Manuel Tur – Beasts And The Birds Ep

12″ | Delusions Of Grandeur | dog08 | € 9.20

Fianchetto opts for a dark, spaced-out and deeply hypnotic vibe full of warm, subby disco beats, shimmering Rhodes and echoing horns. A masterful production from Manuel that is loaded with atmosphere and sounds mighty on a big system. Next up we have Beasts And The Birds which goes for a heavy looped up disco approach full of raw Detroit sensibilities and attitude.…

Black Van – Yearning (Emperor Machine Remix)

12″ | DFA | dfa2243 | € 9.20

“Yearning” takes from both old and new, combining classic, straight-forward electronics in a fresh, new composition. Flip the record to hear the Emperor Machine remix that graces Side B. It strips things down, then adds alien lasers, funky guitars and electro-bass, old-skool keys and primal percussion – tambourines, cowbells and such – to the sound. [disco-house]

Various Artists – Electro Funk Classics Volume 1

12″ | No Label | loz001 | € 8.99

Limited 12″ run featuring three absolute classics, which helped define the Electro Funk sound. Includes the superb Tee Scott remix of Northend’s ‘Happy Days’. Seriously hard to find on their original labels.

Unknown Artist – You Know

7″ | No Label | youknow01 | € 6.50

A very hush hush and super limited 7″ 250 copy run of this rather splendid summertime remake of Roisin Murphy’s ‘You Know Me Better’. Superb dub version.

Various Artists – Undiscovered 2

12″ | Undiscovered | undisc2 | € 9.50

Another quartet of absolutely awesome & well, ‘undiscovered’ Soul/P-Funk/Electronic/Disco killers. From the Monster end-of-nighter that is ‘Everybody Needs Somebody’ to the crazed French electronic version of Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’, to the downright irresistible Disco Soul of ‘Can’t Wait’ and the blazing P-Funkery of ‘Premium Economy’ this is another great collection.

Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco – Visual / Exodus

12″ | Autodiscotheque | autodiscoteque4 | € 8.99

‘Visual’ is a slick reworking of a classic slice of early 80s NY proto-house. On the flip, Exodus’ disco classic ‘Together Forever’ is cut up and enhanced into an irresistible, heavy hitting DJ tool that will really work the dance floor. Good stuff.

Justus Kohncke – Now Phreeq

12″ | stilove4music | stilove4music025 | € 12.50

Hot 3 tracker on stilove4music by Justus Kohncke skillfully reworking 3 classic, catchy boogie and disco hits. Will definitely fill the floors. Check!

Situation – Gangster Love / Sutra Love

12″ | Situation | situation3 | € 8.99

The amazing Situation return with two sides of love – Gangster Love and Sutra Love. The Gangster side is an amazing clash of a skit from American Gangster (heavily inspired by the Eddy Grant produced ‘Funky Like A Train’ by The Equals) with Donna Summer. The resulting blend is as inspiring and surprising as it is unlikely. On the flip side it’s a case of…

Tiago – Motorcycles

12″ | Hands Of Time | hot04 | € 9.20

Tiago is half of Mendes & Alçada (Claremont 56), Slight Delay (Rong/Eskimo), and along with DJ Kaos forms T&K, who released the piano-driven belter ‘Mucho Swash’ on Italians Do It Better towards the end of last year. He resides off the south Portuguese coast and has maintained a weekly residency at Lisbon’s club Lux for the last decade. ‘Motorcycles’ has ‘instant…

Sombrero Galaxy – Journey To The Centre Of The Sun

12″ | Esp Institute | esp001 | € 9.99

Prepare to enter the Sombrero Galaxy. Journey To The Centre Of The Sun, the debut release from Lovefingers’ highly anticipated imprint ESP Institute, is a collaborative effort from Jonny Nash (Discosession) and Tako. Journey To The Centre Of The Sun is a dive into a moody, visceral and ethereal headspace brought to life through shimmering synthesizers, swirling…

Social Disco Club – Don’t / Give Me

12″ | Disco Deviance | dd-013 | € 9.20

Portugal’s finest exponent of the disco re-edit culture, Social Disco Club slices up The Saturday Night Band’s ‘Don’t’ and extends it into a joyful heavy disco groove that rocks the dancefloor. While on the flip, he demonstrates a more slow mo disco style in his reworking of Leo Sunshipp’s ‘Sunshine’, which brings to mind the work of Mark E and…

Ray Mang – Letcha Body Go

12″ | Mangled | reg013 | € 9.20

It’s not what you might think, much like the last couple of Mangled releases these are not edits but original works (sure there are a few samples here and there, but hey). Hot stuff!

Begin – Optical Holidays Part 1 & 2

12″ | Begin | begin1 | € 9.20

James Holroyd has been the Chemical Brothers tour DJ for many years, as well as the longstanding resident at Bugged Out during its early Manchester days. Optical Holiday is a Balearic beauty in every sense of the word, It’s the musical equivalent of feeling the sun on your face, the crashing of waves on the warm breeze and sand between your toes. Proper!

Bubble Club – Violet Morning Moon

12″ | Bubble Club | bc1 | € 10.29

‘Violet Morning Moon’ is the kind of tune that only comes along once in a while, it’s an absolutley stunning, uplifting and mesmerising track Just to make sure it’s prescence doesn’t go unfelt, Eric Duncan (AKA Dr Dunks / Rub ‘n Tug) takes care of the flipside. Recommended.

Jose Manuel Vs Mushrooms Project – The Italian Connection Ep

12″ | Is It Balearic? | isit011 | € 9.20

Is It Balearic? continue to dominate in the laid back and gorgeous stakes. Jose Manuel gives us ‘Nova” a cinematic Italo-Balearic groove with a chugging bassline. On the flip, Mushrooms Project provide a beautifilly epic cosmic dub jam. And then there’s two signature remixes by Max Essa and Coyote. Lovely.

Try To Find Me – Get To My Baby

12″ | Golf Channel | channel009 | € 11.50

An absolutely monstrous re-edit of ‘Get To My Baby’ from Golf Channel stalwart Try To Find Me. Limited edition.

Various Artists – Liza / Penny

12″ | Golf Channel | channel004 | € 11.35

Only four releases in and already Golf Channel is one of the hottest labels amongst fans of modern Disco and Nu Balearic. First up Elias Rahbani’s super rare 1978 release ‘Liza…Liza’ gets pushed and pulled into a fresh and club friendly new shape. On the flip, Dr Hook’s ‘Penicillin Penny’ gets lovingly overhauled into a pharmaceutically enhanced slab of psychedelia.

Beard Science – Razor Sharp Edits Ep 5

12″ | Beard Science | beard005 | € 9.20

Fifth release in the series, and another top quality offering from the now infamous group of gold-diggers. Includes contributions from the omnipresent JAZ, and one from a special guest scientist who you may already know.

Cosmic Boogie – Youngblood / The Users

12″ | Cosmic Boogie | cb004 | € 9.20

Cosmic Boogie are back and drop two funk fuelled bombs for the fourth release on the imprint. First up is a driving, peak time version of War’s classic hard edged funk cut ‘Youngblood’. Flip side cut, ‘The Users’, is a heavily percussive funk outing that is packed full of joyful soul, a heavy dose of boogie and a hint of Caribbean groove.

Laser – Laser

LP | No Label | laser1 | € 14.25

Classical synth-driven disco, including 1979 italo-hit ”his name is charly”. This reissue has got a still fresh space-disco-quality to it, bringing the briefly popular German formation Laser back into demand.

Satomi Taniyama – Portopia

CD | Strange Life Records | slr039 | € 9.50

The obscure Satomi Taniyama, a garbage man and musician from Oda, Shimane Japan. With half broken casio keyboards and electric pianos which he finds on the line of duty he composed Sixteen exotic dark ambient jazz minimal wavish whatever-you-want-to call it tracks.

DMX Krew – The March To The Stars

CD | Strange Life Records | slr038 | € 9.50

The legendary DMX Krew aka ED DMX brings us 19 tracks of english eccentric electro masterpieces recorded between 1997 and 2009. From rural 70s Brititsh TV-programme introtunes to his unresistable electrofunk sound!

The Psychic Stewardess – Spiritual Foundation

CD | Strange Life Records | slr037 | € 9.50

Fourteen tracks from the Californian desert town of Palm Springs…smudgey ambient detroit stuff to take you to the highest skies.

Vagon Brei – Asturias Tierra de Leyendas

CD | Strange Life Records | slr036 | € 9.50

Vagon Brei’s debut album called Asturias Tierra de Leyendas, best described as “Think Jesse Franco spanish euro-horror soundtracks meets the ‘haunting grandeur’ of Wendy Carlos The Shining with the occasional drummachine thrown in”.

Heinrich Dressel – Completion Of The Amphoras Table

CD | Strange Life Records | slr035 | € 9.50

The sequel to the cult 2006 Mons Tastaceum album from Italian composer Heinrich Dressel. Third and final release in the Amphoras Trilogy. Beautifull Italian giallo-esque electronic music, this time going even more deeper! Comes in DVD box with booklet and card.

Ian Martin – Defused Nights

CD | Strange Life Records | slr034 | € 9.50

Somewhere in between Coil and Vangelis Ian brings us sketches that would perfectly fit in obscure film noir detective series. This is his second album after his debut on Bunker records.


Bumrocks Presents – The Very Polish Cutouts

12″ | Bumrocks | bmr003 | € 9.75

The new EP on Bumrocks gives you an inside look into the Polish music from the 70’s & 80’s which till now remained as mostly unknown stuff for the wider audience. The man behind this release is Zambon, a young, Polish producer and DJ, who dug out, compiled and edited this, packed with 4 stunning tracks, 12 inch. Big tip! [disco-edits]

Manolo – Lose Myself

12″ | Delusions Of Grandeur | dog06 | € 9.20

Helsinki based producer Manolo Lose Myself, a rock solid chugger that bumps n grinds perfectly while pianos build and the vocal rides the looped up slo-mo house groove. Flip over for Commando which takes things in an altogether more epic, Italo-inspired direction and a remix by Wareika. Hot. [disco-house]

Dorothys Fortress – Kill Django Kill

12″ | Destroy All Planets | bastard003 | € 9.50

The final installment of the ‘Django’ trilogy. Kicking off we have ‘Gekko’, and arpeggiated analog monster, hailing back to the early scored synthesis of John Carpenter soundtracks. ‘Firefox’ is the answer record to the now cult ‘Silencer’, with its driving basslines and retro synth leads. Next we have ‘Neon Cities’ a great rework of Twilight…

Ray Mang Feat. Lady Miss Kier – Bullet Proof

12″ | DFA | dfa2211 | € 9.50

“Bullet Proof,” is a rethinking of George Clinton’s original. Club legend, former Dee-Lite frontwoman and heralded solo artist Lady Miss Kier is the hefty, soulful voice at the center of this relentlessly energetic track. On the flipside is “Look Into My Eyes,” a fluid Mang composition of handclaps, a singularly-minded beat, swirling synths and melodic…

Ajello – Do The Job Volume 1

12″ | Do The Job | job1 | € 9.20

Italian discoid act Ajello (Mantra Vibes, Relish, Maxi Discs, Radius, Mad on the Moon, Rebirth) gets in the re-edit game with their very own series ”Ajello do the job”: “Telegatto” is an instrumental edit on Heather Parisi ‘Disco Bambina” track played by the likes of I-F and Loud-E. “Jabarra Island” is a DJ friendly version on the obscure single…

Ajello – Do The Job Volume 2

12″ | Do The Job | job2 | € 9.20

‘Tito’s Mirage’ is an Italo Disco edit of a club theme composed just for the Discoteca Mirage in Tuscany. Early electro with disco flavour and new wave attitude. ”Buns Of Steel’ goes Boogie disco with an instrumental edit on an obscure track did by an early eighties US group called American Steel, with mainly bass line, drums and few vocals, just as it was a…

Prince Language / Lee Douglas – On The Double / These Times

12″ | Editions Disco | ed1979 | € 9.99

With On The Double, Prince Language unleashes his skills on a minor 80s hit by the guitar player from everybody’s favorite nose-candy enthusiasts. Lindsey Buckinghams’s “Trouble” is extended into 7-minutes plus of dancefloor ecstasy, with mix-friendly drum intro and outros, and delicate looping and effects work. On the B-side’s These Times, Lee Douglas…

Richie Havens – Going Back To My Roots (Mr K Edit)

12″ | Elektra | as11460 | € 12.99

Mr K extends the intro of this perennial disco classic and turns it into a gradually building and hypnotic disco meets house bomb with an impressive bassline. On the other flip you get the original album version. [disco-edits]

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas – II

4LP | Eskimo | 502814 | € 25.00

After various solo artist projects, Oslo’s finest return with the highly anticipated ‘II’ and a worthy successor to their ground-breaking first album. A collection of lovely slow-jams, epic building organic disco and stuff that souns like Holger Czukay! Great album -recommended. 4 vinyl package + CD! [electronic-disco]

Italo Deviance – Italo Deviance Vol 1

12″ | Italo Deviance | idr001 | € 9.20

Italo Deviance Blog celebrates its first birthday with three killer edits on 12”. On the A side you’ll find an extended & very powerful “I wanted to tell her” by Ministry edited by Marcello Giordani. The B side contains an obscure track made in Canada but very Italo Disco flavoured “Ladies Choice – American man” edited by Ajello and a crazy edit…

Stratospheric Band – Splash…

LP | No Label | splash1 | € 14.99

A real intergalactic Italian Disco gem with all the key ingredients in place to blow modern dancefloors apart. Released in 1977 on the defunct Voom Voom Music this album has spent 30 years in the cosmic wilderness and is hence incredibly rare to find a mint copy. Replica. [italo-disco-cosmic]

Marcos Cabral & Shux – On The Prowl Presents Otp Party Breaks 1

12″ | Otp Party Breaks | pb001 | € 9.50

On The Prowl launches their new sub label with OTP Party Breaks #1. NYC house legend Marcos Cabral from Runaway (DFA, Rekids, I’m a Cliche, Wurst, Chinatown, Mule, etc) solidifies the backbone of what’s to come. Expect nothing less than to hear the sound of the current wave of NYC dance music with upcoming releases featuring NYC artists that we know and love.…

Alain Goraguer – La Planète Sauvage

LP | Pathe Marconi | c066-12698 | € 17.99

Reissue of this rare and in-demand soundtrack by Alain Goraguer for the movie ‘La Planète Sauvage’ from 1973. Comes with beautiful picture sleeve. [soundtrack]

Various Artists – Prime Numbers 11

12″ | Prime Numbers | pn011 | € 8.99

Huge 3 track Ep with wonderful deep house by Mr Scruff & Kaidi Tatham and Motor City Drum Ensemble plus a great electro-funk cut by Andres. Hot. [house-electro]

Greg Wilson – Reactivate Part 1

12″ | Reactivate | reactivate001 | € 9.50

Back to back, two of Greg Wilson’s best-loved edits of recent times reactivated on one indispensable 12″. Includes “When i was a teenage dj part 1 (extended)” and “Gotta Keep working it”. [disco-edits]

Greg Wilson – Reactivate Part 2

12″ | Reactivate | reactivate02 | € 9.50

Following on from the coupling of essential Greg Wilson edits, ‘I Was A Teenage DJ Pt 1’ and ‘Gotta Keep Workin’ It’, the 2nd release in the Reactivate series brings together 2 more super sought after GW favourites from recent years. Your chance to get hold of that ace ‘Two Sides Of Sympathy’. [disco-edits]

Lindstrom – Where You Go I Go Too

2LP | Smalltown Supersound | sts153lp | € 24.99

Latest album by Lindstrom and it’s good! No more endless doodling and jamming. Four beautifuly produced and arranged space disco tracks sounding more electronic and solid than ever before. All four tracks are edited by Prins Thomas. Vinyl version is limited to 300 copies – don’t sleep! [electronic-disco]

Various Artists – Deutsche Elektronische Musik Volume 2

2LP | Soul Jazz Records | sjrlp2132 | € 21.99

Experimental German rock and electronic music from 1972-1983. Part 2 of the ace compilation of German electronic music, kosmische music, cosmic rock, space music. Featuring 11 tracks by Cluster, Iblis, Moebius, Amon Duul II, Popol Vuh, Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream, Roedelius, Can, Deuter. Recommended!

Grackle – Cloak & Dagger

CD | Strange Life Records | slr006 | € 9.50

Strange electro release on Legowelt’s Strange Life Records. Experimental stuff for the real freaks by an honorable gentleman from the US. Last copies. [electro]

Karl Lindh – Bortom E4’s Horrisont

CD | Strange Life Records | slr004 | € 9.50

“Extremely deep no-nonsense ambient music from Sweden. Think whiskey drinking captain meets a church burning son of Burzum driving to the top of the world..towards nothingness…in a dark and tragic film noir filled with dark shadows…infinite sadness all around!” New release on Legowelt’s label, rumoured to be a Luke Eargoggle production. Beautiful music. [soundtrack-electronix]

Smackos – Computer Day

CD | Strange Life Records | slr015 | € 9.50

The new album from Smackos…more electronic entrecourses for the people! 1985, Somewhere in a not so populated area of the USA a lonely man decides to buy a computer…a dark and tragic story unfolds… as he starts to program a computergame called “Forest of Doom” people start dissapearing from his small town… 16 tracks full with tape saturated juicy Jupiter…

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