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New Releases

Mark E – Mark E Works 2005-2009 Vol. 2

CD | Merc Music | merc004 | € 13.99

Second installment in the Limited CD only run of Edits and tracks by Mark E, produced between 2005-2009. The trademark stretched grooves have never been more obvious than here, teasing and elongating old and new soul music into epic 10 minute soundscapes.

Mark E – Special FX / Christo

12″ | Merc Music | merc003 | € 9.50

Mark E is arguably the leading light in the resurgent obsession with all things disco and slo-mo. Special FX weaves snatches of mid-Eighties magic into a lengthy groove-out with that patented Mark E ‘throb’. Whereas Christo drives us down a decidely more Detroit bound freeway, sounding as it does like Carl Craig remixing Prince, well. Recommended.

Kultra Edits – Kultra 1 / Kultra 2

12″ | Kultra | kult001 | € 9.50

Two glorious end-of-night anthems, “Kultra 1” is a clever edit of UB40’s “Don’t break My Heart”, looped and spliced to perfection. Flip for a great exotic sounding disco track. Recommended.

The Revenge – Lost In Music / Shack Up

12″ | Disco Deviance | dd014 | € 9.20

Firm Flexx favorites the Revenge with a bomb edit release on Disco Deviance. First up is Sister Sledge’s anthemic ‘Lost In Music’, which is dubbed out and reworked into a massive dance floor teaser that totally goes off when it’s dropped. While on the flip, Banbarra’s funk-fuelled classic ‘Shack Up’ is cut up and supercharged in true Revenge style.…

Sam Sallon – You May Not Mean To Hurt Me

12″ | Fascinating Rhythms | fr02 | € 10.50

Sam Sallon is a hugely talented singer songwriter, who’s acoustic-led folk-pop brings to mind legendary UK artists such as Nick Drake & John Martyn. Begin and Leo Elstob a.k.a. Leo Zero have taken Sam’s beautiful, delicate original song and taken it into new territory. Great stuff. Limited edition 500 copy, hand screen-printed sleeve.

Greg Wilson – Edit The Edit Volume 2

12″ | Edit The Edit | ete002 | € 8.99

Three heavyweights of the new Disco era, Greg Wilson, Todd Terje and the 6th Borough Project, are brought together on one serious slab of crucial vinyl. Terje’s ‘Boogie’, which appeared in 2007 as part of the Mindless Boogie series, is extended and overdubbed, whilst 6BP’s ‘How Can I Show You’, from 2009, gets well and truly worked over for the flipside’s…

Premiere Classe – Poupee Flash

12″ | No Label | poupee1 | € 9.50

Seminlal Belgian New Wave / Synth pop anthem ‘Poupee Flash’ by Premiere Classe gets a timely re issue. Released in 1982, this is one of those forgotten gems that may ignite a party but you’ll never know the name of. Its demand grew when it was one of the stand out tracks taken from Metro Area’s incredible Fabric Mix CD in 2009. Backed with another winner…

Droids – Star Peace

LP | No Label | droids01 | € 15.99

‘Star Peace’, originally released in 1979, is a concept to the classic sci fi movie ‘Star Wars’ out that year. Featuring the French space synth classic ‘(Do You Have) The Force’, in both parts, this LP goes from strength to strength with spaced out lullaby’s ‘Inner Space’ & Tchough Fou’, before kicking back into the groove with ‘Be Happy’…

Various Artists – Balearic Sound Volumen Tres

2LP | Musica Sol Y Mar | msm003 | € 16.50

Number three in the series. The selection ranges from heady electronic grooves that rocked the floors of Ku, Amnesia and Pacha to the most reflective blissed out soundscapes that help add to the Cafe Del Mar legend. All tracks featured here are either long deleted on vinyl or are seeing a vinyl release for the first time. All tracks have been re-mastered for maximum…

Various Artists – Balearic Sound Volumen Dos

2LP | Musica Sol Y Mar | msm002 | € 16.50

Musica Sol Y Mar are back with a second installment of Balearic Sound for 2010. This beautiful double album showcases more gorgeous Balearic gems that have long been on the playlists of native Ibicenco DJs as well as Balearic brothers around the world such as DJ Harvey, Phil Mison and Moonboots. The album features tracks such as the blue-eyed soul anthem “Get…

Glass Candy – Feeling Without Touching

12″ | Italians Do It Better | idib025 | € 10.25

Glass Candy return with a brand new 12-inch single – Italians’ first record of 2010. Includes the cuts “Feeling Without Touching” (Video Mixx and Instrumental Mix), “Sugar & Whitebread” (regular and instrumental versions), “Covered In Bugs” and “Shine Like Gold & Diamonds”. Features full-color two-sided insert and lyric sheet and full-color…

Idjut Boys – Implant

12″ | Noid | noid0110 | € 9.75

After a short hiatus, travelling far and wide to spread the good word, we have a mighty double-header in the shape of ‘Implant’. Loosely based around the late eighties, underground proto-House hit ‘Barah’ this takes the addictive Cymande style bass line into an altogether more dubbed out place, layering up some thundering persussion and extending the groove into…

Badonday – Albodingas

12″ | Flashback | fb005 | € 9.50

Toby Tobias & Dave Garnish collaborate on Flashback’s 5th release and its a huge disco-house floorfiller. Big tip!

Hot Lunch – Inside Of You

12″ | Pop | ppfspecialops03 | € 9.50

Release number 3 on the scruffy militant wing of the beloved Popular People’s Front label. Sounding something like Berlin’s elusive Soundhack crew taking the scissors and sellotape to a Disco staple.

Don Froth – 10,000 CC / Holiday (Dubbed Out)

12″ | Phonica | phonicawhite02 | € 9.50

Don Froth initially appeared on our radar last year with ‘Foam’ – a laidback, dubby disco number. Forget about such niceties… ‘10,000cc’s’ is ‘Foam’s’ rowdy sibling. A twisted, bass-heavy stomper of a track, that takes disco, dub-step and punk-funk, spins them in blender and spits out one of the rudest basslines we’ve heard in a while. We’re talking big…

Various Artists – Magic Wand Vol. 1

12″ | Magic Wand | magicwand001 | € 9.50

Magic Wand is a new edit label project from Is It Balearic. Dj Steef from France lovingly transforms Black Sabbath’s little known ‘Planet Caravan’ into something truly balearic. Coyote respectfully add a liitle dubstyle weight to Randy Crawfords ‘You Might Need Somebody’, while on the flipside, Manchester’s ‘Be’ tunes up Richard Bears ‘Sunshine Hotel’ and finally,…

La Bionda – Burning Love

12″ | No Label | bionda1 | € 9.20

Classic disco tracks by La Bionda. This 3 track EP has some of their best work. Burning Love (recorded under their alias D.D. Sound) is a ten minute epic with wonderful male to female vocal ricochets and classic cosmic Italo instrumentation. I Got Your Number retains the dual lead vocal qualities but adds a killer electric guitar riff to the concoction making…

Unknown Artist – Heavy Disco Edits

12″ | Heavy Disco Edits | hdj01 | € 9.50

Rumoured to be the work of celebrated UK DJ and musician Ashley Beedle two legendary disco flavoured rock anthems get reworked and heavily dubbed out for the more psychedelic disco dance floors.

Idjut Boys – Waterboard

12″ | Droid | droidspesh00110 | € 10.99

Undoubtedly mighty, morphing, monstrous Moroderesque mindmelter from the Idjuts bunker. So immense in fact that there’s only room for one track on this platter!

Justin Vandervolgen – The Clapping Song / Sheebooyaa

12″ | Golf Channel | channel010 | € 12.25

Golf Channel’s leading light and producer/engineer extraordinaire Justin Vandervolgen strikes again with a double A of mid-nineties European flavoured House flipped with a sublime, deep Balearic Techno epic. Super special.

Dominik Von Senger – No Name

12″ | Golf Channel | channel005 | € 12.25

Dominik Von Senger may be something of a mystery to most, but his early 80’s Kraut Rock / Electronic work on German labels Fünfundvierzig, Harvest & veraBra have become firm favourites with Kraut-rock afficionado’s and Balearic types alike. Wonderfully melodic and suitably epic ‘No Name’ takes it’s cue from this fertile era of Deutsch Muzika and updates it for…

Gino Felino – Spend The Night / Thank You For This World

12″ | Creme Organisation | creme12-50 | € 9.50

For the 50th release Creme goes back to its Italo roots to release these two bombs. Ofcourse the rotting corpse of Italo has been desecrated endlessly over the last few years by predatory hipsters to gain scenepoints, but that doesnt mean there isn’t still some joy to be found in the oversatured tearjerking cotton candy sound of true mediteranean peacockery. Gino…

Electrick Dragon – Electric Dragon Ep

12″ | Moustache | mst015 | € 9.50

Electrick Dragon is known for it’s many releases during the last couple of years and is now set for a full release on the Moustache label. This dark poppy new wave and italo-isch E.P. has it all. Tip!

Mr Pauli & David Vunk – We Are The Laser Lords Ep

12″ | Moustache | mst017 | € 9.50

Mr Pauli & David Vunk – the two electro disco 80ies analog fetish freaks started a new The Hague/Rotterdam collaboration. Excellent neo-italo. Limited pressing, comes with a nice coloured sleeve.


Onra – Long Distance

2LP | All City | acolpx1 | € 18.50

To be honest French artist Onra was new to us and we’re surprised, judging by his Long Distance LP on All City he’s been doing exciting things. A unique blend of 80’s electro and r’n’b, hip-hop and modern electronics. 22 tracks. Check.

Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco – Visual / Exodus

12″ | Autodiscotheque | autodiscoteque4 | € 8.99

‘Visual’ is a slick reworking of a classic slice of early 80s NY proto-house. On the flip, Exodus’ disco classic ‘Together Forever’ is cut up and enhanced into an irresistible, heavy hitting DJ tool that will really work the dance floor. Good stuff.

Reggie Blount – Hard Times Ep

12″ | Clone | ccrown03 | € 9.50

Reggie Blount doing some great p-funk electro tracks as one would expect to hear from Midnight Star, Morris Day and the Time, Bootsy Collins and the many unknown early 80’s unknown electro funk boogie funkateers. Heavily influenced by the underground electro-boogie style of the early 80’s as well as more known artists such as One Way, Kashif, Mtume, Cameo, and…

Cosmic Boogie – Youngblood / The Users

12″ | Cosmic Boogie | cb004 | € 9.20

Cosmic Boogie are back and drop two funk fuelled bombs for the fourth release on the imprint. First up is a driving, peak time version of War’s classic hard edged funk cut ‘Youngblood’. Flip side cut, ‘The Users’, is a heavily percussive funk outing that is packed full of joyful soul, a heavy dose of boogie and a hint of Caribbean groove.

Manuel Tur – Beasts And The Birds Ep

12″ | Delusions Of Grandeur | dog08 | € 9.20

Fianchetto opts for a dark, spaced-out and deeply hypnotic vibe full of warm, subby disco beats, shimmering Rhodes and echoing horns. A masterful production from Manuel that is loaded with atmosphere and sounds mighty on a big system. Next up we have Beasts And The Birds which goes for a heavy looped up disco approach full of raw Detroit sensibilities and attitude.…

Dorothys Fortress – Kill Django Kill

12″ | Destroy All Planets | bastard003 | € 9.50

The final installment of the ‘Django’ trilogy. Kicking off we have ‘Gekko’, and arpeggiated analog monster, hailing back to the early scored synthesis of John Carpenter soundtracks. ‘Firefox’ is the answer record to the now cult ‘Silencer’, with its driving basslines and retro synth leads. Next we have ‘Neon Cities’ a great rework of Twilight…

Black Van – Yearning (Emperor Machine Remix)

12″ | DFA | dfa2243 | € 9.20

“Yearning” takes from both old and new, combining classic, straight-forward electronics in a fresh, new composition. Flip the record to hear the Emperor Machine remix that graces Side B. It strips things down, then adds alien lasers, funky guitars and electro-bass, old-skool keys and primal percussion – tambourines, cowbells and such – to the sound. [disco-house]

Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco – Doctor Love

12″ | Disco Deviance | dd-012 | € 8.99

Pete Herbert and Dicky Trisco cut, paste and rework two cracking disco tracks. they kick things off with the discotastic, proto-house vibes of Sharon Brown’s classic ‘I Specialize in Love’. Dubbing out the original. Flip for the strong grooves of Deborah Washington’s ‘Rock It’ which get heavily spliced, enhanced and overdubbed to produce a totally…

Quartz / Johnny Harris / Starbow – Disco Spaceship Vol. 5 OUT SOON

12″ | Disco Spaceship | spaceship005 | € 9.99

The fifth and final voyage of Disco Spaceship with its crew of Cosmic Cosmonauts. First up we have ‘Beyond The Clouds’ by Quartz which was originally released on T.K Disco in 1978. This dance floor screamer is driven by hard hitting snares, rumbling bass and playful keys… Next we have the incredible Johnny Harris’s ‘Odyssey’, a bonafide T.K. Disco classic that’s…

Erik Wikström – Summer Of Cesar

12″ | Discofil | discofil001 | € 8.99

Three spiced up, super sweet edits by Erik Wikström! Goody!

Ilija Rudman – Time And Time

12″ | Electric Minds | eminds015 | € 8.99

Sweet early NY disco influenced disco sound of labels such as West End, Prism, Brunswick and Prelude, combined with a flirt to the early house like Larry Levan used to play. Excellent remix,edit digging job by Ilija Rudman as usual! Cool remix by Michael J Collins.

Actress – Splazsh

2LP | Honest Jons Records | hjrlp49 | € 18.99

Darren Cunningham’s eagerly-awaited new album is an adventurous, ultra-modern affair, rummaging about in the inner lives of house, techno and electro. Comes in cool embossed sleeve. Recommended.

6th Borough Project – Part 5

12″ | Instruments Of Rapture | ior005 | € 9.20

More ruff jamz from the 6th Borough Project bunker kicking off with the supa-dupa-slo-mo-soul cut, “Slow Down Baby”, with chopped up strings and heroin-house bassline all present. The flip brings us “Closer” to the edit and pitches us nearer the holy grail of tempos. “Stratus Quo” gives us tracky Rhodes action on the intro and sends us a message in…

Gayngs – Relayted

2LP | Jagjaguar | jag165 | € 19.99

Super group Gayngs features members of Bon Iver, Megafaun, The Rosebuds, Solid Gold, Doomtree & more. Gayngs deliver some seriously ace 80’s inspired power ballads, slow jams (don’t worry just yet) and electro freak pop. Comes with free download coupon.

Mesak – Dadawheel

12″ | Klakson | klakson021 | € 9.20

The return of Klakson!! Mesak delivers a full length (soon to be released) and this is a limited advance vinyl copy of that album. Mesak delivers great Nordic electrofunk and of course Marcel Dettmann delivers what people expect. Very good.

Ray Mang – Letcha Body Go

12″ | Mangled | reg013 | € 9.20

It’s not what you might think, much like the last couple of Mangled releases these are not edits but original works (sure there are a few samples here and there, but hey). Hot stuff!

Mark E – Mark E Works 2005-2009

CD | Merc Music | merc002 | € 13.99

Limited CD only run of Edits and tracks by Mark E, produced between 2005-2009 containing a brilliant selection of his most sought after edits of the last 5 years. Also Including previously unreleased edits of Diana Ross and the sublime Plastic People rework. [disco-edits]

Mr. Intl – The Groove

12″ | Mr Intl | thegroove001 | € 8.99

Hercules and Love Affair /Andy Butler and Jason Kendig reanimate the vocal of Madonna’s ‘Into the groove’, but as it would have sounded if the scene had taken place in Berlin’s Berghain today. A gritty bassline that is immediately recognizable, fat and moody synth hits, and a killer acidic 101 line transport Madonna into a dirty warehouse.

Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue (Limited Edition)

2LP | Music On Vinyl | movlp019 | € 29.00

Beautiful superior quality reissue of Miles Davis’ 1959 ‘Kind Of Blue’, the most successful Jazz album in history. In our opinion one of the most gorgeous pieces of music ever recorded and the perfect introduction to jazz music. Comes on double vinyl, gatefold sleeve, and 2 bonus tracks. Limited edition to 3000 numbered copies. Get!

Escape From New York – Singles Collection

12″ | No Label | escapefromny1 | € 10.29

Escape From New York ‘Singles Collection’, contains the groups full discography. The group comprising of British record producers John Falleti, Mike Whitford, Nigel Swanston & Tim Cox (who also recorded as Airstrip-One) penned these two gems in the early 80’s at a time when Italo Disco & New Wave were the flavour of the day.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Pleasuredome

12″ | No Label | frankie01 | € 9.50

Limited edition white label of Soul Mekanik’s remix of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Pleasuredome’. Mainly following the original version’s structure and instrumentation, the changes are in the detail of the arrangement and a very deftly added dose of ‘oomph’ (technical term), turning a seminal record into a surefire dancefloor bomb.

Laser – Laser

LP | No Label | laser1 | € 14.99

Classical synth-driven disco, including 1979 italo-hit ”his name is charly”. This reissue has got a still fresh space-disco-quality to it, bringing the briefly popular German formation Laser back into demand.

Sharon – Disco Mastana

LP | No Label | sharon1 | € 15.50

Incredible hard-to-find album of Indian covers of all the disco hits of the late Seventies from the production duo of Sharon & Pete Moss (the same dou who did the seminal disco album “Chal Disco Chal”) who set the Bollywood disco scene alight at its peak. They’re all here from Lipps Inc’s ‘Funky Town’, Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry’ and a trio of Donna Summer…

The Z.A.C.K. – Disco Cosmix

LP | No Label | discomix1 | € 14.99

The full details of The Z.A.C.K. has been lost in the cosmic wilderness… however, we know this to be true… They produced this incredible debut album in 1979, that French composer Robert Loubet was the brains of the operation and that this LP produced one single, the albums opener “Mister Satellite”. The main story about the album is the music. Featuring…

Various Artists – Electro Funk Classics Volume 1

12″ | No Label | loz001 | € 9.50

Limited 12″ run featuring three absolute classics, which helped define the Electro Funk sound. Includes the superb Tee Scott remix of Northend’s ‘Happy Days’. Seriously hard to find on their original labels.

Marcos Cabral & Shux – On The Prowl Presents Otp Party Breaks 1

12″ | Otp Party Breaks | pb001 | € 9.50

On The Prowl launches their new sub label with OTP Party Breaks #1. NYC house legend Marcos Cabral from Runaway (DFA, Rekids, I’m a Cliche, Wurst, Chinatown, Mule, etc) solidifies the backbone of what’s to come. Expect nothing less than to hear the sound of the current wave of NYC dance music with upcoming releases featuring NYC artists that we know and love.…

Jean-Pierre Massiera – The Unreleased

12″ | YDNY | ydny01 | € 9.20

Landmark, ahead of its time, rare, French psychedelic disco from Jean Pierre Massiera. This shadowy figure has had his fingers in many of France’s most arcane musical pies, from Visitors’s surrealist sympho-prog anomalies and Horrific Child’s deranged diversions to JPM & Co.’s discombobulated disco aberrations, and has been quoted as Frances’ answer to…

Kza – Let’s Get Lost Vol. 2

12″ | Lets Get Lost | lgl02 | € 8.99

The second release of the new label “let’s get lost” which is started by mule musiq and force of nature’s Kza is Kza’s re-edit of all time top favorite obscure disco stuff. A side ‘Chick’, chic’s timeless disco classic. Kza’s instrumental dub version. B1 “I Wanna Rock”, classic Moroder. B2 “Bender”,the vocalist of Dschinghis Khan Steve Bender’s…

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