Jean-Pierre Massiera – The Unreleased

12″ | YDNY | ydny01 | € 9.20

Landmark, ahead of its time, rare, French psychedelic disco from Jean Pierre Massiera. This shadowy figure has had his fingers in many of France’s most arcane musical pies, from Visitors’s surrealist sympho-prog anomalies and Horrific Child’s deranged diversions to JPM & Co.’s discombobulated disco aberrations, and has been quoted as Frances’ answer to…

Ilija Rudman – Time And Time

12″ | Electric Minds | eminds015 | € 8.99

Sweet early NY disco influenced disco sound of labels such as West End, Prism, Brunswick and Prelude, combined with a flirt to the early house like Larry Levan used to play. Excellent remix,edit digging job by Ilija Rudman as usual! Cool remix by Michael J Collins.

Matt Whitehead – Raw Deal

12″ | Rebel Intelligence | ri002 | € 8.99

Matt Whitehead delivers two more electro funk jams for fans of the old school breakdance style! The A side ‘Raw Deal’ is a synth funk orientated workout complete with guitar licks and bass solos, throwing down a homage to the sound of yesterday. The flip side ‘The Tip Off’ follows suit with another track of old school goodness. Tip!

Jori Hulkkonen – I Am Dead

12″ | Sugarcane | sgr013 | € 8.75

Jori Hulkkonen has been hailed as “the most underrated producer in the world”, “living legend of electronic composition” and “music’s best kept secret”. I am Dead is a stunning pop inspired single with vocalist Jerry Valuri. Drifting and cascading analog synths throughout give I Am Dead both uplifting and dark undertones. Timeless and Imaginative. One of Jori…

Urban Tribe – Program 1 – 12

LP | Mahogani Music | mm25 | € 14.50

Not much really needs to be said about a new release on Mahogani Music, especially since it involves contributions from some of Detroits greats, including Kenny Dixon JR, Anthony Shakir, Carl Craig, and last but not least, the main man Sherard Ingram aka Stingray. It’s a single LP which contains 12 tracks. A couple of shorter skits, but most pretty much full tracks.…

Various Artists – Sampler 001

12″ | Topshelf | ts04 | € 11.45

Following Phoreski’s sly release on LA’s Top Shelf Records comes their sampler for maximum summer play! Featuring Phoreski (under his new Bottoms Up guise), Rayko (Rare Wiri), & label head JDisko. Mood is set, vibe is thick… this is not your neon-wearing sister’s 80s soundtrack!

Michael Bundt – Just Landed Cosmic Kid

LP | No Label | bundt1 | € 15.99

After spending some time with Peter Seiler in a duo called “Sirius”, Michael Bundt (ex-Medusa) went on to record several solo electronic works that resembled both the space majesty of early Jean Michel Jarre and the quirky krautrockish kinetics of Moebius & Plank. His debut solo album “Just Landed Cosmic Kid” was originally released in 1977, was the first…

Brian Bennett – Voyage – A Journey Into Discoid Funk

LP | DJM Records | djf20532 | € 14.50

Beautiful limited reissue of Brian Bennett’s masterpiece LP Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk). Originally released in 1978, this lost gem has become one the holy grails of the cosmic scene and changes hands for big bucks. With killers like Solstice, Chain Reaction, Pendulum Force and Ocean Glide, this incredible record is every bit as good as you heard it was.…

Sharon – Disco Mastana

LP | No Label | sharon1 | € 14.99

Incredible hard-to-find album of Indian covers of all the disco hits of the late Seventies from the production duo of Sharon & Pete Moss (the same dou who did the seminal disco album “Chal Disco Chal”) who set the Bollywood disco scene alight at its peak. They’re all here from Lipps Inc’s ‘Funky Town’, Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry’ and a trio of Donna Summer…

The Z.A.C.K. – Disco Cosmix

LP | No Label | discomix1 | € 14.99

The full details of The Z.A.C.K. has been lost in the cosmic wilderness… however, we know this to be true… They produced this incredible debut album in 1979, that French composer Robert Loubet was the brains of the operation and that this LP produced one single, the albums opener “Mister Satellite”. The main story about the album is the music. Featuring…

Escape From New York – Singles Collection

12″ | No Label | escapefromny1 | € 8.99

Escape From New York ‘Singles Collection’, contains the groups full discography. The group comprising of British record producers John Falleti, Mike Whitford, Nigel Swanston & Tim Cox (who also recorded as Airstrip-One) penned these two gems in the early 80’s at a time when Italo Disco & New Wave were the flavour of the day.

Various Artists – Disconet Greatest Hits Vol. 11

12″ | Disconet | disconet11 | € 9.50

The Disconet vaults once again strike gold with 4 more tracks of exclusive edits by the Disconet team from the early 80’s. We kick off with a fantastic extended version of D.C. La Rue’s seminal “Cathedrals”… this epic 11 minute version builds and builds and you’ll soon be signing along by the end! Next up Time Bandits funk bomb “Live It Up” is…

Social Disco Club – Daft Funk

12″ | Hands Of Time | hotgoldii | € 8.99

‘Daft Funk’ reworks the main sample of a certain famous French duo’s biggest hit. This version gives the track an extra organic edge and adds huge Latin instrumentation to cause major dancefloor damage! The flip ‘Wild Bitch’ also goes straight for the juggular. Inspired by an underground 90’s house record, this is a disco funk nugget of the highest calibre that…

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Pleasuredome

12″ | No Label | frankie01 | € 9.50

Limited edition white label of Soul Mekanik’s remix of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Pleasuredome’. Mainly following the original version’s structure and instrumentation, the changes are in the detail of the arrangement and a very deftly added dose of ‘oomph’ (technical term), turning a seminal record into a surefire dancefloor bomb.

Mr. Intl – The Groove

12″ | Mr Intl | thegroove001 | € 8.99

Hercules and Love Affair /Andy Butler and Jason Kendig reanimate the vocal of Madonna’s ‘Into the groove’, but as it would have sounded if the scene had taken place in Berlin’s Berghain today. A gritty bassline that is immediately recognizable, fat and moody synth hits, and a killer acidic 101 line transport Madonna into a dirty warehouse.

Erik Wikström – Summer Of Cesar

12″ | Discofil | discofil001 | € 8.99

Three spiced up, super sweet edits by Erik Wikström! Goody!

OOFT! – Ride In To The Red Zone

12″ | Foto Recordings | foto001 | € 8.75

FOTO Recordings is the new label from OOFT! of Instruments Of Rapture / Delusions Of Grandeur fame. Showcasing some seriously deep house on the A-side, Ride In To The Red Zone is OOFT!’s homage to those early 90’s New York dons. Meanwhile on the flip a certain classic disco jam gets reworked into a simple club banger. Simple but effective.

Dj Nature – Ep 2

12″ | Golf Channel | channel008 | € 11.00

Absolutely incredible pair of 12″ releases from the one and only DJ Nature aka Milo from The Wild Bunch. New York’s Golf Channel just go from strength to strength. Full picture sleeves, limited edition the works.

Dj Nature – Ep 1

12″ | Golf Channel | channel007 | € 11.00

Absolutely incredible pair of 12″ releases from the one and only DJ Nature aka Milo from The Wild Bunch. New York’s Golf Channel just go from strength to strength. Full picture sleeves, limited edition the works.

Beautiful Swimmers – Big Coast

12″ | Future Times | ft006 | € 11.75

Swimmers bring various inlfuences, from the reggae chunk, Sleeping Bag trumpets, and percussive tidal wave of the title track, to the 808 kraut spiral of ‘Touch Base’, a cut that sounds like Tangerine Dream doing some heavy breathing in Ghana. Tip.

The Chicago Shags – Flamingo World

12″ | Strange Life Records | slr029 | € 9.20

Legowelt and and his long time buddy Orgue ELectronique tram up again for a new Chicago Shags release. One of the rare vinyl releases the Strange Life label. Recommended.

Bottin – Artifact

12″ | Artifact | artifact01 | € 9.99

Here a private pressing of 200 copies with some exciting works of Mr Bottin who is for sure one of the most active producers in the new disco umwelt this year! One super sweet and sexy track called Sage Oil. Disco just don’t get much hotter then this. Flip side had a track called Hot Lizard which is a rawer and more masculine piece as many of us might know from…

Entro Senestre – La Caccia

12″ | WT Records | wt003 | € 10.50

WT records keeps them coming with the first release from unknown American producer, Jon Beall. Some phat old school analogue house tracks with some flirts to synth disco and Electro. Sounds a lot like old Legowelt (but appearantly it’s not). It’s a tip!

Mesak – Dadawheel

12″ | Klakson | klakson021 | € 9.20

The return of Klakson!! Mesak delivers a full length (soon to be released) and this is a limited advance vinyl copy of that album. Mesak delivers great Nordic electrofunk and of course Marcel Dettmann delivers what people expect. Very good.

Basic Soul Unit – Jak’d Freq (A Made Up Sound Remixes)

12″ | Creme Organisation | creme1247r | € 9.50

Steamrolling his way onto the scene in 2007, 2562 has been a mainstay from the get go, with amazing production skills and a keen ear for what rocks the house. In a very short time the 2562 name became almost synonimous for Dubstep. But luckily for us there’s the Made Up Sound guise to provide us with a more mutant hybrid of slamming Jak-step (and remember where…

Harmony Funk – Can’t Let You Go

12″ | Clone | cjfd05 | € 9.20

One of the best kept secrets of Chicago house music is this amazing deep raw track of Harmony Funk. Intense pure house music with raw edges just as we like it! Comes with remixes by Ovatow and Marco Bernardi. Original is essential!

Bison – Soup Fiction

12″ | Claremont 56 | c56020 | € 9.99

Bison return with their second single, Soup Fiction, a slow dirty groove featuring Liquid Liquid front man Sal P.

Reggie Blount – Hard Times Ep

12″ | Clone | ccrown03 | € 9.50

Reggie Blount doing some great p-funk electro tracks as one would expect to hear from Midnight Star, Morris Day and the Time, Bootsy Collins and the many unknown early 80’s unknown electro funk boogie funkateers. Heavily influenced by the underground electro-boogie style of the early 80’s as well as more known artists such as One Way, Kashif, Mtume, Cameo, and…

Zacky Force Funk & Kutmah – Fukk

12″ | Clone | ccrown02 | € 9.50

Limited Clone Crown series with Zacky Force Funk & Kutmah fusing p-funk, electro, disco, electronix, rap and everything dirty, pure and with soul.

Holger Czukay – Let’s Get Hot / Let’s Get Cool

12″ | Claremont 56 | c56021 | € 12..50

These 2 new versions of Let’s get hot and Let’s get cool are the result of the original track Cool in the Pool recorded in my home lab in Cologne 1979. Sometimes absurdity can become the mother of invention. When I was working on the music of Cool in the Pool it finally became necessary to search also for a lyric. To my surprise they all seemed to have appeared…

Wolfram – Hall Of Shame (Skatebard remix)

12″ | DIskokaine | dk2010 | € 9.00

Allegedly a Japanese pressing, the “Hall Of Shame” is a weird mix of techno, house and the odd splash of disco dust. Comes with remixes from Skatebard, Speculator and King of Kong.


Kza – Let’s Get Lost Vol. 2

12″ | Lets Get Lost | lgl02 | € 8.99

The second release of the new label “let’s get lost” which is started by mule musiq and force of nature’s Kza is Kza’s re-edit of all time top favorite obscure disco stuff. A side ‘Chick’, chic’s timeless disco classic. Kza’s instrumental dub version. B1 “I Wanna Rock”, classic Moroder. B2 “Bender”,the vocalist of Dschinghis Khan Steve Bender’s…

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