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ALGA 076CD MARCHETTI, WALTER: De Musica Inversa 4CD BOX/BOOK (ALGA 076CD) 115.00
“alga marghen very proudly presents the only authorized reissue of all Walter Marchetti original recordings previously released by Cramps Records. An LP sized 4CD box set including La Caccia, In Terram Utopicam, Per La Sete Dell’orecchio, Natura Morta and Vandalia. Also included is the new book by Walter Marchetti titled De Musica Inversa, an instruction manual of both theory and practice for the proper and improper use of music. A method for perfecting oneself in composition annotated and commented upon by Gabriele Bonomo.” ‘The most amazing thing about music is its exterior aspect. High, vertical, translucent, almost turgid, maybe a bit too monolithic. One should, in any case, give a lot of attention to the large number of interstices which lead to the centre of the ear, wherefrom sounds spread out through a dense network leading to more circuits which direct these same and their relationships directly to the brain, in a logic of musical articulation which is nothing less than frightening. Even if, to attentive listening, dominating all is the eye of silence.’ CD1, titled La Caccia, includes ‘La Caccia’ (1965), ‘Adversus’ (Home-made electric music) (1966) and ‘Osmanthus fragrans’ (Home-made electric music) (1973). The 16-page booklet presents the original scores, photos of both the 1965 ZAJ performances and of Marchetti recording La Caccia in the 1970s, photos of the concert at Galleria Multhipla in 1974, and the reproduction of the original La caccia LP layout. CD2, titled In Terram Utopican, includes ‘J’aimerais Jouer Avec Un Piano Qui Aurait Une Grosse Queue’ (1974/75) and ‘Per La Sete Dell’orecchio’ (1981). The 16-page booklet presents the original score of ‘J’aimerais Jouer’, photos of the performances in Milano and at the Venice Biennale, and the reproduction of the original In Terram Utopicam LP layout. CD3, titled Natura Morta, includes the piece with the same title from 1980. The 8-page booklet reproduces original photos of the performance at Milanopoesia in 1988, as well as the text titled In My Music. CD4, titled Vandalia, includes ‘Perpetuum Mobile’ (1981), ‘Song For John Cage’ (1985) and ‘Le Secche Del Delirio’ (1989). The 8-page booklet presents the photo of the ‘Perpetuum Mobile’ performance at Musicalia in 1981, the score of ‘Song For John Cage’, the photos of two ‘Musica Da Camera’ installations, as well as the reproduction of the original Vandalia CD layout. The 180-page De Musica Inversa book and all the texts included in the CD booklets are published in both English and Italian. ‘Too true: in all music there are, in effect, a lot of sounds henceforth — more than that, too many; everything that we listen to has become heavy beyond measure, completely unbearable. Rather than chasing it we should look for how to escape from music. Everything in it is monolithic, frozen, and the notes of music which slowly, more or less, are thickening around the listeners wrap them all in dripping blankets of death.’ CD edition limited to 400 copies.”
ALGA 078CD DUFRENE, FRANÇOIS: Oeuvre Désintégrale 3CD BOX (ALGA 078CD) 73.00
“alga marghen presents one of the most impressive sound poetry anthologies ever published, introducing you to the sound works of the Nouveau Realiste artist François Dufrene. His work, along with that of Gil J Wolman and Brion Gysin, was a strong influence for experimental poets like Henri Chopin, Bernard Heidsieck and Ake Hodell. Previously issued in 2007 as a 4LP box set, this first edition on CD also includes ‘Crirythme pour Tinguely’ as bonus track. François Dufrene could be considered the younger of the first generation sound poets. Already in the Lettrist group when he was only 16 years old, with his own style marked by a hyper-powerful voice. In 1953, at the age of 23, he became Ultra-Lettrist, starting his first crirhythms by overpassing the alphabet in the perspective of the physical improvised scream. With the crirhythms sound poetry enters for the first time in the factory of projective sounds. In the beginning Dufrene uses the tape recorder only to document his creations. These recordings showed him that through the tape machine his poems could reach deeper and wider creative dynamics. Since the mid-1950s the tape-machine became for him a poetical and experimental tool and Dufrene fully develops its potentials with stereophonic recordings, as well as with the superimposition of his crirhythms. The loudspeaker amplifies sounds while the microphone captures even the most detailed concrete sound produced by his voice. The physical tempest he produces is a real concrete electronic sound attack. Dufrene produced primitive, brutal poems opening the path of vocal sounds to contemporary composers: it’s known that Pierre Henry was deeply inspired by Dufrene. The anthology presented here includes 10 crirhythms from different periods dating from 1965 to 1976, plus ‘Crirythme pour Tinguely’ (first issued on a 7″ single included in Revue AXE No.2 in 1975 and not available on the alga marghen 4LP anthology from 2007). Also included is ‘Osmose-art’, a long piece from 1969 divided in two suites where Dufrene superimposes his crirhythms to classical music. A similar technique was applied a few years earlier adding jazz music (specially drum and percussion pieces) to poems marked by strong Lettristic esthetic. Two of those ‘Lecture-collage’ dating from 1965 are presented here, as well as two ‘Comptinuum’ from his early on-progress works started in 1958. François Dufrene also developed unique performances, with live reading of his written text. The most famous is ‘Tombeau de Pierre Larousse’, published in 1958. This is a work half way between the written text and the sound poem whose unity is achieved through Dufrene performing it. It’s a masterpiece of synthesis of active poetry. ‘Eryximaque, suite choreographique au Tombeau de Pierre Larusse’ is also included in this anthology. Apart from the crirythmes that Henri Chopin issued on his Revue OU disc magazine and a few short pieces issued on obscure sound poetry anthologies in the end of the 1960s, François Dufrene’s work is practically unavailable. This 3 CD anthology, conceived by the Dufrene himself as a 3 cassette edition privately issued by Guy Schraenen in the mid-1970s (only a handful of copies made), includes only previously unpublished sound works that finally fully document the creativity of such a radical artist. Edition limited to 300 copies, including a 3CD as well as a 28-page booklet including two essays by Dufrene, the biography, the complete discography as well as original photos of various performances from the 1960s and 1970s.”
ALGA 083LP MARCHETTI, WALTER: Il Divano Dell’orecchio 5LP BOX (ALGA 083LP) 148.00
“alga marghen very proudly presents the only authorized reissue of all Walter Marchetti original recordings previously released by Cramps Records. A 5LP box set including La Caccia, In Terram Utopicam, Per La Sete Dell’orecchio, Natura Morta and Vandalia. LP1 includes the same materials as the original 1974 Cramps LP titled La Caccia (1965). The LP sleeve reproduces the original scores, photos of both the 1965 ZAJ performances and of Marchetti recording La Caccia. The full-color inner sleeve reproduces the original La Caccia LP layout. LP2 includes the same materials as the original 1978 Cramps LP titled In Terram Utipicam, or ‘J’aimerais Jouer Avec Un Piano Qui Aurait Une Grosse Queue’ (1974/75), ‘Adversus’ (Home-made electric music) (1966) and ‘Osmanthus Fragrans’ (Home-made electric music) (1973). The LP sleeve reproduces the original scores of ‘J’aimerais Jouer’ and ‘Adversus’, photos of the performance at the Venice Biennale. The full color inner sleeve reproduces photos of various Marchetti performances as well as the original In Terram Utopicam LP layout. LP3 includes Per La Sete Dell’orecchio (1981), previously privately issued on the LP with the same title and ‘Song for John Cage’ (1985), never available on vinyl before. The LP sleeve reproduces the ‘Song for John Cage’ score. The full color inner sleeve reproduces the original Per La Sete Dell’orecchio LP layout. LP4 includes Natura Morta (1980), never available on vinyl before. The LP sleeve reproduces a photo of the performance at Milanopoesia in 1988, as well as the text In My Music. The full color inner sleeve reproduces a photo of the Natura Morta installation. LP5, titled Vandalia, includes ‘Perpetuum Mobile’ (1981) and ‘Le Secche Del Delirio’ (1989). Both pieces were never available on vinyl before. The LP sleeve reproduces a photo of the ‘Perpetuum Mobile’ performance at Musicalia in 1981. The full color inner sleeve reproduces a ‘Musica Da Camera’ installation and the original Vandalia layout. LP edition limited to 350 copies.”
“In the past few years alga marghen successfully released on CD some of Anton Bruhin more experimental works. InOut, Rotomotor and the CD version of his first LP masterpiece from 1969 Vom goldabfischer, made many of you become familiar with the eccentric creations of this obscure Swiss artist. But for this new release alga marghen decided to concentrate on Anton Bruhin’s favorite instrument, the Jews harp. Included in this LP record are six breathtaking Jews harp pieces of pure genius. On Side 1 ‘Apocalypt Rb- with sampling loop’ and ‘Chor H+ with sampling loop and solo reverb pot’, recorded in January 2000 while testing some modified Jews harp self-made instruments created by Zoltan Szilagyi. This virtuoso performance is improvised over to a loop-continuum sampled through a Casio child synth. On Side 2 the all-time-classic titled ‘Maultrommel und Sprache’ (i.e. Jews Harp and Speaking) where Bruhin is scientifically investigating the use of Jews harp in rendering human voice. Recorded in 1994 this piece, divided in five short paragraphs, move from the very basic structure of language (vocals, diptongues, triptongues) and constructs a perfectly accomplished sonic statement. Also on Side 2 are three pieces from 1995 for Electric-Trumpi-2, the only existing second generation electric Jews harp, constructed specially by Szilagyi for Anton Bruhin. ‘Towards the G-Spot’, ‘ET2 with fly and cough’ and ‘ET2 extreme filling’ grandly complete the collection of limousine musics selected for this record. Gatefold sleeve with large 8-page booklet reproducing four mind-blowing drawings released between 1969 and 2006 that well prove Anton Bruhin’s ultra-modernistic talent of the most refined nature. Also included in the booklet with the complete score of ‘Maultrommel und Sprache’. Edition limited to 330 copies.”
ALIVE 111CD WHITE NOISE SOUND: White Noise Sound CD (ALIVE 111CD) 16.50
“White Noise Sound is the eponymous debut from the Swansea / Cardiff, Wales-based sextet. Completed with the help of Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, Spectrum and E.A.R) and magician Cian Ciaran (Super Furry Animals), the album is the realization of a band conjuring their own particular wall-of-sound — at once relentlessly pulsating and blissed-out. The band had honed their craft across the UK and through Germany where they supported the likes of The Warlocks, Spectrum, Mark Gardener (Ride) and the Super Furry Animals, and shared the stage with members of Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized.”
ALIVE 111LP WHITE NOISE SOUND: White Noise Sound LP (ALIVE 111LP) 16.50
LP version, on purple vinyl.
“Restored, re-mixed & remastered edition, approved for the first time by both Iggy Pop and James Williamson. Digipak with 24-page booklet. Kill City is Iggy Pop and James Williamson’s often overlooked, yet ultimately essential album. Originally recorded in 1975 and later released by Bomp! in ’77, critics have long lauded the songs and performances but have also regarded the overall sound as ‘sludgy.’ The sound quality of Kill City was compromised from the get-go, as it originally suffered from a bad pressing (on the infamous green vinyl), and over the years the quality of the record itself managed to get even worse. When the original distributor went out of business, the 2-track album production masters vanished and every subsequent pressing of the album – on record, cassette and CD – used a copy of that deficient green vinyl as its master. Now 33 years later, here is the long overdue restored, re-mixed and remastered version of this historically important record. Producer James Williamson remixed the album with engineer Ed Cherney at Capitol Records in Hollywood, and as the guitarist states, ‘He just made this record sound, well, like it should have sounded all along. It has finally reached its full potential.'”
Limited edition green vinyl version.
ATCO SD33250LP IRON BUTTERFLY: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida LP (ATCO SD33250LP) 11.50
Exact repro, manufactured by Rhino. The title track on side two is okay. “We wanted a melodic consciousness contained within the rock format. We worked to broaden the horizons, and be able to engage the dynamics, the highs, the lows, the melodies, the sensitivity, and all that stuff, but at the same time doing it via the vehicle of electronic sound. It’s mentioned on the VIDA album that we wanted something light and heavy and versatile and colorful, so that’s pretty much what we come up with. Insects were in at the time, what with The Beatles and what not.” — Doug Ingle
ATCO SD3332HLP HATHAWAY, DONNY: Everything Is Everything LP (ATCO SD3332HLP) 14.00
1970 debut by soul singer Donny Hathaway. Got the standard socially conscious cuts like “Trying Times,” but the real deal, actually, is in the covers — Ray Charles’ “I Believe To My Soul” and Nina Simone’s “To Be Young, Gifted And Black.” 180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino.
ATL 8114HLP PICKETT, WILSON: In The Midnight Hour LP (ATL 8114HLP) 14.00
The title track of this 1966 album is Wilson Pickett’s utmost claim to fame. Other tracks include “Don’t Fight It” and “I’m Not Tired.” 180 gram reissue, manufactured by Rhino.
SD 7268LP COBHAM, BILLY: Spectrum LP (SD 7268LP) 11.50
High-octane jazz fusion from one of the most dexterous drummers in the canon. After playing with the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Billy Cobham released this debut in 1973. Featuring keyboardist Jan Hammer, guitarist Tommy Bolin, and electric bassist Lee Sklar. Exact repro manufactured by Rhino.
“At last a new Roots Manuva album is here! Duppy Writer comes in the form of a series of re-works of classic Roots Manuva tracks by the talented producer Wrongtom. The project is approached with such conviction and skill that many of the tunes become hard to place in their original context, so it really does feel as if these funky, skanking, shuffling little numbers are in fact the ground zero of the Manuva experience, and with artwork from the legendary Tony McDermott, it’s a thing of beauty.”
2LP version.
BC 021LP BELFI/GRUBBS/PILIA: Onrushing Cloud LP (BC 021LP) 15.00
“Onrushing Cloud is the first recording by the trio of Andrea Belfi (drums, percussion, electronics), David Grubbs (electric guitar, piano, voice), and Stefano Pilia (electric guitar). Prior to meeting, all three had released recordings on the excellent Swedish label Häpna, and were already fans of one another’s work. In the spring of 2009, Belfi and Pilia were invited by the Harlem Studio Fellowship for a residence in New York, and the three took this opportunity to get down to the brass tacks of forming a power trio. Onrushing Cloud is characterized by the eccentric, fleeting symmetries of Grubbs’s and Pilia’s guitar playing simultaneously mediated, punctuated, and over- and underscored by Belfi’s hybrid assemblage and deeply personal vocabulary of electronics and percussion. Although ultimately divided into five songs, this is clearly a single start-to-finish skein. ‘Hermitage’ records the preliminary gestures of these musicians’ first encounter, and the album steadily builds towards the appearance of Grubbs’s vocals on ‘Onrushing Cloud,’ a tale of being stranded atop a mountain and facing a rapidly approaching storm: City rats on a mountain pass In onrushing cloud Lightning marked a moment’s suspension Events commanded our utmost attention”
BLP 1561LP SABU: Palo Congo LP (BLP 1561LP) 11.50
Exact repro of the first album by Sabu Martinez, originally released in 1957. Thundering Afro-Cuban percussion bordering on ritualistic intensity.
BLP 4040LP HUBBARD, FREDDIE: Open Sesame LP (BLP 4040LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1960. “Freddie Hubbard’s first recording as a leader, Open Sesame features the 22-year-old trumpeter in a quintet with tenor saxophonist Tina Brooks, the up-and-coming pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Sam Jones and drummer Clifford Jarvis. This set shows that even at this early stage, Hubbard had the potential to be one of the greats. On the ballad ‘But Beautiful’ he shows maturity; other highlights include ‘Open Sesame,’ a driving ‘All or Nothing at All’ and ‘One Mint Julep.’ It’s an impressive start to what would be a very interesting career.” — All Music Guide
BLP 4222LP MORGAN, LEE: Cornbread LP (BLP 4222LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue of this 1965 session featuring Jackie McLean (alto sax), Hank Mobley (tenor sax), Herbie Hancock (piano), Larry Ridley (bass) and Billy Higgins (drums).
BW 002EP JOYNES & THE RESTLESS DEAD, CWK: 8 Selections And Premonitions From The Tower, Vol. II 7″ (BW 002EP) 9.50
Volume 2 in the ongoing joint release with Great Pop Supplement, a series of five 7″s by C Joynes and collaborators, all limited to 350 copies, with die-cut sleeves and colored vinyl. This time collaborators include Wooden Spoon’s electric guitar and piano and The Doozer’s synths, keyboards and percussion. These will be gone in a matter of moments, so don’t dilly dally.
WEAVIL 024CD HOWARD, NOAH: The Black Ark CD (WEAVIL 024CD) 15.50
Re-issued by the request of Noah Howard’s family and estate. Noah sadly passed away suddenly on the 3rd of September, 2010. Born in New Orleans in 1943, Noah was a key player in the U.S. free jazz scene from the late ’60s. He recorded albums for ESP and numerous other labels, including his own Altsax label. Many see 1969’s The Black Ark as Noah’s defining statement, so it is only fitting that it should be available once again. “It’s no understatement that The Black Ark is one of the most sought-after underground free jazz releases of all time. The original Freedom vinyl LP and the brief Japanese CD reissue were criminally out-of-print and impossible to find. Both versions popped up on internet auction sites once in a blue moon but when they did, they always fetched insanely astronomical prices. This record simply is THE BOMB — a perfect combination of Noah’s soulful compositions and playing, infused with plenty of sweet/sour/in/out forms and shapes from the incredible line-up assembled for this release. Plus we get to experience Arthur Doyle’s outrageous debut on a recording session, increasing the playing and feeling to an intense level throughout. And dig the spaced-out Afro-delay on Juma’s percussion (yes, that Juma from Hendrix’s killer Woodstock show of the same year). All of the players on this record combine to make it a CLASSIC and its esteemed reputation is well earned.” –Oren Ambarchi Musicians on this record include: Noah Howard (alto), Arthur Doyle (tenor), Earl Cross (trumpet), Leslie Waldron (piano), Norris Jones (bass), Mohammed Ali (drums), and Juma (congas).
BDS 5137STLP VA: Gordon’s War LP (BDS 5137STLP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue of the 1973 original motion picture soundtrack for Ossie Davis’ Gordon’s War, starring Paul Winfield as the most badass Gordon. Notable for opener “Child Of Tomorrow,” featuring vocals by Barbara Mason, and “Come On And Dream Some Paradise,” sung by New Birth and produced by Harvey Fuqua. Also featuring Badder Than Evil (produced by Al Elias & Andy Badale) and Sister Goose and the Ducklings.
MSM 37190LP CALLIER, TERRY: What Color Is Love LP (MSM 37190LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue of this 1972 album from the “demolisher of classification and master of introspective musical self-expression.” Consistently dope from start to finish, but the highlight is the opener, album version of “Dancing Girl,” hotly-tipped by Slow To Speak.
CAP 21540CD VA: Musica Sveciae – Folk Music In Sweden No 15 CD (CAP 21540CD) 17.00
Subtitled: Songs Of Sailors & Navvies. “Created by sailors and navvies, these songs concern women, lively teamwork, insufferable working conditions, accidents, long voyages and homesickness. Their rhythms were often designed to align the actions of working groups… The recordings were made in the homes of elderly sailors and navvies — or other bearers of the tradition — in the 1960s and 1970s.”
CAP 21652CD VA: Music From Mozambique CD (CAP 21652CD) 17.00
“A unique music recording of one of Africa’s most exciting and varied musical cultures, Music From Mozambique offers a wide range of styles: rural, traditional music, popular acoustic music of older generations, and modern urban rock. Asian xylophones, Arabian scales, European melodies and instruments, Portuguese fado and contemporary pop music are all part of this nation’s musical heritage.”
CAP 21673CD SINH, KIM: Music From Vietnam 4 – The Artistry Of Kim Sinh CD (CAP 21673CD) 17.00
“The music that Kim Sinh and his pupil and son, Kim Thang, play actually has its origins in a special form of theatre in Vietnam called cai luong. Kim Sinh and his son play on reconstructed Western guitars, but of course also on several different traditional Vietnamese instruments. The music is in part improvised and is based on traditional forms that include suspense, drama and lyrical beauty.”
CAP 21716CD TAXIMI: In The Northern Latitudes CD (CAP 21716CD) 17.00
“Many Greek emigrants have settled in Sweden, and these include the musicians of the Taximi ensemble, who perform Greek folk music in their adopted homeland. Also featured on this recording is the Greek singer Roula Manissanou, who has worked with some of the greatest composers and singers in Greek music. Included with the recording is a booklet with notes and texts in Swedish, Greek and English.”
NB 7084LP PARLIAMENT: Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome LP (NB 7084LP) 11.50
Exact repro, originally released in 1977. “You already know how influential Clinton’s surreal wordplay and pop-culture references were to rap, and lyrically George was never more kick-ass than he is here, from the non sequiturs of ‘Bop Gun (Endangered Species)’ and ‘Funkentelechy’ to the tender Sly Stone doo-wop of ‘Wizard of Finance.’ And the duet between Sir Nose and Starchild on the second track is just flat-out hilarious.” — Ink Blot Magazine
CIS 1031CD KENNIFF, KEITH: The Last Survivor CD (CIS 1031CD) 9.00
Original motion picture score. “Portland-based composer Keith Kenniff (sometimes known under both his Helios and Goldmund monikers) teamed up with directors Michael Kleiman and Michael Pertnoy to create a score that would follow the four main characters through their own uniquely personal tragedies and triumphs. The music itself acts an extension of the characters’ inward journey as they deal with death, redemption and new beginnings. Employing a wide range of sounds and instrumentation, the pieces range from achingly beautiful piano-led compositions to ambient string passages and haunting synth drones.”
PC 9604HLP DYLAN, BOB: John Wesley Harding LP (PC 9604HLP) 21.00
Dylan’s eighth studio album, released in 1967. 180 gram repro reissue. “A calm, reflective album, John Wesley Harding strips away all of the wilder tendencies of Dylan’s rock albums — even the then-unreleased Basement Tapes he made the previous year — but it isn’t a return to his folk roots. If anything, the album is his first serious foray into country, but only a handful of songs, such as ‘I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight,’ are straight country songs. Instead, John Wesley Harding is informed by the rustic sound of country, as well as many rural myths, with seemingly simple songs like ‘All Along the Watchtower,’ ‘I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine,’ and ‘The Wicked Messenger’ revealing several layers of meaning with repeated plays.” — All Music Guide
CTI 6002LP JOBIM, ANTONIO CARLOS: Stone Flower LP (CTI 6002LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1970. “Nearly a decade after the paint peeled from the shine of bossa nova’s domination of both the pop and jazz charts in the early ’60s, Creed Taylor brought Jobim’s tender hush of the bossa sound back into the limelight. With a band that included both Jobim and Deodato on guitars (Jobim also plays piano and sings in a couple of spots), Ron Carter on bass, João Palma on drums, Airto Moreira and Everaldo Ferreira on percussion, Urbie Green on trombone, Joe Farrell on soprano saxophone, and Harry Lookofsky laying down a soulful violin solo on the title track, Jobim created his own version of Kind of Blue. Stone Flower is simply brilliant, a velvety, late-night snapshot of Jobim at his peak.” — All Music Guide
CRS 8009HLP MAYFIELD, CURTIS: Roots LP (CRS 8009HLP) 14.00
Gatefold 180 gram vinyl version; exact repro reissue manufactured by Rhino. Originally released in 1971. “Curtis Mayfield’s visionary album, a landmark creation every bit as compelling and as far-reaching in its musical and extra-musical goals as Marvin Gaye’s contemporary ‘What’s Goin’ On.’ Opening on the hit ‘Get Down,’ the album soars on some of the sweetest and most eloquent — yet driving — soul sounds heard up to that time. Mayfield’s growing musical ambitions, first manifested on the Curtis album, and his more sophisticated political sensibilities, presented with a lot of raw power on Curtis Live!, are pulled together here in a new, richer studio language, embodied in extended song structures (‘Underground’), idealistic yet lyrically dazzling anthems (‘We Got to Have Peace,’ ‘Keep On Keeping On,’ and, best of all, the soaring ‘Beautiful Brother of Mine’), and impassioned blues (‘Now You’re Gone’).” — All Music Guide
CRS 8015LP MAYFIELD, CURTIS: Back To The World LP (CRS 8015LP) 11.50
Mayfield’s follow-up to Superfly, 1972’s Back To The World featured the single “Future Shock.” Other tracks include “Right On For The Darkness,” “If I Were Only A Child Again,” and “Keep On Trippin’.” Exact repro reissue.
CYN 043EP MARSHALL, ADAM: Searching EP 12″ (CYN 043EP) 12.00
No stranger to straight-up, tracky techno, the cuts on Adam Marshall’s third Cynosure release are pure evidence of his familiarity with the genre. “Searching” is the slick, DJ-friendly jacker reminiscent of Detroit’s early sound. A relentless — but never tiring — deep analog bass sequence, backed with Marshall’s signature grooves, is the recipe here. “Jamming The Unit” is another workout designed for the long-mix, followed by the kick-less Basic Channel-influenced builder, entitled “Champion.” A perfect weapon in any techno set.
DOX 840LP SUN RA & HIS ARKESTRA: Jazz In Silhouette LP (DOX 840LP) 21.00
“Released on Ra’s own Saturn label in 1958 and originally only available at gigs, until its re-release on Impulse in 1975. For its unique ability to look both forward and backward at the same time, Silhouette is one Sun Ra’s finest of the period. Ra is able to revisit swing and be-bop while somehow still managing to stay at the forefront of jazz… perhaps Sun Ra’s music really did come from his own experiences in outer space as he often claimed. Outstanding performances by tenor saxophonist John Gilmore, often called ‘Sun Ra’s Johnny Hodges’, particularly on ‘Blues At Midnight’. John Gilmore was one of the longest standing members of the Arkestra. Special mention is also due to trumpeter Herbert Dotson who can be heard on this early version of ‘Enlightenment’, one of Ra’s greatest pieces, co-writtten with Dotson. Its theme was often chanted by Sun Ra & members of the Arkestra as they ran down through the theatre at the end of their sets. Also featuring standout track ‘Ancient Aiethopia’, which alone makes this album an important entry in Sun Ra’s voluminous discography.”
DOX 841LP BLAKEY, ART: Orgy In Rhythm 2LP (DOX 841LP) 32.00
“Originally released as two separate LPs on Blue Note and recorded at Manhattan Towers on March 7, 1957, NYC, this LP was the brain child of Art Blakey and founder of Blue Note Records, Alfred Lion. Although Blue Note recorded some of the biggest names in jazz, one of Lion’s favorite artists was Art Blakey. After years of watching Blakey play any chance he got, Lion proposed Blakey do an all drum session for Blue Note. Although many tried to dissuade Lion from doing the album, not seen as commercially viable, he thankfully went ahead and recorded this cutting-edge album. While Art Blakey was in charge of choosing the jazz line-up (Joe Jones, Specs Wright, Herbie Mann,Wendell Marshall, Ray Bryant), the great conguero Sabu Martinez was in charge of choosing the Latin players. The resulting album penned a new chapter in jazz drumming, and is still today is recognized as one of the classics of the genre. Art Blakey himself called the track ‘Ya Ya’ one of his greatest achievements.”
DOX 842LP MONK & SONNY ROLLINS, THELONIOUS: The Prestige Sessions LP (DOX 842LP) 21.00
“Although Sides A & B were both originally released as two separate ten-inch albums on Bob Weinstock’s Prestige Records, all tracks (recorded at two separate sessions in 1953 and 1954) have both Thelonious Monk and Sonny Rollins playing on them. Side A was recorded at WOR studio in NYC on Friday, Nov. 13, 1953, and although ‘Friday the 13th’ had indeed seemingly brought bad luck upon some of the players (just before the session Sonny Rollins was in a car accident and trumpeter Ray Copeland fell ill and had to be replaced at the last minute by the king of the French horn, Julius Watkins), the session itself was quite successful. The three tracks recorded: ‘Let’s Call This’, ‘Think of One’, and ‘Friday the Thirteenth’, were all Monk originals being recorded here for the first time. ‘Friday the Thirteenth’, an amazing track, is alone worth the purchase of the album. Along with Monk, Rollins and Watkins, the quintet is filled out by the great Percy Heath and Willie Jones. Side B, on the other hand, originally released on Prestige as prlp 190, is a quartet session led by Sonny Rollins at Van Gelder Studio on Oct. 25, 1954, and featuring Thelonious Monk, Tommy Potter and Art Taylor. For this session the quartet recorded three standards: ‘I Want To Be Happy’ and ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ and ‘More Than You Know’, which are all duly given the Monk / Rollins deluxe overhaul. It’s kind of like your old car with a jet engine. These songs have never sounded this good before or since! An essential and historic LP!”
DC 443CD DWARR: Animals CD (DC 443CD) 13.50
“Dwarr is Duane Warr. Dwarr put out the suicidal, droned out, and brilliant debut Starting Over in 1984, followed by Animals in 1986, Holy One in 2000, and Times Of Terror in 2003. Dwarr’s masterpiece Animals tells tales of rage, obsession and vengeance. Duane worked at a plastic factory in South Carolina. Criticism of Starting Over sent him into a paralyzing depression. He decided to appease the people by making a country record. Folks were entertained but it did nothing for Duane. He planned his revenge and decided to make a Dwarr record for himself and no one else. He gave everything he had to Animals. He recorded on a Tascam 8-track in his trailer and played everything but the drums himself. There was no dubbing; all the tracks had to be played straight through. He could nail it and miss the last note and have to start all over again. The making of Animals was a supernatural, spiritual experience that came at a dark point in Duane Warr’s life. Visions and hauntings took place during the making of the record. The lyrics are heavy and breathy and the guitar riffs are doom laden, brutal and heavy as hell. Dwarr created an impenetrably slow and heavy sludge of a record that promises to bludgeon you into a dark yet willing oblivion. There is nothing else like Animals.”
DC 443LP DWARR: Animals LP (DC 443LP) 17.00
LP version.
EAR 027CD BOLAN, MARC: Twopenny Prince 2CD (EAR 027CD) 24.50
“Unreleased versions of some classic Marc Bolan songs, recorded at home, in concert, or in studios all over the world. This album looks at extended versions of tracks like ‘Jewel,’ and the UK & US hit singles ‘Get it On’ and ‘Elemental Child.’ Includes rare live versions of songs like the very heavy version of ‘Buick Mackane,’ performed in the studio, or even acoustic home demos of the hit singles ‘Metal Guru’ and ‘Truck On,’ which was recorded two-and-a-half years before it was released, with Mary Hopkins on additional vocals.”
EF 027EP SEN, RICHARD: Monkey Temple 12″ (EF 027EP) 12.00
After remixing the likes of Brian Ferry, LCD Soundsystem, Sly Mongoose, James White and more, UK-based nu-disco producer Richard Sen presents his debut release for Endless Flight. “Monkey Temple” is warm, electric boogie house while the B-side’s “Discorcism” was the most clubby track featured on KZA & Toshiya Kawasaki’s I’m Starting To Feel Okay Vol. 4 (EF 005CD) compilation.
FMK 005EP FORMAT:B: Gospel 12″ (FMK 005EP) 12.00
Formatik presents an A-side smasher psalm by the chief preachers Format:B, which shall spread the word of the Almighty upon the dancefloors. So close your hands and pray as the nuns will already be body-groovin’ in the aisles. Super Flu’s “Antichrist Remix” adds some soul to the hook lines.
CD 163CD WILCOX SULLIVAN WILCOX: An Album Of Original Music CD (CD 163CD) 15.00
This is an album of private press original music by New Mexico male/female trio Michael Sullivan, Judy Wilcox, and Dennis Wilcox, from 1973. Folky psychedelic rock with lush male-female harmonies. Bright and brilliantly textured acoustic guitar work throughout. Rocks at times, goes into hillbilly country territory and honest folk at others, with an acid influence that is pervasive yet subtle. Serious collectors have been swooning over this album for years, and with good reason. This is pure magic. Flawlessly remastered from the original master tapes by the album’s producer, Emitt Brooks. Reviews from Rate Your Music: “Heaped with praise in The Acid Archives. They were totally right. A rare vanity/private press facemelter with NO covers!” “Interesting record, for a few reasons. Total guru-spiritual yogi trip as soft as they come, barefoot, ethereal voices creeping in the edges of your hair, steel guitar used like a thin ray of sunshine gleaming on a cymbal, light splashing around the room. Seemingly bogus seeker lyrics surprise and delight with clichés run backwards and through a crystal pool. It works somehow, that when you think you know what you should hear, you’ve only heard a shadow of it really, and the truth is clearly ahead in something entirely new and unknown… like breathing air, and forgetting you are doing so. ‘Snow On A Mountain’ truly is a stunning track, and a desert island pick for the genre — magical, dark, mid-winter ennui from the depths of the reclusive preoccupied 1970s.”
GUESS 071LP SAMURAI: Samurai LP (GUESS 071LP) 25.50
Formed from the ashes of Web progsters, this is the only release by British band Samurai. Canterbury-styled UK 1971 heavy progressive rock rarity, often compared to King Crimson or Gentle Giant. 180 gram vinyl reissue with a nice carton, and original gatefold artwork.
GUESS 072LP IRISH COFFEE: Irish Coffee LP (GUESS 072LP) 25.50
Guerssen Records presents the first-ever authorized vinyl reissue of this classic. Excellent vintage hard-rock made in Belgium in 1971 and originally released on the Triangle label. Their sound was clearly influenced by Deep Purple or even Uriah Heep, with killer guitar all over and good use of organ. This record from Irish Coffee has been considered a key album in the hard-rock field since the early days of collecting, with originals fetching quite a bit of money. High-quality reissue pressed on 180 gram vinyl, housed in sturdy packaging with the original artwork. Includes an insert with linernotes and photos.
HIGH 083EP SCHNEIDER & PASCAL FEOS, GUIDO: Saftig/Halb Trocken 12″ (HIGH 083EP) 12.00
Despite their hectic schedule, DJs Guido Schneider and Pascal Feos have found the time for a joint project. The result is Saftig/Halb Trocken, which translates as “juicy and half dry.” “Saftig” kidnaps us away into a hypnotically rhythmical realm, before Schneider and Feos switch it down a gear into “Halb Trocken.” A metallic and sober start creeps into a complex universe of rhythm, sound and samples, gradually reaching a finely balanced musical climax.
HJP 050EP WAREIKA HILL SOUNDS: Kumina Mento Rasta 10″ (HJP 050EP) 11.00
Wareika Hill Sounds is the contemporary roots reggae project of Calvin Cameron — mainstay of the original Light Of Saba line?up, and the genius behind Lambs Bread Collie. In the great pedagogical traditions of the multicultural Light Of Saba, and before that Count Ossie, this recording runs together two JA musical traditions — a kind of drumming (and drum) brought from the Congo, and the island’s variation of calypso — into a thundering grounation charge. The Skatalite’s trombone?playing is majestic, deadly, and deeply gripping. The dub is tremendous, too. Expertly mastered and cut at D&M in Berlin, and beautifully pressed at Pallas, for maximum soundboy worries. Printed sleeve design by Will Bankhead.
HDB 036EP ILL BLU: Bellion/Dragon Pop 12″ (HDB 036EP) 12.50
“This is the debut release on Hyperdub for north London’s Ill Blu, one of Funky’s most celebrated and promising production duos, who since forming in 2008 have had a string of underground hits as well as recently putting remixes for the likes of Cheryl Cole and Hot Chip under their belts.”
HDB 037EP TERROR DANJAH FEAT. D.O.K: Bruzin VIP/Hysteria 12″ (HDB 037EP) 12.50
“Terror Danjah is currently putting the finishing touches to a new album for Hyperdub, while at the same time plotting total club takeover with his own soon-to-be-revealed label. This is his second single on Hyperdub, after the mighty pairing of ‘Acid’ and ‘Pro Plus’ earlier in 2010.”
HDB 038EP COOLY G: Up In My Head/Phat Si 12″ (HDB 038EP) 12.50
“Since her debut EP for Hyperdub early last year, which won accolades and acclaim everywhere from The Guardian to Mixmag to Music Week, Cooly G has become firmly established as an in-demand DJ, producer and remixer, touring the world, and remixing top ten acts. She is also about to launch her own label Dub Organizer, with the first release imminent, and is currently starting work on an album for Hyperdub.”
MOOD 4602CD DAUNER, WOLFGANG: Changes/Zeitlaufe 2CD (MOOD 4602CD) 17.00
“Changes is the result of Wolfgang Dauner’s solo production, where he used a state-of-the-art electronic sampler (EMS Synthi 100 and oberheim 4 voice) along with a grand piano in 1971 to create the sounds that he wanted in the area of jazz. Zeitlaufe (course of time), on the other hand, was a commissioned album. It set to music a Greek calendar from the photographer, Manfred Rieker. While Wolfgang Dauner was investigating the music from Ancient Greece, he came across the oldest surviving musical composition, engraved on the grave pillar of Seikilos in Asia Minor in 400 B.C. The Song of Seikilos. It’s a drinking song, telling you to enjoy a life that is short.”
INCUS 060CD BAILEY, DEREK: More 74: Solo Guitar Improvisations CD (INCUS 060CD) 19.00
Previously unreleased recordings, remastered from original reel-to-reel tapes. “Even for a man who always said that he preferred music in a state of flux, these performances’ refusal of any of the traditional means a musician might use to pin down the material he’s working with is truly astonishing. The commitment to an approach where, at every moment, any element of the performer’s vocabulary could be brought into play places the highest demands on the player’s inventiveness and his capacity to construct phrases with distinct individual characters and proportions.” — Alex Ward
IL 1007EP LAZER SWORD: Batman 12″ (IL 1007EP) 8.00
“Lazer Sword’s ‘Batman’ is the precursor single to the San Francisco duo’s self-titled debut. The upcoming single features remixes by LA’s tropicalia duo Nguzunguzu and half of Lazer Sword, Lando Kal. The flipside ‘I”m Gone’ features Bay-area hyphy legend Turf Talk. The B-side also has remixes by UK Grime DJ Rustie and the other half of Lazer Sword, Low Limit.”
“‘Lupus Pilum Mutat, Non Mentem’ – The wolf may change its fur, but not its nature. This is the sentiment that runs throughout the new six (6) track (45 minute) album I, Vigilante. It encompasses words of warning and tales of trouble from times past up to the present, songs of standing your ground and stories from our history, for it is only through history we truly exist.”
LP version.
KRS 356EP STLS: Drumcore 7″ (KRS 356EP) 5.00
“STLS is two women performing drums, just drums. Lisa Schonberg (Explode into Colors, Kickball) and sts (The Haggard, Cadallaca) play standing up, facing each other, on two drum sets. Their sound is huge and their syncopations are rhythmically energizing and entrancing. Their drumming utilizes the tones and textures of the drums to play melodic patterns that recreate the dynamic structure of a typical pop song. The band was born out of an invitation by a friend to come to NYC and perform entirely percussion-based shows.” On white vinyl.
KRS 519CD THERMALS, THE: Personal Life CD (KRS 519CD) 16.50
“Over the course of seven years and four LPs, The Thermals have tackled religion, politics, and death with no small amount of passion and fervor. With their fifth LP, The Thermals have battled (and perhaps even conquered!) the deepest and darkest of all popular art themes — love. Not that The Thermals haven’t sung/spoken/screamed about the wide range of emotions love produces and abuses. But never before have The Thermals devoted an entire LP to love, loss, and lies! More than an album strictly about love, Personal Life is about relationships. It’s about the concept of a connection between two people — making it, breaking it, and faking it. Personal Life amounts to the indie rock equivalent of a brilliant but ultimately doomed love affair. A beautiful, turbulent experience that will hopefully leave you wiser in the ways of love and life. Personal Life is something of a retro-technical achievement. Producer Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie, Tegan and Sara) recorded The Thermals the same way in which he produced their 2004 LP Fuckin’ A. The band was recorded live (for the most part) to tape, and the album was mixed to tape as well. The sonic care Walla gave to Personal Life assures an enjoyable listen for audiophiles (the vinyl was mastered straight from tape) as well as for the rest of us who don’t care and will be listening on shitty headphones and Radio Shack speakers.”
KRS 519LP THERMALS, THE: Personal Life LP (KRS 519LP) 16.50
LP version.
KRS 533LP GRASS WIDOW: Past Time LP (KRS 533LP) 15.50
LP version. “Influenced by similarly all-female punk and post-punk acts like The Neo Boys and Kleenex, Grass Widow also note Roy Wood’s The Move and The Kinks as a major source of inspiration. This can all be heard on Past Time along with the three-part harmonies, complex arrangements and odd chord progressions. Grass Widow is also influenced by a legacy of women who have paved the way through their music and politics. Their collaborative songwriting process, the fact that they don’t have a front person and that they all equally contribute to the work of the band speaks to this philosophy. In addition, they take the opportunity as an all female band to bring attention to the roles of spectacle and spectator in their scene and make a conscious effort to play shows where women are involved.”
KYE 007LP CALL BACK THE GIANTS: Call Back The Giants LP (KYE 007LP) 16.00
“This is it. The debut LP by Call Back The Giants, the new project by former Shadow Ring keyboard governor Tim Goss. Fans of the recent Kye 7″ will be thrilled to know that this LP is equally invested with strange, elegant horsepower. This is truly a record without a home. A record at odds with both the bottom feeders of the trad-folk revival, and the new merchants of digital gloom. With this LP Call Back The Giants offer up a Black Box of homespun mystery. A timeless attest to the worth of solitary vision.” Second pressing, limited to 200 copies.
LBOP 8001LP ZE, TOM: Studies of Tom Zé: Explaining Things So I Can Confuse You 3LP BOX/7″/CD (LBOP 8001LP) 75.00
“In celebration of this iconoclastic master of song, politics, satire and human relations, Luaka Bop is releasing a vinyl-only box set, Studies of Tom Zé: Explaining Things So I Can Confuse You which pulls together for the first time a trilogy of ‘studies’ on Brazilian musical styles’ Massive Hits, Estudando o Pagode, and Estudando a Bossa. The latter two recordings have never been issued on vinyl and the former has never been available in the US. This retrospective collection from the first artist ever signed to Luaka Bop is limited edition and numbered. Cut in 180-gram vinyl, and in their complete original covers, the three-record set also includes a live 45 of Zé’s legendary collaborative tour with Tortoise, recorded at London’s Barbican in 2001. To complete the retrospective treatment, Luaka Bop has added a CD featuring a 1993 conversation between Tom Zé, David Byrne, and Arto Lindsay, a 12-page booklet by noted Brazilian music scholar Chris Dunn, a touch of day glow, lots of varnished paper, and a modicum of cardboard with a splash of black. Comes with a code to digitally download all vinyl content.”
MAIN S/6116HLP TANGERINE ZOO, THE: Outside Looking In LP (MAIN S/6116HLP) 14.00
180 gram exact repro of The Tangerine Zoo’s second album, originally released in 1969. Includes the single “Like People” and a cover of the Moody Blues’ “Another Morning.” This band formed in Swansea, Massachusetts, which circulates a completely different form of pot than the kind ever ingested by anyone from Tangerine Dream, but that hasn’t kept at least one online retailer from listing the artist of this record incorrectly.
MM 101LP KHOZA, DICK: Chapita LP (MM 101LP) 30.00
“Legendary long lost South African Afrojazz classic from the vaults of Rashid Vally’s As-shams (Sun) record label. Remastered from the original master tapes and reissued for the first time since 1976. Features detailed research, extensive liner notes and unseen photographs. Available in a deluxe limited edition of 500 handnumbered 180g vinyl LPs. First in a series of classic original South African jazz LPs to be reissued by Matsuli Music.”
NEOS 11020CD KATZER, GEORG: String Quartets CD/SACD (NEOS 11020CD) 21.00
Featured works: Georg Katzer (b. 1935): String Quartets: String Quartet No. 1(1965), String Quartet No. 3 (1987); String Quartet No. 4 ‘Tempi Fragili’ (2004). Performed by Sonar Quartett: Susanne Zapf, Kirsten Harms (violins); NIkolaus Schlierf (viola); Cosima Gerhardt (cello). “Silesian-born composer Georg Katzer grew up after the war near Magdeburg. He was at first a musical autodidact, because those post-war years precluded any thoughts of systematic music instruction. After a requisite year of preliminary study, he was accepted for composition studies at the Berlin Conservatory, where he studied with Rudolf Wagner-Régeny and later with Ruth Zechlin. What influenced him most were the teachings of Hanns Eisler, with whom he studied from 1960 onwards. Although the string quartets are certainly not located at the centre of the extensive output of Georg Katzer, they nevertheless accompany his entire development as a composer, representing not the sum of his work, but a picture of his artistic development. In the first quartet, an alternation of asynchronous, aleatoric fields of dissolution and more or less strictly synchronized moving patterns is carried out. Of the third quartet, the composer has written: ‘One summer evening my ear honed in on the singing of crickets. I was awake and fully conscious, but for the first time I heard them as a thickly-meshed fabric around a central tone. These extra-musical associations coagulated into something else: human experience as an analogy of art.’ The ‘String Quartet No. 4’ oscillates episodically between moving forward and stopping still, between stasis and dynamic change, between mechanistic, empty operations and rude outbreaks, treating time as a broken continuum, until towards the end any sense of coordination is given up and a conclusion is offered in which each flageolet sounds on in spheric aloofness.” Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACD that can be played on any CD player.
NEOS 11032CD RIHM/BELA BARTOK, WOLFGANG: Schrift-Um-Schrift CD/SACD (NEOS 11032CD) 21.00
Featured works: Wolfgang Rihm: Schrift-Um-Schrift (1993/2007) and Béla Bartók: Sonata For Two Pianos And Percussion (1937). Performed by GrauSchumacher Piano Duo; Franz Schindlbeck, Jan Schlichte (percussion). “In Wolfgang Rihm’s Schrift-Um-Schrift there is a successive development of discrete musical events and attenuated sounds, transformed into a complex, atrophied space. Filled with echoes and resonances which are in turn multicolored, glistening and occasionally subdued vibrations and susurrations, it contains many ‘over-written’ pre-events, as Rihm remarks in his commentary on the piece: ‘The musical environment out of which the work emerges is a labyrinthine field, a group that is entropic — criss-crossing and rejecting itself as new parts undergo genesis. It is a nature-like process, one not planned.’ Béla Bartók treats the pianos as percussion instruments — in their orchestral guise, so to speak — in the sonata, such that together they become a force equal to the striking sounds of the individual percussion instruments. An exceptionally-fine sense of formal proportion, and a masterful balance of chromatic and diatonic material, is notable in this piece.” Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACD that can be played on any CD player.
NEOS 11040CD KELLER, HERMANN: Second Piano Concerto And Chamber Music CD (NEOS 11040CD) 21.00
Featured works: Hermann Keller (b. 1945): Concerto for Piano and 13 Instruments; Sonata for String Trio and Piano; Scene for solo trombone, part 2; Scenes for Violinist (e) and Pianist(e). Performed by Antje Messerschmidt (violin); Hermann Keller (piano); Martin Flade (viola); Ralph-Raimund (cello); Matthias Jann (trombone); Ensemble Chronophonie, Manuel Nawri (conductor). “Hermann Keller is the prototype of a circumspect and restless experimenter, an improviser who turns out unprecedented inventions while holding his audience in thrall. One of his favorite occupations is to play ex tempore at the piano, attacking the keys and the body of the instrument in veritable transports of madness. Anything that can be coaxed and twisted from the instrument is brought to bear on his music. There are bonus features as well, the most familiar being preparations, i.e. distorting the piano sound with such implements as erasers, screws, mallets or cymbals. He works with cluster bars, fingernails, fists, elbows — the entire body, it would seem. He claims that he has never laid eyes on a Cagean prepared piano, but of course he knows the relevant Cage recordings. Henry Cowell, John Cage and Hermann Keller, according to the composer and piano preparer Hans Rempel, form a single a line of evolution. Rempel is right: over the years Keller has experimented ceaselessly with preparation and produced truly evolutionary achievements.”
NEOS 41003CD HUBSCH, CARL LUDWIG: Longrun Development Of The Universe CD (NEOS 41003CD) 21.00
Subtitled: The Creators Bend A Master Plan. Featured works: Carl Ludwig Hübsch (b. 1966): Lumière; Not Even; Three Pinups; Orbiting and Module Modulations. Performed by Gerry Hemingway (drums); Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba); Matthias Schubert (tenor saxophone); Wolter Wierbos (trombone). “This recording marks Gerry Hemingway’s first appearance on disc with the Hübsch-Schubert-Wierbos brass trio, who have recorded together for more than a decade. A drummer himself, Hübsch chose Hemingway for his innate creativity, organic flexibility and singular style. In Gerry Hemingway he knew he had a singular personality who could function as a melodic voice, as on Lumière, or as a source of metric propulsion, as on Orbiting, or at times move freely between the two roles, as on Module Modulations.”
ZEN 155CD TRIANA, ANDREYA: Lost Where I Belong CD (ZEN 155CD) 15.50
“Produced by Simon Green, aka Bonobo, Lost Where I Belong sees both Andreya and Simon working with live musicians, playing and using samples of found sounds to stitch together a soul music both timelessly classic and utterly contemporary. Andreya has worked with Flying Lotus, Mr. Scruff, Theo Parrish, Mount Kimbie, and notably Bonobo, with whom she recently toured the US.”
ZEN 155LP TRIANA, ANDREYA: Lost Where I Belong LP (ZEN 155LP) 17.50
LP version.
ZEN 159CD QEMISTS, THE: Spirit In The System CD (ZEN 159CD) 15.50
“Following the ground-rupturing, genre-fusing success of their ballistic debut full-length, 2009’s Join The Q, The Qemists return with their brilliant second album, Spirit In The System, a bolder and more sophisticated beast betraying a confidence drawn from playing their wild noise to riotous audiences across the globe.”
ZEN 159LP QEMISTS, THE: Spirit In The System 3LP (ZEN 159LP) 25.50
Deluxe gatefold 3LP version.
ZEN 160-3EP VA: Ninja Tune XX Vol. 3 12″ (ZEN 160-3EP) 12.50
“In conjunction with its 20th birthday, Ninja Tune is releasing a series of limited edition 12″s showcasing remixes from some of today’s most groundbreaking artists.” Tracklist: A1. Two Fingers – “Fools Rhythm” A2. The Bug – “Tune In (Version)” B1. Zomby – “The Forest” B2. Zomby – “Orchid” B3. Emika – “Drop The Other (Daedelus Fragments Into A Thousand Little Pieces)”
ZEN 160-4EP VA: Ninja Tune XX Vol. 4 12″ (ZEN 160-4EP) 12.50
Tracklist: A1. Toddla T & Ms Dynamite – “Want U Now” A2. Roots Manuva – “It’s On” A3. Poirier – “Get Crazy (Mark Pritchard Vocal)” B1. Big Dada Sound – “Signs” B2. Diplo – “Summer’s Gonna Hurt You (2010 Remix)”
ZEN 160-5EP VA: Ninja Tune XX Vol. 5 12″ (ZEN 160-5EP) 12.50
Tracklist: A1. Amon Tobin – “Lost & Found” A2. Amon Tobin – “Foley Versions (Kronos Quartet Interpretation)” B1. Roots Manuva – “Dub Styes (Micachu Remix)” B2. DJ Vadim – “The Terrorist (Gaslamp Computer Killer Remix)” B3. DELS – “Eating Clouds”
ZEN 160-6EP VA: Ninja Tune XX Vol. 6 12″ (ZEN 160-6EP) 12.50
Tracklist: A1. Spank Rock – “What It Look Like” (Todd Edwards Remix) A2. Fink – “Pretty Little Thing” (EL-B’s Digital Remix) B1. Shuttle – “Lion” B2. Dark Sky – “Leave”
ZEN 161CD ESKMO: Eskmo CD (ZEN 161CD) 15.50
“Brendan Angelides, aka Eskmo, somehow manages to rope together the aesthetics of glitch, dubstep, and R&B into a package that is troubling, beautiful and strangely uplifting all at once. It states, simply and without the need for any of these words, that Angelides is a unique presence in electronic music.”
“Brian Pyle is well-known for his enterprising shamanism as one half of Nor Cal improv gurus Starving Weirdos but when off-roading in his Ensemble Economique buggy he seems to stumble onto even weirder psychogenic artifacts. Psychical is Pyle’s freshest full-length and easily his most drugged and dense. Thick, humid banks of synth-fog descend over looped cult hand-drum patterns, strangely panned waves of brainwash tones, and snippets of third world voices mumbling about blood and marijuana. As the name half-jokingly implies, EE is 100% Pyle’s creation instrument-wise, although his wife Phoenix does intone some possessed doom poetry over the crushing war drums of ‘Forever Eyes’ and Tom Carter (of Charalambides) cameos with some searing white light guitar shrapnel on the creep-out raga of ‘Real Things.’ All the pieces dissolve into one another, giving Psychical a dark-trip soundtrack mood, an upriver lost soul convoy into hostile off-radar territories, a thousand spectral voices misting down like blackening monsoon clouds. A total haunter, and an LP we’ve been spinning many midnights around NNF HQ. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with occult VHS artwork by Manda Beth Brown. Edition of 470.”
NNF 208LP ETTINGER, DYLAN: New Age Outlaws LP (NNF 208LP) 14.00
“Back in March of this year we released Dr. Ettinger’s New Age Outlaws album on cassette and it was great. But artists — in case you didn’t know — ain’t easily satisfied, and so Dylan felt compelled to return to the master tapes and further articulate the new age sci-fi ambient drift jazz vision of those pieces into something even grander and more elegant. Sounded like a worthwhile cause to us, so here’s New Age Outlaws: The Director’s Cut, mastered fresh for vinyl and bedazzled with new layers of robot noir synth lines, back alley cyber sax, and insomniac drum machine heartbeats. Dylan even architected a new track sequence and re-named a couple songs. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with stunning alien vista artwork by Dan McPharlin, plus a photocopied insert. Edition of 490.”
NNF 212LP UMBERTO: Prophecy Of The Black Widow LP (NNF 212LP) 14.00
“The one Umberto performance we had the rad fortune to bear witness to involved at least a dozen dudes, dads, and ladies all on stage wearing sunglasses at night and shredding keyboards/keytars bathed in a sea of fog machinery and strobe lights and extraterrestrially-costumed interpretive dancers. Shit was BEYOND. Umberto mastermind Matt Hill allegedly went to legit music school back in the day and used to play bass for Expo 70 (Justin/Expo released the debut Umberto tape/CDR, From The Grave, on his Sonic Meditations label) before splintering into his current electro-satanic Goblin worship guise — and we for one can’t get enough. Prophecy Of The Black Widow is his sophomore LP and though the badass evil Italo goth-synth horror-score blueprint of Grave remains, the main variation is subtle vibe-shift from 70s Argento/Carpenter-isms into more early/mid-80s new wave creep-scapes. There’s still plenty of eerie nightmare keyboard riffs and vintage witch-disco breakouts but the synths squelch with more of a neon retrofuturist bent and there’s even one brazenly feel good soaring-into-the-sunset closing credits anthem (the literally-titled ‘Everything Is Going To Be Okay’). Whatever prophecy Prophecy is foretelling, we’re on board. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with sick fake-3D lettering and art by Seth Johnson. Edition of 485.”
OM 010EP SPACE SYSTEM: Sorrow Show EP 12″ (OM 010EP) 12.00
Space System hail from Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2009, they sent their debut album to JD Twitch who was instantly smitten by their unique sound and asked if he could release two of the tracks on vinyl. “Sorrow Show” is a wild synthetic ride with Moogs, lush strings and a live drum sound. “Petik” fuses traditional Indonesian gamelan sounds with a skippy house beat. An exotic masterpiece of Fourth World disco. Includes mixes by King Of Town and JD Twitch.
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1972. Astrud Gilberto’s beautiful Brazilian vocals with funky straightlaced tropicalia. A notable contributor is percussionist Airto Moreira, whose own solo albums should be gripped on sight.
Exact repro, originally released in 1958. Dorothy Ashby (harp) and Frank Wess (flute) with Herman Wright (bass) and Art Taylor (drums). The great soul jazz harpist who put the instrument on the cool-map.
CON 006CD DAUNER, WOLFGANG: Free Action CD (CON 006CD) 23.00
2008 release. “A deep excursion into the laboratory of Germany’s most important avant-garde jazz musician. A milestone of breaking down barriers between genres. Feat. Jean-Luc Ponty (Zappa, Mahavishnu). Originally released on MPS in 1967. Unique gatefold cardboard packaging.”
R-N 093CD IKEDA, RYOJI: Test Pattern CD (R-N 093CD) 17.00
2008 release, repressed. Following 2005’s Dataplex CD on Raster-Noton, Test Pattern is the second audio release in Ryoji Ikeda’s multimedia project, Datamatics, an ongoing exploration of the potential to perceive the invisible multi-substance of data that permeates our world. Test Pattern acts as a system that converts any type of data (text, sounds, photos and movies) into barcode patterns and binary patterns of 0s and 1s. Through the conversion of raw data into digital audio files, Ikeda enables us to listen to the flow of data, creating an extraordinary and unexpected soundtrack. These sequences of data reveal a rich variety of microscopic structures which form Ikeda’s raw material; working with these micro-structures, they sometimes form the basis of chronological sequences, and sometimes he focuses on their rhythmic qualities. All sounds are the result of Ikeda’s manipulation of this raw data. Test Pattern aims to examine the relationship between critical points of device performance and the threshold of human perception, pushing both to their absolute limits. Almost all tracks on this release are unsuitable for conversion into high-quality mp3 files. The velocity of the audio files is ultra-fast, some hundreds of frames per second, so that the album provides a performance test for the audio equipment, as well as a response test for the audience’s perceptions. A sticker on the CD jacket warns of high volume listening as this may cause damage to equipment and eardrums.
R-N 121LP ANBB: ALVA NOTO & BLIXA BARGELD: Mimikry 2LP (R-N 121LP) 23.00
Deluxe gatefold 2LP version. Includes a poster. Raster-Noton presents the debut full-length album by ANBB, the collaborative project of electronic music composer/visual artist Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai) and composer/voice artist Blixa Bargeld (also known as singer of Einstürzende Neubauten and guitarist of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds). Having been friends and admirers of each other’s work for a long time, they decided to join forces to develop a musical concept based on the combination of improvisation and abstraction. The collaboration debuted at an impulsive live performance at Recombinant Media Labs in San Francisco in September 2007, where the spontaneity of Blixa Bargeld’s voice and the elaborate beat structures and soundscapes of Alva Noto merged to surprising and unexpected results. Rethinking traditional songs in their own special manner, they deliver an outstanding and inspiring musical blend of abstract electronics and radically altered traditional songs. On its ten tracks, Mimikry readopts two originals and two alternate versions of tracks from the duo’s debut EP, Ret Marut Handshake (R-N 120EP), while introducing six brand new songs. Additionally, the album includes a guest vocal contribution from model/actress Veruschka (known for her appearance in Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 cult movie Blow-Up).
APL1 0211LP NITE-LITERS, THE: A-Nal-Y-Sis LP (APL1 0211LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue of the 1973 final album from one of Harvey Fuqua’s funk productions. Tracks like opener “Serenade For A Jive Turkey” and “Excuse Me While I Do My Thing” accelerate the pulse and weaken the knees with edgy horns and heavy funk rhythms. “…an anthology from primitive funk to third world rock.”
PC 6713EP SMITH, LONNIE LISTON: Expansions 12″ (PC 6713EP) 10.00
“Expansions” was originally released on a 12″ in 1975. The B-side was originally released on 1975’s Visions Of A New World on Flying Dutchman. Tracklist: A1. Expansions; B1. Visions Of A New World (Phase 1).
MS 2050 CAPTAIN BEEFHEART: The Spotlight Kid LP (MS 2050) 14.00
2010 repress. 180 gram vinyl, manufactured by Rhino. Fifth album, originally released in 1972. “The self-produced The Spotlight Kid, with a band consisting again of Zoot Horn Rollo, Rockette Morton and Ed Marimba, joined by Winged Eel Fingerling (Eliot Ingber), guitar, in addition to Drumbo, Ted Cactus and Rhys Clark on drums.”
MS 2076HLP METERS, THE: Cabbage Alley LP (MS 2076HLP) 14.00
180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino. Their fourth album and their first for Reprise, originally released in 1972.
MS 2200HLP METERS, THE: Rejuvenation LP (MS 2200HLP) 14.00
180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino. “…this is the definitive Reprise album from the Meters, not just because the material is stronger (which admittedly is true), but because the performances are continually inspired and the production is professional but hits at a gut level, resulting in a first-class funk album.” — All Music Guide
MS 2228HLP METERS, THE: Fire On The Bayou LP (MS 2228HLP) 14.00
The Meters’ third album for Reprise, originally released in 1975. 180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino.
SRK 6057HLP REZILLOS, THE: Can’t Stand The Rezillos LP (SRK 6057HLP) 14.00
1978 debut album from this Glasgow new wave/pop punk band featuring a cover of Fleetwood Macs’ ‘Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight,’ which is either gratifying or unfortunate, depending on your daily protein intake. 180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino.
CORE 094D-EP TRENT, RON: Core 1994 – Seduction 12″ (CORE 094D-EP) 11.00
“Another masterpiece from the celestial kingdom of Prescription is resurrected, this time the latest feature of slow to speak’s CORE reissue series. Ron Trent’s aptly titled ‘Seduction’ is an ideal specimen of instrumental house—a hypnotizing, brooding mutation of sparse club-oriented utility that defines quality dance music minus the intricacy of song-based classicism. With but a few base elements and a touch of magic typical of Mr. Trent at his finest, ‘Seduction’ proves that repetition does not necessarily equal redundancy—to the contrary, here the simplicity of repetition works to the track’s full advantage, leaving everything in its path in a total trance not easily shaken-off. Pulling forward with black-keyed pads, freaked synth lines, subaquatic bass, vertigo-inducing drum programs and one of the baddest vocal samples this side of the big bang, ‘Seduction’ beckons with a continual utterance of its namesake, lending it a hermetic eeriness that conjures up images of Ron in the lab, recklessly dissecting the lifeless bodies of so many classics and reanimating their remains into a modern-day Frankenstein born of the shadowed corridors of uptempo soul music’s subconscious desire. Bewitching, awe-inspiring and totally brilliant, ‘Seduction’ (reissued) reaffirms the truth of underground dance music, reminding us that deep house doesn’t have to mimic the multifarious compositions of a Philly-Soul production to bestow upon us the lasting experience of musical genius at its best.” One-sided release.
SMALL 021EP SMALLPEOPLE & RAU: Meadows EP 12″ (SMALL 021EP) 12.00
Smallpeople aka Julius Steinhoff and Dionne are back with a real smasher. This time they caught Christopher Rau. The results of the dream team’s jam-sessions are gorgeous: two never-to-stop tunes which will light up the dancefloor with unforgettable hook lines. The test pressings of this double A-side have already created pure magic. “Meadows” is reduced to the essential and produced to the max. The way-deeper “Life Aquatic” is nonetheless delightful.
SWSLMTD 001EP STELLER: Terrence EP 12″ (SWSLMTD 001EP) 12.00
This is the first installment in the Soweso Limited Series, featuring tech house master Alex Celler teaming up with Stathis Lazarides to form Steller. The title track is an epic house track with a vocal that will turn heads in the clubs. Next, Steller brings you the dirty rocker “Coola,” with an infectious and timeless groove. Johnny D’s remix takes the original on a psychedelic trip like you’ve never heard before.
WIRE 321 WIRE, THE: #321 November 2010 MAG (WIRE 321) 8.50
“On the cover of this month’s magazine: Drexciya (The Otolith Group decode the techno enigma, plus the Detroit legends on record). Features: Bjørn Torske (The Norwegian’s spacious house is centrally-heated by warm vintage disco sounds); Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer (The German policeman and his wife talk transgressive art and outsider noise with Daniel Spicer); Global Ear: Beirut (At Lebanon’s Irtijal festival, Seth Ayyaz hears local musicians transcending Arabic music clichés); Invisible Jukebox: John Tilbury; Cross Platform (Turner Prize nominess The Otolith Group explain the motives behind their new Drexciya-inspired film, Hydra Decapita; The Primer (A user’s guide to the music and mythos of Drexciya, including their myriad solo projects); Wim Mertens (Clive Bell enjoys a continental breakfast with the prolific, polymathic Belgian composer whose work celebrates repetition and the voice); Jennifer Walshe (Nothing is real, everything is permitted, says the Irish composer and sonic artist, from within a maze of aliases and false identities); Epiphanies: Brian Dillion.”
THRONE 009EP POPULETTE: Populace 12″ (THRONE 009EP) 12.00
Forward-looking but deeply rooted, Populette is all about dancefloor energy and analog synths — deep, druggy, and not for the faint-hearted. That’s why it was no surprise to Throne Of Blood when they suggested that perhaps the Wizard himself, Gavin Russom, might be keen to do a remix. Gavin opted for cosmic grandiosity rather than dancefloor impact, turning in a mind-melting 12-minute ambient mix that Populette describes as sounding like Jan Hammer and Klaus Schultze jamming together in arpeggio heaven.
TZ 7312 NAKED CITY: Black Box CD (TZ 7312) 18.00
Repressed for the first time in years, originally a 2CD release, this 20th Anniversary Edition combines all the music from the original release on one disc and features a new 24-page booklet. Featuring the classic line up of Zorn (as, vocals), Fred Frith (b), Bill Frisell (g), Wayne Horvitz (keyboards), Joey Baron (d) & Yamantaka Eye (vocals). Of all the records out there dedicated to Lip Cream, this is the one! “The controversial and influential Naked City Black Box couples two of Zorn’s most extreme and violent creations. Torture Garden (1991) presents Naked City’s intense and groundbreaking music combining free jazz, bebop, r&b, country, funk, rockabilly, surf, metal and grindcore — usually in the same song! The rare, seldom heard Leng Tch’e (1992), released only in Japan and long out-of-print features Naked City in an agonizingly slow, brutal 32-minute assault. This special 20th anniversary edition brings all the music together on one CD, accompanied by a booklet complete with artwork, photos and essays old and new.”
UYS 004EP CAZZOLA & TITTA, FRANCO: Vitta Brevis 12″ (UYS 004EP) 12.00
Upon You presents Franco Cazzola and Titta. Cazzola’s track “Vita Brevis” is a spicy offering for the Upon You Sweet & Sour series with two kicking remixes to boot. One is from Pol On and the second one comes from ONNO. The results are definitely hot-dogging around the funky house island but with each artist showing us some pretty tricky manoeuvres, too.
BS 2814HLP GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION: Release Yourself LP (BS 2814HLP) 14.00
1974 release from Larry Graham’s (Sly & The Family Stone) funk band. 180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino.
WAP 299EP SEEFEEL: Faults 10″ (WAP 299EP) 9.00
“Seminal band Seefeel return with their first new material for nearly 14 years (their first on Warp in 15 years).”
WAP 300EP RUSTIE: Sunburst 12″ (WAP 300EP) 9.00
“Glasgow’s prodigal son Rustie has been creating some of the most mind-boggling, genre-straddling, electronic music of recent years. Over the course of a crucial handful of game changing solo releases on Numbers labels Stuffrecords and Wireblock, a split single with Joker and remixes for the likes of Modeselektor and Crookers, Rustie is now dropping Sunburst, his debut EP for Warp Records.”
WARP 193CD HUNDRED IN THE HANDS, THE: The Hundred In The Hands CD (WARP 193CD) 15.50
“On the heels of their critically acclaimed EP, This Desert, Brooklyn’s The Hundred in the Hands will release their debut full-length on Warp Records. Time Out New York says ‘The Hundred in the Hands music springs from that sliver of the early ’80s in which pop was personal, arty and potentially angry,’ while Brooklyn Vegan calls their EP ‘a bit post-punky, a bit shoegaze-y but sounds like now. And you can dance to it.’ The new recording follows the band’s first national tour and a wave of critical praise from the U.K. and Europe. The Hundred in the Hands is an album of deceptively complex pop songs which hark back to the dance music of NYC’s storied underground. Where their EP feels like a summertime pop dream, THITH’s album conjures the spirit of downtown’s mutant disco scene as made legendary by clubs like the Paradise Garage.”
WARP 193LP HUNDRED IN THE HANDS, THE: The Hundred In The Hands LP (WARP 193LP) 21.50
Gatefold LP version.
WARP 196CD SQUAREPUSHER: Shobaleader One: d’Demonstrator CD (WARP 196CD) 13.50
“This is by far the most accessible record Squarepusher (aka Tom Jenkinson) has ever made. This was not the original intent, but the result is clear. This record will change the way people view Squarepusher. Having been known as a leader and innovator in drum ‘n bass and various forms of up tempo electronic music for 15 years, Jenkinson was always able to push the boundaries of the genre, but on Shobaleader One: d’Demonstrator, he is pushing so far beyond his previous releases it is easy to hear why it might take a few listens to register that this is indeed a Squarepusher record. Vocals? R&B rhythms? Heavy synths? These and other un-Squarepusher like elements form what could even be described as ‘baby makin’ music’. Jenkinson’s vast knowledge of rhythm and harmony help to make these songs much more than nu-soul R&B, they are truly an entity unto themselves.”
WARP 196LP SQUAREPUSHER: Shobaleader One: d’Demonstrator 2LP (WARP 196LP) 22.50
2LP version.
WARP 197LP !!!: Strange Weather, Isn’t It? 2LP (WARP 197LP) 22.50
2LP version. “Following in the footsteps of artists like David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Depeche Mode, who have flocked to Berlin in order to mainline the city’s legendary dark energy, !!! traveled to the German capital to produce a record that is simultaneously brooding and somehow their poppiest, most immediate record yet. On the one hand, Strange Weather, Isn’t It? is !!!’s most texturally rich record to date and is filled with deep, galvanizing grooves in the tradition of 2003’s ‘Me and Giuliani Down By the Schoolyard (A True Story)’ and their mega anthem ‘Heart of Hearts.’ On the other, there’s a dark undercurrent running through the record that acts as a counterpoint to the glittering surfaces. In other words, although only 25% of the record was recorded in Berlin (the other 75% split between New York and Sacramento, California), Strange Weather, Isn’t It? is the perfect Berlin album.”
“If you are into uninspired lo-fi garage, turn the page, this is not for you. If you are turned on by names like The Music Machine or The Seeds, then you should certainly get to know The Magnificent Brotherhood. Dope Idiots brings you twelve original songs, full of trumpet-like fuzz guitars, Farfisa organ swirls and Zappa-esque lyrics, all blended with a punk attitude. Despite being faithful to a vintage sound, The Magnificent Brotherhood have developed their unique songwriting style. And we say unique because it doesn’t sound like a Nuggets cover band. This is music. This is the real thing!” Gatefold sleeve.
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