Nearly four years after the highly acclaimed “In the Dawn of Freedom,” German old school dark electro act PYRROLINE return with their most accomplished album to date! The fifth album titled “Struggling” showcases the band’s signature richly textured synth soundscapes, skillfully intertwined with Arnte’s haunting vocals and Schmoun’s dreamy chants. The album takes PYRROLINE fans on a long journey through sombre tones, infectious beats and deceptively addictive melodies!

For the first edition of the album, “Struggling” is accompanied by an exclusive bonus disc featuring 3 original PYRROLINE tunes and 9 stupendous remixes by Placebo Effect, Jihad, Sleepwalk, Terminal State, The Opposer Divine, Fix8:Sed8, g.o.l.e.m. and Amorphous! The jaw-dropping line up of remixers underscores the old school electro community’s appreciation for the landmark album. Once the limited 2CD Digipack (500 units only) is gone you won’t find those bonus jewels anywhere! In short, the double disc gives PYRROLINE fans A LOT more than they bargained for!

Check it out, here:

Old School Electrology is like fine wine – it just gets better with time!


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