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Watch the classic Bunker represses (at affordable prices for the first time since years) and also keep eye out on our Vintage selection. Although stock is getting thin there are still some classics waiting to get listed.
And next week is summer sales time again with both new releases and vintage goodies.

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Gang – K.K.K.

12″ | Record Breaker | rb001 | € 9.99

Limited reissue of this hugely influential and ultra-rare record, originally released in 1983 on miniscule Italian label Recordbreaker (KKK was its only release). A slow and hauntingly beautiful track with strange electro-sounding bubbling synths and compulsive dark electronic bassline, this is an example of the absolute best in italo-disco and is a must for the…

Moody – Ol Dirty Vinyl

12″ | KDJ | kdj039 | € 14.99

5 track compilation from the KDJ vaults, in varying styles, from Jazz cuts to his signature Moodymann House. Comes with picture sleeve, and of course the usual limited run.

Psychemagik – Persian Rub / Tokyo Takedown

12″ | History Clock | hc07 | € 8.99

A serious study in transcontinental exotica from the hotly tipped Psychemagik duo. ‘Persian Rub’ is a killer, super tough proto house cut with a big Middle Eastern twist, the track is instantly recognisable for its infectious hooked borrowed from Euro disco classic “Margherita” (the one that popped up on Morgan Geist’s ‘Unclassics’ series). ‘Tokyo Takedown’ takes…

Creatures Of Habit – How We Lustre

12″ | Solar Disco | solar12007 | € 8.99

Neo disco stuff by Creatures of Habit. Nick Chacona and DFA darlings Runaway have been reeled in for remix duties. Both artists head straight into house territory with decidedly different results. Chacona shoots for the stars with his cosmic take on the original, adding just the right amount of sleaze and putting in one of his finest reworks in recent memory.…

6th Borough Project – Part 5

12″ | Instruments Of Rapture | ior005 | € 9.20

More ruff jamz from the 6th Borough Project bunker kicking off with the supa-dupa-slo-mo-soul cut, “Slow Down Baby”, with chopped up strings and heroin-house bassline all present. The flip brings us “Closer” to the edit and pitches us nearer the holy grail of tempos. “Stratus Quo” gives us tracky Rhodes action on the intro and sends us a message in…

Electric Jones – Re Rubs 03

12″ | Hot Natured | hnrbs03 | € 8.99

For the third Hot Natured Re Rubs release, Electric Jones chops up and adds new spice to a few well known and not so well known classics. First Up is ‘Saliva Door’, which is a simple yet effective re snap of San Salvador, a2 is a what you might call a chicy little number effectively re mixing the chic classic everybody dance. On the flip is two less known, but…

Jacques Renault – On The Prowl Presents Otp Party Breaks 2

12″ | Otp Party Breaks | pb002 | € 8.99

For the second installment of OTP Party Breaks, Jacques Renault from Runaway delivers four sucker punch edits that zig and zag from late-night house gems to rhythmic, tribal boogies to sultry, R&B-infused disco ballads. Ace. [disco-house-edits]

Kza – Let’s Get Lost Vol. 2

12″ | Lets Get Lost | lgl02 | € 8.99

The second release of the new label “let’s get lost” which is started by mule musiq and force of nature’s Kza is Kza’s re-edit of all time top favorite obscure disco stuff. A side ‘Chick’, chic’s timeless disco classic. Kza’s instrumental dub version. B1 “I Wanna Rock”, classic Moroder. B2 “Bender”,the vocalist of Dschinghis Khan Steve Bender’s…

XR 7 – XR 7

12″ | Quality | qdc22 | € 9.50

Limited reissue of the mega rare and in-demand leftfield classic XR 7. Originally released back in 1980 on Canada’s Quality records, this slo-mo disco killer became a firm favourite on the Cosmic scene when DJs like Baldelli & Beppe Loda started playing it at 45, creating a wonderful deep hypnotic druggy groove that still sends crowds wild to this day. Featuring…

Brian Bennett – Voyage – A Journey Into Discoid Funk

LP | DJM Records | djf20532 | € 14.00

Beautiful limited reissue of Brian Bennett’s masterpiece LP Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk). Originally released in 1978, this lost gem has become one the holy grails of the cosmic scene and changes hands for big bucks. With killers like Solstice, Chain Reaction, Pendulum Force and Ocean Glide, this incredible record is every bit as good as you heard it was.…

Aleem – Release Yourself

12″ | Nia | ni1241 | € 9.50

reissue of the original Nia pressing of Aleem’s timeless electro-funk classic ‘Release Yourself’. Produced by the mighty Aleem twins and featuring the soulful tones of the legendary Leroy Burgess, this killer track caused mayhem on dancefloors across the world when it first came out back in 1984 and became an anthem on the NYC underground played by everyone…

Salma & Sabina – Sing The Hits Of Abba In Hindi

LP | No Label | salma1 | € 13.50

After playing Salma & Sabina, John Peel commented on his radio show: “Wasn’t it the poet Keats who once said, ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever?’ I think he may have had Salma & Sabina in mind.” This wonderfully entertaining and bizarre album, produced by Peter Moss and Deepak Khazanchi, contains re-workings of Mamma Mia, Chiquitita, Super Trouper, Money Money…

Coko Karina – Cellophane 5

12″ | Cellophane | cel005 | € 9.20

New release from Cellophane and it’s their best yet. Kicking off with Stompfodder, an awesome dub disco rework of a lost LP track from PIL featuring some super phat bass and great vocals from the mighty John Lydon. Next up is Talk About Love, a DJ-friendly instrumental edit of Altered Images’ pop hit. The flip side sees samples from 80s new wavers Propaganda…

ArD2 – 2084 – The Mixes

12″ | Frigio | frv003 | € 9.50

Featuring mixes by Heinrich Mueller (aka Dopplereffekt, Arpanet, etc) and label’s founder Juanpablo. This vinyl contains 3 songs from the original album “2084” (also to be released on Frigio) plus two remixes from the artists mentioned above. In terms of sound, you´ll find an experimental project that touches the electro and IDM rhythms including sampled…

Gonjasufi – A Sufi And A Killer

2LP | Warp | warp172 | € 25.00

Produced by Los Angeles heavyweights Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer and Mainframe, this deep and compelling collection embraces aged Eastern influences, reanimated hip-hop and vintage psychedelia – laced with Gonjasufi’s cryptic lyrics and captivating vocal delivery. Recommended.

Novamen – The Hague City

12″ | Bunker | bunker3009 | € 11.99

Repress! Excellent b-boy inspired electro tracks from the Novamen.

Nukubus – Survival Of The Funkiest

12″ | Bunker | bunker3004 | € 11.99

Repress! Strange but cool electrofied tracks with some weird moods. Reminds a bit of old Irdial stuff.

Get It Boyz – Get It Boyz

12″ | Bunker | bunker3012 | € 11.99

Repress! Rocking electrobass… Miami stylee.

Syncom Data – 50 Pop Or An Envelope

12″ | Bunker | bunker3005 | € 11.99

Repress! More crazy stuff from the sewers of the Hague. Darker electro stuff. Must for all Bunker fans.

Legowelt Vs Orgue Electronique – Derrick In Nord Korea

12″ | Bunker | bunker3008 | € 11.99

Rerelease of this Legowelt Vs Orgue Electronique classic. More of that unique disco/electro hybrid wich was the trademark of The Hague at the time (2000). Essential.

Legowelt Vs Orgue Electronique – Wir Leben In Pussywelt

12″ | Bunker | bunker3006 | € 11.99

Repress of this classic Legowelt Vs Orgue Electronique mini-album. Mix I-f with Giorgio Morder and Dopplereffekt and a bit of Drexciya. This is what you get: Rocking disco electro tracks.

The Exaltics – 1000 Lights In The Sky (Part 2)

12″ | Bunker | bunker3090 | € 11.99

Robotic, atmosferic, dark electrotechno as we have come to expect from The Exaltics. This time with harder, more acidic tracks compared to part 1.

The Exaltics – 1000 Lights In The Sky (Part 1)

12″ | Bunker | bunker3089 | € 11.99

Robotic, atmosferic, dark electrotechno as we have come to expect from The Exaltics. Reminiscent of old B12, Transmat and Dopplereffekt releases.


Lump – Rain

12″ | Amplified | ao12 | € 9.50

Some seriously hot disco influenced house tracks by Portugese producer Lump. Don’t miss.

Sleeze Boys – Zoids

12″ | Boss Man | BOSS MAN 01 | € 13.50

Killer miami bass track with nasty vocals produced by theodore miller. Includes instrumental. b-side: lets dance (vocal + instr)TIP! [oldschool-electro]

Bumrocks Presents – The Very Polish Cutouts

12″ | Bumrocks | bmr003 | € 9.75

The new EP on Bumrocks gives you an inside look into the Polish music from the 70’s & 80’s which till now remained as mostly unknown stuff for the wider audience. The man behind this release is Zambon, a young, Polish producer and DJ, who dug out, compiled and edited this, packed with 4 stunning tracks, 12 inch. Big tip! [disco-edits]

Gosub – The Last Time…

12″ | Citinite | nite-9 | € 9.20

‘The Last Time…’ is the new EP from the much respected Miami artist, Gosub. Expanding on the electrofunk experiments from his previous releases, these tracks are a sleazy stab at predicting funk’s future. [electro]

Basic Soul Unit – Tuff Luv

12″ | Creme Organisation | creme12-47 | € 9.50

Deep and raw, at times retarded and industrial edged emotional JAck tRax that are firmly rooted in the Detroit/Chicago tradition while keeping an eye on the … damn we’re rolling out thos cliches again today! Hot-cold, blue-red, we’re on fire! Recommended.

Black Van – Yearning (Emperor Machine Remix)

12″ | DFA | dfa2243 | € 9.20

“Yearning” takes from both old and new, combining classic, straight-forward electronics in a fresh, new composition. Flip the record to hear the Emperor Machine remix that graces Side B. It strips things down, then adds alien lasers, funky guitars and electro-bass, old-skool keys and primal percussion – tambourines, cowbells and such – to the sound. [disco-house]

Social Disco Club – Don’t / Give Me

12″ | Disco Deviance | dd-013 | € 9.20

Portugal’s finest exponent of the disco re-edit culture, Social Disco Club slices up The Saturday Night Band’s ‘Don’t’ and extends it into a joyful heavy disco groove that rocks the dancefloor. While on the flip, he demonstrates a more slow mo disco style in his reworking of Leo Sunshipp’s ‘Sunshine’, which brings to mind the work of Mark E and…

Afrobutt – Wunderbutt (Limited Edition Album Sampler)

12″ | Electric Minds | eminds009 | € 10.29

After a very long break Afrobutt jumps ship to the bright young things at Electric Minds. Fantastic nu-disco tracks with an original edgy sound. [electronic-disco]

Ray Mang – Letcha Body Go

12″ | Mangled | reg013 | € 9.20

It’s not what you might think, much like the last couple of Mangled releases these are not edits but original works (sure there are a few samples here and there, but hey). Hot stuff!

Various Artists – Danza Meccanica – Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987

LP | Mannequin | mnq005 | € 19.99

Fine collection of rare and early italian wave releases from 1982 – 1987 selected by Danza and with intro text by Fred Ventura in a limited run of 500 vinyl albums (hand numbered) it includes 2 inserts, LP cover on hand-made serigraphy. Highly recommended. [minimal-electro-wave]

Stratospheric Band – Splash…

LP | No Label | splash1 | € 14.99

A real intergalactic Italian Disco gem with all the key ingredients in place to blow modern dancefloors apart. Released in 1977 on the defunct Voom Voom Music this album has spent 30 years in the cosmic wilderness and is hence incredibly rare to find a mint copy. Replica. [italo-disco-cosmic]

Yellow Power – Yellow Power

LP | No Label | yellowpower1 | € 14.99

Produced the same year as the truly epic ‘Explorer’ LP, ‘Yellow Power’ takes the highlights from ‘Explorer’ and gives them an eastern twist. Originally released in 1982 this beautifully airbrushed Japanese concept album contains 10 tracks of German electronica and cosmic disco / synth pop instrumentals. Opening with ‘Hai Samurai’, which has been…

Various Artists – Deutsche Elektronische Musik Volume 2

2LP | Soul Jazz Records | sjrlp2132 | € 21.99

Experimental German rock and electronic music from 1972-1983. Part 2 of the ace compilation of German electronic music, kosmische music, cosmic rock, space music. Featuring 13 tracksz by Can, Harmonia, Gila, Kollektiv, Michael Bundt, E.M.A.K., Popol Vuh, Conrad Schnitzler, La Dusseldorf, Faust, Neu!. Recommended!

Various Artists – Deutsche Elektronische Musik Volume 1

2LP | Soul Jazz Records | sjrlp213 | € 21.99

Experimental German rock and electronic music from 1972-1983. Part 1 of the ace compilation of German electronic music, kosmische music, cosmic rock, space music. Featuring 11 tracks by Cluster, Iblis, Moebius, Amon Duul II, Popol Vuh, Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream, Roedelius, Can, Deuter. Recommended!

Hipnotic – Are You Lonely?

12″ | Street Level | slr1202 | € 9.50

Limited edition reissue of the mega rare original Street Level release of Hipnotic’s 1983 classic Are You Lonely?, a super cool slab of breezy uplifting summer boogie with beautiful soulful vocals, cool synths and flute, all powered along by a super funky rhythm section. [funk-disco]

A2 – For Sale

12″ | Treue Um Treue | tut009 | € 16.95

For Sale is the third full-length album by the one-man minimal-electro act A2. This long-awaited new opus takes the shape of an amazing collection of dance-floor orientated anthems. Reincarnating with humour the best moments of EBM, surfing with perplexing ease on the Third Wave initiated by LSE and PORN.DARSTELLER, making the synths twist and turn in best Flexi…

Nineteen99 – The Eagle Has Landed

12″ | Warsawa | wzw001 | € 8.99

Hot first release with The Hague, Bunker sounding tracks with flirts to italo disco and electro. [electro-disco]

Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch – Mulholland Drive

2LP | Milan | dot0-36370 | € 26.00

Double vinyl release of this amazing dark and eerie soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch. Recommended. [soundtrack]

Arthur Russell – The Sleeping Bag Sessions

2LP | Sleeping Bag | teg3319lpd | € 19.99

All those classic moments on one album. In 1981, Arthur set up sleeping bag records with Will Socolov. The first release was the album ’24-24 music’ as Dinosaur L . from then on they went on to record and release tracks by Bonzo goes to washington, Felix, Clandestine, Sounds of jhs 126 brooklyn, Indian Ocean and Dinosaur l (who are all represented here). Arthur…

Gonjasufi – A Sufi And A Killer

2LP | Warp | warp172 | € 25.00

Produced by Los Angeles heavyweights Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer and Mainframe, this deep and compelling collection embraces aged Eastern influences, reanimated hip-hop and vintage psychedelia – laced with Gonjasufi’s cryptic lyrics and captivating vocal delivery. Recommended.

The XX – Islands

7″ | Young Turks | yt035 | € 5.50

One of the best tracks by the XX taken from their debut album. Previously unreleased track ‘Do You Mind’ on b-side. Limited edition 7″ with insert and stickers. Beautiful. [indie-pop]

Pineapples – Come On Closer

12″ | Flexx | flexx001 | € 9.99

Repress! Hugely popular reissue of this ’83 Roberto Ferrante production (he was only 18 at the time!), “Come on Closer” is true party disco which is pretty different from the typical dark and electronic sound of early 80’s italo disco – sounding more “american” with a proto-house feel which probably is why this used to be (and actually still is) a big track in…

Get It Boyz – Get It Boyz

12″ | Bunker | bunker3012 | € 11.99

Repress! Rocking electrobass… Miami stylee.


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