**Various Artists: Emerging Organisms vol. 4 [TA056]**

Volume four of our critically-acclaimed compilation series is finally here feat. new and exclusive tracks by: **Hecq, Bola, Architect, Anklebiter, Diaphane, Northcape, Access To Arasaka, c.db.sn, Frank Riggio, Flaque, C.H. District, Mobthrow, To Travel Without Any Certain Destination, SE, Displacer, Port-Royal, Stendeck, Matta, Dryft, Kilowatts, Ocoeur, Tapage, Nebulo, Keef Baker, Logical Disorder, Miroslav, Boy Is Fiction, Subheim**, and **Erode**.

29 tracks, over 140 minutes of music on 2 compact discs with stunning artwork by Unshape (Kostas K. / Subheim) and masterful sound engineering by 4be (Angelos Liaros / Mobthrow).


Disc One:

1. **Hecq**: Ritual Study 2. **Architect**: Episode 7 (Tympanik edit) 3. **Access To Arasaka**: Razorgirl 4. **Diaphane**: Insight 5. **Frank Riggio**: Tryk Alimba 6. **To Travel Without Any Certain Destination**: Night After The Carnival (**Libido Formandi** rmx) 7. **Displacer**: Outland 8. **C.H. District**: Con-trust (**DJ Sajko** rmx) 9. **Stendeck**: The Secret Behind The Third Door 10. **Dryft**: Clustr2 11. **Nebulo**: Abslog 12. **Ocoeur**: Ephemeral Beauty 13. **Boy Is Fiction**: Output 1-2 (33 1 1 1) 14. **Logical Disorder**: After The Battle 15. **Erode**: Disengage

Disc Two:

1. **Subheim**: Mir50 2. **Miroslav**: Terminal 3. **Keef Baker**: Cranesong 4. **Tapage**: Last 5. **KiloWatts**: Transmogrifier 6. **Matta**: Be There 7. **Port-Royal**: Spider Toupet 8. **SE**: 0459 9. **Mobthrow**: Birds Fly High 10. **Flaque**: Meridian 11. **c.db.sn**: Snowday 12. **Northcape**: 1am Transition 13. **Anklebiter**: Rearview 14. **Bola**: Szeaafar (live)

More info here: [www.tympanikaudio.com/releases/ta056](http://www.tympanikaudio.com/releases/ta056)

**DJ download [here*](http://www.hiddenformsonline.com/Upload/Paul/EO4-Tympanik_Audio.zip).**

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– **Tapage**: Overgrown – **Integral**: The Past Is My Shadow – **Access To Arasaka**: Geosynchron – **Known Rebel**: Hollow – **ESA**: Themes of Carnal Empowerment – **Autoclav1.1**: Embark On Departure

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