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7EVEN 016EP LIKHAN: Boston/Boxin 12″ (7EVEN 016EP) 12.00
Likhan offers two of his best dub house/dubbage cuts for the 7Even crew. Blending house and garage flavors into massive bass lines and dub skanks, delays and echoes, “Boxin” and “Boston” are unique tracks, and as usual with Likhan, impossible to label. The London players have already adopted them for their turntables: T.Williams and Don Morris from Deep Teknologi, DJ IC and Slackk are currently rinsing these tracks at their shows and on Rinse FM.
ADHOC 022CD WORK, THE: See CD (ADHOC 022CD) 19.00
“Any album by The Work is difficult to categorize, or to pigeon-hole. The band’s output has been labelled everything from ‘post-punk’ to ‘acid jazz’, and yet any sort of classification just doesn’t seem to do the music justice. The approach seems to exhibit the complexity of progressive rock, whilst throwing that aesthetic to the dogs, in lieu of assimilating the energy and power of early punk. The Work were among the first few post-Henry Cow bands to purposefully break their own mould in an attempt to conquer new ground, thus creating music that seems more comfortable resting on a bed of nails than precious laurels. See was the final The Work album to be issued during the band’s lifetime. It showcased some of the very best material of their later years, and a penchant to move into a different, more mature setting. The electronic experimentation here perfectly meshes with post-punk appeals and terrorist-like energy, giving the listener plenty of reasons to be drawn-in to their psychotic world of extremes. Each instrument plays perfectly off of the others to send everything, ‘somewhere else’, whilst somehow holding together perfectly amidst some fiendish, ‘white knuckler’ time relations. Though the vocals on this album were more ‘sung’ than ‘shrieked’ (as evidenced on their earliest recordings), the instrumental parts, especially the drumming, keep the group in line with its radically apparent love for showcasing a primal approach. This has been out-of-print for a number of years, so it’s great to have it back again.”
ADHOC 036CD WORK, THE: The 4th World CD (ADHOC 036CD) 19.00
“The 4th World is the band’s long-lost, never before issued, very last album, from 1994. Succeeding See by some two years, it shares that album’s aesthetics and approach — an economy of means, and superior song-writing/playing — even when compared to their earlier albums. One wouldn’t guess it was recorded live at a gig in Breisgau, because the sound is, quite honestly, superlative, and is even better than any of their studio albums. The original, mono recordings (by Volkmar Miedtke) were meticulously reprocessed into stereo years later by Udi Koomran, and the sound has really been, ‘opened up’. The playing itself is also powerful and thoughtful. Especially important is the fact that only two of the twenty songs on this disc were released on previous albums, thus making The Work’s entire catalog finally complete, and now wholly in print.”
“Alga Marghen proudly presents the first ever release of Illuminatios, or Charlemagne Palestine and Simone Forti duo interactions, illuminated with dim red lights. In early 1970 Mort Subotnick asked Charlemagne Palestine to join his soon to be created Media Department at the new ‘Dream School of the Future’ endowed by the Disneys to be called the California Institute of the Arts. Charlemagne and Simone Forti met there in 1970, when La Monte Young asked them to arrange a California concert for Pandit Pran Nath. They decided to try an improvisation session together and Charlemagne invited Simone the first time to the electronic music studio where he worked regularly. Their medium blended as a play of interacting sound waves and solid matter in motion as Charlemagne and Simone shared energy and focus. The three previously unreleased recordings on this LP were made between October and December 1971. The first take, titled ‘Illumination,’ is for two voices moving in the space with small bells and crystal glasses while Simone Forti plays the molimo, a corrugated tube meant for connecting the gas stove. The second take titled, ‘Wed Oct 13th 1971,’ has Simone and Charlemagne in a song dialogue as animals do. It was also at Cal Arts that Charlemagne Palestine first encountered a Bosendorfer Imperial Piano of Vienna. He played it often as Simone danced during their ‘Illuminations’. Take three is a song sang in falsetto while playing the Bosendorfer Imperial in an arpeggiated style that predates the ‘strummings’. Listening to these ‘three takes’ 40 years later, they ooze a timeless, carefree mystical, magical, dreamy atmosphere that evoked the times of the late 60s to early 70s in Charlemagne and Simone part of the California Art Scene. ‘Illuminations’ were a unique open spontaneous form of performance, ritual and prayer. Edition limited to 365 copies with an essay by both Charlemagne Palestine and Simone Forti, as well as photos of the performances reproduced on the LP front sleeve.”
ALGA 084LP BRAU, JEAN-LOUIS: Instrumentations Verbales LP (ALGA 084LP) 26.00
“After releasing the first LPs ever published by Isidore Isou, Gil J Wolman, Hidlgo&Marchetti’s ZAJ… here is another historical premiere, or the first LP ever issued by French pre-situationist Jean-Louis Brau. Jean-Louis Brau (1930-1985) at the age of 20 joined along with Gil J Wolman, Isidore Isou’s Lettrist group, creating in this context (the same of Wolman’s ‘mégapneums’, Dufrêne’s ‘crirythmes’, Lemaître’s ‘hyperphonies’ and Isou’s ‘poèmes ciselants’) what he called ‘instrumentations verbales’. In 1952 he recorded on a lathe the soundtrack to the unfinished film La barque de la vie courante (the first ever recording of experimental poetry). In the same year, with Debord, Berna and Wolman, he gave birth to the Internationale Lettriste, from which he was eventually rejected for his military deviation. After the Indochina war (where he ran a brothel and traded opium), Brau joined the French Army in Algeria, between 1956 and 1958. In 1963, back in Paris, Brau gave birth to a Deuxième Internationale Lettriste together with Wolman and Dufrêne. He also designed an astonishing métagraphic roman: No More. He approached everything in an explosive way, creating a body of work which is discontinuous, small and incomplete, in which he sometimes achieved some major results: for example with his sound poetry, as demonstrated by ‘Turn back nightingale’ (1972), in which Brau makes references to François Dufrêne, on a background of disarticulated drums and pre-punk saturations. Also included on this one-sided LP are ‘Elégie Elémentaire’ and ‘Ataloche Roche’, both recorded in 1961 during Isidore Isou’s conference at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris, as well as ‘Instrumentation Verbale’ and ‘Cantate pour l’interdiction de Mandrake’, both recorded in 1963 and first published in Poésie Physique, book with 3 singles (Brau, Dufrêne, Wolman), Achèle, in 1965. Edition limited to 350 copies reproducing a page from No More on the front sleeve, as well as an essay by Frederic Acquaviva.”
N 023EP CHRONOMAD: Sayeh 12″ (N 023EP) 12.50
12″ version. Multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker and student of Middle Eastern culture Saam Schlamminger is Chronomad, and Chronomad has a new record that is a truly wild journey in three parts through a Middle Eastern sound cosmos. This is haunting music, a work packed with field recordings, ambiguous and ambitious.
ARBOR 098LP OUTER SPACE: Outer Space LP (ARBOR 098LP) 15.00
“John Elliott’s Outer Space project is a laboratory for electronic investigation. Acting as a continuance of the studies of mid 20th century electronic music composers such as Nik Pascal and Laurie Spiegel, Elliott’s music is deeply indebted to the inner workings of the electric signal. Acting almost as a meditation, through the simple gesture of translation Elliott’s process begins to reveal itself as electricity is converted into acoustic pressure and potential; the melody of physics. The six recordings on the album are each a microcosmic view into Elliott’s practice; a keystone, illuminating his solo practice as well as his work as a member of Emeralds. Composed and recorded over the past three years without the use of digital synthesizers and arpeggiation; a record closely connected to a personal path, attempting to make sense, to understand one’s journey. Mastered by Keith Fullerton Whitman; pressed in an edition of 650 copies on clear vinyl with full color gloss covers and heavy stock printed euro-style inner sleeves.”
ARG 031EP TRUTH & DUTTY RANKS: Bombay Sapphire/Worlds Apart 12″ (ARG 031EP) 11.00
“Truth, undoubtedly New Zealand’s greatest dubstep export, have been making a huge impact around the world with their heavy bassline riddims. Truth have a style that defies categorization, encompassing an array of melodies, vocals and spacious beats that range from half-step stompers to the deeper profound realms of sound, all with one common element that underpins every track: a heavy bassline riddim that lays sheer force on any system heavy enough to handle it. The bad boys of New Zealand dubstep team up for their first single on Argon Records. ‘Bombay Sapphire’ takes you on a trip through bass, while ‘Worlds Apart’ flips the script for a jazzy dubstep experience. Two incredible tunes, one essential Argon single.”
AUS 1027EP RAMADANMAN & MIDLAND: Your Words Matter/More Than You Know 12″ (AUS 1027EP) 12.00
Ramadanman and Midland partner up for their first joint EP. Together they fuse the sounds and vibes of classic house and garage with the sub-frequencies and aesthetics of dubstep to create something completely fresh. Ramadanman co-runs the label Hessle Audio with Pangaea and Ben UFO. Midland is an all-round music federate and firm believer that genres really are just made up to try and box people in. He aims to create a homogeneous sound that people from different musical persuasions can appreciate.
BRKDUB 015EP BOWLY: Bleeps 12″ (BRKDUB 015EP) 11.00
“After leaving behind the Somalian pirates, Geiom is cruising the sunny waters of the Indian Ocean when he picks up a distress signal on his scanner. He follows the signal until he locates a tiny remote island and a guy called Bowly, who said that he was on his way from France to the New World, but got totally lost. Judging by the age of the map he was using it’s easy to see how. Bowly spent his time on the island hanging out with the locals who amuse themselves by creating a unique style of music on some amazing handcrafted instruments. Geiom helps Bowly get on his way again, and leaves him with a more useful map. Some months later, Bowly beams over his music as a gift from his new found homeland in Canada. The tracks are like some strange mutation of those distant tropical players and the UK-based pirate radio transmissions that Bowly has been tuning into. Geiom loves the result and decides to send them straight over to Transition in London for mastering and release on Berkane Sol.”
BOK 029EP VISTA & PRESENCE KNOWN: Their Prey 12″ (BOK 029EP) 11.00
“It’s another heavy-hitter from the Boka camp, this time it’s a debut on the label from Vista & Presence Known whose well-publicized collaborations have caught the attention of the likes of Excision, Chris Renegade, 16bit, Datsik, etc., and have been featured on the hugely popular ‘Inspector Dubplate’ YouTube channel. These tunes are ultra heavy with a distinct drum & bass influence, massive club tunes that really need to be heard on a fat system, pretty much the dubstep equivalent of deep, dark heavy metal! Vista in his own right is a successful dubstep producer having had a tune featured on the recent Fabric compilation Elevator Music and Presence Known has just released a tune on legendary d&b label Virus with BTK. Vista has plenty of big tunes coming on Boka Records so keep your ears to the floor for those.”
BNR 048EP GONZALES, CHILLY: I Am Europe 12″ (BNR 048EP) 12.00
BNR presents Gonzales’ latest stunt “I Am Europe,” the lead-single to the highly anticipated album Ivory Tower (prod. by Boys Noize). “I Am Europe” sends you on a disco-ride, building up and breaking down. Diverse remixers have done their magic: Claude Von Stroke takes us on his very special trip, Djedjotronic comes up with a more techy version, and Dirty Doering’s remix is closest to the original. Also included is an a cappella to go crazy with.
BPC 221EP KIKI: Cinema Obscura 12″ (BPC 221EP) 12.00
Joakim Ijäs aka Kiki presents Cinema Obscura, which follows on seamlessly from U.S. house traditions, yet also reduces them to absurdity with atmospheric density and sonic extravagance. “Sumore” rolls along at pulse rate, generates its own energy and swings calmly like a giant pendulum over the dancefloor. “Cinema Obscura” also takes its time, radiating an almost stoic tranquility, until a hypnotic, bouncing piano riff flows into the rolling house percussion. Also contains a remix of “Good Voodoo” from Subb-an.
CLR 035EP TRAVERSABLE WORMHOLE: The Remixes Pt. 01 12″ (CLR 035EP) 12.00
In 2009, a series of five anonymously-produced, ink-stamped, exclusively vinyl releases appeared on the global techno scene under the mysterious guise Traversable Wormhole. The sound was a unique signature of sci-fi techno music with gaps of time, space & bass in between sound & rhythm. Early in 2010, Traversable Wormhole would release a sixth volume, with 20-year veteran techno artist/DJ Adam X subtly taking claim as the producer behind the project. Remixes by Marcel Dettmann and Peter Van Hoesen.
CRAW 063LP VA: Congotronics 6LP BOX (CRAW 063LP) 160.00
“We have taken the bold decision to create an extravagant Congotronics box, containing vinyl versions of the albums by all the Congolese artists featured so far in the celebrated Congotronics series (which documents the incredible electrified traditional music of Konono N°1, Staff Benda Bilili, Kasai Allstars and other like-minded bands). The box set contains vinyl versions of all 5 Congotronics albums to date (full list below), an exclusive 7″ featuring a collaboration between Kasai Allstars and US psych-rock-folk adventurers Akron/Family, plus a re-usable Congotronics USB pen drive packed with videos & mp3s, and an album-sized booklet. More details on the contents of the box: – Konono No 1: Congotronics 1 (1x vinyl LP). – Congotronics 2 /Buzz’n’Rumble From The Urb’n’Jungle feat. five different Kinshasa bands: Sobanza Mimanisa, Kisanzi Kongo, Basokin, Masanka Sankayi and Kasai Allstars (1x vinyl LP). – Kasai Allstars: In The 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into A Swimming Fish And Ate The Head Of His Enemy By Magic (1x vinyl LP). – Staff Benda Bilili : Très Très Fort (1x vinyl LP). – The brand-new Konono No 1: Assume Crash Position (2x vinyl LP). – a specially-designed book featuring photography from Kinshasa, Congo. – a customized, re-usable 2Gb USB pen drive containing 9 videos, and mp3s (in 320 kbps) of all 5 albums. – a 7″ with 2 exclusive tracks: ‘Coupe-Jarret’ by Kasai Allstars + Akron/Family and ‘Bana Mbende’ by Kasai Allstars. Each vinyl LP (180 gr) comes in an original sleeve, and an inner sleeve of a different colour, reproducing the Congotronics fabric on the box (with a design resembling that of the fabrics used for dresses & robes in the Congo, based on the Congotronics logo).”
“10 years ago, Ian Read’s (Fire + Ice) Fremdheit label released two neofolk/experimental compilations under the name ‘The Pact’. The second of these compilations contained an unforgettable track from an Australian outfit called Beastianity. Curious about the band and eager to hear more, we tried to dig up as much information as possible — but very little (if any) information was readily available. We were able to find the band shortly after the creation of Dais in 2007, and are proud to announce, along with Praise Dog Publishing, the first ever vinyl release of Beastianity’s first and only album Root, originally released in 1999 on CD and in Australia only. This record is hands down one of the rawest and most unrelenting albums in the neofolk genre. A purely pagan classic. Renown for their wild (and often violent) performances, Beastianity somehow managed to capture that energy in 12 tracks of Dog-Blessed glory.” Limited, numbered edition of 300; includes insert.
DESOLAT 012EP LIVIO & ROBY: Tribute 12″ (DESOLAT 012EP) 12.00
Livio & Roby bring their signature contemporary blend of house music roots and simmering techno to Desolat. “Sunday Offend” is a gutsy tune with a magical, timeless quality. A machine-like groove melts like a popsicle on hot pavement, as distorted Rhodes and bass jostle among vocal samples. “Stapanu Intergalactic” features synth pulses, strings and persistent high hats, creating a subtle urgency. “Tribute” stomps along as synth burbles swing back and forth, and “Garaghivirap” boasts a techy, tribal vibe.
DC 032CD ROYAL TRUX: Cats And Dogs CD (DC 032CD) 13.50
“Summer ’93: Whether you believed it or not, the stakes were rising like high water all around. It was better to accept it; there was money in the air for those who wanted some. Royal Trux dreamed about close encounters with money; it was their kind of time. And in kind, they were ready to give music back that would be worth the money — worth it for everyone. Meanwhile, it was just over two years since Twin Infinitives redefined the bottom of the barrel for listeners and those who watched the listeners (who listened too of course). Royal Trux had tried silence and they preferred rock and roll. Their untitled album of late 1992 was a sign of life; a sign illuminated by a three-month run down the road in the fall of that year. Royal Trux were back in a way they’d never really been before. Cats and Dogs hit the street in June of ’93 and represented a quantum leap from everywhere Royal Trux had previously broadcast from. Their innate feel for disparate styles had been demonstrated over the course of three wildly diverse albums, but Cats and Dogs wove diversity expertly throughout its eleven songs, all united by an interest in rhythmic rock and roll. There was the mulch of grunge, a lean stand of retro-soul, plumes of psychedelic vapor and a thudding post-garage, all of which was flung out venomously as if owed to no one. It sounded like fun — the laughs that had always been encoded in Trux songs were warmer this time around. Their planet had drawn eerily close to earth; we were almost able to read the signs from where we stood.”
DC 032LP ROYAL TRUX: Cats And Dogs LP (DC 032LP) 17.00
LP version.
DC 437LP HAMBURGER, NEIL: Hot February Night LP (DC 437LP) 15.00
“Who says there are no second acts in show biz? The same person who claimed there’s no crying in comedy, probably — and Neil Hamburger has proven him wrong once again. Left for dead more than once in a career that has spanned literally decades, Neil is back on top and waiting for that next wave that will supposedly pull him under again. In 2007, Neil Hamburger experienced what some would call the high point of his career to date, playing Madison Square Garden and other big arenas of performance infamy all around the United States. This was no miracle; after all, people weren’t coming to see Neil; he was opening for popular rock act Tenacious D. Once the crowds heard some of his classic routines, however, Neil gained a great deal of exposure — exposed once again as America’s Funnyman in front of roaring crowds of Americans. Naturally, there were a few bad apples in the barrel, and Neil did what any professional would do — slaying the hecklers with their own sword of crass, unmannered profanity. Fortunately, his drink rider was above average, which helped considerably in getting through the days and nights that make up Hot February Night. Now it’s your turn — fire up the hi-fi and place this special phonograph LP on the platter. Then mix a couple drinks and listen to America’s Funnyman, Neil Hamburger, as he lives and dies the comedy life that all the greats have lived too. Hot February Night is truly a brush with greatness. What will Neil do for an encore?”
DVA 005EP DVA: The New World Order EP 12″ (DVA 005EP) 11.50
“The latest releases from a producer famous for his persistent abuse of 4×4 convention, Scratcha DVA presents The New World Order EP on his own DVA Music imprint. Showcasing four tracks from a range of producers, the EP opens with a pair of brand new Scratcha DVA productions. The title track’s bomb shelter rave dynamics combine spiraling synths, warm organ stabs and heaving bass tones to apocalyptic effect while its companion, ‘Schizophrenic,’ lives up to its name, alternating a floor filling 8-bit, 2-tone skank with churning grime synths at their most sour. The flipside offers up Roska ally Uncle Bakongo’s brutally stripped down take on Soule Power’s ‘Lost,’ pairing industrial-strength drums with decaying vocal snippets and brooding keys before a last minute change of pace resolves the vocal tension. S.Chu rounds out the EP with a reworking of his ‘Quickfoot,’ fully equipped with a slow-burn bass line and shimmering synth arpeggios.”
EMEGO 106CD CINDYTALK: Up Here In The Clouds CD (EMEGO 106CD) 17.00
Legendary UK experimental group Cindytalk have been active since 1982. Up Here In The Clouds is the second installment in the new Cindytalk sound which began with the release of their 2009 album The Crackle Of My Soul. Whereas Crackle was more of a blistering burner, Clouds has a fresher, cooler sound to it, with longer tracks that slowly evolve in great patches of aural beauty. The sound that Gordon Sharp and company create now is a unique blend of cracked electronics and near-awkward ambient textures that always seem to flow as smoothly as the most natural of sounds, building up a great set of modern electronic music which closes with the child-like melody of the title track. Superbly packaged with David Coppenhall artwork in a 4-panel digipack. Recorded by Gordon Sharp 2003-2010 at the Mid-Levels (HK) but mainly at Roi Vert, Okamoto, Japan. Mastered at Piethopraxis, June 2010.
FIRE 081CD PUERTO MUERTO: Your Bloated Corpse Has Washed Ashore! CD (FIRE 081CD) 14.50
This is the 2003 release of Puerto Muerto’s debut for Fire Records. What if Kurt Weill wrote songs for Shane MacGowan? What if Maria Callas covered David Bowie and Brian Wilson produced? What if Leonard Cohen hooked up with the Bulgarian Women’s Choir? Puerto Muerto’s Your Bloated Corpse Has Washed Ashore!, an epic about swashbuckling and harlotry, is niche indie at its best. With a Spanish folk guitar meets German operatic cabaret sound, the husband and wife duo from Chicago has created a truly original debut with enough quasi-historical references to make arcane-craving hipsters beam. Includes a hidden bonus track.
FIRE 099CD CLOUD & THE GOSPEL OF POWER, DAVE: Napoleon Of Temperance 2CD (FIRE 099CD) 21.00
This is the 2006 release of Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power’s 45 track double CD retrospective, including brand new originals. Historian of religions Mircea Eliade described shamans as specialists in ecstasy, able to “penetrate the underworld and rise to the sky” in a transcendent state. It is not surprising, then, that the word “shamanistic” has been used repeatedly over the past 25 years to describe the incendiary performances of Nashville’s Dave Cloud and his band The Gospel of Power. Weekly late-night shows for the unenlightened Nashville masses quickly established Cloud as Music City’s enfant terrible while garnering diehard converts along the way. Holding a dusty mirror to pop music’s tawdry conventions, Cloud and his colleagues deftly dismember the Frankenstein monster of modern musical excess. Despite never previously leaving Nashville, Dave has fans as far away as Paris and Auckland. As Edwin Pouncey of The Wire magazine noted, “he sounds more like a cross between acid-addled Roky Erickson and boozed Beat writer, the late Charles Bukowski, than Steve Earle or Willie Nelson.” This double CD collects tracks from Cloud’s first two albums, All My Best and Songs I Will Always Sing, and includes five previously-unreleased tracks.
FIRE 112CD PUERTO MUERTO: I Was A Swallow CD (FIRE 112CD) 14.50
2008 release. Puerto Muerto was supposed to be a bar. You know, the kind of place the lowest forms of humanity could meet, drink and occasionally engage in revelry. Tim Kelley and Christa Meyer decided it was much easier to start a band than open up a tavern. So instead of serving clients liquor and beer, they decided to intoxicate those same folks with the songs that they had envisioned them singing there. Kelley brings a hefty dose of The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, The Pogues, The Kinks and Buddy Holly to the table, while Christa Meyer, inspired by Nina Simone, Kurt Weill, Nick Cave and anything else dusty and neglected, sashays her mezzo soprano front and center. Their debut release Your Bloated Corpse Has Washed Ashore is now a cult classic and the band continues to surprise and enthrall critics and audiences alike with their ingenuity and inventiveness. In 2005 the pair released a supplemental soundtrack to the original slasher film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and toured performing live with the film in the US and UK. I Was A Swallow has won critical praise by showing the duo’s more intimate and subtle qualities. “Puerto Muerto’s trademark sound combines the disenchanted burlesque of Kurt Weill and the crooning gravel of Tom Waits. The velvety, rich vocals of Christa Meyer are reminiscent of Joan Baez, and are artfully layered to create some hauntingly lovely — and deeply creepy music. The tracks vary from the dramatic, ravaged ruins of ‘Hello Moscow’ to the innocent strains of ‘My Best Friend,’ a song which smiles wetly even as it holds a rusty kitchen knife clasped behind its back. While less conventional bands might sing ‘holding my heart in the palm of your hand’ metaphorically, Puerto Muerto mean it literally.” — Artrocker
FP 026EP DISKJOKKE: 1987 12″ (FP 026EP) 12.00
Joachim Dyrdahl aka Diskjokke returns to Full Pupp with “Takt Raver,” a shiny example of his melodic, epic yet jacking style, where almost fragile melodic fragments, stomping grooves, simmering acid lines and air-horns magically gel together. Prins Thomas takes us on a space walk with his psychedelic remix of “1987,” and Ost & Kjex’s remix of “Interpolations” is a jerky, crunchy Afrobeat-styled funker with earthy house chords and a well-rounded finish of tangy acid lines and hints of bitter-sweet melodies.
GP 1004LP PANTA REI: Panta Rei LP (GP 1004LP) 30.00
“Panta Rei is attributed to Heraticlus’ thoughts about change, meaning ‘everything flows’ in ancient Greek. And this is exactly what you get from this album. Originally issued on the Harvest label in 1973, this is a wonderful stream of trippy, heavy, Swedish prog with an intensely groovy jazz-rock and fuzz oriented approach that comes close to Frank Zappa circa Hot Rats, with some spacey, freaked-out atmospheres and an underlying Canterbury feel. The guitar work is predominant and menacing, whereas the all-English lyrics and the rich musical texture that feeds on layers of flutes, maracas, timbales, harmonica and impressive percussion, make for a truly majestic album. Exact reissue fully licensed directly by EMI Sweden. Limited to 600 copies in black vinyl.”
GP 1005LP UNIVERIA ZEKT: The Unnamables LP (GP 1005LP) 30.00
“A mythical Magma album recorded in 1971, during the 1001 Centigrades period. The album aims at introducing wider audiences to the zeuhl feel, with a less hermetic sound, favoring a groovier jazz-rock approach. Features the vocalist of Ergo Sum on one track as well as Tito Puentes on trumpet; otherwise this is pretty much the same line-up as in their previous album. A few dreamy moments with acoustic guitar and flutes (the track ‘Clementine’), and other typically dense moments with pulsating bass lines, mad sax and weird Vander screams punctuated by furious drumming with a groovy edge. Fully-licensed, exact reissue in gatefold cover and 180 gram vinyl. Limited to 600 copies in black vinyl.”
GP 1006LP GARCIA, MARIO: Sr. Cisne LP (GP 1006LP) 30.00
“A mesmerizing album that unbelievably is still unknown to most collectors! A Latin-rock venture that explores the African-rooted music of Uruguay with dense percussion, complex time signatures, driving electric guitar solos, and an assertive groove that lies somewhere between wicked funk and psych-prog leanings. Long instrumental parts relying on strong bass lines, killer percussion and an ever-present Santana-like electric guitar. Originally released in a tiny run of just a few hundred copies. This is a fully-licensed limited reissue of 600 copies on black vinyl.”
GVR 001EP HUGO: The Bright Side 12″ (GVR 001EP) 12.00
This is the first release on Hugo’s new imprint Goodvibe Records. Three tracks are produced by Hugo and there is also one fat remix produced by Format B:. Contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, they give rise to each other in turn. The Bright Side is a new redemption for the fallen. Get happy and screaming again.
DUST 010LP DE COMCOMMERS: Een Neusje Met Een Meisje Er Aan LP (DUST 010LP) 27.00
“In 1991 Andy Warhoofd was in the middle of his addiction to ancient Dutch languaged beat and rock n roll records and wanted to make an attempt to create something similar himself. As he knew the Breda King of Ping-Pong-recording Bob Geldwolf, it was just a tiny step to move into more serious grounds. In 1991 for half a year every Wednesday Andy Warhoofd went to Bob’s apartment to record and drink beer (Grolsch beugels) while Bob used all kindsa chemical substances to broaden his mind and vision and to make the recordings even more outstanding than they would have become just drinking flat water. They both played all instruments and Andy did all the vocals. Luckily their recordings survive and we at Grey Past Records are proud to hereby announce the official first ever and last ever release of the debut album of the Comcommers. Only 250 numbered copies as it is music for the happy few that want to cross all borders of good taste end real rudimentary musicianship! Music ranges from straight Floydian Barret psych (‘Mijn leven is niet van jou’) to strange postpunk (‘Ontevreden’) to all kindsa odd tunes going as far out as you can get with Dutch languaged rock. If you loved the Biet-Het series you sure should try this. When you listen think of what might have become of this great band if ever.”
GUESS 031CD SOURDELINE: La Reine Blanche CD (GUESS 031CD) 17.00
Formed in 1972 in Northern France, Sourdeline has remained a hidden treasure for decades. With a strong Pentangle influence in their works, they released a couple of astounding albums during the next few years, acquiring a wonderful baroque folk sound based on some traditional French folk songs in addition to many originals, with the use of a large number of traditional instruments. Their first disc La Reine Blanche is from 1976 and is considered a classic of continental European ’70s folk — certainly an album that will please anyone into folk-prog. This is the first-ever, deluxe reissue of this record and it has been completely remastered. Includes a fantastic booklet with unseen photos and liners by Sourdeline fan Margaret Ayre of Fern Knight, as well as Sourdeline’s story written by the band’s leader Jean-Pierre Danielsen.
GUESS 032CD SOURDELINE: Jeanne d’Aymé CD (GUESS 032CD) 17.00
This is the second and last album by French folk-prog band Sourdeline from 1977. And, though Jeanne d’Aymé is the lesser-known of both of their albums, it is for those at Guerssen their definitive work, a truly major discovery waiting for you who are not yet in the know. This is the first-ever deluxe reissue of this record with remastered sound. Includes a fantastic booklet with unseen photos and liner notes by Gerald Van Waes, as well as Sourdeline’s story written by the band’s leader Jean-Pierre Danielsen. Far-out French psych/prog/trad folk heavily in the Pentangle vein, with male/female vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, sitar, tabla, flute, mandolin, violin, etc.
GUESS 033CD TREE PEOPLE, THE: It’s My Story CD (GUESS 033CD) 17.00
Oregon’s fathers of freak-folk/folk psych pioneers The Tree People have, incredibly, made another album once again. Responsible for two awesome works in the late ’70s and early ’80s, here they are now with a new album and they sound exactly as they did 30 years ago. This could be their best work ever. Mellow, tender freak-folk with acoustic guitar, double bass, recorder, flute and percussion. Eleven new tracks, plus a new version of “Space Heater” from their 1979 debut. Includes a booklet with photos and liner notes both by band leader Stephen Cohen and folk-psych connoisseur Gerald Van Waes.
HEK 009EP COSMIN TRG: Tower Block/Beton Brut 12″ (HEK 009EP) 11.50
“TRG drops the bpm but stands tall for his first outing on Hemlock, eschewing any notion of ‘feminine pressure’ in favor of a new stripped-back, brutalist sound. The A-side’s ‘Tower Block’ is straight-estate and 808s. This is the sound of Croydon, Sheffield and Detroit past, demolished and rebuilt in Cosmin’s unique style. On the flip is ‘Beton Brut’ — let’s get brutal. An unsteady climb through some seriously dark space towards a pounding climax. Straight-up his most bare and jacking tune to date.”
HFN 003EP BJORKE, KASPER: Alcatraz Remixes 12″ (HFN 003EP) 12.00
Kasper Bjørke presents the first in a package of remixes from his Standing On Top Of Utopia (HFN 004CD/LP) full-length. “Alcatraz,” featuring lyrics and vocals by Jacob Bellens, is a driving, piano-led story of ghosts and children, mysticism and funk. Jimpster turns in a detail-laden passage through twisting, turning, hi-end house and blissed-out effects. Kenton Slash Demon’s trippy dub-house interpretation injects a slice of classic disco action with a healthy slab of ’90s attitude. Also featuring a remix by Zombie Disco Squad.
HI 021EP ASLOPE: A Helping Hand 12″ (HI 021EP) 9.00
Hobby Industries is back with a series of releases, with the first batch concentrating on inspirational local Danish producers. First up is Aslope, the alias of Torsten Lindsø Andersen. As a freshman in electronic music, the resumé of Torsten is not a long, bragging one. Aslope knows his way around beats, bass and samples all produced with the Battery sampler. Alongside forthcoming Hobby debutant, Nabo, Torsten is also a member of New Folder, a Copenhagen-based DJ and producer collective.
CNL 001EP MOUNT KIMBIE: Mayor/Would Know 12″ (CNL 001EP) 11.00
“Very limited edition 12″ taken from the album Crooks & Lovers.”
HFT 012EP FITZGERALD, GEORGE: The Let Down/Weakness 12″ (HFT 012EP) 11.00
“Hotflush Recordings proudly presents the debut release from new London-based producer George FitzGerald. Part of the Man Make Music collective, George FitzGerald comes as the latest addition to the Hotflush Two roster. A perfect illustration of contemporary electronic production in a post-Hyph Mngo era, Fitzgerald continues the Hot Flush Two archetypal strand of dubstep-not-dubstep, referencing elements of Basic Channel-esque dub and ambience embedded into the jagged groove of modern UK garage. DJ support so far comes from Scuba, Joy Orbison and Appleblim.”
DISCR 001 BOURSIER-MOUGENOT, CELESTE: Overlap – Recouvrement LP (DISCR 001) 350.00
“I Dischi Della Casa Rossa proudly presents this LP record art multiple by Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, produced on the occasion of the artist’s new sound installation at La Maison Rouge in Paris. The LP features two identical sides of unmanipulated fire concrete recording, investigating the relationships between pattern and background. The work of Céleste Boursier-Mougenot must be seen first and foremost as that of a musician who, for the past twelve years, has shown his work exclusively in contemporary art venues. From 1985 to 1994, he composed for Pascal Rambert’s Side One Posthume Theatre company. Following this he began to give his work an autonomous existence through sound installations. Céleste Boursier-Mougenot succeeds in drawing out the musical potential of multiple and diverse objects and situations. He extends the notion of musical score to the unorthodox combinations of miscellaneous materials and media which he uses to generate, usually live, what he describes as living sound forms. Each device functions in relation to the surrounding architecture or environment, where the process behind the music is laid bare for the visitor to see and comprehend. Edition limited to 50 copies presented in a black-on-black silk-screened linen cover. Conceived specifically for La Maison Rouge Appreication Society and sold out before been produced. Only a handful of copies are available for distribution. Attention! This is probably your only chance to include this edition, which in short time will surely prove to be a top investment, in your art record archive.” Signed artist proof.
ISP 004EP AL TOURETTES: When I Rest I Rust/The Next Meal 12″ (ISP 004EP) 13.00
“ISP is proud to present Al Tourettes, highly regarded by the likes of Appleblim and Mary Anne Hobbs as one of the most inventive and innovative producers around at the moment. Al makes his debut for If Symptoms Persist with two fresh tracks of quality electronic machine funk! Combining many elements from electro, techno, dubstep and electronica, his music is characterized by complex poly-rhythms, gritty sub-bass, and extreme digital effects processing, all bound together by a heavy dose of funk.”
KOMP 085CD VA: Kompakt Total 11 2CD (KOMP 085CD) 17.50
Kompakt’s annual flagship release reaches number 11 and is a must-have for new and old fans of the label, featuring 95% exclusive new music. The plot thickens with Total 11, on which newcomers and familiar faces converge on a yellow dotted road and, in many cases, collaborate. Among the collaborators is Brazil’s Gui Boratto, who teams up with drummer Iggor Cavalera (ex-Sepultura) to further redefine the scope of emotional techno with “Plié.” Matias Aguayo’s smash hit “Rollerskate” gets reshaped with his Chilean comrade Sanfuentes and Alex Thunder. Cologne’s blond ambition Ada teams up with Heiko Voss for the soulful “Walk Over,” then invites her mates Mayburg (aka Michael Mayer & Jörg Burger) to do a surprisingly smooth and catchy remix of Gus Gus’ “Hateful.” Burger also teams up with Superpitcher and the chupacabra of techno, Rebolledo, for The Three Lions’ soothing “You’ll Win Again” (featuring Michael Mayer on saxophone!). Aside from this year’s unique collaborations, the Kompakt family also manages to stand proud on their own: Mayer’s “Picanha Frenesi” is one of his first solo productions in years and a true highlight of Total 11. Wolfgang Voigt brings his classic minimal techno forward to 2010 with the inspiring “Robert Schumann / Clara Wieck.” Copenhagen’s astounding 15-year-old duo Jatoma debut with the glorious psychedelic techno haze of “Helix.” After a spectacular year following their self-titled debut, Walls have their single “Hang Four” re-tooled into electro-notched exuberance by Allez-Allez. Joining the Total series are Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris aka It’s A Fine Line with a rockabilly wreck-no swinger called “Eins Fine Grind” while Pachanga Boys return to Total with a batch of dangerous home-made tequila-techno. The Field’s “Caroline” elaborates on his passion for Krautrock. Kompakt maestro Jürgen Paape ups the notch using only sounds from the Kompakt warehouse on “Mensch und Maschine.” Other artists include: DJ Koze, Justus Köhncke, Mugwump, Sog, Sebastien Bouchet, Thomas Fehlmann, Soulphiction, Robag Wruhme, Jonas Bering, Popnoname, Maxime Dangles and Coma.
AGCG 002EP A GUY CALLED GERALD: Tronic Jazz: The Berlin Sessions Vol. 2 12″ (AGCG 002EP) 12.00
This is part 2 in a 4-part series of limited edition 12″s from Tronic Jazz: The Berlin Sessions (LI 017CD). A Guy Called Gerald has spent the last couple of years flitting through shadows, turning up on labels like Perlon, Beatstreet and Sender like a peripatetic prophet of the Berlin underground, seeding the scene with cryptic singles that return to the past to suggest alternate futures. The three tracks included here are “Nuvo Alfa,” “Flutter” and “Wow Yheah.”
LITA 048LP BIRKIN & SERGE GAINSBOURG, JANE: Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg (Je T’Aime… Moi Non Plus) LP + 7″ (LITA 048LP) 22.00
Gatefold LP version with bonus 7″. “Without a doubt, Serge Gainsbourg is agent provocateur and Gallic soul brother #1. His sensual work is championed by all in the know and still resonates quite frankly in these sexually exaggerated times. Building on the North American re-introduction to the maestro’s work with 1971’s masterpiece concept album Histoire de Melody Nelson, Light In The Attic Records is thrilled to announce their follow-up Gainsbourg reissue, 1969’s Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg (often referred to as Je T’Aime… Moi Non Plus). Recorded as a series of duets and solo performances with lover, actress, and model Birkin, the pair’s chemistry-enhanced collaboration was thrust upon the record buying public to much shock and horror, but indeed found global success. The disc quickly shot its cigarette brandishing author and fresh-faced vocalist into the international spotlight; and although lead-off single ‘Je T’aime’ and its seductive purrs reached top slot in the UK charts, none other than the Pope branded the tune offensive and blasphemous. Ever the conversationalist, Gainsbourg wittily replied, ‘we couldn’t have gotten a better PR man!’ Indeed Serge, indeed. Gatefold LP includes insert with new detailed liner notes and English/French lyrics, plus bonus picture sleeve 45 of ’69 cut ‘La Chanson de Slogan’ b/w ‘Orang Outan’.” Hand-numbered edition of 2000.
LSD25 011BK LUNDBORG, PATRICK: The Acid Archives: The Second Edition Book (LSD25 011BK) 43.00
Bigger, better and more colorful! After the huge success of the first edition from 2006, the Acid Archives book has been long out-of-print. Used copies have sold for as high as $200, and there are many inquiries about new runs from around the world. Instead of just a new printing, here is a brand-new edition — completely revised, massively expanded, and attractively re-designed. The Acid Archives, The Second Edition will delight any lover of rare and great underground music from the 1960s-1970s. All the elements that made the first edition such a hit are here. The A-Z section has been expanded with 90 new pages, detailing many hundreds of previously-unknown LPs. Just as exciting is a brand-new section of special features, where leading experts present the best and rarest albums within exotica, lounge, ’70s funk & soul, Southern rock, new age, custom labels and tax scam records. In answer to requests from fans of the first book, the Acid Archives has been fully re-designed and is now printed entirely in color. The 400 pages in the second edition (100 pages more than the old version) are loaded with color images of obscure and trippy album sleeves, posters and band photos, many of which have never been published before. 400 pages, all entirely in color, in a perfect-bound softcover quarto. Writers: P. Lundborg, A. Milenski, R. Moore and others. Size: 8 1/4″ x 11 3/4″ x 7/8″; weight: 3 lbs 4 oz.
MINUS 093EP HEARTTHROB: Setting Up 12″ (MINUS 093EP) 11.00
Jesse Siminski’s (aka Heartthrob) Setting Up is poised to have crowds swooning over his sound once again, desperate for his aural attention while sweating the night away in a perpetual state of techno bliss. The title track teases the listener with a well-crafted hypnotic strut, “Your Body” uses vocals as a featured instrument in the flirtatious overall palette, “Dancing” is a straight forward stomper, and “In My Room” is utterly filthy dance music with a devilish glint in its eye.
MR 064LP VA: Been Here All My Days LP (MR 064LP) 14.00
“Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, George Mitchell recorded extensively in the South. Mitchell concentrated mainly on local blues traditions, recording some famous bluesmen and many otherwise ignored artists. The George Mitchell Collection was originally released as a series of forty-five EPs on Fat Possum; this LP contains our favorite fourteen tracks. This LP represents songs from many well-known blues musicians such as Fred McDowell, Furry Lewis and Joe Calicott as well as some from criminally under-represented artists like Jessie Mae Hemphill, Rosa Lee Hill and John Lee Ziegler. Comes with a short booklet of photos, discographical notes and recollections.”
MOOD XXX-EP CHACONA, NICK: Be Like Olive/Fear 12″ (MOOD XXX-EP) 12.00
A taster from Nick Chacona’s album, this is a strictly-limited vinyl sampler of the first singles “Be Like Olive” in a fearsome Levon Vincent rework, and “Fear,” featuring the altogether lovely Ms. Kathy Diamond in a Beg To Differ remix from Roy Dank (of Wurst fame) and Nick himself.
NONPLUS 008EP MOSSE, KASSEM: We Speak To Those 12″ (NONPLUS 008EP) 13.00
“Hailing from Leipzig, Germany is an artist whose music has been pricking up many ears across the global underground over the last few years. It’s hard to put a finger on what it is about Kassem Mosse’s productions that make repeated listening a must, but the intricacy, fresh arrangements and musical depth definitely play a part in attracting labels, such as the highly respected techno imprint Workshop, the legendary Soma Records, and now Nonplus, who are honored to present his latest 12″. First up on the A-side we have ‘We Speak to Those,’ a 4/4 track of the highest quality that keeps you guessing from start to finish. The rugged and raw kick and bassline immediately set the foundations for the incoming awkward chord stabs, whilst reversed beats lazily slur in and out over the main groove giving the track the unnerving feeling that it’s almost changing tempo. Random sound effects and a non-conforming arrangement make this track about as predictable as the English summer. One listen to this and you’ll immediately understand why this artist is getting love from some of the scene’s biggest players at the moment.”
NOPPA 006EP TES LA ROK: Wikidness/Drunken Master 12″ (NOPPA 006EP) 11.00
“Tes La Rok’s first release in 2010 sees him returning to his own Noppa imprint with two massive remixes. ‘Wikidness’ remix has already gained anthem status. The dubplate has been championed by a selected few DJs for the last twelve months. The tune combines roots-reggae with dubstep and adds an ounce of jungle vibes for extra flavor. Tes La Rok delivers a true natty dred-bass remix. On the flipside you’ll find his remix of one of the legends in the game. Top Cat’s ‘Drunken Master’ is certainly going to be one of the summer anthems of 2010. Rolling beats and sub-heavy bass combined with Top Cat lyrics is a sure shot combination to fire up the dances. One of the most anticipated 12″ releases from the northern warrior Tes La Rok.”
ES 012EP FOUR MINTS, THE: No Longer/Endlessly 7″ (ES 012EP) 5.50
“The story of the Capsoul master tapes is well known: after City National Bank of Columbus foreclosed on the debt the label incurred to found the city’s most successful soul label, owner Bill Moss hid the tapes at a family friend’s farm in Central Ohio to dodge repossession. But a flood finished the job that the bank had started, and Capsoul’s legacy was left in the hands of rare soul collectors a generation later. Or so we thought. A shocking discovery was recently unearthed in songwriter Dean Francis’ basement: two heretofore unheard Four Mints songs, produced by Francis and recorded in the Capsoul studios with the Capsoul session musicians. A postscript in the Capsoul story from their greatest group, pressed to bevel-edged 45s with lovingly recreated label art to fully invoke the magic of an original Bill Moss production.”
OAR 003EP AYHUN, ONI: Oar 003 12″ (OAR 003EP) 12.00
2010 repress. Discover steep, rugged canyons, painted rock minarets, desert vistas framed by blooming wildflowers, soaring raptors and singing canyon wrens on the wildest remaining rivers. Join this amazing journey composed of quiet floating as well as exciting whitewater rapids. Search for birds, including both the zone-tailed and gray hawk, elegant trogon, elf and whiskered screech owls, and eight species of hummingbird. Drink in spectacular canyon vistas. Watch elk, deer, bighorn sheep — and ranchers at work — in this rugged habitat.
ORCA 002EP HYETAL: Phoenix/Like Silver 12″ (ORCA 002EP) 12.00
“Phoenix” is arguably Hyetal’s boldest attempt at production so far, drawing heavy influence from ’80s classics from Prince and even Phil Collins. The synth-work features several different tones and leads, switching up the vibe throughout. “Like Silver” carries layers of intricate synth-work combined with a blend of organic, rolling percussion. A perfect tune for the heads or the DJs who like to take it deeper. Strong DJ support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Untold, Jackmaster, Ben UFO, amongst others.
OSTGUT 006LP SHED: The Traveller 2LP (OSTGUT 006LP) 18.00
Gatefold 2LP version.
OSTGUT 014CD SHED: The Traveller CD (OSTGUT 014CD) 15.50
This is the second full-length release for Berlin-based DJ/producer, Shed. The Traveller is not the perfectly planned-out escape into the safe haven where perfect tools worship the primetime DJ, but an ode to the heart of electronic dance music that still pumps loud and vigorous. For Shed, that very heartbeat was never clearer, more concise and genre-defining than in the UK in the early ’90s. Detroit, Chicago, Berlin: get in line, you’ve had your time. Needless to say, Shed is not in this to become the copycat of some of rave music’s perfect key moments. The Traveller is not another chapter in the ongoing history of the “anything goes” cult, not an overcooked stew praising the power of eclecticism, but simply an example of untamed fascination for sound. Frankly, Shed masters this almost naive approach perfectly and slaps the guards of the status quo right in the face. Again and again, Shed pulls little melodies from the depths of his studio and lets us discover our enthusiasm for the moment anew. He applies breakbeats bearing more history than the 909 bass drum where the 4/4 attack would have been the obvious choice, grants grandpa acid only a brief yet overwhelming guest appearance and deals with minimal dance music’s heritage in a completely new, unexplored way. Always present: euphoria. With The Traveller, Shed manages the intangible and translates techno tracks into a shorter, yet crisper format, playing with tempi and moods. And yet each and every beat is right where it belongs, helping to merge every ingredient into an adventurous trip through a night one always dreams of and yet hardly ever gets. The album resonates from start to finish, is full of ideas, speaks dubstep and chooses radical approaches where other producers opt for the emergency exit of the lowest common denominator. The Traveller is the perfect base for everybody still willing to take a chance.
PAPR 1003LP VA: Texas Flashbacks Volume 1 LP (PAPR 1003LP) 22.00
LP version. The Lone Star State was home to a disproportionate number of fine garage, psych and punk bands in the 1960s. This stupendous series gathered together no fewer than 95 of their greatest moments, culled from some of the rarest singles ever issued. Complete with a full-color insert containing the CD liner notes, discographies and rare photographs, volume 1 of this six LP series is a truly essential purchase for all fans of snarling, snotty, sneering rock and roll. Digitally remastered. Hand numbered limited edition of 500 copies only. Artists include: The Esquires, The Headstones, Floyd Dakil Four, The Playboys Of Edinburgh, Finnicum, The Excels, The Reasons Why, The Cicadelics, The Countdown 5, The Lynx, The Warlocks, The Barons, The Trolls, The Sweettarts, and Sherwoods.
PAPR 1004LP VA: Off The Wall LP (PAPR 1004LP) 22.00
LP version. Volume 1 of two of the most legendary U.S. garage compilations of all time. Originally issued in the early 1980s and featuring 18 of the greatest and rarest American punk sides of the 1960s — from California, Texas, NYC and Kentucky to Ohio, Florida, Milwaukee and much more — it’s plain essential for all fans of heavy rock and roll, and is presented here as a digitally remastered hand-numbered limited edition of 500 copies complete with an insert offering biographical information of all the artists, as well as many rare pictures. Artists include: The Magic Plants, The Drones, The Shademen, The Untamed, Peter & The Wolves, Society’s Children, The Heathens, The Legends, The Undertakers, The Opposite Six, The Purple Underground, The Trees, Ray Colombus & The Art Collection, The E-Types, The Bad Seeds, The Del-Vetts, and The Grains Of Sand.
PERMVAC 063EP AZARI & III: Reckless With Your Remixes 1 12″ (PERMVAC 063EP) 12.00
“Reckless (With Your Love)” by Azari & III, with its ’90s house vibe, received plenty of love from all the global players, so it was time for some remixes. Tensnake sounds like he invited Snap and the C&C Music Factory for some mojitos while turning on the groove machine. Tuff City Kids come up with a high-nrg house monster with Derrick May-styled strings, Midnight Magic turn “Reckless” into a true New York-style disco smasher, while Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt go ten floors deeper.
ASH 3023LP FAR EAST FAMILY BAND: ”The Cave” Down To The Earth LP (ASH 3023LP) 22.00
180 gram LP version. Regarded by many as the first Japanese progressive rock group, the Far East Family Band, whose first album release was under the name Far Out, released “The Cave” Down To The Earth in 1975. Influential in the creation of the band’s distinctive psychedelic sound was keyboard player Kitaro, who went on to establish himself as a major new age artist in the ’80s. Although the band was often categorized as new age too, their sound was distinctly progressive and often brought comparisons with Tangerine Dream and early Pink Floyd. The ethereal, space-rock quality of the band’s music is here in abundance but the centerpiece is without doubt the title track, which starts off in a mellow mood but then becomes a killer guitar jam. For music fans that have yet to discover the delights of ’70s Japanese psychedelic rock, “The Cave” Down To The Earth is a fabulous introduction. Housed in a die-cut sleeve with a printed inner sleeve. Includes the original LP insert.
ASH 3035LP LES RALLIZES DENUDES: Blind Baby Has Its Mother’s Eyes LP (ASH 3035LP) 22.00
LP version. Legendary Japanese rock outfit Les Rallizes Denudés were formed in 1967 and incredibly, for a group that had only one official release (Oz Days Live, a double vinyl compilation release in 1973), played their last gig almost 30 years later in October 1996. The band’s name apparently means “fucked up and naked,” which more than adequately describes their music. Formed by band leader Mizutani Takashi, the music remained remarkably familiar over the years, and is best described as high volume, raw, lo-fi, repetitive, feedback-drenched guitar-noise fests with nods in the direction of The Velvet Underground and Blues Creation, but without the electronics. Radical left-wing politics were never far from the band’s agenda, with one original band member (Wakabayashi) being involved in the Japanese Red Army’s hijacking of a flight to North Korea. Consequently, the group’s live appearances became less frequent and increasingly clandestine. All the band’s albums were released in very small quantities, and because of the group’s reputation for secrecy and violence, as well as the difficulty in tracking down their recordings, Les Rallizes Denudés has assumed almost mythical status. Blind Baby Has Its Mother’s Eyes sits at #11 on Julian Cope’s list of top Japanese albums.
ASH 3037LP LES RALLIZES DENUDES: Heavier Than A Death In The Family 2LP (ASH 3037LP) 31.00
2LP version. Phoenix Records releases the oft-bootlegged Heavier Than A Death In The Family by legendary Japanese rock/psychedelic noise band Les Rallizes Denudés. This “album” is in fact, a blistering assemblage of live performances (all recorded in 1977, except for “People Can Choose,” which was recorded in 1973) which sits at an esteemed #3 position on Julian Cope’s Japrocksampler top 50 list. Reverb so heavy, it will split your frontal lobe in two.
PHONICA 005EP MIDLAND: Play The Game EP 12″ (PHONICA 005EP) 12.00
Phonica Records calls upon Leeds-based producer Midland for its fifth 12″ release, a four track EP that also includes a remix from Dexter. “Play The Game” begins moodily with ethereal vocal snippets à la Burial, Pangaea or Joy Orbison skirting the rhythm’s surface. Dexter completely reinvents the track into big-room, electro-inflected techno. “Leitmotif” is even deeper, with spectral FX and panning, dubbed-out percussion, while “Head Down” continues Midland’s penchant for melodic, echo-drenched chords and disembodied vocal textures.
AS 2013EP SADE: The Safest Place (NYC Dance Remix) 12″ (AS 2013EP) 11.00
“The Sade dance remix is something of an institution in global house culture. From the lush underground styling of the Musk Men rendition of ‘I Never Thought,’ to Nick Holder’s deep vocal masterpiece ‘Removable Tattoo,’ house producers have proven time and again the inherent compatibility of Sade’s sublime, sultry, singularly unique vocals with 4-to-the-floor dance music. If deep house is to be taken in its truest form, there is really no major label R&B artist more fit for its specific aesthetic than she. With this latest entry into the cannon of Sade house tributes, ‘The Safest Place,’ it’s safe to say that the tradition has been reaffirmed and returned to its rightful niche of respectful reinterpretation, capturing the melodic seduction of Ms. Sade’s music and pairing her innate charm with a suitably emotive production that does justice to her transparent and always sincere poetic beauty. Retaining the basic flesh of the original composition, the ‘NYC Dance Remix’ remains true to the song while transforming it into a contemporary take on the NY vocal house sound: driving tribal percussion, effectively moody pads and perfectly-placed vocal samples that resonate with despondent urgency. Surely, ‘The Safest Place’ as presented in its revamped form will take its place in the lineage of R&B-house remixes worthy of an already impeccable artist. Limited clear vinyl pressing.” One-sided release.
QUINTESSE 016EP DUBBYMAN: Dubodenal EP 12″ (QUINTESSE 016EP) 12.00
To extend the summertime vibes, Quintessentials offers you a pack of proper Mediterranean feelings, courtesy of Spain’s deep house maestro, Dubbyman. Dubbyman is for deep house what fellow countryman David Villa is for football — a real champ! Smoothly-crafted pieces of soulful music is what the Dubodenal EP is all about. Featuring Dubbyman’s brother Above Smoke remix work.
RAMP 037EP DOC DANEEKA: Hold On 10″ (RAMP 037EP) 13.00
“After his massive EP on PTN, Doc Daneeka drops a sneaky one sided 10″ of lazy summer vibes for Ramp, all wrapped in a lovely painting by Brainfeeder’s Teebs.”
RELAXINE 003EP INAGAWA, SO: Cabaret To Cabaret EP 12″ (RELAXINE 003EP) 12.00
So Inagawa started his career influenced by The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Smiths and so on. “Cabaret” was originally released on French label Telegraph in 2005. This minimal, abstract track was licensed for Tobi Neumann’s mix CD Too Cool For School – Part 1, and it’s a bomb. He also has releases on labels such as Milnormodern, Rrygular, Fenou, Trimsound, Minimood, Goosehound, Unfoundsound, and more, and also plays with The Suffragettes.
RG 7001CD HENDRIX, JIMI: Live In Europe ’66-’70 6CD BOX (RG 7001CD) 70.00
“Limited numbered edition of 1000 units. Complete Paris 1966 and all circulating songs from Paris 1967. Various European live radio & TV appearances from 1967. Best of the German concerts from 1969. Arhus 1970 and last official concert 1970. 6 CDs: 85 tracks & 8-page booklet. Nearly 7 hours playing time.”
RG 7002CD HENDRIX, JIMI: Jimi In Rehearsal: A Collection Of Antiques & Curios 5CD BOX (RG 7002CD) 60.00
“Limited numbered edition of 1000 units. Royal Albert Hall rehearsals February 1969. Complete Band of Gypsys rehearsal tapes Dec, 1969. Apartment jams late 1969/early 1970. Berkeley rehearsal May 1970. Last interview week before his death. News reports of his death. 72 Tracks. 8-page booklet.”
RG 7003CD HENDRIX, JIMI: The Late Studio Sessions 1969-1970 5CD BOX (RG 7003CD) 60.00
“Limited numbered edition of 1000 units. Recordings from the Record Plant, and Electric Lady studios, November 1969-August 1970, including the complete ‘Blue Suede Shoes/Highway of Desire’ jam and the ‘Bolero’ sessions correctly sequenced. 77 tracks. 8-page booklet. 5 CDs over 6 hours playing time.”
CORE 094EP TERRY, TODD: Core 1994 – Another Worry 12″ (CORE 094EP) 11.00
“Todd Terry is one of the indisputable gods of dance music. The original ‘Master at Work,’ Terry rose to fame in the late eighties as one of the few producers at the time determined to prove the inseparable link between hip-hop and house, both burgeoning babies of disco and soul music’s fallout. His signature cut-up, stab-driven, sample-infused aesthetic mutilated and perverted classic disco to new heights of hard driving NY house music and in the process created the first contribution to rave music proper from the west side of the Altantic. With this latest installment of Slow To Speak’s growing Core reissue series, we’re reminded of the full range of Terry’s ingenious sound, treated to a high quality pressing of his vocal classics ‘Another Worry’ and ‘Get Up’ — definitional party rockers that circumvented the elegant niceties of deep house masters like Blaze, Larry Heard or Ron Trent’s jazzy, chord-driven soul, and went straight to the heart of dance music’s rawest elements. In contrast to these anthems, ‘Searchin” epitomizes Terry’s prowess with the track proper, a mesmerizing and fantastical ode to the late hours of NY’s underground, a staple of the Sound Factory and virtually every other self-respecting club at the time. Yet another redeeming glimpse into the vast universe of classic house music, Core’s latest salute to the ’90s gives a legend his proper due, and continues to refocus our gaze on the fabled reign of Chicago and Detroit to a fuller spectrum of US dance music’s contributions.”
LP version, limited to 200 copies. This is the second album by Glasgow’s Hassle Hound — the follow-up to 2006’s critically-acclaimed Limelight Cordial (STAUB 065CD/LP). Apparently residing somewhere between Sesame Street and Sunset Boulevard, in a building that’s part Heartbreak Hotel and part Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Hassle Hound proffer dayglo audio animations and melancholic, cinematic avant-noir. Born In A Night sees them continue their effervescent assault on bland Ikealectronica and insipid samplers. On this record, Hassle Hound integrate kindergarten kitsch with moodier psychedelicate moments, documenting a celestial domesticity with eccentric but compelling instrumentation and intriguing ideas. Their irreverent and eclectic approach results in a collection of complex, yet cohesive songs, each with their own idiosyncratic sonic identity. Their curious blend of sampled sounds, field recordings, electronic noises and live instruments creates a simultaneously sophisticated and naive seduction where angelic melodies tussle with radiophonic dexterity, digital caresses, analog whispers and jolly anarchy. If Sun Ra and Joe Meek had been Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters, this could well have been the soundtrack. Born in a night, it will deliver for a lifetime. The band is comprised of three core members: Tony Swain, Mark Vernon and Ela Orleans.
SUBSOL 010EP CASPA: Back For The First Time 12″ (SUBSOL 010EP) 11.50
“After a short spell away, Caspa is back with one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year on his own Sub Soldiers imprint. First up is an anthem that has been lighting up dancefloors and airwaves globally as of late, in the shape of ‘Back For The First Time,’ featuring Dub Police label mate D1. Gathering heavy support on BBC Radio 1 from Annie Mac and Zane Lowe, as well as being battered in the clubs by the who’s who of dubstep A-listers, this is fast becoming one of the biggest tracks to emerge from the scene so far this year and it’s not hard to see why. With its catchy euphoric chords and growling bass, this is no doubt going to be one of the tracks of the summer! On the flip Caspa teams up with another label mate Subscape, for a tune that has torn apart countless dancefloors lately. ‘Geordie Racer’ takes no prisoners with its driving beats and outrageous basslines; anyone who has been lucky enough to be in a rave when this monster drops will no doubt tell you the carnage it creates in the dance. Again gaining support from dubstep royalty and being featured on Caspa’s MyStyle mix CD. All in all, this is one obscenely big release that you can’t afford to pass on. Big things once again from the Caspa and the Sub Soliders/Dub Police camp.”
SUBL 076LP DUNGEN: Skit I Allt LP (SUBL 076LP) 20.00
Limited edition 1,200 copies deluxe vinyl LP of Dungen’s sixth studio album (also released on CD & LP in the U.S. via Mexican Summer). This is the Swedish vinyl version, on the band’s original label, and pressed on a red-colored vinyl (different than the U.S. edition), with a full-color printed inner sleeve. Sweden’s Dungen sweetly return with a collection of gorgeous, dream-like melodies, psychedelic stonkers and graceful, jazz-filled polyrhythms. For main man/producer/arranger/singer Gustav Ejstes, Skit I Allt means “Don’t give a shit, forget about it, just go ahead and do it. A friend said: ‘Skit I Allt; fuck it, do as you want, time is passing and it’s changing, forget fears and hang-ups, we are small and everything is pretty insignificant on the whole. How will it be? What shall we do? We often worry so much unnecessarily. Skit i allt, it’s happening now.'” In what feels like a very short decade, Sweden’s Dungen has mutated at a furious pace, and Gustav Ejstes’ lone constant has been change. At ease with effervescent pop, third-eye popping psychedelia, heavy rock, spider-web folk and breezy jazz, Dungen’s dynamism astounds throughout Skit I Allt. Rather than remain only Ejstes’ studio vision, Dungen is a muscular full band, now. Guitarist Reine Fiske, bassist Mattias Gustavsson, and drummer Johan Holmegard are fully integrated into Ejstes’ vision of Dungen. Dungen debuted in 2001 with an eponymous album of long psilocybic tracks and aural tomfoolery. The next year’s Stadsvandringar found Ejstes coming to grips with the language of rock before the zeitgeist-grabbing third album, Ta Det Lugt (SUBL 017LP) ignited the blogosphere so that it glowed like the aurora borealis. Not content to revel in such accolades, Tio Bitar (SUBL 019LP) flashed the band’s pop smarts as well as their incandescent freak-outs while 4 (SUBL 030LP) put the band’s cohesiveness on display, at once gorgeous and biting. This album is the one that gathers everything they’ve done and learned, bringing it all together into an impressive whole.
SWAMP 002EP SKREAM: Repercussions Of A Razor Blade/A New Dawn 12″ (SWAMP 002EP) 11.00
“Repressed; originally released in January, 2010. Swamp 81 continues with the pensive dub…and some serious Skream low rider business.”
TTT 006EP JELLIES, THE: Jive Baby On A Saturday Night 12″ (TTT 006EP) 11.00
A limited repress of a long-lost post-punk single from 1981. Incredibly hooky, it was originally played by John Peel back in the day, but sold just 30 copies. Rediscovered by Thurston Moore and now back out with the full original version plus edits and mixes by Lemon Jelly’s Fred Deakin, Tommy Stupid and Georges Vert aka the Advisory Circle. The Jellies got together in 1981 and made a 7″ single. There is one photo of the band and they never recorded again.
WNCL 002EP DJ C: Jump Up And Bounce 10″ (WNCL 002EP) 13.00
“Karnival time is upon us so get armed and get ready with two vocal mash-ups from DJ C. The inventor of Boston bounce, DJ C has a portfolio boasting remixes for M.I.A and Warrior Queen and releases on Ninja Tune, Soul Jazz, plus his own Mashit label. WNCL recordings proudly presents ‘Jump Up and Bounce’ (described by Untold as ‘a great, timeless classic’) paired with the bleep-heavy ‘Mad Again.’ It’s getting hot in here…Support from Untold, 2562, Martin Kemp, Pariah and Hanuman.”
WLM 011EP ZEV: Don’t Break It 12″ (WLM 011EP) 12.00
Zev, the Wolf from Wolf + Lamb, presents a release complete with a Kenny Glasgow & Jonny White (aka Art Department) remix. With “Don’t Break It,” Zev continues in his stride, molding a sexy, synth-driven house classic from a few key components. Centered around the vocal cries of the title, this record calls to the depths of your soul, awakening a dormant spirit in a new breed of dancefloor music.
YORE 021EP VAZ, ANDY: Shadow City 12″ (YORE 021EP) 12.00
The Yore captain Andy Vaz presents 3 different funky house grooves. “The ‘Y’ Theme” gets deeply moving with a funky house pulse before the addition of speaking voices and a storming, acid-y end. “Shadow City” opts for a deeper vibe, but that’s traded in for a slinkier attack that grows more ferocious. “Mumbai Dweller” focuses on the bottom end, specifically a strutting tribal-house funk groove that’s dragged down deep by a throbbing bass. This is raw house at its best.
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