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3LOBED 066LP ROSE, JACK: The Black Dirt Sessions LP (3LOBED 066LP) 20.00
“Let’s get the dirty work over with first. The Black Dirt Sessions is, all hyperbole aside, Jack Rose’s most complete and telling work to date. Those who have been following this Philadelphia wanderer’s development and growth as a solo artist (both live and on record) know that such a statement is strong praise, as Rose’s catalog is certainly not devoid of unqualified classics. The album takes its title from the studio where it was recorded — Jason Meagher’s Black Dirt Studios located in Westtown, New York. Old friends Rose and Meagher developed a good working relationship and full understanding of each other’s work habits and styles over the course of a spring 2008 joint tour between Rose and one of Meagher’s bands, D. Charles Speer & The Helix. Rose, that eternal road warrior, booked some time at Black Dirt between tours in August, September and October of 2008 to lay down some new and fully realized material. This album is the complete result of those sessions. Rose’s prior albums have tended to both pick and remain true to a musical theme. The Black Dirt Sessions excels by displaying fully-honed examples of all of Rose’s various styles and themes — traditional, raga and ragtime. Central to the album’s spirit is the absolutely epic ‘Cross the North Fork.’ This thirteen-minute revisiting of a track first laid down on the great Kensington Blues is a winding, thoroughly engrossing journey. This new version is the product of Rose’s perfectionist streak, which constantly pushes him to re-explore and re-visit his prior works. As presented on The Black Dirt Sessions, the ‘new’ track is full of rich nuances from Rose’s years of additional scrutiny of the original composition. Much like Rose himself, ‘Cross The North Fork’ is certainly comfortable in its skin and helps make it a welcome neighbor to the album’s other splendid joys ranging from the jaunty and infectious ‘Fishtown Flower’ (featuring a guest appearance from D. Charles Speer & The Helix’s Hans Chew on ragtime piano) to the pensive and appropriate melancholy punch of ‘Box Of Pine.’ The album’s artwork is somewhat of the yin to the yang of Rose’s 2008 release on Three Lobed Recordings, I Do Play Rock And Roll. Bearing the same overall design aesthetic as that prior release, albeit presented in a contrasting white with black print, The Black Dirt Sessions features a photo of Rose performing in New York in 2006. The LP is pressed on 180g RTI vinyl and housed within an ‘old style’ high gloss Stoughton cover. The record is from a one-time pressing of approximately 2,000 copies.”
3LOBED 067LP BARDO POND: Peri LP+CD (3LOBED 067LP) 20.00
“In early 2008, Bardo Pond and Three Lobed Recordings teamed up to assemble Batholith, a collection of tracks that were close to the band’s heart but for various reasons had never been released. The result was an extremely cohesive and vital statement that was positively received by both old and new Bardo Pond fans. During the compilation of Batholith, the band had to agonize over the wealth of material that they were sitting on in constructing the ultimate tracklisting — there were too many good songs. The band approached this ‘problem’ by structuring two sister albums, Batholith and Peri, each possessing their own musical themes and each fully capable of standing independent from the other. For this reason, Peri is every bit as potent as its predecessor. The meticulous sequencing of Peri’s five tracks provides a classic Bardo Pond experience. While the initial description of the material might lead one to think that these tracks are ‘outtakes’ or cutting-room floor type material, neither conclusion could be further from the truth. The band is quite excited to finally see all of the material on Peri venture into the public. For example, ‘Chicken Gun’ will be recognizable to the band’s longtime fans. A former live staple from 1996 through 1998 (even making an appearance in the band’s set at the first Terrastock festival), it is a propulsive and fiery rocker every bit as monumental as some of the band’s classics such as ‘lb.’ and ‘Tommy Gun Angel.’ ‘The Path’ is a subtle number featuring floating flute work from Isobel Sollenberger. The album-closing ‘Silver Pavilion’ is the sort of meditative psychedelia that has been Bardo Pond’s calling card over their lengthy career. The track dates to the band’s extremely fertile, yet barely documented, period between the release of Dilate and On the Ellipse. ;Silver Pavilion’s’ slow, enveloping build properly see the listener to the door and is reminiscent of such flawless Bardo closing tracks as ‘RM,’ ‘Aldrin’ and ‘Night Of Frogs.’ Peri is pressed on 180g RTI vinyl and is housed within heavy ‘old-style’ one-pocket Stoughton gatefold jackets bearing new collage work from Michael Gibbons.”
3LOBED 069LP ETERNAL TAPESTRY: Palace Of The Night Skies LP+CD (3LOBED 069LP) 19.00
“Three Lobed Recordings is excited to announce the release of Palace Of The Night Skies, the new album from Eternal Tapestry. While this trio first turned heads with their expansive psych/kraut/blues guitar explorations as embodied within a series of small run cassette and CD-R releases, their 2007 Mystic Induction album on Not Not Fun firmly established the band as formidable players worthy of sharing the stage and spotlight with such current heads as Wooden Shjips and Kinski. Palace of the Night Skies ups the ante and represents this group’s heaviest jams to date, bringing forth some heavily righteous riffs and plenty of drum punishment. Palace Of The Night Skies consists of two long-form tracks recorded in 2008 at the Tapestry Space in Portland, Oregon by the band’s core lineup of Dewey Mahood on guitar, Nick Bindeman (JOMF) on guitar and occasional vocals, and Jed Bindeman (Heavy Winged) on drums. ‘Prism Light Traveller’ covers the album’s entire first side and is rich with snarling and overblown psych-guitar heroics. While no listener could ever ignore the big-time guitar workouts present throughout the album as a whole, Jed Bindeman’s deft and metronomic drumming propels ‘Prism’ along its trail straight into the fiery heart of the sun. Much as in his other band, Heavy Winged, Bindeman’s drums provide the perfect background for the dueling, multi-directional guitar work. The album’s second side is the substantially more pensive and atmospheric ‘The Hidden Void.’ This track’s slow boil is punctuated with incendiary psych solos and cryptically buried vocals. Taken as a whole, Palace Of The Night Skies is ready and able to provide any listener in need with the set and setting for a perfect night in. The LP is pressed on 180g RTI vinyl and housed within a classy letter-pressed cover (courtesy of our buddies at Dexterity Press in Chicago) bearing silver foil ink on deep midnight blue paper and bearing new artwork by Loni Gaghan. All copies of the album are accompanied by a glass-mastered CD (not CD-R) of the two album tracks in addition to a bonus track (‘Hermetic Secrets’). Praise Shiva! The record itself is from a one-time pressing of 730 copies.”
AREA 021EP DOOMWORK: Fever Sax 12″ (AREA 021EP) 12.00
Area Remote presents the collaborative genius of chart-topping duo Doomwork (Alex Catalani and Claudio Maura). International DJ support from Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, etc. “Fever Sax” is one hot, energizing tune that will make you sweat. Swollen beats blend below breakneck vocal loops and an infectious sax melody guarantees the club temperatures will soar. “Mama Bambe” is a funk-infused tech dance tune that dabbles with disco, thick beats and sweeping piano riffs — there is nothing you can do except boogie.
AREAL 055EP FAIRMONT: All Dreams Are Nightmares 12″ (AREAL 055EP) 12.00
“I’m in this labyrinth again. Corridors, tunnels, etc., leading towards any possible and impossible directions. It’s like an Escher picture. “Music… it sounds like music. It’s somehow threatening, but at the same time, I’d love to go there. Please, Doctor, may I go to the music?” “No, you must resist, be strong!” “Too late. I’m already on my way to the music. I simply cannot resist. Doctor? I can hardly hear you anymore. Doctoooor?!” “Mr. Fairley?…. Mr. Fairley?……….Mr. Fairleeeeeey?!!!”
SPR 031EP SHARK AND THE BEACH BUTCHERS, JACKIE: 2nd Generation Rising/Mary Lou 7″ (SPR 031EP) 5.50
“Reissue of ultra-rare KBD single from 1978. Crazed sound effects and buzzsaw guitar makes this sound like a cross between the Sex Pistols and the Dead Boys hallucinating on psychotic drugs. With original copies going for as much as $1,800, now you can hear the single at a cheap price. Comes with full-color cover.”
AM 041EP MAETRIK: Gliding Blind EP 12″ (AM 041EP) 12.00
Maetrik presents a three-track arsenal of audio mind-games with the Gliding Blind EP. “Marinda,” featuring Sabb, boasts the full-spectrum clarity one can always expect from Maetrik — a versatile track that melts deep house, techno and Chicago booty action into one smooth ride. “Kemik” chugs along with sub-sonic freakiness and more classically-rooted house references. “Glider” seals the deal with rubbery bass energy and super-funky grooves forming from a shifting, shimmering, tougher house pump.
BD 161CD JAMMER: Jahmanji CD (BD 161CD) 15.50
“Jahmek Power aka Jammer is one of the true pioneeers of the grime scene. Having worked with the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Wiley and Basement Jaxx to name but a few, 2010 sees the release of his explosive debut album Jahmanji.”
BC 302CD SINGH, CHARANJIT: Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat CD (BC 302CD) 17.00
Until recently, it wasn’t much more than some rumors on the web: an LP called Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat, featuring acid house avant la lettre, that was recorded in India in 1982 in India, 5 years before the first acid house record, Acid Tracks by Phuture. So it turns out, the record was no rumor. Only a few hundred copies of the LP were ever pressed, and only a handful seem to have survived. Moreover, the LP outdoes all expectations. Performed on the type of synths that would later define acid house, the Roland TB-303 and TR-808, the album sounds light years ahead of its time with its repetitive beats and hypnotic electronic melodies. Its maker, Bollywood session musician Charanjit Singh, set out to translate ancient Indian classical ragas to the modern synthesizer, and in doing so, invented house music along the way. The 10 tracks make a consistent listen from A to Z. Its restrained minimalism and lack of cheesiness makes it incredibly contemporary, sounding animated, fluid and unabashedly alive. The LP and CD are housed in a gatefold sleeve and digipack designed by Stefan Glerum and come with extended liner notes on Charanjit Singh and the context in which the album was recorded.
BZJ 7501CD VA: Turkish Freakout: Psych-Folk Singles 1969-1980 CD (BZJ 7501CD) 17.00
“Turkey is often referred to as the meeting point between East and West, a statement verified by this selection of choice Turkish grooves. The western rock, psych, funk and jazz influences that began to be incorporated into traditional Turkish sounds during the late 60s and 70s can be heard here, as the Anadolu pop sound of Turkeyma balanced these new elements with the complex sounds and rhythms developed over many years. All tracks are referenced from their original 7 inch releases, painstakingly tracked down from various sources in and around Istanbul. The marriage of these styles is original, captivating and bound to freak you out. 40-page booklet includes original sleeve artwork & liner notes.” Artists: Okay Temiz, Kardaslar, Cem Karaka, Apaslar, Beyaz Kelebekler, Alpay, Erkin Koray, Ajda Pekkan, Sevil & Ayla, Baris Manco, Rifat Oncel, Ersen, Onder Bali, and Arif Sag.
CADENZA 052EP DIETZ, ROBERT: Home Run 12″ (CADENZA 052EP) 14.00
Robert Dietz’s “Soup Opera” is a stand-up bass burner that puts house sounds to techno purposes; it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a rainstorm that leaves you drenched. Raw, Chicago hi-hats lash out against a rising/falling bass line as mid-range drones and fluttering tones keep frothing higher and higher. The way he mans the filters feels more like sculpture than music, carving away the bass to create a dizzying sense of floating in space, until gravity comes crashing down again.
CARGO 016EP EKKOHAUS: White Winter Lust 12″ (CARGO 016EP) 12.00
White Winter Lust is the third release by Ekkohaus on Cargo Edition. “Ace Body” is a positive house track that doesn’t need any cheap tricks. For the remix, label mate Michael Melchner acts discreetly and strips the track down to a plain beat to which he adds a variety of effects. “Dirty Mind” is a driving house tool with a groove that still fascinates you after hours of listening. “Parafumadores” is more jazzy and laid-back with a relaxed chord element.
CCS 045EP DEETRON (FEAT. SETH TROXLER): Each Step 12″ (CCS 045EP) 12.00
For this release, Deetron teams up with Seth Troxler on vocals for the funk-fuelled “Each Step.” The result is a neo-club classic with a definite nod to the days of Chicago-style acid house, but with a fresh arrangement. “Sing” takes things a step deeper with warm choir samples that are firmly rooted in the space discothèque, then it really takes off with some tasty chord changes with just the right amount of old school flavor. Also includes Seth Troxler’s acapella.
CLR 034EP LIEBING, CHRIS: Auf Und… Remixed 12″ (CLR 034EP) 12.00
CLR releases remixes of “Auf Und Ab” by Chris Liebing, done by some exceptional techno artists. For one of the remixes, Dustin Zahn and Decimal teamed up and Edit Select also contributed a version. These are peak-time reinterpretations, suitable for a variety of occasions.
COR 073EP KIERAN, PHIL: Blood Of Barcelona/Never Ending Mountain Rmxs 12″ (COR 073EP) 12.50
Cocoon Recordings presents a remix 12″ of tracks off of Phil Kieran’s Shh (COR 022CD/LP) album. Pan-Pot turn “Blood Of Barcelona” into a subsonic workhorse that sends shivers down the spines of fans of reductionist tech-house á la Dubfire and Radio Slave. Also Dutch talent Egbert van der Gugten ennobles his remix with a comparably hypnotic bass line, but lets his track drift into the sunrise with dub elements and a choir layer so beautiful that you wish for an endless loop.
CS 005EP DUBBYMAN: King Of Motown EP 12″ (CS 005EP) 12.00
Deep Explorer head honcho Dubbyman presents the “King Of Motown,” featuring vocal snippets of Motor City silkiness over a loose, percussive beat with organ stabs and beautiful string backings. Cornuta don Hugo Giner — better-known as W&P HGG — adds a marvelous version displaying a melodic sensibility close to vintage Larry Heard. The hard-funkin’ ’80s electro-boogie-style “Funky Orgy” closes the sizzling-hot 12″ in fine style.
CRM 062EP SOUL CLAP: Action/Satisfaction 12″ (CRM 062EP) 12.00
The title track is a prime example of Soul Clap’s unique ability to fuse elements of melodic soul, groovy funk, and contemporary hip-hop, all through the medium of cutting edge house. “Break 4 Life” ups the tempo and uses a familiar sample to devastating effect. Lee Jones transforms the title track into enticing house music, creating a heady, hallucinogenic hot-ass remix. The last track is a slew of samples and choppy beats, creating a raw, urban edge.
CURLE 029EP KOPP, JONAS: Ruda 12″ (CURLE 029EP) 12.00
Fresh from the label compilation Curle 25: So Far (So Good) (CURLE 025CD), Curle presents absolutely killer tracks by Argentinean artist Jonas Kopp (Spectral Sound, Ostgut Ton). Pick your favorite!
“We’re releasing an LP by a band called Mother of Fire. Inspired by many things, I’m reminded of two main veins: a Krauty, rhythmic throb and a sort of gutterized/behead the prophet stance that once seemed to have run up and down the West Coast (which is where MOF have called home for some time). Both of these things are filtered thru post-Spacemen sensibilities and fueled with violin, bass and drum, all of which makes for a disjointed listen evoking things you’ve heard before in a completely surprising and fresh way.” Spot varnish cover and insert.
DVR 013EP OKPARA, RAY: Ruled By The Tides EP 12″ (DVR 013EP) 12.00
First EP from Ray Okpara on Deep Vibes with a remix by Sean Dimitrie from Canada. Monumental house from a permanent fixture on the worldwide scene.
DETELE 014EP DETROIT GRAND PUBAHS: Numb Deaf & Dumb 12″ (DETELE 014EP) 12.00
Detroit Grand Pubahs’ Numb Deaf & Dumb EP takes on a classic break-up song with electro twists and turns. In typical Pubahs style, the deep, sincere vocals, but sometimes tongue-in-cheek lyrics are underpinned by inspired machine antics. Space DJz (Ben Long/Jamie Bissmire) turn in the first alternative mix; a stripped-down rumbler of dark electro proportions. DJ Pierre draws on his pioneering acid skills to distort the vocals and add effective definition, making his “Afro Acid Mix” a major dancefloor contender.
DKR 015EP HICKEY, DON: Cooporate/Version 7″ (DKR 015EP) 5.50
“From Barbican, Kingston 8, the Chopper crew are back on the road! From the mid-1980’s straight thru until the early ’90s, Choppers were steady releasing tunes both in Jamaica and NYC, and from young upcoming artists and veterans alike. Let’s start with four of the most killer tunes from the Chopper catalog. Forward now to the late ’80s digital style, and we have one of our all-time favorite singers, Don Hickey. ‘Cooporate’ is one of his best tunes, on a pure killer digital riddim.”
DKR 016EP COURTNEY MELODY: No Darkness/Version 7″ (DKR 016EP) 5.50
“‘No Darkness’ is Courtney Melody’s cut on the ‘Cooperate’ riddim. This tune is released for the first time here on 7″, previously released only on a hard to find LP. This is one of his great unheralded tunes.”
DKR 017EP BARRETT, LIONEL ‘GANJA’: Rasta Cowboy/Dub 7″ (DKR 017EP) 5.50
“From the mid ’80s, one of two cuts on Chopper’s own wicked lick of Channel One’s ‘Fight Fight’ riddim. Chopper’s lick was laid and mixed at Channel 1 with the Black Roots Band, aka Gifted Roots Band. The first tune is from Lionel ‘Ganja’ Barrett, himself a member of the Chopper crew, and one of the first artists released on the label. ‘Rasta Cowboy’ is his signature tune, an ode to a self-reliant cowboy-like life.”
DKR 018EP BOBBY MELODY: Original Melody/Dub 7″ (DKR 018EP) 5.50
“From the mid ’80s, one of two cuts on Chopper’s own wicked lick of Channel One’s ‘Fight Fight’ riddim. Chopper’s lick was laid and mixed at Channel 1 with the Black Roots Band, aka Gifted Roots Band. ‘Original Melody’ from Bobby Melody, lets you know none a them a ruff like the original! We were saddened by Bobby’s recent passing, but let this tune serve as a reminder of what a great singer he was.”
DIYNAMIC 004LP OST & KJEX: Cajun Lunch 2LP (DIYNAMIC 004LP) 20.00
2LP version. With a sound that straddles electro, funk, disco and house, Oslo-based duo Ost & Kjex return with their second long-player Cajun Lunch on Diynamic. As the title suggests, Cajun Lunch mixes elements of Delta blues and bayou bass lines into their organic house sound, especially on the guitar-filled “Bluecheeseblues” parts 1 and 2. From the opening sun-kissed grooves of “Mosambiquetravelplan” featuring Bugge Wesseltoft on piano to the sexed-up funk of “Continental Lover” and the deep house tones of “The Yellow Man,” the boys continue to conspire with the album’s guest vocalist, Tracee Meyn. Tracee is further assisted by members of her gospel choir who combine to give Cajun Lunch a fuller, more rounded sound.
EMEGO 101LP EMERALDS: Does It Look Like I’m Here? 2LP (EMEGO 101LP) 25.00
Gatefold double vinyl version, 2nd edition, no longer with poster. This is the third official album by Emeralds (after Solar Bridge on Hanson, and the self-titled LP on their own Wagon and Gneiss Things imprints, as well as countless small edition tapes and CD-Rs on a host of labels) and once again, it presents another radical new direction for this Cleveland trio. It sees the group moving from playing single oscillator analog synthesizers to really complex analog and analog/digital hybrids as well as a great deal of guitar synthesizers, not to mention fine-tuning their skills as brilliant tunesmiths. Simply put, the results are outstanding. Comprising of a number of tracks from their ultra-limited 7″ vinyl series on Wagon, as well as new compositions exclusive to this release, this fine selection of tunes surpasses anything they have achieved in their 5-year career. Perfect melodies intertwined with ripping sequences and a guitar sound that floats perfectly throughout. Although most tracks cover new ground in that they follow a shortened “pop format,” more long-form cuts such as the towering “Genetic” and the title track will give fans of their earlier work something to grab onto, or totally let themselves go, depending on their state of mind. Having spent all their lives in the relative isolation of Cleveland means their music has developed into a vital, stunning unique hybrid that may not have been able to blossom in more active urban centers. Does It Look Like I’m Here? heralds a turning point for all those involved and is a perfect, vivid soundtrack to emerge out of a harsh, grey winter. Fresh, shiny and totally essential.
EINMAL 054EP VA: Office Collection 12″ (EINMAL 054EP) 12.00
The Einmaleins label boss picks his favorite “digital-only” tunes from the Einmaleins catalog and presses them on vinyl. Artists include Chris Lattner, Men In Trees, Dirty Culture, and Pezzner. Only a few hundred copies, so be fast.
ETHBO 004EP COOPER, MIKE: World Slide 12″ (ETHBO 004EP) 10.00
“Preceding the Killing Melody LP by ten years, this EP was recorded by Mike in the late ’90s and originally released on his own CDr label Hipshot. A 500 only pressing, these are the last remaining copies. Mike is a British blues legend. In the early 60s he supported John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed, Howling Wolf, Son House and many more American blues artists on their UK visits – as well as backing British R&B bands. He honed his guitar skills to later include steel blues and Hawaiian lap steel guitar. From the 80s onwards, he ventured into more avant garde territory and has continued to beat a path somewhere between all these styles. The three tracks here represent his later experiments with lo-fi loops and Hawaiian steel guitar. They were recorded in his kitchen in Rome, on a primitive computer, dumped onto minidisc and then CD. The result is a quiet and multilayered recording. This was a challenge even for Porky’s George Peckham to master, but after a few takes, the record was pressed at the old EMI plant, shortly before their machinery was sold off. ‘World Slide’ and ‘New Hula Slide’ demonstrate Mike’s fusion of the traditional Hawaiian melody with dirty avant garde loops. ‘New Hard Times’ is a slide guitar and vocal blues, stripped down and angry.”
EXPOB 012LP MARTIN, AARON: Worried About The Fire LP (EXPOB 012LP) 17.00
“Now available as a 12 inch vinyl LP edition on random multi-colored vinyl, making each one unique. And with artwork unique from the CD edition. Experimedia presents the fourth full length solo album by Kansas-based Aaron Martin. A former collaborator of artists as diverse as Machinefabriek and Dawn Smithson (Sunn O))), Martin originally devised Worried about the Fire as the soundtrack to a short film and the record sees him deconstructing preexisting snippets, sketches and samples from various collaborations and solo performances. All prior restrictions were set aside as Martin forwent his regular live-approach, untypically using electronic processing and effects and editing the parts without limiting himself in any way. Still built around his set-up of cello, banjo, harmonica and organ, there is an unsettling installation-character to the work, with distant echoes of acoustic instruments shining through the ghostly fabric of these twelve short pieces. Mastered by 12k label-head Taylor Deupree, Worried about the Fire has however not only turned out a dark and demure work, but also one of brittle beauty – ranging from the meditative cymbal-space of ‘Ice melts’ and the broken-piano semblance of ‘Blue Light’ to the consoling ambient-folk of ‘Making Rope’.”
FP 025EP PRINS THOMAS: Morfar 12″ (FP 025EP) 12.00
Three super-dooper exclusive tracks by Prins Thomas (NOT to be found on the Prins Thomas album [FP 004CD/LP]), custom-made for swinging on the dancefloor.
FUMA 035EP VA: Ten Years Of Fumakilla Part 1 12″ (FUMA 035EP) 12.00
Following the 10 Years Of Fumakilla (FK 001CD) compilation mixed and compiled by Woody, now exclusively available on vinyl. Leix & Ronro kick off the A-side with their super groovy “Jerry Conga.” Felipe Valenzuela & Dani Casarano join with a deep, hypnotic funky track and Autotune craft a circus caravan rolling journey with deep basses & soft soundscapes. This release combines beautifully deep house funk with warm vintage synthesis. Pure summer feeling pooled together in three tracks.
GF 245CD JULIUS VICTOR: From The Nest CD (GF 245CD) 13.00
“Another undiscovered and ultra-rare LP from 1969. With heavy influences from Iron Butterfly and Jefferson Airplane, this album features prominent organ and was produced by the famous jazz musician Ahmad Jamal.”
GR 009.1EP RIPPERTON: Leonor’s Lanugo Remixes 12″ (GR 009.1EP) 12.00
This is the second remix package of tracks taken from Niwa (GR 102CD/LP), the stunning debut album from Ripperton. Part 1 sees Radio Slave taking “Leonor’s Lanugo” on a deep, hypnotic workout. Its warm, all-encompassing bass line works brilliantly with its tribal drum line to deliver a deadly take on the original. Part 2 takes a housier direction. Rock solid beats are interwoven with the original’s string melody as bird calls and wild cats add to the suspense.
HJR 053LP VON OSWALD TRIO, MORITZ: Live In New York 2LP+CD (HJR 053LP) 27.50
Honest Jon’s Records presents four extended excursions from the Moritz Von Oswald Trio, recorded live at the Unsound Festival in New York City in early 2010, with guests Carl Craig and François K. Utilizing the club environment itself, these pieces bring a fresh, pulsating energy and rough urgency to the trio sound, deeply dubwise throughout, with startling splashes of Sun Ra in the effects. Mysterious, atmospheric and improvisational in feel. This is a limited edition release, presented in a hand-made, heavyweight gatefold sleeve, with a CD version thrown in. The Moritz Von Oswald Trio is comprised of members Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound), Max Loderbauer (NSI, Sun Electric), and Vladislav Delay (Luomo).
HUX 115CD KALA: After Quintessence: Complete Kala Recordings 1973 CD (HUX 115CD) 17.00
“During the period spanning 1969-1972, Quintessence were one of Britain’s most powerful and most popular live acts. Immediately after leaving Quintessence, vocalist Phil ‘Shiva’ Jones and guitarist Dave ‘Maha Dev’ Coddling had formed Kala. Beset by bizarre personnel issues, and in the hands of a record label which somehow found defeat in the jaws of what should have been a victory for all concerned, Kala nevertheless managed to release one overlooked gem of an album and a couple of blistering live tracks during its brief existence. The album features some titles which were in a similiar vein to Quintessence, with others nodding towards the popular boogie and country-rock of contemporaries like the Faces. Now exquisitely remastered by Ron Geesin, with two previously unreleased live tracks and two brand new vocal takes, this CD debut of Kala’s complete works has been compiled with the full cooperation of Phil and Dave. The accompanying 16-page full-color booklet includes extensive liner notes by Colin Harper, an interview with the band, and recollections on each track by Shiva Jones.”
IMPREC 220LP OCEAN: Pantheon Of The Lesser 2LP (IMPREC 220LP) 34.00
“Pantheon Of The Lesser was composed over a period of two years in Ocean’s home studio in Portland, Maine. As the seasons passed each track was written, re-written, played and then re-played as layers were slowly stripped away until the true essence of the song was revealed. Once Ocean entered the studio it took another two years to deconstruct Pantheon Of The Lesser until they had found the essence of their writing. This disciplined deconstructionist approach to songwriting is how Ocean takes it to the next level of the abyss. The result of this compositional technique is over an hour of strictly bare instrumentation and a kind of natural heavyness that slowly rises and falls in a pure organic fashion. Everything in its own time. Simply profound. Heavy like Schoenberg. Limited edition of 500 copies. Letterpressed dust cover style outer jacket and screen printed inner jackets. Deluxe papers used. Pressed at RTI & cut at Salt for premium sound. D side includes a cover of the Swans ‘You’re Not Real Girl’ and a cover of Roy Orbison’s ‘It’s Over.’ Jackets printed at Reuben J. Little’s 43rd Parallel Press in Portland, Maine.”
KD 032EP SIANO, NOA: Track For Lyn 12″ (KD 032EP) 12.00
Intriguing newcomer Noa Siano has an affinity for deep soulful house. “Track For Lyn” is an overwhelming experience of diva vocals fused with gritty house beats. The pair of tunes on the B-side is also brimming with a rough analog sound. “Deep Down” puts this to work through battering snare hits, soulful vocals and the sound of modern electronics. “Kwani” delves even deeper into the roots of soul with chants, congas and wooden percussion, all jammed into a 7-minute 4×4 beat.
KOM 213EP FEHLMANN, THOMAS: Gute Luft Remixe 12″ (KOM 213EP) 12.00
Kompakt presents a remix 12″ of tracks from Thomas Fehlmann’s Gute Luft (KOMP 081CD/KOM 211LP). Soulphiction has come up with a submerged house rendition of “Wasser Im Fluss” that is absolutely levitating. Move D was so inspired, that he came up with two remixes. His take on “Softpark” is deeply gorgeous — key pads mingle with a solid house groove. He opts for a more melancholic approach with his “Berliner Luftikuss” remix, where a physical bass line flitters with sonic raindrops.
LAID 007EP MOSSE & LOWTEC, KASSEM: Workshop EP 12″ (LAID 007EP) 12.00
The house of Workshop is powerfully represented here by Kassem Mosse & Lowtec, and it does not require a lot of words to introduce these two outstanding artists. Lowtec and Kassem Mosse have defined for years how contemporary dance music can sound that locates one foot in the future and the other one in a record collection filled with countless amounts of soul, disco, house, Detroit, Chicago, techno, and more.
“Petrol drilling machine driver Yasutoshi Yoshida (aka Government Alpha) leaves his off-shore extraction platform on the Gabonese territory for 4’50min of furious steamroller for gap-toothed old ladies on the Bomb! side, wrecking on his way the last dwarf mongooses’ community who survived the Bulgaro-Christian deforestation in 62 before Judas-Christ. Mr Clean’s nephew Evil Moisture (aka Andy Bolus) fills up his bento box on the Skull side with decomposing Halal meat, contaminated blood dressing and varicose veins. Hand-stamped and numbered innersleeve, 5-panel silkscreened cover designed and masticated in South Tyrol by crippaXXXalmqvist with the help of Anna Lilia Konishchev, printed at La Commissure in Paris. Mastering by Rashad Becker at Dubplates, Berlin.” On pink vinyl, limited numbered edition of 300 copies.
LEENA 015EP ACUMEN: The Guardian 12″ (LEENA 015EP) 12.00
Antoine Garcin graces Leena with his EP The Guardian. With his style firmly planted in the tech house scene, legends such as Laurent Garnier, Loco Dice and Joris Voorn have used his tracks in their sets. With bouncing, warm chords and building synths, “The Guardian” will fill a room with deep sounds and energy, while “Personal Feeling” keeps the warm bounce afloat and introduces a soulful vocal. “Numa” has a more stomping bass line with a slightly twisted vocal, and “Over And Ever” brings it all together.
LL 032EP MUMBAI SCIENCE: Ancova 12″ (LL 032EP) 12.00
With the Ancova EP, Mumbai Science is here to stay. While working in Dr. Lektroluv’s underground lab, they improved their sound to a whole new level. With dancefloor-bangers like “Ancova” and “Hoot,” it’s hard not to get cured… you say party, we say techno. What’s next for Mumbai Science? The Nobel Prize?
LL 033EP SUBS, THE: Vomit In Style Remix EP 12″ (LL 033EP) 12.00
The Lektroluv label thinks this remix EP is amazing. Which can only mean one thing: it contains bangers. Mixhell, Les Petits Pilous, Don Rimini and VNNR all simply puked out some remixes of The Subs’ “Vomit In Style.”
LIEBE 033EP DAVENPORT/GOLDWILL, ED: Lustre/Sun Francisco 12″ (LIEBE 033EP) 12.00
Berlin-Schwerin-based producers Goldwill are back with a perfect summertime hit. “Sun Francisco” rolls through lush synth melodies and crisp, measured percussion before hypnotizing vocal elements lift your mind. Ed Davenport’s “Lustre” is spellbinding, with earthy, dubbed-out synths, glistening strings and unique drum textures A little raw and full of emotion, it’s a typically timeless, drawn-out Davenport jam that stands out on its own without the need for obvious formulas or gimmicks.
MBELEK 060.1EP BAILEY, MARCO: The Sixtieth Sampler 1/2 12″ (MBELEK 060.1EP) 12.00
MB Elektronics celebrates their 10th anniversary with this very special release, packed with amazing music. This is part 1 of 2 vinyl sampler packages including tracks by Marco Bailey and Tom Hades, as well as other top-notch artists: The Advent & Industrialyzer, Thomas Armstrong & Soren Aalberg, and Redhead.
MBELEK 060.2EP BAILEY, MARCO: The Sixtieth Sampler 2/2 12″ (MBELEK 060.2EP) 12.00
Part 2 of 2 vinyl sampler packages includes tracks by Marco Bailey and Tom Hades, as well as Joseph Capriati, Wehbba, and Loco & Jam.
MDG 6451410CD VA: Player Piano 10: Piano Music Without Limits CD (MDG 6451410CD) 19.00
Original compositions and transcriptions in the tradition of Nancarrow. “Vol. 10 of the Player Piano series on MDG features composers who have been inspired by Conlon Nancarrow, the master of the player piano. MDG owes a debt of gratitude to Jürgen Hocker, the player piano expert from Bergisch Gladbach, and to his Ampico grand pianos for making these musical impossibilities a reality. György Ligeti was a border crosser. It is thus hardly surprising that he was the first to discover the great significance of Nancarrow’s oeuvre. In the twentieth century this major composer wrote highly demanding piano études in the best tradition of Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, and Rachmaninoff. As Nancarrow in his Studies for Player Piano, Ligeti designed several voices with various velocities. In order to highlight the temporal structures of these pieces intended for performance by a living pianist, Ligeti also had some of his works transferred to the player piano. A wonderful timbre radiates from these centenarian instruments equipped with Bösendorfer sound! Here as many notes as one wants can be produced simultaneously in all the various keyboard regions and at such a swift pace that the tones swirl in a musical hurricane — not to mention meters and rhythms of a complexity transcending pianistic realization on the keyboard.”
With their new project Baustelle (trans. “construction site”), Antye Greie and Gudrun Gut are entering the world of chainsaws and pneumatic hammers: a world of murmurs and hissing, hammering and sawing. Greie Gut Fraktion have captured hours of field recordings from construction sites and used the most exciting sounds as the building blocks for their collaboration. And it’s this omni-present construction site noise, with all its scraping, scratching, drilling and chiseling that provides the red thread throughout this album. But however great the temptation might be to make purely industrial music with these building site sounds, the two ladies haven’t fallen for it. On the contrary, the beats on Baustelle are of course, gripping and the sounds direct, but there’s nothing too pushy so that you feel overpowered. And Baustelle is nothing if not diverse. Guitar-noise becomes entangled in downtempo beats. Then there’s laid back dub like on “Drilling An Ocean,” a track that peters out, frayed, after a couple of minutes, only to take a breath and return to its calm flow. And there’s a super-cool, grooving version of the Palais Schaumburg hit “Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt.” This music looks back on a sense of timing as we know it from new crossover music, conceptual beat and even post-Kraut-dub-industrial-techno. You can lose yourself in this music — it draws you into its endlessness. The fragments of text that are included are repeated with variations, circling associatively around the topic at hand. The words are whispered, spoken, shouted and sung, although cool and somewhat distant. It all started in winter 2008 when Antye Greie first invited Gudrun Gut to collaborate on a commission for the BBC’s Late Junction. From then on, the two artists have combined their creative forces to come up with this album. The initial timbers were laid at Greie’s home in Finland. The tracks then gradually took shape throughout 2009 via an online exchange. The album was produced by Gudrun Gut and Antje Greie in their respective studios in Berlin and Finland and the result has been masterfully mixed by Antye Greie.
NW 80700CD POLANSKY, LARRY: The World’s Longest Melody CD (NW 80700CD) 15.00
“The World’s Longest Melody is a collection of experimental music written for the guitar by composer/guitarist Larry Polansky (b. 1954). The guitar has long been an important component in Polansky’s musical explorations, and this CD has grown from the enthusiasm for his work by the musicians of the Belgian electric guitar quartet ZWERM. The acoustic and electric guitar are featured both solo and in small and large combinations; a few pieces not originally conceived for the instrument are also presented here in guitar-oriented guise. These works explore new techniques of experimental intonation, computer composition, and extraordinary and new modes of playing the guitar. It includes the premiere recording of his radically difficult ‘for jim, ben and lou’ (harp, guitar, and percussion) in which the percussionist retunes the strings to different just intonations as the piece progresses. Given the endlessly fluent and fertile nature of Polansky’s imagination one is somehow reluctant to describe any of his individual compositions as a masterpiece: but certainly this work powerfully encapsulates a wide range of his preoccupations and integrates them into a coherent whole that could not be mistaken for the work of any other composer.”
ZEN 148CD GRASSCUT: 1 Inch: 1/2 Mile CD (ZEN 148CD) 15.50
“1 Inch: ½ Mile, the latest release from Grasscut, maps the route of a transcendental journey across a real landscape in the United Kingdom. It’s a remarkable achievement – an evocation of a place and time where the countryside meets technology, a kind of interzone between the past and the future, and a journey through it that’s often funny, often moving, technically brilliant but never anything other than catchy and memorable. ‘Ghostly, weird and enveloping electronica’ — Sunday Times”
NNF 189LP HIGH WOLF: Ascension LP (NNF 189LP) 14.00
“Pyramidal meditationist High Wolf has been highly active since last summer’s Animal Totem tape dropped on NNF: he’s released three full-length CDRs, started his own record label (Winged Sun), begun a mail-collab with Astral Social Club (as Iibiis Rooge), embarked on two UK/Euro tours (one with heavyweights Gnod), plus trekked out on a month-long solo journey through India to collect field recordings and get deep. Whoa! Makes you feel lazy right? Well actually that’s not all, as he also spent a few months somewhere in there recording, mixing, and re-recording the five multifaceted ethno-flux odysseys that comprise Ascension, his debut vinyl full-length. Utilizing his usual toolbag of looped tablas, fuzz guitar leads, chiming white light guitar, synth swells, and cloud-climbing electronics, the album safaris through a host of ecstatic ritual landscapes with more focus and magic than any other High Wolf hunt to date. A beautiful album for dissolving, dreaming, dancing (in a certain way). Been spinning this one weekly, share the flight. Black vinyl LPs mastered by Pete Swanson and housed in jackets with artwork by Kaugummi Magazine captain Bartolome Sanson. Edition of 400.”
NNF 193LP FOXY BABY: Smoke Opera LP (NNF 193LP) 14.00
Another hazy Sam Meringue (Explorers, Matrix Metals) project. This is probably a vinyl reissue of the Smoke Opera cassette released in 2008 by Outer Limits Recordings…. but these are uncertain times we’re living in. Bright pink neon sign vinyl housed in a printed inner sleeve.
NNF 195LP LA VAMPIRES & ZOLA JESUS: LA Vampires Meets Zola Jesus LP (NNF 195LP) 14.00
“Virtual reality trans-time zone collab between So-Cal sample sister LA Vampires and Madison, WI (though soon to be LA!) neo-Siouxsie Zola Jesus. Despite the distance the respective vibes vibe beautifully. Cold dub rhythms echo down grimy corridors while heartbroken tag-team femme howls come bleeding out of the horizon drenched in spectral delay. There’s a few bangers (‘Bone Is Bloodstone,’ ‘Looking In’), a few ballads (‘In The Desert,’ ‘Vous’), and a couple quasi-covers (‘Searching,’ ‘No No No’), so every mood is given its due. Local photographer (and drummer) extraordinaire Caitlin C. Mitchell even lays down some smoky trumpet on one track. Additional deep space Moog and production duties were handled by City Terrace studio wizard M. Geddes Gengras. A dark, gleaming gem of a 12″, and cool step sideways for both artists. 45 RPM black vinyl LPs in disco-hole sleeves with artwork and layout by Manda Beth Brown. Edition of 600.”
OESB 047LP PIGEONS: Si Faustine LP (OESB 047LP) 19.00
“Pigeons is the psychedelic pop project of married couple Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin. They met in Seattle and, while living there, were part of The Sea Donkeys — a shambling anti-folk collective of freaks which also featured Hisham Mayet of the Sublime Frequencies label. The Sea Donkeys released an LP on the Sun City Girl’s Abduction label in 2005. Pigeons formed later that same year when Wednesday and Clark relocated to New York. After releasing a string of micro-run cassettes and lathe-cut vinyls that explored noise and free jazz modes they turned their energies towards writing structured songs. The first widely available release of their song-oriented material was the ‘Virgin Spectacle’ lp that came out on Black Dirt in 2008. That was followed by a 7″ single on Soft Abuse in 2009. Si Faustine is their second album and, like Virgin Spectacle, was recorded at Jason Meagher’s Black Dirt Studio. Also featured on the album are contributions from Carter Thornton (Enos Slaughter, Gnaw, Zashiki-Warashi, Izititiz), Jason Meagher (NNCK, D. Charles Speer, Coach Fingers), and Rene Blume-Meagher. Pigeons are currently living in Paris, France. Housed in full-color ‘tip-on’ style jackets featuring artwork by Melodie Provenzano and also includes an mp3 download coupon.”
OESB 701EP BIG TROUBLES: Drastic & Difficult 7″ (OESB 701EP) 7.50
“Kicking off the new OESB 7″ series with a 4 track single by Big Troubles. International playboy Matt Mondanile (Real Estate, Ducktails) discovered Big Troubles and urged Olde English Spelling Bee to sign these guys on the spot for their fresh ‘industrial shoegaze pop’ sound. Done and done. Features home recordings by Alex Craig and Ian Drennan who split songwriting and vocal duties down the middle. They are joined live by Luka Usmiani (No Demons Here) on bass and Sam Franklin (Fluffy Lumbers) on drums.”
PERL 081LP WAREIKA: Harmonie Park 2×12″+CD (PERL 081LP) 25.00
Hamburg-based Wareika, which consists of members Jakob Seidensticker, Florian Schirmacher, and Henrik Raabe, invite you to Harmonie Park, a place created by the love of improvisation. At the park, poles have shifted already, with the musicians having tuned their instruments to introduce you to a parallel universe. It’s about the various possible perceptions of one single moment. Loops and sequences, subjected to virtual tempo changes, without leaving the bpm scale. In the park, everything is always in the flow: jazz, techno, funk, house — all elements disappear throughout the composition. Wareika manage to bring all this together effortlessly, without even thinking in those categories. The deeper you get into the park, the more you get absorbed by the dynamics of interlaced, polyrhythmic modulations. Luckily, the groove acts like the park ranger, showing you around while taking care no one gets lost in hypnotic structures waiting on the way. At the end, this pulsating sound cluster leads into the great river named bass line, leaving you quite harmonized. This release comes in a special format, available in 4 parts on 2×12″ vinyl. Included is a bonus CD, containing Harmonie Park in one continuous part, as originally intended by the artists.
PERMVAC 009EP SANTANA, ILYA: Discotized/Holding You 12″ (PERMVAC 009EP) 12.00
2007 release. A protégé of Daniel Wang, on whose Balihu imprint he released a debut EP in 2005, Spain’s Ilya Santana strikes back on Permanent Vacation. “Discotized” has all the ingredients for a space disco anthem: crystal clear sound, great synth lines and a huge arpeggio cue that sounds amazing on dancefloors around the globe. “Holding You” on the flip is a warm, metro-area tune, with beautiful string sounds for the early hours in the club.
PERMVAC 017EP LENKEI, BRUCE: Moonlight Zombie Dance 12″ (PERMVAC 017EP) 12.00
2008 release. Bruce Lenkei’s “Moonlight Zombie Dance” is a fabulous nu-disco track, originally featured in a mix for Paris’ Dirty Sound System. With its magic sounds and great atmosphere, it’s hard to believe the track is not from the original cosmic era. On remix duties is the highly-talented Michoacan, whose built a solid reputation with previous remixes for the likes of DJ Harvey and The Glimmers. He takes the tempo up a notch and transforms the original into a crazy Krautrock stepper in the vein of Goblin.
PVS 001EP EMBASSY, THE: Lurking (With A Distance) 12″ (PVS 001EP) 12.00
2008 release. Permanent Vacation presents the first joint 12″ release with the great Swedish label Servic. Gothenburg duo The Embassy makes the most beautiful songs, with a warm sound underlined by tension, suggesting an ecstasy-fuelled, jewel-stealing Balearic indie band on a permanent vacation at the Riviera. The original version of “Lurking (With A Distance)” sounds like a forgotten Manchester rave anthem, while Tensnake’s remix and dub version creates a heavy package overall.
PVS 003EP JACKPOT: Greased Lightning 12″ (PVS 003EP) 12.00
2009 release. Stockholm-based Jackpot dove into the deepest recesses of the electronic dance music psyche for the most primal of all rhythmic impulses — their own unmistakable sound — the sound of western culture falling apart in a blaze of shudders and hiccups. Influenced by the psychotic debris of previous eras – the movies of Kenneth Anger, the music of Suicide, Velvet Underground and Bruce Haack, the words of William S Burroughs — they then added the junkiest element of all — themselves. Greased Lightning also features remix work from talents In Flagranti and Rory Phillips. You hear that beat? That’s them knocking on your door.
PFR 111EP STEVE BUG: Flight 111 12″ (PFR 111EP) 12.00
Flight 111 is Poker Flat Recording’s 111th release, and Steve Bug whipped up something special accordingly. “Metro Alpin” sees the Bug working on devilishly reduced levels to stunning effect. Evolving from a solid analog base, freaking, tweaking acid lines and smooth phasing chords lock the groove in a constant upward spiral of pure gold. “Outside Inn” pushes with raw studio punch and a real moody funk. Tense, rising synth themes cross and combine in a majestic dance — freaky and infectiously funky!
RD 021LP FOX: San Francisco Session LP (RD 021LP) 24.00
“Another RD Records surprise! An unreleased album from this post-Day Blindness band, recorded in 1969-70. This album is a heavy, bluesy, psychedelic masterpiece of the highest order. It is virtually the second Day Blindness album with slight personnel changes, but musically it’s in a more heavy psychedelic direction. The lead guitarist Gary Pihl is well known today for being the guitar player in Boston. Here he plays an amazing psychedelic guitar and it reminds us in parts of the mighty Mariani’s Perpetuum Mobile album. Superb bass guitar by Johnny V. Vernazza and crazy drums by Roy Garcia, who later went to play with the legendary band Gold (of Rockadelic Records fame). Only one 45 single was ever released of those fantastic sessions on Studio 10, and the single is mega rare these days. A treasure lost at the time that we are very pleased to present to you today. Deluxe gatefold cover with story and pictures. For Fans of Mariani, Groundshaker, Estes Brothers.”
RLR 057EP MONKS: Pretty Suzanne/Monk Time 7″ (RLR 057EP) 8.50
“1967 unreleased heavy fuzz version, from the mega-rare one-sided acetate. This is the one to change the history books. So far we were lead to believe that the Monks, after their LP failed to chart, tuned it down and tried a couple more pop tunes before vanishing into oblivion. The truth is far from that. Bound by their contract with Polydor, the Monks were unable to develop their music the way they really wanted to. In 1967, the Monks went on their own time and money into Tonstudio Pfanz near Hamburg to record this smashing fuzz-driven freak beat version of ‘Pretty Suzanne’ behind Polydor’ s back! Trying to fuck over Germany’s biggest record label? It doesn’t get more punk than that in my book. Sure enough, they got in trouble for it and this killer version remained unreleased to this day. This is the first ever legit reissue in full cooperation with the Monks. Mastered from the original (only known!) acetate. In amazing, hi-fidelity fuzz sound.”
RLR 073CD DUKES, THE: The Dukes CD (RLR 073CD) 21.00
“Finally on CD. Comes with an LP’s worth of bonus tracks, and a full live set from 1971, which has totally different songs and is a real psychedelic kraut killer, showing once more just what a great band the Dukes were. Not to be missed. Plus you still get all this: German beat and freakbeat legends well known for their tunes ‘I Am An Unskilled Worker’ and ‘The Dentist,’ comped many times on the likes of Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium. Unreleased full LP. Best German freakbeat LP ever? Includes the tunes mentioned above, as well as liner notes written by the Dukes, rare pictures and posters, etc. Great for mod/beat DJing, too. Original vintage recordings!”
RLR 074CD GROUNDSHAKER: Groundshaker CD (RLR 074CD) 21.00
“Recorded in 1971-72 at the Paramount Studios. Produced by T.C. Corbett who produced E.G. Mount Rushmore. For fans of: Estes Brothers, Morly Grey, Headstone (Still Looking), Titus Oates and Day Blindness. CD comes with alternate mix bonus tracks from the archive of the guitar player. Original vintage recordings!”
REMOTE 026EP KABALE UND LIEBE: Since You Looked Into My Eyes 12″ (REMOTE 026EP) 12.00
Remote Area welcomes back Kabale und Liebe, known for cooking dancefloors across Europe with his unique blend of the old with the new, the minimal with the soulful. “Since You Looked Into My Eyes” is upbeat and funky — a pumping bass meshed with soulful snippets, injected with traditional drum action and quirky Kabale notes. “Improvising Love” features soulful, retro chord jabs with a modern, jazzy, electric dance twist. It’s a groove to get you in the mood.
RCD 2098CD PUMA: Half Nelson Courtship CD (RCD 2098CD) 17.00
Half Nelson Courtship is the third album and the first on Rune Grammofon from this Trondheim-based trio who musically started out as the younger cousins of Supersilent. This is not the situation today, and this album shows a group with a stronger identity, a clearer focus and more mature and fully-developed musical ideas and directions. If pressed for comparisons, 1973-period King Crimson concert improvisations wouldn’t be too far off the mark. But Puma is first and foremost a contemporary and progressive unit making their own path on the ever-growing Norwegian experimental scene mixing improvisation, jazz, electronics and free rock. Øystein Moen studied at the Trondheim Jazz Conservatory, a famous breeding-ground for a host of Norwegian jazz musicians over the years. Aside from Puma, he is a member of Jaga Jazzist and Norwegian pop sensation Susanne Sundfør’s band, and also plays with ECM artist and trumpeter Mathias Eick. Gard Nilssen also studied at the Trondheim Jazz Conservatory and has, like so many other young Norwegian musicians, played with a number of jazz, rock and pop artists. He’s currently also a member of Bushman’s Revenge, Humvee, Lord Kelvin and Susanne Sundfør’s band. Recorded and mixed by Jørgen Træen. Puma are: Øystein Moen (keyboards, electronics), Stian Westerhus (guitar, electronics), and Gard Nilssen (drums).
RCD 2099CD WESTERHUS, STIAN: Pitch Black Star Spangled CD (RCD 2099CD) 17.00
This is the second solo album on Rune Grammofon by Stian Westerhus — the most exciting guitarist on the Norwegian experimental music scene. His vinyl-only release Galore and this album shows a musician challenging and stretching the limits of his instrument beyond the normal confines of the electric guitar, balancing raw expressiveness against virtuosity and melodic instinct. Stian is a founding member of Puma and the Monolithic duo with Motorpsycho drummer Kenneth Kapstad. He was, for a short period, a member of Jaga Jazzist and played on their One-Armed Bandit album and is currently a member of Nils Petter Molvær’s new trio. Stian Westerhus: electric guitar.
RLP 3034LP SUSANNA AND THE MAGICAL ORCHESTRA: List Of Lights And Buoys LP (RLP 3034LP) 23.50
The Rune Grammofon label issues the excellent debut album by Susanna And The Magical Orchestra (Susanna Wallumrød and Morten Qvenild) on vinyl. Originally released in 2004, List Of Lights And Buoys has aged extremely well and sounds just as fresh today, including “Jolene,” “Believer,” and nine other gems. This 180 gram audiophile edition was mastered by Helge Sten (Deathprod) and cut by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering in New York and sounds fantastic. This LP version also has a different sleeve front than the CD edition (RCD 2034CD).
RLP 3098LP PUMA: Half Nelson Courtship LP (RLP 3098LP) 22.00
LP version.
RLP 3099LP WESTERHUS, STIAN: Pitch Black Star Spangled LP (RLP 3099LP) 22.00
LP version.
RB 022EP SULEIMAN, MIM: Nyuli 12″ (RB 022EP) 12.00
Running Back presents Mim Suleiman. The Zanzibar-born and Sheffield-based singer/songwriter/performer made quite a name for herself on Afrobeat stages with her mixture of East African vocals and percussive traditions. Nyuli is the first single accompanying her album Tungi, which has Mim singing and writing in her native tongue, Swahili, and is a mixture of Afro beat, rhythm trax and futuristic pop music. There’s also a nice dub for extended mixing pleasure. Produced by Maurice Fulton.
STD 103EP DER DRITTE RAUM: Rosa Rausch 12″ (STD 103EP) 12.00
Der Dritte Raum wants you to feel the sun shining in your face and grooves rolling through your hips. Pounding and hissing like a steam engine, “Rosa Rausch” gains momentum out of the city and into the country. Krüger’s beats jingle cheerfully, like ice cubes in a tall drink, and his synths buzz away happily. By contrast, “Gegentakt” sounds like taking the Autobahn right back into the midst of autumn, reminding us that darkness also has its charm.
SINO 023B-EP COHEN, RENATO: Sixteen Billion Drum Kicks Remixed (Part 2) 12″ (SINO 023B-EP) 12.00
Part 2 and final edition of the remix EP series of the Renato Cohen album Sixteen Billion Drum Kicks, with reworks by Boris Werner, Mr. G, and Renato Cohen.
Amsterdam duo Quince and Benny Rodrigues evolve an outstanding synthesis of a classic Detroit techno vibe and the newest sound technology. With a bass-blowing beast turning into deep space, the A-side is created for dancefloor magic at its best. Based on strings, chords and 303s, “Sweet Potatoes” on the B-side is a deeply-kicking Detroit electro tune.
SOME 012LP STL: STL And His Quest For Sound 2LP (SOME 012LP) 26.50
Vinyl release. Harz-based producer Stephan Laubner aka STL presents a doubly-packed album featuring nine tracks and 4 bonus loops, residing somewhere between deep, cranky scientifics and crazy, shaking groove and listening experimentations. Some tracks will make you dance and probably go nuts on the floor, while others excite your senses with a special, irresistible, attractive beauty. Odd, slippery rhythms will guide you through this 72-minute long journey. Pure and beauteous, shivering synth activities, which are 100% hardware from cosmic dimensions to your ears. Music from a universe where the dominating force is sound! Something for believers and collectors. Something for souls with the everlasting thirst for sound. This STL longplayer comes strictly limited to 500 copies, so you better be fast.
SS 050LP A FRAMES: 333 3LP (SS 050LP) 34.00
“For S.S. Records’ fiftieth release we are very, very, very proud to announce the A Frames 333 triple album. Back in 2000, when SS, Sr. first saw the A Frames, he knew he had to start a new record label to release their stuff. And with the help of SS, Jr., that is what he did. From the Plastica 45 to two critically acclaimed full lengths and a couple more 45s, the A Frames/S.S. relationship remained so solid that when the A Frames jumped to Sub Pop records, the S.S. production team of Chris Woodhouse and Scott Soriano went along for the ride. So now, after years of talk, SS and the A Frames have gathered their singles and EPs together with a whole bunch of demo recordings, outtakes, and unreleased tracks for a 42 song, triple album set. From the onset the A Frames have blown away fans and critics. Their first two singles received much praise, setting up their 2002 debut album for many mentions as the record of the year, called ‘one of the few great American rock records’ by Thurston Moore and Byron Coley. Their second album received even more praise, as did the handful of singles they after, as well as their third album, Black Forest. The A Frames are one of the few bands never to have released a bad or mediocre record. We thought about that when assembling 333, for we didn’t want this one to be a dud. We are very confident that like the neutron bomb that blasted the A Frames off, we have one hell of a post-punk explosion here.” Tri-fold sleeve.
“Previously released and unreleased material. 2xLP gatefold b/w cover ltd. 700ex.”
MAV 065CD VERNON & BURNS: Mort Aux Vaches CD (MAV 065CD) 21.00
“This might very be the first time that Staalplaat repeats a cover for their Mort Aux Vaches: the metallic cover for this one was also used for the Mitchell Akiyama release (unless of course one states that a lot were printed on paper), but with a different pin. Musicwise of course Vernon & Burns are something different than Akiyama. What many perhaps don’t know is that perhaps the whole Mort Aux Vaches enterprise started with VPRO and Staalplaat was by asking people to deliver radio plays for transmission. >From there on things grew as an in-studio project. To have Vernon & Burns it sees a return to the radio play days, as they incorporate a lot of spoken word in their little pieces. They don’t make necessarily a story per se. Not inside a track, but also not as a whole. These stories rather set a mood, although its not a clear one. It might be a different mood for each listener. There are funny bits, sad bits, melancholic bits, spooky bits, all packed with musique concrete elements, electro-acoustic music and such like, which are placed with great care onto the spoken word material and the plundered sounds from old trash-bin records. Matches being struck, water sounds, quite fascinating stuff really. One could argue that it would be nice to see them working within a larger story frame, and no doubt that’s something for the future. This CD – recorded in 2007 already – shows Vernon & Burns at their best… An excellent head trip. Much better to spend your time with this than watching any tube.” — (FdW)
MAV 066CD IGNATZ: Mort Aux Vaches CD (MAV 066CD) 21.00
Belgium’s Ignatz contribute to the Mort Aux Vaches series. “Acoustic songs wrapped with effects and driven by improvisation and spontaneousness.”
STILLM 029EP RANDOLPH: Echoes #1 12″ (STILLM 029EP) 12.00
Jerome Derradji’s legendary Chicago-based label is proud to present remixes of tracks off of Paul Randolph’s Lonely Eden. Simbad, Recloose, Archetyp and Aaron Jerome take turns, each in their own inimitable style, in delivering the finest electronic soul around. Downbeat rhythms mingle with subtle jazz keys to create the ultimate echo for Randolph’s outstanding and powerful songs. Echoes #1 is dedicated to all the basement soul and Detroit fans.
STILLM 030EP RANDOLPH: Echoes #2 12″ (STILLM 030EP) 12.00
Jerome Derradji’s legendary Chicago-based label is proud to present remixes of tracks off of Paul Randolph’s Lonely Eden. Echoes #2 starts in Detroit with an outstanding, soulful techno remix from Underground Resistance, and a killer hip-hop redo from newcomer Dial 81. Deetron, one of Still Music’s favorite artists, invades the B-side and delivers two essential deeper-than-deep house mixes.
STILLM 031EP RANDOLPH: Echoes #3 12″ (STILLM 031EP) 12.00
Jerome Derradji’s legendary Chicago-based label is proud to present remixes of tracks off of Paul Randolph’s Lonely Eden. Charles Webster, Todd Sines and Zed Bias are the choice remixers for Echoes #3. Charles and Zed both deliver stunning, soulful house music that will ravish dancefloors worldwide, while Todd creates an analog techno journey around Randolph’s classic “Eda Mae.”
TRESOR 237EP FUTURE BEAT ALLIANCE: Machines Can Help EP 12″ (TRESOR 237EP) 12.00
Future Beat Alliance, aka Matthew Puffett, is the latest signing to Berlin’s Tresor Records; label mate to Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Drexciya, Surgeon, Cristian Vogel, and many more legendary names of techno. With a modest but mighty discography, FBA should feel right at home at the techno institute, bringing a lost aesthetic that utilizes keen production and a pursuit for progressing music with visions of the future.
UT 030 UGLY THINGS: #30 MAG (UT 030) 8.95
“Contents: Issue #30 is a Kinks special, featuring an extensive, no holds barred interview with Ray Davies by Kinks biographer Jon Savage, along with various sidebar articles and a host of rare and previously unpublished photos, all focused on the band’s 1964-68 heyday. Also in this issue: The Masters Apprentices, Ollie Halsall and Patto, ’60s garage punks The Hysterics, girl garage rockers The Bittersweet, Dutch beat icons Q65, ’70s Texas punks The Nervebreakers, a rundown of the greatest ’60s punk compilations by Johan Kugelberg, Cromagnon, The New Nadir, and lots more, including, as always, our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock’n’roll books and DVDs.” 176 pages, perfect bound/full-color glossy cover. Cover price: $8.95
PLU 002EP PLASTIKMAN: Plasticine/Korridor/Lasttrak 12″ (PLU 002EP) 10.00
“Classic Plastikman reissued!”
Young Americans is a new label operating under the Modern Love umbrella, proud to present an extremely special vinyl pressing of some of the most important early electronic music ever made. Daphne Oram was the founder of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, a department she more or less single-handedly created in 1958, camping out at the BBC studios for nights on end splicing tapes and working with various modified machines to create her abstract soundscapes. Eventually the BBC bent under her pressure and in studio 13 created the soon-to-be-legendary Radiophonic Workshop, with Daphne Oram as its first director. Oram also invented her own “drawn-sound” technique, a process whereby strips of 35mm film would be manipulated before being fed into her home-made “Oramics” machine which would convert and “read” the film into sound. Despite her considerable and historic list of achievements, Oram’s life and work remain largely unknown by the wider public. As this remarkable 44-track collection shows, however, her work ranks amongst the most varied and pioneering ever made, and it’s quite incredible to think that this is the first time any of these precious recordings have been available on vinyl. 155 minutes/8 sides of vinyl cut by Lupo at D&M, housed in a heavyweight 300 gram gatefold sleeve, featuring rare archive photographs.
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