle’ is a twisting narcotic techno head trip that’s perfect for post4am club use while the flipside, ‘Vertigo,’ is a woozy bleeped out soulful ambient house piece that’s perfect for anywhere there are bodies on the floor. Taken from his sold out cassette album Ancient Tones on the same label, LWE described it as, ‘Mr. Deepblak’s grandest statement to date, moving from ambient sludgehouse to jazzy late night techno this record must be heard to be believed’ for their semi-annual ‘Top 5 Albums’ feature. The album also appeared at #1 in Levon Vincent’s May chart and received plays from JudEd, X, Y & Z. Aybee has previously recorded music for JusEd’s Underground Quality label, Chicago’s legendary Prescription, and his own Future Vision Records under a variety of alias’s and identities. The vinyl comes in a chipboard jacket with handmade stamped artwork.”
PHC 005EP VLADISLAV DELAY (AS SISTOL): On The Brighter Side (Remixes Vol. 2) 12″ (PHC 005EP) 10.00
“On this second of two collector-caliber, 180 gram, deluxe-pressed 12″ releases in Halo Cyan’s On the Brighter Side series of remixes, we find Scuba and FaltyDL investing the originals with their sense of the current landscape of dubstep and so-called ‘purple’ maneuverings, respectively — and neither disappoints. Flipping the disc over, we’ve gotten Brooklyn’s synth warlord Oneohtrix Point Never to examine Sasu’s ‘Funseeker’ and apply a rich layer of sprinklingly light ambience atop the original. Similarly, Kompakt’s Walls apply a pensively brooding twist to ‘A Better Shore.'”
HLR 002LP EL GUSANO: Fantasia Del Barrio LP (HLR 002LP) 17.00
“Fantasia del Barrio is the missing link between the psychedelic sounds of Texas and the Chicano soul and funk of the late 1960’s and early ’70s. Recorded soon after Eugenio Jaimez returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam, Fantasia del Barrio is his musical meditation on life at war and the Chicano experience at home. Skillfully performed in one marathon recording session, Jaimez and El Gusano embraced the soul, funk and psychedelic sounds of their day to craft this lost instrumental concept album. Long sought after by break hunters and psych collectors, Heavy Light Records is proud to bring Eugenio Jaimez Jr.’s masterpiece to light. Beautiful, faithful remastering featuring color insert with historical notes and unpublished photos. Limited hand-numbered pressing of 1,000 copies in heavy, old school tip-on jacket.”
HMS 019LP RV PAINTINGS: Samoa Highway LP (HMS 019LP) 14.00
“Samoa Highway is the second full album for RV Paintings, following the nature jam transmissions of Trinity Rivers published by Root Strata in 2007 and a well-suited split LP with Taiga Remains from Blackest Rainbow. Just as the debut paid homage to the rugged river system that cuts through forests and mountains of the region, Samoa Highway refers to the lengthy bridge that runs between two coastal communities in Humboldt County, one of which houses a municipal airport. A swarm of drone guitars announces the opening of the record on ‘Millions,’ with a shoegaze wash collapsing into rarified tone purity and bulging through a metallic buzz. Field recordings of airplane take-off and firework explosions punctuate the undulating bleary smear of the Pyle brothers’ guitars. The result is one of levitation, even as RV Paintings seem to be plugging their guitars and electronics directly into the moss, soil, and mycelia of the Humboldt forest. Echo-soaked flutes, maudlin strings, scabrous noises unearthed from the bottom of the Pacific, and a cinematic arcs of guitar shimmer complete the beautiful and haunted miasma of Samoa Highway that falls somewhere between Taj Mahal Travellers, Organum, and The Caretaker. Brian Pyle may be best known as one of the founders of the Starving Weirdos and records his solo work as Ensemble Economique. Samoa Highway stands the first piece of vinyl published by Helen Scarsdale Agency and includes a code for a digital download. Pressed in an edition of 500 copies.”
HIGH 084CD VA: Group Of Connected Heads CD (HIGH 084CD) 17.00
Ten years of Highgrade, representing 10 years of constant development and new impulses in the electronic music scene, both through innovative releases and widely-respected events. During those years, the Berlin label has built an extensive network of creative minds, who more than anything else, characterize the multi-faceted reputation of the label, the result of which is now brought together on a compilation entitled Group Of Connected Heads. With this comp, Highgrade manages a kind of family meeting, with the prospect of further continuation. Here, we not only meet different artists and their work, but the label also creates a connection between art and craft — and a form of work in progress. For example, the artwork for this first Group Of Connected Heads was designed in cooperation with the Berlin School of Art: meandering lines connect seemingly at random, to form almost incidental heads — a symbol of the creative symbiosis that will help satisfy the goals of this long-term project. However, for all its visual delights, the Group Of Connected Heads is primarily a feast for the ears. The eleven tracks come from the core artists of the label such as Tom Clark and Todd Bodine, old hands like Jens Bond, Markus Homm, Mihai Popoviciu, Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner, Marcus Sur and Prompt — and newcomers such as Andri, Dachshund and Dale. Despite the diversity of the artists, the compilation is a compelling and coherent album, which sounds like a journey through the diverse Highgrade universe. Driving rhythms and catchy beats, peppered with surprising and original musical ideas — typically Highgrade.
HI 022EP NABO: Rock Solid Goldmine EP 12″ (HI 022EP) 11.00
Nabo is the alias used by Uffe Christensen. So far Nabo’s claim to fame is remixes and a few things cropping up on local compilations, but already he is getting the thumbs-up from some of his own international inspirations. Especially Clouds (whose mix of “Neigh” is featured here). Also, music by the likes of Rustie, Lukid and Funkstörung have influenced his take on mixing samples with simple synths and bass lines. Perhaps close to what people would call wonky? Includes a download code for the digital version with bonus material.
HJP 051EP BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY & TREMBLING BELLS: New Year’s Eve’s The Loneliest Night Of The Year 7″ (HJP 051EP) 9.00
A juicy seasonal single, beautifully sleeved — featuring Will Oldham in mood indigo on one side, and Mike Heron from The Incredible String Band with a Boxing Day ghost story on the other — and an appetizer for Trembling Bells’ third album.
HJR 108CD MANGANYI, FOSTER: Ndzi Teke Riendzo No. 1 CD (HJR 108CD) 17.00
Foster Manganyi is a pastor from South Africa. His sublime music shares with Honest Jon’s compilation Shangaan Electro (HJR 052CD/LP) a startling palette of sampled, synthesized sounds — the signature whistle and marimba, no bass, a little wonky high?life — and rough, fast, skittering drum patterns. Yet these are gospel songs, intensely sincere, brimming with aching, plaintive, mournful spirituality, without a trace of R&B, mangled or not; and however fractured, multi?faceted and fresh the music comes across, the surging lines and harmonies of the support singers are unmistakably rooted in the traditional vocal music of South Africa. Just in time for Christmas, this is the reissue of a hit cassette from 2008.
HJR 108LP MANGANYI, FOSTER: Ndzi Teke Riendzo no. 1 2LP (HJR 108LP) 20.00
2LP version.
HDB 006LP DARKSTAR: North LP (HDB 006LP) 20.50
LP version. “With their first long player, Darkstar have produced an album many bands with far more experience and many more releases and under their belt can only dream of. Downbeat, breezy, sometimes melancholy, sometimes just plain sad, at others optimistic and affirming, and always gracefully elegant, North will surprise many, a classic record for short days and long nights.”
HDB 007CD TERROR DANJAH: Undeniable CD (HDB 007CD) 16.50
“Terror Danjah makes Afrobotic grime productions; an Escher-like sound which combines complex clusters of asymmetric rhythms and offbeat trapdoors with swooping synths and fx, all tagged with his trademark Gremlin Cackle audio logo. While his previous long players have been closer to mix-tapes or retrospective compilations, Undeniable is racked full of new productions and mutations of some classics from Grime’s golden days, and sees him flexing with ease across the tangled landscape of British electronic music at the close of 2010, from vocal and instrumental grime and dubstep to underground house.”
INFX 045CD CAPRICORNUS: Halation CD (INFX 045CD) 11.00
“‘Halation gives off a flat-on-back eyes-to-skies drowsy air with its long drawn out tone-rays. Highly amorphous in strategy, a purist ambient Enovian ethos a la Thursday Afternoon may suggest itself. On occasion, clusters of notes flicker within the free-floating drone, mirroring the eponymous halation effect — transient morning brume, or light refracted through water vapour rendered blurred.” — Alan Lockett for Capricornus is the working name of Hiroshi Tanaka. This is the Japanese artist’s first release in any format. Four-panel digipak, limited to 500 copies.”
INFX 050CD CELER: Salvaged Violets 2CD (INFX 050CD) 14.00
“‘In February of 2008, Dani and I recorded, mixed, and completed the music for Salvaged Violets. The words came as the subject line of a short poem, sent to me over email, included with an unrelated question. During these weekdays, our working schedules were almost the opposite, but we spoke over email constantly. Until recently, I did not notice how similar this was to our beginnings, sending letters as we were on different sides of the country. With no conceptual idea in mind, and since we were apart for so much time during the weekdays, we decided to begin Salvaged Violets, and see what came of it. Every night when I returned home, before sleeping, I would spend time working on the music that Dani had worked on through the afternoon, and had left on the desk. Every afternoon, she would find a different version to work on that I had left, and this continued for some time. When together, we would sip our tea, laugh at silly jokes, cook, watch television, and so on. There was no need for longing while we were together. There was always laughing, pots and pans clanging, or a muttering television. In forming Salvaged Violets, we did not mix it in a particular arranged order. It was mixed simply by the order it was first played, compiling many miniature sections rolled into one. In this case, they were rolled into two. Nothing was discarded, nothing was rearranged. As the sound changed over time, the original form did not. When it was finally complete, we listened together, for the first time. I remember how familiar it seemed, yet I also felt that so much of it was unknown, and undefined. More than a year later, in September of 2009, I revisited the recordings for the first time since 2008. At this time, it was being mastered by our good friend Corey Fuller, so I was still listening to the original. Riding my bike through the endless suburban subdivisions, through the busy downtown streets, I listened repeatedly, for days, over and over. Something was familiar, but so much I was unable to recall, and yet I was able to relate. I returned home, put my bike against the door, and took my headphones off. There, in the still silence, I think I understood finally what it was about.’ — Will Thomas Long, December 2009. 998 copies, stoughton mini-LP gatefold CD sleeve. Twelve art prints and photographs by Peter Lograsso.”
IL 1006EP NGUZUNGUZU: Nguzunguzu 12″ (IL 1006EP) 9.00
“MIA’s current DJ, Asma Maroof, along with collaborator Daniel Pineda combine their talents to release their first physical vinyl EP combining a unique blend of club music, R&B, cumbia and house elements.”
IL 1009EP EL KHATIB, HANNI: Build. Destroy. Rebuild. 7″ (IL 1009EP) 8.00
“The second 7 inch vinyl single from his debut, ‘Build. Destroy. Rebuild’ is an anthem that speaks to a current generation that has lived through abundant times, has recently lost its footing, but has the optimism to persevere. Armed with a guitar and the lyrical proclamation of a preacher, El Khatib takes to the pulpit to declare the cycles of change that exist in society. The b-side ‘Loved One’ is a rambling ode to a femme fatale who has that ‘vampire look tonight.’ Both tracks are a magnificent prelude to what the debut LP Will The Guns Come Out has in store.”
INTSPE 004EP FRANK AGRARIO: Hot Tube/Update 12″ (INTSPE 004EP) 12.00
Only a few things are known about Frank Agrario: His real name is Francesco Brini. He lives in Bologna and used to play percussion with Swayzak. The cheesy Italian he is, he runs a label called Mozzarella Recordings (where Internasjonal also snagged “Update” from). Last but not least, he’s handed in two tracks that were both slightly re-strung in the Full Pupp’s K16 Lab in Oslo. Both tracks are absolutely lethal party-starters.
INV 085CD WRENCH/BLACK SHEEP, DAVID: Spades & Hoes & Plows CD (INV 085CD) 16.50
“Spades & Hoes & Plows is the third solo album by Welsh producer, pianist and song-writer David Wrench. The album presents four traditional folk themes from the British Isles, all performed in an eerily upfront and cadaverous manner, reminiscent of such late black metal as Furze, or perhaps a radical hybrid of Andrew King and an acoustic Khanate.”
GR 002LP GROUPER: Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill LP (GR 002LP) 18.00
Third pressing (with slightly different cover art) of the 2009 self-released repress, originally released on Type in 2008. “On Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill, Harris’ third full record as Grouper, a few meager shafts of light are finally allowed to penetrate the mix: A gently strumming acoustic guitar reappears regularly, and Harris’ words are, for the first time, occasionally discernible. These tiny hints of accessibility are just enough to deepen the music’s essential mysteriousness, to make us feel tantalizingly close to Harris before she’s gone again, the echoes of her breathy coo humming in our ear.” — Pitchfork
KK 002CD WUNDER: CD (KK 002CD) 14.50
2010 repress of this 1999 release! Another exquisite out-of-nowhere Karaoke Kalk discovery “Karaoke Kalk’s new talent Wunder’s (= miracle, wonder) first creation proves a talent for textured electronica combined with strange emotional songwriting. Drawing together influences & inspiration from jazz to Mouse On Mars, Wunder creates what would be a fine soundtrack with occasional pop-moments.”
LAID 009EP LAWRENCE: Dwelling On The Dunes 12″ (LAID 009EP) 12.00
Two arid pearls from Lawrence. “Dwelling On The Dunes” is a swinging piece of echoey groove. Also featuring a dub version of “Precious Hall.”
LEFSE 013LP HOW TO DRESS WELL: Love Remains LP (LEFSE 013LP) 15.00
LP version. “The conceptual foundation is interesting, but Love Remains succeeds because you don’t have to think about that stuff to absorb its peculiar magic. For one thing, it has an arresting surface-level prettiness that offers an easy way in. ‘Ready for the World’, a sort of half-cover of ‘Love You Down’, the silky 1986 slow jam by the Michigan group Ready for the World (it was also a minor hit in the 90s for singer INOJ), sums up the How to Dress Well aesthetic.” — Pitchfork (8.7)
LEFSE 015LP HOUSES: All Night LP (LEFSE 015LP) 15.00
LP version. “‘I got laid off from my job at the end of last year and decided I needed a change. My girlfriend and I moved out to a little cabin in Papaikou, Hawaii. It’s a pretty remote place (i.e no plumbing/electricity/gas). We worked for meals during the day cultivating microorganisms and learning the basics of sustainable living. We drank, showered and cooked with rain water. We inspired each other a lot out there, and I think it shows on the album. The music comes from a place of love and ease. The music was sketched out loosely over the course of a few months. We just kind of melted into one person. I put together all the arrangements and field recordings, and that became All Night.'”
LDLTD 001EP MEYER, MATTHIAS: Reichenbach/Voltage 12″ (LDLTD 001EP) 12.00
For the first time in the label’s 5 year history, Liebe*Detail re-releases two of its biggest hits on a strictly limited 12″. Both tracks have been produced by Matthias Meyer. “Reichenbach” is a concisely-crafted peak-time track. Its metallic, urgent drive builds up a lot of tension leading up to an inevitable, massive climax. “Voltage” is on a slightly different, yet highly energetic tip, featuring trance-y pop harmonies which culminate in a goosebump-inducing breakdown, abashing the Border Community camp.
LSD25 011BK LUNDBORG, PATRICK: The Acid Archives: The Second Edition Book (LSD25 011BK) 43.00
Reprinted! Now the most in-demand holiday book since The Bible. Bigger, better and more colorful! After the huge success of the first edition from 2006, the Acid Archives book has been long out-of-print. Used copies have sold for as high as $200, and there are many inquiries about new runs from around the world. Instead of just a new printing, here is a brand-new edition — completely revised, massively expanded, and attractively re-designed. The Acid Archives, The Second Edition will delight any lover of rare and great underground music from the 1960s-1970s. All the elements that made the first edition such a hit are here. The A-Z section has been expanded with 90 new pages, detailing many hundreds of previously-unknown LPs. Just as exciting is a brand-new section of special features, where leading experts present the best and rarest albums within exotica, lounge, ’70s funk & soul, Southern rock, new age, custom labels and tax scam records. In answer to requests from fans of the first book, the Acid Archives has been fully re-designed and is now printed entirely in color. The 400 pages in the second edition (100 pages more than the old version) are loaded with color images of obscure and trippy album sleeves, posters and band photos, many of which have never been published before. 400 pages, all entirely in color, in a perfect-bound softcover quarto. Writers: P. Lundborg, A. Milenski, R. Moore and others. Size: 8 1/4″ x 11 3/4″ x 7/8″; weight: 3 lbs 4 oz.
MOD 003CD METHOD OF DEFIANCE: Incunabula CD (MOD 003CD) 14.50
“Massive dub, drum-n-bass, ambient, iconoclast, avant/jazz funk, spontaneous improvisation. Bill Laswell (Bass), Bernie Worrell (Keyboards), Guy Licata (Drums), and Dr Israel (Dub fx). A non-stop medley of musical interaction featuring Japanese turntable master DJ Krush and Japan’s own sound and fury Toshinori Kondo on electric trumpet. With special appearance by keyboard legend Herbie Hancock.”
MOD 004CD GIGI (WITH MATERIAL): Mesgana Ethiopia CD (MOD 004CD) 15.50
“Gigi, one of Ethiopia’s most gifted superstars, delivers a hybrid of African styles, reggae, dub, avant-funk/jazz, world beat, trance, and ambient – that smoothly connects as one huge sound. African Futurism – one world music.”
MUSIK 002EP VA: Speckto 12″ (MUSIK 002EP) 12.00
Mainakustik presents another 12″ in their Stamp-Series. Label-owner Matt Star’s track “Specto” is a functional, groovy tech-house track, already dancefloor-proofed in his various live gigs. Co-label-owner Dermaptera presents hypnotic tool “Zeig Her” followed by a funky, minimalistic track by Frank Leicher in collaboration with Pascal Feos. To round things out, Ben Hoffmann presents a special track for special moments, full of emotion.
MRCD78 AMM: Uncovered Correspondence: A Postcard From Jaslo CD (MRCD78) 19.00
“The performance represented by this CD took place on 15th of May 2010 in the concert hall of the Jas?o Cultural Centre in southern Poland. The concert began with John Tilbury using the piano to produce a gamelan-like quality, which was quickly followed by Eddie Prévost bowing a cymbal producing subtle metallic sounds. One could feel an electric atmosphere of concentration and note the exceptional care and elegance with which the performers selected even the tiniest details of the complex sound structure. Intriguing phrases from the prepared piano and sonorous tones from percussion instruments wafted around the huge expanse of the hall — whose excellent acoustics let the audience immerse themselves in the music — savouring the subtle sounds emerging from the silence. The changes within the slow stream of improvisation occurred in such a natural way introduced by either musician by turn. Sometimes a highly abstract motif seemed to be a logical development rather than a step into the unknown — which in reality it was. The dominant impression was that such an advanced level of intuitive understanding between the two performers was the result of many years of collaboration. In my view each sound produced during the concert was not only ‘desirable’ but also essential (inevitable) and created its own profound aesthetic justification. Especially noteworthy was the compelling way in which both musicians made use of silence, whose role in AMM is as important as sound. The performance of a shorter or longer period of silence entailed the same creative intervention as did playing a sound or motif. The moments when the sound structure intensified and thickened became less frequent yet did not disappear completely.” — Andrzej Serwa, August 2010
MC 1002DVD WEIBEL, PETER: Rewriter DVD (MC 1002DVD) 26.00
2009 release. Subtitled: Early (conceptual) photographs, (expanded) films, (body) videos and (contextual) works, 1964-1975. “This video archive with accompanying essays traces internationally-renowned media and conceptual artist Peter Weibel’s artistic developments from his beginnings through 1979. Weibel started out in 1964 as a visual poet, and was soon transferring the structures of the visual culture from the page to the screen, while still retaining the model of language as one of perception. Later, he developed a critical impulse that turned not only against art but also against society and the media itself. This specific development from the page via the screen to gallery space – all happening as early as the 1960s – anticipated many of the trends that were later to be described as conceptual art, context art, institutional criticism, and intervention. With an accompanying booklet featuring contributions by Boris Groys, Gnther Holler-Schuster, Aaron Levy, Osvaldo Romberg, and Christa Steinle.” NTSC all-region DVD; running time: 85 min.
MC 952DVD VA: Another Tomorrow 2DVD (MC 952DVD) 26.00
Subtitled: Young Video Art from the Collection of the Neue Galerie Graz am Landesmuseum Joanneum. 2009 release. “This exhibition is an attempt by the Neue Galerie Graz to provide a key outline of an important segment of its extensive video collection. The young and very youngest positions in Austrian video art have been brought together here in an exemplary summation of the work now being done in the field. The exhibition provides insights into the mechanisms of image perception today against the backdrop of film. The separate positions here exhibited speak for themselves by each posing their own detailed questions. They are inseparable from the developments of technological progress and are closely linked to the development of social power structures. This has found clear expression in very recent times through various strategies for dealing with the visual. While the exhibition Another Tomorrow makes formal reference to both TV (monitor presentation) and cinema (with projections on a large scale), the individual positions extend far beyond this limiting framework in being committed to the post medium condition. The curatorial approach of the Neue Galerie explores regional, national and international contemporary art production by means of exhibitions and symposia. Its program includes large thematic group exhibitions (e.g. Kontextkunst, 1993; Pittura Immedia: Painting from the 1990s in the USA and Europe, 1995; Beyond Art, 1996/97/98; Der anagrammatische Krper, 1999; Im Buchstabenfeld – The Future of Literature, 2001; In Search of Balkania, 2002) as well as focused individual exhibitions, such as Gianni Colombo: Ambienti, a retrospective of the late artist’s work, on display through August 2008. Through a series of public programs and symposia, the curatorial program of the Neue Galerie has also created a discursive forum for national and international artists and critics about contemporary developments in media such as painting, sculpture, photography, digital media, video and film, object art, installations and architecture, providing focused positions amidst the arbitrariness of contemporary art production. Many artists who are today amongst the stars of the international art scene, such as Pipilotti Rist, Sylvie Fleury, and Olafur Eliasson, had their first exhibitions at the Neue Galerie.” 2 NTSC all-region DVDs (71 min./88 min. running times).Featuring works by Josef Dabernig, Ruth Brozek, Barbara Caspar, Katharina Copony, Markus Gansberger, Michael Gumhold, Franz Kapfer, Leopold Kessler, Annja Krautgasser, Claudia Larcher, Lia, Anja Manfredi, Flora Neuwirth, Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Katrin Plavcak, reMI, Constanze Ruhm, Susanne Schuda, Klaus Schuster, Norbert Trummer, Christina Tsilidis, Anita Witek, Erwin Wurm, Derek Roberts.
MC 989DVD ART GUYS, THE: Home On The Range 2DVD (MC 989DVD) 34.00
2009 release. “The Art Guys: Home On The Range is a DVD anthology of The Art Guys’ performance and video works spanning their 25 years of collaboration from 1983-2008. Included in this 2DVD set are selections from the The Art Guys’ live stage performances, conceptual events in public, video works, and the ZenFilm documentary of Nothing To It: The Art Guys in Concert, filmed before a live audience at the University of Houston Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts. This is the first such compilation of The Art Guys’ video and performance works.” 2 NTSC all-region DVDs (71 min./78 min. running times).
MINUS 103EP HOBO: Berlin Booty 12″ (MINUS 103EP) 11.00
Joel Boychuk aka Hobo presents his third outing for M_nus — a double whammy of funkatronic hobo-techno, with both tracks showcasing two very distinct journeys into the depths of his musical merry-making. “Berlin Booty” is a proper party jam set to wake up the freaks and party animals and get their asses shaking. An incredibly sinister and massive saw-wave bass tone dominates the cut, with growling, grinding frequencies guaranteed to make partygoers sneer a devilish grin on the dancefloor.
MHR 013CD VA: Ten Years Of Moon Harbour 2CD (MHR 013CD) 17.00
It’s now been a decade since, on the eve of the new millennium, Matthias Tanzmann and André Quaas decided to start their own label Moon Harbour Recordings. Originally intended as an outlet to release the music of Matthias Tanzmann and his Gamat 3000 project, as well as tracks from his colleague Marlow, Moon Harbour quickly made its name in the electronic music scene and thus the label opened its doors to other artists like Vincenzo, Krüger & Manowski, Daniel Stefanik, Håkan Lidbo and Goldfisch & Der Dulz. In 2005, the Berlin-based duo Luna City Express started working with the label and joined the Moon Harbour Family. Matthias Tanzmann then founded the sister label Cargo Edition in order to broaden the stylistic spectrum of Moon Harbour. Since then, Cargo Edition has developed into an independent platform with its own style, predominantly driven by the label’s established and illustrious stock of artists, including Michael Melchner, Vera Heindel, Ekkohaus, Sven Tasnadi, Markus Schatz and Juno6. In 2008, two new artists joined the Moon Harbour family and have become permanent members of the label’s roster: Martinez from Copenhagen and Dan Drastic from Leipzig. Last but not least, Berliner Chris Lattner started to work for Moon Harbour both as a musician and as a host of the monthly Moon Harbour Radio Show, which he produces with Dan Drastic. In addition to new artists, releases from guest artists like Gregor Tresher, Santos and Arado & Marco Faraones have reinforced the label’s reputation. Not content to just make the records, Moon Harbour showcases have become renowned for building great parties with excellent music, provided by DJs who are part of a musical family. Ten Years Of Moon Harbour features a disc of ten exclusive tracks, plus a bonus CD of Moon Harbour essentials mixed by Tanzmann. Other artists on this compilation include Boris Werner, Simon Flower, Krüger & Manowski, Peter Dildo,Leif & Tom Ellis, Michal Ho, Lil’ Dirty, Audio Werner, Johnny D, Seuil, Samim, Agnès and Luna City Express (feat. Sigrid Elliot).
MORR 023LP LALI PUNA: Scary World Theory LP (MORR 023LP) 15.50
2001 album, repressed on LP.
MORR 101CD PASCAL PINON: Pascal Pinon CD (MORR 101CD) 15.50
This is the debut full-length release by Pascal Pinon, a bunch of very talented 16-year-old Icelandic teenage girls headed by twin sisters Jófrídur and Ásthildur with their band mates Halla and Kristín. Since the name “Pascal Pinon” refers to a two-headed freak-show “celebrity” who died in 1929 (and whose second head was really just a tumor modeled to look like a cranium by means of a wax enhancement), one might expect some rather disturbed DIY compositions, especially given that this band is two-headed as well (the twin thing). Yet, these young ladies instead focus on altogether different facets of life: like a latter-day Thoreau, Jófrídur praises the beauty of nature in the opening track, which translates to “Under Clear Sky,” comprised of three beautiful chords and some poetic lines she composed when she was 13. Elsewhere, the four girls pay homage to Icelandic poet Davíd Stefánsson (1895-1964), and cite rather expected and unexpected (“thin walls,” “shyness”) influences to their music, singing in English as well as Icelandic, while deliberately ignoring the latest technical advancements: a bedroom, a bunch of guitars, flutes, and a glockenspiel will do just fine, just like that one microphone they placed in the middle of the house they rented to record their fragile DIY gems. Keeping their tracks short and crisp, they avoid both the cheap slickness of campfire romanticism and the supposedly fresh edge of the next teenage hype or the most “likes” on Facebook. Instead, Pascal Pinon are all about creating a connection, the smallest possible distance between their own feelings and the listeners. Call it nude folk, new Romanticism or the new shy — what matters is that Pascal Pinon, though no longer the “gang of 14-year-olds” they were when they recorded this album, are just getting started. While their self-titled debut, which they independently released in Iceland, earning them a nomination for “Newcomer of the Year” at last year’s Icelandic Music Awards, has been picked up by Morr Music for an international release (naturally it was their parents who signed the contract), they’re already busy learning new instruments and working on their sophomore LP. Considering that, the whole claim about their songs being “all terrible shit” (“I Wrote A Song”) is an outright lie.
MORR 101LP PASCAL PINON: Pascal Pinon LP (MORR 101LP) 17.00
LP version with poster and download coupon.
MUTE 6949CD EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN: Stategies Against Architecture IV 2CD (MUTE 6949CD) 22.00
“Strategies Against Architecture IV is a double disc release that collates the band’s output from 2002-2010, a period which saw Einstürzende Neubauten release Perpetuum Mobile, embark on the Musterhaus series (a collection of very limited edition experimental albums that were available exclusively via the band’s website), the release of Grundstück (2005), Palast der Republik (2006: material from the band’s deeply symbolic appearance at Berlin’s Palast der Republik — the former seat of power of the German Democratic Republik, featuring The Social Choir of 100 supporter voices), Alles Wieder Offen (2007) and The Jewels (2008).”
NEOS 11023CD TRAVERSA, MARTINO: Manhattan Bridge CD/SACD (NEOS 11023CD) 21.00
Performed by: Mario Caroli, flute, bass flute; Garth Knox, viola; Roberta Gottardi, clarinet; Arditti String Quartet: Irvine Arditti, Ashot Sarkissjan, violins; Ralf Ehlers, viola; Lucas Fels, cello; Ensemble Algoritmo, Marco Angius, conductor. “Martino Traversa, a music autodidact at age seven, was originally a jazz musician. He went on to study composition, electronic music, and information technology, obtaining a diploma at the high perfecting Academy of Pescara. He attended the summer courses in Siena, as well as those at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and at the CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics) of Stanford University. He studied with Luigi Nono from 1987 to 1989. In 1990, with the support of Luigi Nono, he founded Ensemble Edgard Varèse. In 1991 he instituted the international review of modern and contemporary music Traiettorie. He’s a composer and a researcher in the field of electronic technologies applied to musical acoustics and spatialization techniques. His works are performed by the most important international interpreters.” Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACD that can be played on any CD player.
NEOS 11041CD KELLER, HERMANN: Schumann Metamorphoses And Piano Sonatas CD (NEOS 11041CD) 21.00
Performed by Antje Messerschmidt, violin; Tomas Bächli, Hermann Keller, pianos. “Hermann Keller has been a freelance composer, pianist and improviser since 1981. On this release his compositions explore arcs of tension — clashes of major and minor, Schumannesque cross-rhythms — and the tension between improvisation and composition, when genuine discoveries are made in the course of playing the piano.”
NEOS 11042CD CAGE, JOHN: ASLSP CD (NEOS 11042CD) 21.00
Performed by Sabine Liebner (piano). “Liebner is active primarily as a performer of new music. Numerous recordings for radio, television, and CDs as well as invitations to international festivals, both as chamber musician and as soloist, document her work as an artist. She has collaborated on projects with the composers Olga Neuwirth, Jörg Widmann, Franco Donatoni, and Christian Wolff, among others, and given numerous world and national premieres. In recent years Sabine Liebner’s interests have focused on American composers of the twentieth century. Her repertoire of American music includes Henry Cowell, Earle Brown, Christian Wolff, Pauline Oliveros, and Tom Johnson. She plays nearly all of the piano works of John Cage, and her recording of Cage’s Music for Piano 1-84 is legendary.”
ZEN 162CD KING CANNIBAL: The Way Of The Ninja CD (ZEN 162CD) 9.00
“Constructed by King Cannibal on planes, trains, hotel rooms and in the studio throughout the months May, June, July (2010) using vinyl, CDs, Wavs and a DAT in Ableton Live and Logic. The Way Of The Ninja incorporates a little over 250 Ninja tracks spanning 20 years of the label’s history.”
19 015EP NO REGULAR PLAY: Serious Heat EP 12″ (19 015EP) 12.00
Canada’s hottest musical imprint, No.19 Music, presents a stunning new single from sometime Wolf & Lamb players No Regular Play, backed with remixes from Art Department and Shaun Reeves. “Serious Heat” is an incredibly hypnotic slice of deep slo-mo house that layers tight vocal loops and delay-drenched horns to immense effect. “Walking (Next To Me)” is a deep slab of atmospheric electronica that rides on a bed of superb sub-bass. Tightly-looped vocals and horns create a richly entrancing vibe.
ODL 10011LP FULL BLAST & FRIENDS: Crumbling Brain LP (ODL 10011LP) 23.00
“HQ 180 gram vinyl. The core of Brotzmann reeds & Marino Pliakas on bass & Michael Wertmuller are joined by Peter Evans on trumpet, Mars Williams on reeds and Keiji Haino on guitar & voice. Recorded live at Jazzfest Berlin on November 2nd, 2008.”
OESB 037LP FERRARO, JAMES: Last American Hero LP (OESB 037LP) 19.00
Repressed. “Remastered reissue of an obscure tape that came out in a Europe-only edition in late 2008 on Dreamtime Taped Sounds – the label run by Lieven Martens of Dolphins Into The Future. This is a very unique work in the massive Ferraro discography as it employs rock instrumentation in a minimalist fashion to dazzling effect. Features the tracks ‘F-150 Night Eros At The Highways End’, ‘Blacktop Tumble Weed: Empty Monster Energy Drink Can’, & ‘Headlines (Access Hollywood)’. Limited edition of 450 copies. Includes a download coupon for the mp3 version.” “Fantastic new album from James Ferraro – a series of meditations on American concepts of heroism and freedom as refracted via MTV, Hollywood and various black magic marketing strategies. Starts off with an unexpected slow avant blues guitar piece that picks up organ and synth to sound uncannily like early Charalambides before breaking into an electric boogie that serves to conflate notions of authentic outlaw forms and clichéd rebel shorthand while sounding totally fucked up.” – David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue
“A Night’s Creativity. A Parroted Companions guided tour to the most Romantic details of a Jungle’s sensbility. Imagine the elements of your most recent landscaped vision coming to life and allowing you to witness a hearts perception of the natural world. Charles Berlitz has reported this eventful experience in the form of a Romantic Poem, and the Star Searchers have invented the soundtrack. Olde English Spelling Bee and Pacific City Sound Visions invite the listener to experience the first Studio album in Pacific City’s history! Featuring James Ferraro as Rocco Martini, Lieven Martens of Dolphins Into the Future, and Eva Van Deuren of Orphan Fairytale; Playing the most exotic keyboard melodies this side of a Parrots hotly lit Plumage. This album is the first in series of Romantic Audio recordings that will later include the titles: Make Mine, Macaw and The Garnet Tucan. Do enjoy the excitement of this one of kind journey to Pacific City’s Nightlife and relax your mind’s physical limitations.”
OESB 059LP FERRARO, JAMES: Night Dolls With Hairspray LP (OESB 059LP) 17.00
“The one and only blue haired new wave freakazoid from planet shock tart, the Glaminator himself Jimmy Ferraro of the legendary ‘The Blow Up Dolls of 143rd St.’ comes now with his first solo fully produced juke box hit smasher!! Guaranteed to run shivvers up the spines of all the lipstick and studded weirdos and queer night glammer’s with big hairsprayed hairdos out there. This one is for all the blow dryer dreamers somewhere out there singing in the mirror of their shampoo perfumed bathrooms beckoning a mysterious moon lit love. For the leather punkster muffins with green tongues and pockets filled with cheez whiz on the subway, where a world just outside the subway window leads to the back alleys of 143rd st. where the garbage pail kids from hell in metal bras all dolled up in New York Cities finest 99cent store eye shadow, blush and glitter sing the soundtrack to the seedy nether worlds of the teenage fantasy machine…Leather High School!! Which is Saved By The Bell meets Marquis De Sade in its principle or shall we say in its male Principal who is a masochistic cross dresser underneath that pretty little socially acceptable mask of his. Tune into the sound that all the lunatic love puppets are craving, the magical pop radiance that outshines their topiary styled hairdos and made them into hopelessly romantic cheetah spotted glam dolls from the underground. Armed with their glammy sound that is much like the soundtrack spilling out of a 1970s Time Square erotic/b-movie theater, they parade the night streets as TERROR THIRSTY GLAMzoids wishing upon their neon pop shooting stars, terrorizing New York City with their studs, high heels and air guitars, THIS IS THE RECORD THAT MADE THEM DO IT!!”
“New single taken from the recent series of pop videos created by Sam Meringue of Outer Limits Recordings (aka Matrix Metals, Flashback Repository, Yoga, 90210, The Sweethearts, Foxy Baby, Explorers, etc.). ‘Julie’ is an epic Brit-pop track about love/suicide/reincarnation & ‘Plastik Child’ channels early-’80s E.L.O. with its funky shuffle and layers of synth-washes. Super addictive stuff.”
“The A-side ‘I Need My T.V.’ is a Squeeze-meets-XTC vibed track that will appeal to fans of the Rangers, as it sounds like a half-remembered lost classic from an ’80s infomercial beamed onto a thrift-store VHS. ‘Burnin’ Through The Nite’ is performed by OLR’s The Sweethearts (a collaboration with Zak Mering of Greatest Hits/Raw Thrills) and rides its nocturnal groove all the way to #17 of DJ TONY FRANKEL’S NIGHT BURNER HIT CHART (circa 1972).”
PERCEPTS 009EP TELESEEN: Mandrake 12″ (PERCEPTS 009EP) 11.00
“On the new four-song EP Mandrake, Cyr mixes influences from Latin, Arabic and African music, alongside elements of house, ragga, electro-dub, along with the more experimental atmospheres of his previous work. The new EP is surprisingly diverse in spite of its short runtime; the title track twists the horn melodies of Morgan Price from Ikekebe Shakedown around a sweaty, stacked up-tempo rhythm that recalls both the locked-in rhythms of New York disco and freestyle with the looser elements of Ethio-jazz and afrobeat. ‘The Real Enemy’ delves deep into dub darkness, floating cut-up female vocals against at skittering 150-bpm drum machine pattern that finds its inspiration equally from darbouka drumming as from jungle and break-core. The B-side heads in a more dancefloor-friendly direction with ‘The Goldest Coast’ opening up a truncated four-to-the-floor groove to interference from riotous percussion elements alongside a chorus of birds recorded deep in a rainforest on the Caribbean island of Tobago. The closing track is a rough raga riddim at its core; the calls of bullfrogs rub shoulders with electronic percussion elements, draped with talk box wails.” Includes insert and postcard, numbered edition of 500.
NAOS 001LP CYCLOBE: Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window LP (NAOS 001LP) 20.00
This is the long-anticipated third album by Cyclobe. Essentially a duo comprised of Ossian Brown and Stephen Thrower, Cyclobe have created a thrilling and compelling collection of music, which moves effortlessly from realms of cavernous cacophony to moments of blissful delicacy. The first new Cyclobe music to surface since their “death-concréte” missile Paraparaparallelogrammatica (an album made in collaboration with Nurse With Wound), Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window showcases major new developments, with contributions from Thighpaulsandra (synthesizer/piano), John Contreras (cello) Cliff Stapleton (hurdy-gurdy), and Michael J. York (duduk/pipes). Together, they’ve created an immersive pan-psychedelic dream warren, rich in detail and surprise. Album opener “How Acla Disappeared From Earth” rides on celestial waves of shimmering synthesizers and vocals, with York’s duduk providing rhapsodic arabesques. The album’s longest piece, “The Woods Are Alive With The Smell Of His Coming” (which was premiered in the United Kingdom at The Tate Gallery St. Ives, as a part of the exhibition “The Dark Monarch: Magick and Modernity In British Art”) is a 17-minute pagan opus which fully manifests Cyclobe’s flair for endless invention, developing from a subtly-shifting percussive motif, through multiple layers and dizzying cello crescendos, into a truly disorientating sonic invocation. Side two commences with “We’ll Witness The Resurrection Of Dead Butterflies (Three Moons),” in which Stapleton’s hurdy-gurdy transmutes into a keening blizzard of sound. The haunting “Sleeper,” with its clustered piano chords and Brown’s beautiful, disembodied vocals, evokes an elegant otherworldliness that’s finally overwhelmed by the monstrous electronic paroxysm of “Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window,” concluding the album on surges of rapturous cosmic convulsion. Wounded Galaxies’ front cover features stunning artwork by the renowned American artist Fred Tomaselli, whose work has been exhibited at the Whitney and MoMA. Thrower and Brown are well-known for their work in the legendary group Coil (Thrower played on the band’s seminal 1980s/early 1990s releases, while Brown was involved in their 21st century studio and live incarnations). Among other recent credits, Thrower plays in Unicazürn and the improvising group The Amal Gamal Ensemble, while Brown appears on Current 93’s recent, highly-acclaimed album Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain. Cyclobe’s unique and complex sound-world has been developing and mutating ever since their debut album released in 1999 Luminous Darkness and its unearthly successor The Visitors. With Wounded Galaxies, the group has not only produced their finest and most ambitious work to date, they’ve created an album which can stand tall with the year’s most innovative and exciting releases. Includes two full-color inserts.
PLAIN 165LP ROYAL TRUX: Thank You LP (PLAIN 165LP) 17.00
LP version. “This is their 1995 Virgin label debut produced by long time Neil Young collaborator David Briggs. Thank You was recorded almost completely live in the studio and Briggs’ production and influence is readily apparent in this grimy piece of rock’n’roll. Neil Hagerty’s guitar playing is wandering into noiseland via unique and memorable solos but also transforming into something resembling ’70s riffs while Jennifer Herrema outdoes herself and actually sings. Thank You, giving way to some surprisingly catchy tunes, is as good as modern rock classics go. A great, greasy work of non-commercial alternative rock fueled by cigarettes and junk food.” 180 gram vinyl.
PLUS 8114EP LAYO & BUSHWACKA!: Endangered EP 12″ (PLUS 8114EP) 11.00
London duo Layo & Bushwacka! present their debut for Plus 8. Layo & Bushwacka! are one of electronic music’s most esteemed duos. In just over a decade, they have released three artist albums, three mix albums, formed their own label, Olmeto, and have held residencies at several internationally-renowned clubs. This EP addresses man’s relentless pursuit of profit without conscience and its impact on the natural world. Each track represents an endangered animal and each animal represents the flavor of each track.
POGUS 21056 VOUDOURIS, DIMITRI: ???=? / UVIVI / 1:??4 / ???? CD (POGUS 21056) 13.00
“Pogus is very pleased to release its second recording by composer Dimitri Voudouris, a South African composer of Greek birth. As Massimo Ricci wrote in his Touching Extremes review of the first Pogus release:’Voudouris is interested in the ‘research of cognitive psycho-acoustic behavioral patterns in humans and the behavior of sound in relationship to continued environmental changes’. Don’t let the composer’s difficult description fool you into thinking about some kind of cerebral pretentiousness, though, as this album contains instead four magnificent examples of his approach, music that’s always challenging and, in many of its expressions, of extraordinary beauty.’This description applies just as well as to this new recording. ???=? (for text to speech synthesis with computer assisted processing for 24 speaker interactive robotic ensemble) is a comparative study of pathways in communication between Man and Machine and is composed using fragments of processed speech synthesis; UVIVI is a computer music piece that is Voudouris’s fourth work that was composed for contemporary dance theatre. UVIVI originates from Zulu — meaning ‘daybreak’. This computer music composition focuses on linearity and infinite memory in the kinetic flow of vehicular traffic. Four languages were chosen to represent the composition of 1:??4 (singing synthesis for four artificial female voices) namely Greek, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. ONTA (for voice and electronics) is a project that discusses the daily tensions encountered and focuses on the energy building up, exploding, or imploding from these tensions in the city, be it organically or inorganically created; this promotes musical creativity integrated into everyday life, of familiar places and natural behaviours.”
PM 9994CD DARK SEA DREAM: Dark Sea Dream CD (PM 9994CD) 10.00
“Crushingly loud, shimmering distortion and harmonics. Dark Sea Dream was created in fall 2007 and have performed steadily since throughout the greater Potomac Valley area and beyond. The DC-based four piece ride crashing waves of Tesla-coil fused white noise to unpredictable conclusions, particularly since their noise isn’t paralyzing like the typical avant-garde noise rock band: it is translucent, glimmering, and beautiful. For fans of Sonic Youth, The Dead C., Sun Ra, Yahowha 13, Xasthur, etc. Kinda like you always wanted those ‘shoegaze’ bands to sound like, but they were always too wimpy!”
PM 9994LP DARK SEA DREAM: Dark Sea Dream LP (PM 9994LP) 23.00
Clear/marble-splatter colored vinyl version, limited to 500 and housed in a gatefold sleeve.
PBX 017CD AUX 88: Black Tokyo CD (PBX 017CD) 17.00
The long-awaited full-length Black Tokyo by Aux 88 is finally here. As Aux 88 continues their evolution, they have re-assimilated as Arashi Hoshino and Shin Muramatsu, transforming their electronic synthesis into a 4×4 techno simulation adapted from nano-circuitry invented long ago deep in Detroit’s underground; where their lab was once thought to be hiding. While this new transformation focuses more on the 4×4 Detroit techno roots of the band members, it does however, balances things out with a few electro/techno bass songs that carry a slight Japanese vibe; something that is generally reflected in the majority of the music on this album. The CD opens up with the suspenseful “Groove Theory,” a chilling techno song that carries a very dramatic intro, quickly energizing you as the beats begin to play their part. “Black Tokyo” is a rich and carefully-composed beauty, featuring K-1 and newest member Ice Truck on vocals and carrying a signature Detroit techno sound. “Tokyo Drive” switches things up as it begins to introduce a slower tempo of techno bass beats, followed by a playful bass line, and bright, colorful melodies that inspire visions of a night time cruise through the streets of Tokyo. One of the unique aspects of this album is the addition of two new lead female vocalists, Erika Tele, and the aforementioned Ice Truck, who is featured on another electro/techno song, “Electric Underground.” “Dragon Fly” is another funky and heart-pounding techno gem. Bright hits, soft and subtle pads, and Tom’s live voices make this tune essential to get the masses moving. “Winter In Japan” slows things way down and creates a rhythmic, downtempo production which evokes a beautiful sense of emotion with its melancholic pads, hypnotizing vocals, and mystical percussive elements that reverberate in the background. “Smoke Screen,” “Shadow Dancing,” “Stance” and “Electronic Cinema” show that Aux 88 can make you dance like some of their mentors Juan Atkins, UR, Carl Craig and Derrick May. Aux 88’s new album not only progresses from their previous Mad Scientist album, but also innovates as they go even further in new ways of expressing new concepts and ideas with tracks like “Tokyo Telacom” and “Kyoto Station,” which is Aux 88’s conceptual homage to Japanese culture. Black Tokyo shows exactly how far their imagination can reach, and just how perfectly they can manifest it into their refined style of music.
QUINTESSE 018EP IFM: Journey Through The Sound EP 12″ (QUINTESSE 018EP) 12.00
IFM is the project of the unstoppable Marcello Napoletano and Franceso Schito, and is dedicated to their friend Ilario Corsano, who passed away. Marcello Napoletano has made his name with an old school-inspired house sound, and this new IFM release is another fine example of this: drum-machines, analog synths and the sound aesthetics of the early house days. True house music!
R-N 125CD FELL, MARK: Multistability CD (R-N 125CD) 17.00
Sheffield-based artist and electronic musician Mark Fell presents Multistability, primarily an exploration of erratic and non-regular rhythmic patterns. Drawing equally from his work with snd and his many solo projects, this work promotes a minimal complexity; combining meticulous synthetic chordal layering with convoluted, chaotic, yet fundamentally engaging temporal structures. In the field of Gestalt psychology the term “multistability” refers to the effect where one is unable to perceive a single stable object within complex or ambiguous patterns. A famous example is the Necker cube — a wire frame with no depth cues that oscillates between front/back orientations. The term is also found in systems theory where it describes a condition that is neither stable nor instable, where a system switches between different states. Fell takes these as a starting point for his project, developing compositional structures and strategies that transform and transcend the familiar; structures that refuse to accept parental advice. Split into two halves, the album contains two versions of itself. Using what Fell describes as “extremely basic” pattern-generating systems, passages reappear throughout… yet these are applied and maneuvered into parallel versions of themselves — often different sounds and parameters are explored, producing no singular or resolved arrangement. In his recent works, Fell’s process has been influenced by his collaborative encounters with friend and fellow musician Yasunao Tone — particularly Tone’s approach to ideas concerning intentionality and time within the context of musical practices. In Fell’s work, deliberate actions are layered, and distorted; manipulated to produce unforeseen and often extraordinary aesthetic outcomes, documented here in the form of 17 related pieces. Above all, Multistability should be understood in light of Fell’s claim that “Music is a technology for constructing an experience of time.” Here, in musical form, Fell aims to disrupt familiar temporal divisions and structures and investigate non-repetitive musical process.
RS 021EP DUNCAN, JAMES: Shades Of House 12″ (RS 021EP) 12.00
Toronto-based producer James Duncan returns to Real Soon with his second release for the label. James’ trademark, as fully demonstrated on this EP of four new untitled tracks, is a raw, soulful, minimal and uncompromising take on classic Chicago and NY house music. This is the sound of house music taken apart and reconstructed with the most basic, rough-edged building blocks; gritty, dirty percussion, sine wave bass, EQ’d & filtered vocal and piano parts.
REL 3005CD AGUATURBIA: Psychedelic Drugstore CD (REL 3005CD) 17.00
Aguaturbia (or “murky waters”) were Chile’s premier underground rock band in the late ’60s and early ’70s, though their uncompromising attitude caused them to flee for the U.S. in 1970, leaving behind two hyper-rare albums. This brilliant compilation gathers the best tracks from those LPs (original copies of which have changed hands for well into four figures). Taking in fuzz-drenched originals and covers of contemporary rock standards, their music combines the savage guitar work of Carlos Corales with the haunting vocals of his wife Denise to stunning effect, and is essential listening for all psych fans. Also included are historical sleevenotes.
REL 3006CD ENGLAND: The Last Of The Jubblies CD (REL 3006CD) 17.00
England have been described as “the last of the great ’70s symphonic prog bands.” Drenched in Mellotron and influenced by Yes and Genesis, their Garden Shed is one of the best-loved albums to have emerged from the 1970s UK progressive scene. Last Of The Jubblies is a collection of rare non-album recordings by the band, and a treat for their many fans, showcasing their inimitable songwriting and intricate instrumental work. Includes liner notes.
REL 3007CD MARBLE PHROGG: Marble Phrogg CD (REL 3007CD) 17.00
Originally issued on the tiny Derrick label in 1968, originals of the sole album by this Tulsa, Oklahoma band has sold for well over a thousand dollars. Finally available on CD again, it offers some of the most powerful psychedelic cover versions of the era. Tackling material by Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Iron Butterfly, Steppenwolf, The Rolling Stones, Donovan and others, the quartet impress their own personality on every track, making it an essential purchase for all fans of fuzz-drenched acid rock.
REL 3008CD ROAD: Road CD (REL 3008CD) 17.00
Formed in March 1972 by former Jimi Hendrix Experience bassist Noel Redding, in the aftermath of a debilitating fall at Frank Zappa’s home, this short-lived power trio also featured former Rare Earth guitarist Rod Richards and Redding’s Fat Mattress bandmate Leslie Sampson on drums. Their sole album is a crunching hard rock collection that was praised on release that July — but the band split soon afterwards, making it a lost piece of the jigsaw for Hendrix fans, and a must-hear for all lovers of proto-metal. Includes historical notes.
REL 3009CD THIRD POWER, THE: Believe CD (REL 3009CD) 17.00
This hard-hitting Michigan three-piece emerged from the same fertile scene that spawned the MC5, The Stooges and SRC, and have been described as “Detroit’s answer to Cream.” Their sole album briefly appeared in 1970, and has gone on to be acclaimed as one of the finest psychedelic hard rock albums of its era. It’s presented here complete with biographical notes and both sides of their ultra-rare debut 45, making the set a must for all fans of hard psychedelia. Includes biographical notes.
REL 3010CD FINCHLEY BOYS: Everlasting Tributes CD (REL 3010CD) 17.00
From Champaign, Illinois, this legendary quartet had a legendary stage show and recorded some of the finest unheralded music of the late ’60s (including the all-time hard rock classic “Outcast”), but were unable to get a record deal. As a result, Everlasting Tributes was put out privately in 1972, after the band had split. A blend of bluesy rave-ups and more reflective material, it makes its long-awaited return to CD here.
REL 3011CD IF: Double Diamond CD (REL 3011CD) 17.00
If formed in 1969 as a British answer to U.S. jazz-rock bands such as Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears. After three years of intensive touring (sharing stages with Miles Davis, Cream, Traffic, Yes and others), and several albums, the original line-up splintered in 1972. The following year, founding member and sax/flute virtuoso Dick Morrissey formed a new line-up to record Double Diamond. Boasting a more progressive sound (with prominent Moog synthesizer), it was only issued in Germany, making it a rare and collectable piece of the jazz-rock jigsaw today.
REL 3012CD SMITH, BOB: The Visit CD (REL 3012CD) 17.00
Recorded in Los Angeles over four months in 1970, this double album is one of the most personal and involving statements to have emerged from California’s psychedelic underground. Backed by a fine band including Daryl Dragon (later to find fame as half of The Captain & Tennille) and Frank Zappa sideman Don Preston, Smith shows himself to have been a remarkably wide-ranging and appealing songwriter. This timely CD reissue comes complete with liner notes, filling in the background to the album.
REL 3014CD YELLOW PAYGES, THE: Volume 1 CD (REL 3014CD) 17.00
This fine Californian garage-pop act formed at Hollywood’s hip Hullabaloo Club in the spring of 1966, and were soon sharing stages with The Animals, The Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Byrds, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Love and others. They released a bewildering number of 45s, but only one album, which appeared in March 1969 and makes its long-awaited return to CD here, with liner notes.
BTR 058CD RAGAR, WILL & JAMES: Will & James Ragar CD (BTR 058CD) 18.00
This is Will and James Ragar’s self-titled album in stereo on the private NoMountain label. Killer ultra-light 1980 album from these Midland-area Texan brothers. This record has a smart, cool sound that sounds very laidback at first and then hooks you with beautiful harmonies and songwriting and grows from there. This duo plays mostly original, contemplative, mellow, soul-searching, soft rock, rural middle-to-upper-tier singer-songwriter-type stuff. Epic, super homemade sketch cover without the dimensional lines erased. Tracks like “Louisiana Fall” are hard to beat, and other standout songs include “Melting Pot,” “Just A Wanderer” and “My Shining Sun.” Highest recommendation for genre fans. Two bonus tracks included.
BTR 063CD MACNEIL, PAUL: If It Rains CD (BTR 063CD) 18.00
Paul MacNeil’s first and only album, If It Rains was produced in Boston for the Just Sunshine label in 1974. It was well-received in the folk-rock community as a unique collection of songs written by this Boston and Cambridge, MA underground legend. He played clubs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Florida and at the Ultimate End in Key West. He played on the same bill as the Cadillac Cowboys in Newburyport with Fred Click, and played on the same bill as John Sebastian and Tom Rush at the Grog in Newburyport. Many of his songs have been recorded by other artists: Bill Staines; The Pozo Seco Singers; Nancy Michaels; the group Orpheus, also known as the Villagers. Recommended for pure folk-rock lovers. Two previously-unreleased bonus tracks included.
Although released initially in 1977, these songs from Michael Kelly Blanchard are amazingly fresh today. And you may find that some of them are the best-ever in any genre. Many of these amazing songs are what you would consider masterworks. Songs that describe the human condition in God-speak mixed with highly-stylized folk. Lyrics that reach into your soul and touch what is deep inside. Songs that will actually change your life. Every song on this record is simple but strong. You would describe the music style as folk/jazz — elements of both appear throughout the recording, and are very accessible. Michael Kelly Blanchard has practiced his art for many years and has stayed true to what he believes is his calling. Co-produced by Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary. Recommended for mellow folk fans around the world. Includes two bonus tracks.
BTR 069CD SWEET MAYA: Sweet Maya CD (BTR 069CD) 18.00
The music of Sweet Maya (originally formed in 1972 in Kalamazoo, MI) is an extension of each member. As individuals they bring together diverse backgrounds; as a group they blend it all into a sound that is exciting and full of warmth. This six-piece group of multi-talented instrumentalists has five lead singers, four songwriters and four arrangers. The music that grows from the contact of such persons is evidenced in this album. It is Sweet Maya (the illusion) that flows through and shapes the many idioms of their music. It is Rob Hayes, Tom Davis, Janice Lakers, Gail Baker, John Chamberlin and Mark Bowen who convey the experience. Listed in the Japanese book Rare Groove A To Z on Rittor Music and recommended for funk/soul/soft rock fans. Perfect music for putting on a pair of rainbow-colored overalls and hanging out in a field, zoning out or blissfully grooving.
RC 026EP MARTINIQ, FRANK: Nights In Black Satin 12″ (RC 026EP) 12.00
Frank Martiniq is back with two fantastic, Detroit-inspired techno tunes. Perfect for some deep peak-time action.
RCD 2104CD SCORCH TRIO: Melaza CD (RCD 2104CD) 17.00
Fourth album from the free-spirited power trio that should need no long introduction by now, apart from the significant fact that Frank Rosaly has taken over the drum stool from Paal Nilssen-Love. No mean feat, seeing how the hand-in-glove rhythm section of Nilssen-Love and Håker Flaten has graced a large number of recordings over the years and built a solid reputation as one of modern jazz and improv’s most reliable units. That said, the Chicago-based drummer is doing a remarkable job in both keeping the group sound intact while bringing new blood to the proceedings. As with the previous albums, Melaza was recorded live in the studio with a minimum of overdubs, this time by Robert Mussi at Bill Laswell’s New York studio. Raoul Björkenheim is from Finland and he recorded for ECM as a member of Finnish pioneers Krakatau as well as with Bill Laswell, Henry Kaiser, Jah Wobble, Peter Erskine, Paul Schütze, Mats Gustafsson, Nicky Skopelitis, and others. He has also written film scores and orchestral music. Norwegian Ingebrigt Håker Flaten is a member of The Thing, Atomic, School Days, Free Fall with Ken Vandermark and has his own quintet. He has toured with Trygve Seim, Joe McPhee, Chris Potter, Dave Liebman, Tony Oxley and many others. Drummer and composer Frank Rosaly has been an integral part of the Chicago music scene for 10 years, navigating between the improv, experimental, rock and jazz communities. As with the other Scorch Trio albums, all titles are local slang-words: this time, it’s Puerto Rican, with the album title translating as “pure sugar cane juice, something sweet, fantastic.” Members: Raoul Björkenheim (guitar), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (bass), and Frank Rosaly (drums).
RCD 2105CD ULTRALYD: Inertiadrome CD (RCD 2105CD) 17.00
Ultralyd are Kjetil Møster (saxophones/clarinet), Anders Hana (guitars), Kjetil Brandsdal (bass) and Morten J. Olsen (drums/electric vibraphone). Ultralyd can be said to operate in a sonic landscape that has as much in common with modern contemporary music as with heavy metal. While their vinyl-only release Renditions (TLRC 002LP) on The Last Record Company label in 2009 and their contribution to Rune Grammofon’s Twenty Centuries Of Stony Sleep (RCD 2100/RLP 3100LP) compilation can easily be described as belonging to the former, Inertiadrome introduces a more rhythm-based, rough-edged sound. What you get is an instrumental album of ensemble playing, practically free of soloing, largely driven by Olsen’s relentless drumming and Brandsdal’s monster heavy bass. Hana and Møster’s unorthodox instrument treatments are filling the gaps while the bleak and futuristic-sounding production brings a sense of doom.
SB 021CD GILA: Gila CD (SB 021CD) 22.00
2010 repress on CD. Reissue of the first (of two) LPs by this Krautrock group, featuring Conny Veit (pre-Popol Vuh). New digipak edition, with small fold-out poster inside of what is sometimes referred to as the Free Electric Sound album. Drifty, blasted psychedelic rock with electronic effects, tabla, and Eastern exotica piled on. Recorded in Cologne in 1971 (released by BASF), and certainly superior to their follow up from ’73, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, which was more of Popol Vuh-offshoot. This is one of the classic Krautrock albums, a flowing, conceptual masterpiece.
SB 035CD MY SOLID GROUND: My Solid Ground CD (SB 035CD) 22.00
2010 repress on CD. First legit reissue of this 1971 Krautrock album, recorded in Köln and issued on Bacillus at the time. Includes 6 bonus rehearsal tracks from 1970 plus an unreleased 25 minute version of “Flash”. A couple of tracks like the massive 13-minute opening “Dirty Yellow Mist” and “The Executioner” reveal the secrets of early 70s psych/rock as well as anything to be named, w/ monotonous, spacey riffing grinding into the third mind zone. “My Solid Ground’s first and only record presented the full atmosphere of psychedelia — sometimes aggressive, sometimes melancholy. Superb guitars, hypnotical voices and classical keyboards recall Pink Floyd or Group 1850 at its best.
SB 041LP NIGHT SUN: Mournin’ LP (SB 041LP) 30.00
“A great heavy-progressive Krautrock band in the vein of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin with twin guitars, organ, bass and drums. Mournin’ was produced by Conny Plank in 1972 at the Windrose Studio, Hamburg. Comes in the original sleeve and on 180 gram vinyl.”
SB 063LP DOM: Edge Of Time 2LP (SB 063LP) 40.00
2010 repress, originally released in 2003. “Legendary German trip album from 1970. A spacious and innovative fusion of rock, folk, ethnic and a touch of avant-garde. This is a limited to 1,000 copies, three-sided edition. Contains the original LP on sides one and two, plus five bonus tracks on side three. (Gatefold) Fold-open cover, 180 gram vinyl.”
SB 073LP MY SOLID GROUND: My Solid Ground 2LP (SB 073LP) 48.00
Deluxe gatefold 2LP version. “Krautrock masterpiece, which is sometimes aggressive, sometimes melancholic. There are superb guitars, distorted voices and great organ work, which recalls Pink Floyd and Group 1850. It was recorded by Dieter Dierks and released by Bellaphon/Bacillus in 1971. For sure one of the best German ’70s albums of all time! This limited to 1,000 copies, 2LP reissue contains the original LP from 1971 and a second record of all bonus tracks from the recording sessions (seven in all) including the 25-minute-long ‘Flash.’ Original laminated glossy fold-open cover and 180 gram vinyl.”
STRIKE 116EP FENIN: None Of Them (Robag Wruhme Remixes) 12″ (STRIKE 116EP) 12.00
“None Of Them” by Lars Fenin is an outstanding track originally from his 2005 album Grounded, and it assembles the best of two music worlds: reggae and techno. The songwriting by Fenin combined with the voice of Gorbi will give you goosebumps. Here now, we have the 12″ featuring “None Of Them” in a floor killer remix by Robag Wruhme, featured on Fenin’s Mixes & Maxis CD (STRIKE 117CD), and a dub remix version, exclusive to this release, on the flip side.
STRIKE 117CD FENIN: Mixes & Maxis CD (STRIKE 117CD) 15.50
Some people call it the renaissance of dub techno — the deep, the twisted and the reverberant are returning to the dancefloor. Lars Fenin, born in Hamburg and living in Berlin, has been known for that kind of sound for more than ten years already, releasing ingenious stuff on Shitkatapult, Hör Zu, Echocord/Colour, Meteosound and his own label called Dock. Mixes & Maxis is a roundhouse kick of his current work: nine magical dub techno tracks, some of which have already been published on 12″s, but are now available on CD for the first time. Besides blueprint tracks like the brilliant “Done” or “Driven,” and more current releases like “Romeo Kalimba” (great Echocord split maxi with “Deadbeat”) as well as Fenin’s dubstep hit “Seems Like,” there are quite a few new treasures to be found here. “Adeto,” for example, an incredibly deep ambient track, creating a musical ocean of black and dark blue waves. Just like the extremely funky “Division El Norte” and “Sound And Power” featuring renowned vocalist Gorbi, all tracks stand for quality and a certain groove as well as a natural connection between electronic music, techno and dub. The album’s magical moment is an old friend in a new suit: “None Of Them,” Fenin’s evergreen also featuring Gorbi, has been remixed by Robag Wruhme. When he was still a part of Wighnomy Brothers, Robag had played “None Of Them” over and over again and had placed the track at the top of his DJ charts, so of course he was thrilled to remix the track. And what a remix it turned out to be — a killer on the dancefloor and still a soulful techno track. The album in general is characterized by a certain timelessness, a constancy of music beyond the borders of electronic, dub or techno. It’s depth and soul turning sound into music instead of a fleeting moment of hype. It is the renaissance of longevity, of the soul of music, which drives us all.
CORE 094C-EP MOOD II SWING: Core 1994 – Sunlight In My Eyes 12″ (CORE 094C-EP) 11.00
“Mood II Swing steps up to the plate for the latest Core reissue with one of their finest works, handpicked from an accomplished list of mighty NY house masterpieces spanning the 1990s. Lem Springsteen and John Ciafone’s longtime collaboration under their legendary moniker cannot be mentioned without helplessly uttering the word ‘Gods’ and proceeding to shower them with endless praises worthy of only the upper echelons of the deep house canon. The two New York City natives quickly established themselves as expertly-trained and well-exercised special forces operatives on the frontline of heady, sample-infused tracks, coming out strong in 1992 with an unequivocally fierce take on the swing-beat, a craft practiced correctly by only a few chosen guardians of the original underground technique. Fast-forward a decade and the production moguls had written their name in stone with virtually every style of respectable dance music, from sublime rave-inspired deep instrumentals to cunty sound-factory floor-fillers, from garage-rooted vocal masterpieces to edgy techno-rooted subterranean experiments — Mood II Swing did it all with the a flexible eclecticism at ease with any mutation of the dimly lit club aesthetic. ‘Sunlight In My Eyes,’ released on King Street Sounds, is one of Springsteen and Ciafone’s unquestionable feats, an astral, pad-laden waking dream structured around a spine-tingling vocal sample that is progressively rearranged, teased-out and freaked relentlessly, as each exalted chord is shone down from the heavens at precisely the right instant. A prime example of the weightless, unfettered and incomprehensibly beautiful musical imagination of the rave generation, the 1994 masterpiece nonetheless features the swinging drum program and demolition drive of a NY house classic — a track right at home amid the boundless vision of Springsteen and Ciafone’s genius. Finally reissued after 16 years of obscurity, ‘Sunlight In My Eyes’ encapsulates Mood II Swing’s many forms in a singular exposition of deep house eternity worthy of representing the duo’s prolific catalog.” One-sided release.
DIMENSION 111EP KOHN: Dimension 111 – öhnöch 12″ (DIMENSION 111EP) 16.00
“öhnöch,” written by Köhn, originally released by Kraak in 1999. One-sided release in the Alice B. Toklas series. “The guardian angel of sonic excavation returns for this latest installment of scarcely numbered perennial tributes to the vanguard of dark ambient music. Creeping digitalized walls of sound pile on in this mounting of patient, protracted aural warfare, waged on the battlegrounds of a most unsettling prophecy of isolation and loss. Approaching out of a sunless nordic expanse, ‘öhnöch’ begins at a distance — and then, suddenly, it is everywhere, its metallic tones overrun and seething over a singular distorted note of gothic dissonance, painting a scene of a steady apocalyptic decay: slow, painfully gorgeous disintegration. An unquestionable masterpiece, this haunting archaeology of the fringes of introspective left-field is a definitely disturbed take on the soundscape that manages to satisfy the most extreme scruples of aesthetic beautify and formal perfection.”
STSJ 162CD MARHAUG, LASSE: All Music At Once CD (STSJ 162CD) 17.00
Featuring Jon Wesseltoft, Stian Westerhus, Hild Sofie Tafjord, Kevin Drumm and Maja S.K. Ratkje. “For 20 years running, Lasse Marhaug (Jazkamer) has been one of the leading names in noise. All Music At Once is unmistakably Marhaug; with dense blocks of sound slowly building towards cathartic climaxes. And as often characteristic with Marhaug’s music; in spite of the sonic violence there is strong sense of composition going on. Marhaug makes Noise Music, not just noise.”
STSJ 193CD FREE FALL: Gray Scale CD (STSJ 193CD) 17.00
“Free Fall is Ken Vandermark, Harvard Wiik, & Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten. With clarinets, piano & bass they create magical moods & bring the heritage of Jimmy Giuffres’ legendary 60s trio with Paul Bley & Steve Swallow into the new millennium.”
STS 19412EP MONGOLIAN JETSET: Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks 12″ (STS 19412EP) 11.00
“A dude of southern Norwegian origin once said this: ‘Anyone can make a piece of art, but disco is for gods’. Mongolian Jetset return with the first single taken from their upcoming album Schlongs. This is their rather gloriously zonked-out tribute to every major disco act of the late 70s with feet-altering bass lines, holistic fanfares, ethereal synths, alien voices, earthly vocals, chunky brass, & enough drum breakdowns to make The Muppets’ Animal blush, all brought to you in disco friendly 12″ format.”
SNDW 027CD VA: The Sound Of Siam CD (SNDW 027CD) 15.50
Subtitled: Leftfield Luk Thung, Jazz & Molam In Thailand 1964-1975. Thailand means different things to different people. Beyond the beaches and tourist spots lies a world of music still waiting to be discovered. Be it spaced-out jazz, raw funk or the meditative sounds of the North East, Soundway has dug deep into the country’s vinyl archives to present a broad range of vintage sounds that underlines Thailand’s status as one of South East Asia’s musical hot spots. As Soundway’s entry point into the Asian music world, The Sound of Siam offers a unique vantage point to the most experimental period in Thai musical history. The 19 tracks reflect the outcome of a 20th century journey from Thai classical to Luk Krung and Luk Thung — music that incorporated Western influences such as jazz, surf guitar, ballroom and even Latin and African. The music maps changing social demographics, the movement of people, culture and language from countryside to city and all during a period when the record labels were at their most experimental. Housed in a CD digipack including a 24-page booklet with rare artist photos and stories behind the music.
Armchair Traveller was founded in Berlin in 1999 by Hella von Ploetz (glass harp), Silvia Ocougne (prepared and traditional guitars), Werner Durand (self-made wind instruments) and Sebastian Hilken (percussion and cello). Their pieces, structured improvisations, are based on the music of different continents, new music and minimal music, combining the special tuning of the instruments with unusual sounds. Armchair Traveller plays it inside out and twists notions of structured music, thus finally bringing forth perhaps the real, the authentic, the ethnic music of our time. It is real, because everything about it is unreal; it is authentic, since it has just been totally invented. But it sounds archaic because it has been created by musicians who have developed specific playing techniques, mostly on their own, for handmade instruments built from everyday materials and for conventional instruments they have specially prepared. It is ethnic because chance providentially brought these musicians together at the same time in a big city like Berlin — metropolitan centers have become homelands for quasi-ethnic groups. The individual pieces, imaginally located on various meridians of the globe, sound like tribal music that somehow is simultaneously experimental and (post-)industrial. Much of it sounds electronic, even though everything is acoustic. Travellers in their armchairs, at once alienated and fascinated, discover the foreignness in themselves.
STH 2261CD ANIKA: Anika CD (STH 2261CD) 15.00
“Self-titled debut produced by Geoff Barrow of Portishead. ‘Political Journalist’ isn’t a credential we usually have in musician’s bios, but this is exactly what Anika was doing while living between Berlin and Bristol earlier this year when she met Geoff Barrow. The producer was looking for a new singer to work with his band Beak>, and it was immediately clear they shared the same musical vision, including a love of punk, dub and 60s girl groups. A week later Anika and Beak> (Barrow, Billy Fuller and Matt Williams) went into the studio to begin recording material. The resulting album was recorded in twelve days, live, with the four together in one room, no overdubs. The collaboration is political, trashy, dub, punk, funk in the tradition of short-lived but deeply influential 99 Records and the NYC’s 80s No Wave nexus.”
SAAH 063LP KRAUS, SHARRON: The Woody Nightshade LP (SAAH 063LP) 19.00
LP version. “The Woody Nightshade takes an amble down a slightly different route along Sharron Kraus’ musical path. Reminiscent of the expanded instrumentation and compositional arrangements found on The Fox’s Wedding (on David Tibet/Current 93’s Durtro/Jnana label, 2008), gone are the traditional folk tools of the trade, such as the familiar use of banjo and fiddles, in favor of drums, electric guitar and bass. While that may sound as though Kraus has ‘gone electric’, she uses this foray into broader instrumentation as texture and color, wrapping coarse velvet and splashing subtle earth tones over her songs. Kraus’s signature has always been her distinctive vocals, and her idiosyncratic siren sound is in top form throughout.””…spooky consort music, fecund and mysterious as a Samuel Palmer watercolour.” — The Wire
SR 308CD COLLARD-NEVEN, JEAN-PHILIPPE: Fleeting Music CD (SR 308CD) 15.50
Belgian composer, improviser and pianist Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven presents seven fleeting compositions for piano. Collard-Neven treads the career path of an atypical musician where classical, contemporary, electroacoustic, jazz and improvisation, French chanson, theater, dance, cinema, and literature co-exist side-by-side. Far from being a mindlessly voracious form of eclecticism, this diversity is in him the expression of a single-minded passion, an open-minded spirit which steers clear of pigeon-holing and weaves connecting threads between styles, genres and periods. “When I came up with the project of this improvisational album, recorded in Brussels in March 2009, my first intention was to compose written music. At the moment of writing, I realized that all that I had been dreaming of laying on paper, all these fleeting moments of sound which go through me and which I had been striving to capture by writing them down, as one would in a musical photograph, all these moments vanished as soon as I attempted to hold on to them, to place them in the golden cage of a music score. Reality escapes us the moment we choose to tell it rather than live it. I understood that all that had seemed so urgent to write down was already there, as a seed, in these moments when I sit at the piano to improvise freely, I mean without a canvas, or anything pre-determined. It is in this spirit that I have tried to record this new CD, free of any will to play this or that, annihilating as much as possible all ‘will’ to express anything in particular. To be merely a channel, through which flows an energy springing out of a certain constellation, made of a place, a specific moment, the energy emitted by those present, all the circumstances which make each moment unique. It is utopic, a state which I would like to come close to. But there are blessed moments, moments of pure abandonment, when one forgets to will, to think, to want to be intelligent, to have control. It is for the sake of such moments of inner truth, that I do what I do. Should they be extremely rare.” Housed in a 4-page digipack with a 12-page book.
SYST 012CD SPIRIT CATCHER: Partners In Crime CD (SYST 012CD) 17.00
Spirit Catcher are the Brussels-based duo of Jean Vanesse and Thomas Sohet, who are quickly becoming more and more of a permanent member of the Systematic family. After their debut EP Sedona in 2009 and their debut album in 2007 Night Vision on the English 20:20 Vision imprint, the duo have built up an impressive reputation as one of the finest and most influential nu-disco and deep house projects of today. Being aware of the fact that legendary jazz musicians such as Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones, ’80s heroes including Zapp, Prince and Chic mastermind Nile Rogers and Detroit techno veterans such as Juan Atkins and Derrick May have heavily influenced their youth, it is no huge surprise that they are able to produce authentic and fresh sounds: a feat that only a handful of other DJs can seriously achieve. Now it’s time to enjoy Spirit Catcher’s second album Partners In Crime on Systematic Recordings, an album that delivers a huge range of sounds from the crispy hybrid of ’80s funk and electronica beats to groovy, deep-digging tech house rhythms.
TAIGA 014LP KAYO DOT: Coyote LP (TAIGA 014LP) 25.50
Originally released on CD by Hydra Head in Spring 2010, TAIGA records now presents the deluxe vinyl version of Kayo Dot’s melodramatic masterpiece Coyote. The album was mastered for vinyl by Mell Dettmer, cut direct-to-metal and pressed on 200 gram virgin vinyl with full-color labels featuring artwork by Toby Driver. The LP features alternate artwork from the CD version and is packaged in custom letterpress materials as an edition of 750. Printed on 200lb art paper, the letterpress jacket has notches at the opening where the ends of a 28×7″ belt tuck in. The belt has more of Driver’s art printed in offset full-color on the inside with letterpress printing on the outside. Coyote, Kayo Dot’s fourth studio album, is a single, narrative-driven, long-form composition written with story and text provided by a close, terminally-ill friend of the band, Yuko Sueta, in the final stage of her life. Coyote was engineered by Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Six Organs Of Admittance) in Seattle, Washington, forging a new genre of “goth fusion,” which combines elements of early The Cure, Faith And The Muse, and Bauhaus with Herbie Hancock’s psychedelic album, Sextant, and Scott Walker’s album, The Drift. The lyrics and story were constructed with deliberate melodrama to pay homage as well to the intended gothic vibe, expressing the protagonist’s loneliness and longing to be in a better place, and her journey through her own personal looking-glass into a hallucinatory world of fear and wonder.
TEMPA 017CD HORSEPOWER PRODUCTIONS: Quest For The Sonic Bounty CD (TEMPA 017CD) 15.50
Horsepower Productions return to Tempa with their third album; a bold and intrepid Quest For The Sonic Bounty. Horsepower Productions are dubstep’s foundational producers responsible for the now classic, early scene-defining tracks “Gorgon Sound” and “Classic Deluxe”and for dubstep’s first LPs — the revered In Fine Style (TEMPA 001CD) and To The Rescue (TEMPA 003CD). Quest For The Sonic Bounty is Horsepower’s stunning return LP, their first in six years. If you were to unearth the flourishing dubstep tree you’d find Horsepower at its roots. Their debut album was the first LP to be released on Tempa, and it was the press release for In Fine Style back in 2002 that first gave the fledgling genre its name — and the cover feature in XLR8R (July/Aug ’02) that first used the term in print and immortalized the name. Horsepower are the revered, ground-zero catalysts of the sound which is now capturing the imagination of the new rave generation. Originally an 8-strong collective, featuring amongst others Lev Jnr, Nassis, Simon D, The Culprit and Jay King, the current incarnation of Horsepower includes Matt HP aka Lev Jnr, Nassis, and Jay King with the indomitable Benny Ill at the helm. The quest for the elusive sonic bounty begins with tentative steps in the rain and journeys over land and across the seven seas, all the while weaving a rich, musical tapestry. The pulsating, staccato bass line of “Mexican Slayride” and its tale of a band of mercenaries challenging a despotic bandit overlord gives way to the epic voodoo chronicle of “22” — witch-doctor bones rattling beneath the distant drums in this dramatic tale of the mysteries of the Caribbean. “Water” tells the story of a scorched and war-ravaged Earth, where power over the survivors is held by he who controls the water. The two tracks featured on Horsepower Productions’ most recent 12″ for Tempa “Kingstep” and “Damn It” make a re-appearance here, having been revamped and extended specifically for this album. The penultimate track is a remix of “Exercising” — a track from Lee “Scratch” Perry’s album The Mighty Upsetter, and it’s dubstep at its best: deep, dark and moving. Just wait for those violins! The remix takes us to India, Jamaica and beyond; rising up beyond the clouds of the heavenly mountain, sacred instruments play us along our spiritual journey. The album is wrapped up by the hauntingly beautiful “Poison Wine.” For those wanting a pleasant coffee table album, be warned Quest For The Sonic Bounty is a rigorous aural and physical experience. When it’s finished with you, you will understand that their unerring quest, carving new tributaries and exploring far-flung lands, is indeed what creates our very own sonic bounty.
TEMPA 017LP HORSEPOWER PRODUCTIONS: Quest For The Sonic Bounty 3LP (TEMPA 017LP) 23.00
3LP version.
TONE 042LP SOHRAB: A Hidden Place LP (TONE 042LP) 14.50
Sohrab was born in Tehran in 1984. He was 7 when the Iran-Iraq war ended. His name, from an old poem called “Shahname” means “rouge water,” which can also mean “blood.” He started a punk band with his brother and a friend, which lasted about two years before splitting. Sohrab is totally isolated in Iran, with little or no connection to what is happening there. Sohrab is, like so many, displaced within his own country and occupies a similar internal cultural isolation. This is suggested by Jon Wozencroft’s imagery and artwork; looking in through shattered glass with an air of menace underneath the surface. Sohrab used Reason 3, his midi controller (R)evolution UC-16 and a sampler, recorded live through Ambrosia recording software. He also integrates field recordings and spoken word into his soundscapes. Mastered by Denis Blackham. Cut by Jason @ Transition. Photography by Sohrab and Jon Wozencroft.
ST 5106HLP CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND: The Inner Mystique LP (ST 5106HLP) 14.00
Originally released in 1968, the follow-up to the garage classic No Way Out. Covers of The Kinks’ “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” and Bob Dylan’s “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.” Exact repro, licensed to Universal.
TRW 001CD BAUMEL, PATRICE: Vapour CD (TRW 001CD) 17.00
This is the debut album from producer and Trouw (Amsterdam) resident DJ Patrice Bäumel, known for previous releases on Get Physical, Trapez and !K7. The album steers clear of many clichés surrounding artist albums done by DJs in this day and age. Instead of delivering a collection of dancefloor singles or getting lost in awkward style experiments, Bäumel chooses a homogenic approach worthy of the album format. All tracks seamlessly flow into each other to form a meandering 54-minute trip. In spirit, Vapour is 100% techno, a continuous act of finding balance between contrasting elements of man vs. machine. Abstract, precise rhythms and soundscapes form a dark, almost otherworldly backdrop to perfectly-measured emotional outbursts. Vapour does not dictate what the listener is supposed to feel at any given moment, but is a stimulant to his imagination, leaving plenty of room to “fill in the gaps.” Bäumel’s maiden album threads a fine line between club and living room. Like a well-designed podcast, Vapour works in many life situations. It is a cleverly-crafted and timeless piece of listening techno, providing the kind of fluidity that works wonderfully on a car stereo, your iPod or in afterhour situations, with enough horsepower under its hood to hold its own on the dancefloor.
TYPE 076CD HEAVY WINGED: Sunspotted CD (TYPE 076CD) 15.50
Heavy Winged are a sprawling North American trio made up of drummer Jed Bindeman, bassist Brady Sansone and guitarist Ryan Hebert. Over the last few years, the band have released a cacophonous splatter of cassettes, vinyl and CD-Rs for Not Not Fun, Digitalis, Aurora Borealis and a handful of other esteemed imprints. Most of these have been mercilessly grimy signifiers of their buzzing free-rock style, and were recorded poorly to almost accentuate the harsh guitar tones and double-time blast beats. This latest jagged offering, however, is a rare beast in the Heavy Winged canon, offering a higher-fidelity peek into their muddled world. This time around, the band escaped to a “real” studio to record two slices of extended sludge rock, which come across as wider than ever, thanks to some fresh recording techniques. Something like an unholy union between the sheet-noise of Yellow Swans and the blissful sub-harmonic transcendence of early Mogwai or Sonic Youth, Sunspotted is an album that takes tried-and-tested sounds and bends them beyond recognition. Sure, plenty of bands have made distorted, blurred, guitar noise before, but rarely with the conviction and wit of Heavy Winged. With their early explorations into doom and metal, we find the band on a high, framing their high-octane jitter into something that could almost be mistaken for beautiful. Just as the aforementioned Yellow Swans took their sound from the outer reaches of noise to something, dare I say it, pretty, Heavy Winged have focused their three individual powers to come up with an album that revels in its depth and shimmering beauty. It might take a few listens to reveal its layers, but Sunspotted is a challenging and rewarding listening experience. Standing at the top of the band’s already estimable catalog of albums and EPs, this album finds them at a key moment, a moment where they have found a balance between fidelity and grit, harmony and discord. Step in, turn it up and let yourself descend. Cut at Berlin’s D+M.
JR 15806EP CYMANDE: Brothers On The Slide/Dove 12″ (JR 15806EP) 10.00
“Repress of the classics!” Deep funk singles, originally released on Janus Records in 1972 and 1974.
MR 571EP KHAN, CHAKA: Tearin’ It Up (Larry Levan Remix) 12″ (MR 571EP) 10.00
“Long Version Remix” and “Instrumental” versions, both remixed by Larry Levan in 1982.
TX 1581EP JUNGLE WONZ: The Jungle/Time Marches On 12″ (TX 1581EP) 10.00
“Two classic Marshall Jefferson productions under the Jungle Wonz alias, on one handy 12″. ‘The Jungle’ originally out in 1986 and ‘Time Marches On’ originally committed to wax in 1987. Light years ahead of his time.”
UY 041EP MEINHARDT, MARCUS: Better Not 12″ (UY 041EP) 12.00
Marcus Meinhardt secured an appearance from singer Fabian Reichelt for this release. “Better Not” is a typical Meinhardt-styled club track that has been sweetened by Fabian’s voice giving it a certain pop appeal and funkiness that is sure to get the hearts pumping faster on the dancefloor. His producer partner Andreas Henneberg adds his more cantankerous style to this track with his The Glitz remix on the flipside, firing the whole thing up with some strategically-placed strings.
VIDAB 013EP GOWENTGONE: Walk With Us EP 12″ (VIDAB 013EP) 12.00
Gowentgone presents their third release on Vidab. The Walk With Us EP is another deep statement of Gowentgone’s passion for house music and techno. “Strange Light” focuses on a central rim-theme that is embedded in a wall of layers. “Move Of The Day” is a dynamic and simple mover that draws you deep into a tooly and mechanic sound. “Burning Flowers” is the pair’s interpretation of house that morphs pleasingly into a spacey chill-out zone.
VDI 007EP DIA: Make A Move EP 12″ (VDI 007EP) 12.00
Brand new release from Vinyl Did It label boss Dia. Dancefloor-oriented house at its best.
VOID 054LP TORMENTORS, THE: Hanging ‘Round LP (VOID 054LP) 15.00
“Long awaited Void release of ’67 California Garage folkadelia with some fuzz. Originals like the moody ‘Childhood Memories’ and the rockin’ ‘Cause You Don’t Love Me’ are highlights. Nice cover of the Beau Brummels but the rest are originals. This is mega-rare as an original and sought after the world over. We have used the exact cover design for this vinyl reissue.”
WP 044 WAX POETICS: #44 November/December 2010 MAG (WP 044) 9.99
On the covers, front: War, back: Syl Johnson. Contents: Editor’s Letter, Re:Discovery (Bill Withers, Egle Martin, United States Navy Port Authority Soul Band, James Spaulding, Bennie Maupin); The Budos Band; Chris Clark; Record Rundown: DJ Muggs; Melvin Davis; Claus Ogerman; Al Kooper; Johnny Colon; War; Lonnie Jordan; Syl Johnson; Analog Out (The Minimoog). 114 pages, full color, high gloss.
WH 031CD VA: Psychedelic Schlemiels 4: More Lost Sounds CD (WH 031CD) 19.00
…From The Britpsych Scene 1966-1969. “The fourth volume of Wooden Hill’s acclaimed series of unreleased-at-the-time British psychedelic pop artIfacts, Psychedelic Schlemiels 4 gathers up twenty acetates, demos and private recordings from the soft white underbelly of the late ’60s group scene. Major discoveries this time around include a live-from-Swedish TV track from legendary London underground club band Jade Hexagram, two unreleased recordings from Bulldog Breed and a near-seven minute acetate-only version of Jason Crest’s much-loved ‘Black Mass.’ With fascinating unreleased material by VU/Nico-loving Surrey teens the Velvet Frogs, High Wycombe underground warriors Respect and songwriter David Matthews (the man who wrote Matt Monro’s countercultural anthem ‘We’re Gonna Change The World’), Psychedelic Schlemiels 4 is an essential purchase for all admirers of vintage British psych-pop.” Includes a 20-page booklet with pictures and extensive liner notes.
WH 032CD GRANNIE: Grannie CD (WH 032CD) 19.00
“One of the least-heard but most beguiling albums to emerge from the British progressive rock era, the sole, self-titled LP by East London band Grannie was recorded at a demo studio in late 1971 and then issued on vinyl in a total pressing of just 99 copies. Feverishly sought-after by genre aficionados since its belated discovery in the early 1990s (Record Collector magazine included it in their list of the ‘100 Most Valuable Records of All Time’), Grannie now gains its first-ever official reissue. With quotes from drummer John Clark and keyboardist John Stevenson that tell the story of both band and album for the first time, this is the definitive release of one of the most valuable jewels of the early 1970s British progressive rock scene.”
WPFC 103CD VA: Psych Funk Sa-Re-Ga! CD (WPFC 103CD) 19.00
Subtitled: Seminar: Aesthetic Expressions of Psychedelic Funk Music In India 1970-1983. “Indian music has become a global musical language but its South Asian roots remain strong, diverse and local. As with our introductory anthology of this kind (Psych Funk 101 — WPFC 101) this anthology covers the ‘golden years’ of the movement, from approximately 1970 until 1983. Much of the music on this compilation springs from the Bollywood film industry; composers such as R.D. Burman and the brothers known as Kalyanji Anandji, whose work makes up much of this anthology, recorded and released an inordinate amount of soundtracks. That experiments in the fusion of India’s classical traditions of Hindustani and Carnatic music, folk music such as bhangra and dandiya and Western psychedelia and funk music would occur at some point is only natural. Also included are off the beaten path Indian experiments in psych funk — for example, two songs from the Simla Beat garage-psych albums, and an oft-heard Deep Purple cover by the ground-breaking Atomic Forest — and examples of the Indian psych funk influence on European 70s musicians. Throughout the extensive liner notes, WPFC attempts to broaden the definition of global psychedelia: the early researchers who first coarsely defined the genre – and limited its subgenres — did so at the same time that these experiments were first issued. That they would obscure these contributions to the global psychedelic canon is understandable. But it is time to correct this oversight. Includes deluxe 52-page booklet with detailed annotation plus never-before-seen photos and ephemera.”
YZLDD 008CD VA: Dirty Water: The Birth Of Punk Attitude 2CD (YZLDD 008CD) 21.00
There have been many punk collections over the years, and former ZigZag fanzine editor Kris Needs possesses most of them; so, when it came to compiling his own, he decided to avoid the predictable, except where totally warranted. Although featuring names without whom such a compilation should never be, the set also highlights less-likely candidates through their influence, attitude or sheer courage in the face of adversity. After starting with two quintessential garage-punk bands, The Standells and The Seeds, the album approaches the punk spirit as a way of making music or conveying a message by any means necessary, which makes Harlem’s Last Poets prime candidates for laying a hip-hop template in 1970 with their first album. Around the same time, downtown in Washington Square Park, David Peel & The Lower East Side were delivering stoner street anthems which could only be captured by a live recording. Kris’ lifelong New York obsession continues with the untouchable New York Dolls, senses-shattering electronic punks Suicide, plus two of their influences in Silver Apples and vocal group The Silhouettes. The Dictators show how their degenerate raunch influenced The Ramones. The Deviants were at the forefront of the UK’s 1967 countercultural revolution, like the UK’s answer to America’s Fugs, MC5 or Mothers Of Invention when it came to forging a new society and playing free concerts, before handing the baton to Pink Fairies. 1970s UK proto-punk is represented by Jook, Third World War and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band’s sinister, cinematic missives, while the rarest tune (on CD for the first time) is the Hollywood Brats’ storming treatment of The Kinks’ “I Need You.” The oldest track has to be “Blue Jean Bop” by Gene Vincent, the original black leather man. Other artists include: Mott The Hoople, Dr. Feelgood, Peter Hammill, Can, T. Rex, The Stooges, The Up, Death, Sun Ra, Red Krayola, Rocket From The Tombs, The Saints, Flamin’ Groovies, Zolar X, The Monks, and Culture. The set is accompanied by extensive liner notes from Needs in a 76-page book.
YETI 010 YETI: #10 BOOK/CD (YETI 010) 11.00
“Inside the book: 36-pages from Internet monsters Everything Is Terrible!; interviews with musician Robert Scott (the Clean, the Bats) and writer Amelia Gray; music profiles of S. Fla’s finest, The Jacuzzi Boys, and UK ’90s cult band Disco Inferno; fiction by Stacey Levine; photographs by Ted Barron and Gracie Remington; art by Saul Chernick, Pavel Tchelitchew, Cassie Ramone, Ilyas Ahmed. On the CD: Noveller, Ô Paon, Alkibar Gignor, the Weeds, Electric Blood, the Clean, the Bats, Robert Scott, Jousting Vandals, Joan + Anthony, Heavenly Dreamers, Jacuzzi Boys, Abba Ag Gargando, Daniel Kroha, the Gories, Derek Monypeny, Orca Team, the Golden Hours, the Babies, Cheikh Ag Mohammed, Starving Weirdos, and V>L>A>D>R>M (Viva L’American Death Ray Music).” 180 pages, 6″ x 9″ book, $11.95 cover price.
ZEDD 021CD JD73: Pure Gold CD (ZEDD 021CD) 15.50
Dan Goldman aka JD73 is a multi-talented producer/keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist hailing from Leeds, UK. JD73 encompasses a myriad of influences from boogie to funk through soul and disco to more twisted and broken/electronic/popular styles, incorporating a bit of everything else along the way. This album will definitely appeal to fans of Reel People, Incognito and The Sunburst Band. During the mid-’90s, Dan played keys for Corrine Bailey Rae as well as keyboard and bass sessions for Morcheeba on four albums, co-wrote tunes on Morcheeba’s Dive Deep album, played sessions and co-wrote with Nightmares On Wax on the Thought So album, while also remixing and sessioning for The New Mastersounds and for many more acts, too, including playing live with the Jamiroquai band musicians for a series of gigs in Cambridge in 2007. Pure Gold, the hotly-anticipated second JD73 album is now complete and ready to take the world by storm, featuring a broad mix of world-class UK vocal talent including Nate James, Fraser, Lana, Miss Modest, John McCallum and Fuzzy Jones. From the sunny, strutting vibe of “Be Mine” featuring Lana, the seductive charm of Nate James’ soulful inflection on “Written In The Stars” and the soul-funk of “Pure Gold” featuring Miss Modest, this is one album that does exactly what it says. Herbie Hancock, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, and Sun Ra would all be proud. Funk infused electro-jazz is alive.
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