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12K 1061CD MURRALIN LANE: Our House Is On The Wall CD (12K 1061CD) 13.00
“Our House Is On The Wall is the debut release from Swedish duo Murralin Lane. While the project is new, Murralin Lane’s David Wenngren is no stranger to the scene. Recording solo as Library Tapes for Kning Disk and Home Normal, he has established a loyal following with his piano-based experimentalism where he puts texture, distance and longing to good effect in its melodic, grainy ambiance. Murralin Lane is Wenngren’s latest project, which was formed in 2009 when he paired up with partner Ylva Wiklund and set aside the piano to take on new, collaborative audio explorations. Instead of the trademark piano that Wenngren has become known for, Murralin Lane thrives on highly distressed, lo-fi beauty formed by a more process-intensive creation. Wiklund supplies vocals (sometimes recorded through a mobile phone for effect) as pretty as they are creepy, adding an otherworldly sense of fragility to the dark and melancholic compositions made of noisy, tonal layers that sound as though they’re on the verge of breaking apart. Recorded in the wee hours of the morning, Our House Is On The Wall pushes the boundaries that 12k has set with its tactile, electro-acoustic, ambient minimalism, touching on the label’s occasional forays into more pop territory, yet bringing something decidedly darker to the table.”
12K 1062CD SEAWORTHY & MATT RÖSNER: Two Lakes CD (12K 1062CD) 13.00
“In April 2010, 12k recording artist Seaworthy (the recording project of Cameron Webb) and Matt Rösner traveled to the south coast of New South Wales to undertake a detailed field recording study of two coastal lake ecosystems at the Lakes Meroo and Termeil. The aim of the project was to explore the sounds of a fragile coastal Australian environment and to build from those sounds unique musical pieces that provide a place for listener contemplation and reflection. Field recordings were taken from the lakes and surrounding beaches, forests and streams at different times of the day. Various equipment including a hydrophone, a shotgun and stereo microphones were used to capture the natural sounds of each lake. During breaks in field recording, the artists set up recording equipment in a nearby lakeside cabin. Using acoustic and electric guitars, a ukulele, and electronics, a series of improvised performances were documented. On the last day of the trip, with the experience of the recording process still fresh in mind, rough arrangements were created from the field recordings and improvised sets. Matt Rösner then took these arrangements back to his studio in Myalup — a small coastal town on the opposite side of the Australian continent — to mix and finalize the production. Both Rösner and Webb have been active in the Australian experimental music scene for over ten years, with a plethora of releases on local and international labels sharing a similar vision of molding found sounds and field recordings with traditional instrumentation and electronics. Aside from shared musical interest, both artists grew up in close connection with the Australian coastline, albeit on opposite sides of the continent. This connection with their landscape as a remote and diverse place is evident in the pieces created by the artists during their collaboration on the South Coast. Two Lakes marks the third full-length appearance for Seaworthy on 12k following 2006’s Map In Hand and 2009’s 1897 and blends his signature guitar style with the beautifully arranged field recordings and electronics of Matt Rösner. Two Lakes is a strikingly stark and lonely album undeniably influenced by the remote recording cabin and delicate Australian ecosystem. The blend of instrumentation comes off more like a natural, live duet between artist and nature than a modern-day layered recording. Webb’s finger-picked acoustic guitar and ukelele play off of the sounds of wind, reeds and insects in perfect harmony, supported by soft beds of eBowed drones and careful electronic tones. Despite their human presence, Rösner and Webb manage to create music that resonates on another level, as if composed by the lakes themselves.”
4M 187LP BORGES, LO: Lo Borges LP (4M 187LP) 17.00
“Originally released in 1972, Lo Borges’ solo debut is a stunning piece of post-bossa nova Brazilian pop music. Combining influences ranging from soul, jazz, pop, psychedelic, and bossa nova with brilliant musicianship and wild arrangements, Lo Borges, is one of the finest Brazilian records of the 1970s, if not ever. Borges emerged out of the Clube de Esquina musical collective, from the state of Minas Gerais, along with Milton Nascimento, a movement that rivaled the brilliance of the more well known Tropicalismo. Includes poster.” CD version on Water.
4M 192LP WHITE, BUKKA: Mississippi Blues LP (4M 192LP) 17.00
“Originally recorded in 1963 for John Fahey’s Takoma record label, Mississippi Blues is one of the finest albums White produced during his later period, after being rediscovered by the folk revival of the early 1960s. A pre-war country-blues artist of the highest order, White, like many of his contemporaries, had lived in obscurity for many years, but his great talent remained.” CD version on Water.
ALP 001LP OFEGE: Try And Love LP (ALP 001LP) 17.00
LP version, with insert featuring a 2008 interview. 2009 release. “Legendary heavy psych afro-rock debut LP by Nigerian wonder kids Ofege. Recorded while the band members were still in high school, Try And Love is overflowing ,with great songs, sweet harmonies, and relentless psychedelic guitars.” Featured on Soundway’s The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria (SNDW 023CD/023B-LP) compilation.
ALP 002LP SJOB MOVEMENT: A Move In The Right Direction LP (ALP 002LP) 17.00
LP version, with insert featuring an essay by Uchenna C. Ikonne. 2009 release. “Deep and spacey Afro-funk rhythms from four heavy weight Nigerian musicians: Spark, Jonnie, Ottay and Bolla. Veterans of Sonny Okosun’s Ozzidi band, these four branched out on their own to move in a heavier, more personal direction. First ever re-issue of their 1974 classic album.”
ALP 003LP MEBUSAS: Blood Brothers LP (ALP 003LP) 17.00
Gatefold LP version. “The Mebusas’ lone LP Blood Brothers combines elements of American soul and funk, psychedelic rock, Latin/Carribean rhythms and traditional African music. Innovative arrangements, deep rhythms, and top-notch playing make this 1973 album a true classic. This is the first ever re-issue of this landmark album.” Includes the manic LP version of “Mr. Bulldog” (the 45 version is on Soundway’s The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria [SNDW 023CD/023A-LP] compilation).
AC 122CD GHORBANI, ALI REZA: Songs Of Rebirth – A Tribute To Rumi CD (AC 122CD) 22.00
“Born in the midst of the turbulence of 1970s and 80s Iran, Ali Reza Ghorbani is considered a worthy successor of the man regarded as the undisputed master of Persian classical song, Mohammed Reza Shajarian. His new album is a tribute to the great Persian poet of the 13th Century, Jalal ad-Din Rumi — a mystic poet and spiritual guide who has deeply influenced Sufism. His name is closely related to the Order of the Whirling Dervishes. The album’s eight tracks feature Ghorbani’s superb voice with instrumentation comprised of tar, kamancheh, ney, tonbak and daf.” Elegant digibook packaging, with 30-page booklet.
ACLN 1014CD GOLEM: Orion Awakes CD (ACLN 1014CD) 15.00
“Epic early to mid-1970s instrumental psychedelic space-rock from the Pyramid Records archive, said to be pseudonymous after-hours studio sessions featuring the biggest names on the Krautrock scene at the time; heavy drums, jamming guitars and Hammond organ: in short, an amazing improvised free-form trip of impressive magnitude, on par with the music of Krautrock heavyweights like Neu! and Gila. An adventurous atmosphere throughout, whether the result is hallucinogenic and jazzy (‘Jupiter’), the heavy freak and roll of ‘The Returning,’ with crushing guitars and massive, repetitive, almost funky rhythm, or the Jimi Hendrix-inspired ‘Godhead Dance.’ Booklet essay examines the controversy surrounding this and other recordings first made known to the world via Virgin Records’ three disc Unknown Deutschland series of compilations from the 1990s, including the fact that one ‘Genius P Orridge’ is named as producer of the Golem album. It’s clear enough to all that Genius P Orridge is strangely similar to the name Genesis P Orridge, he of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV fame. The fact that the other names on the Golem album jacket lead nowhere only adds to the confusion. In any case, a deep and fascinating record, still fresh despite the years… and meant to be played loud.”
ACLN 1016CD HOWELL & JOHN FERDINANDO, PETER: Tomorrow Come Someday CD+DVD (ACLN 1016CD) 21.00
“The second release (1969) from the home studio of future BBC Radiophonic Workshop composer Peter Howell and his musical partner John Ferdinando, makers of legendary albums under the names Alice Through the Looking Glass, Ithaca, Agincourt, and Friends. This private press album was recorded as the soundtrack for an underground film production by (later to be) renowned television director Ian Hamilton: Tomorrow Come Someday. The soundtrack album, now presented from the master tapes, was originally pressed up in a tiny quantity for friends and people involved in the production; certainly no more than 70-80 copies were made. So what do we find here? A concept piece revolving around a village threatened by motorway expansion, and the efforts of short-skirted guitar-slinging young painter Emma Stacey and a local boy to save the day, and perhaps preserve their growing love. The film is described on the album jacket as a musical comedy, shot on location in the Sussex village of Lurgashall, during August 1969, which of course, doesn’t begin to tell the tale. Think perhaps of the Kinks Village Green Preservation Society characters come to life. See for yourself! For this is both the compact disc and DVD debut of Tomorrow Come Someday, film and soundtrack, together at last in a double-disc set. Chunky booklet with plentiful photos gives the full story of what we like to call The Wonderful Musical World of Peter Howell & John Ferdinando.” DVD: NTSC format; 50 min. running time; color.
AMS 029LP LE ORME: Ad Gloriam LP (AMS 029LP) 34.00
“One of the most important and loved Italian prog bands, and one of the most famous among foreign listeners. Le Orme were another of those bands coming from the beat era that had the most convincing musical evolution in the ’70s. They were formed in Marghera (near Venice) in1966 but their debut came in 1967 with Fiori e colori, recorded by the original four-piece line-up. The band had a successful single with ‘Senti l’estate che torna’ and recorded their first album Ad Gloriam at the end of 1968, releasing it the following year. Housed in a psychy sleeve, the album is still regarded as one of the best in the Italian beat, with the music having a slight psychedelic touch in songs like ‘Non So Restare Solo, Fumo, Milano 1968.'”
AMS 030LP LE ORME: L’Aurora LP (AMS 030LP) 34.00
“In 1970 the band signed a contract with Philips, that released their subsequent 10 albums in ten years. The old label Car Juke Box released L’Aurora, a compilation of their singles tracks that’s also very rare now.”
ATCO SD33316HLP DR. JOHN: Remedies LP (ATCO SD33316HLP) 14.00
180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino, of Dr. John’s bad trip album from 1970. “Remedies is not rock and roll, it is something nearly otherworldly, and almost beyond comprehension. While it includes such standout Dr. John tracks as ‘Wash Mama Wash’ and ‘Loop Garoo,’ it also includes ‘Angola Anthem,’ which is murky, mysterious and downright evil-sounding. Much of this very long cut is lost without headphones, for the music floats about in a smoky fog while Dr. John and his backup singers chant, moan, and cry out. Progressive radio loved this stuff, and it still sounds great during those late-night flirtations with the dark side of the psyche. Remedies must be heard to be believed.” — All Music Guide
SD 7213LP FRANKLIN, ARETHA: Young, Gifted And Black LP (SD 7213LP) 11.50
1972 album featuring covers of Nina Simone’s “Young, Gifted And Black,” The Beatles’ “The Long And Winding Road” and The Delfonics’ “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time).” Franklin’s gospel-influenced vocals are best heard on her originals, however, and “First Snow In Kokomo” and “All The King’s Horses” are essentials on this album. Exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino.
ACRE 020EP BLUE DAISY & ANNEKA: Raindrops EP 2×12″ (ACRE 020EP) 15.00
“Having built a platinum reputation as one of the most exciting beatmakers working today, the incomparable Blue Daisy returns with another burst of poly-genre sound adventure in the form of the Raindrops EP. With his debut album waiting in the wings in early 2011, this is the last chance to cherish our boy before his star turns supernova. For the Raindrops EP, Daisy has employed the considerable talents of Brighton siren Anneka and the pairing is a match made in heaven. On the titular track her ghostly vocals float in and of focus through the sparkling arpeggios, swirling crackle and tape hiss, all crushed by 10 tons of compressed sound pressure, while ‘Blood Petal Roses’ heads for a fog covered dancefloor — 4/4 rhythms are submerged into Blue Daisy’s sonic murk while Anneka adds wistful swathes of vox to an unlikely dancefloor number.” Remixes by John Talabot and Sunken Foal.
BLACKBOX 006EP DJ MADD: On Top/Need This 12″ (BLACKBOX 006EP) 9.00
“DJ Madd’s stock continues to rise with his latest excursion on Black Box. ‘On Top’ has become a dubplate anthem with consistent rewinds across Rinse FM’s A-list shows. Catchy vocal hooks, emotive horns and solid song structure propel this high above the standard dubstep bangers. ‘Need It’ continues the A-grade production quality with an all round more glitch affair. Uplifting synth-lines punctuate a tidal bass surge and snappy vocal snatches keep fingers skyward. The DJ Madd global take over continues. Support: Skream, Youngsta, N-Type, Walsh, Benga.”
BLP 4024LP MCLEAN, JACKIE: Swing Swang Swingin’ LP (BLP 4024LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1959. Featuring Walter Bishop Jr. (piano), Jimmy Garrison (bass) and Art Taylor (drums). “One of Jackie McLean’s earliest Blue Notes, Swing, Swang, Swingin’ parts company with the vast majority of his output for the label by concentrating chiefly on standards (only one of the seven tunes is a McLean original). Perhaps as a result of Blue Note’s more prepared, professional approach to recording sessions, McLean sounds invigorated here, catapulting each melody forward before launching into a series of impassioned improvisations.” — All Music Guide
BLP 4195LP HANCOCK, HERBIE: Maiden Voyage LP (BLP 4195LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1965. Featuring Freddie Hubbard (trumpet), George Coleman (tenor sax), Ron Carter (bass) and Anthony Williams (drums). “This music attempts to capture its vastness and majesty, the splendor of a sea-going vessel on its maiden voyage, the graceful beauty of the playful dolphins, the constant struggle for survival of even the tiniest sea creatures, and the awesome destructive power of the hurricane, nemesis of seamen.” — Herbie Hancock
BZJ 7501LP VA: Turkish Freakout: Psych-Folk Singles 1969-1980 2LP +7″ (BZJ 7501LP) 24.00
Initial 2xLP copies include a limited edition Arif Sag 7″ single with vintage sleeve artwork. Gatefold jacket includes original sleeve artwork & liner notes. “Turkey is often referred to as the meeting point between East and West, a statement verified by this selection of choice Turkish grooves. The western rock, psych, funk and jazz influences that began to be incorporated into traditional Turkish sounds during the late 60s and 70s can be heard here, as the Anadolu pop sound of Turkeyma balanced these new elements with the complex sounds and rhythms developed over many years. All tracks are referenced from their original 7 inch releases, painstakingly tracked down from various sources in and around Istanbul. The marriage of these styles is original, captivating and bound to freak you out.” Artists: Okay Temiz, Kardaslar, Cem Karaka, Apaslar, Beyaz Kelebekler, Alpay, Erkin Koray, Ajda Pekkan, Sevil & Ayla, Baris Manco, Rifat Oncel, Ersen, Onder Bali, and Arif Sag.
BOXCL 001EP SYNKRO: Reservoir/Just Say 10″ (BOXCL 001EP) 9.00
” In the space of only 9 months, Black Box has become a buy-on-sight label for many dubstep fans, with a reliable combination of well-known artists and quality beats making it a must for everyone’s record bag. Given the amount of quality unsigned music now circulating, here at Black Box HQ we’ve found room for a sister label ‘Box Clever’, through which we plan to push cutting-edge tunes by newer artists. Each release will be sleeved in the new custom die-cut Box Clever sleeve and limited to 500 copies only for extra collectability. To launch our new label Box Clever, we’ve got two tunes from one of the breakthrough artists of 2010 — SYNKRO — recently signed to dBridge’s Autonomic label, as well as Med School and Blackout Music. ‘Reservoir’ opens with a lush soundbed of tabla and glassy pads that leads onto a hypnotising drop – rolling halfstep drums, clockwork percussion and rising swells of bass pressure, laced with LFOs and light-touch edits.”
CADET 809LP ASHBY, DOROTHY: Afro-Harping LP (CADET 809LP) 11.50
2010 repressing, exact repro. Originally released in 1969. Harp-led soul jazz classic, similar in vibe to some of Alice Coltrane’s classic LPs, but less mystical and more grooving. “It’s a richly rewarding, highly accessible collection, a humid mix of exquisitely scored soul, jazz and funk arrangements over which Ashby’s playing fans like an ocean breeze.” –The Wire
LPS 314LP WATERS, MUDDY: Electric Mud LP (LPS 314LP) 11.50
Gatefold repro of the third studio album — his “psychedelic” one — originally released in 1968. “Marshall Chess assembled in his words ‘the hottest, most avant garde rock guys in Chicago’ for the album sessions consisting of Pete Cosey (lead guitar, later with Miles Davis) Phil Upchurch and Roland Faulkner (rhythm guitar), Louis Satterfield (bass) Gene Barge (tenor sax), Charles Stepney (organs) and Morris Jennings (drums). Since Muddy wasn’t as accustomed to this style, he only contributed vocals, but he still played an essential part in this recording. Electric Mud was mostly recorded in live takes with few overdubs and that off-the-cuff live feel that’s captured on it makes it stronger.” — Perfect Sound Forever
CHY 101LP TEENAGE JESUS & THE JERKS: Shut Up And Bleed LP (CHY 101LP) 31.00
“Formed by underground music gurus Lydia Lunch and James Chance in 1976, Teenage Jesus flourished in an underground scene that eschewed the commercialization, triteness and idiocy of punk, dominated (particularly in the USA) by bands that, despite being decidedly marginalized, in some ways just wanted to have fun and get wasted on a Saturday night. Teenage Jesus and the Jerks were not about having fun. It was about nihilism and confrontation, about ripping mainstream society to shreds and dancing on its grave. The music, if you will, was more of a means to an end, almost a metaphor for how at odds the members felt with mainstream society, and it was this forceful message preached by this new prophet (the ‘Teenage Jesus’) that has spoken to the past three decades of disillusioned youth. These twenty-one tracks taken from their brief time together (1977-1979) represent the bulk of their recorded material, including the band’s earliest material (recorded in Soho in NYC 1977, when James Chance was still in the band), their first single (Orphans/Less Of Me, 1978), their second single (Baby Doll/Freud In Flop/Race Mixing), songs from the Pink EP, produced by Robert Quine of the Voidoids, songs that appeared on the legendary 1978 No New York compilation, etc.”
CHY 102LP TIMES, THE: Pop Goes Art! LP (CHY 102LP) 31.00
“Side project of Television Personalities guitar player Ed Ball and singer Dan Treacy, only here Ball does vocals and Treacy plays guitar. The Times was Ball’s own brilliant mod homage to the whole Carnaby Street scene. Pop Goes Art! was also the first release on Treacy and Ball’s Whaam! label, and featured the hilarious Ray Davies-influenced ‘I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape’ (Patrick McGoohan, of course, being the doomed star of the T.V. series The Prisoner), ‘Miss London’ and other forgotten classics.”
“Released in 1992 on Creation Records (home to My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and famously Oasis), this is the brainchild of Ed Ball (Television Personalities, Boo Radleys, the Times, etc.). Released almost contemporaneous to My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, Star was similar in feel and effect, but with an even more disturbed ferris wheel of sounds. Celebrated by the music press at the time as a triumph, it picked up where Loveless left off, taking it out into some deranged galaxy where linear time and space cease to exist.”
OJC 338LP PEPPER, ART: Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section LP (OJC 338LP) 14.00
Originally released in 1957, this is an exact repro reissue of the 1988 remastered pressing distributed by Fantasy. Featuring the Miles Davis rhythm section of Red Garland (piano), Paul Chambers (bass) and Philly Joe Jones (drums). Pepper’s tenth recording as a leader and probably his best before taking the plunge into drug addiction.
CRS 8009LP MAYFIELD, CURTIS: Roots LP (CRS 8009LP) 11.50
Gatefold exact repro reissue manufactured by Rhino. Originally released in 1971. “Curtis Mayfield’s visionary album, a landmark creation every bit as compelling and as far-reaching in its musical and extra-musical goals as Marvin Gaye’s contemporary ‘What’s Goin’ On.’ Opening on the hit ‘Get Down,’ the album soars on some of the sweetest and most eloquent — yet driving — soul sounds heard up to that time. Mayfield’s growing musical ambitions, first manifested on the Curtis album, and his more sophisticated political sensibilities, presented with a lot of raw power on Curtis Live!, are pulled together here in a new, richer studio language, embodied in extended song structures (‘Underground’), idealistic yet lyrically dazzling anthems (‘We Got to Have Peace,’ ‘Keep On Keeping On,’ and, best of all, the soaring ‘Beautiful Brother of Mine’), and impassioned blues (‘Now You’re Gone’).” — All Music Guide
CRS 8604LP MAYFIELD, CURTIS: Got To Find A Way LP (CRS 8604LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1974. Soul-drenched killers, including “Love Me (Right In The Pocket),” “Mother’s Son,” “Cannot Find A Way” and “Ain’t No Love Lost.”
DECA 002EP BLOODMAN: Remote Viewing/Deep Fish 12″ (DECA 002EP) 9.00
“A long history of producing and refining his sound has led Bloodman to collaborate with Orphan 101 and Headhunter on the DECA Rhythm project, a brand new record label opening doors to new forms of experimental music within dubstep, techno and electronica. His tracks have received support and plays from the likes of Appleblim, Benga, Jakes, Komonazmuk, Gatekeeper, Wedge and The Others. DECA002 is Bloodman’s debut release and fine example of his skills as a producer, defining his own personal sound within the different branches of his work: ‘Remote Viewing’ stands out as a powerful tune setting off the dancefloor with epic, evolving techno synths and heavyweight beats. On the B side ‘Deep Fish’ plunges you into sonic depths surrounded by pulsing bass and hypnotic tidal swells.”
DL 003DVD OLIVEROS, PAULINE: & The University Of Michigan Digital Music Ensemble DVD (DL 003DVD) 17.00
“Pauline Oliveros & the University of Michigan Digital Music Ensemble, directed by Stephen Rush. This DVD, recorded live at University of Michigan, features three of composer and performer Pauline Oliveros’ compositions: Sound Piece; Sound Fishes; and Heart of Tones.” Audio in 5.1 surround sound; bonus features: audio commentary on Sound Piece by Stephen Rush, Chris Peck and Jon Moniaci; “Spectragram Visualization” version of Heart of Tones; program and posters; scores and bios.
DC 439DVD KORINE, HARMONY: Trash Humpers DVD (DC 439DVD) 15.00
“In the Summer of 2010, the underground trend of ‘trash-humping’ JUMPED the NASHVILLE CITY LIMITS as the film Trash Humpers spread across the nation, screening in movie theaters, galleries, bars and grills and anyplace, really, indoors or out, that could draw a crowd to see the thing. Filmmaker Harmony Korine often accompanied the film, standing around and answering questions when he wasn’t doing something else. It was something to see, but the only problem was, all you could do once you’d walked away was revisit the images seared into your brain for the rest of your life. Now, the official DVD release of Trash Humpers is here for you to take with you to whatever your destiny has to offer you. You don’t know when you’re gonna die. It could be tomorrow. But hopefully it won’t be until after Trash Humpers becomes available on DVD, complete with the extra featurettes ‘Mac and Plac,’ and ‘Blood of Havana,’ as well as deleted scenes that everyone forgot about after making this but are actually kind of cool! About the filmmaker: Harmony Korine has been a party to some of the most enervating films of the last two decades, including Gummo, Julien Donkey-Boy, and Mister Lonely. Somebody said that Trash Humpers was his most baffling film yet. Okay…” All-region NTSC format; color; mono; total running time: 78 minutes. Includes a bonus 24-page fanzine.
DC 440CD SADIER, LAETITIA: The Trip CD (DC 440CD) 13.50
“For as long as records are made — or at least listened to in some fashion — Laetitia Sadier will forever be linked with Stereolab, the band she has fronted with ex-partner Tim Gane throughout the heady pre- and post-millennial years of the past two decades. But 2009 signaled changes; Stereolab announced an indefinite hiatus and Laetitia disbanded her original solo project/band, Monade. Fittingly, Laetitia is releasing her first ‘official’ solo record, The Trip. The theme of the record addresses such passages: ‘Putting my name on this record reflects my need not to rely on or hide behind anyone. On a deeper level, I also had a very strong urge to make sense of the loss of my sister Noelle, so it’s a very personal homage to life’s journey and a grieving process for the separations that are an unavoidable part of life.’ Laetitia has been performing her new songs at solo live shows this summer with just voice and electric guitar, but for The Trip she packed a band sound, with musical collaborators including Americans Rebecca Gates, Richard Swift and April March, as well as French musicians Julien Gasc and Emmanuel Mario (who also collaborated on the final Monade album Monstre Cosmic).”
DC 440LP SADIER, LAETITIA: The Trip LP (DC 440LP) 17.00
LP Version.
EMEGO 107LP MCGUIRE, MARK: Living With Yourself LP (EMEGO 107LP) 19.50
LP version. Mark McGuire operates chiefly as guitarist in the legendary Emeralds; however, he also has racked up an impressive set of solo releases over the last few years (albeit mainly in small- to micro- print runs). Living With Yourself is his new album and Editions Mego hope to meet any demand which may arise from this fine selection of modern crafted guitar tunes. Focusing on his family, early friendships and the problems that inevitably develop through years of knowing someone, it takes McGuire’s sound even further out, and contains some of his most accomplished songs to-date. The opening track is a fine example of McGuire’s magical technique of taking a lone acoustic guitar then transforming the track into bliss-out electro wash looping off into the distance. And tracks like “Clouds Rolling In” and “Brain Storm” take off where such McGuire classics as “The Marfa Lights” (which incidentally is planned for a future reissue) left off. While connoisseurs of his sound will find all they desire in here, many superb surprises await around every corner. These are songs that cruise, bubble and rise to the top.
ESPDISK 4062CD SUN RA: The Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra 3CD (ESPDISK 4062CD) 25.00
“Together for the first time, ESP-Disk’ is proud to present all three volumes of The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra in a gorgeous fold out digipack. Originally released as two volumes in 1966, and with a third volume uncovered in 2005, the landmark sessions recorded by Richard Alderson on April 20th and November 16, 1965, have been hailed as a ‘…masterpiece of free jazz.’ To further delve into the Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra and his Orkestra, each enhanced disc in the set contains archival photos, critical writings and historical videos including the 18 minute documentary Sun Ra Spaceways. Digitally remastered from the original tapes.”
Pianist/keyboardist Lonnie Liston Smith played on such classic Pharaoh Sanders’ albums as Karma and Thembi, but 1973 saw his emergence as a band leader when he formed the Cosmic Echoes. 1974’s Cosmic Funk is their second album, featuring vocals from Lonnie’s brother, Donald Smith. Aside from renditions of Wayne Shorter’s “Footprints” and John Coltrane’s “Naima,” this record marks a transition away from Smith’s earlier free jazz roots, moving into spacious, funk/fusion territory on cuts like “Peaceful Ones” and the title track. Gatefold, exact repro reissue.
The band’s third album, 1975’s Expansions, masterfully taps into the lush grooves and infectious melodies of the spiritual jazz continuum, with all that stuff about peace, humanity and tranquility delivered in a way that’s fully digestible and authentic. A timeless, soul-jazz masterpiece, featuring bassist Cecil McBee, soprano saxophonist David Hubbard, tenor saxophonist Donald Smith and drummer Art Gore. Gatefold, exact repro reissue.
BDL 11196LP SMITH & THE COSMIC ECHOES, LONNIE LISTON: Visions Of A New World LP (BDL 11196LP) 11.00
1975’s Visions Of A New World, the band’s fourth album. Hand-me-down Wikipedia bullshit aside, this album delves deeper into the cosmic soul-jazz meditation of the albums before it, and it truly succeeds with an unmatched level of purity in its late-night, mid-tempo funk. Highlights include the danceable opener “A Chance For Peace,” the vaguely Middle Eastern groover “Love Beams” and the world-cosmic soul of “Colors Of The Rainbow.” Gatefold, exact repro reissue.
FD 10163LP SMITH & THE COSMIC ECHOES, LONNIE LISTON: Astral Traveling LP (FD 10163LP) 11.00
Astral Traveling is the 1973 debut album from Lonnie Liston Smith and his band, The Cosmic Echoes, here featuring George Barron on soprano and tenor sax, Joe Beck on guitar, Cecil McBee on bass, David Lee Jr. on drums, James Mtume and Sonny Morgan on percussion, Badal Roy on Indian tabla drums, and Geeta Vashi on the Indian tamboura. Traces of Smith’s prior work with giants like Pharoah Sanders and Roland Kirk can be heard on this album, Smith’s first step toward an astounding soul-funk cosmos. Gatefold, exact repro reissue.
GHAS 5012CD VA: Free Flight – Unreleased Dove Recording Studio Cuts 1964-69 CD (GHAS 5012CD) 15.00
1998 release. “A collection of recordings from Minnesota’s Dove Studios feat. Michael Yonkers, Calico Wall, Mercymen, Magpies, Mike Waggoner & The Bops and many others! Dove Studio opened its doors in St. Louis Park, MN in the spring of 1964 and lasted until 1970. During this six year span, the studio literally recorded hundreds of groups of all different kinds of music genres. Contained on this album are 27 gems of unissued rock and roll material, beginning with hard-driving Mike Waggoner and the Bops in ’64, and ending with probably the strangest recording session that ever occurred on Dove’s premises, Michael Yonkers in 1969. Fifteen different bands are represented in this package, each showcasing a different musical style. Starting things off with straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll are the Bops, Magpies and Mercymen, all of which owe a tip of the hat to Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly. R & B was a strong influence in the Twin Cities during the mid-’60s and the Lancers and the Nite Caps do their part to keep the style flowing. Since the Trashmen were out on the road most of ’64, the Underbeats took over as ‘top-dog’ combo in their absence. Four unreleased tunes by the group are included here. Two of the top instrumental bands from the state, the F.B.I. Idiots (Gregory Dee & The Avanties in disguise) and the Titans show their wares, along with the female-led Marcia & the Lynchmen. In early 1966, Sir Laurence & The Crescents recorded a powerful, Raiders-like, open throttle rocker which has remained unissued until this day. Psychedelia/punk was no stranger to the state of MN as witnessed by the Fragile Zookeeper, the Calico Wall, and an unknown, unnamed acetate of mammoth proportions included herein. Rounding things out is the Chad & Jeremy-like Longman & Fogel and the truly bizarre Michael Yonkers, who thought he was receiving transmissions through his guitar from aliens! In all cases, the bands contained on this project walked out of their respective sessions with acetates or mastertapes in hand to proceed with as they wished. Thankfully their musical legacy had survived the past three decades to finally see the light of day. Includes huge booklet with extensive liner notes, photos and much more.”
GHAS 5012LP VA: Free Flight – Unreleased Dove Recording Studio Cuts 1964-69 2LP (GHAS 5012LP) 21.00
Gatefold double LP version with insert.
HGBS 016CD DAUNER, WOLFGANG: Knirsch CD (HGBS 016CD) 16.00
“Classic interweaving of jazz, rock, avant-garde and electronic, with Larry Coryell & Colosseum’s Jon Hiseman. Completely new standards were set with this recording, originally released on MPS in 1972. Knirsch became cult and still is until now, almost 40 years after its release. A unique example for the successful interweaving of jazz, rock, avant-garde and electronic. The musicians: US guitarist Larry Coryell, German keyboarder Wolfgang Dauner, British drummer Jon Hiseman, US percussionist Fred Braceful and German bassist Gunter Lenz. As its first issue, the labels promising music and HGBS Musikproduktion (in succession of MPS) will release the border surpassing masterpiece CD with its eye-catching cover of the wide open dentures. Knirsch lost nothing of its initial musical stimulus. And for the primarily young generation, it may be a totally new discovery. Although some may know at least one title, the final track ‘Yin’. As this one (an honour not too many German composers experienced) was covered by Larry Coryell on his recording ‘Introducing The 11th House’.”
HOS 267LP ASH POOL: For Which He Plies The Lash LP (HOS 267LP) 17.00
LP version, with insert. “Second full length. Eight songs of big bang black metal by Dominic Fernow (Prurient, Cold Cave, Hospital) and Kris Lapke (Alberich, Northern Cross).”
IMMUNE 006LP AHMED, ILYAS: Between Two Skies/Towards The Night 2LP (IMMUNE 006LP) 22.00
“Pakistani-born musician Ilyas Ahmed traffics a sound that borders on the folk/drone/raga/rock axis, one that Scottish critic David Keenan has called ‘gone’. Currently residing in Portland, OR, Ahmed has released recordings on Time-Lag, Digitalis, and Root Strata. Immune Recordings is now proud to present the ultimate edition of these two modern classics presented as a deluxe gatefold double LP. Featuring the original collage artwork printed in full color as well as brand new gatefold artwork created especially for this release by Ilyas Ahmed. The music was meticulously cut to vinyl by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering in Phoenix, AZ and pressed on high quality virgin vinyl at RTI in Camarillo, CA.”
IMR 003-7 TRENTEMØLLER: …Even Though You’re With Another Girl 7″ (IMR 003-7) 8.00
A strictly limited 7”, the original version of “…Even Though You’re With Another Girl,” which chimes and drifts across the A-side. This hauntingly moving love song features spine-tingling vocals by Josephine Philip, and could perhaps be Trentemøller’s most touching recording yet. Josephine is the singer & keyboard player in the Copenhagen-based indie-rock band Darkness Falls. Mikael Simpson’s version simply allows pianos, strings and tape overdubs to bring out the beauty in the vocal.
IMR 003EP TRENTEMØLLER: …Even Though You’re With Another Girl (Remixes) 12″ (IMR 003EP) 12.00
This hot 12” features remixes of Trentemøller’s “…Even Though You’re With Another Girl” by Kollektiv Turmstrasse and Pantha Du Prince. The Kollektiv’s half of the record slaps a heavy dose of deep, dark funk into the mix, with this ingenious lo-slung version. Pantha Du Prince creates a typically high-end remix based on his trademark twinkling melodies and warmly grooving, understated beats. This is a dub version that twists and turns with unpredictable, laid-back intensity.
CDM 2741878 ORCHESTRE NATIONAL DE BARBES: Rendez-vous Barbès CD (CDM 2741878) 19.00
“Orchestre National de Barbès was formed in 1995 by Youcef Boukella, composer and bass player. The group preaches a multicultural philosophy, and its music is a funky, raw blend of rock, gnawa, raï, salsa, chââbi, reggae, alaoui and jazz. Barbés is not in Morocco, but rather in Paris, a neighborhood near Sacre Coeur that has become a refuge for exiles from north Africa. In English, the band’s name means The National Barbés Orchestra — implying that Barbés is a nation unto itself. It is a sentiment that few who have visited Barbés would dispute.”
LEFSE 010CD DOMINANT LEGS: Young At Love And Life CD (LEFSE 010CD) 13.00
“The great West Coast calls to Dominant Legs, and Dominant Legs, in turn, calls San Francisco home. Ryan Lynch began to write the glittering ballads and blurred out pop songs that, with the addition of Hannah Hunt, make up Dominant Legs. Lynch had been honing the band’s misty, nostalgic sound for awhile, experimenting with song writing as a kid and having spent the previous years playing guitar in another SF band. Hunt spent her childhood singing and performing; her eternal passion for music led her to dive back in after years of not performing. With Lynch on guitar and vocals, and Hunt on vocals and keys, Dominant Legs’ sincere and dance-y pop songs tap into a sound that is at once naively sweet and self-consciously tragic.”
LEFSE 010LP DOMINANT LEGS: Young At Love And Life 10″ (LEFSE 010LP) 13.00
10″ version.
LR 310LP CAN: Can (Inner Space) LP+CD (LR 310LP) 27.00
“1979’s Can (aka Inner Space), the band’s last proper album, was less experimental than its previous releases, with Michael Karoli doing more straightforward vocals and guitar. Having spent the previous decade taking elements of the classical avant-garde (i.e. Karlheinz Stockhausen) and underground rock (i.e Velvet Underground) to create a kind of genreless ‘new music’–and influencing countless bands in the process–Can had reached the natural end of its journey. Although founding members Irmin Schmidt (keyboards) and Jaki Liebezeit (drums) can still be heard, Rebop Kwaku Baah and Rosko Gee of Traffic fame have been added to the mix, with former bassist Holger Czukay doing the editing.” 180 gram vinyl with a bonus CD version of the same album.
LINE 045CD NOVAK, YANN: Relocation.Reconstruction CD (LINE 045CD) 13.00
“Relocation.Reconstruction is derived from the sound elements of the three installations in Yann Novak’s solo exhibition Relocation at Lawrimore Project (May 2009). In the original exhibition, Novak explored the multitude of emotional states experienced during and after the relocation of one’s life. With this latest work, Novak continues his exploration into this theme a year after the initial event that inspired him, with the new insight that although he has arrived at his destination, the relocation process is far from over. By utilizing the altered sounds of the previous works as a point of departure, Relocation.Reconstruction retains some of the moods and themes of its predecessors, but reconstructs them into a slowly evolving, immersive composition. Textures, tones and faint melodies drift in and out of audible perception, never standing still, always in a state of becoming and disintegration. Through the development of this static, yet dynamic state, a familiar sense of melancholy arises from these simultaneous experiences of discovery and loss.”
“Columbus, OH two-piece horror sound unit, Sword Heaven clock in with a sweaty waterboarded masterpice of claustrophobic proportions. Fun house mirrors and stretched out faces yell from behind flaming curtains while a neanderthal cave bat clubs your dome over and over and over. These are the sounds — the kids are not all right and that is all right.”
MOK 331LP BLIND BLAKE: That Will Happen No More LP (MOK 331LP) 22.00
“After their success with Blind Lemon Jefferson, Chicago’s Paramount was scouting for more male blues talent, and they found it in 1926 in a man called Blind Blake (1893-1933), a sophisticated guitar player who was the antithesis of Delta blues. Like many, he played his guitar like a piano but few did it with the talent of this man. Called the ‘King of Ragtime-blues’, no one had fingers as fast as Blind Blake, but by 1933 he was dead (some say his drinking killed him). These recordings taken from 1927-28 are a collection of Blind Blake’s early material, showcasing the man at his musical peak, before alcohol began to take its toll.”
MOK 332LP CARTER FAMILY, THE: Bring Back My Blue-Eyed Boy To Me LP (MOK 332LP) 22.00
“Drawing on the rich musical tradition of rural Appalachia, by 1930 the Carter family had become an American institution. Often called the ‘first family’ of country music, the original Carter family consisted of A.P. Carter, his wife Sara and Sara’s cousin Maybelle. Maybelle’s daughter June Carter, would go on to become a star in her own right and famously marry Johnny Cash. Maybelle Carter’s pioneering guitar style not only revolutionized American music, but she was also one of the first white musicians to use the guitar as a lead instrument. In February 1929 the Carter family returned to Camden, NJ for their third-ever recording session (for Victor) laying down 12 plus tracks of which 5 can be heard here. Their next recording session, also for Victor, was in Atlanta Georgia in November of that same year (just a month after the stock market crash), where they recorded their classic ‘Wabash Cannonball’, among others.”
MONKEY 004EP MODESELEKTOR: Modeselektion Vol. 01 12″ (MONKEY 004EP) 12.00
Accompanied by about a dozen ambitious events worldwide, Modeselektor proudly present the kick-off for their new series of Modeselektions, an invitation to friends and artists they admire and consider like-minded. Constantly in search of the next new beat, Modeselektor focus their first installment mainly on the progression of dubstep’s offsprings and related or unrelated but similar-sounding techno producers in London, Berlin or elsewhere. This 12″ features Modeselektor, Ramadanman and Bok Bok.
Jichael Mackson is now back on Musique Risquée with 2 great songs. “Locus Pocus” is what you can call a hard-edged, hypnotic techno track: loopy, bleepy, trippy and squiddly-diddly. “Sugar Hill Mountain” is what you can call a deep, warm and moody ambient song: shiny, airy, velvety and mushy-gushy. Check it yourselves. It’s really worth the listening as it was worth the waiting.
NEOS 10947/50CD VA: Salzburg Biennial Festival For New Music 2009 4CD/SACD (NEOS 10947/50CD) 63.00
Featured works: Beat Furrer (b. 1954): Spur (1998); Xenos (2008); Mauricio Sotelo (b. 1961): Audéeis (2004); György Kurtág (b.1926): …quasi una fantasia…op 27/2 (1988); What is the word, Op. 30b; Steve Reich (b. 1936): Different Trains for string quartet and pre-recorded tape (1988); Sextet (1984-85); György Ligeti (1923-2006): Drei Stücke für zwei Klaviere (1976); Continuum for harpsichord (1968); Toshio Hosokawa (b. 1955): Cloud and Light for shô and orchestra (2008); Landscape V for shô and string quartet (1993); John Cage (1912-1992): Two3 (1991); Galina Ustvolskaya (1919-2006): Composition no 2 (1972/1973); Klaus Huber (b. 1924): Kammerkonzert “Intarsi”. In memoriam; Witold Lutos?awski (1993/1994): Tempora Concerto for violin and small orchestra (1970); Franck Christoph Yeznikian (b. 1969): Harnischstriemen(Faltenachsen) (2008). Stereo/multichannel hybrid 4xSACD that can be played on any CD player.
Featured works: Elliott Carter’s Cello Concerto (2001); Udo Zimmermann’s Lieder Von Einer Insel (2009). “The English conductor Oliver Knussen sees in Elliott Carter the ‘most important musical dramatist of the present age working in the area of instrumental composition’. With his scores, Carter fashions dramatic scenarios in which instrumentalists act as individual characters. In his Cello Concerto, too, dating from 2001, he treats the soloist and the individual orchestra musicians as independent protagonists. Elliott Carter’s compositions are metrically complex and labyrinthine in the way they are interlocked; they are impressive in their structural density and incredible virtuosity. We recognize the influences of neoclassicism and Schönbergian dodecaphony. It was almost an ‘anti-concert’: contrary to the usual solo concerto, in which the soloist is presented as someone who forms and shapes the music, in order to keep up — in a dramatic sense — a dialogue with the orchestra, we meet here the experienced opera composer Udo Zimmermann, who shifts these scenic elements towards the middle. With his score, the quiet notes dominate, and the opening is not only the most private kind of music, but a song whispered rather than a song sung.” Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACD that can be played on any CD player.
NEOS 40905CD SHARP, ELLIOTT: Spectropia Suite CD (NEOS 40905CD) 21.00
Original soundtrack to the film Spectropia, performed by Elliott Sharp with The ’31 Band; Sirius Sting Quartet & Debbie Harry (Blondie). “Spectropia is both a full-length feature film and an interactive media event set in a possible England in 2099, and in New York City in 1931 after the stock market crash. Directed by Toni Dove, it tells a story of time travel and supernatural possession to explore the disorders brought on by consumer culture. For the score, I endeavored to create two different noir soundworlds: for the future, one of distressed computers and tortured guitars — for New York 1931, one based on an imagined meeting of the musics of Duke Ellington and Edgar Varèse. The song ‘This Time That Place’ appears in various versions heard throughout the film: as a tango, as a feedbacked guitar solo, as a swing tune, a classical piano etude, and as a rock ballad sung by the great Debbie Harry of Blondie. To perform Spectropia Suite, I assembled an ensemble of musicians, The ’31 Band, all of whom have extensive experience in many realms of music. All have worked with me on many projects, from the various Western traditions of jazz and classical music to the farthest reaches of contemporary music, free jazz, and improvisation. We recorded the music in the traditional manner of a film orchestra, cue by cue (though not working to picture as most of the timings were not that precise.) Overdubbing, editing, and processing all took place at my Studio zOaR including the tender yet sardonic vocals of Ms. Harry. This music has evolved from a set of cues into a suite for performance with The ’31 Band expanding on the written material with solos and other interpretive actions by the players.” — Eliot Sharp, 2009
NEOS 41005CD FIELDS & STEPHAN RATH, SCOTT: What We Talk CD (NEOS 41005CD) 21.00
All compositions by Scott Fields. Artists: Scott Fields, guitar; Stephan Rath, theorbo. “On this recording Scott Fields plays a 1999 Robert Ruck guitar and Stephan Rath plays a 1988 Hendrik Hasenfuss 14-string theorbo, after an instrument of Tieffenbrucker/Edlinger. Our duo was formed for the 2007 Cologne Music Triennial (MusikTriennale Köln) series ‘Solos for duos, improvisation from yesterday and today’ (Solo für Zwei, Improvisation gestern und heute). Festival yentas matched six early music specialists with six new music specialists. Each pair played similar instruments. Harpsichord and piano. Medieval organ and analog synthesizer. The beauty of pairing theorbo and guitar is that neither musician is channeled into the role of accompanist or soloist. Either can supply bass, chords, melody, or musical noise. Roles can change instantly and seamlessly or can disappear entirely. The music on this CD was composed for the Triennale.”
NW 80710CD HARRISON, LOU: Scenes From Cavafy: Music For Gamelan CD (NW 80710CD) 15.00
Featured works: Scenes from Cavafy (1979-80), Concerto for Piano with Javanese Gamelan (1986-87), A Soedjatmoko Set (1989). “Lou Harrison’s (1917-2003) long-term love affair with the Indonesian gamelan had its roots in a course he took from Henry Cowell in the spring of 1935. As Harrison refined his understanding of traditional gamelan procedures during the 1980s, he began to transfer these compositional ideas to works for Western instruments. At the same time, Harrison continued to compose for the Indonesian ensemble itself, indulging a fascination for Asia that had been part of his life since his youth while simultaneously bringing this fascination into close interaction with his Western musical training. He simply found in gamelan music some of the most beautiful sounds he could imagine and he hastened to add these sounds to his toolbox of compositional resources as an extension of his personal artistic voice. In so doing, he honored the culture that had inspired him, and offered his works as an admiration for its artistic products. This is the world-premiere recording of these three major works in authoritative performances by Gamelan Pacifica, which had a long association with the composer, performing and giving the Northwest premieres of all his major works for gamelan.”
CED 358CD HEAD AND THE TRAITS, ROY: Live It Up! CD (CED 358CD) 13.00
“Sixteen song roundup of the earliest recordings by inimitable Texas madman Roy Head along with the original Traits! These 1958-62 sides include all the group’s wild TNT and Renner singles!”
CED 361CD GIRLS AT DAWN, THE: Call The Doctor CD (CED 361CD) 13.00
“New York City’s The Girls At Dawn put out a sound that is alternately ethereal and pounding, unassuming but infectious, with a stash of primal layers delivering a haunting and unapologetically feminine musical dreamscape. Comprised of a dozen stand-out originals, all self produced-and recorded for this album, tracks include the unforgettable ‘Come Here And Die,’ plus ‘Evil One,’ ‘They’re Waiting,’ ‘Most Terrible Thing,’ and ‘Reach Me (Don’t Forget).'”
“A dozen curried treats from the remarkable King Khan and Bloodshot Bill featuring the hit single ‘Pretty Please’ as well as soon-to-be Tandoori taste treats ‘Into Her Arms’ and ‘Bandstand’ and mo’ Hindu hi-jinx! Billy says, ‘This is what Warren Smith would have sounded like if he recorded in Bombay instead of Memphis…’.”
ED 358LP HEAD AND THE TRAITS, ROY: Live It Up! LP (ED 358LP) 13.00
LP version.
ED 361LP GIRLS AT DAWN, THE: Call The Doctor LP (ED 361LP) 13.00
LP version.
ED 362LP VA: You Tore My Brain!:Unissued Sixties Garage Acetates Volume 5 LP (ED 362LP) 13.00
“Clobberin’ fifth volume of brutal unissued garage crunchers by the Fanatics, Pharaohs, Invictas, IVbidden, Sir Winston and the Commons, mo’!” Tracklisting: Ivbidden – “Sick And Lonely”; Sir Winston And The Commons – “All Of The Time”; Bunch – “Do The Jump”; Unknown – “Palace Of Love”; Unknown – “Follow Her Home”; James Street Overpass – “She Can’t See”; Unknown – “Poor Man Dreamer”; Invictas – “Watusi”; Pharaohs – “The Isle Of Love”; Unknown – “I Won’t Play Your Game”; James Street Overpass – “You Tore My Brain”; Sir Winston And The Commons – “No Sorrow”; Fanatics – “I Can’t Go On”; Unknown “The Hunter”.
ED 363LP TANDOORI KNIGHTS, THE: Curry Up LP (ED 363LP) 13.00
Gatefold LP version.
OCORA 560228 SHAFII AND THE RAST ENSEMBLE, MOZAFAR: Mozafar Shafii And the Râst Ensemble CD (OCORA 560228) 19.00
“From the most performed mode to the rarest, from dastgâh-e shur to dastgâh-e Râst, on classical poems by Sa’di and Hafèz, Mozafar Shafi i and the Râst Ensemble introduce listeners to a music which will appear new but at the same time ancient by its roots, where the intimate association of vocal art with poetry is brought to its highest level. Shafi i, a protégé of the great Mohammed Reza Shajarian, has assembled a superb cast of young Iranian musicians to perform this fascinating repertoire.” Deluxe oversized hardbound packaging with a 24-page booklet with French and English liner notes.
OESB 050LP BIG TROUBLES: Worry LP (OESB 050LP) 17.00
“The very premise of this musical — executives borrowing an apartment to cheat on their wives — makes this show entertainment for grown-ups. If you’re cool with your older children being exposed to infidelity to the nth degree, they will likely enjoy the wit of the dialogue and the bouncy score. But take note: there is a suicide attempt and a drunk scene — not exactly fare for young ones. Debut LP by Ridgewood, NJ shoegazers Big Troubles. It’s pretty good. Parental advisory stickers not included.” With glossy full-color insert and download coupon. “This immense new album from Big Troubles follows on from a great four-song EP for the Olde English Spelling Bee singles club, featuring the New Jersey fuzz-pop project bejewelled with pop hooks and spurts of brain-scorching noise. There’s an abundance of blistering C86-style pop nuggets on here, from the distortion-surfing ‘Bite Yr Tongue’ to the euphorically hooked-up ‘Freudian Slips’. There’s an overwhelmingly fizzy, treble-some recording style here which imbues the whole thing with a hazy, nostalgic quality that reminds us of everything from My Bloody Valentine to The Jesus and Mary Chain to Dinosaur Jr at their very peak — making for one of the standout lo-fi pop records of the year bar none. Very highly recommended.” — Boomkat
OMM 068CD GLASS, PHILIP: Orphée 2CD (OMM 068CD) 26.00
“Orange Mountain Music presents the world premiere recording of Philip Glass’ opera Orphée, performed by a renowned cast of soloists including Philip Cutlip as Orphée, Lisa Saffer as la Princesse and the Portland Opera Orchestra conducted by Anne Manson. Written in 1993, Orphée was the first of a trilogy of operas that Glass composed on subjects by Jean Cocteau that includes La Belle et la Bête and Les Enfants Terribles. Orphée is the last to the trilogy to be recorded, and receives fine treatment here with a Michael Riesman produced recording made from a series of live performances that took place in November 2009. This two-disc set includes a deluxe digipack, full libretto in French and English, color production photos and cast and performer biographies. The storyline is based on Cocteau’s fascinating retelling of the Orpheus myth — an extended parable on the life of an artist, a poet harassed and misunderstood by peers.”
OMM 069CD SCHOENBERG/PHILIP GLASS, ARNOLD: Verklärte Nacht/Sextet For Strings CD (OMM 069CD) 19.00
“Orange Mountain Music presents the debut recording by the newly-formed Glass Chamber Players — a group of virtuoso soloists including artistic director and cellist Wendy Sutter, violinists Tim Fain and Maria Bachmann, violists Misha Amory and David Harding and cellist Alexis Pia Gerlach. The disc features Schoenberg’s 1899 masterpiece Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night) for string sextet, paired with Philip Glass’ four-movement Symphony No.3 transcribed for string sextet. This is the first of a series of recordings pairing Philip Glass’ music with masterpieces of the classical repertoire.”
OSTGUT 041EP FENGLER, MARCEL: Enigma EP 12″ (OSTGUT 041EP) 12.00
Berghain resident Marcel Fengler is one of the frontmen of raw and forward-pushing techno. This 12″ is comprised of three jacking, factory-forged tracks, leading us further down his mysterious path. Like a hot-headed live jam in a humid Chicago basement, “Rapture” gathers up all the energy of classic house, infuses it with a no-nonsense progression and then throws it into the deep end. “RazKaz” jumps off the platter with nervous intensity as a warbling synthscape massages itself into your consciousness.
PERM 019LP BLACK MATH: Phantom Power LP (PERM 019LP) 15.00
“WFMU aptly described Black Math’s debut LP from 2009 as ‘Dark-wave buried in tape hiss, with grinding synth, electric cello, and drum machine. The three piece lists Depeche Mode and Big Black as influences, but they’re not straight up 80s.’ The band will also tell you that Siouxsie and the Banshees are a big influence, but Black Math has a completely compelling, catchy, dark and mysterious sound all their own. This album features 9 new tracks of killer dark-­?wave pop (with some pretty harsh sounding guitar and synth parts) as well as an amazing cover of the Anals’ ‘Commando of Love’ (from Total Anal; PERM 006LP). First press is limited to 500 copies.”
PERM 021LP CACAW: Cacaw LP (PERM 021LP) 15.00
“If you dug the brutal noise rock sounds crammed onto the one side of their debut EP, you’re gonna flip over their brand new LP. It’s heavier, louder, and longer. That’s right, two full sides of Cacaw’s signature noise rock brutality. A big selling point for their first release was the fact that two former members of the Coughs are in Cacaw, however, Cacaw have since garnered their own audience and the Coughs reference seems barely worth mentioning any longer. For those of you who haven’t heard them yet, Cacaw takes the Coughs sound and distills it down to a more minimal yet no less intense brand of really fucking groovy noise rock. Cacaw have quickly become one of Chicago’s most popular underground rock bands. Cacaw’s second record, just like their first release, is a doozie both sonically and visually. The grooves on the marbled colored vinyl contain some incredibly intense jams. The card stock tri-color jacket has also been diligently hand screen printed by band members.” On splatter vomit colored vinyl.
PERMVAC 066EP PESOPEO, BOSTRO: Anantes 12″ (PERMVAC 066EP) 12.00
Bostro Pesopeo’s back after his debut single for Permanent Vacation, which received plenty of love from the house mafia and the indie kids alike. From Late Of The Pier to Magda and the DFA Crew, it’s hard to describe a Bostro track: Florian’s sound is miles away from sampling a sax loop. The Anantes EP features four melodic, melancholic and highly emotional house tracks: “Anantes,” “0000,” “Basic,” and “Basic Vox,” which has the incredible Hard Ton on the mic.
PSR 004CD VA: Persian Underground CD (PSR 004CD) 23.00
Subtitled: Garage Rock, Beat And Psychedelic Sounds From The Iranian 60’s & 70’s Scene. “Amazing collection that gathers some of the rarest Persian 45s, totally unknown outside of Iran until now. Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of styles, from garage nuggets to cool Persian beat, exotic rock&roll and prog/psych. Featuring female drummer & singer Zangoleah with some killer garage / rockin’ tracks, obscure bands like Takkhalha doing a fab cover of the Stones ‘Play With Fire’ and an amazing take on the Persian traditional song ‘Mastom, Mastom’, Golden Ring-styled beat by Big Boys, exotic Persian beat by Saeed and Tigers, terrific garage-beat by Ojubeha and the two sides of the Kambiz 45, probably the major discovery from Iran in the recent years and one of the few, if not the only truly Persian prog/psych 45s ever recorded. Remastered sound, liner notes and pictures.”
PSR 004LP VA: Persian Underground LP (PSR 004LP) 28.00
LP version.
PLAIN 151LP WEEN: God Ween Satan 2LP (PLAIN 151LP) 24.00
“Originally released on Twin/Tone in 1990, God Ween Satan was the first album from the eclectic and eccentric duo of Dean and Gene Ween. Twenty-six songs covering nearly as many genres: metal, rock, soul, folk, pop, experimental, and more are covered all with the brilliant mix of humor and pop prowess that only Ween have been able to achieve.”
PLAIN 152LP MR. BUNGLE: California LP (PLAIN 152LP) 17.00
“The third, and possibly final, album from Mike Patton’s genre-hopping group was originally released in 1999. Arguably their most accessible and pop-oriented record they still manage to be beguiling and impressive in their range, covering territory as diverse as swing, rockabilly, country & western, bossa nova, Hawaiian and Middle Eastern music, jazz, Zappa-esque doo wop, arty-funk, post-rock, space-age pop, spaghetti-Western music, warped circus melodies, new age and heavy metal. On vinyl for the very first time.” 180 gram vinyl pressing of Patton’s finest work.
POGUS 21012 OLIVEROS, PAULINE: Alien Bog/Beautiful Soop CD (POGUS 21012) 13.00
1997 release, restocked. Features 2 long tracks (63 total minutes) of early, emotionally stunning electronic music from Ms. Oliveros. “Her revolutionary work in the use of tape delay and heterodyne techniques, coupled with experimental use of combination tones and supersonic frequencies, presaged techniques now being explored digitally,” and there’s never been better evidence of it than the brain-eclipsing “Alien Bog” — a masterpiece of electronic tone squelch. Only an excerpt of this has been previously issued, while “Beautiful Soop” is released for the first time. “During her first year at The Tape Music Center at Mills College in Oakland, CA, Pauline Oliveros completed ‘Beautiful Soop’ (1966) and ‘Alien Bog’ (1967) utilizing the original Buchla Box 100 series created for the Tape Music Center by Don Buchla and her tape delay system. ‘I was deeply impressed by the sounds from the frog pond outside the studio window at Mills. I loved the accompaniment as I worked on my pieces. Though I never recorded the frogs, I was of course deeply influenced by their music.”
POGUS 21023 OLIVEROS, PAULINE: No Mo CD (POGUS 21023) 13.00
2001 release, restocked. “In the summer of 1966 I worked in the classical Electronic Music Studio at the University of Toronto for six weeks. The system I used to create ‘No Mo’ and ‘Something Else’ consisted of Layfette tone generators, noise source and tape delay. In the Fall of 1966 I was the newly appointed director of the Mills Tape Music Center formerly the San Francisco Tape Music Center and now the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College. ‘Bog Road’ was created at the Mills Tape Music Center in the Summer of 1967 with the Buchla Series 100 Box. The studio overlooked a pond where frogs were singing a chorus that inspired a series of Bog pieces”.– Oliveros
RRX 001LP HENRY COW: Leg End LP (RRX 001LP) 31.00
“The first, 1973, release by Britain’s most enigmatic and unclassifiable band. Formed in 1968 by two Cambridge students, Fred Frith and Tim Hodgkinson, Henry Cow’s original influences included the likes of Soft Machine and Frank Zappa. However, in their undying quest to push the boundaries of conventional music, members soon took out their machetes and began hacking a new trail into an unmapped wilderness of sound. The band was thereby also staunchly anti-commercial, never compromising their sound to please anyone but themselves, and it is precisely because of this that they have gone on to influence so many musicians on the outer fringes of rock & roll on both sides of the Atlantic, particularly the NY experimental music scene. Now returned to its original audio mix. Limited audiophile edition of 1000 copies on 180 gram virgin vinyl.”
RRX 002LP FAUST: The Faust Tapes LP (RRX 002LP) 31.00
“From the band that led the Krautrock genre to glory, Faust’s 1973 Virgin LP is an absolute classic and considered by many to be the band’s best work. Originally released as one 43-min long sound collage, with no track division, it has now been re-mastered and repackaged, with a properly divided and annotated (!) track listing. Limited audiophile edition of 1000 copies on 180 gm virgin vinyl.”
RRX 003LP ART BEARS: Hopes And Fears LP (RRX 003LP) 31.00
“The first Art Bears LP, mostly made by the band formerly known as Henry Cow and completed by Fred Frith, Chris Cutler and Dagmar Krause who went on, as ‘Art Bears’, to investigate this short song format further over the next two years, once Henry Cow had ceased to exist. Experimenting with the song form and the productive possibilities of the recording studio, this was hailed in its time (1978) as a landmark recording, and has been constantly in demand ever since. Therefore this new version, re-mastered by Bob Drake, sounds for the first time like the original tapes. Repackaged with lyrics printed on inner sleeve. Limited audiophile edition of 1000 copies on 180 gram virgin vinyl.”
RS 065LP SWANSON, PETE: Feelings In America LP (RS 065LP) 16.00
“Despite asserting that he quit music in 2001..but kept recording in his basement because it helped him avoid interacting with others’, Pete Swanson has been a very busy guy. As half of (the now defunct) Yellow Swans for most of the decade, Swanson somehow found the time to collaborate with scores of folks (see Badgerlore, Maggoted, and Sarin Smoke for starters) while also slowly carving out his own bleak vision of loner sound. Feelings In America is the most recent salvo from Swanson, and it’s as blown out and muddy as you would expect from a damp Portland basement. Three tracks of guitar & vocals lost in a sea of white hot electronic overload that, according to Swanson, ‘sounds exactly like his old band, but funnier in a depressing sort of way.’ Edition of 300 LPs.”
RLP 3101LP PHONOPHANI: Kreken CD + 10″ (RLP 3101LP) 32.00
Limited edition version. Phonophani is multi-instrumentalist, digital electronics expert, programmer and instrument builder Espen Sommer Eide. Born in 1972 in Oslo, Sommer Eide has been playing music in one form or another since childhood; for over a decade his priority has been computer music and combinations of digital and organic elements. In 1998 he released his first album Phonophani on the Biophon label run by Geir Jenssen (aka Biosphere). Genetic Engineering (RCD 2016CD), Oak Or Rock (RCD 2038CD) and a reissue of his debut album have all been released by Rune Grammofon to critical acclaim. It´s difficult to place Phonophani in today’s musical landscape, Espen himself said about Oak Or Rock that it was all about rediscovering the great mystery of music through dissecting the sound of ordinary or “real” instruments such as cello, vibraphone, guitars and the human voice and dissolving melodies into their elementary particles. While he has previously been turning his attention to other cultures and traditions, with Kreken he has now tuned his ears to Norway’s own traditional folk music and instruments, its melodic content and special tuning systems, all treated electronically in one way or another. This is also reflected in the titles, all being names of places in Norway, quite exotic even to Norwegian ears. This special collector’s edition comes as a limited (250 copies) and numbered package including the CD and a 10″ vinyl record with two longer tracks not available elsewhere. Artists featured on this album include: Espen Sommer Eide (instruments, samples, programming), Jenny Hval, Haco and Agnethe Christensen (vocals), David Grubbs (guitar), and Sigbjørn Apeland (harmonium).
SHAG 012EP DARROW MOSLEY BAND, THE: Desert Rain 10″ (SHAG 012EP) 22.00
“Shagrat Records is delighted to announce the release of a 3-track 10″ EP by the short-lived Darrow Mosley Band, cut in 1973. The band was a vehicle for the prodigious talents of Bob Mosley (lead vocals, bass guitar) and Chris Darrow (lead vocals, guitar) — Mosley had been an integral member of Moby Grape, one of the greatest California bands of the late 60s. Darrow had been a founding member of Kaleidoscope, the hugely talented Clairemont-based quintet that subsequently has been recognised as one of the first rock groups to play ‘world music’. In 1973 both Chris and Bob decided they wanted to be in a band again and their mutual manager Michael O’Connor suggested they form a group together – drawing on the energy and style of vintage Stones and Faces and adding more than a dash of the prevalent SoCal country rock scene to the mix, Bob and Chris were joined by lead guitarist Frank Reckard (subsequently in Emmy Lou Harris’s Band for 14 years), keyboard player Lroen Newkirk and drummer Johnny Craviott (Ry Cooder, Arlo Guthrie, Buffy St Marie) — they cut 3 songs to try and get Warner Bros interested — sadly Warners passed on the demos and they have remained unheard till now — the A-side is a rocker featuring Darrow on lead vocals and was originally recorded on his eponymous second album done for UA. The flipside has Bob Mosley as lead vocalist — a treat for all those who already know what a masterful singer this Norse god can be – first up is a soulful, smouldering version of the Temptations’ ‘I Wish It Would Rain’ that also boasts some dexterous picking from Reckard. The EP closes with a new version of Bob’s exquisite ‘Beautiful Day’ originally done for the Grape’s 69 record. The band split soon after but these recordings are an integral link in the chain that binds Moby Grape with Fine Wine and the Ducks (Neil Young’s legendary summer of 77 Santa Cruz bar band). Packaged in a beautifully mind-blowing sleeve by legendary British psychedelic designer John Hurford (IT, OZ, Dandelion Records etc) and featuring sleeve notes by Chris Darrow, this EP is an absolute must for fans of Kaleidoscope and Moby Grape everywhere. Strictly limited edition of 499 copies.”
STS 185LP DRIVAN: Disko LP (STS 185LP) 17.00
LP version. “Drivan is a new band consisting of Kim Hiorthoy, Lisa Ostberg, Louise Peterhoff and Kristiina Viilala. Meeting in Stockholm in fall 2007, the band worked on a multi-faceted dance piece by choreographer and performance artist Gunilla Heilborn entitled The Potato Country. The moving yet humorous performance piece incorporated dance, spoken word and songs. Upon completion of its run in Stockholm, Hiorthoy asked Lisa, Louise, and Kristiina if they would be interested in collaborating further. In 2008-2009, the group met at the remote house/studio of Bebbe Risenfors. Most of the songs on Disko began their evolution as one of Hiorthoy’s loops during this time, eventually being built upon by the collaborators. Drivan is a group first and foremost, with everyone cooperating on lyrics and melodies, and although there are flourishes of Hiorthoy’s signature sound, the recordings’ folk-oriented and organic feel has the band drawing more from Swedish folk and prog of the ’70s, as well as Stina Nordenstam’s People Are Strange album.”
SOME 014EP STL: Mistakes Are Made For Everyone 12″ (SOME 014EP) 14.00
The Something Vinyl Series continues with seductive house tunes and deep moments — five tracks and four bonus loops makes this the next typical, warm, vibrating Something record. However, this is not a perfect, clean or faultless production. There is dirt here — what STL records are well-known for. These are experimentations in the worlds of hardware-based tone generators and the limits of analog signal processors. The tracks were recorded mostly in live sessions to capture the actual feeling of each song.
SM 001LP EXPO ’70: Center Of The Earth 2LP (SM 001LP) 31.00
“Sonic Meditations is proud to present the 2006 heavy drone suite Center of the Earth by Expo ’70. This four part suite is presented on deluxe 180 gram audiophile virgin vinyl housed in gatefold tip-on jackets. Mastered for vinyl by Pete Lyman of Infrasonic Sound. Justin Wright’s Expo ’70 has been gaining momentum over the years, having started with self-released CDr’s, Wright has made a name across the globe for Expo ’70. Center of the Earth was recorded over 3 days in 2006, released by Wright himself, the album sold over 650 CDr’s. Wright also re-released Center of the Earth last year on his start-up label, Sonic Meditations in a edition of 200 cassette tapes, which quickly sold out. Now Wright is issuing this epic drone album on vinyl, the heavily low-end drenched drone suite will sprawl across 2 180 gram LPs. Due to the length of track 3, it will sprawl across from side C to D. Expo ’70 has releases on Beta-lactum Ring, Dead Pilot, Kill Shaman, Peaant Magik, Sloow Tapes and Reverb Worship, just to name a few.”
ACRESB 005EP 501: Short Circuit 12″ (ACRESB 005EP) 9.00
“Finland’s 501 made his name writing smashers for labels such as Chase & Status’ imprint More Than Alot, but this plate on Black Acre’s dancefloor subsidiary will confound all expectation. ‘Short Circuit’ marries synthetic pop production with dancefloor sensibilities and adds a dash of pure cheek for good measure. An intro of vibrant chords, talkbox vocals and live electric bass sets up the naughtiest of drops — skipping jazzy beats, switching synth edits and snippets of turntablism, all shoe-horned over an enormous warping bassline. ‘Everything In Its Place’ sees 501 on more of an oldskool B-Boy tip, reviving a selection of classic breaks for his hardsmackin bass’n’drum workout. Add in gangster movie snippets, trilling arpeggios and a seriously catchy synth hook and you have a seriously original club banger.”
SPC 098EP BENOIT & SERGIO: Midnight People 12″ (SPC 098EP) 12.00
Benoit & Sergio construct dusky, romantic spaces in which dance and pop music conspire in hushed tones. Midnight People, the Washington, DC duo’s first single on Spectral Sound, is a noir anthem for heartbroken hedonists, a tech-house ode to furtive glances and bad decisions. Handclaps and pianos, melodramatic synthesizers and wafer-thin vocal samples push the beat along, but it’s the tracks’ air of desperation and psychedelic dread that makes Midnight People such a reality-defying listen. Includes two careening techno remixes by Technasia.
STX 4114LP HAYES, ISAAC: Hot Buttered Soul LP (STX 4114LP) 14.00
Originally released in 1969 on Enterprise, this is an exact repro reissue of the 1978 pressing on Stax. More definitive than Black Moses and seamlessly cooler than Shaft, Hot Buttered Soul opens with the classic “Walk On By,” sampled in countless hip-hop tracks and a solid piece to take home to your lady.
SAAH 062LP YONA, YAIR: Remember LP (SAAH 062LP) 19.00
LP version. “”Israel isn’t exactly known as a hotbed for acoustic steel-string guitar music, but Yair Yona’s reissue of Remember is simply some of the most genre-bending music for solo steel-string guitar since Sandy Bull first opened the doors in the ’60s. It’s a celebration of the Takoma Records school, filtered by alternate tunings and syncopations, a John Fahey-esque compositional instinct across landscapes of banjo, electronics, resonators, bass guitar and strings. Limited edition of 300. Packaged in beautiful hand-numbered silkscreened jackets with digital download included for the digitally inclined.”
SUOL 019EP TRICKSKI: After & Before EP 12″ (SUOL 019EP) 12.00
The Suol family welcomes a release from Daniel & Yannick aka Trickski. “Point 0” is a slow burner with a paddish loop that climbs up your spine ’til it finally reaches your brain to melt down what’s left of it. “Pill Collins” is sex with 2 twin sisters and their mom at the same time! The beat is not much faster than 105 bpm, but you haven’t felt that much groove in a long time! Remixes by Chopstick & Johnjon and H.O.S.H.
The Timeless Pulse trio is Pauline Oliveros (accordion), with percussionists George Marsh and Jennifer Wilsey. Released in honor of the 20th annual Deep Listening Retreats held this year in Camallera, Spain and Petaluma, California, this is the third Timeless Pulse album. Formed in 1991 during a residency at the Deep Listening Institute, the full ensemble, including Thomas Buckner and David Wessel, has released two live recordings on CD: Live At CNMAT and Quintet. This is the first time this entity has been stripped down to a trio, recorded in a studio and released on vinyl. Divided into four sides with titled subsections, the album includes guests Ione and Joyce Kouffman contributing spoken word and cello on “Real As Any Dream.” Mastered for vinyl by Kenny Evans at Mesa Recording, cut direct to metal and pressed on 200 gram virgin vinyl, this double LP is limited to 500 copies. It comes packaged in the custom designed slipcover and jacket with double-wide spines used for the Deep Listening Band Then & Now Now & Then 2LP. The slipcover features two exquisite photographs and is dual-finished with a gloss front and uncoated back. The jacket is printed with metallic ink, has a flooded pocket and features an essay by Amy Beal, Professor of Music at the University of California, Santa Cruz. “The sound world within which Timeless Pulse Trio prefers to work: sustained sounds like Pauline’s accordion drones, gongs, bowed cymbals, ornamented by rattles, bells and the cracks and pops of the drum set and struck resonant objects … These recordings emanate from a culture of active listening, as promoted and practiced by this trio, as well as by many other ensemble-based improvisers and meditative musical practices around the globe. The heart of free improvisation rests in the act of listening, and in the discovery inherent to that process.” –excerpted from Beal’s essay
TEMPA 050EP SKREAM: Listenin’ To The Records On My Wall 12″ (TEMPA 050EP) 11.00
This is the first single from Skream’s second album on Tempa, Outside The Box (TEMPA 016CD/LP). “Listenin’ To The Records On My Wall” is an energetic celebration of the last quarter decade of British street music, inspired by the hardcore and jungle records used by his older brother Hijak, who was part of Grooverider’s Internatty Crew. “Give You Everything (feat. Freckles),” is a slice of 2-step garage perfection, with chopped vocals and an unforgettable hook.
TWR 002LP VA: Daddy Rockin’ Strong LP (TWR 002LP) 15.00
A Tribute To Nolan Strong And The Diablos. “Norton-distributed comp on The Wind Records dedicated to Fortune Records R&B giant Nolan Strong! Andre Williams has this to say in his liner notes: ‘Hearing these Diablos songs re-interpreted today just proves how timeless Nolan’s music will always be. I can hear the admiration and respect towards Nolan in each and every track.'”
WIRE 320 WIRE, THE: #320 October 2010 MAG (WIRE 320) 8.50
“All copies of the October issue will come complete with an exclusive free CD stuck to the cover, The Wire Tapper 24, the latest volume in our ongoing series of new music compilations. As with previous volumes in the series, the CD will contain a range of new, rare or exclusive tracks from across the spectrum of the kind of underground/outsider musics covered in The Wire. Packaged in a heavy duty card sleeve designed by The Wire’s art director Ben Weaver. On the cover of this month’s magazine: Noise In The Ether (Explorations in the art of radio transmission). Features: Anne-James Chaton (The French sound poet folds everyday ephemera into work with Andy Moor and alva noto); entr’acte (Derek Walmsley celebrates the London label’s vacuum packed, pristine improv and electronic catalogue); Global Ear: Belém (Andy Cumming on the shanty-town sound of Tecnobrega coming from this Brazilian outpost); Cross Platform: Matt Stokes (Musical subcultures and folk customs come under the microscope in this London artist’s elaborate video reconstructions); Invisible Jukebox: Mike Watt (The Minutemen, fIREHOUSE and current Stooges bassist tangles with The Wire’s mystery record selection); Catherine Christer Hennix (The Swedish electronic composer’s shapeshifting trance music is a fusion of deep mathematics and alternative tuning systems); Los Angeles Free Music Society (The legendary collective galvanized 1970s LA with anarchic improv, noise and Beefheart-style free rock, and now they’re doing it again); Epiphanies (Russell Mills on the art of collage with Jack Jackson and Kurt Schwitters).”
THR 012.46EP FUTURE ISLANDS: Undressed 12″ (THR 012.46EP) 12.00
“Undressed follows up Future Islands critically acclaimed In Evening Air album. The 12″ is pressed on 150 gram vinyl and housed in a LP jacket featuring new artwork from Kymia Nawabi. The record is released in a hand-numbered edition of 1,000 copies. Undressed features four Future Islands favorites performed in acoustic arrangements with piano, acoustic bass, cello, guitar, and drums. Featured on drums is Denny Bowen of Double Dagger.”
THR 249CD BLACK TWIG PICKERS, THE: Ironto Special CD (THR 249CD) 14.00
“Banjos and fiddles, boards and bones in hand, The Black Twig Pickers dove into a living tradition of old-time music that surrounds their homes in southwest Virginia and never looked back. Both scholars of the regional sounds and advocates of an ecstatic and highly personal approach to the music, the Twigs hold down local dance and bar gigs, play all manner of celebrations, and, every so often, hit the road. Along the way, Isak Howell, Nathan Bowles and Mike Gangloff kept company with some of underground America’s heavyweights and haunted the doorsteps of Appalachian fiddle and banjo masters. Ironto Special is an album of traditional Appalachian old-time tunes (and two originals) that they’ve learned through study of both local old-time musicians and old-time records and field recordings. The instrumentation is all-acoustic and features some of the old-time usuals — fiddle, banjo, guitar — and some implements less routinely heard in today’s old-time scene like washboard, bones, fiddlesticks, mouth harp and jaw harp. Plus (on one song) a one-of-a-kind baritone resonator 12-string guitar. Old-time music served, and continues to serve, a variety of functions in Appalachian life: from dance music to somber solo performance, to raggier blues and everything in between. Ironto Special is an attempt to celebrate this variety in the old-time tradition through the band’s process of learning and growth as they explore the music’s many facets.” Includes poster insert.
THR 249LP BLACK TWIG PICKERS, THE: Ironto Special LP (THR 249LP) 14.00
LP version.
THR 255LP HARPER & DANIEL HIGGS, TWIG: Clairaudience Fellowship LP (THR 255LP) 15.00
“Twig Harper has been a force in the noise/experimental scene since the mid ’90s with his group Nautical Almanac, touring worldwide and releasing recordings on Hanson, Load, and Heresee. He also runs Tarantula Hill in Baltimore – a space that includes a performance area, recording studio, esoteric library, and rooftop beehives & gardens. Daniel Higgs is best known for his work as the lyricist and frontman of Lungfish, whose work on Dischord Records has spanned 3 decades. He is also a very prolific solo artist with works on Thrill Jockey, Holy Mountain, Northern Liberties, Open Mouth, and Ideal Recordings. Clairaudience Fellowship is released on LP-only in an edition of 1,000 copies housed in full-color jackets with a coupon for DRM-free MP3 download. The download coupon includes one additional bonus track that is not on the LP.”
TSQ 2448CD VA: Imaginational Anthem IV: New Possibilities CD (TSQ 2448CD) 13.00
“The fourth volume of the acclaimed guitar series. Features C Joynes, Tyler Ramsey (Band of Horses), William Tyler (Silver Jews) and more. CD artwork by Paul Romano (Mastodon). Since its first volume in 2005, Tompkins Square’s Imaginational Anthem series has introduced many new acoustic guitarists, and unearthed many forgotten legends of the American Primitive genre. Vol. 4 strays from the formula by focusing on the present generation of pickers, representing American and English musical traditions.” Other artists include: Chris Forsyth, Sam Moss, Nick Jonah Davis, Pat O’Connell, Micah Blue Smaldone, Mike Fekete and Aaron Sheppard.
TSQ 2455LP VA: Imaginational Anthem IV: New Possibilities LP (TSQ 2455LP) 15.00
Gatefold LP version, limited edition of 500.
T 5053LP VA: Dr. Goldfoot & The Girl Bombs LP (T 5053LP) 12.00
Cut-out, original stock warehouse find of the original motion picture 1969 soundtrack LP for the movie starring Vincent Price. Smooth jazz and ’60s pop by The Candles, The Mad Doctors, The Sloppys, Bobby Lile, Paul & The Pack and Terry Stafford.
TVT 4350LP SCOTT-HERON/BRIAN JACKSON, GIL: Midnight Band: The First Minute Of A New Day LP (TVT 4350LP) 11.50
Originally released in 1974, this is the 1998 remastered TVT Records reissue of Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson’s debut for Arista, featuring the full 8-piece Midnight Band. Includes the despondent “Winter In America.”
VAMPI 124LP JOHNSON, BOLA: Man No Die 2LP (VAMPI 124LP) 25.50
Deluxe full-color gatefold 2LP version. From the vaults of Philips in Nigeria comes this collection of music from mysterious trumpeter and bandleader, Bola Johnson. Unmissable ’60s and early ’70s recordings for all highlife and Afrobeat fans. A missing jewel from a golden age of Nigerian music. Up till now, Bola Johnson only seems to figure in the margins of the high octane Lagos music scene of the late ’60s and early ’70s. He may have never had the focus, the career longevity or the catalog of titans like Afrobeat’s Fela Kuti, juju’s King Sunny Ade or highlife’s Victor Olaiya, but his music took its own magnificent route through the popular music of the time. His joyful treasure of a voice embellished every style in his repertoire, from the sweetly melodic heights of highlife and palm wine to the soulful skanking of Afro-blues/funk and Afrobeat; his red-hot trumpet scorches its way to your yearning soul; his tunes vibrate with infectious hooks and undulating rhythms; he seems equally at home composing across the stylistic range — Funk? Calypso? Highlife? You name it. His early years were inflamed by his time playing with Nigerian trumpet-playing legend and highlife maestro Eddy Okonta, but he joined Eric Akeaze’s highlife band as a singer and maracas player in that same year, then resident at the Easy Life Hotel, in Mokola, Ibadan, which was the hub of the music scene in Nigeria in the ’60s. When Eric Akeaze and his band left the Easy Life Hotel, Bola was asked to stay and set up the Easy Life Top Beats. They also toured the northern part of Nigeria. When Bola returned south, this time to Lagos later in 1968, he and his musicians were ready to make their funkiest tracks. In 1964, while still only 17 years old, Bola had been signed to the Philips West African record label, and he recorded many of the rootsier tracks you will hear on this album as 7″ singles. In 1968, in Lagos, he recorded the funkier material on his Papa Rebecca Special LP and later a rootsier album entitled Ashewo Ajegunle Yakare. Given how great he sounds, you’ve just got to ask exactly why more material wasn’t recorded. According to Bola, the A&R people at Philips in those days allowed sentiment for the past to override their judgment in promoting new artists, because they had highlife giants on their label such as Osita Osadebe, Rex Lawson, Victor Olaiya and Bobby Benson, and so it was hard for younger artists to get their attention, backing and consequent exposure. Additionally, it was always difficult for him to own musical instruments, and bandleaders were the people who owned and supplied their musicians with musical hardware. Of course, you must factor in the civil war and the consequent decrease in popularity of highlife, then the rise of juju, Afrobeat and the briefly fashionable Afro-rock. Classic and unique as Bola’s approach was, it didn’t seem to light the same kind of fuse for young Lagos. As his musical opportunities began to wane, Bola went into broadcasting, firstly at Radio Nigeria Ibadan in 1970 and then he moved to the FRCN (Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria) in 1973. Sometimes he played at the Cool Cat in Ebute Metta, Lagos. These days, Bola lives in Ikorodu, a suburb of Lagos. He still writes music and looks forward to making new recordings.
VAMPI 125LP VA: Flipper Psychout: Original Italian Library Music 2LP (VAMPI 125LP) 25.50
…From The Vaults Of Flipper. Deluxe full-color gatefold 2LP version. This is the first volume of Vampsoul’s dig into the historical library music catalog of Italy’s Flipper Music. A brilliant blend of cinematic sound landscapes, space-age bachelor pad music (Italian style) and atmospheric, fuzzy psych-grooves. Obscure early ’70s tracks from cult labels such as Canopo, Deneb, Flirt and Octopus, most reissued here for the first time. “I came across the Flipper records in a Sunday flea market in Rome amongst the usual stacks of rubbish, but if you dig down deep into this pile, you can often find long forgotten treasures. This particular flea market is held every week and you can meet all kinds of collectors from antique dealers to the private collector in search of books, furniture, various types of objects, bric-a-brac and also vinyl records. As far as I’m concerned, the pure fact I came across the record series of Canopo, Deneb, Market, Octopus, all brands that belong to Flipper Music, gave me the chance of working in the world of the international music library. I am still working in the same job today but have now become the artistic advisor of Flipper Music, so I can certainly say I found more than just a little treasure in that little flea market. These library music catalogs were all brought out around about 1969/1970, and the music they contain tries to follow the trendiest fashions of those times, also in the records of pure atmosphere. The composers’ creativity played the leading role in these catalogs. The composers only had simple means with which to produce their music, so they used their imagination. In order to create a record full of suspense they often used wah-wah guitar, or the fuzz distorter, or even an extremely distorted electric bass guitar that was very common in those days. Therefore, the various composers interpreted the entire rock/psychedelic panorama of the late ’60s and early ’70s in this library music style, from the dance piece to the thriller. In this compilation, you’ll find examples of this way of producing music with tracks from 1969 to 1975. Flipper Psychout is only a small part of what is found inside the historical catalog of Flipper Music, which means it’s only the first volume of the series. I wanted a darker, more aggressive sound in this volume with real sound effects to give you an idea of the eccentricity of composers such as Sandro Brugnolini, Amedeo Tommasi, Alessandro Alessandroni, and Roberto Conrado. The first two started off as modern jazz musicians recording for Italian RCA, whereas Alessandro Alessandroni is the famous whistler in Ennio Morricone’s music composed for Sergio Leone’s spaghetti Westerns. Roberto Conrado was the drummer in two Italian beat groups, The Go Karts and Gli Apostoli (The Apostles), but also the arranger for the famous Italian singer Renato Zero. At this point all you have to do is close your eyes and listen to this first volume, letting your mind float through this suggestive sound adventure full of psychedelic images. Have a good trip.” –Alessandro Casella
MRSSS 015LP LONE STAR: En Jazz LP (MRSSS 015LP) 25.00
The Vinilísssimo label presents for the first time on vinyl the 1968 jazz album En Jazz by ’60s Spanish pop quartet, Lone Star. This album features a wide variety of music including standards, Mozart, songs by Spanish composer Pau Casals, Ray Charles and rhythm and blues, played on vibraphone, piano, double bass and drums. Formed in Barcelona around 1960, Lone Star broke the mold of contemporary Spanish bands. Like all the groups signed by the EMI subsidiary Hispavox, they had to record covers of foreign hits, specializing in The Animals. However, they obtained enough recognition to be able to record their own material, achieving a huge impact in 1968 with “Mi Calle,” an outstanding song that reflects working-class frustration in Spain under Franco. That same year, La Voz de su Amo released En Jazz. For a while, Lone Star operated on two fronts: first, they would play jazz and later, their pop songs. They gained a fantastic reputation and were signed up for Festivales de España, an official touring circuit that used to offer “cultural” shows during the summer. Pedro Gené would switch his usual role as singer to that of piano player for the jazz section; Juan Miró would leave the guitar to play the vibraphone, Rafa de la Vega would play the double bass and Enrique López would play the drum kit with brushes. During an interview from that time, the band stated “It’s jazz which contains all the styles: cool, classic, modern. We try to play straightforward jazz, commercial, which can be attractive to the youth.” On this record you’ll find a Mozart sonata, a traditional Catalan Christmas song, Ray Charles’ “I Believe To My Soul,” and classic standard “Misty,” written by pianist Erroll Garner. En Jazz is a unique project featuring sublime Spanish musicianship, bravely capable of both jazz and rock chops. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl in a limited edition of 500 copies only. Insert includes liner notes in Spanish and English.
MRSSS 016LP SOLERA: Solera LP (MRSSS 016LP) 25.00
Recorded in 1973, Solera’s debut album was a Spanish interpretation of the U.S. West Coast sound and late-period Beatles. The four band members were responsible for the wonderful songs and lyrics, and the album was brilliantly produced by Rafael Trabucchelli. A landmark in 1970s Spanish music, the birth of Solera can be explained looking at the career of its four members. The most experienced of them, José Antonio Martín, had already toured Europe at age 14 along with his city’s choir and dance group. By then, both he and his brother Manuel had become infatuated with the sounds of young America, but their presence in several ’60s bands only left a trace of two records for RCA with Los Gansos. Rodrigo García came back from Bogotá in 1969. He had lived the previous few years as a star fronting the Colombian band Los Speakers. Thanks to that background, he was soon busy in Madrid, featuring briefly in Los Pekenikes and getting a regular gig in charge of the Vox organ in Juan Pardo’s band. José y Manuel enrolled him for their first LP as a duo, the amazing Génesis, released in 1971, but everything would change with the second LP, Pronto Amanecerá, when bassist José María Guzmán joined the band, who had been performing on stage for years, first with the “Rey del Silbido” (“King of the Whistle”), Curro Savoy, and later with Los Diamantes and Micky. In the periods between recordings and rehearsals, the two brothers discovered the McCartney-esque talent of Guzmán and Rodrigo’s Dylan phrasing, and start to wonder how they would fit in with the increasingly folky atmosphere of their compositions. As a whole, Solera is the most accomplished creation from this 4-piece. The brothers’ vocal harmonies reach great heights and provide a deliciously sunshine-y counterpoint to the ochre-colored sound of their colleagues. Rodrigo wrote a major classic, “Linda Prima,” but Guzman’s talent also shines — most likely responsible for the chamber pop character that permeates the record; specifically, the sweetly playful “Viejo París,” the Beatles-sounding “Juan” or the Badfinger reminiscences of “Tiempo Perdido.” You’ll be amazed at the romanticism these timeless grooves exude. Reissued on vinyl for the first time, and pressed on 180 gram vinyl in a limited edition of 500 copies only. Includes an insert with liner notes in Spanish and English.
VL 901035LP THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS, JOHNNY: L.A.M.F. – Demos, Outtakes And Alternative Mixes LP (VL 901035LP) 24.00
“Rising from the ashes of the New York Dolls, in 1975, Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan formed the Heartbreakers. In 1976 the Heartbreakers were invited to the UK by Malcolm McLaren to take part in the Sex Pistols’ Anarchy tour. During the band’s stay in London, they recorded and released (for Track records) their one and only studio album, an instant punk classic although fraught with audio problems. This album is a collection of alternate mixes from 1977 recorded at various studios, as well as two 1977 demo sessions recorded for EMI. It also features rare instrumental backing tracks of several songs, complete with studio banter which giving rare insight into one of the greatest punk albums of all time.”
VL 901066LP SUN RA: Piano Recital (Teatro La Fenice In Venice) LP (VL 901066LP) 24.00
“Sun Ra was an extremely prolific artist and while hundreds of recordings exist of Sun Ra, there are only a handful where he can be heard playing solo. This amazing and rare solo performance recorded live in 1977 at the world-famous La Fenice opera house in Venice, and featuring Sun Ra playing a mix of standards as well as his own material on piano, is a rewarding journey into the repertoire of one of the most controversial and unorthodox musicians in the history of jazz.”
BS 2617HLP HANCOCK, HERBIE: Crossings LP (BS 2617HLP) 14.00
Forget about it: originally released in 1972, this is the Herbie Hancock album. Gatefold 180 gram exact repro reissue manufactured by Rhino. “With the frenzied knocking of what sounds like a clock shop gone berserk, Crossings takes the Herbie Hancock Sextet even further into the electric avant-garde, creating its own idiom. Now, however, the sextet has become a septet with the addition of Dr. Patrick Gleeson on Moog synthesizer, whose electronic decorations, pitchless and not, give the band an even spacier edge. Again, there are only three tracks ? the centerpiece being Hancock’s multi-faceted, open-structured suite in five parts called ‘Sleeping Giant.’ Nearly 25 minutes long yet amazingly cohesive, ‘Sleeping Giant’ gathers a lot of its strength from a series of funky grooves — the most potent of which explodes at the tail-end of Part Two — and Hancock’s on-edge Fender Rhodes electric piano solos anticipate his funk adventures later in the ’70s. Bennie Maupin’s ‘Quasar’ pushes the session into extraterrestrial territory, dominated by Gleeson’s wild Moog effects and trumpeter Eddie Henderson’s patented fluttering air trumpet. Even stranger is Maupin’s ‘Water Torture,’ which saunters along freely with splashes of color from Hancock’s spooky Mellotron and fuzz-wah-pedaled Fender Rhodes piano, Gleeson’s electronics, and a quintet of voices.” — All Music Guide
WS 1898HLP HANCOCK, HERBIE: Mwandishi LP (WS 1898HLP) 14.00
180 gram exact repro reissue, originally released in 1971. “With the formation of his great electric sextet, Herbie Hancock’s music took off into outer and inner space, starting with the landmark Mwandishi album recorded in a single session on New Year’s Eve. Ever the gadgeteer, Herbie plays with electronic effects devices — reverb units, stereo tremelo, and Echoplex — which all lead his music into spacier, open-ended directions very much influenced by Miles Davis’ electric experiments, rendering it from post-bop conventions. There are just three tracks: the insistent 15/4-meter Afro-electric-funk workout ‘Ostinato (Suite for Angela),’ the inquisitive ‘You’ll Know When You Get There’ with its ethereal Hancock voicings, and trombonist Julian Priester’s ‘Silent Way’-influenced ‘Wandering Spirit Song,’ which eventually dips into tumultuous free form.” — All Music Guide
XI 134CD FIRST, DAVID: Privacy Issues (Droneworks 1996-2009) 3CD (XI 134CD) 25.00
“Featuring Chris McIntyre and Peter Zummo, trombones; ‘Blue’ Gene Tyranny, keyboards; and The Black Jackets Ensemble. ‘This was something unexpected and truly different: pulsing electronic textures that derived their rhythm from the beating patterns of closely-tune pitches — as if Alvin Lucier and Philip Glass had gone on a blind date to CBGBs’ David put the beat in beating patterns.’ – from the liner notes by composer Nic Collins (on his initial exposure to First’s music in 1987). Long overdue overview of composer David First’s drone works. This special and specially priced set (3 CDs for the price of 2) is comprised of nine works composed between 1996 and 2009. ‘1996 was the beginning of a new period for me,’ says First. ‘I had spent the prior five or six years creating a lot of music for other players and larger ensembles — culminating in 1995 with a couple of mountings of my opera, The Manhattan Book of the Dead. I was a little burned out on this and decided to return to a more personal, intimate format — one that ended up including an even more extensive exploration of tunings, alternative compositional softwares and how my playing techniques interacted with these things. I think I just wanted to go deeper and have more control over the results. During the ensuing years I’ve had a few pendulum swings — forays into beat-oriented pop music with lyrics & vocals and, of course, the re-animation of my rock band from the late 70s — the Notekillers. But I’ve continued, through all of the changes, to maintain my grounding in my love of the drone & associated acoustical phenomena — a love affair that began in my teenage psychedelic years and will, no doubt, be a most significant aspect of my music path for as long as I am at it. The tracks here represent almost every major work created from 1996 to the present and I’m grateful that they will be heard by a wider swath of people than those who lived in NYC or happened to be at one of my touring performances during these years.'”
YORE 026EP IBEX: Meltdown EP 12″ (YORE 026EP) 12.00
Tony Ollivierra aka Ibex is no stranger to the world of Detroit house music, known for his outstanding releases on Planet E, 3rd Ear and Rush Hour. He’s been releasing high quality house music since early 2000 and has been touring as a DJ since the mid-’90s. The music on this EP is rich and full of musical ideas that you haven’t heard for a very long time. Killer EP not to be missed and already a classic today.
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