Philadelphia-based electronic band IMBUED VAGARY has released an ambitious 6-album project called Hexalogy. The highly-inventive, genre-pushing group have made the set available both digitally in addition to limited edition CD formats. Albums are also available individually or can be bought as a set.

Originally a minimalist side project from Industrial electro-terrorists, Any Questions?, IMBUED VAGARY coalesced into being in 1989 as an outlet for the electronic experiments and sonic soundscapes that core members Ttam Troll (electronics and electronic percussion) and mC2p4 (electronics) produced which didn’t fit the Any Questions? mold. Since those early days, IMBUED VAGARY have morphed and traveled through many incarnations and now lives on as a musical collective of like minded musicians whose purpose is to explore new musical realms and technologies.

IMBUED VAGARY – Hexalogy is a 6 CD collection of new music from IMBUED VAGARY. Clocking in with over 6 1/2 hours of electronic experiments and sonic soundscapes.

Check out a clip from the Captured Moments 2 album:

And one from the Live 2 album:

For more information:


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