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200 009EP BLACKISBEAUTIFUL: Pergamon/1979 12″ (200 009EP) 11.00
” With Pergamon/1979, BlackIsBeautiful is releasing their second single on 200 Records. ‘Pergamon’ is a wonderful dreamy epic work with strings and a gorgeous piano. Cologne’s new talent Henson has done a great remix of this track. ‘1979’ is a funkier track, which reminds us of former Metro Area tracks.”
7EVEN 017EP HELIXIR: Undivided – LP Sampler 12″ (7EVEN 017EP) 12.00
Here is a taste of the debut album from French electronic music explorer, Helixir. This is a strictly-limited 12″ release and features an exclusive club-ready remix in fine style from Millie, moonlighting from his work for the Daphne label. This remix is vinyl-only and exclusive to this release — no digital issue. Warmly recommended.
8BIT 033EP GORGE: Mood 12″ (8BIT 033EP) 12.50
Right in time for summer (kind of), Gorge releases his debut album on 8bit. Here are four extracted tracks for vinyl lovers to enjoy in the sun.
ASS 005EP CUT CHEMIST: Adidas To Addis 12″ (ASS 005EP) 8.00
“Channelling equal parts sub-Saharan chants, Trans-Europe Express-era Kraftwerk, a love for nasty snare rolls, and a crossfader/delay pedal matchup that seems to be turning everyone’s head for sheer creativity, Cut Chemist drops a pair of beefed-up ‘club friendly’ versions of tracks featured on his Sound of the Police CD/LP (ASS 004). A-side begins as a near-hypnotic Ethiopian sounding epic story as told by a chorus of female voices, punctuated with optimum intermittent cuts and stabs at an evolving pace, emerging on the other end as some sort of post-cut-and-paste stream of consciousness ‘speaks with his hands’ composition… engaging and well-executed, perhaps intuitively, embracing the spirit of the African rhythms while adding to them with his ‘drums’ (aka delay pedal) and turntable. B-side is an Afro-Brazilian piano-driven hybrid that recalls EWF while keeping the Batuque bounce rolling with female vocals again providing the juice. A must have for any fan of Cut Chemist, Jurassic 5 or African and South American-inspired music from around the world.”
ABUCS 007EP SCUBA: Eclipse 12″ (ABUCS 007EP) 11.00
“Scuba continues his stream of underground techno influenced releases with a release on his mysterious vinyl only label Abucs. As ever there’s a smooth and deep atmosphere going on here and a distinctly ’80s vibe on this occasion, very reminiscent of the type of sound dBridge’s Nonplus label. On the flip Ramadanman (Hessle Audio, Hemlock Recordings, Swamp81) steps up to remix Scuba’s ‘Tense’, the mechanical and robotic drum pattern overlaid with Scuba’s trademark Detroit synths to create an image of an Industrialised Berlin landscape.”
ALEPH 002EP AERA: Continental Drift 12″ (ALEPH 002EP) 12.00
“Daidalus” redefines some of the ideas already put forth on ALEPH 001EP: dance music is not a prison. “Hoverboarding” is more of a concept which could not be put into words than an actual piece of music. An experiment in infrasonic structures. “Port Hope” is not a place, it is a state of mind. “Week Of Fear” has no particular meaning — just the ramblings of some castaway on his desert island, waiting for a ship to come.
N 023CD CHRONOMAD: Sayeh CD (N 023CD) 12.00
Multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker and student of Middle Eastern culture Saam Schlamminger is Chronomad, and Chronomad has a new record that is a truly wild journey in three parts through a Middle Eastern sound cosmos. This is haunting music, a work packed with field recordings, ambiguous and ambitious.
AALP 068LP VA: Afro-Beat Airways 2LP (AALP 068LP) 25.00
Deluxe gatefold 2LP version, featuring 2 extra tracks not included on the CD. Includes a poster and full-color innersleeves replicating the complete notes from the CD version. Organ-driven Afro-beat, cosmic Afro-funk and raw, psychedelic boogie — just some of the flavors to be found on this highly danceable compilation by Samy Ben Redjeb, founder of Analog Africa. No effort has been spared! To document these irresistible tracks and the music scene from the ’70s, Samy crisscrossed the lengths of Ghana and Togo in search of the producers and artists — or their relatives. In the process, he recorded a dozen interviews, scanned 90 pictures and transferred 120 master tapes. Afro-Beat Airways showcases an amazing diversity of local rhythms spiced with Afro-American funk, soul and jazz. Samy Ben Redjeb, in his own words: “While some light has been cast on the Ghanaian music scene of the 1970s, Togolese music is relatively obscure and badly documented. However, we are working on this! In fact, we’ve already made a start, with our previous Analog Africa compilation African Scream Contest which showcased 3 Togolese artists. Afro-Beat Airways presents two more — Orchestre Abass and Cos-Ber-Zam. While the first band developed into one of the country’s best, to such an extent that none other than Fela Kuti once offered them a contract to play at his Afro-Spot night club (which later became The Shrine), the second artist was a one-hit wonder. “Né Noya” was a monster hit in Togo, but it is to-date the only release by this obscure artist. The reason why I decided to include these Togolese tracks on this compilation is that they were all recorded in Ghana and thus they worked well in the mix.” These tracks have been hiding for 30 years, and, as you will hear, these are modern African sounds created to stand the test of time. Afro-Beat Airways is like a time capsule, and promises to take you on a fascinating musical journey through West Africa’s vintage Afro sounds.
ANTICIP 011CD PACKARD, MORGAN: Moment Again Elsewhere CD (ANTICIP 011CD) 15.50
Morgan Packard follows his Airships Fill The Sky (ANTICIP 002CD) album with Moment Again Elsewhere, a culmination of a line of thought and musical practice. Using piano, accordion and saxophone along electronic textures, groovy, yet humble rhythms and the controlled chance of his homemade Ripple software, Packard searches for and finds a voice of his own. On many tracks he maintains a sense of bass-fueled club music while pulling it into an entirely other context, one that is far away from the dancefloor while letting the memories of it sway the results. The rhythms have a house/techno/breakbeat feel but with less heft, with a bleepy, downtempo character and movement without boominess, like four people clapping in their living room before heading out for the evening. Through this, he creates a sense of minor drama, the kind that doesn’t call attention to itself, but sneaks up on you with its haunting, focused sense of melodic timing. It is honest electroacoustic music, using old instruments in a manner that retains their identity rather than allowing them to become a sound source to be obscured and fragmented. These pieces flitter with electronic touch-points but do not adhere to them as the sole direction. This is one of the great strengths of Packard’s music — to take his education and experience and use it to forge something new, to borrow from existing, codified ideas, and use those as a means of giving shape to his music, but as a guideline rather than a border. This sense of finding the means to structure oneself makes perfect sense in the context of his choice to program an application environment in which to work (which he has dubbed Ripple). It’s not that he has figured out how to utilize software to arrive at the desired process, but that he has created software in order to be more conducive to the way he wants to make music. The results reflect the difference, with this album a product of not just sonic sensibilities but of the tools he has made to conform to a means of production. Mastered by Rashad Becker. Featuring artwork by designer Sarah Nelson.
ARG 033EP TES LA ROK: Ignition (VIP Mix)/Intanationalz 12″ (ARG 033EP) 11.00
“Tes La Rok returns to Argon with Ignition (VIP Mix), a new mix of his classic tune that was featured with ‘Round the World Girls’ on Argon 11 (ARG 011EP). On the flipside, ‘Intanationalz’ is aptly named. Tes La Rok was one of the first international names to break through in the scene. Buy this record and listen to the future!”
ARTUP 004CD TOKIMONSTA: Midnight Menu CD (ARTUP 004CD) 20.00
“The official debut album from LA female beat maker TOKiMONSTA, first female to be a part of Flying Lotus’ Los Angeles-based crew/label Brainfeeder. Born and raised in the South Bay area of Los Angeles,TOKiMONSTA (Jennifer Lee) was an unfocused pupil of classical piano. However, she has come to use this background to create vast textural soundscapes by utilizing live instruments, percussion, digital manipulation, and dusty vinyl. Her music is rooted in hip hop rhythms fused with classic soul, traditional percussion, avant garde jazz, experimental electronica, psychedelic rock, and everything in between; there is no ‘one way’ to describe her style. Through the creation of beats, she is able to fuse vintage styles with progressive sounds into something unique.”
“Mike Pride’s From Bacteria To Boys features four of the most startling and beautiful new voices in modern jazz and blurs the lines between forward-looking, groove-based modern jazz, chant works, R&B (R. Kelly, mainly) and 20th/21st century classical music, with a singular intensity and center of focus. This is avant-garde soul music — the credo of AUM Fidelity — and we are very proud to present this major work. Betweenwhile is the flagship document of what these four musicians (Mike Pride, Darius Jones, Peter Bitenc, and Alexis Marcelo), as led by drummer/composer Pride, have summoned and made animate in the world over a highly-concentrated period of tireless live performance and group refinement. Its title, semi-quoted from a line in the expository intermediary Chapter 12.5 of R. Kelly’s ‘Trapped In the Closet’ epic, alludes to the many-layered accruement between human beings operating together and towards collective goals in time/space. From Bacteria to Boys has performed their due diligence in understanding not only the rhythmic micro-realities of R&B, but its contentedly ecstatic spirit as well. It is a music indeed ecstatically alive and committed to the continuance and elevation of love and happiness through all the means that jazz music can employ.”
AUS 1029EP SAUL & MIKE MONDAY, WILL: Sequence 1 EP 12″ (AUS 1029EP) 12.00
Inspired by the stripped-back technical set-ups of yesteryear, Mike Monday and Will Saul present the Sequence 1 EP, the product of the two artists limiting themselves to a Roland 909, a Korg Kaos Pad, a Dave Smith Polyevolver and recording their jamming on the fly. Having previously released together on Buzzin’ Fly, and remixed for DFA and Applepips (Appleblim & Ramadanman), the duo present two exclusive tracks that explore the cutting-edge, leftfield sounds of house music. Includes a remix by Scuba.
AX 1001CD AFTER TEA: Jointhouse Blues CD (AX 1001CD) 17.00
This legendary band were originally formed in 1967 by members of Dutch pop act The Tee Set, as well as future Spencer Davis Group guitarist Ray Fenwick. By 1970, they had undergone numerous changes in their line-up and musical approach, as well as hassles relating to a dope bust, and this lost classic stands in stark contrast to their earlier hits. A gritty collection of tough blues-rock workouts, it’s sure to please fans of early ’70s hard rockers such as Led Zeppelin, Free, Savoy Brown and Leaf Hound. Includes a band history.
BMS 028CD CHALARD, JACKY: Je Suis Vivant, Mais J’ai Peur De Gilbert Deflez CD (BMS 028CD) 15.50
“Surrealist sci-fi psych concept LP combining the leading bastions of the French No-No rock scene with the Parisian cosmic-comic-art cognoscenti.” “The combination of ex-members of French rock and roll bands The Mayfair Group (Chalard) and Jelly Roll (Jacques Mercier) founded the writing team behind one of France’s top progressive pop bands of the early 1970s alongside The Martin Circus, Triangle and The Variations. After an unshakable discography of killer singles, including tracks like ‘Le corbeau et le renard’ and ‘Faust 72,’ the group won the enviable job as both backing band and support group for Michel Polnareff which would later take the four piece on a tour of Japan. Dynastie Crisis released approximately two and a half LPs (the middle one was a re-dux of their underexposed debut) for the labels of Francis Dreyfuss and the French leg of Harvest Records. Like most forward thinking LPs of the era Je suis vivant, mais j’ai Peur was too progressive for its 1974 release, and for an LP designed to sound like it was made 25 years in the future, it was quite clearly ahead of its time by design. Perhaps a reissue in 1999 might have bought the LP up to date but given an extra decade to hibernate, a lot like the story’s leading protagonist, maybe the characters of Je suis vivant, mais j’ai peur can finally be unleashed on planet Earth to inspect how our musical tastes have developed. I wonder how he will react to the apocalypse?”
“This one’s been brewing at BR HQ for quite sometime, due to come out long ago, this beaut of a split is finally seeing light of day. A mutual respect from these two camps brought about what is surely one of this year’s most exciting releases in the field of the split vinyl LP. Ben Nash returns after over a year’s absence from releasing any solo work, now busy as a full time member of the excellent Chora, we may all be in for a long wait for anymore solo action after this release… but here we find Ben entering new territory with less of the guitar plucking from previous solo outings… Across these three new tracks, Ben is heading in a more zoned out psychedelic drone pieces, fluctuating between blissful electric churning, and incredibly dark swarming monoliths, with buried electric guitar bursts, it’s quite a new sound for Ben. Unsurprisingly, he comes out on top form, and it’s maybe some of the most interesting recordings he’s released so far, but it’s a far cry from his debut LP for Blackest Rainbow, The Seventh Goodbye back in 2008. Fellow Sheffield heads Cam Deas and Jon Marshall (Hunter Gracchus) accompany Ben on two of his three tracks, along with Rob Lye of Chora. Following on from 2 massively excellent LPs for our buddies over at Not Not Fun, Magic Lantern return, with what also might be the last recordings we hear from them for a while too… their two track side opens with a murky wild sounding basement jam ‘Mosquito Coast’ recorded in 2008, followed by the 15 minute groove of ‘Long Way Down’, full of heavy organ, slow burning percussion, wild wahs, raw riffing and the occasional chanted vocal this is one heavy piece of stoned blues psyche rock out. ‘Long Way Down’ was recorded by Bobb Bruno of Goliath Bird Eater / Best Coast back in 2009. Pro-printed sleeves, designed by Cameron Stallones.”
BRR 200LP WOODEN WAND: Wither Thou Goest, Cretin LP (BRR 200LP) 19.00
“Vinyl reissue of this fine record from James Toth, aka Wand, aka Wooden Wand that was issued earlier this year as a super limited CDR mounted on a block of wood. Wither Thou Goest, Cretin has a kind of lo-fi sound of some of Wand’s earlier work combined with the more confident sound of some of his recent releases, it kinda fits somewhere between The Harem Of The Sundrum and the Witness Figg and Born Bad in the extensive Wand catalogue. At times this record has a really underground surreal sound to it, not just in terms of songwriting, but at times with the music itself, and combined with Toth’s ever changing deliverance of vocals throughout the songs, it produces Toth’s unique style. There’s not many singer songwriters doing what Toth is doing right now, and here he’s at the top of his game. It really can’t get much better than how it’s sounding here. Pro-printed sleeves.”
PTYT 042CD CAZAZZA, MONTE: The Cynic CD (PTYT 042CD) 17.00
Monte Cazazza is a San Francisco-based industrial music pioneer, artist and filmmaker and a genuinely unique artist whose influence on culture in the 20th century has yet to be recognized. The Cynic is Monte’s first album since the early ’80s. His original releases were through Throbbing Gristle’s Industrial Records and San Fran’s Subterranean Records. He was regularly featured in the seminal RE/Search magazine and books. In the early ’90s, Mute Records gathered most of his earlier recordings together for a Worst Of Monte Cazazza compilation. This early work was harsh, mostly perceived as violently anti-social and often quite shocking. The Cynic sees him unwittingly mine a vein of highly in vogue “retro” synth-pop and TV theme tune soundtracks in a uniquely Monte way. The album is a Rolls Royce release for those industrial/noise fans who can hear beyond the adolescent screech-fests that the genre has been reduced to. To that end, The Wire magazine is publishing a major, Jack Sargent-written feature that serves as a great overview of his often mysterious career, which has frequently seen Monte self-sabotage any attempt to have the outside world engage with his work.
BPCWL 004EP DANCE DISORDER: Zusammen Remixes 12″ (BPCWL 004EP) 12.00
Dance Disorder’s (aka Baby G and Robin Crafoord) disco smash “Zusammen,” with its epic breadth and Italo dance roots, has already set many an after-party in motion. At last, here is a high-caliber and fittingly compiled remix 12″. The A-side belongs to Mr. G aka Colin McBean, who reduces “Zusammen” to its basic tech-house elements. Discodromo (Giacomo Garavelloni and Giovanni Turco) leave the melodic elements of the original largely untouched, adding a powerful, early-dropping beat.
BUR 003EP UMAMI/NICONE: I Come To You/Hanaetano 12″ (BUR 003EP) 12.00
Umami joins Niconé with a dancefloor-smasher on side A, “I Come To You.” On side B, there’s a remix of Niconé’s “Hanaetano,” with an additional catchy vocal line. Limited to 500 picture sleeves.
CADENZA 054EP CLEIS, MICHEL: Un Dolce 12″ (CADENZA 054EP) 14.00
Cadenza once again presents Swiss native Michel Cleis. Featuring two intricately-produced tracks, and showcasing the contrasting elements of Cleis’ musical fabric, the Un Dolce EP represents the producer’s penchant for uptempo house music and more soulful, restrained melodies. On “Litoral,” brash drum patterns and a barrage of shakers make for a perfect introduction, before a sublimely-crafted, trumpet-led melody acts as the perfect backdrop for the harmonious Latin vocal. Unpretentious house music at its most sincere.
CEC 016EP JOHNNY D: Love Or Leave Me/Triva Mango 12″ (CEC 016EP) 12.50
This is it! Johnny D is back on fire to give you the summer hit of 2010.
CENT 1004CD PARKER ORGAN QUARTET, WILLIAM: Uncle Joe’s Spirit House CD (CENT 1004CD) 13.00
“Uncle Joe’s Spirit House is a very special project that William Parker produced early this year for his own Centering Records imprint to honor his Uncle Joe and Aunt Lee, who are both in their early ’90s and going strong, living in the Bronx enjoying their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. They will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary in 2010. A soul-jazz organ quartet album that hearkens back to early-mid ’60s sessions of similar form, though fully freshed-up by William Parker’s indelible compositions written specifically for this session and the contributions of the impeccable musicians involved: Cooper-Moore on organ, Darryl Foster on tenor sax (also featured on WP’s recent Curtis Mayfield Project release), and Gerald Cleaver on drums.”
COR 078EP OZER, ONUR: Clavichordrama 12″ (COR 078EP) 12.50
Onur Özer presents his special brand of future-techno with Clavichordrama for Cocoon. The title track takes a Hammond-like organ sound as the starting point for what becomes a hard-to-catch and multi-rhythmic event, comparable to the energy of Ricardo Villalobos. “Oval” draws this bow further into an open reverb room that houses layers of sound, choir and signal-horn sounds, as well as LFO impulses, before the bass drum finally takes you by the hand.
CORMIX 031CD STEVE BUG & CHRIS TIETJEN: Green & Blue – Steve Bug & Chris Tietjen In The Mix 2CD (CORMIX 031CD) 23.00
The Cocoon label presents the third mix CD associated with the Green & Blue Open Air festival, mixed by Steve Bug and Chris Tietjen. Steve Bug has been a welcome guest since the early beginning of Cocoon Recordings, and he has prepared a magnificent house set, starting with an exceptional track at the beginning of his set. Christian Smith’s rework of “At Les,” THE classic track from the album More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art by Carl Craig from 1997, is already now one of the most visionary tech-house tracks of this season and is here available for the first time on CD. Both the asynchronous xylophon-play from Kenny Larkin’s “Glob” and the bass line endurance operation “The Light” by André Lodemann are to be warmly recommended, amongst the other moments of surprise in this mix. Chris Tietjen has established himself as a member of Cocoon, with his fingers on the pulse like nobody else. In his mix, Chris remains true to his DJ style, which is an exceptionally groovy form of reduced tech-house where he creates plenty of breathing space within his tracks. Gadi Mizrahi starts with a soulful tribal bomb followed by Lee Burridge’s and Matthew Dekay’s organic, jazzy “Wongel.” Other highlights include the U.S. house tribute by Nikola Gala and “Deadly Bees” from CJ Jeff. Other artists include: James Kumo, Ethyl & Flori, Azuni, Mr. G, Kink, Robag Wruhme, Boris Horel, Ion Simmonds, Dave Aju, Jay Shepheard, Suedmilch, Suzi Q. Smith, Nick Höppner, Tony Lionni, Deetron, Jonny White & James Teej, Donnacha Costello, Neville Watson, Davide Squillace, Christian Burkhardt, Makam, Massimo Di Lena, DJ Said & Jerome Sydenham, Marco Nastic, Ben Klock, Markus Fix, Matias Muten, and Lucien-N-Luciano.
CNS 036EP CHARDRONNET, PATRICK: Eve By Night 12″ (CNS 036EP) 12.50
Patrick Chardronnet offers this double A-side on Connaisseur Recordings, opening a new chapter of his delightfully trippy & emotional adventures. Enchanting, mesmeric and deeply touching, these two tracks reinforce Chardronnet’s hypnotic side. “Boggler” is a simple and reduced spacer that features wonderfully processed drums and endless arpeggio hypnosis. “Eve By Night” — a counterpart to “Eve By Day,” Patrick’s biggest hit so far, starts rather smoothly and up-building. Then the track turns to a skipping, complex and meandering monster.
CNS 038EP VA: Grand Cru 2010 12″ (CNS 038EP) 12.50
This year’s vintage is the most diverse and comprehensive selection of Grand Cru so far. Dee Pulse delivers with “Black Martin,” the perfect sundown soundtrack, Pol_On’s “I Know That” will ensnare every dancefloor with its euphorizing chords, DJ Assassin will make you vibrate with his sub-bass driven “Deep Riddim” and last, but not least, Franklin de Costa presents “Futureboy” — a perfect late-night funker.
Connaisseur Superiéur is now repositioned as a platform for re-issues and unreleased treasures from the ’90s. The first re-issue will be the Frankfurt early morning classic “Sunrising” by Mark Ambrose & Alexander Purkart Present Bellringers, originally released on Force Inc., U.S. in 1998. Besides a new mastering of the original DAT tape, there are also two amazing edits of the original by Pol_On and Roberto Rodriguez. The original is a timeless masterpiece of ’90s house with a specific dub trippiness.
CHM 011LP MCGUIRE, MARK: Off In The Distance LP (CHM 011LP) 19.00
“Off In The Distance is a true testament to the brilliance currently seeping out of Cleveland’s smog-filled pores… One of Mcguire’s earlier releases, originally presented as a cassette on Chondritic Sound in 2008 and mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin to emphasize and bring out every single nuance and stroke this colossal recording holds. Gorgeous sprays of vast, melancholic guitar build in the classic Mcguire style. Dense, angular drones weave in and out and pull your brain along with them. Thunderous electronics crackle and warp over the lush, subtle melodies that are reverberating and bouncing off each other below. And when the clean guitar comes in on side A, nothing else matters. A perfect album. And really, what else could matter? Edition of 500.”
MEDI 030EP SILKIE: City Limits Volume 1.2 12″ (MEDI 030EP) 11.50
“Silkie returns with his first release on DEEP MEDi since his much talked about solo album City Limits Vol.1. City Limits Volume 1.2 is the first release in a series of four singles in the run up to his new and highly anticipated album City Limits Vol. 2, scheduled for release early 2011. City Limits Volume 1.2 will not feature on the album and will be available on limited 12″. DJ support: Mala (DMZ), Skream, Joe Nice (Dub War/United States), Quest, J 5ive, Kromestar and all Antisocial Entertainment.”
DIAL 022CD ROBERTS, JOHN: Glass Eights CD (DIAL 022CD) 15.50
This is the highly-anticipated debut album from American electronic artist John Roberts. Glass Eights debuts a sound impeccably curated and delicately enigmatic. With its contemplative instrumental weave, this album asks broader cultural questions about the psychological function of music as it blurs distinctions between sublimation and expression, escape and confrontation, medication and symptom, repression and reserve. The electric and grand piano, organ, violin, modular synthesizers and eclectic percussion split, shatter and reform, disclosing an aesthetic sensibility which delicately reflects on the eerie stillness of a grey day, the repetition of a single note on a detuned upright piano, a deflated balloon, the white of a funeral arrangement, exhibiting a kind of discrete, perverse hopefulness. Complicating melancholy, the emptiness of a mechanized loop serves to reveal a particular humaneness, caused by a percussive rapping, shattering into slow-motion, or an off-keyed drunken note of a piano begins to sound strangely in tune, finding itself transmuted into something more obscure, potent, and hard-hitting. Rendering awkwardness enigmatic and anxiety beautiful, effectively, Roberts’ questions if there is not something more natural, more human, in the hesitation of a clap that rings a moment too late. The album’s interior reserve heightens the potency of its immaculate transitions, which harness a primal sense of rhythm and, at times, the utter impossibility of standing still. Echoes of influence can be found in The Smiths’ self-deprecating charm of the tragic, the muted, off-key eroticism of Bonnie “Prince” Billy, introverted house music of early ’80s Chicago undermining its own progression, falling apart and collecting itself into darker psychological territory. The album nods to the production of mainstream rap and R&B, cultural and ethnic appropriations/dialogues between early European and American electronic music and modern anxiety, acknowledging both the productive and problematic nature of technological innovation. Glass Eights does not just generate a new auditory experience but builds an ornate frame through which to view the intricate psychological undertones in music of the past, and more importantly, constructs an anomaly that sounds a lot like the future.
Philippe Petit teams up with Throbbing Gristle’s Cosey Fanni Tutti. These instrumental pieces were recorded long ago and then manufactured as unique vinyl units which Philippe Petit used during his sets. After many plays, their texture gradually changed, resulting in an alteration in sound. On ”Mist While Sleeping,” Philippe takes advantage of the patina of age to elaborate a peculiar sound texture. However, to emphasize the aging on ”Invisible Whispers,” Philippe used sandpaper. This beautiful picture disc 7″ is limited to 350 copies worldwide.
DUBLINE 006EP DEVNIK: 5 Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique/The Fifth Sense 12″ (DUBLINE 006EP) 11.50
“Devnik (Bart) is an electronic musician from the Netherlands. Devnik started producing in the late summer of 2008, just as a joke. As time passed, the music got better and better. First being into electro fidgety beats and getting signed on the English electro label Live-In Music, he eventually found out about a thing called dubstep. Dubstep is now his main goal, already being signed to Dubline Audio and having played along the likes of FuntCase, Cookie Monsta, Borgore, Unitz, Subscape, Crissy Criss, KOAN Sound, Ganja White Night, Sinister Souls, Osiris, Vyron, Switched Sources and more. Devnik is ready to destroy the dancefloor.”
DVA 006EP COOLY G/SCRATCHA DVA: Dis Boy (DVA’s Hi Emotions Remix) 12″ (DVA 006EP) 11.50
“The label’s sixth release is no exception. Scratcha DVA’s remix of Cooly G’s ‘Dis Boy’ turns an already seductive track into a spaced-out dream. In the place of Cooly’s stripped down production it’s got all the psychedelic electronic subtleties and twists you might expect to hear in a Berlin techno tune, but actually brings her sophisticated vocal melodies more to the fore than the original version. The rhythm’s syncopations, meanwhile, move along in lazy leaps as if dancing in lowered gravity. Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990 perform a similar job of total transformation on DVA’s own ‘Jelly Roll.’ They play the original’s cheeky, cheery melody backwards, forwards, sideways and upside-down, bouncing it off itself in a hall of audio mirrors and allowing glassy synths to slide between the beats and bass. It’s a strange, slightly sinister and intoxicating reworking — one to get lost in. Bonus track ’32Da4′ is something else entirely; as you may guess from the title it’s in 3-time — a bizarre, slithering dubstep waltz that flows out of the speakers and around itself in unique style. Lesser producers would build whole movements on such an innovative tune, but for DVA it’s just another step in a compelling musical evolution.”
ECHOCOL 013EP DEHNERT, MIKE: Air Frais EP 12″ (ECHOCOL 013EP) 12.00
Echocord Colour presents one of the most interesting Berlin-based modern techno music producers today — Fachwerk Records label-head, Mike Dehnert. His live act and DJ sets are as remarkable as his productions, and you won’t ever hear him playing any self-pleasing or incidental grooves. For Echocord Colour he did 3 stripped, killer, Berlin-flavored techno-dub/house tracks for all dancefloors out there. On pink vinyl.
EMEGO 107CD MCGUIRE, MARK: Living With Yourself CD (EMEGO 107CD) 15.50
Mark McGuire operates chiefly as guitarist in the legendary Emeralds; however, he also has racked up an impressive set of solo releases over the last few years (albeit mainly in small- to micro- print runs). Living With Yourself is his new album and Editions Mego hope to meet any demand which may arise from this fine selection of modern crafted guitar tunes. Focusing on his family, early friendships and the problems that inevitably develop through years of knowing someone, it takes McGuire’s sound even further out, and contains some of his most accomplished songs to-date. The opening track is a fine example of McGuire’s magical technique of taking a lone acoustic guitar then transforming the track into bliss-out electro wash looping off into the distance. And tracks like “Clouds Rolling In” and “Brain Storm” take off where such McGuire classics as “The Marfa Lights” (which incidentally is planned for a future reissue) left off. While connoisseurs of his sound will find all they desire in here, many superb surprises await around every corner. These are songs that cruise, bubble and rise to the top.
Einmaleins Musik presents Seidensticker & Salour from Hamburg. Some of you might know Jakob Seidensticker as one of the masterminds from Wareika whose productions have been released on labels such as Perlon, Liebe*Detail, Tartelet, etc. After years of playing as a DJ-team in Hamburg’s famous clubs like EGO, Waagenbau, Purgatory, Kubik, etc., they are eager to focus on their own “dub-influenced” club productions. The Weird Bazar EP is a deep confession to dub- & house music.
EP 003EP GIULIO DJ: EP 003 10″ (EP 003EP) 12.50
Giulio DJ aka Julian Horn started his DJing career in Vienna, bringing his love for authentic disco, Balearic beats and cosmic leftfield sounds to local music circles. Julian’s productions reflect the warmth of ’70s ‘n ’80s disco with a wide range of influences from Chicago to contemporary house music. This EP features a dirty, mid-tempo floor-filler that will work well on the more sophisticated dancefloors. Social Disco Club delivers a sweet house remix with a little acid on the side.
EMI 29443CD PART, ARVO: The Very Best Of Arvo Pärt 2CD (EMI 29443CD) 13.00
“Arvo Pärt will celebrated 75th birthday on September 11, 2010. Pärt was born in Estonia during a short period of independence from its more powerful neighbors. In 1944, Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union; as a result, Pärt spent the greater part of his life struggling against an oppressive Soviet régime. In 1980 he and his family emigrated to Austria, where they took up Austrian citizenship; they returned to Estonia at the beginning of the new century and now live in the capital, Tallinn. While Pärt’s early works were influenced by Prokofiev and Shostakovich, the introduction of serialism into his later works brought him into conflict with soviet authorities who banned many of his early works. This affected him deeply and resulted in a period of silent introspection during which he developed a great interest in early music. During the 1970s, Pärt developed the ‘Tintinnabuli Style’ of music for which he has become most famous. This style of composition has been likened to minimalism due to its common use of slow tempi and repeated notation.”
ESK 503796 AEROPLANE: We Can’t Fly LP+CD (ESK 503796) 21.00
Aeroplane’s eagerly anticipated debut album We Can’t Fly arrives with sky-high hopes. The Belgian duo with Italian roots established themselves as party-starting DJs and remixers-du-jour with their spacious cosmic-disco re-rubs of Grace Jones, Friendly Fires, and Sebastien Tellier, and as leaders of the nu-disco and Balearica scene. Having amicably parted company with his band mate Stephen Fasano, Vito De Luca continues Aeroplane as a one-man operation. Recorded in Toulouse, Paris, London and Los Angeles, and co-produced by Bertrand Burgalat, We Can’t Fly is a grown up, dazzlingly accomplished album that showcases not just a passion for stately, soulful disco and early ’80s electronica, but a lush and bittersweet set of influences that stretches from Abba and film soundtracks to Floyd, the Stones and Italian crooners. This melting pot provides the backdrop to Aeroplane’s 21st century take on Balearic house. “We Can’t Fly” is a languid, show-stopping anthem-to-be. The widescreen, string-splashed “Mountains Of Moscow” is the soundtrack to the best ’80s blockbuster you’ve never seen, while “London Bridge” and “Point Of No Return” are mini-epics of spiraling, Floydian guitar riffs and plaintive Tangerine Dream synths. Another mighty inspiration was Giorgio Moroder, whose gleaming electronic scores fed into the vintage disco stylings of “My Enemy” and the propulsive, piano-led “Superstar.” The latter features vocoder vocals from Vito himself, but Moroder was so impressed, that he has already laid down the vocals for an alternative version of the track. Also featured is the raucous, razor-blade rock of “I Don’t Feel,” with the formidable vocals of Merry Clayton, who backed Jagger on Vito’s favorite Stones song, “Gimme Shelter.” Other guest singers include: Nicolas Ker, the frontman of French/Italo-disco outfit Poni Hoax, who adds a sullen élan to “Fish In The Sky,” an electro torch song worthy of Human League, while dream-pop outfit Au Revoir Simone breathe delicate harmonies over the woozy ballad “We Fall Over,” and London’s Jonathan Jeremiah transforms “Good Riddance” into a low-slung slice of honky-tonk soul. Perhaps the most ear-catching turn comes from the precocious L.A. teen-vixen Sky Ferreira on “Without Lies,” a cover of a song by the Belgian screen star Marie Gillain. We Can’t Fly promises to take Aeroplane’s passengers on a first class round-trip of electronic psychedelia. Includes a CD version of the album.
LP version. Federico García Lorca’s popular folk song collection “Las Canciones Populares Españolas” was banned under Franco’s dictatorship and today the music survives but marginally within the Spanish subconscious. Taking their cue from Lorca and La Argentinita’s infectious 1931 recording of the songs, Josephine Foster and her partner Spanish musician Victor Herrero have arranged the poetically-rich collection for their new acoustic band, formed while living in the Grenadine Sierra. Anda Jaleo is the band’s live recording of “Las Canciones” — a visceral celebration of the persistence of popular anonymous song.
FOF 102CD SHLOHMO: Shlomoshun Redux CD (FOF 102CD) 14.00
“While working an internship at, 19-year-old LA native Shlohmo made a free online release of his original Shlohmoshun EP. Being part of the Dublab community, it didn’t take long for the EP to reach the ears of Friends Of Friends, who immediately approached him to combine new and old tracks with an assortment of remixes to create Shlomoshun Deluxe… Shlomoshun Redux includes all of the tracks on Deluxe, plus the digital-only Camping EP. First released digitally at the start of this year, the eight original tracks and four remixes have generated huge interest among the low-end beat-heads and abstract boom-bap-strumentalists searching for their latest fix of post-modern deconstructivist thunk, with the young producer finding his sounds aligned with luminaries like FlyLo, Nosaj Thing, Ras G and Samiyam, and lauded for a diversity of sound from the overloaded synths usually sported by Starkey and Joker, to the 8-bit melodies of Disrupt or Ikonika. With beat and soundscape arrangements that leave the listener hypnotized, the songs breathe life from the organic and electronic worlds colliding. Fan favorites ‘Hot Boxing The Cockpit’ and ‘Antigravity’ place him right amongst the Brainfeeder-centred neubass elite, while a track like ‘7am’ oozes Dilla-esque swagger, all the while remaining effortlessly cinematic.”
FCL 047EP MILLION, LUKE: Italo Journey/Octobussy 12″ (FCL 047EP) 12.00
Luke Million is the hectic keys player and synth wizard in The Swiss. He often starts his morning by bench-pressing his Yamaha CP-70 and drinking 3 or 4 shakes of reel-to-reel tape. Part I of your journey starts with stomping kicks, spaced-out toms and cosmic stabs of Italo passion. Part II sticks you in your Ferrari, just living life at 120 BPM with nothing but chunky slap-bass and keys. Featuring mixes by Mighty Mouse, Spiral, Oxygene and Brennan Green.
“Off the master tapes. The follow-up LP to their self-titled album in 1969, recorded at Mod Sound Studios. Featuring the beautiful female vocals of Geri Mingori. More great late ’60s psychedelic music with distorted guitars and heavy organ.”
GPM 129EP DJ T.: The Inner Jukebox Remix EP 12″ (GPM 129EP) 12.50
The saga of DJ T.’s triumphant album The Inner Jukebox continues, embodying itself this time as a collection of reworks from two of dance music’s most exciting talents. KiNK takes “Dis” into a dream state of classic Detroit strings, synths and 909 claps. Koch and Schumacher spiff up “Bateria” with their “Special Dub” version. Nicolas Jaar delivers an exceptional remix, a funk excursion that drags the original into a time machine and transports it back to the ’70s.
GPM 130EP LOGARES, JAVIER: El Sueño Español 12″ (GPM 130EP) 12.50
Javier Logares’ “El Sueño Español” could be the inspiration for the natural craving of what is familiar — unpredictably-arranged with swathes of pianos, accordions and modulated synth textures. On “Marching To It,” Javier leads a marching band funneled through an undulating bass line riding on a float of analog synth stabs. “Acid Rain” is built around a seemingly un-rhythmic, 8-bit, distorted crackle that serves as the main hook and melody. Clever. Javier’s non-standard approach will earn him plenty of fans.
GPM 131EP LOPAZZ, BETOKO & ZAROOK (FEAT. IMAGINATION): Lopazz & Friends (Feat. Imagination) 12″ (GPM 131EP) 12.50
Lopazz presents a collaboration with ’80s sensation Imagination, co-produced by Mexican artist Beto “Betoko” Cohen. Lopazz’s cousin Eliot Cohen is one of the world’s leading music publishers, who owns the rights to many international hit records. They started working on the files recorded on a huge analog SSL-console and the original 24-track tapes from 1982 at Cohen’s Red Bus Studios in London. Their remix of Imagination’s “New Dimension” is killer, with Zarook adding fuel to the collaborative fire.
GC240V 001EP SWAYZAK VS. GRETA COTTAGE WORKSHOP: Workshop Split EP 12″ (GC240V 001EP) 15.00
“Two mixes not available digitally. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl, poly lined sleeves, hand stamped labels by the artist. Limited edition of 350 copies… to prove a point, that vinyl is still worth making and is still desirable whether you got a turntable or not! Bored with the dull digital downloads of today’s so called dance music scene, Swayzak & Greta Cottage Workshop bring you a 100% vinyl only release. This is the first release on vinyl for GCW and we hope to continue the series. It seems DJs only want to play what they get for free these days and this baby they have to pay for(!), so don’t expect it in too many charts. Positive feedback from Michael Mayer, Damien lazarus, Patrice Baumel and Eddie Richards to name a few. A seriously underground release from the always alternative thinkers Swayzak.”
ABA 002LP VA: Waking Up Scheherazade Vol. 2 LP (ABA 002LP) 26.00
“Vol. 2 in the series on ’60s and ’70s crossover rock from North African countries and the Middle East. This time housed in very nice gatefold sleeve. Back with a second compilation of the rarest of the rarest from countries that now are slowly mapped when it comes to the world’s rock heritage. From Syria to Morocco, youngsters were going for the hip new thing all in their own unique way, creating these records that are cherished by all lovers of rare early rock trash. Though these fantastic sounds are now partly captured by harsh religious reality these records stand proud as the voice of a generation that grabbed the opportunities for creating new sounds!” Artists: Wrong Notes (Egypt), Shar Habeel (Soudan), Abdelhadi (Morocco), Feridun Foroughi (Iran), News (Lebanon), Dorid Laham (Syria), Les Freres Megri (Morocco) , Soli (Iran), Naïma Samith (Morocco), Tony Franks and the Hippie Souls (Lebanon) and Jo and the New Magnifici (Lebanon). On yellow vinyl.
PHC 001EP VLADISLAV DELAY (AS SISTOL): Remakes 12″ (PHC 001EP) 10.00
“In the wake of news that Ripatti has remastered his earliest album for a deluxe 2CD reissue, pubs like Pitchfork and Resident Advisor have already posted excitedly anticipatory news of these 2010 releases, including an all-new full-length CD. But first up, prepping audiences for these two albums, is our Sistol Remakes 12″ EP, featuring current day contemporaries of Vladislav Delay’s dancefloor productions. The 12″ features reworkings of the 1999 material by 2010-era techno and electronic luminaries such as John Tejada, Carsten Nicolai as Alva Noto, FaltyDL, and [a]pendics.shuffle.”
PHC 004CD VLADISLAV DELAY (AS SISTOL): On The Bright Side CD (PHC 004CD) 11.50
“As part of the 2010 rebirth of Vladislav Delay-as-Sistol, he’s recorded a startling new full-length record entitled On the Bright Side. Influenced and inspired by a range of a year’s worth of experimentations — with everything from vividly narcotic flashbacks and memories; to his production work and touring alongside the legendary Moritz von Oswald; to the vast array of ideas that Ripatti immersed himself in while reading aboard long flights from one gig to the next (or when squirreled away at his new home on the remote island of Hailuoto in northern Finland). Yet almost despite all these experimentations, On the Bright Side is a surprisingly bold, poppy record, sounding far closer to a Luomo record than, say, a Vladislav Delay record. Ripatti has taken the brightness of the album’s title and wholly literalized and given it corporeal form with a range of garishly vibrant and buoyant synth melodies, alongside stroboscopic basslines that glitter loudly from one track to the next…each somehow managing to retain an air of practiced delicacy throughout the mix.”
HENCH 020EP EDDIE K: Serial Killa/Starlight 12″ (HENCH 020EP) 11.00
“These tracks have been causing quite a stir. So tantalizingly disgusting that the likes of Rusko, Sukh Knight, NType, Doctor P, Flux Pavillion, Jakes and Trolley Snatcha can’t leave it alone! Eddie K is no newcomer to the dance music scene. Starting out as a drum and bass producer, his debut releases made an impact amongst the scene with tracks such as ‘Planet Terror’ and ‘My Sound’ remaining in DJ bags to date. More recently, Ed’s been making a significant entry into the dubstep world. His first dubstep release on H.E.N.C.H (Who’s the Hardest/The Shivers) had big reactions from all of the top names in the scene, which led up to his next release, his dubstep remix of DJ Prime Cuts ft. MC Dynamite’s ‘Warning,’ released on DSR at the end of 2009. This reached #2 in the Beatport dubstep download chart and was recently featured in the latest installment of Xbox’s ‘Crackdown’ franchise. His latest release sees him collaborate with Hench youngster Minus, along with emphatic appearances by London-based vocalist Beezy, and Bristol’s Shadz. If this release doesn’t serve as a tribute to the different directions dubstep has taken within recent years, then it certainly acts as proof that Eddie K’s sound and production skills have matured quicker than we could have anticipated.”
HF 004LP MOUNT KIMBIE: Crooks & Lovers 2LP (HF 004LP) 21.00
Gatefold 2LP version. Mount Kimbie, the duo of Dominic Maker and Kai Campos — release their highly anticipated debut album Crooks & Lovers on Hotflush. Armed with found sound snips and a siege mentality, Kai and Dom set about turning London’s ambience into rhythm, its chaos into coherence. Traces of influence remain — the hard-earned spaces of Burial and The Bug vie with the berserk melodrama of Xiu Xiu and Grouper’s sad-eyed glow, D’Angelo’s pervert soul gets cleansed in the intimacy of Phil Elvrum’s Microphones, Angelo Badalamenti’s swollen Twin Peaks atmospheres find a cradle in Madlib’s lax lope. Sceneless and untethered from etiquette and genre codes, Crooks & Lovers floats through dubstep and hip-hop, jazz, techno and ambient, post-rock, UK garage and film scores to startling effect.
HF 025EP SEPALCURE: Love Pressure 12″ (HF 025EP) 11.50
“Hotflush presents the debut of production duo Sepalcure based in Brooklyn, New York City. Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (Praveen & Benoît) show their love for bass and 90s house a capella, resulting in a unique blend of tribal dub, twostep and soulful rhythms. Detroit techno chords slice through wooden beats and neon synths drenched in spacious atmospherics, proving equally fitting for late nights in the club and rainy evenings at home.”
TRI 002EP SCUBA: Three Sided Shape/Latch (Will Saul & Mike Monday Remix) 12″ (TRI 002EP) 11.00
“Hotflush presents the second limited 12″ from the acclaimed Triangulation album by label boss Scuba, featuring its third single — ‘Three Sided Shape’, accompanied by a brand new remix of ‘Latch’ by Will Saul & Mike Monday of the Simple Records and Aus Music imprints, infusing the dubbed out original with a dose of bumping house flavor.”
HHYR 010EP HUNT & RON HARDY, GENE: Throwback 87 EP 12″ (HHYR 010EP) 12.50
*Special release alert!* Gene Hunt presents three tracks he produced as a teenager, together with Ron Hardy. Ron’s untimely death in 1991 prevented the tracks from being released at the time. These tracks were made during various sessions at Gene’s studio, when Ron had time in between his gigs. Raw, original Chicago house music from the late ’80s! Comes with special artwork featuring an original late ’80s flyer.
IMPREC 310CD NURSE WITH WOUND/LARSEN: Erroneous: A Selection Of Errors CD (IMPREC 310CD) 14.00
“Erroneous, A Selection Of Errors is the result of the meeting of Italian cult band Larsen and Steven Stapleton’s ubiquitous creature Nurse With Wound. Almost 2 years of file swapping and occasional conceptual meetings led to a multi-headed collection of deformed sounds based on one long NWW piece and two Larsen tracks (that both bands have written specifically for this project) then deconstructed and rebuilt by each other into totally brand new opuses. Erroneous also features Neu! and Kraftwerk original member Eberhard Kranemann on additional guitars, synth, sax and vocals as well as Larsen collaborator Daniele Pagliero, a.k.a. Lo Dev Alm, on bass. Just like the music, the artwork of the album is also a joint effort sporting works of Stapleton’s alter-ego Babs Santini, Larsen’s graphic designer Bellissimo and E. Kranemann.”
IMPREC 311CD SMEGMA: Mirage CD (IMPREC 311CD) 14.00
“With Mirage on Important Records, Smegma again does the impossible. 38 years after reinventing the musical wheel, they have recorded a stunning masterpiece. With four of the original members working together again for the first time in many years, together with many new collaborators, they have kept alive their unique brand of old school primitive, avant/garage music. Running the gamut from the ‘music concrete’ inspired subtlety, the bombastic mood of the title track, ‘world of my own’s’ frenzied noise/funk jams, that morph past rock’n [Eno/Roxy Music era] garage band, before finally slipping into a primitive meditation involving silly voices, toys, record players and such. On the other hand ‘F-85 Turbo Rocket’ blasts strait to psycho rockabilly heaven and is over before it all sinks in. Also worth mentioning, with its timeless creepy beauty, the front cover drawing/collage sets the stage for this strange journey. Several of the tracks were recorded ‘live’ at a Smegma House Party in Portland September 2009. The CD includes a unique Smegma house party track and a bonus 1973 original Pasadena unreleased recording.”
IMPREC 311LP SMEGMA: Mirage LP (IMPREC 311LP) 17.00
LP version, featuring a “spontaneous jam” exclusive to the LP.
IMPREC 312LP LESSER/MATMOS/WOBBLY: Simultaneous Quodlibet LP (IMPREC 312LP) 17.00
“Matmos, Wobbly & J Lesser present: Simultaneous Quodlibet. These pieces originated in improvised recordings which were then taken to Snowghost Studios in Montana & overdubbed with additional instruments, synths, drums, bass and organs. They were then edited down over the course of a few months until becoming a fully realized studio album of carefully constructed and meticulously composed pieces rooted in music that could only have been performed spontaneously. Simultaneous Quodlibet was created out of the spirit of long-term colleagues and friends using the studio-as-instrument to recreate what they had already created. Warm and complex with a fine rhythmic shuffle, these pieces are both glowing with surprises emanating from enduring collaborations and musical companionship.”
IV 029EP JAL, EMMANUEL: Kuar EP 12″ (IV 029EP) 14.00
Two remixes of Sudanese musician Emmanuel Jal by Henrik Schwarz and Olof Dreijer (The Knife), originally compiled for the Sudan 365 — a beat for peace campaign. In this campaign, several organizations across the globe have come together to promote international awareness for the referendum in January 2011 in which the people of south Sudan will vote to decide whether they wish to remain part of a united Sudan or whether they want to become an independent country.
INT 015EP TRAKS BOYS: Starburst/Yellowbirds 12″ (INT 015EP) 12.00
Traks Boys consists of Kawasaki-based producers/DJs Crystal and K404. The mid-tempo house track “Starburst” features glittering synth loops that are condensed more and more before erupting into a ray of beautiful sound cascades. Prins Thomas highlights the magic melodic synth lines with his hypnotic, beatless remix. “Yellowbirds” boasts a cheeky Far Eastern music box melody. TBD aka Lee Douglas of Rong fame and Justin Vandervolgen present a driving, peak-time take: just drop your spaceguns and surrender to the beat.
KK 055CD ROMAN: Roman CD (KK 055CD) 15.50
Roman’s third album can only be described as pop: rhythmic, melodic, intelligent and straight from the heart. That’s not to say that the Cologne-based singer-songwriter, producer and filmmaker has lost any of his desire to experiment. Indeed, there has always been an avant-garde element in pop music, in transforming and condensing something intimate into a 3-minute nugget, both accessible and popular. It’s this contrast that makes Roman’s music seductive: his songs tell intimate stories and the multi-faceted compositions make this personal element audible. As always, he wrote and composed the whole thing himself, but was joined at the production stage this time round by Henning Schmitz and Bertil Mark. The former has already written musical history as a member of the band Kraftwerk. The latter is a drummer and producer for artists such as Von Spar, The Notwist and Die Fantastischen Vier. The recording process has also become more extravagant, Roman turning his back on bedroom production in favor of a full band set-up. It’s precisely the dynamic spirit and playfulness of the band that injects his new album with an organic energy. The screaming, howling and whispering, the poetic anecdotes about everyday city life and night time walks along the harbor, fleeting neon moments in the darkness and euphoric club scenarios don’t just fuel the lyrics but drive on the songs themselves. This is reflected, for example, in the song “R.I.P. Music,” a real rave anthem. Roman doesn’t disguise his voice throughout. He turns away from technique in favor of pure verbal expression and makes innocent dilettantism into a discipline. Musically, he wanders freely through various genres with eyes wide open: smooth ballads, banging beats, relaxing folk, D.I.Y. techno and clap-along hip-hop. It’s a stylistic carousel that never stands still, constantly translating the keys of Roman’s heart into rhythms, harmonies and melodies. The sound is more lavish than before, with synthesizers, laptop, a string quartet and guitar, only occasionally reverting to a reduced lo-fi structure. All the recordings have been put back through a sequencer, edited and added to on a laptop, giving the whole thing extra rawness. It’s a working method that unites Roman’s nerdy bedroom-production past with band collaboration and catapults this homemade aesthetic into a new, punchier context. Includes a bonus video for the track “Agog Grammer.”
“Lasted is the third album by Thomas Meluch under the alias Benoit Pioulard. Thomas has toured throughout North America and Europe since his last record, the process of which has had a marked impact on the development of these songs as lyrics and structures have been scrapped, tweaked and reworked in the live setting. As with previous albums, it was recorded and mixed in domestic isolation, this time throughout the rainy season in his current home of Portland, Oregon. While the extent of the dreary climate’s influence on the results is left to the listener’s discretion, what is certain is that Thomas has a preternatural ability to weave disparate sound components into a cohesive sonic tapestry, mixing a varied palette of field recordings and percussive elements along with melancholy melodies to create songs that recall — and are akin to — vespers of long-buried memories.”
LP version.
AGCG 003EP A GUY CALLED GERALD: Tronic Jazz: The Berlin Sessions Vol. 3 12″ (AGCG 003EP) 12.00
This is part 3 in a 4-part series of limited edition 12″s from A Guy Called Gerald’s Tronic Jazz: The Berlin Sessions (LI 017CD). This stuff is wide-eyed and full of life. When it funks, it funks hard, and when it smoothes out, it can be as intimate as a hand-written note left on a lover’s pillow. These four tracks include “Illand,” “Just Soul,” “Round Eco” and “The Dip.”
Having spent the last few years recording as one-half of The Boats, Andrew Hargreaves has finally finished his solo debut. From the opening notes of “Between The Left And Right Hand,” the delicate tone is set, with simple piano motifs intermingling with digital processing to create a unique space. Space is an important element that runs throughout Defragment — every sound is given room to breathe, designed to encourage the listener to fill in the gaps with their own emotional interpretations. Of course, there is a nod to his main work with The Boats, and certain elements could have been transplanted straight from their extensive catalog. The sound palette is, however, expanded to include label mate Danny Norbury, whose cello adds an extra depth to “Variation Is Repetition” and takes center stage on the heartbreaking “Confusion In Consequence.” The final recordings for the album took place while Andrew was touring Japan with The Boats — the influence is evident in the balanced simplicity of the compositions and mixes. Fans of Danny Norbury, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alva Noto, and indeed, The Boats should investigate.
LOAD 019LP BRAINBOMBS: Singles Compilation LP (LOAD 019LP) 14.00
“The Brainbombs use a horn, scraping guitars & the mindset of a mentally impaired killer to bring some dark damage to the putrid remains of the corpse of rock music. When the band started, they were much more in line with the European industrial scene of the time. Though they use the tools of the rock trade, Brainbombs instead breath from the fart-helmet of minimal repetitious overload. To this a drugged out horn floats in the mix. The collection of songs on this release documents the band’s first seven years of exceedingly hard to come by singles plus bonus tracks.”
LOAD 022LP BRAINBOMBS: Urge To Kill LP (LOAD 022LP) 14.00
“Sweden’s Brainbombs have been carpet bombing eardrums since the mid-’80s with their sadist aktions, so Load Records is proud to roll out the brown carpet for the vinyl reissue of their 1999 classic. Be warned, sensitive listener, that this record traffics in some adult subject matter: driving around in your car, being tired, picking up hitchhikers & killing them with hammers & screwdrivers. If this bothers you I am sure there is more pleasant music out there, but for the rest of us, there is Brainbombs.”
LOAD 130CD CLOCKCLEANER: Auf Wiedersehen CD (LOAD 130CD) 14.00
“Since 2007’s release of Babylon Rules, Clockcleaner have toured the trailer park areas of the United States as well as conquering the scorched earth of Australia. During this time the band recorded this 4 song EP length record that sharpens their midnight howl in a direction only hinted at in previous releases. Whereas the guitar was a bit louder and the bass and drums lurched and lobbed in the past, the band now operates in a deathly throb that beats like the dying heart of a lonely man. John Sharkey’s voice lays the gloom on like a cyanide capsule hitting a vat of acid with you strapped into the chair for the ultimate death ride. The songs are sharpened to a razor wire edge with creepy tales of inter-coital head games, walks through dank sides of life and opportunities sorely missed. This is music made for adults with valid ID cards willing to lay their shit out bare for everyone to see. The black snake is crawling outside your door, lace up your boots, bring your saddle and mount the damn thing.”
LOAD 130LP CLOCKCLEANER: Auf Wiedersehen LP (LOAD 130LP) 14.00
LP version.
LOCA 001EP SPHERIX: In A Hole/In The Dark 12″ (LOCA 001EP) 11.50
“Having already released tunes for some of the scene’s most respected record labels (Immerse, Aquatic Lab, Bare Dubs, Sub continental Dub) and earned support from big hitters like Ramadanman, Peverelist and Scuba, Spherix steps up on his own lowercase imprint with ‘In a Hole’ and ‘In the Dark’. Based in Australia and run in collaboration with Kwality (‘Look Back’ on Tube10), lowercase is focused on stretching the dubstep and techno boundaries while casting an eye on further horizons than just the dancefloor. ‘In a Hole’ and ‘In the Dark’ both highlight Spherix’s solid understanding of depth and masterful touch for abstract rhythms that are impossible to ignore. Built around cavernous stabs, crunchy drums and spacious, swooping subs, the effect is two tracks that suck you into their own murky planet. LOCA001 also features an exclusive vinyl-only locked groove on the flip, illustrating just why Spherix has earned a reputation as an innovator and hints at the future of the lowercase label.”
The second release by the M=minimal label is the rediscovery of a musical jewel. The first limited edition of this extraordinary album was released in 1984 in Brazil. In the ’80s in the field of minimal music, nothing similar to it was released and it was long overdue to make this record accessible again. Imagine the scene: Caetano Veloso and Jim O’Rourke collaborating on Brazilian-flecked minimal pieces. The result might sound like this recording. Chico Mello is a Brazilian composer who studied with Dieter Schnebel and Witold Szalonek and who has lived and worked in Berlin for 20 years. His works have been played at the most important festivals of contemporary/new music (Donaueschingen Music Festival, Musica Viva München, Inventionen Berlin, Maerz Musik, International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges, France, Festival Música Nova São Paulo, Bienal de Música Contemporânea Rio de Janeiro, etc.). Mello has also worked with colleagues such as Arnold Dreyblatt, Daniel Ott, and Burkhard Schlotthauer’s Wandelweiser ensemble. Currently, he is working with Nicholas Bussmann (Kapital Band I/Ich Schwitze Nie) on a Brazilian song cycle. This album has been mastered at ~scape mastering studio, Berlin.
MELO 069CD WORKING FOR A NUCLEAR FREE CITY: Jojo Burger Tempest 2CD (MELO 069CD) 16.50
Jojo Burger Tempest is the new album from the UK’s finest electronic post-rock band Working For A Nuclear Free City, the follow-up to 2007’s Businessmen & Ghosts. Jojo Burger Tempest takes place across two discs, with 15 tracks on one and the 30-minute title track on the other. Everything about the album is epic. It was recorded over a period of 18 months in two distinctly different locations: a warehouse in the north of England and an isolated cottage in France. Over that period, the band laid down a few ideas a day and amassed some 2,800 song ideas, despite claiming to suffer from writer’s block. The longform track on CD2 was created in a single day using ideas that had found no home elsewhere on the album, like DVD extras reworked into a new piece of art. Says Phil: “I’d always liked the idea of doing a mix-tape kind of track like Q-Bert, Shadow, Yoda, people like that, used to do with their mix tapes. It’s not meant to be a prog rock tune, more of a collage. It was a really fun way to work and felt like we were really doing something different.” Working For A Nuclear Free City formed around brothers Phil and Jon Kay and schoolfriend Gary McLure. Ed Hulme joined two days before the band’s first gig, cementing an unconventional line-up that doesn’t always have a singer, though Phil takes the majority of the vocals.
MINUS 097EP MAURIZI, FABRIZIO: Chronicles 12″ (MINUS 097EP) 11.00
Fabrizio Maurizi’s third release for M_nus features two instrumental dancefloor-appointed tracks with a clever splash of humanity. “Bring Me Back” showcases Fabrizio’s ability to fuse the robotic movement of proper underground techno, with the patience and steadiness of a perfectly-developed human mind. Produced with a tempo at a refreshingly slower pace, “Bring Me Back” is a perfect DJ tool, useful for both a highlight of the set, or a fully-functional programmer for building tension in-between tracks.
MINUS 098CD HOULE, MARC: Drift CD (MINUS 098CD) 15.50
This is Marc Houle’s first CD album for M_nus. Drift is an album of tracks inspired by the prolonged Berlin winter, and the depression, which it so often causes — from the chill of the coldest nights felt on tracks such as “Inside” and “The Next,” through to songs that encompass the frustrations of gray skies such as “Seeing In The Dark.” Marc has created a season of emotions, and in doing so, put forth his own personal frustrations towards what is considered “techno” in its most basic form. Locking himself away during a winter season to fully embrace his own idealism has resulted in an album on which his rebellious nature and desire for a more experimental musical mentality has cast him further from the standard practice of the techno underworld. His grievances are at their most clear on the title track, which is an intense, and ultimately angry, techno belter produced as the winter season caused feelings less of “beauty” and more of suffocation. However, Drift is not without moments in which the sunlight peeks through the layers of heavy clouds. Tracks such as “Sweet” and “Hitcher Man” provide the audible interpretation of a person dreaming of warmer climates — the not-so-forgotten idea of being elsewhere, with the experience of finally seeing the snow fade away and the clouds drift towards springtime skies. By the time the album reaches its finale, it’s clear that Marc’s winter blues have receded, as the few remaining patches of ice melt into puddles of past musical memories. A mainstay of the M_nus camp, Marc Houle has been known to push the boundaries with his output for the label, always adding tweaks and twists from analog synths, unexpected, obscure sounds, and an onslaught of vocals and playfulness. His take on electronic music is a personal sound that draws upon his early influences from industrial, retro and Detroit, along with a modern vision of path-finding techno. This latest venture for the label, although inspired by the coldest moments of the year, is undoubtedly hot as fire.
MINUS 098LP HOULE, MARC: Drift 2LP (MINUS 098LP) 20.00
2LP version.
MULE 075EP KAB&MAC: Local Report 12″ (MULE 075EP) 12.00
Minilogue’s Marcus Henriksson and KAB (Karl-Axel Bissler) collaborate after their now-unforgettable DJ set at Japan’s Labyrinth festival. “Local Report” kicks off the A-side with hypnotic and groovy peak-time tech-house. On the flip, “Shades Of Grey” is dark and psychedelic with a modern touch, perfect for fans of Ricardo Villalobos and Mathew Jonson.
RISQUEE 021EP MOLE, THE: Dreamer Keep On Dreaming 12″ (RISQUEE 021EP) 12.00
The Mole is back on Musique Risquée with his 3rd EP. Each track is a story about dreams. “Dreamer” is this weird one you can’t get rid of, with an annoying voice following you around everywhere. “Oh My Stomach” is the mysterious black & white dream, with cigar reek and bad whiskey breath. “Last Ditch” is the action-packed one, with a car chase and the usual neverending sex scene at the end. You wake up, and the record is over.
MBF 12072EP KAISERDISCO: In No One’s Shadow 12″ (MBF 12072EP) 12.00
This vinyl EP features four tracks by Germany’s Kaiserdisco from their debut full-length (MBF 004CD). Working with a killer house groove, wild pitch sounds, spaced-out effects and sensual vocals, it unites at least four different genres of music in such a skilful way that it will leave your mouth open in amazement.
OESB 702EP GREATEST HITS: Danse Pop 7″ (OESB 702EP) 7.50
“Debut four-song 7″ by Brooklyn-via-LA mystery popsters with connections to Raw Thrills, Insted, Outer Limits Recordings, James Ferraro, and Luke Perry. Features Basement Jaxx/Michael Jackson/Sparks pop aspirations filtered through a Haunted Graffiti homemade aesthetic.” On white vinyl.
O4H 002EP SILVERMAN: Can’t Stand The Rain 12″ (O4H 002EP) 11.50
“As with most things, the most interesting things happening in the monolith of a genre that is dubstep are happening on the fringes. Cinematic second release for the brand new Berlin label One4Ho. Borrowing syncopation concepts from other genres and combining them with eerie vocal samples, One4Ho creates a mixture of dubstep that’s almost a new genre in itself. Using the mournful vocal and drip-drop sample from Ann Peebles’ track of the same name, the wobble in ‘Can’t Stand The Rain’ sounds like a massive industrial turbine in some torrential dystopian deluge. Dark, heavy and relentless. This tune has been receiving play from the likes of Falty DL, and Starkeyand Clark, who also provides a soul crunching remix that seems to flip the original track’s concept of memory, love and loss into a three-and-a-half minute masterpiece of dream-like emotional manipulation.”
OUTRE 1003LP VA: The Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol. III 2LP (OUTRE 1003LP) 25.50
…Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48. Outernational Records is pleased to announce the third volume of this legendary series is now available on the vinyl format. This series of archival 78 transfers was originally released in 1995 on CD only. Now for the first time on vinyl, a deluxe gatefold presentation and limited edition pressing. Reissue produced by Hisham Mayet (Sublime Frequencies) in conjunction with Yazoo Records. Compiled here are many of the greatest performances of world and ethnic music ever recorded. This volume represents a trip around the world, stopping at each port to sample one of that country’s finest recordings of its indigenous music. Each of these recordings was captured at a period during the golden age of recording when traditional styles were at their peak of power and emotion. Included inside are extensive notes and beautiful period photographs that work together with the music to communicate an exciting sense of discovery. Early 20th century recordings from Poland, Spain, China, Angola, Turkey, Mongolia, Russia, the Congo, and elsewhere, compiled by archivist Pat Conte.
PERM 020LP BRAIN IDEA: The Survival Scrolls LP (PERM 020LP) 15.00
“Brain Idea is one of Chicago’s most exciting new bands. Their second release is also their debut full-length on Permanent Records. It’s full of stripped down, super upbeat, catchy, and totally DIY-style rock’n’roll jams, heavily influenced by New Zealand’s legendary DIY indie rockers, The Clean and ’90s bedroom recording pop savants. Brain Idea took most of the material on their now out-of-print and highly sought after demo cassette tape and re-recorded it with much more depth and reverb, especially on the vocals. They’ve added some great instrumental interludes that tie the tracks together which are quite Kraut-y in nature (these guys were the ones behind that NOi! tape (classic Oi! punk cuts covered Krautrock-style), mind you). The dudes in Brain Idea also have a part-time Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band called Graveyard Train, so you know they’re of good taste. They even cover the Clean for chrissakes. Fans of lo-fi DIY pop, Krautrock, and CCR-esque pop genius will absolutely dig Brian Idea.” Includes silkscreened insert.
PERMVAC 050CD VA: Selected Label Works 2 2CD (PERMVAC 050CD) 20.00
This is the second part of the Permanent Vacation label round-up Selected Label Works. Permanent Vacation has sharpened its profile to finally secure one of the leading positions among the best labels for contemporary club music and beyond. Fifty releases is a considerable number of releases, and they equally comprise major club mashers, avant-garde electronic from the GDR, the latest deep house tracks and obscure library music from the ’70s, without one of them being considered to be out of place. Fifty releases which happily embrace classics like Kathy Diamond’s album Miss Diamond To You and the re-release of the cult album Camino Del Sol by Antena, next to Sweden’s uncrowned queen of Italo pop, princess Sally Shapiro and Norway’s Balearic superstar Todd Terje. Fifty releases featuring 12″ vinyl by artists from all over the world, from old heroes to hopeful debutants and diverse music styles from future boogie to piano house and cosmic rock to Kraut disco. The highlights of 2009’s tracks that have been hitherto available on vinyl only are now assembled on a double CD, including the larger-than-life hits “Reckless With Your Love” by Azari & III, whose great ’90s-inspired house sound could not be ignored by anyone and “Coma Cat” from Hamburg-based Marco Niemerski alias Tensnake, who gained broad consent from all parties and countries beyond the usual techno and tech-house circles. Also, the label-heads themselves are represented with their project Permanent Vacation. They are featured here with “Zuckerhut” and two remixes — one for the Californian Balearic band Woolfy vs. Projections and another one for their Munich friends Pollyester. The latter has already convinced James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem of its greatness. Other artists include: Jacques Renault, Lauer, Bogdan Irkük, DMX Krew, Bottin, Moonoton (feat. Olga Ponomaryova), Lexx, Spectacle, John Talabot, Boom Clap Bachelors, Midnight Magic, Bostro Pesopeo, Kem Fuego, The Loving Hand and Mock & Toof.
RED 003EP JUS WAN/DJG: Azure/Avoid The Noid Remixes 12″ (RED 003EP) 11.50
“With the success of Pushing Red’s first two releases, we decided we would step things up with remixes from the scene’s top producers in their respected genres. Both F & Headhunter need no introductions, fusing unique ideas and production values when it comes to dubstep and techno. These two remixes showcase both style and class in a way that only F & Headhunter can pull off and we are truly honoured to have them involved. Kicking things off is F with an outstanding recreation of Jus Wan’s already classic ‘Azure.’ A sneaking intro builds on the original pads before dropping into a steady snare. Growling bass slowly sneaks into the picture and drops into a perfect blend of rough and smooth. F has taken an already great tune and kept the integrity of the original, while giving it his own signature flavour. Classic remix!”
RAMP 036-2EP SHORTSTUFF: The Summer Of Shortstuff EP Part 2 10″ (RAMP 036-2EP) 13.00
Second part in the trilogy, featuring tracks “Tweaked” and “Galaxy.” Limited stock.
REPH 204CD DMX KREW: Wave Funk/Prolapse Of The Wave Function 2CD (REPH 204CD) 17.00
Evolving from where Collapse Of The Wave Function (REPH 155LP) and Wave Funk Vol. 1 vinyl EP left off, this is a wide variety of entertaining listening spanning the realms of electronic dance music. This is one CD of brand-new material + one CD of previously vinyl-only releases. 35 tracks in total. Ed DMX lives in London where he makes music and runs his label Breakin’ Records. He also travels around DJing and performing live most weekends in different parts of the world. The first DMX Krew release was 1995’s Got You On My Mind on Dutch label DAP, and this was followed in 1996 by Sound Of The Street on Aphex Twin’s label Rephlex. This record hinted at what was to come with its mix of instrumental electro, synth-pop and techno made on vintage equipment. Lots more releases followed, mainly through Rephlex, but also on diverse labels including International Deejay Gigolos, Ersatz Audio, Sonic Groove and several others. DMX Krew remixes have also appeared of various artists including Gentle People, Biochip C, Denki Groove, Le Car and many others. In 1997, Ed DMX started his label Breakin’ Records, which gained a cult following as one of the UK’s first electro and bass labels with releases from DMX Krew and under the alias Computor Rockers, as well as first signings Bass Junkie, Mandroid and Ceephax Acid Crew. The last three albums and pair of 7″ singles released on Rephlex under the umbrella of Collapse Of The Wave Function reveal a deeper, more considered side to his production, featuring ambient and experimental tracks as well as quirkier dancefloor fillers.
RUSLP 8313LP STIMULATORS: Loud Fast Rules! LP (RUSLP 8313LP) 14.00
“This record is a must for any self-respecting punk’s collection. After all, are there any three words that sum up the punk sound better than Loud Fast Rules!? In 1977, after hearing The Damned, Motorhead and The Clash, guitarist Denise Mercedes returned from London and decided to start her own band. She recruited LES poet Patrick Mack on guitar and vocals, artist and fashionista Nick Marden on bass and, after trying out the likes of Jerry Nolan (Heartbreakers, NY Dolls) and Johnny Blitz (Dead Boys) on drums, settled on a then 11 year-old Harley Flanagan (Cro- Mags, Harley’s War). Soon the Stims gained a rabid fan club of the youngest rock ‘n’ rollers in the city and became regulars at legendary clubs like Max’s Kansas City, CBGB’s and Danceteria, sharing bills with bands like Richard Hell & The Voidoids, Bad Brains, Suicide, B-52s and The Cramps. A long awaited re-issue on vinyl of the celebrated ROIR cassette, the Stimulators’ Loud Fast Rules! is more than just a record; it’s a piece of New York punk history. Loud Fast Rules! is the Stimulators’ only full-length piece of work (their only other release being a handful of coveted 7″s) and it captures the band doing what they do best, playing a sharp, fast, energetic live set of catchy, feisty songs that mix punk with metal, reggae and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.”
RUSLP 8317LP LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, THE: Seconds Late For The Brighton Line 2LP (RUSLP 8317LP) 19.00
“Unlike most acts of their vintage, The Legendary Pink Dots look forward. After more than 25 years, they continue to make compelling new music that is demanded by fans and maintains the high level of quality that set their careers in motion. Led by singer/songwriter Edward Ka-Spel and keyboardist/songwriter Phil ‘Silverman’ Knight, the band continues to create their singular brand of modern psychedelia. Edward Ka-Spel’s lyrics breathe with a sagacity and cleverness only found in rock’s greatest writers. Their new album Seconds Late For The Brighton Line finds the band in familiar territory; pulsing Krautrock, dark and sinister pop and epic post-industrial soundscapes. The album invites the listener to put on head phones, close their eyes and embark on a technicolor journey. Stand out tracks include the epic electronic groove of ‘Russian Roulette’, the pretty naivete of ‘Someday’ and the chilling goth-pop of ‘Endless Time.'” Includes a 17+ minute vinyl-only bonus track.
RS 069LP EN: The Absent Coast LP (RS 069LP) 16.00
“En is the duo of San Francisco-based multi-instrumentalists Maxwell August Croy and James Devane, and The Absent Coast is their debut collection of recordings. The pair utilizes a wide range of instrumentation — koto, guitar, vocals, rhodes, melodica, and piano, among other devices — which are processed and refined into rich walls of reverberant bliss. With its hazy atmospherics, microtonal drones, and plaintive tones, the album evokes the type of nostalgia that accompanies the imaginary landscapes of past memory. A diverse and carefully considered album, The Absent Coast is all soaring peaks, shadowed valleys and expansive plains. Edition of 300 LPs.”
RB 099.1EP PASSARANI, MARCO: Colliding Stars Pt. 1 & 2 12″ (RB 099.1EP) 12.00
Final Frontier/Pigna/Nature boss-man, terrific producer, and pasta boy Marco Passarani delivers new original material since his brilliant Statostasi EP. The first one of a two-part 12″ series. Here you get it all, dear earthlings: science fiction marathon tech-house, Male Martian mirror balls and SH-303 female robot acid. Limited to 500 copies in a retro-futuristic telescopic picture sleeve with even enough room to slip in the second platter.
RH 111E-EP WILHITE PRESENTS, RICK: Vibes New&Rare Music Part E 12″ (RH 111E-EP) 12.50
The fifth and last EP in the Vibes series features 3 tracks by new recording artists from Detroit. First up is Mark King, who gives us an emotive, deeply soulful vocal workout that lasts close to nine minutes. Detroiter DJ Raybone teams up with TJ as well as Rick Wilhite for two more deep Detroit late-night house tracks. The B-side tracks are exclusive to this 12″ and won’t be on the CD release.
RH 112A-EP RECLOOSE: Early Works Sampler Part 1/2 12″ (RH 112A-EP) 12.50
This sampler, first of two, contains three tracks from the classic Spelunking EP, which was originally released on Planet E and with which Recloose solidified his name on the scene. “Land Of The Lost Dance” is an unreleased track from that era — another fine example which shows that Recloose is the don of mixing funk and techno. With this 12″, Rush Hour celebrates Recloose’s early works from the late ’90s/early ’00s. This material is often regarded as his best.
RH N4-EP NEBRASKA: Four For Four EP 12″ (RH N4-EP) 12.50
This is the fourth Nebraska EP for Rush Hour. With Four For Four, he delivers four good-spirited and uplifting house tracks. “This Is The Way” is an infectious, building disco groove which climaxes midway through. The other three tracks are also fun-loving, playful disco cut-ups in true Nebraska style that will make any crowd smile. Addictive stuff.
RH RW1-CD WILHITE PRESENTS, RICK: The Godson & Soul Edge CD (RH RW1-CD) 17.00
The Rush Hour label presents a CD of vinyl-only Godson action in a limited pressing for the collectors. Due to high demand, Rush Hour pressed up a compilation of Rick Wilhite’s Godson and Soul Edge EPs in small numbers. This is the first time most of these tracks appear on CD and this collection includes unreleased mixes of Rick and Moodymann, as well as the Urban Tribe mix of “Good Kiss” (taken from KDJ 22) and a brand-new, unreleased track by Rick entitled “30 Days Later.”
RWINA 009EP TERROR DANJAH: Reinforced 12″ (RWINA 009EP) 11.50
“Yes people, like Dillinja once said, it’s time to get grimey! The man, the myth, the legend, Mr Terror Danjah blesses Rwina with the Reinforced EP. A storming 3 tracker of top class grime for the connoisseurs, the EP is fully equipped with lazershifting bass-terrorism and high-end sonic manipulation. The lead track, ‘Reinforced’, switches from sweet but dark R&B vibes to classic acid-esque rave touches, guaranteeing a proper reaction on the floor. ‘Peanut Punch’, a collaboration with regular sparringpartner D.O.K., sprinkles neon highlights over a minimal, bass-led beat, while the EP finishes up with ‘Stomp Test’ – 4 to the floor club music designed to kill any dance. Rwina & Terror Danjah – a perfect fit.”
SAVE 001LP VA: Vanity – Finest Selection 1978-81 LP (SAVE 001LP) 23.00
“Vanity records is one of the best Japanese music secrets. Sounds like New York’s late ’70s post-punk scene such as James White, Martin Rev or even ESG. Early techno gems, disco-punk and noisy landscapes with a real Japanese flavour. Founded in Kyoto in 1978 by chief editor of Rock Magazine, Agi Yuzuru, this label has a short but very interesting production. Only 10 long play albums, 3 7″ singles, one double compilation, and few cassettes were recorded between 1978 and 1980. Some flexi discs were given with Rock Magazine issues during 1980. All of the records were extremely limited and released in editions of 200 and 500 copies. Most of the covers were handmade and nowadays original pressing are impossible to find and change hands for hundreds of dollars. Here’s your last chance to get the finest selection from one of the best underground and experimental Japanese movement.” On white vinyl; limited edition of 1000 copies. Artists include BGM, Sympathy Nervous, Dada, Mad Tea Party, RNA Organism, Arbeit, Aunt Sally, Morio Agata, Normal Brain, Perfect Mother, Tolerance and Kiiro Radical.
SSP 010LP LUCAS, TED: Ted Lucas LP (SSP 010LP) 16.50
LP version. The music of Ted Lucas has circulated through CD-Rs and blogs for years now. Although primarily known for this, his 1975 self-titled album (sometimes referred to as The OM Record), a legacy of hundreds of tapes decisively reveal one of the psychedelic era’s most criminally-overlooked talents. Lucas studied with Ravi Shankar. He was the “exotic instruments specialist” for Motown and played sitar on many of their most famous productions. He rubbed shoulders with Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent and every other major player on the Detroit scene. His pioneering early psych rock bands The Spike Drivers and Misty Wizards managed to become legends with nothing more than a handful of singles. Stanley Mouse, prime image-maker for the Grateful Dead and friend of Ted, adapted the cover for Ted Lucas from his artwork for Jimi Hendrix’s unfinished last album. It’s the first appearance of the space scarab — the UFO that would later become Journey’s symbol. From brief, spontaneous ditties, predating the lo-fi indie movement by 20 years, to the epicly psychedelic sitar guitar ragas in Lucas’ signature loose string tunings, Lucas never wavered from his visceral, intensely honest vision. A self-taught master of many instruments and consummate do-it-yourselfer, Ted created a home studio and worked out new ways to tune his guitars. The pride he took in his craft and his attention to detail were inspiring and exasperating to all who knew him. His wit was legendary. The reasons for Lucas’ failure to break out of the Detroit scene would require, and probably deserve, a book-length investigation. His career provides insight on the difficulty of self-publishing and self-promotion in the pre-internet age. Without a doubt, things would have turned out very differently had he come up today. Lucas’ voice is unspeakably mellow, his guitar unbelievably gentle, and his arrangements absolutely impeccable. Do not miss this album.
SHAD 130LP KALEIDOSCOPE: Kaleidoscope LP (SHAD 130LP) 42.00
Originally released in Mexico, 1969. Numbered edition of 500 pressed on 180 gram vinyl, housed in a heavy sleeve with a poster and 4-page insert containing an extra poster. “Kaleidoscope is one of best psychedelic albums ever been recorded and among the other 2 rare albums (Mariani from USA and Dark from UK) perhaps the rarest. Enrique Rivas located all original members as well as the original artist of the cover. Shadoks Music signed a deal with the band, so we can put this baby out for the first time legit. Actually this band was not from Mexico. The musicians came from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Spain and the album was recorded in 1967 in Dominican Republic. The manager took it to Mexico where it had a tiny release of 200 on the Orfeon label. They were friends of Addib Casta from Ladies WC, Venezuela, so one song is from Ladies WC; the rest are all original compositions. A collector’s dream come true. The music is amazing heavy guitar-based psychedelic of the best kind, the cover artwork restored and complete (bootlegs were heavily cropped) with original label artwork for the first time, plus many photos, band history, 2 posters. We are proud to have this baby on our label. Please enjoy!”
SHAD 131LP TRUBROT: Undir Áhrifum LP (SHAD 131LP) 44.00
Originally released in Iceland, 1970. Numbered edition of 500 pressed on 180 gram vinyl, housed in a heavy gatefold sleeve with a double-sided insert. “In 1969, Trúbrot was the first supergroup ever founded in Iceland. After the début album with vocalist Shady Owens, this is the second album released in 1970 without Shady on vocals. After a last concert in Iceland with the original line up, they invited Led Zeppelin and became friends with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. When Jimmy and Robert returned to their hotel at four o’clock in the morning they were amazed to discover that the sun was still shining bright. The sight of the midnight sun, the snow-capped glaciers and the Icelandic geysers apparently inspired them to write ‘The Immigrant Song’ for the third Led Zeppelin album. Trúbrot was very much influenced by the electric music of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young by Led Zeppelin and Keith Emerson. Trúbrot went to London to have Orange amplifiers custom-made for the band, and to Copenhagen to record Undir Áhrifum at the Wifoss Studio. The album became the best album of 1970. Really amazing male English vocals, great arrangements, guitars, organ. Psychedelic/progressive rock of the best kind strongly influenced by British underground. Trúbrot recorded 2 more albums which will be released on Shadoks, too. Tony Branwell of Apple Records was saying these were one of the two best bands he had seen perform on stage in the preceding six months.”
SHAD 132LP O BANDO: O Bando LP (SHAD 132LP) 42.00
Originally released in Brazil, 1969. Numbered edition of 500 pressed on 180 gram vinyl, housed in a heavy sleeve with a double-sided insert. “O Bando was recorded in 1969 in São Paulo by 5 guys and a beautiful singer, Marisa Fossa. The production was state-of-the-art, hosted by one of the 3 top producers of Brazil. For 1969 it was recorded in Scatena studios in São Paulo with 8 channel equipment, which was the best you could get at this time. The music has sophisticated brass arrangements, very much on the same level as US bands Chicago Transit Authority, The Flock and Blood Sweat & Tears, with the charm and rhythms of Brazil exotics. If you like the album by Liverpool, this one would be for you. A real summer record, should make the stoned psychedelic listener move his hips and dance or at least nod their feet. Great guitars, smashing vocals, Samba rhythm, horns, tons of effects, a real trip to Brazilian underground music. One of the best!”
SIMPLE 1048EP ADULTNAPPER (FEAT. BIG BULLY): Low Point On High Ground 12″ (SIMPLE 1048EP) 12.00
The Low Point On High Ground EP is a collaboration between Brooklyn-based producer Adultnapper and fellow New Yorker Big Bully. Adultnapper is a Philosophy Ph.D drop-out with punk rock roots. A DJ, musician, vocalist, label-head and producer, Big Bully’s unique blend of street-wise flavor and edgy techno sophistication comes as a sharp contrast to his sweet, sexy vocals and soulful productions. His vocal efforts on this 12″ mark his debut for Simple. Includes a remix by DJ Sprinkles.
STS 190CD ARP: The Soft Wave CD (STS 190CD) 17.00
“Recorded as Alexis Georgopoulos (the man behind the music of Arp) relocated from San Francisco to New York, The Soft Wave is expansive in scope, unfolding like a collection of short stories or filmic vignettes, each piece building upon the other. The Soft Wave incorporates guitars, piano, flute, and Ebows to create a dense brocade of sound. Georgopoulos even steps up to the mic for the gorgeous centerpiece ‘From A Balcony Overlooking The Sea,’ calling to mind classic John Cale and Brian Eno. Though Georgopoulos still has a knack for creating environments in which you want to recline hammock-style, he’s also peppered The Soft Wave with soft blasts of blessed-out fuzz. Recorded to 2-inch tape, it’s warm glow and blown-out formalism will undoubtedly appeal to a broad, sophisticated range of tastes.”
STS 190LP ARP: The Soft Wave LP (STS 190LP) 17.00
LP version.
SVT 050CD KOLETZKI & FRAN, OLIVER: Lovestoned CD (SVT 050CD) 17.00
On the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Großstadtmärchen (SVT 037CD), Berlin’s Oliver Koletzki has teamed up with singer Fran, the voice of the über-successful single “Hypnotized,” to record an 11-track electronic pop album. Fran and Oliver are not merely partners in crime when it comes to music — they are also “lovestoned,” glued together by their mutual love for music and their love for each other. Here are eleven songs about getting to know each other, eleven songs about spending time together, eleven songs about the first kiss, eleven songs about the wonder that is love. Muscially, Lovestoned is a journey through Fran’s and Oliver’s different influences: from sample-based house to synth-pop, from late ’70s glam to late ’90s ambient, with some jazz nuggets. The impeccable songwriting, the feeling for the right dose of pop anthems, and Fran’s pure voice in English and German elevate the music to a new height. Things get going right away with the summery, ’70s-inspired glam-pop track “Lovestoned,” a smooth piece with shimmering guitars and funky slap-bass. The journey into happiness continues with the first single release “Arrow And Bow” that plugs ’80s pop sounds with synthesizers that cause goosebumps, clap snares that will move heads and toes, and of course, Fran’s beautiful voice. On “Echoes,” Koletzki’s background as a house and techno producer meet with Fran’s divine lyrics, some groovy loops and some softly-floating pianos and synthesizers. “3” is a Balearic pop song about the love of one person for another that is not yet mutual. A longing feeling for response underlines the atmosphere of this wonderfully hypnotic track. “I Might” is a melancholic song about the love-blues while “Strandbar Berlin” is as happy as happy goes. Oliver Koletzki has also recorded one purely instrumental track for this album: “Hollywood Boulevard” is a funky piece of thumping, percussive house music. This is Oliver Koletzki for the floor: samples mix with synthesizers and result in a very musical piece of house music. “Kissenschlacht” is the ultimate holiday song, “Fingertips” is an electrified, house-y pop song, “Smile” is a pastiche on DJ culture set in kitschy late ’70s disco scenery, and “It’s A Pleasure To Meet You” is a funky piece of synth-pop. Lovestoned speaks both in the language of pop and the language of love.
SR 297CD PALESTINE, CHARLEMAGNE: Strumming Music 3CD (SR 297CD) 20.00
Subtitled: For Piano, Harpsichord And Strings Ensemble. Sub Rosa presents unpublished works by minimalist composer/vocalist/performer Charlemagne Palestine. Charlemagne Palestine wrote intense, ritualistic music in the 1970s, intended by the composer to rub against audiences’ expectations of what is beautiful and meaningful in music. A composer-performer, he always performed his own works as soloist. His earliest works were compositions for carillon and electronic drones, and he is best known for his intensely performed piano works. These unpublished pieces from the mid-’70s are works built on the same principles that he developed and established over the years for the piano. This is a unique variation on composition that introduces a perpetual rise inside a continuum of sound. “All of the Strumming Music manifestations seem to have originated from Charlemagne’s physical relationship with the colossal carillon bells in the tower of St. Thomas Church on Fifth Avenue in New York. I met Charlemagne Palestine in 1968. The intensity of his listening impressed me as the intensity of his playing would later, when I heard him play on the carillon and the bells to ‘his church.’ I realized later, when Charlemagne had started to develop his series of piano pieces called Strumming, that he was assaulting that concrete ceiling and literally pushing through its three feet to release the sonic energy in the piano, much as he had with the carillon. Charlemagne’s interest and work in electronic music increased in the late ’60s, and in 1970, he decamped to southern California where he became a graduate student working with Morton Subotnick. It was during this year at CalArts (1970-71) that Charlemagne developed an approach to the piano that was not only extremely repetitive and physical, but predicated on the theory that, given the right stimulus, the instrument had a voice of its own and could produce a whole array of high overtones that seem to jump out on their own as if by magic. Over the next few years, he developed and polished the music that came to be known simply as ‘Strumming.’ The rapid alternation between single notes and chords and different registers became a technique that he seemed to own, and it really only worked with this magic piano. ‘Strumming’ was the physical technique; the melodies and harmonies that resulted made the music breathe and feel alive. After a while, the ear doesn’t distinguish between notes that are sounded by hammers and those which are.” –extract from the liner notes by Ingram Marshall. Housed in an 8-page digipak including a 16-page book.
SUOL 021EP KALKBRENNER, FRITZ: Facing The Sun 12″ (SUOL 021EP) 12.00
This is the debut single from Fritz Kalkbrenner’s album Here Today Gone Tomorrow. His brother Paul Kalkbrenner and his long-time friend Sascha Funke are both on board for remixes, so expect nothing less than phat, dope shit! “Facing The Sun” was released as a non-vocal version on his first Suol EP, Wingman. He just couldn’t resist recording some vocals on top. If you liked “Wingman,” you will love “Facing The Sun.”
SYST 068EP BABICZ, ROBERT: Immortal Changes – The Vinyl Edition Part Two 12″ (SYST 068EP) 12.50
This is the second remix 12″ for Robert Babicz’s Immortal Changes (SYST 011CD). Maetrik stays true to the original of “Chordy,” adding a little grit and heft to the bass line. Gorge matches the growling bass line and smooth-as-silk synths to fantastic effect. Remixing “Come Closer” is the always in form, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, who turn in a twisted, downtempo remix
SYST 069EP GORGE: Freaky Flies EP 12″ (SYST 069EP) 12.50
Gorge is one of the most in-demand producers in the world of house music. After all of his accomplishments, it was Gorge’s great wish to deliver a high-quality package of three assorted amazing house pieces for his buddy and friend Marc Romboy and his Systematic imprint. And here they are.
Systematic present their 70th release, and the sixth from the dream-team of Marc Romboy and Blake Baxter. For those unaware of the glittering background of Mr. Baxter, you should know that he holds a place as one of the protagonists in the historical development of Detroit techno. His legendary releases on Underground Resistance, Tresor and Incognito, plus his huge club hits are still firm favorites in the boxes of many of today’s big jocks. Includes a remix by KiNK.
TR 192CD LATE CALL, THE: You Already Have A Home CD (TR 192CD) 17.00
This is the second full-length release by The Late Call aka Stockholm singer/songwriter Johannes Mayer (The Cedar). Throughout the record there is an energy which remains a driving force, all the way through to its gratifying end. You Already Have A Home comes as a marked contrast to the acclaimed debut Leaving Notes on which Johannes Mayer was given the opportunity to cut his teeth with an album of beautiful songs exercised in the art of restraint. On his sophomore record, he has put together an album full of punctuation marks, giving a completely new perspective to the introverted nature of Leaving Notes. This record features a stronger emphasis on percussion and strings with old pianos and brass thrown in for good measure. The result is a collection of songs that have been arranged with great love and attention to detail. However, you will not find any form of musical overload or effect-fireworks in any of the songs. You Already Have A Home, in evolutionary terms, could be described as the missing link between Kings Of Convenience and Bon Iver. The situation in the studio reflects life’s circumstances which The Late Call describe on this record: the attempt to build your life, the struggles, the set-backs and the belief in a rewarding and positive end. You Already Have A Home arrives with an impressive clarity and sharp observation, combining a beautiful interaction of lyrical content and melody with a simplicity that demonstrates how much this artist has developed as a songwriter and musician. The album was recorded and co-produced by Tapete stable-mate John Roger Olsson (The Grand Opening) in his Stockholm studio. Furthermore, the album features collaborations with, among others, Ylva Ceder (who Johannes Mayer toured with in December 2009), bass player Patric Thorman and Maria Eriksson (The Concretes).
TART 013EP VA: Unlucky Number Thirteen 12″ (TART 013EP) 12.00
Tartelet is ready to dispel once and for all the myth of bad luck associated with the number 13. Tahloula’s “We Play House” appears in a remix incarnation by Chris Lattner. Emil & Chesper’s “The Nigerian Hustle” is dark and funky with rolling bass lines and shadowy percussion — heavily rooted in both Berlin’s minimalism and Detroit’s grooviness. Finally, James Braun & Ubebe’s “Neotony” is a percussion-oriented tech-house track reminiscent of Chicago, where banging toms and vintage 808s meet floating strings.
TYPE 074CD MUELLER, JON: The Whole CD (TYPE 074CD) 14.50
The Whole might be avant-percussionist Jon Mueller’s first album for the Type imprint, but it’s far from his scene debut. Working in a plethora of bands for many years (including Collections Of Colonies Of Bees and Volcano Choir with Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver), Mueller has honed his sound to a distinct peak, and over the course of umpteen solo albums and collaborations has cemented his status as one of experimental music’s most revered drummers. Following his epic works Metals (a collection of classic heavy metal rhythms) and the expansive and surprisingly beautiful Physical Changes, both for the esteemed Table Of The Elements label, Mueller embarked on the heady process of creating a “defining” work. Intrigued by ideas of simplicity and acoustic sound, Mueller’s research drew him to Shaker crafts and quilt-making, both deceptively simple practices rooted in the transmission of ideas. Over time, these experiences were interpreted in many different ways, almost certainly inaccurately, and this miscommunicated simplicity is at the very center of The Whole. Through a rolling, unamplified snare drum (a piece of kit perfected over a year of intense practice), booming low toms, hammered dulcimer and his own voice, Mueller creates a sound that is wholly original and totally beguiling. There are traces of folk traditions and lines drawn to the avant garde idiom, but Mueller’s sound is so singularly perfected, it is hard to connect him to specific peers. The Whole is an album that sounds like both a relic of the past and an echo of the future. The ideas are anchored in memory and tradition, yet the sound is alien and sometimes impenetrable. Over time, as the messages are stripped back, an unabashedly gorgeous piece of work is revealed. Like a good book, it requires patience and contemplation to show its beating heart.
UY 001CD RESMANN, MARCO: Upon You Diary No. 1 2CD (UY 001CD) 21.00
In just a few years’ time, Berlin’s Upon You has established itself as a leading figure in European club culture, not just as a label for its 35+ well received 12″ EPs, but also for its curated nights at world-renowned spots like Berghain, Watergate and Arena Club. With their combined experience of producing, DJing and promoting, company founders Marco Resmann, Marcus Meinhardt and Hawks Grunert have formed a powerhouse whose momentum shows no signs of slowing down. In spite of (and perhaps because of) its unpigeonhole-able stylistic approach, Upon You has become a respected source for all DJs and clubbers in search of forward-thinking sounds, and now with its first full-length compilation, the label offers a succinct overview for both followers and newcomers. Upon You Diary No. 1 has been compiled by Marco Resmann (half of Luna City Express) and is split into two parts: the first features 13 new, exclusive tracks from the label’s roster including The Cheapers, Re-UP, ONNO and Mathias Mesteño. The second part, showcasing Resmann’s dynamic DJ ability, is meticulously stitched together using elements of 25 tracks from Upon You’s back catalog, including contributions by Holger Zilske, Catz ‘n Dogz, Mathias Kaden, Luna City Express, and many other respected names. On the surface, the artists on Diary No. 1 clearly follow the tradition of techno and house music, but it’s clear that many of them use these forms as merely a starting point for further auditory exploration. From tropical acid and tribal grooves to somber dub and hypnotic minimal, it’s clear that Upon You doesn’t hold any purist attitudes, and in fact, cross-pollination is encouraged: check Channel X’s be-bop hoedown “Rodeo” and the laid-back blue-eyed funk of “Together” by Marek Hemmann. Diary serves as both an up-to-date survey of Upon You in 2010 as well as a reflection on its origins, with the knowledge that there are many blank pages to be filled out. The compilation is available as an elegantly packaged 2CD set and as a digital download. Other artists include: Echonomist, Deepa & Biri, Marcus Gehring, Soucie Six, Acumen, Gunner Stiller, Fabian Reichelt, SiD, Chesperito, Phage, The Incredible Hochzeitsband, Santorini, Mz. Sunday Luv, Lee Jones & Daniel Dreier, Superflu, Empro & Miko, Guido Schneider & Jens Bond, OEL & Polygon and Ruede Hagelstein.
UY 038EP STILLER, GUNNAR: Far From OK 12″ (UY 038EP) 12.00
Gunnar Stiller produces dancefloor destroyers — even if “Far From OK” sounds a bit like a floor wax accident, there’s no need for the timid raver soul to get worried about slipping and falling. Soft accords sedate the mind, the bass pumps and a voice softly whispers that everything is going to be just fine. When Loko mops the floor with his remix, you can even walk over it on the highest of high heels. Then, on “Some Kind Of Weird” the smoke machine REALLY starts spewing.
VALT 005EP FIDAN, TOLGA: Rezil 12″ (VALT 005EP) 12.00
Tolga Fidan presents Rezil, the latest in the Vakant Limited series! Whoever said “we need more cowbell” will be more than happy to dig this tune. A little unusual in arrangement and sound for Mr. Fidan, “Rezil” fits perfectly within the VALT format.
VAMPI 124CD JOHNSON, BOLA: Man No Die 2CD (VAMPI 124CD) 22.00
From the vaults of Philips in Nigeria comes this collection of music from mysterious trumpeter and bandleader, Bola Johnson. Unmissable ’60s and early ’70s recordings for all highlife and Afrobeat fans. A missing jewel from a golden age of Nigerian music. Up till now, Bola Johnson only seems to figure in the margins of the high octane Lagos music scene of the late ’60s and early ’70s. He may have never had the focus, the career longevity or the catalog of titans like Afrobeat’s Fela Kuti, juju’s King Sunny Ade or highlife’s Victor Olaiya, but his music took its own magnificent route through the popular music of the time. His joyful treasure of a voice embellished every style in his repertoire, from the sweetly melodic heights of highlife and palm wine to the soulful skanking of Afro-blues/funk and Afrobeat; his red-hot trumpet scorches its way to your yearning soul; his tunes vibrate with infectious hooks and undulating rhythms; he seems equally at home composing across the stylistic range — Funk? Calypso? Highlife? You name it. His early years were inflamed by his time playing with Nigerian trumpet-playing legend and highlife maestro Eddy Okonta, but he joined Eric Akeaze’s highlife band as a singer and maracas player in that same year, then resident at the Easy Life Hotel, in Mokola, Ibadan, which was the hub of the music scene in Nigeria in the ’60s. When Eric Akeaze and his band left the Easy Life Hotel, Bola was asked to stay and set up the Easy Life Top Beats. They also toured the northern part of Nigeria. When Bola returned south, this time to Lagos later in 1968, he and his musicians were ready to make their funkiest tracks. In 1964, while still only 17 years old, Bola had been signed to the Philips West African record label, and he recorded many of the rootsier tracks you will hear on this album as 7″ singles. In 1968, in Lagos, he recorded the funkier material on his Papa Rebecca Special LP and later a rootsier album entitled Ashewo Ajegunle Yakare. Given how great he sounds, you’ve just got to ask exactly why more material wasn’t recorded. According to Bola, the A&R people at Philips in those days allowed sentiment for the past to override their judgment in promoting new artists, because they had highlife giants on their label such as Osita Osadebe, Rex Lawson, Victor Olaiya and Bobby Benson, and so it was hard for younger artists to get their attention, backing and consequent exposure. Additionally, it was always difficult for him to own musical instruments, and bandleaders were the people who owned and supplied their musicians with musical hardware. Of course, you must factor in the civil war and the consequent decrease in popularity of highlife, then the rise of juju, Afrobeat and the briefly fashionable Afro-rock. Classic and unique as Bola’s approach was, it didn’t seem to light the same kind of fuse for young Lagos. As his musical opportunities began to wane, Bola went into broadcasting, firstly at Radio Nigeria Ibadan in 1970 and then he moved to the FRCN (Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria) in 1973. Sometimes he played at the Cool Cat in Ebute Metta, Lagos. These days, Bola lives in Ikorodu, a suburb of Lagos. He still writes music and looks forward to making new recordings.
VAMPI 125CD VA: Flipper Psychout: Original Italian Library Music CD (VAMPI 125CD) 18.00
…From The Vaults Of Flipper. This is the first volume of Vampisoul’s dig into the historical library music catalog of Italy’s Flipper Music. A brilliant blend of cinematic sound landscapes, space-age bachelor pad music (Italian style) and atmospheric, fuzzy psych-grooves. Obscure early ’70s tracks from cult labels such as Canopo, Deneb, Flirt and Octopus, most reissued here for the first time. “I came across the Flipper records in a Sunday flea market in Rome amongst the usual stacks of rubbish, but if you dig down deep into this pile, you can often find long forgotten treasures. This particular flea market is held every week and you can meet all kinds of collectors from antique dealers to the private collector in search of books, furniture, various types of objects, bric-a-brac and also vinyl records. As far as I’m concerned, the pure fact I came across the record series of Canopo, Deneb, Market, Octopus, all brands that belong to Flipper Music, gave me the chance of working in the world of the international music library. I am still working in the same job today but have now become the artistic advisor of Flipper Music, so I can certainly say I found more than just a little treasure in that little flea market. These library music catalogs were all brought out around about 1969/1970, and the music they contain tries to follow the trendiest fashions of those times, also in the records of pure atmosphere. The composers’ creativity played the leading role in these catalogs. The composers only had simple means with which to produce their music, so they used their imagination. In order to create a record full of suspense they often used wah-wah guitar, or the fuzz distorter, or even an extremely distorted electric bass guitar that was very common in those days. Therefore, the various composers interpreted the entire rock/psychedelic panorama of the late ’60s and early ’70s in this library music style, from the dance piece to the thriller. In this compilation, you’ll find examples of this way of producing music with tracks from 1969 to 1975. Flipper Psychout is only a small part of what is found inside the historical catalog of Flipper Music, which means it’s only the first volume of the series. I wanted a darker, more aggressive sound in this volume with real sound effects to give you an idea of the eccentricity of composers such as Sandro Brugnolini, Amedeo Tommasi, Alessandro Alessandroni, and Roberto Conrado. The first two started off as modern jazz musicians recording for Italian RCA, whereas Alessandro Alessandroni is the famous whistler in Ennio Morricone’s music composed for Sergio Leone’s spaghetti Westerns. Roberto Conrado was the drummer in two Italian beat groups, The Go Karts and Gli Apostoli (The Apostles), but also the arranger for the famous Italian singer Renato Zero. At this point all you have to do is close your eyes and listen to this first volume, letting your mind float through this suggestive sound adventure full of psychedelic images. Have a good trip.” –Alessandro Casella
WPH 001LP SAN SODA: Immers & Daarentegen LP+CD (WPH 001LP) 25.00
LP version. This limited vinyl version of the album contains 7 tracks that were never before available on vinyl. Also includes a bonus CD version of the full album. Belgium’s San Soda has built up quite a name with house lovers far and wide. Both We Play House Recordings and San Soda have come a long way from a Belgian anomaly to an internationally-acclaimed house music house of trust. Immers & Daarentegen is an album in the true sense of the word, because it’s not just a collection of tracks, it’s a genuine listening experience from beginning to end, a testament to the talent and skills of this young Belgian producer with the brightest of futures. And of course, the label could not resist confusing their non-Dutch-speaking fans a bit more with some crazy titles.
YARD 002CD ILAR, ANDERS: Stories Of Old CD (YARD 002CD) 14.00
“These tracks are handpicked and sequenced by Anders & label owner, Yard. Focusing on deeper tracks, drawn together by their mystical nature. Deep introspective cuts such as ‘Arcturus’ and ‘Heliopause’ are put back-to-back to dancefloor destroyers such as ‘Cries of the Wilderness.’ The highlight track, ‘Unconditional Surrender,’ is given the remix treatment by two contemporaries: Fabric & Global Underground star Adam Johnson & Yard, contribute beat workouts that are honed to dancefloor perfection. Stories Of Old finds Anders Ilar in a deep mood, discovering unturned rocks and ancient melodies that harken back to the halcyon days of electronica and techno itself.”
YZ 003LP SOUND IRATION: Sound Iration In Dub LP (YZ 003LP) 17.50
LP version. Released in 1989, Sound Iration In Dub spear-headed a new age in homegrown British reggae, continuing a mission started by Nick Manasseh and Scruff which pioneered what became “UK steppers.” They were among the first producers to pioneer what’s now known as ’80s digi-dub, which has become so sought-after by today’s dubstep producers. Swapping drum machines and synths for real instruments, they created an awesome sound. This is exemplified on this important debut release. First in a series of reissues drawn from both WAU!’s roots reggae and house archives, the original album presents eight beautiful excursions into deepest roots in embroidered skeleton dub form, which has lost none of its magic. Tracks like “New Style” turned the London take on pure reggae rhythm into a different kind of art form with the new technology coming in, but the album is also a reminder of reggae before it lost much of its richness and spiritual current through digitalization. Remastered 180 gram deluxe vinyl reissue.
YZDV 003LP SOUND IRATION: The Dubz: Exclusive Mixes & Unreleased Material 2LP (YZDV 003LP) 21.00
Originally released in 1989, Sound Iration In Dub (YZDD 003CD) spearheaded a new age in homegrown British reggae, continuing a mission started by Nick Manasseh and Scruff which pioneered what became UK steppers. This second vinyl format brings together the seven tracks originally intended for the follow-up plus demos and unreleased mixes from the In Dub album, plus extra cuts not featured on the CD issue — “King Of Kings” & “King Version” and the highly sought-after original instrumental version of “Seventh Seal,” originally released on the Mystic Red label in 1988. Mastered at Master & Servant in Germany and pressed on 180 gram deluxe double vinyl.
YZL 005CD VA: Bustin’ Out 1983 – New Wave To New Beat Volume 3 CD (YZL 005CD) 15.50
This is the third installment in veteran DJ Mike Maguire’s sparkling, ongoing series chronicling the seismic developments in electronic-based music through the often misrepresented 1980s. Following the post-punk foragings of volume one and the follow-up which captured the global groundswell of excitement as electronic music came into its own, the microscope now falls on 1983, when the fallout from the previous year’s “Planet Rock” spawned electro-funk in tandem with the emerging hip-hop and graffiti cultures, while electronic developments started infiltrating many more stratas of new music, whether disco, punk or even mainstream. Steering clear of the obvious route, the set kicks off with electro-punk poetess Anne Clark from Croydon, proceeding with an atmospheric mix of legendary film director-composer John Carpenter’s theme to Assault On Precinct 13, before hitting New York City’s boiling electro scene with Special Request’s “Salsa Smurf” and later the Jonzun Crew’s “We Are The Jonzun Crew,” while Downtown is represented by Liquid Liquid’s “Optimo.” New York’s clubs also massively influenced New Order, as beautifully shown on their Power, Corruption And Lies album, represented here by the grand melancholy of “Your Silent Face,” while San Francisco’s innovative electronic movement is represented by Twilight 22 (formed by Stevie Wonder’s former synth programmer Gordon Bahary). Rather than focusing entirely on U.S. developments, the set carries on its tradition of exploring Europe’s often darker use of new technology, including Belgium’s Front 242 and The Neon Judgement, Denmark’s Laid Back with the enigmatic electro of “White Horse,” German goth-punks Xmal Deutschland, while Koto’s dub of “Chinese Revenge” spotlights the burgeoning Italo disco movement. Another standout track comes from German synth duo The Unknown Cases, fronted by legendary former Traffic percussionist Reebop Kwaku Baah on the rousing Afro-electro of “Masimba Bele.” After such a potent, multi-strained hotbed, the UK’s Cocteau Twins make the perfect finale with “Sugar Hiccup.” 1983 was as unpredictable as it was exciting, with musical boundaries blurring all the time and club land on fire with the oddest anthems. At the time, the word buzzing around New York summed everything up: fresh. Same goes for this latest gem to appear in this wonderful series, telling the whole story in the celebratory spirit of that amazing era. Extensive sleeve notes written by legendary journalist Kris Needs. Artwork by Mike Coles (Malicious Damage).
YZL 005EP VA: Bustin’ Out 1983 – New Wave To New Beat Volume 3 Sampler 12″ (YZL 005EP) 10.00
Limited to 500 copies 12″ sampler of the third volume in Year Zero’s Bustin’ Out compilation series. Featuring Belgium’s Front 242, electro-punk poetess Anne Clark, an atmospheric mix of legendary film director-composer John Carpenter’s theme to Assault On Precinct 13, and a taste of New York City’s boiling electro scene with Special Request’s “Salsa Smurf.”
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