Just a few new release but a big list of new SUMMER SALES items. See below or browse the list here:


Wolfram – Hall Of Shame (Skatebard remix)

12″ | DIskokaine | dk2010 | € 9.00

Allegedly a Japanese pressing, the “Hall Of Shame” is a weird mix of techno, house and the odd splash of disco dust. Comes with remixes from Skatebard, Speculator and King of Kong.

Virgo – Virgo

2LP | Rush Hour / Trax | rh-tx1lp | € 18.99

Classic alert! The first official repress and this time on 2LP. This album does not have one filler, all tracks are essential pieces of house music. A dream come true!

Actress – Splazsh

2LP | Honest Jons Records | hjrlp49 | € 18.99

Darren Cunningham’s eagerly-awaited new album is an adventurous, ultra-modern affair, rummaging about in the inner lives of house, techno and electro. Comes in cool embossed sleeve. Recommended.

Onra – Long Distance

2LP | All City | acolpx1 | € 18.50

To be honest French artist Onra was new to us and we’re surprised, judging by his Long Distance LP on All City he’s been doing exciting things. A unique blend of 80’s electro and r’n’b, hip-hop and modern electronics. 22 tracks. Check.

Various Artists – Nigeria Afrobeat Special: The New Explosive Sound In 1970s Nigeria

3LP | Soundway | sndwlp021 | € 28.00

It was Fela Kuti who formed the core of afrobeat’s message. Blending highlife, Yoruba music, funk and jazz, Fela dominated the musical tapestry of 1970s Nigeria and his influence in Nigeria and West Africa led to a craze where most of the bands of the day incorporated this new sound. This compilation highlights some of those recordings that have, until now,…

Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue (Limited Edition)

2LP | Music On Vinyl | movlp019 | € 29.00

Beautiful superior quality reissue of Miles Davis’ 1959 ‘Kind Of Blue’, the most successful Jazz album in history. In our opinion one of the most gorgeous pieces of music ever recorded and the perfect introduction to jazz music. Comes on double vinyl, gatefold sleeve, and 2 bonus tracks. Limited edition to 3000 numbered copies. Get!

Gayngs – Relayted

2LP | Jagjaguar | jag165 | € 19.99

Super group Gayngs features members of Bon Iver, Megafaun, The Rosebuds, Solid Gold, Doomtree & more. Gayngs deliver some seriously ace 80’s inspired power ballads, slow jams (don’t worry just yet) and electro freak pop. Comes with free download coupon.

Various Artists – Safety Copy 9

12″ | Safety Copy | safetycopy09 | € 10.50

Safety Copy 9. Rare italo and disco tracks including: Blush Lift Off, Eastwall – Eyes Of Glass, I Signori Drella Galassia – Iceman, Helen – Witch.


A Mountain Of One – Bonnie & Clyde Rework

12″ | White | bonnie1 | Sale! was € 9.50 is € 5.00

Second in the series of A Mountain of One’s mysterious reworks. Highly limited edition one sided white vinyl. Get this while you can. [balearic-disco-edits]

Alexander Robotnick – Obsession (Andy Blake’s Analogue Obsession Remix)

12″ | Dissident | obsessionremix | Sale! was € 11.75 is € 5.99

First in an occasional series of Dissident special projects. 15 minutes of 808, burbling acid bass, pro one and heavily effected chicago style spoken vocals on this remix of one of Alexander Robotnicks new tracks – only available here as limited promo. [chicago-house]

Antonelli – Disconnected / Operatore

12″ | Dreck | drk-18 | Sale! was € 7.99 is € 4.00

In classic Antonelli working method the material here is made without a CPU, just with hardware giving the tracks a warm feel and a sense of an older mode of production, but nevertheless the two tracks are fully rooted in the now. Both feature a beautifully analogue disco (if not Moroder) bassline, build up continuously without ever meandering or loosing direction.…

Artist Unknown – Present

CD | Datapunk | dtp019-2 | Sale! was € 18.00 is € 12.00

Six years after their debut album ‘Future’ and four years since the last maxi ‘Errorist’ (both on DISKO B), Artist Unknown, Germany’s cloak-and-dagger electro project is performing on Datapunk. The result is a haunting album of 80’s inspired electro wave tracks but with a modern and mysterious twist. Very nice. [electro]

Audiotech / Triple XXX – Audiotech / The Bedroom Scene

12″ | Express | exp | Sale! was € 11.75 is € 7.99

Two early and hard to find Juan Atkins productions on this limited official reissue! [electro-techno]

B. Calloway – Space Travler

12″ | Electrofunk | ef2016 | Sale! was € 8.35 is € 5.00

This Debut single from the forthcoming B. Calloway Album “Black Grooves” showcases “Space Travler” a 4/4 funky techno track with synthesizer riffs on the A side and Training Day a sinister electro track on the B. Side. [electro-bass]

B. Calloway – Deja Vu ep

12″ | Electrofunk | ef-507 | Sale! was € 10.15 is € 5.00

Crazy upbeat electro bass 4 tracker by B. Calloway. Check! [electro-bass]

B. Calloway & Mr De – Direct Maniac

12″ | Electrofunk | ef-2011 | Sale! was € 8.35 is € 5.00

Excellent funky electro bass tracks by B. Calloway & Mr De. Deep stuff! [electro-bass]

Bangkok Impact – The Creme years 2000-2008

CD | Creme Organisation | crcd07 | Sale! was € 13.50 is € 9.99

Kind of like a ‘Best Of’ package deal. All the hits are here, nice in the car on your way to and from the feudal engagement with your employer. Almost 80 minutes of europhic nihilistic Jams to lift you up (or bring you down depending on the daily swing of your chemical imbalance). Limited to 100 copies for the time being. [electro-disco]

Bastards Of Love – 2

12″ | Privatvergnügen | Pv x 2 | Sale! was € 9.00 is € 4.99

More minimal raw and fucked up synthpunk with cover versions from Sixth Comm, Chaos Z, the Cure and RAF (or Laura Brannigan). Limited to 300 copies. And may we bring to your attention that the previous Bastards Of Love was sold out in less then a week. Come on freaks you know you want this! [minimal-electro-wave]

Bastards Of Love – Rituals Remixes

12″ | We Rock Like Crazy | wrlc004 | Sale! was € 8.00 is € 4.99

Bastards Of Love getting the remix treatment. Features tracks and remixes by Lj Kruzer, Popshop, Andreas Sippel of Second Decay and an awesome rocking version by Rude 66. Recommended! [electro]

Bastards Of Love – Darling Please

12″ | Electronic Corporation | elco13 | Sale! was € 8.50 is € 7.50

Bastards Of Love (aka Der kunstliche dilettant, femme fatale) with a new 5 ep on Electronic Corporation. Slightly less punk and more EBM. Rocking electro-wave. [electro-wave]

Beard Science – Razor Sharp Edits – Ep 3

12″ | Beard Science | beard003 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 7.99

Razor Sharp Edits Ep 3 by Beard Science. Four killer and far less obvious tracks from various scissor wielding producers. Recommended. [disco-edits]

Beppe Loda & Macro Dj – Italowerk

12″ | Skylax | lax111 | Sale! was € 9.99 is € 5.00

Beppe Loda with some new work. Nu school italo disco from the old resident dj of the Typhoon club and one of the originators of the cosmic italo disco sound. Some bombastic epic disco tracks! [cosmic-disco]

Biepang – Bleak Leisure

12″ | Trust | trust016 | Sale! was € 8.95 is € 4.99

Fresh robotic / Drexciyan influenced electrotracks on this Austrian electrolabel by a new name on the scene! [electro]

Bow Mods – Country Girls (Cage & Aviary remix)

12″ | The Walls Have Ears | ears3004 | Sale! was € 10.89 is € 8.99

Cage & Aviary have taken it upon themselves to remix six cherry-picked artists and release each as part of a series on their own label, The Walls Have Ears. Taking inspiration from early 12” dance records, each record will feature a vocal mix and a dub on the flip-side – the first of which is their take on Bow Mods – Country Girls. Fantastic downtemp balearic…

Copenhagen Trains – Vandal Tactics

12″ | Cytown | cy003 | Sale! was € 12.95 is € 8.99

Soundtrack for the danish graffiti movie “Copenhagen Trains – Vandal Tactics”. All tracks are produced with analog gear in a one-take recording. The tracks are minimal 808 electro with handplayed strings and themes. The vinyl contains five of the twelve tracks that where made for the movie. Highly recommended! [electro-soundtrack]

Dan Deacon – Spiderman Of The Rings

CD | Carpark | cak37cd | Sale! was € 18.95 is € 9.99

Laptop clutching oddball joins the dots linking Henry Purcell to OMD. His latest full length, ‘Spiderman of the Rings’ is the first album bridging the gap between party performer and genuine composer. Dance-till-you-drop. [electronica]

Daniel Wang – Balihu Ep Sampler

12″ | Rushhour | rh108 | Sale! was € 9.99 is € 8.99

3 track taster to the retrospective of Balihu compilation which will be released Fall 2009. Including ‘On the Moon’ which was featured on the obscure BAL 002 white label. The other two tracks were picked up from Daniel’s private vault and are exclusive to this 12″. [disco-house]

Detroit Grand Pubahs – Skydive From Venus

12″ | Deletefunk | det004 | Sale! was € 8.95 is € 3.50

The original features UR and Los Hermanos man Gerald Mitchell on keys as well as acclaimed percussionist and DJ, Jerry The Cat (aka Jerrald James) who has worked with Parliament/Funkadelic. The track is also accompanied by a tension building remix from Deetron. [detroit-techno]

Dijf Sanders – Swamp Boulevard Remixed

12″ | DUB | dub033 | Sale! was € 5.00 is € 5.00

Dijf Sanders gets a remix treatment by Kettel and Marco Bernardi. Kettel delivers a remix in Plaid style. On the flip Marco Benardi delivers a smooth dancefloor remix: hi-tech and soulful in a kind of Basic Channel meets Derrick May meets Autechre style. Marco also drops his trademark Frustrated Funk electro mix. Hi-tech, cut-up vocals and fucked up, yet rocking,…

Dimitri From Paris – Southside Edits Volume 1

12″ | Supreme | supr009t | Sale! was € 11.45 is € 5.50

One of the worlds greatest disco collectors and djs Dimitri From Paris pulls out two philly disco gems out of his crate and reedits them in great style. [disco-edits]

Dirty Hospital – Leave The Planet

12″ | Mighty Robot Recordings | mrr009 | Sale! was € 10.15 is € 7.99

Dirty Hospital, the outfit comprising ex-Bis members John and Steven Clark, deliver ‘Leave The Planet’, their first release for Mighty Robot Recordings. ‘Softstem’, ‘Sanoman’ and ‘Leave The Planet’ nod to those treasured Scopex releases as well as the classic mid 90’s techno of Balil, Stasis and B12, but still retain that unmistakable Dirty Hospital…

Discodromo – Guinea (Andy Blake’s Edit)

12″ | Dissident | dromo001 | Sale! was € 11.99 is € 6.99

Another new name on Dissident and its a rather Italo disco style chugger from Italian act Discodromo. The version on this twelve is an edit done by no other than Dissident main man Andy Blake.

Disk – Rumshack (40 Thieves remix)

12″ | Fine Art | fa011 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 6.50

Disk is Daniel Tingström. His debut, Rumshack, is an oomphy dub cut with big basses and ska-like drunken keyboard rhythms. Featuring a really nice remix by 40 Thieves (Rong, Permanent Vacation, Smash Hit – important players in the SF nu-disko scene.) [electronic-disco]

Diskjokke – Asa Nisi Masa

12″ | Full Pupp | fp19 | Sale! was € 9.20 is € 7.50

Diskjokke with a massive arpeggio disco cut fit for every dancefloor. Flip for ‘cearadactylus’ which is slow, grinding weirdness. Tip. [electronic-disco]

Dj Kaos – Way Out Pleasure

12″ | Skylax | skylax112 | Sale! was € 9.99 is € 7.50

Sweet 12″ compiled by Dj Kaos with tracks reminding a bit of the hey days of of deep house (Marshall Jefferson and Frankie Knuckles). Flip for 2 nice uptempo disco-fied tracks. [house-disco]

Dj Rahaan – Edits Vol. 2

12″ | Kat | kat07 | Sale! was € 9.20 is € 5.50

The Kat label starts off 2009 with this second volume of 3 more sweet soul/disco/funk remakes here from Chicago’s disco master DJ Rahaan, with tracks from Herbie Mann, Kokomo and Juggy Jones. [disco-edits]

Doctor Evil – Ritual Ep

12″ | Touchin Bass | TB011 | Sale! was € 9.90 is € 3.99

West Coast based producer who’s music has real depth, engaging the ears with a sea of distortion or a barrage of bass. Cutting edge/futuristic electro. [electro]

Dogs Of War – Dogs Of War LP

LP | Electunes | ets006a | Sale! was € 14.99 is € 7.99

Back in with remastered sound (but without picture sleeve)!! Reissue of this rare LP by Dogs Of War from 1977 produced by Pat Deserio. Excellent crossover of space-disco, downtempo cosmic sounds and rock infused proggy-disco (or something). This music has never been hotter than today ever since it’s inception over 30 years ago. Recommended. [leftfield-cosmic-disco]

Don Froth – Foam Ep

12″ | Froth | froth01 | Sale! was € 12.50 is € 8.00

Nice release from Venice beach California produced by Don Froth who is making his debut with this record! Ultra limited to 300 numbered copies and sold in the local surf store among others. Ultra cool slow paced and super sexy disco track with phat vocoder vox and undercooled bass lines.B-side is a more thumping version. Just a few copies! [disco-house]

Dye – Imperator Ep

12″ | Tigersushi | tsr031 | Sale! was € 10.35 is € 8.50

Old school techniques for futuristic minimalistic electro. Raw like a sushi. It’s ghetto and it’s deep. Dopplereffekt meets Sound Stream in a razor blade fight. [electro]

Dynarec – Overland Travelling (CD)

CD | Nature | nat2129cd | Sale! was € 16.00 is € 12.50

A new album by the highly productive Dynarec. A journey into those post-drexciyan atmospheres that reaches some of the highest moments in ‘new electro’ history. Romantic and complex, rich of details in the grey area between Detroit classic sound and European tradition. An album that wil inspire many. [electro]

Dynarec – Ordinary Ep

12″ | Puzzlebox | pbx13 | Sale! was € 10.29 is € 5.99

Dynarec on Puzzlebox continuing where electro pioneers James Stinson and Gerald Donald left off with Drexciya. Dynarec kicks the ep off with Pneumatic Transport the strings are reminiscent of early cybotron and model 500 cutting through your speakers while still being classical with a Detroit darkness. [electro]

EDMX – Quantised Universe

12″ | Breakin | brk053 | Sale! was € 10.29 is € 5.99

Breakin’ boss Ed DMX supplies six tracks of freaked-out modular synth madness mangled through the Macintosh into some weird high-velocity electrofunk. [electro]

Electric Man – Bubble Wrap

12″ | Dissident | electric1000 | Sale! was € 12.99 is € 6.99

The mysterious electric man with a 10min+ slab of driving freestyle analogue wobblyness underpinned with a fat 808 electro beat. a body hypnotic trip for those who like to groove. reminds us of Old Warp releases in a way… nice one! [electro]

English Electric – Auto Beam Ep

12″ | Mighty Robot Recordings | mrr008 | Sale! was € 8.00 is € 6.99

English Electric’s first full release, the Auto Beam EP, which follows his outstanding remix work for the label on Lindsay-J and Sneak Thief’s ‘Open The Door’. Those who have been lucky enough to catch English Electric’s live shows will have heard first hand his epic soundscapes, welding pounding beats to John Carpenter synths – ideal for tearing down…

English Electric – Posable Flotsam EP

12″ | Dumb Terminal | dt003 | Sale! was € 8.95 is € 6.50

Cool follow up to the Auto Beam ep released on Mighty Robot. Like his previous release, the influences and aesthetics of 70’s Sci-fi soundtracks pervade throughout, effortlessly finessed and updated for modern production and dancefloor sensibilities. [electro]

Erell Ranson – Sleeping Beauty Ep

12″ | Arne Weinberg | aw005 | Sale! was € 8.75 is € 4.50

A very accomplished release from such a new producer. This work shows history and knowledge of the music that inspired most of what we listen to today. Every track demonstrates a rich and thick production that perfectly compliments the musical contents. Ranson pays homage to the sound of the Detroit originators but still displays his own direction and identity.…

Faze Action – Original Motion Disco

12″ | Faze Action | far005 | Sale! was € 8.70 is € 6.99

Faze Action unearth their first ever release Original Disco Motion and offer it up for classic remix treatment. Jay Shepheard turns the track into a classic deep house , peak time summer tune, on the dub mix he goes for a more stripped out version aimed squarely at the dancefloor . The Faze Action Disco Dub mix stays true to the original adding new bassline ,…

Free Blood – Royal Family / Grumpy (Greg Wilson version)

12″ | Rong / DFA | rongdfa03 | Sale! was € 11.45 is € 8.99

Awesome not-wave / disco-not-disco goods from the Rong and DFA camp, featuring an ace disco remix by Greg Wilson. [no-wave-disco]

Free Disco – Left Field Boogie

12″ | Rong | rong024 | Sale! was € 11.75 is € 9.50

Highly energetic disco from the Rong camp with cheeky organ melody and big string backings. The flip is more on the balearic tip with a stripped down percussive groove, lazy guitar musings and dubby effects. Best Rong in ages! [disco]

G&S – Show Me The Good Times

12″ | Dissident | gands1 | Sale! was € 11.75 is € 6.99

G&S is Nadia Ksaiba and Matt ‘nightmoves’ Waites and show me the good times is a chunky, bass heavy beast full of live percussion, space echo fx and sparkling electronic flourishes. Check! [electronic-disco]

Gosub – The Last Time…

12″ | Citinite | nite-9 | Sale! was € 9.20 is € 6.99

‘The Last Time…’ is the new EP from the much respected Miami artist, Gosub. Expanding on the electrofunk experiments from his previous releases, these tracks are a sleazy stab at predicting funk’s future. [electro]

Gweilo – Acolyte

12″ | Dissident | gweilo1 | Sale! was € 11.99 is € 6.99

Old-school italo flavoured electro with huge dancefloor appeal. Exactly the kind of stuff you can imagine getting banged at the box by Ron Hardy and caned by the Hotmix 5 on chicago’s airwaves in the early 80’s. Ace. 200 copies. [electro-disco]

Hadamard – Untitled

12″ | Bunker | bunker3077 | Sale! was € 10.75 is € 8.99

6 tracker with more dark robot music and ambient soundtrack electro, heavy stuff! [electro]

Hedford Vachal – Toys

12″ | Tirk | tirk038 | Sale! was € 9.50 is € 5.99

Another nice nu disco release on Tirk. Portland’s Brad Vachal And Eric Hedford drop some hot disco sounds that sound timeless. The 2nd track is a nice combination of more NY disco punk combined with some cosmic disco sounds. Richard Sen’s remix is a more straight forward clubber which works like crazy. Another nice Tirk release. [disco-house]

Helium Robots – Metallic Dawn

12″ | Dissident | helium1 | Sale! was € 11.99 is € 6.99

Off-kilter wobbly space dance business from the robots of deepest west london with a vaguely oriental feel which is the perfect tripped-out soundtrack to some crazy backroom and afterhours sessions. 200 copies. [electronic-disco]

Hell & Rother – Bodyfarm

12″ | Datapunk | dtp032 | Sale! was € 10.29 is € 3.50

DJ Hell and Anthony Rother are drawing their inspiration from the mighty store of Menschmaschine, Kryonik, Life Sequencer and Human-Genforschung. [electro-techno]

Hieroglyphic Being – Guidance / Direction Ep

12″ | Apnea | apnea17 | Sale! was € 9.20 is € 5.00

Jamal Moss, master of Chicago techno comes up with two very own and characteristic tracks. This is a new version of the Chicago sound. [techno-house]

Hrdvsion – Love’s Duel ep

12″ | Wagon Repair | wag041 | Sale! was € 9.35 is € 6.50

Hrdvsion’s second Wagon Repair release this year is an absolute epic. Opener ‘Love’s Duel (The Seduction Business)’ is a slowly approaching storm, weaving melodies from disparate melodic tones and waves of rhythmic synth. Massive! [electro-techno]

I Satellite – Bubbleboy Remixed

12″ | We Rock Like Crazy | wrlc001 | Sale! was € 8.50 is € 4.99

Brand new label and we like it! On shiny blue vinyl, packaged in a beautiful full color cover. 7 tracks tracing the tragic life of bubbleboy from his happy beginnings to his dark and lonely end. On the A-side remixes by: Freischwimmer, this fish needs a bike (ex – S.P.O.C.K.) and ofcourse the original by I Satellite. the B-side goes all dark and wavey with superb…

Imatran Voima – Welfare State of Mind

2LP | Mighty Robot Recordings | mrr005lp | Sale! was € 16.00 is € 11.00

An iron bar in your face… Pissing in your briefcase… Fucked-up Finnish B-boys Imatran Voima finally unleash the epic “Welfare State of Mind”, in which Randy Barracuda and Fresh O Lex take a trip to the Social Security office, stumble into the street with their welfare cheques and head off into the night for a fix of electrobass and funk driven electronics.…

Infiniti – Game One (Orlando Voorn & Quantec remixes)

12″ | Nightvision | nv011ab | Sale! was € 10.29 is € 6.99

Classic Juan Atkins & Ornlando Voorn techno from 94. This 12″ was initially released on NV011 as a 3×12″. Remixes by Orlando voorn & Quantec. Limited edition. [techno-dub-house]

Infiniti – Game One (Los Hermanos & Subotic remixes)

12″ | Nightvision | nv011cd | Sale! was € 10.29 is € 6.99

Classic Juan Atkins & Ornlando Voorn techno from 94. This 12″ was initially released on NV011 as a 3×12″. Remixes by Los Hermanos & Subotic. Limited edition. [techno-dub-house]

Infiniti – Game One (Claudio Mate & Rennie Foster remixes)

12″ | Nightvision | nv011ef | Sale! was € 10.29 is € 6.99

Classic Juan Atkins & Ornlando Voorn techno from 94. This 12″ was initially released on NV011 as a 3×12″. Remixes by Claudio Mate & Rennie Foster. Limited edition. [techno-dub-house]

Invincible Scum – Shake It Up

12″ | Dissident | scum001 | Sale! was € 11.99 is € 6.99

Invincible scum is a new project from Milo (binary chaffinch, kruton, chrome hoof) and Andy (scs, control voltage). ‘Shake It Up’ is the sound of an Oberheim dx, an 808 and an array of analogue synths and fx being beaten to within an inch of their lives and losing their collective marbles while grinning madly. It’s a rough and raw fusion of hip-hop, dub and techno…

Invincible Scum – House Of The Rising Scum

12″ | Dissident | scum2 | Sale! was € 11.99 is € 6.99

Grinding acid house from the scum for the larger soundsystem. if the word hadn’t been hijacked by the 2 bob electro-house fraternity then ‘filthy’ would be the adjective in use here. Killer!!! Limited to 200 copies. [acid-house]

Iridite Productions – Made Up Words

12″ | Iridite | iridite006 | Sale! was € 8.25 is € 3.00

The return of Iridite. Although “GA” isn’t straight down the line standard House music, it‘s instrumentation, simple repeating Bassline and beats give forward motion that fits nicely with a more old school version of House along with some percussive vocal stabs and eventually, a huge Synth String climax- like a cross between early Ron Trent, Fingers Inc…

Iridite Productions – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

12″ | Iridite | iridite007 | Sale! was € 8.25 is € 3.00

First up sees the new Methodology track in full on dance floor assault mode – serious break-fuelled Techno with rolling drums, off beat funk elements and big stabbing chords. The B Side introduces yet another incredibly talented producer from the Iridite stable – Mike Singleton – cutting edge production techniques, heartfelt melody, intricate and complicated programming,…

J. Viewz – Your Country

12″ | Deeplay Music | dplay020 | Sale! was € 9.54 is € 1.00

Single taken from his forthcoming album Muse Breaks. With remix duties handed to Hakan Lidbo and to Deeplay stalwart Dalminjo. Deep electro-house tracks. [electro-house]

Jackmaster Hater – Your Love / Passion

12″ | Warehouse Box Tracks | whbtr02 | Sale! was € 11.25 is € 9.50

Supposed Ron Hardy edits of the Jamie Principle classic that distill pretty much any elements of the original into the ether leaving a fine, powdery drum-machine-workout residue. Ruff! [house]

Jerry The Cat – I Only Have Eyes For You

12″ | Sound Signature | ss024 | Sale! was € 9.75 is € 4.50

Jerrald james aka Jerry the Cat musical career is a typical example for detroit music of the last decades: having played percussions with Parliament and disco outfit CJ & Company he early came in contact with the first wave of detroit house and techno producers and began to experiment with these new sounds. Therefore this new Sound Signature is exemplary for the…

Joakim – Watermelon Bubblicious

12″ | Versatile | ver063 | Sale! was € 10.99 is € 6.50

While Nebula Laughter is an epic journey influenced by Italo, and played live by the Disco (the band Joakim is using for live and his recordings). He manages the perfect blend between live and sequences.Watermelon Bubblicious is the one for the dancefloors. Between epic disco and bangin electro – tip. [electro-disco]

Jody Finch – Jack Your Big Booty

12″ | Lets Pet Puppies | lpp004 | Sale! was € 11.75 is € 7.99

Stripped down chicago house cuts from 1986! The tracks are brutally raw, lo-fi at best. Excellent! [chicago-house]

Junior Boys – Hazel (Ewan Pearson Disco Remix)

12″ | Domino | rug319 | Sale! was € 9.50 is € 6.99

Hazel – forthocoming single from the band’s third album Begone Dull Care – is an upbeat, effervescent song of romantic yearning, with an infectious and pulsating chorus. Ewan Pearson presents himself in top form with three mixes that are among his best ever: one is more italo disco inspired, the flip holds house vocal and dub mixes. [electronic-disco]

K-Starke – K-Starke Ep

12″ | K-Starke | kr001 | Sale! was € 11.49 is € 8.99

Keeping true to his old school house roots, Kevin Starke produced these tracks using the hard gear: a real TB303, 909, 808, & 707 drum machines to get that true Chicago sound. Jacking acid tracks as Armando would have done it! [acid-house]

Karu – Nocturnal Skin Ep

12″ | Winding Road | road013 | Sale! was € 9.10 is € 2.50

New red hot offering from Cleveland’s Karu (Silver, Dadhouse). A good kicking motion for the dancefloor and luquid melodics between 70’s jazz funk and detroit techno. 4 tracks of lush sounding chunky house tackle, including a boppin remix by Rhythm Plate! [disco-house]

Keen K – Structures

12″ | Das Drehmoment | dd013 | Sale! was € 11.99 is € 9.99

Keen K, well known for his ep ‘urlaub am strand’ on lo-fi stereo (with redagain p in 2000) is back. Six tracks of highly elaborate and well arranged electro, a deep bass grounded sound, garnished with elaborate sequenzer lines, wicked breaks and the hi-fi sound quality, he is famous for. Ranging from intelligent electro to high speed old schoolish themes that…

Lanoiraude – Mbife Feat. Fania Ep

12″ | Dialect | dialnrep02 | Sale! was € 10.29 is € 3.99

Wild disco-house track with a bit of an afro touch. Includes more dancefloor/house remix by Amnaye but the real treat for us is ‘Wild Spaghetti’, a lush and warm house track with some key disco ingredients – beautiful. [disco-house]

Legowelt – Vatos Locos

2LP | Creme Organisation | creme12-40 | Sale! was € 15.99 is € 13.95

This is what we’ve been waiting for… 7 dirty, jacking & stomping yet warm & deep acidic analog jam-attacks from the The Hague sewers only mr. Smackos can deliver. Served on two 12″ dishes, monster release! [techno-electro]

Like A Tim – Like 11

12″ | Like | like11 | Sale! was € 9.39 is € 5.99

Limited pressing! This time Tim turns his designer label into a non-design format by releasing a hand stamped whitelabel with 4 nameless and serious, straight to the point tracks. Acid is where it’s at. Crazy and fun. [acid-house]

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas – Reinterpretations

CD | Eskimo | 501723 | Sale! was € 18.00 is € 12.50

Reinterpretations is the re-working of Lindstrom and Prins Thomas’s debut eponymous album from late 2005. An additional CD release to their debut including interpretations/uptempo mixes which are available on the four 12″s. [electronic-disco]

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas – Tirsdagsjam

12″ | Eskimo | 502710 | Sale! was € 8.75 is € 5.99

The new single from their second album. Enjoy the experimental energy of the continental space-disco of the eighties which the pair still adore: melodic, synth-heavy and cinematic, with arpeggiated basslines set to organic, flowing grooves! [electronic-disco]

Luke Vibert – Chicago, Detroit, Redruth (CD)

CD | Planet Mu | ziq175cd | Sale! was € 19.99 is € 14.50

Luke Vibert’s second album on PLanet Mu brings together many strands of his work: Drum and Bass, Trip-hop, Breaks, Acid (“Argument Fly” must be the most straight-ahead acid track so far released by mr Vibert reminding one of F.U.S.E or early 808 State…). The album hangs together with the strands of acid, breakbeats, techno and disco at its heart – a very nice…

Lydia Lunch – Master Alchemist (Solvent & Jori Hulkkonen Remix)

12″ | Echoism | echoism004 | Sale! was € 8.95 is € 5.50

Classic Lydia Lunch remixed. First up is a killer electro-pop version by Solvent. Flip for a massive version by Jori Hulkkonen. Tip! [electro]

Maelstrom – Assynt / Valdresfjellet

12″ | Eskimo | 502536 | Sale! was € 8.95 is € 6.99

The slightly over-hyped Maelstrom with 2 suprisingly good balaeric disco house tracks by Maelstrom. Nice nice nice. [balearic-disco-house]

Manchild – 7

7″ | Appleseed Records | appleseed001 | Sale! was € 9.75 is € 3.50

Manchild is an all-original 8-bit punk duo from New Orleans, LA. The band consists of electro pruducer/guitar player Sir Stephen (Angelmaker records) and cartoonist/drummer Jon Clark. What you get here is 7 tracks of 8-bit punk and hardcore including a cover of the classic Maniac Mansion videogame soundtrack. “If you don’t beat the game…you die in real life!!!”…

Marco Bernardi – Welcome To My World

12″ | Frustrated Funk | fr009 | Sale! was € 8.95 is € 4.50

Raw frantic haunted electro tracks by UK’s Marco Bernardi. Excellent electro-techno energy like Underground Resistance and Vmax! [electro]

Marco Bernardi – Berlin Brothels

12″ | DUB | dub034 | Sale! was € 8.60 is € 5.00

Hot clickedy-cut minimal electro house by Marco Bernardi. Comes in a super sweet melodic, moody remix by Kettel. Flip for ‘Unsettled Nation’, smooth vocal minimal with electronics. Something different, recommended. [electronix-house]

Marcus Mixx – Shake That Thing Remixed

12″ | Clone | clone45 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 7.86

1st 12″ in a serie of three remix twelves with tracks taken from the Box Jams album. Marcus Mixx got remixed by Legowelt and Marco Passarani. 2 delicious versions of this sweat track. Made more club friendly by these two masters. Marcus Passarani takes us back to the ’80’s with a jackinh house mix going all crazy with the vocals. Sounds like Armando thouched it…

Mark Broom – Mandate (Kruton Remix)

12″ | Dissident | mark1 | Sale! was € 11.99 is € 6.99

A killer piece of jacking old-school house from mr Broom via Kruton’s wonky remix laboratory. a tuff but kinky groove for all discerning dancefloors. Limited to 200 copies. [house]

Mas 2008 – Pretty In Plastique

12″ | Electronic Corporation | elco12 | Sale! was € 8.50 is € 7.00

Mas 2008 show their other side with “love in my eyes”, the DAF like “so süss”, “un film de 2”, “stomp to the beat”. Pretty cool electro-disco leaning to wave and syntpop. [electro]

Mas 2008 – Alles Klar?!

12″ | Electronic Corporation | elco14 | Sale! was € 8.95 is € 7.00

Fully armed with their voltage controlled gear, the two Germans are deep in the early 80’s. Their very own interpretations of the sound of that decade are fully authentic, analogue and very rough. The classic analogue sequencer mello flows and changes and their neverending drumcomputer flow still got the warmth of the 80’s. German and English spoken vocal phrases…

Mas 2008 – Un-Destroyable Structures

12″ | Electronic Corporation | elco16 | Sale! was € 8.29 is € 7.00

Germanys electro purists MAS 2008 are back with the Elco_16.0 “un-destroyable structures” on Electronic Corporation delivering 6 real powerfull and danceable electrotracks. They keep on track in producing the oldschoolish hardware based way, like back in the old dayswith deep, warm and noisy sounds. Limited copies available on yellow vinyl. [electro]

Meanderthals – Andromeda (Idjut Boys remix)

12″ | Smalltown Supersound | sts15612 | Sale! was € 9.65 is € 6.50

London’s Idjut Boys and Rune Lindbaek of Oslo are Meanderthals. A warm and dreamy blend of dub, folk, prog, kraut, psychedelia and 70s west-coast combined to invent an organic, slanted, and proggy feel. Amazing. [balearic-disco]

Mickey Oliver – In-Ten-Si-T

12″ | Hot Mix 5 | hmf109 | Sale! was € 10.50 is € 6.99

Replica of this stone cold chicago classic by Mickey Oliver. Killer house with speak-and-spell voices. [chicago-house]

Microthol – Binary Systems

12″ | Trust | trust018 | Sale! was € 9.20 is € 5.99

Generated on Microthol’s formidable array of vintage analogue gear, ‘Binary Systems’ sonic spectrum ranges from classic, hard-hitting techno bass to Sähko-esque sine-wave assaults and fragile Detroit-style electro. An uncanny resemblance to Dopplereffekt, but good though. [electro-techno]

Mocky – Navy Brown Blues

LP | Four Music | for82876812751 | Sale! was € 16.25 is € 10.99

Vinyl version of Mocky’s new, third album. Mocky ’s long-standing collaborator Gonzales is on board again, playing a number of tracks live with Mocky at a studio in Paris. A key track on the album, “How Will I Know You”, featured Jamie Lidell. Vocals for the first single release from the album, “Fightin’ Away The Tears” are delivered by Canadian Feist.…

Moon Unit – Connections (Ewan Pearson Remix)

12″ | Supersoul | ssrec011 | Sale! was € 10.29 is € 8.99

The latest instalment from Supersoul is a moody treat brought to you by Berlin based group Moon Unit. This otherworldly 21st century popmusic seems to have landed dimensions away from anything else. On the B-Side we hear remixer extraordinaire Ewan Pearson doing it once again. His version is tough, but maintains the sensual undercurrent. Tip! [house]

Move D – Cube EP

12″ | Running Back | rb011 | Sale! was € 9.20 is € 6.99

From ambient soundscapes to krautrocky epics, jazz sensibilities or straight up techno and house, Move D has done it all with his own special and unique touch. This lovely fingerprint is spread all over the “Cube EP”. Check! [house]

Muros Transparantes – The Remixes Part 1

12″ | Pomelo | pom09 | Sale! was € 8.75 is € 2.00

6 year old electro release on Pomelo with remixes from Gerhard Potuznik (aka GD luxxe), Epy, Hi-Lo and Dj Glow (Trust records). [electro]

Naum Gabo – Spessivtseva

12″ | Dissident | gabo001 | Sale! was € 11.99 is € 6.99

One half of naum gabo is mr jonnie wilkes aka one half of optimo and this is the first actual naum gabo release after a bunch of excellent remixes. its a low slung groove for all proper dancefloors with a rubbery bassline, an uber-classic arpeggio, a super-cool synth line and all manner of dubby spacey trippy business going on. [electro-disco]

Neo Filigrante – Lizard Cowboy Boots / Esmeralda Rides The Robot

12″ | Dissident | neo1 | Sale! was € 11.75 is € 6.99

Cool and kinky techno styles from a new producer joining the dissident family. lizard… is a warped spoken vocal excursion with a super-punchy rhythm section and esmeralda… comes on like classic italian elettro, all flying handclaps and classical motifs. Both are dancefloor killers. [electronic-disco]

Neongrau – Spam N Space

CD | Das Drehmoment | dd007 | Sale! was € 16.50 is € 12.99

After his great success on LoFi Stereo, finally Neongrau releases his first Longplayer. Great electro wave inspired by pioneers like The Normal, Fad Gadget, Gary Numan, Soft Cell… Excellent. [electro-wave]

Neville Watson – Bleeding Through / Up Yours

12″ | Clone | cjfd01 | Sale! was € 8.79 is € 6.99

Jack for Daze is one of the new Clone series of releases inspired by the early house releases from Chicago. First release is done by Neville Watson, known for his collaboration with Kink. Two sweet tracks that are highly influenced by Joe Lewis and Larry Heard. Ace! [chicago-house]

Neville Watson – Time To Lose Control

12″ | Dissident | nw-1 | Sale! was € 11.99 is € 6.99

A slab of bad-boy chicago house. A 707 drum machine, a bouncing bassline, pitched down vocals and a serious case of the jack. What more do you need? [house]

Nicky Siano & Arthur Russell – Kiss Me again

12″ | Inspira | ins777 | Sale! was € 10.69 is € 1.50

House rework of Arthur Russell’s seminal disco classic ‘Kiss Me again’ by Nicky Siano. Mixed results. [house]

Ohrwert – Continuity

12″ | Millions Of Moments | momf002 | Sale! was € 9.35 is € 6.50

New release on Millions Of Moments by a unknown artist. Comes as no info orange labels and has 4 deep, deeper dubby techno tracks cut into the delicious black vinyl by the people of Dub Plates and Mastering in Berlin. Quality. [minimal-techno-dub]

Operator – How To Make Bombs And Influence People

12″ | Mighty Robot Recordings | mrr0011 | Sale! was € 8.75 is € 6.50

70’s Acid Viking ‘operator’ makes palatable organic electro-caustic synthcore from the charred embers of his Shetland studio. After releasing on Benbecula records and Neil Landstrumm’s Scandinavia label, amongst others, he finds himself with the Mighty Robots and warms to their crystalline rave strategies with a raise of his top hat emulator. “How To Make Bombs…

Orgue Electronique – The Garden Ep

12″ | Creme Organisation | creme12-19 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 5.99

Orgue Electronique with a new Chi-town inspired 12″. 5 cool Mr Fingers influenced tracks with a touch of Nu-groove N.Y. early 90 house flavors. Includes a great remix by James Cotton (JTC). Recommended. [house]

Orgue Electronique – Rare & Unreleased 1998 – 2004

CD | Creme Organisation | crcd06 | Sale! was € 13.50 is € 7.99

Chronicling some rare and out of print tracks from Orgue’s sordid past, featuring tracks from such elusive and legendary compilations from the glory days of the 2nd Electro wave as: Opening Night At Ford’s Theater, The Pussytive Conclusion, Disco Undead, Holland Ferox and many others, rounded out with some unreleased tracks and easter eggs. Limited to 100…

Ost & Kjex – Kjexy Snick Snack

12″ | Punkt Music | punkt026 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 2.99

New 12″ from cheeky Oslo based duo Ost & Kjex. Killer minimal with great melodies and tension. Includes superb remixes by Crosstown Rebel “Hiem” and CB Funk. Very goody. [minimal]

Partial Arts Vs Tim Paris – Cruising / Ambition Buddy

12″ | Battle | bat009 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 2.50

Following the Riton Vs Lindstrom clash, here comes another confrontation: Partial Arts (aka Ewan Pearson & Al Usher) VS Tim Paris. [house]

Patrick Pulsinger & Dj Glow – Radio Earth

12″ | Trust | trust015 | Sale! was € 8.75 is € 5.00

Two major players of the Viennese scene teaming up for a collaboration release – Cheap Record’s Patrick Pulsinger and Trust’s DJ Glow drop two prime-time techno tracks influenced by robust no-nonsense 90’s Underground Resistance techno on side 1. One the flip side the seven-minute electro monster “Television is Reality” and a few tools for the turntablists…

Pendle Cove – Hex Ep

12″ | Modern Love | love26 | Sale! was € 10.79 is € 4.50

Excellent minimal techno tracks by Pendle Cove. ‘Waveplate’ is a great hypnotic techno cut in Robert Hood style with a dubby edge. Flip for two more experimental tracks. Top stuff. [techno-minimal]

Phonogenic – the Question EP

12″ | 2020 Vision | vis112 | Sale! was € 9.39 is € 3.50

Tuomas Salmela returns as Phonogenic. ‘PFD’ kicks off proceedings with a kick-ass, grimy, rock bass and trademark Phonogenic synths, a bit DFA stylee. “the question” is an acidic electro disco track while B2 is more of a deep, electronic houser. Check. [electro-house]

Phoreski – Slow Me Down

12″ | Rare Wiri | rw003 | Sale! was € 8.79 is € 6.50

Phoreski join Rare Wiri with two excellent tracks from the vaults of the Fat Fuk Studio. Slow me down is a ground breaking killer tune, with energetic basslines and spacey synths. Air Shark is dark apocalyptic track all fans of John Carpenter will love. Another nice all round Rare Wiri release. [disco]

Phoreski – Proud To Be A Joker

12″ | Fat Fuk | fak003 | Sale! was € 9.20 is € 5.99

Phoreski is back on his own Fat Fuk Recordings label for a summer EP of 80s-italo-discoid influenced work-outs. This new EP continues Phoreski progression from an exponent of some of the finest left-field disco edits to becoming a tight-ass producer. Ace. [electronic-disco]

Photonz – No Fear

12″ | Dissident | photonz2 | Sale! was € 11.99 is € 6.99

This killer house groove was inspired by the guys listening to loads of Kevin Saunderson stuff from the late 80s and can’t you just tell. After the success of “Shaboo” this one will be as big if not bigger. Limited to 200 copies. [house]

Phreek – Weekend

12″ | East End | ea33191 | Sale! was € 10.99 is € 9.99

The cheeky East End label with a Victor Rosado version og Phreek’s ‘Weekend’. Flip for the essential original version produced by Leroy Burgess and Patrick Adams! [disco]

Phresh N Low – Zapped Ep

12″ | Deep Freeze | df028 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 6.95

Phresh n Low is Calum Walker from Solar House/Fresh n Low delivering another fine electro disco Ep. Flip for remixes by Sugardaddy from Tirk and label boss Dicky Trisco. [electro-disco]

Pink Monkey Flower – Rodando A Carmen (L.S.B. remix)

12″ | Memorabilia | memo006 | Sale! was € 10.29 is € 3.50

Sixth release on this Brazilian label with a 3 tracker by Brazilian duo Pink Monkey Flower. A mix of disco and house with both a futuristic and retro feel. Leads off with the L.S.B. (Eskimo) remix – flip for original and ‘Afrodark (original mix)’. Tip. [disco-house]

Pole – Steingarten (CD)

CD | Scape Music | scp044cd | Sale! was € 19.50 is € 12.00

New Pole album, deep dubby electronics with more of groove comapred to previous albums. But despite some funky grooves, this is no dancefloor record. And despite its simplicity, the music never comes across as meagre or repellently cool. This might be due to the fact that Pole has found a perfect middle point between avantgarde and pop. Recommended for anyone…

Pole – Steingarten (LP)

2LP | Scape Music | scp044lp | Sale! was € 18.75 is € 12.00

New Pole album, deep dubby electronics with more of groove comapred to previous albums. But despite some funky grooves, this is no dancefloor record. And despite its simplicity, the music never comes across as meagre or repellently cool. This might be due to the fact that Pole has found a perfect middle point between avantgarde and pop. Recommended for anyone…

Poni Hoax – The Bride Is On Fire

12″ | Tigersushi | tsr029 | Sale! was € 10.29 is € 5.99

Poni Hoax poppiest moment comes reshaped by Chloe who managed to turn the original into a long hypnotic house journey driven by repetitive voice drones and cut ups and a pounding bass. Deep, subtly melancholic, cold and warm at the same time. On the flip side, Principles Of Geometry exercise their passion for detuned synthetisers on the beautiful Juno 106 chords…

pool Party Aka Nick Chacona – Pool Party!

12″ | Hector Works | hec002 | Sale! was € 10.05 is € 5.99

Cracking new remixes of this cult classic from Pool Party, best known to his folks as Nick Chacona, on Hector Works. With the original already a staple in the boxes of the likes of Doc Martin, Harvey et al. On the reverse, Rong Music’s Barfly transform the track into a corking old skool floor-pleaser. [house]

Popee And The N.Y. Squirrels – Bust That Nut

12″ | CT Records | ct101 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 6.99

Killer re-issue of what has to be one of the best group names of alltime. Conga led tongue in cheeck proto-house classic from 81 produced by Greg Carmichael and Patrick Adams! [disco]

Precious System – The Voice From Planet Love

12″ | Running Back | rb016 | Sale! was € 9.25 is € 6.99

The Voice From Planet Love is transported in an acid disco spaceship, made with extraterrestrial super powers and fueled with the mighty kryptonite of house music. Additional action comes from Marcus Worgull after a visit to planet Chic-A-Go and an edit of his remix by DJ Dixon. Recommended. [house]

Ra-x – Re:mixed

CD | Angel Maker | amrx020cd | Sale! was € 16.50 is € 9.99

This new CD offers 13 new remixes of the large RA-X backcatalogue, by some of his favorite: Kettel (Dub, Planet Mu), Chris Clark (Warp records), Drop The Lime (Tigerbeat6), Kassen (Bunker), Doormouse (addict), DMX Krew (rephlex), V/VM (vvmtest) and many more. These remixes show that RA-X has grown beyond his little circle of electro lovers, eclectic sounds ranging…

Rezkar – Above The Clouds (John Daly Rmx)

12″ | Running Back | rb021 | Sale! was € 9.50 is € 5.99

South Africa’s Rezkar with a sublime piece of vintage deep house. Above The Clouds remixed by John Daly. Wonderful. [house]

Ritmolider – The Moon String Ensemble

12″ | Mellophonia | mlphep02 | Sale! was € 10.29 is € 8.99

Follow up to Kaleidoscope sounding more developed and directioned with well thought-out musical themes, the music has become more dinamic, more energetic and emotional. Tip. [electronic-disco]

Roisin Murphy – Let Me Know

12″ | EMI | 12em728lasg | Sale! was € 10.35 is € 6.50

Includes original album version plus remixes by Any Cato and Joey Negro and Paul Oakenfold version of ‘Cry Baby’. [disco-house]

Rude 66 – Sadistic Tendencies (+Bonus)

CD | Creme Organisation | cremecd08 | Sale! was € 13.50 is € 9.50

By popular demand the CD version of Rude 66’s bleak but best selling Piece de Resistance. Contains the CD only bonus track “The Kill”, a nice Polonaise Italo track banger that will work great at Jewish weddings (and funerals) when the Klezmer band has fallen ill. Limited to 100 copies for the time being. [electro]

Rude Boy Science Featuring Trinidadian Deep – Black Man’s Techno

12″ | Future Vision | fv005 | Sale! was € 9.00 is € 5.00

New righteous offering by label boss RON TRENT himself under his new Rude Boy Science moniker: heavy skanking organ and percussive riddims, a massive bassline taking over the melody part and a voice of thunder transport the essence of true roots music into deephouse. The flip holds a sparser dub with even more emphasis on the bassline. [house]

Rune Lindbaek – Bonat Synthesizer Ep

12″ | Drum Island | dir6 | Sale! was € 9.20 is € 5.99

New release by one of the true pioneers of the Norwegian Disco sound: Rune Lindbaek. This latest release on Drum Island features guest appearances from non other than Hans Peter Lindstrom and Royksopp’s vocalist Anelli Drecker. 4 ultra-deep electronic disco cuts. Recommended. [electronic-disco]

S Express – Stupid Little Girls

12″ | Kitsune | kitsune072 | Sale! was € 10.00 is € 5.00

Mark moore, has been called one of the ‘heroes of house music’. he achieved fame as the driving force behind the dance/sampling pioneers s-express. now, on the 20th anniversary of acid-house he revives S Express to release the single ‘stupid little girls’ on Kitsune with remixes by Punx, Jbag, and Eon. [electro-techno]

Sally Shapiro – Miracle

12″ | Permanent Vacation | permvac037-1 | Sale! was € 9.75 is € 6.99

Sally Shapiro returns with a new single on Permanent Vacation. “Miracle”, a blend of Italo disco and indie pop, is a preview to the forthcoming album “My Guilty Pleasure”. Comes in a remix by Bogdan Irkük aka Bulgari (Soul Jazz Recordings, Rollerboys). [italo-disco]

Sam Lowry – Needle Mountain

CD | Strange Life Records | slr024 | Sale! was € 9.45 is € 7.99

Needle Mountain is a molochial pyschosis journey into electronic soundtrack ambient or whatever you want to call it Think the ambient works of Aphex Twin + Goblin meets Alec Empire, a spoon of Morricone and go on a roundabout after that and we are close to describing this 28 track album. [electronix]

Sans Soleil – Asprovalta E.p.

12″ | Truffle | truffle003 | Sale! was € 10.27 is € 3.50

Truffle with a slightly different release than you may expect from their first 2 disco-influenced outings. This 3 tracker combines minimal, techno, house, dub, a touch of balearic and yes some 80’s disco influences for this refreshingly different EP. Very nice. [minimal-disco-house]

Scarletron – Coron Data

12″ | Touchin Bass | tb022 | Sale! was € 9.65 is € 4.50

Aka Carl Finlow (Random Factor, Silicon Sally) and Daz Quayle from SCSI-AV fame, together piling the pressure with crackling electrotechno hybrid collab. Muted bass, vicious industrial stabs, electro cacophony, oscillating synths, abstract electronica and robot clicks & voices…quality electro. [electro]

SCS – Redemption

12″ | Dissident | scs4 | Sale! was € 11.99 is € 6.99

The follow up to Model Specific is a heavy slab of dub techno. A heavyweight bass coupled with spaced-out fx, loads of reverb and delay, mad robot voices and a healthy dose of rastafarian wisdom. Limited to 200 copies. [techno-house]

Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer (Arpanet & Aeroplane Remix)

12″ | Record Makers | rec054 | Sale! was € 10.45 is € 8.49

Another fine release from Sebastien Tellier. Including remixes by A-trak, Aeroplane, Delete, and electro legend Arpanet… [electro-disco]

Sensurreal – Ethor Dyon

12″ | Fortek | ft012 | Sale! was € 9.10 is € 4.50

The Return of the mighty Sensurreal. One of the biggest Dutch techno names. Classic Detroit techno as only has been produced during the mid-90’s. Must have for fans of Carl Craig, Black Dog, As One, Tom Middleton, B12 and the likes. Driving techno beats with great strings and so beautifull that it hurts! [detroit-techno]

Shadow Dancer – Cowbois (Remixes)

12″ | Boys Noize | bnr023 | Sale! was € 8.70 is € 5.00

Cutup disco techno tracks by Shadow Dancer. Includes remixes by Das Glow, Strip Steve + the original version. [electro-techno]

Shin – To Live Through Your Lies

12″ | Persistencebit | bit-003 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 3.50

Debut ep for Shin on THE italian refernce label for advanced minimal techno to IDM: four stunning electronic tracks immersed in deep imaginary landscapes. Lovely Ep. [minimal-techno-electronix]

Shitcluster – Untitled

12″ | Bunker | bunker3073 | Sale! was € 10.75 is € 6.99

4 sinister soundtracks of mental degradation, unless you really believe that ‘paranoia is the highest state of consciousness’! I dare say it’s pretty insane and pleasantly uncomfortable… (soundfiles recorded at 45rpm, but not sure..) [electronica]

Shur-I-Kan & Milton Jackson – Swap Shop

12″ | Winding Road | road020 | Sale! was € 8.75 is € 4.75

Another big house release on Winding Road Records. Two of the hottest names in deep tech house music, Shur-i-kan and Milton Jackson, team up for 3 epic adventures through sizzling electronic waters. This EP is slick stuff. [house]

Silicon – Sonic Distress

12″ | Frustrated Funk | fr010 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 5.00

Heath Brunner with his Silicon project.For those who know his V-max releases know what to expect. Energetic and very intense Detroit electro. Quality 12″ again. [electro]

Simian Mobile Disco – Run (Limited Edition)

12″ | Simian Mobile Disco | smd001 | Sale! was € 9.50 is € 6.50

Following on from LCD Soundsystem’s 45:33. Simian Mobile Disco also delivered music for a Nike campaign. And the boys decided to produce some exclusive alternative versions which would be more useful for a spot of dancefloor. So, here you have it, four killer interpretations ranging from weird electronic kraut to really good house and techno versions. Limited…

Snog – Real Estate Man (Remakes)

12″ | Kracktronik | krak006 | Sale! was € 9.25 is € 3.50

Snog, known from his “Relax into the Abyss” lp (released on Hymen records), with his crazed electro funk sound. “Real Estate Man” is a superbly off-kilter electro-pop masterpiece; Check! [electro]

Snog – Crash Crash Remakes

12″ | Kracktronik | krak010 | Sale! was € 9.20 is € 3.50

Snog (David Thrussell) returns to Kracktronik with a gloriously deviant slice of bass-driven electro-funk. Sounding a little like Prince and David Bowie pumped full of steroids and partying after a week long tequila binge, this is definitely the sleaziest ode to the collapse of the oil industry that you are likely to hear this year. Includes remixes by Speed Baby,…

Solab – Shift

12″ | Seventh Sign | 7sr009 | Sale! was € 9.10 is € 5.00

Next chapter in the Seventh Sign series. Solab is the new project of Ross McMillan and Graham Wilson from Glasgow, here with 3 tracks of smooth classic techno influenced by Basic Channel and early Carl Craig works. Alex Smoke turns the main track “Shift” into a rolling minimal techno monster. [minimal-techno]

Solomun & Gebrüder Ton – Tagesschau

12″ | Diynamic | diynamic004 | Sale! was € 8.75 is € 4.50

Solomun & Gebrüder Ton are back on the dancefloor with their track “Tagesschau”. full of magic melodies over a gnarly bassline. Flanked by a Monster-Jackmate-Remix and followed by “Nachtjournal”, Solomuns definition of Chicago House. Beautiful record. [minimal]

Solomun & Stimming – Feuervogel

12″ | Diynamic | diynamic006 | Sale! was € 8.75 is € 4.50

More excellent deep techno-house cuts by Solomun & Stimming. “Feuervogel” is a warm, funky and minimal track backed with a great Detroit house remix by Guido Schneider. “Eiszauber” is a deep groovy minimal house track with catchy harmony. Solid. [minimal]

Son Of sound – Start It Up

12″ | Speak | speak003 | Sale! was € 10.50 is € 5.50

The Son of Sound is back on Speak with another dirty disco jammy. This two-track release is loaded with the chunky fuse of nasty NYC-flavored disco, punk and soul sounds that have become this label’s trademark. Late night party material for the Idjut Boys, Rong and Bear Funk heads. [disco-house]

Stinkworx / Kinoeye – Mkb / Mean Old World

12″ | WT Records | wt001 | Sale! was € 10.25 is € 6.50

Speculator with his own DIY record label and came up with this stunning piece of vinyl..Two hot tracks on a split release from $tinkworx and Kinoeye. Stinkworx brings us a deeep techno track with moody piano lines, Drexciyan athmosphere and a shit load of depth. Typical $tinky material that seems to go deeper and deeper over 10+ intense minutes. Then.. we have…

Supersonic Lovers – Pinero / Disaster

12″ | Love Is War Music | liwm004 | Sale! was € 8.95 is € 4.50

With its deep new disco vibe, Super Sonic Lovers follow up, ‘Pinero’, on Love Is War Music doesn’t dissapoint. Including great remixes by Ilija Rudman (top as always) and Marcus J Knight – Kid Circus & Eon. [disco-house]

Sven Tasnadi – Our Destiny (Sven Weisemann Shuffle On Mix)

12″ | Ornaments | orn005 | Sale! was € 10.89 is € 8.50

Next strong limited vinyl of this mysterious label including a remix of Sven Weisemann. [house-techno-dub]

Syncom Data – Beyond The Stars

12″ | Syncom Data Records | sd004 | Sale! was € 8.95 is € 6.00

More crazy deep techno dub tracks from Syncom Data. With a ‘dub version’ for the Rhythm and Sound fans, and a ‘beatless version’ which reminds a bit of early Carl Craig works. Red vinyl. [techno-dub]

Tantan – The Basement Spiritual Ep

12″ | 4lux | 4lux023 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 5.00

Ernesto is back with a new release under his Tantan guise. The rough electric sounds of that wicked Dopesnotfunkae, released through Irmas Head to Toe imprint a couple of years back. Inlcudes a Detroit-ish techno mix by 4lux recording artists Stereo Twins. [house]

Tensnake / Paulo Olarte – Fresh Fish 4

12″ | Fresh Fish | fresh04 | Sale! was € 8.79 is € 3.50

Great a-side here which is a deep dubby house remix by Tensnake – cool spring like chords, minimal beats and sweet melodies. Great stuff. Also backed with a remix by Paulo Olarte. [minimal-house]

The 24seven – SF UR / Rokkoko Raduno

12″ | Dissident | 24seven-1 | Sale! was € 11.99 is € 6.99

Cool analogue niceness from another new addition to the dissident stable. SF UR is a trippy and eminently funky house/techno groove. Rokkoko Raduno heads into spacey midtempo electronics territory for warm-up, back-room, after-hours and outdoor action. Check. [disco-house]

The Emperor Machine – Vertical Tones & Horizontal Noise Pt. 5

12″ | DC Recordings | dc77 | Sale! was € 9.85 is € 6.50

DC Recordings presents the fifth part of the highly collectible “Vertical Tones And Horizontal Noise” 12″ series from Andy Meecham’s Emperor Machine, two tracks of pulsing analogue electro disco from the man also known as one half of Big Two Hundred and Chicken Lips. ‘Labocatocs’ is a previously unreleased track bubbling with synth arpeggios and underpinned by…

The Emperor Machine – No Sale No I.D. (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

12″ | DC Recordings | dc86 | Sale! was € 8.95 is € 5.00

Rounding off The Emperor Machine ‘Vertical Tones And Horizontal Noise’ era before ushering in new material – this new 12″ returns to the sordid pop genius that is ‘No Sale No I.D.’. Single sided release with another slamming version by Simian Mobile Disco. Limited edition on green vinyl. [electronic-disco]

The Green Men – The Fog (Darshan Jesrani Remix)

12″ | Mood Music | mood052 | Sale! was € 8.79 is € 4.99

Cool new project by Nick Chacona and Moodmusic Head-honcho Sasse. ‘Fog’ is a bit of sci-fi discobelter built around dark vocals shots arpeggiated synths and bouncy rhythm the track. Includes a sweet oldschool disco-proto-house remix by Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area) – the 808 is banging right in there where disco meets Chicago house and uplifiting synthwork complement…

The Knife – Marble House (Emperor Machine Remix)

12″ | Brille | brils16t | Sale! was € 10.25 is € 4.50

Chicken Lips’ alter ego Emperor Machine with an ace deep and intens space cosmic disco remix. Flip for Booka Shade remix. [electro-disco-house]

The Moderator – Modus Operandi Ep

12″ | Arne Weinberg | aw003 | Sale! was € 9.10 is € 5.00

New release on Arne Weinbergs label by The Moderator who already released some great music on labels like Keynote/Groundzero, Down Low music, Djax records and Eevolute music. THis is probably his best release to date, deep, deeep detroit influenced techno tracks. Lovely. [detroit-techno]

The Mole Presents Guilty Pleasures – Family

12″ | Internasjonal | int011 | Sale! was € 9.20 is € 6.50

Deep, disco-fied house tracks by the Mole and friends. Essential! [house-disco]

The Niallist – The Hots

12″ | Dissident | niallist1 | Sale! was € 11.99 is € 6.99

Killer sleaze business, slow and dirty morning music that sounds equally at home on the modern cosmic dancefloor. Includes vocal and instrumental versions. [electronic-disco]

The Off Key Hat – This Is Not…

12″ | Dissident | offkey001 | Sale! was € 12.99 is € 6.99

The Dissident debut from the Off-Key Hat. An excursion into trippy powerfull italo-esque territory for dancefloors small, medium and large. Killer! Limited to 200 copies. [electro-disco]

The Project Club – Intro (Ray Mang Mix)

12″ | Is It Balearic? | isit008 | Sale! was € 8.95 is € 6.99

Balearic inspired music with a deeper electronic edge from the Project Club. Ray Mang brings his patented Mangled vibe to proceedings on the flip, while Mainstem wrap it all up with a beautiful reassembly of those dreamy melodies, you can practically feel the sand between your toes. [balearic-disco]

The Sentinel – Trust No One Ep

12″ | Southern Outpost | so010 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 3.00

The Sentinel invites you further into his dark and menacing psyche. The deepness and electrotronic funk is bouncing right out of your speakers. One of the killer tracks on this records is Wrong Time which gets straight into some electro funk bass with warm eery synths and mysterious lyrics and a deep space musical atmosphere. Great ep. [electro]

The Son Of Cybotron – Lost n’ Found ep

12″ | Dbass | dbr50112 | Sale! was € 11.75 is € 7.99

All new tracks from Art Forest, the actual son of Cybotron’s Rik Davis. Some freaked out electro techno that harks back to the early days of Model 500. Stuff like this does not come around often…. Don’t Sleep!! [electro-techno]

The Subs – Sub-Mission Ep

12″ | Suicide | scd008 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 5.50

Peaktime electro-house by the Subs, including a Shapemod remix. [electro-house]

The Voices – Cavern / Spooky (Woolfy Remix)

12″ | Truffle | truffle008 | Sale! was € 9.95 is € 6.99

Truffle Music returns with the Voices releasing their first e.p. since 2005. Really nice spooky disco-punk stompers with a great remix by Woolfy with an epic neu rave disco mix that is over twice as long as the original and has a faint scent of old warehouse days but takes it forward with an interesting arrangement and eclectic instrumentation. Check! [electronic-disco]

The Weathermen – Daytime TV

12″ | We Rock Like Crazy | wrlc005 | Sale! was € 8.00 is € 4.99

The Weathermen return to vinyl. it´s been twelve years already + they couldn´t have chosen a better time. Dancing among the ruins of a crumbling music industry they were picked for what will furthermore be know as wrlc’s “danciest record so far”. Including remixes by by the weathermen, markus lange, napsugar, pierre dour. [electro-techno]

The Work – Givin’ It Up / Just Talk (Skatebard Remix)

12″ | Powerblytt | powpow001 | Sale! was € 10.99 is € 6.99

Givin’ It Up/Just Talk is the debut 12″ of electronic pop act The Work, hailing from Bergen, Norway. Just Talk is really sweet and nostalgic 80’s disco-pop and Skatebard manages to remix this into a a-class italo-electro bomb. Straight in the bag. Ace.[electro-disco]

They Came From The Stars: I Saw Them – The Hot Inc

12″ | Thisisnotanexit | tinae006t | Sale! was € 10.25 is € 5.99

They Came From The Stars I Saw Them’s first single from their debut album on Thisisnotanexit Records follows releases which featured remixes from Optimo and Emperor Machine. Nice mix between DFA sounding nu school NY disco with a rocky edge and UK nu disco in the vein of Tirk. [house-disco]

Thomas Jirku / Ben Nevile – Between Homer And Hamilton Ep

12″ | Arbutus | arbu002 | Sale! was € 9.10 is € 2.50

Wagon Repairs sublabel Arbutus presents this split ep by Vancouvers finest: tomas jirku (onitor,revolver,audio nl) and ben neville. A-side melodic clicky chicago house style, reminds of some Stinkworx productions. The flip dubby & endlessly shuffling this deep rocking groove. Nice one. [minimal-house]

Tomboy – Two

12″ | Gomma | gomma053 | Sale! was € 9.54 is € 5.00

After the big response of Tom Boy’s first release on Gomma he returns with more electro disco jams. This time leaning more towards disco then the acid house feel of his previous outing. Nice one. [electro-disco]

Unit Moebius – The Golden Years Part 1

12″ | Clone Classic Cuts | ccc017-1 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 6.50

The first vinyl version of the upcoming CD album with some magical Unit Moebius works. This first 12” contains some of their hottest tracks including the legendary ”World goes around”, an evil cover of a classic Chicagohouse track by Cool McCool. The flip side contains the more deeper side from their first releases. The pure essence of house and techno. Pretty…

Urban Tribe – Social Engeneering

12″ | Trust | trust017 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 5.99

Sherard Ingram makes electro like no other: hi-speed electro soul, reflective soundtracks of desolation, spooky zombie mutations and relentless sci-fi bass is what makes up Social Engineering, his second outing on Trust. A true Detroit survivalist, Ingram has famously recorded with Carl Craig, Kenny Dixon Jr. and Anthony Shakir on the seminal Urban Tribe album…

Valerio Delphi – The River / Suzuka

12″ | Final Frontier | ff004-pigna014 | Sale! was € 9.35 is € 6.50

Valerio Delphi delivers some new chicago jackers as we know from his mentor Marco Passarani. Two tracks that fit in the tradition of Pigna records. Especialy the a-side comes with Detroit-influenced melodic trademarks of Passarani mixed with the razor sharp beats and classic basslines. Suzuka is a imposing chicago jacker with a bouncing Adonis ”No Way Back”…

Various Artists – X-Rated

12″ | We Rock Like Crazy | wrlc003 | Sale! was € 8.00 is € 4.99

Make room in your record crates for the controversial (just what excatly IS that on the record label?) x-rated 12″ – whereupon wave heroes Psyche get, dare we say it, jiggy, on the electro floor. Remixes by fine folks like the Weathermen (poison), Bangkok Impact (creme/putsch 79), Ra-x (angelmaker records), Cursor Miner (lo recordings), Goteki + smashing electro…

Various Artists – Two’s Up

12″ | 4 Player | 4p002 | Sale! was € 9.30 is € 5.00

With the two instrumental tracks on the A side, and two ‘vocal’ tracks on the B side, this E.P. spans a wide range of flavours, from raw rocking ghetto electro to smooth uptempo detroit influenced electro. Four bonus tracks of scratches and drops add to the turntabalist scope and usefulness of this release. 5 artists are involved with this release.. Mister Ries…

Various Artists – Bits, Beats & Breaks

12″ | Rong | rong013 | Sale! was € 10.00 is € 4.99

The new Rong release is a 10-cut old school dj samples and instrumentals ep, produced by co-chief of Rong, Ben Cook. Ranging from dub to disco and twisted electro. [disco-edits]

Various Artists – The Two Headed Monster Sampler Ep

12″ | Orson | orson009 | Sale! was € 9.54 is € 5.00

First limited coloured (white) 12″ sampler from Transparent Sound’s upcoming double album “The Two Headed Monster”, here appearing with a remix by Dub Kult themselves, Sweet.Ncandy, Und, Lexdinamno. [electro]

Various Artists – Feedelity Remixed Vol 1

12″ | Feedelity | feed007 | Sale! was € 8.99 is € 5.00

Feed007 comes with two remixes by norwegian producers Mungolian Jetset and New York producer Brennan Green. Mungolian Jetset treats the previously unreleased “A Blast Of Loser” with mid-nineties drum-sounds, warped guitars and bluesy vocals. The result is an uptempo bastard of a remix which turns into epic proposions clocking in at almost 13 minutes. On the flip-side…

Various Artists – Le Chambre De La Acido Compilation Muzique

12″ | Muzique | muzique006 | Sale! was € 10.27 is € 6.50

Three track acid house Ep exposing new artists and older Chicago veterans. Side A features Brian Juno, younger brother of Jamal Moss (aka HIEROGLYPHIC BEING). Rounding out the 12 are Terry Kirkman’s “Pain et fromage” and Trackmaster scott’s “l’acido e salvezza”.[chicago-acid-house]

Various Artists – Kompakt Total 8

3LP | Kompakt | kom160 | Sale! was € 19.75 is € 13.50

More exclusive tracks & remixes from Schaeben & Voss , Justus Kohncke, Reinhard Voigt, Thomas / Mayer, Burger / Voigt, Jurgen Paape + Boy Schaufler / Gesang, Superpitcher, Mikkel Metal, Dj Koze, Kaito. Some really good, deep shit on here. Triple vinyl pack. [minimal-house]

Various Artists – Detroit Beatdown Vol. Two Ep 2

12″ | Third Ear | 3eep085 | Sale! was € 9.95 is € 6.99

Volume Two of the Detroit Beatdown compilation will be spread across 5 eps. This is the second EP with ultra deep detroit house by Kelli Hand, Pirahnahead feat Yaminah Brock, Drivetrain, Inohs Sivad feat Diamondancer. Tip. [detroit-house]

Various Artists – Modern Electronic Elements Part 1

12″ | Nation | nation005 | Sale! was € 10.99 is € 8.50

The ”modern electronic elements series” concept was driven by thoughts of Traxx to unleash different styles of sound to the element of jakbeat. Part 1 features Saturn V, Beau Wanzer and D’Marc Cantu. [house]

Various Artists – Electrounique Vol. 5

12″ | Electunes | ets008 | Sale! was € 15.49 is € 12.95

Volume 5 of the hot and osbcure early electro-wave-disco on this Electrounique compilation series. 6 excellent Cosmic tracks including ‘Die Wespendomina’ by Die Dominas! Tip! [cosmic-disco-electro]

Various Artists – Synthetic Memento

2LP | Radio Cosmos | rc003 | Sale! was € 18.95 is € 15.35

Third release on the fantastic Radio Cosmos label, specialising in electro, synth-pop, italo disco and wave. 16 tracks by SCD, Keen K, Infinitynight, Aldo Bergamachine, Kinky Roland, Young Monday, Vision Talk, Brain E, Antilles, Chines Theatre. Limited to 500 copies, double-lp two disk coloured vinyl. Tip! [electro-disco]

Various Artists – Back From The Future Ep

12″ | Wolf Music | wolfep004 | Sale! was € 9.99 is € 7.50

Great compilation of tracks by Ilija Rudman, Cottam, Greymatter, KRL – all in the disco-house realm. Check! [disco-house]

Vince Watson – My Desire

12″ | Planet E | pe65305 | Sale! was € 11.49 is € 7.50

Vince Watson interpretation of 69 ‘Desire’. Flip for ‘Qualia’ which takes off where vince’s Fcom material left off.. deep driving hypnotic dancefloor material with an orchestra thrown in for good measure. [techno-house]

Virgin Fang – Virgin Fang

12″ | Virgin Fang | vf001 | Sale! was € 8.69 is € 3.50

Vincent Koreman aka RA-X joins up with Herr Muller to form a new and rockin’ Optimus Prime, once again exploring the dancefloor. Their style could be described as no fear techno, with some serious electro influences. Called no fear, because whatever comes up is put to use in a track, be it acid, drum & bass or IDM influences. A hard rocking record with a fresh…

Virgin Fang – Skidder / Bloodclat

12″ | Virgin Fang | vf002 | Sale! was € 8.75 is € 5.50

The new 12” on and by Virgin Fang brings some new influences to their electro sound. Skidder hints at dubstep atmospheres and Ed Banger bassthumps and the flipside Bloodclat injects the 808 beats with a healthy dose of Dancehall influences. Really fresh, really good! [electro]

Voltaic – Oxidize Ep

12″ | Point One | pto004 | Sale! was € 8.49 is € 3.00

From the old school Detroit Techno make up of “Disport” and the dub step influenced “Fin” this record has killer written all over it. The title track “Oxidize” and “Dark Haze” hark back to the good old days of the best Underground Resistance Electro tracks and to top it all off there’s an 8 bit style remix from Letroset. Don’t miss this one.…

Wareika – Belonging

12″ | Eskimo | 502365 | Sale! was € 8.95 is € 3.50

Wow! A welcome break from Eskimo’s balearic disco affairs is this brilliant house cut from Wareika venturing in to a super deep Moodymann and Theo Parrish style with soulful vocals. Instrumental on the flip. We love this – brilliant! [house]

White Maison – Night Driving (Williams Mixes)

12″ | Love Triangle | ltm010 | Sale! was € 8.75 is € 6.50

First release from Berlin based musician ‘White Maison’. Think of the brooding menace of John Carpenters Assault on Precinct 13 offsett against the ecstatic high of Giorgio Moroder’s Evolution. Throw in some Vangelis and early Detroit techno and you get Night Driving. Featuring 2 mixes by Williams The Main Mix is an apt follow up to his Love On A Real Train -…

Yellow Power – Yellow Power

LP | No Label | yellowpower1 | Sale! was € 14.99 is € 12.99

Produced the same year as the truly epic ‘Explorer’ LP, ‘Yellow Power’ takes the highlights from ‘Explorer’ and gives them an eastern twist. Originally released in 1982 this beautifully airbrushed Japanese concept album contains 10 tracks of German electronica and cosmic disco / synth pop instrumentals. Opening with ‘Hai Samurai’, which has been…

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